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$15 An Hour Threatens Prosperity!

It is now clear there is growing sentiment among more and more Americans for a $15 an hour  wage. California has passed such a state minimum wage to take full effect by 2022, and New York is headed that way. Of course, dear old San Francisco has passed a $15 an hour wage to take full effect by 2018. Naturally, business complains the sky will fall and hunger will haunt Wall Street offices as its owners will now be compelled to live on less than $20,000,000  a year.

There is something ironic in business complaining about a $15 an hour wage. There is also something ironic for supporters shouting with glee that people –by 2020 can earn $2,400 a month. Reality is this is much better than $8 an hour but it certainly is not going move folks into the middle class. A decent two bedroom apartment in Manhattan or San Francisco will cost $1,500  a month for rent and utilities. And, by the way, that is for a low rent  apartment. Something like $20 an hour would be more likely to move people into the lower middle class.


OK, it is the twenty-first century and it is now over 250 years since we Americans  ceased to pledge allegiance to any English King of Queen. But, there are still nations such as Canada or Australia where people continue to pledge allegiance to their own nation and add the following: I pledge “to be faithful and bear true allegiance to  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second,Queen of Canada and Her Heirs and successors.” Perhaps, it is time in America to restore some sort of pledge of allegiance.

1. Republicans: “I pledge to support any nut case and lunatic who gains the nomination of my party to run for president.”

2. GUN toting folk: “I pledge allegiance to my gun and promise to use it whenever anyone looks cross-eyed at me. I also pledge to attempt using my gun in movie theaters in order to provide opportunities for fellow gun lovers to blast away.”

3. Bernie Sanders: “I pledge to continue speaking in my Brooklyn accent and loud voice in order to make certain those on Wall Street hear the voice of doom.”

4. Ted Cruz: “I pledge allegiance to prevent any foreign born person from living in America as long as it is clear this foreign born person is, and, has always been a native born American born in Canada.”

5. Donald Trump: “I pledge allegiance to continue being Donald Trump, and let the chips fall where they may.”

Defending Freedom-Republican Way

It is clear that “liberals’ seek to deny God fearing decent loving real Americans their right to freedom of choice. It is also clear our Founding Fathers were on the side of freedom and so are those who claim to be Republicans. A new law in Mississippi clearly indicates that “liberals” must be halted in their quest to end freedom in our beloved America. The new law is entitled: “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination.” It passed by a vote of 80-39.

This bill is designed to ensure that every decent American has the right to decide with whom he interacts. Governor Paul Bryant signed into law the right of doctors to refuse counseling or fertility information to queers. It allows business organizations or schools to establish policies for employees or students regarding  dress and grooming. And, it allows government clerks to deny issuing same-sex marriage licenses to queers.

Finally, a blow to protect Americans against THOSE PEOPLE!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


In these dire times,have Republicans considered Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld?After all, Rumsfeld does  have a Donald in his name.

Then again, Jeb is still around and ready to serve.

Here in Illinois we  have a governor who refuses to allow money for colleges until the legislature ends unions. How about Rauner for president?

By the law of probability there MUST be someone in the Republican party who actually has one intelligent economic or foreign policy idea.

Since we have no Republican political leaders who took a course in science, how about making taking a course in science compulsory for new congressmen?

I just am unable to conceive how or why I would blow myself up, can you?

At age 85, I am in love with life, I guess those who are age 25 are in love with death.

Ted Cruz-New Beloved Hero?

The so-called Republican Establishment has reached the bottom of the barrel and now must cling to the ideas of Ted Cruz as their salvation from the Donald Trump heroics. The current hero is an individual whose ideas include:

1. Ending the IRS and replacing it with post cards. Of course, we assume each and every American will just tell the truth about their income.

2. Carpet bomb terrorists in Syria. How or why is an interesting question? I assume Ted believes ISIS will stand up and watch themselves get bombed.

3. Patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Oh, the believer in Original Intent of our Founding Fathers certainly believed in this concept.

4. This is the man Lindsay Graham once said lacked a single US Senator as his friend.

5. This is the candidate that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio derided for his nutty ideas.

6. This is a man who wants abortion made a crime.

7. This is a candidate who wants to deport 12,000,000 people!

Besides these minor  issues, Ted stands strong when compared to the Donald man.

