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BDS Not Liked By Some Jews

The other night at my Temple someone said that anyone who supported Boycott, Divestment or Sanctions against Israel “hated Israel and Jews.” Whenever anyone makes a negative comment against policies of Israel the usual retort by many Jews is the person “hates Jews and hates Israel.” I suspect that Israel is the only nation whose current leader is synonymous with the entire nation. NO one claimed to oppose George Bush meant the individual ‘hated America.” I assume that if Donald Trump becomes president these same Jews will insist that making critical remarks about President Trump means the person “hates America.”

At this juncture in time the current government of Israel is in defiance of international law regarding its policies on the West Bank.I do understand that for many Orthodox Jews UN laws are not as powerful as those from God up above. I also understand there are Jews who can cite words from the Torah to justify just about any action including support for slavery. Until the GOVERNMENT of Israel obeys international law I support BDS.

Oh, I support BDS because I care about the state of Israel and its soul!

Donald Has A Friend

I understand that many liberals do not  believe that Donald Trump has the qualities of leadership. They continually mock a man who knows how to “tell it like it is” regardless of what he is telling. Well, you liberals there are some leaders of foreign nations who prefer the man who speaks loudly even though with a short stick. A North Korean political scientist, Han Yang-mock did not mock the American leader but made clear his boss was ready to shoot  a few baskets with the wizard of slander and stupidity.

“There may be positive aspects to Trump’s inflammatory policies, Trump said he would not get involved in a  war between the South and the North. Isn’t this fortunate from North Korea’s perspective?” He dismissed Hillary as ‘dull.” So, President Trump head to North Korea and make a Great Deal with the pudgy little guy.

Memorial Day In Chicago

It was just another Memorial Day in the city of Chicago and there was some bad news and some good news. The good news is that ‘only’ four people died instead of the twelve who died last Memorial day. The bad news is that fifty were wounded. Of course, most of the dead were “only” inhabitants of south Chicago, the murder capital of America. So, what is the cause of so many shooting deaths in Chicago– a city with one fourth the population of New York but one in which there are four times more murders?

The south area of Chicago is the most segregated places in any city in America. There are blocks after blocks in which only black skinned people live. Perhaps, more important is the fracturing of gangs. The vast majority of gangs are small in size so a few guys constitute the entire organization. There are no ‘older’ experienced gang leaders who might offer advice or counseling to lay off blasting away at someone because they looked at you with the wrong glance. Everything has become personal, each young man becomes infuriated at an insult or comment about someone he cares about and the end result is using a gun to settle scores. It has reached the point where a five year old son is shot down because his dad is the enemy of someone.

Death does not take any holidays in south Chicago.

Who Would You Save?

There was a recent incident at a zoo when a four year old boy fell into a cage where there was a gorilla. The issue became: who should live–the boy or the gorilla. Alas, the boy lived.

So, in the following incidents, who would you allow to live and who to die?

A gorilla with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton–who lives?

Its either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio — who lives on to speak Spanish?

Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren– who survives?

Ron Paul or Rand Paul– which one is the more important paul?

President Putin or President Assad–whose bombast lives on?

George Bush or Jeb Bush–which bush survives?

Kim Jong un or Dennis Rodman–which basketball player makes the playoffs?

Steph Curry or LeBron James–who makes the last winning shot?

ISIS vs Al Qaeda–so who lives on to chop off the other guy’s head?

A Syrian refugee or an Hispanic illegal immigrant–which hits the jackpot?




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Give credit to Mitt Romney for refusing to kiss the ass of Donald Trump.

The saddest commentary is the acceptance of Trump by John McCain even though Donald insulted all POWS.

When will Hillary place the nation before her desire to become president?

Sorry, but old fashioned patriotism is no longer in practice by those who claim to be “leaders.”

These days those who shout the loudest are considered to be real leaders.

Somewhere in this promised land the sun is shining bright and people are happy and proud to be Americans.

These days the cowards and draft dodgers shout the loudest for war!

