Fred Stopsky

He has spent the past 50 years as a secondary teacher and college educator who has taught over 12,000 teachers. Fred was raised in a Bronx working class family during the Depression and has never forgotten that era’s commitment to social justice. He joined the army during the Korean War and will always remember his dear friends who died in a faraway land. Fred believes fervently in Winston Churchill’s famous comment, “Jaw, Jaw, not War, War.”

He believes the fight for justice and equity is central to the human condition and until all humans enjoy peaceful and happy lives we can never cease the struggle against forces of evil and power. He considers himself a socialist at heart, a liberal in spirit, and a believer in the fundamental concepts of constitutional law embedded in the United States Constitution.

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Mission Statement

I believe in a liberal view of the world. A liberal is one who is concerned for the rights of all people, and does not believe fear is an excuse to silence dissident voices. I believe all humans on this planet are entitled to have their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education met by society. I believe that no individual is safe unless all humans are safe. I believe as long as a single person must live in fear and poverty, then society has failed in its responsibilities. We live at a moment in time when voices of anger, fear, and violence frequently dominate discourse. This blog has been created as a voice of reason, of hope, and of dreams about a future in which the voices which respect human dignity are readily heard.

I shall report issues of liberal concern in every corner of this planet. Each day, readers will receive a digest of what is reported in over forty newspapers throughout the world. Each day, readers will engage with critical thinking issues including voices dreaming of new ways to live peacefully in this world. Each day, as long as the horror of the war in Iraq continues, I shall report about Americans trapped in that monstrous action as well as about the lives of Iraqis who daily suffer from the sins of George Bush.

I strongly believe liberals must once again not merely discuss what is wrong in society, but offer dreams about what might be. As Robert Kennedy so often quoted: “Some men ask why, and some men ask why not?” Hopefully, I am a critic who offers concrete ideas concerning ways to create a just and peaceful world. I welcome any reader who would like to share their critical analysis or their future dreams. I reject elitism, and prefer the words of Eugene Victor Debs: “I do not wish to rise from the working class. I wish to rise with it.” Please join in my struggle to end the tyranny of violence and hatred in the world. I prefer the sound of laughter and wit to angry tones of true believers. If you are an impudent observer, this blog is for you.