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Fight For Mosul

Yes, America is engaged in a great debate over nonsense regarding national security while there is a fight going on in Iraq that really pertains to our national security. The fight to drive ISIS from this important city in Iraq involves a rather unusual alliance of: Shiite Muslim fighters, Kurdish peshmerga soldiers, Sunni tribes that hate ISIS, Turks trying to muscle in to the conflict, soldiers from Shiite Iran, and American Special forces who are there to train, assist in identifying targets and calling in air strikes.

So, what is at stake in this fight?

1. Can a coalition function effectively to defeat ISIS?

2. Up to this point, Turkey has not taken a forceful role in fighting ISIS, is it ready to change?

3. When Mosul is liberated does it offer evidence the Obama military concept of ‘leading from behind’ make sense? In other words, does it make sense for Muslim nations to fight terrorism rather than American forces?

4. what will ISIS do if it is defeated in Mosul?

On Classified Documents

The FBI has arrested Harold Thomas Martin III, a contractor who has worked for over a decade for the US government, on charges that he stole over five million top secret classified documents that pertain to our national security. As of this moment, there has not been a single word from Donald Trump about this alleged threat to our national security. Oh well, he only stole FIVE MILLION CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, and, then again, his name is not Hillary Clinton. I do not have a doubt that these so-called ‘classified documents’  had no secrets that threatened our national security. Can anyone name a single incident in which any of those ‘CLASSIFIED’ documents played a role in our national security?

I was cleared for NATO TOP SECRET while working at 7th Army headquarters in Germany in 1952-1953. I, literally, read hundreds of Top Secret classified documents, and, for the life of me, do not recall any SECRET that I actually came across. OH, I did discover that if the Russians attacked, my headquarters would be hit with atomic bombs. WOW, what a secret to discover! I believe that over two million people have Top Secret clearance. I have no doubt there are other Harold Martin III type folks out there. In reality, Top Secret is placed on thousands of documents that do not contain any secret about our national security.

Dreary Halloween Night

I was raised during the Depression so we never went trick or treating on Halloween for the simple reason, who the hell had extra candy to give away during a Depression? Years later as a parent, I went trick or treating with my four children. Gee, they even gave dad a few of their precious candies. And, I did not have to pay for them.

Last night, there was not a single knock on my door. Not a single child came dressed in costume seeking free goodies. It was all Quiet on the Halloween front last night. So, who to blame?

1. The Hispanic rapists and murderers swarming over our borders?

2. Crooked Hillary Clinton out to steal candy from kids?

3. Muslim terrorists seeking to steal the most precious commodities in America– our candies?

4. The red headed guy who would make out with any female, regardless of age?

Alas, we once knew Halloween.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


THE issue of American politics is the sex emails of Anthony Wiener.

Hillary Clinton should have fired her friend who, unfortunately, was married to Anthony Wiener.

Donald Trump can not talk without waving those small, small, hands.

I gather there are Christians who believe Donald Trump is the new Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST!

Once upon a time the Hatch Act was passed to prevent government officials from interfering in political campaigns.

HATE is the main campaign issue for Trump supporters.

Just once, just once, I would so love to know what are the Great Economic ideas of Donald Trump.

Have not heard much  lately about the GREAT WALL.

What Is At Stake?

There is no question this is among the most momentous presidential elections in our history. So, what is at stake?

1. Donald Trump is a dangerous person to be in charge of nuclear weapons. The president has the power to send nuclear bombs into other parts of the world. Does anyone with the slightest concern about the future of this world want this nut case in charge of nuclear weapons?

2. Donald Trump would lower taxes on the wealthy, most probably double our national debt, and issue in wild stock market fluctuations that could result in another massive drop in the stock market.

3. Donald Trump would end the important drive to save our planet from climate change. This would impact future generations forever, yes, forever!

4. Donald Trump would NOT create jobs. We  EXPORT over three BILLION dollars worth of goods, any tariff war would impact those exports, and those jobs.