Trump Is Just Being Trump

It was just  a few months ago that Rand Paul or Lindsay Graham or John McCain were blasting the bombastic Donald Trump. But now, the specter of evil Hillary Clinton has united Republicans against the most ignorant person who ever ran for president. A Trump supporter, Congressman John LeBoutillier backed up the Trump man’s insult of  John McCain. “The comments that Donald Trump made about John McCain were totally justified.” Yes, John McCain was a coward because he was a prisoner of war.

Donald continues his assault on those  fighting ISIS. He wants to know why we aren’t blockading ISIS, why “aren’t we bombing the hell out of them” and  so on and so on. Of course, we ARE bombing ISIS and have destroyed hundreds of tank trucks  carrying oil, we have bombed ISIS controlled oil fields. But, of course, General Trump understands war. After all, he dodged the draft during the Vietnam war because he had  other things on  his mind such as broads and making money! While John McCain was daily being tortured, Donald was daily  fucking broads!

Attack ISIS In Iraq

As you recall or do not recall, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and other stalwart leaders of the Republican party have been promising to “carpet bomb” ISIS and wipe them out. Of course, General Trump, you know, the tough talking guy who is ready and willing at any time to punch out someone, has told one and all that once he becomes president it is the end of ISIS. After all, this is one tough guy.

Of course,during the past six months, Iraq, and Kurdish troops in Iraq have slowly but  steadily driven back ISIS. Please do not tell the Republican party but ISIS already has lost about forty percent of areas it  once controlled. There is now a major push in which Kurds peshmerga forces are finally working with Iraq Shiite troops to drive out ISIS. It will not be a sudden victory, but they are Finally going into coordinated action against ISIS!

Under 18, Stay Away From San Diego

It is a generally accepted statement that California is a hot bed of liberal ideas which insult those  of the conservative persuasion. However, the city of San Diego, along with many cities in America, makes it a crime if anyone under the age 18 is out in public after the curfew hour of 10:00 p.m. Believe it or not there were 26,000,000 arrests in the USA between 1994 to 2012 of teens who were out after the curfew hour.  Heck, in Philadelphia in 2014, there were 14,000 arrests for the horrible crime of being out after the curfew hour.

Let me get this clear, we are worried to death about terrorists and yet we have thousands of policemen out on our streets at night seeking out teens who are walking home from a basketball game. Let me get this clear, the famous ‘broken windows’ idea argues that if you allow minor crimes to go on the end result is robbery, rape and murder. First they allowed a kid to remain out after curfew, and soon terrorists were posing as teens in order to destroy America!!

It’s Just Oklahoma

Please do not get upset when you discover a story about Oklahoma. It is a flat place in America in which most folks believe the Earth is flat and if you go too far then you just fall over the edge. However, Oklahoma does lead the nation in  having the lowest salaries for teachers. Th other day there was a demonstration in the Oklahoma legislature when a few of the guys wanted to impeach President Obama. Fortunately, someone in the legislature realized a State legislature cannot impeach a President. The good news is this has been made known to high school Social Studies teachers.

Naturally, this being Oklahoma, the legislature wants to  pass a law which would allow any  student to claim their religious freedom to only piss with those who were born either male or female. Of course, the State legislature passed a bill that would make any doctor a criminal if he performed an abortion. For some reason, Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the bill. I guess she was born in another state.

Gee Adl Is Upset

The Anti-Defmation League has operated in life with one guiding principle –whatever that Israel does  one must find some, any, reason to defend the action. To do other is simply to play into the hands of anti-Semites. The ADL is very sensitive about anti-Semites since, we all know, that most European nations hate Jews and one must defend Israel. Of course, there is Israel and there are Jews, they are not synonymous.

Well, finally, the ADL decided enough was enough.  They have now identified Israel conservative leader, Bentzi Gopstein as a  bigot, first  order.  The man’s Facebook contains hateful comments about Muslims, about the Palestinian government and, to throw in one other group, the man hates gays and lesbians. But, let’s not forget that Bentzi is a friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is never wrong for many Jews. Anyway, at least the ADL has come out against one bigot. A step forward.