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Whatever Happened To Palestinians?

During the Six Day War back in the 1960s Israel troops  swept the army  of Jordan from what is now termed, the West Bank. In theory, this originally as to be  temporary situation that would eventually be resolved by enabling Palestinians to create their own government. But, that was then, during the intervening half century, Israel “settlers” have slowly, and increasingly taken land from Palestinians,and built their own settlements.

The usual defense of this process if for Orthodox Jews to point out the Jews are the “Chosen people” of God. It is not that they desire to take the land from Palestinians, but GOD Himself is demanding they take control of land HE set aside for them.If you doubt the validity of what I write, just check with GOD up above. The UN has condemned this  process, it violates international law, but who would you believe, GOD or some UN bureaucrat?

No Natty Hair

In the good old days, the people of South Africa enjoyed a wonderful time, plenty of darkies to do the hard work, plenty of servants to cater to one’s needs and desires. And, wonderful schools, free of THOSE people, and you know who THOSE people are. They sure are not young ladies with golden hair, and the appearance of dainty polite and the kind of girl you would want to have your son marry.

These days, things  are different at Pretoria High School. Some of THOSE girls now attend this once exclusive school for the gorgeous white females. Black girls are now upset at school rules as to what is appropriate female hair style. “All styles should be conservative, neat, and keeping with  the school uniform.” However, according to Tiiseto Phetto, “The system did not allow black girls to have an Afro.” Black girls were told their hair style was “untidy and not appropriate for the code of conduct.” I thought the hair war had ended decades ago, but, alas, it lives on in South Africa.

The Great Wall Of Trump

I heard the voice of Donald Trump. It was loud, it was forceful, it offered a new vision for America. Just listen: “I’m going to build a wall, a Great Wall, a beautiful Wall, a wall for the ages. A hundred, a thousand, a million years from now, people will gaze in awe at the wall that Donald Trump built. It will be high, it will be deep, it will have gorgeous, and I mean beautiful doors for the illegals to go through on  their way  home.

But, this wall is just the beginning, we will make certain there is a wall on our Pacific border, and the Chinese will pay for this wall. If they want to sell products to us,then they have to go through our wall. And,when we are finished with the Western Wall, we will go north and build a 3,000 mile wall to keep Canadian drug lords from entering, and guess who is going to build that Wall!

But wait folks, I am not finished protecting our wonderful land from ISIS and all those Muslim terrorists. We are going to build a wall on the Atlantic coast, and the only way through the wall is going through a door which will be guarded by the US military. And the European Union will  pay for it. Want to trade with us, then pay up!

Safe and sound with Donald Trump.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I offer no apologies for my intense sense of patriotism.

Signal from far off planet, if I was them, never contact this  planet filled with violence and hatred.

Then again,maybe they know who we are and are simply warning  us off.

It is Wednesday, time for another Trump immigration plan.

Has anyone ever told Donald,one can build UNDER a Wall?

To get elected, Marco Rubio would suck Trump’s rear end.

In my youth women were told to cover up, these days in France told to take it off!

I never could figure out why Donald did not take Palin as running  mate, it would have been a marriage of egos.

Every group killing people has God on Their side. God bless them.

All too many Americans these days honor hatred.

I’m 86 today, and you are not!

Syria These Days

OK, it is now over four years since the conflict in Syria began. Quick quiz: how did the conflict begin? Who were the initial actors in the conflict? Who is now fighting in Syria? What exactly is the American policy–today, that is– concerning the situation in Syria? What is the Trump policy in Syria — of course, he first must be able to identify exactly where is the nation of Syria. Donald, it is NOT on the border of Mexico.

In all honesty, I doubt if the most informed Syrian expert could answer the above questions. But, to provide some knowledge, here goes:

1.  The US supports Kurdish forces  fighting in Syria.

2. Our ally, Turkey, hates these Kurdish forces and wants to wipe them  out.

3. Russia, Iran, part of Lebanon are supporting the regime of President Assad.

4. There is something called the Free Syrian Army which hates Assad.

5. There are al-Qaeda groups which are fighting for something.

6. There are ISIS forces which want to create a Caliphate.

7. There are millions of refugees, who just want some peace and quiet.

What About Israel?

For some reason the nation of Israel is no longer in the news. The Netanyahu government continues to destroy the rights of Palestinians, their lands are being taken over by Orthodox Jews who simply are carrying out  the words of God. Tamir Pardo, former head of the Israel spy agency, Mossad, urged his fellow Jews to reflect on their current policy of becoming a apartheid state.

“There is no existential threat to Israel, the only real existential threat is the internal division. Internal division can lead to civil war. We are already on the path toward that. Without a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict,  we will never be able to achieve normalization with our  neighbors.”

The problem is that most Israel Jews do not wish to behave as Jews who respect the right of people to govern themselves.

Donald Heads For Mexico

Well, it is now official, Donald Trump accepted an invitation from the President of Mexico to visit his fair land, and engage in some sort of conversation. A key Trump official has informed us that Donald will make the following offer to the guy who speaks Mexican.

1. His construction company can get the inside track on building a wall.

2. The Great Wall will have doors.

3. The going rate for a Mexican drug lord will be $10,000,000 a door.

4. Donald guarantees any legal immigrant from Mexico can work at a Trump company for the fabulous wage of $7.25 an hour!

5. Donald promises to send US troops to execute drug lords who are the enemies of the president at $5,00,000  a head.

6. One of Donald’s children will convert and become a Mexican citizen in order to keep things in the family.

7. The entire Palin family will handle blasting away at Mexican drug  lords, when they aren’t shooting bears.

8. From now on, just call him, Don Trumpica.


Rick Perry Dancing Fool

As you recall or do not recall, it was just a few months ago that former Governor Rick Perry was raring to become president of the United States. Well, Rick has now decided to enter the Dancing With The Stars contest and display his incredible feet. How about?

1. Ben Carson entering the dullest black preacher contest.

2. Carly  Fiorina becoming the loudest screecher in America contest.

3. Marso Rubio can easily be victorious in who can gulp down water the latest.

4. Jeb Bush can readily win the best chocolate eclair backbone contest.

5. When it comes to praying to Jesus, who can out pray Mike Huckabee?

6. Ted Cruz wins hands-down the most disliked political person in Washington contest.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It’s Tuesday, another Trump immigration plan!

How about sending blacks back to Africa and creating  high paying jobs for white people?

Colin Kaepernick made his “statement”and prejudice ended in America.

There are statements, and there is action.

I do miss Rand Paul’s biting remarks, whatever happened to him?

God should allow us to turn in old bodies for a new one.

I so miss at age 85 running against the wind.

Donald Trump runs for the presidency, and the KKK is back in the news.

Do you ever get the feeling, God has taken a vacation from this planet?

Why Blacks Love Donald?

I understand that some black Americans for some reason do not want to vote for Donald Trump, but when any sensible person with a black skin examines the issues, it is clear the red headed guy is the only one they can vote for the presidency.

1. Donald repeatedly, and I mean, repeatedly, has expressed his love for all those with black skins.

2. Donald will serve as a bridge between black folks and the Ku Klux Klan. He will guarantee the end of lynching!

3. Donald will end crime and violence in ALL black communities, and that will occur within two months after he becomes president!

4. Many, and I mean, Many, black pastors just love him.

5. Donald has promised NOT to send black folks back to Africa!

6. Once president, millions of high paying jobs at $7.25 an hour will be there for black Americans!

7. Donald will marry a black woman!

8. Donald can out dance Hillary any day or night of the year.

9. No more Hispanics in America, more jobs for Black Americans!

10. Guns for all means each and every black person can have a gun to shoot down criminals!