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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25y year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump has as much knowledge of Crimea as Donald Rumsfeld had about Iraq.

If anyone can make sense of what Trump says, they definitely SHOULD vote for him.

I am growing more comfortable with Tom Kaine, he is a nice guy.

Sanders supporters should understand that in 1932, German people like you guys said, “Hitler is no different than the other politicians!”

Anyone Donald Trump insults must be a “little guy.”

I wonder what the Bush family felt when Donald said we should get out of NATO!

These days I really miss the days of Richard Nixon.

Choice Nixon or Trump–Nixon hands down!




Donald On Donald

I frankly do not know what it will take to make Trump supporters realize their “hero” is among the most stupid and ignorant people to run for the presidency. Let me just present Donald speaking.

Putin: “He’s not going into the Ukraine. OK, just so you understand. He’s not going into the Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down.   You can take it anywhere you want.”

Interviewer George Stephananopoulous, pointed out the Russia was in the Crimea.

Donald: “Well, he’ already there, isn’t he? OK, well, frankly the whole point of the  world is a mess under Obama with all the strength you’re talking about, with all the strength of NATO. In the meantime, he is giving away. He takes Crimea. From what I heard, the people of Crimea would rather be with the Russians.”

Anyone who actually understands this gibberish most probably WILl vote for Trump!

P.S. I do not have a doubt in the world that Donald Trump has absolutely NO idea where Crimea is!

Turkish Democracy Dying

It is unfortunate the people of Turkey have their own version of Donald Trump, and his name is Recep Erdogan. Last week an alleged, “coup” by some Army officers and men, attempted a bungled  effort to overthrow the strongman who wants to make Turkey Great Again. So far, he has arrested over 200 Generals, a few thousand  other officers, thousands of teachers, thousands of policemen, half the judges in the country, and half the lawyers. Erdogan wants to “cleanse society” and this means putting  thousands into jail who had nothing to do with the coup.

US generals are worried because they have been working with Turkish  officers in the campaign to defeat ISIS. Erdogan’s wild behavior has wrecked the Turkish army, and made it difficult to  pursue the war against terrorism. The real tragedy is the death of Turkish democracy. In 1933, newly come to power, Adolf Hitler created an alleged plot by Communists to assume dictatorial power. Recep Erdogan is simply the latest  petty dictator who frighten people to assume dictatorial power.

Businessmen Sort Of Against Donald

As most Americans who work for a living know, Donald Trump is the greatest businessman in this country. OK, the little Jew Michael Bloomberg went after him and made some nasty remarks last week at the Democratic convention. OK, so Donald had some bankruptcies, so what? It is not being bankrupt that is a problem,it is how one makes money out of being bankrupt that separate the bright guy from the idiot.

Mark Cuban, another of those so-called bright businessmen,  came out swinging against the greatest businessman in America. Cuban said  that leadership “is not yelling and screaming and intimidating people, in Pittsburgh we call  these guys a jagoff. I’m her to endorse Hillary Clinton.”

Look, Mark, just ask Vladimir Putin about Trump. According to Donald, the great Russian leader has called him a “genius.” So, who do you want to believe, a real leader like Vladimir Putin or some punk who owns the Dallas Maverick basketball team??

Donald And I Sacrifice For America!

I am getting sick and tired of the constant complaint against an American hero–DONALD TRUMP– by people like the Muslim guy called, Khan, who dared insult one of the most patriotic men in this nation–DONALD TRUMP. It is about time that America understand how patriots like Donald and I daily sacrifice for this nation. For example:

I watched every New York Giant football game  last year, talk about sacrifice.

I watched every New York Knick basketball game, as I have been watching of over FIFTY years, without any complaint.

And this spring I have watched every New York Yankee game, they are terrible, but I continue sacrificing for them.

Donald could easily have joined the Armed forces during the Vietnam War, BUT, he was a real patriot. Yes, he could have gone into those jungles and fought against the yellow devils, but he had more important patriotic goals in mind. If Donald had gone off to war, who would have been left to fuck the wives, the sweethearts and girl friends of those serving in Vietnam?? It took incredible physical stamina for Donald to do the fucking, but he did not waver, he did his patriotic duty!!

