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China Launches War To Get Quality

The Chinese government has been shaken by recall of millions of toys and complaints concerning the quality of Chinese goods. The government has appointed a new minister whose function is supervising the quality of goods, instituted new licensing procedures, and created a black list of exporters and importers who are engaged in selling shoddy goods. The four month campaign is designed to ensure China’s reputation as a producer of quality goods is restored.

The old adage about haste makes waste is certainly true about China.

Obesity Sparking Population Decline

The Lancet report issued in England claims the rise in obesity will have a devastating effect on the capacity of women to become fertile. There is already evidence an increasing number of women are unable to conceive due to being overweight. Experts argue that obesity hampers being able to become fertile. Fertility clinics in England increasingly are refusing treatment to women who are overweight.

The number of people in England who are overweight has quadrupled over the past 25 years and current estimates are that two-thirds of people in Great Britain are overweight. Of course, similar figures are evident in other post industrial societies such as the United States. There is something ironic in having increased wealth and decreased ability to conceive.

Airman Attacks Gays, Minorities and Gov. Schwarzenegger

An aide to the top ranking general of the California National Guard was revealed to have a web site in which he urges mass violence, spews hatred toward women, gays, and Governor Schwarzenegger of California. Travis Gruber explained, “I was under the impression I was writing anonymously.’

I guess if it was anonymous, we should all just forget what he wrote. The good news is the quick action by military officials to get rid of this creature who holds a responsible position but is unaware of his responsibilities to his fellow servicemen. Women, gays, and minorities are risking their lives in Iraq. I figure, Arnold can handle himself and doesn’t need any of my help.


The oil and mineral race is on in the Artic. Last month, Russian scientists began making claims the Arctic region belongs to Russia. Now, geographers are claiming the Arctic is an extension of a geographic feature in Russia known as the Lomonsovov Ridge. Unfortunately, for the Russians the same ridge is found in Greenland which raises questions as to whether or not Denmark owns the Arctic. Obviously, this eventually will wind up in the hands of the United Nations.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the UN established claim to the Arctic and promised to respect the region’s environment in any effort to extract wealth? This could become the first area of the world owned and governed by the world. Its riches would benefit all areas of the world.

Palestinians Move Away From Hamas

A new survey by the Palestinian led Jerusalem Media and Communications Center indicates Hamas has suffered a significant decline in popularity among Palestinians. About 47% of people support the Abbas government and only 24% are supporting the Hamas government. It is most surprising that even in the Gaza strip which is controlled by Hamas, 44% supported the Abbas government. The study also indicated 61% of Palestinians oppose Israel’s offer of exchange of territories in order to maintain control of West Bank settlements but 38% were willing to accept it.

If this study is valid, it reveals a strong under current among Palestinians for peace. The fact that 38% are willing to accept the Israel proposal suggests there is a base for peace. If Israel would abandon the West Bank settlements, there is powerful evidence peace could be achieved with Palestinian leaders. Hamas would be left behind if Israel offered to evacuate West Bank settlements. Now is the time for Israel to make a dramatic offer of peace, it will be received by the Palestinian people.

Bush Vietnam Analogy — True or False

President Bush’s speech before the Veterans of Foreign Wars drew an analogy between leaving Vietnam and leaving Iraq. He also cited Germany, Japan, and South Korea as examples of nations in which we remained leading to dramatic results in democracy. His hypothesis is interesting, but deeply flawed. For example, Bush argues if we leave Iraq it will result in other nations falling victim to terrorism. The United States left Vietnam as critics argued the ‘falling dominoes” theory which insisted other southeastern nations would fall to communism. As of this date, no other southeast Asian nation went communist despite the success of communism in Vietnam.

The success in Germany, Japan, and South Korea was attributable to various factors. For example, all three nations are homogeneous and were never divided over issues of religion or fighting factions. Each of these nations slowly evolved into democratic entities because they possessed political institutions which all parties accepted as the basis of government. None of these characteristics is present in Iraq. The Bush surge has brought absolutely no evidence of increased political cohesion. If anything, political divisions have gotten even worse.

One might also point out that the United States provided economic stimulation which resulted in Germany, Japan and South Korea becoming modern post industrial societies. Iraq is much different, and contains, at this point, no prospect for economic development. In fact, over 2,000,000 have fled the country. What percent of those who fled came from economic entrepreneurs or well educated leaders? Iraq is losing its vital center of educated professionals due to violence.

President Bush, as always, is confused about history. He was confused in his speech about Cambodia which was the scene of the “killing fields” and confused those murders had anything to do with American withdrawal from Vietnam. Ironically, the examples cited by Bush represent policies that are dramatically opposite of what he is trying in Iraq.

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