Ah,Them Earthquakes

In America, we frack, we drill, we get oil, and we get some unintended consequences such as a minor thing called–earthquakes. Mark Peterson of the United States Geological Survey made clear the “primary source of recent events)(earthquakes) was related to human activities.”In other words, what used to be unusual in Oklahoma or Kansas has now become a common event. So, the question for these solid Republican areas of America is whether it is preferable to have communities wracked by earthquakes or require those with wealth to hold off from destroying communities.

Once again, the issue of our beloved one percent who make the money arises. In the world of the  rich-only-create-jobs mentality, a few earthquakes are really no problem since we get jobs. Such is the American ethos in the year 2016.

P.S. I await Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders blaming this event on our lousy trade agreements.

Ah Nature, The Future, That Is

I do understand that recent  political discussions in America among the leading thinkers of the Republican party have revolved around IMPORTANT issues such as which wife is prettier or who pushed who to the ground. But, it appears to me there just might, just might, be some reference to this thing called global warming. A recent UN study was discussed by Dr. Robert de Conto of the University of Massachusetts.  He noted there is a significant increase in melting of the Antarctic. Of course, asking Republicans to turn away from the key issues facing humankind such as Second Amendment rights, does shift discussion from minor things such as global warming.

Dr. de Coto puts it this way: “This doubling could spell disaster for many low-lying cities. The bad news is that in the business-as-usual high emissions scenario, we wind up with very, very high estimates  of the  contribution of Antartica to sea-level rises.”

Ah, these dooms-day critics who want attention diverted from the need for cutting taxes and creating jobs. After all, if the sea rises, consider the new jobs that will be created!

Donald On Donald

After a  rather secretive expedition I finally was able to penetrate the mind of Donald Trump and obtain an exclusive interview.

M: So, Donald, what’s with the girl reporter?

D: Look, Fred, she started this entire physical altercation. I was minding my  business when this broad, not really a dame I would pay any attention to, just tried to grab my arm. What else can a Real American male do,  but yank it away. Then the bitch tried attacking my assistant and he valiantly defended himself against this assault. Right now, my lawyers are preparing a law suit agains the bitch.

F: Do you think it wise to continue this fight, why not just forget it.

D: Damn it, Fred, SHE started it, and no one pushes around Donald Trump and gets away with it.

M: Donald, your comment about women and abortion is not going over very well.

D: Donald Trump believes in the law. If I break a  law then I should be arrested. The same goes for any broad who has an abortion when abortions are illegal. If you break the law there always is punishment.

M: I think many women are sort of offended by your remarks.

D: What offends them? I just clearly said that doctors who perform the abortion should go to jail. Can’t you read my lips?

M: But, Donald, you said something different a moment ago. You said that women should be punished.

Donald: I want your address because my lawyer will be suing you for defamation of character. I never said anything about  punishing women!!

Guns For Kids

I do understand there are people called, “liberals” who refuse to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and deprive our youth of the right to own and fire weapons of self defense. Actually, most states do allow youngsters to be real Americans and handle a gun. However, I believe the American people refuse to carry out the original intention of our Founding Fathers. After all, we remember that George Washington was caught by  his dad chopping down a cherry tree. But, few know that he needed the lumber in order to make a rifle.

So, following is an American program for kids who just want to be 100% God fearing gun toting gun owners and  users.

1. At birth each American will be given a free gun. Of course, the gun should be sized to fit the child.

2. Instead of playing with dolls or teddy bears, allow the child to play with a gun while in the crib.

3. Instead of snack time in kindergarten, how about rifle practice time!

4. If we want to raise grades on tests, the answer is simple. Allow kids to bring their guns to a test and guess who is going to wind up with straight ‘A” grades?

5.Of course in fairness, teachers should be allowed to bring their gun to class. Fail the test, and let’s have a shoot-out determine who comes to class tomorrow!

I do not have a doubt that Ted and Donald will support these common sense Second Amendment rights for all Americans.

P.S. OK, you Muslim terrorists just try messing with American kids!



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From George Washington to Donald Trump disproves the concept of evolution.

At one Republican debate I expect a real good food fight.

Anderson Cooper had no right to term Trump’s comment that of a five year old, it definitely was that of a four year old.

The real mystery of life is why so many guys and gals want to blow themselves up and go to heaven. It’s the END of life, guys.

Am I the only one who  has never seen a Kardashian?

Just a few more days to baseball where there always is a winner and a loser.

Strange, no one these days ever mentions, Afghanistan.