God Bless Donald Trump, the real Patriot!

Christian Terrorism Goes Wild!

I understand there is some concern among the American people for the presence of Islamist terrorists. Pick up your daily newspaper, then again, most do not have a daily newspaper, so  wander among  Internet sites for growing evidence the greatest threat to the United States comes from CHRISTIAN TERRORISM! Just examine the record:

The greatest slaughter of children occurred in Connecticut when a CHRISTIAN blasted away at elementary aged children. We all know about the CHRISTIAN murders at Columbine High School.  Last week in Fort Myers, CHRISTIANS murdered  two kids and wounded about a dozen. Yesterday in Mikilteo, Washington, CHRISTIANS murdered three and wounded 25.

Just remember that each year over 30,000 die from gun violence in America and 90% of them are killed by CHRISTIANS!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Why is it that Republican bullies like Giuliani and Trump never fought in the US Armed forces?

OH, John McCain did, and Donald thinks he is a coward!

I saw like the expression, a “surgical strike.” Actually, the only surgical aspect is that doctors have to patch up the result of these surgical strikes.

Decades of French indifferent behavior has resulted in Islamic terrorism.

They will be closing factories in England and heading for the UK, such is the triumph of Brexit.

Who in America would sleep peacefully with Donald Trump in charge of  our atomic bombs?

Every night in Chicago some thug shoots another thug over the issue of who took my parking space!

A nation that loves guns dies by  guns.

I did not know much about Tom Kaine, but now I really like the dude.

I know that Mike Pence dislikes gays, smoking pot, and good wages for workers, but, aside from God, who does he like?

Rudy Giuliani cannot speak without shouting about his toughness.

America  deserves to know what is in Donald Trump’s tax returns.

I would so love to know what happens these days when the Bush family gathers, what do they talk about?






Donald Wants To “Hit”Bad People

Once again,Donald Trump displayed his presidential demeanor by telling an audience that he wanted to “hit a number of speakers so hard,their heads would spin.” Most probably he is very upset at what Michael Bloomberg said about his failure as a business man. Donald continues to boast to audiences that he is one tough guy who can physically take out opponents. Let’s examine the record:

Donald Trump was in his twenties when the Vietnam war occurred. This was a wonderful opportunity for him to demonstrate his physical prowess. Instead of fighting, Donald made certain that he was not going to get into combat.While hundreds of thousands of young Americans were fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Donald Trump was fighting in New York City where he daily encountered beautiful women that he had to conquer and defeat.

Yeah, Donald wants to “hit” bad guys. He sure will NEVER risk his body in any physical encounter unless the other person was a WOMAN! Actually, a female model who had big boobs! Donald is a  coward!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald One Note can only sing loudly, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

A great Democratic convention, now for a  great American political campaign.

Hopefully, Bernie Sanders  folks will do what is best for America by voting for Hillary.

I am getting to enjoy Tom Kaine, he comes across as cool.

Republicans this year come across as advocates of Doom and Gloom.

Take one guess as to which party, Lucifer would support.

I continue to wonder as to which political post Ben Carson could handle.

Day of Wonder, the day Donald actually explains one idea on solving one problem.

Hillary Aims For The Stars

There is not a doubt in the world that Hillary Clinton is the ONLY  candidate this year who has actually proposed a specific plan to alter life in America. She gave a powerful speech, she enabled American voters to know what she would do if president. Here is the vision Hillary laid out for America:

1. A higher minimum wage.

2. A goal of free college education at public colleges.

3. A plan to reduce student debt.

4. Expand health insurance to include all Americans.

5. Expand Social Security benefits.

6. Rethink trade agreements.

7. A path for citizenship for undocumented aliens.

8. Work with Allies  on dealing with ISIS.

9. Daycare for women with children.

10. Equal pay for women.

11. Retraining for those losing jobs due to automation.

Of course, Donald Trump has a better idea for America: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.