5. Donald Trump would pack the Supreme Court with justices who would end women rights to control their bodies.

6. The Trump Supreme Court would allow restrictions in voting aimed at Hispanics and black Americans.

7. Donald Trump  has NO plan to deal with the Middle East. Just further chaos when the chaos is now being handled.

FBI Chief Violated The Law!

Almost a hundred years ago both Democrats and Republicans passed the Hatch Act which forbid government officials from seeking to alter an election by favoring one side over the other. Democratic Senator Harry Reid has charged that FBI head James Comey violated the law by issuing a statement ten days  prior to an election for president that favored Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

As Reid put it: “Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive material, in what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another. My office has determined  these actions may violate the Hatch Act which bars FBI officials from using their authority to influence an election.”

I find disturbing that Comey  sent a letter to REPUBLICANS congressmen without sending it to Democratic congressmen. This is unheard of in American  politics!

Republican Lies

Listening to Republicans is an experience in being impressed how some folks can   lie and lie and lie without missing a beat. So, examine some Republican lies.

1. Democrats want to impose a Death Tax(inheritance tax) on each and every American. We have to end the Death Tax. REALITY: At present, 99.5% of Americans do not pay any inheritance tax for the simple reason they do not have such a great inheritance to pass on. If this law were abolished, the Trump family, upon the Great man’s death would get an extra THREE BILLION DOLLARS!

2. Americans are taxed higher than any other nation. Reality: Americans pay fewer taxes than just about any European Union nation. Most EU  nations charge citizens a 15% Value added tax on most goods purchased. Donald, that IS a tax that we do NOT pay in America.

3. The Trump tax reduction would benefit all Americans. Reality: The average American earning under $60,000 would get an extra thousand. The average millionaire would get anywhere from $240,000 to a few million. As President Franklin Roosevelt once said upon vetoing a tax bill, “this bill gives tax relief to the greedy, not the needy.”

4. Donald has a ‘PLAN’ to wipe out ISIS. Reality: He has some ‘words,’ not a plan.There is a plan currently in operation to defeat ISIS in the city of Mosul. Coalition forces are now in the outskirts of Mosul.


I understand that many LIBERALS do not believe the words of wisdom which  comes from Donald Trump. It is unfortunate that Trump is the only  one telling the truth, and Democrats are the only  ones refusing to accept the truth. Donald has been claiming for over a year that hordes of Hispanics are ready to cross our unguarded borders and swarm into this country. Thank God Donald has now uncovered a more dastardly plot by Crooked Hillary Clinton. She intends to alter the very composition of this great nation. Just listen to the Donald man:

“Hillary Clinton intends to have 650,000,000 people pour into this nation every week. She wants to triple the size of our country in one week.” WOW! I regret to inform readers that Mister Trump, as of now, has yet to identify from whence come the 650,000,000. However, consider the following:

1. This constitutes half the size of China. OK, so now we will have hordes of take-out Chinese food places.

2. This would just about be all the folks in Mexico, and a few other Latin American nations. I guess there will be a surplus of taco stands in this country.

3. Then again, maybe the entire European Union is headed west.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


How many will leave America if Trump is president?

FBI means Federal Bureau of Incompetents.

We certainly live in strange times.

The Cubs are losing, and so is America.

At least we have the NBA in action, some sanity in our lives.

Future historians will describe this as the ‘email election.’

We will go from Michelle to Melania as First Lady.

Americans seek a rendezvous with stupidity.

Hillary Clinton will spawn countless books about her incompetent race for the presidency.

So, Anthony Wiener’s weinie changed American history.


Emails Galore

The FBI has decided to become a tool of the Republican party. Ordinarily, the FBI does NOT comment upon an ongoing investigation. But, the decision to inform the world they are studying a possible crime has severely damaged the   campaign of Hillary Clinton. How does one respond to a “possible  crime?” This is an unprecedented statement which can  change the course of American history. Frankly, there is nothing to say.

God  save America from a Trump world!!