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We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Thailand,Bangkok Post: “Abbot Found Dead In Temple”

Hopefully, on his knees with hands folded in prayer.

Egypt, al-ahram: “Hunt More Suspects”

Forever more, forever more in the land of Egypt.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Oldest Fuck Word”

This is simply one fucking boring story.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Air Strikes Kill Civilians”

The object of an air strike is to KILL –someone.

UK, Guardian: “Let’s Trump Donald”

Sorry, Donald is trumping the Republic an field!

Israel–The Fire This Time

Once again, the world of Israel and Palestinians has become conflict and hatred and violence. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists that force will resolve all problems. However, the past looms large in how conflict between Jewish Israel and Palestinians has played out. At this moment, there are stabbings of Jewish Israelis, there are care sent into Israel Jewish bodies. There are bullets coming from the Israel army which hit both the provoker and the bystander. For every bystander who gets caught in this crossfire and winds up wounded, will emerge another rock thrower or another person ready to stab a Jew.

This is a low-scale Intifada. Unfortunately, for Israel, there is virtually no process that can effectively halt knife stabbings. They can go on and on. There is only ONE solution. Creation of a Palestinian state which will allow Palestinians to handle crime. There is no alternative of removing knives from the world. As Winston Churchill often said: “Jaw Jaw not War War.” THAT is the only solution.

Putin Moves His Queen Chess Piece

Vladimir Putin is a chess player and the game today is taking place in Syria. He has moved his chess pieces -planes, soldiers, missiles –into Syria. He is convinced this show of force will intimidate and defeat groups such as ISIS, but especially Syrians who hate Assad and want him to leave the office of president. It is a big gamble for Putin. One might say, a chess game which is truly–winner take all. What most probably will be the outcome of this chess game?

1. Russian troops will die. That is the bad news. The good news is that in authoritarian Russia, the populace is cowed and will not protest.

2. Russian troops at this moment have high morale. That sense of being in charge will rapidly change to one of being beleaguered.

3. The Russian air bombing simply can not and will not work. This approach to dealing with guerrillas has failed time after time.

4. Most probably at some moment, Putin will force Assad to leave. Putin does not handle defeat very well. Entering Syria is a lose-lose proposition and someone has to take the blame– Assad.

Refugees–Are There Limits?

The refugees still are coming and there apparently seems to be no end to the influx of people. Chancellor Merkel has made incredible efforts despite growing apprehension within Germany as mainly Muslims arrive in the land where most people are Christian. The amazing aspect of this story is that a German government seeks to assist people from a foreign land to find a place of refuge. However, after the initial feeling of aiding people comes the inevitable backlash of fear at the newcomer.

The most critical moment is fast arising in Germany–and throughout Europe. The influx is too sudden, too overwhelming, and too certain to initiate anger and hatred. Frankly, this is a dilemma whose outcome is most probably not beneficial to refugees. We await the end of a warm reception, but do not have any clues as to how the outflow of refugees will be halted. This is a problem with NO solutions.

Ice Melts -Now And Tomorrow

The Antarctic is melting and current estimates are that by 2050 there will be double melting of ice shelves and by 2100 the entire continent may be in the process of disappearing. We asked some Republicans to comment.

Ted Cruz: “I intend to fight agains these alarmists until Hell freezes over. If that happens, I will accept climate change.

Marco Rubio: “I’m no scientist, and until every scientist on this planet agrees there is climate change, I can not accept that hypothesis.

Donald Trump: Let me make clear that I intend to purchase the Antarctic, build snow machines and prevent melting.

Jeb Bush: “Stuff happens. Melting or not melting, stuff just happens.

Carly Fiorina: “I have extensive business experience and once in charge of this nation, you can make certain there will be NO snow melting in the Antarctic or in Minnesota.

Rand Paul: “I oppose any and all foreign engagements.

Oh Dem Redskins

A great political issue is confronting the state of California–should white or black or Asian folk be allowed to use the word, REDSKIN in a team nickname.From now on schools must employ words such as Native Americans.

1. The word, AMERICAN is NOT linked to any tribe on the North American continent. Tribes did have names such as Iroquois or Delaware of Sioux or Apache, but none were connected to the word, American.

2.The word, AMERICAN comes from an ITALIAN whose name was Amerigo Vespucci.

I get it, from now on let’s call sport teams after Italians just as the Iroquois employed.

This is an non-issue. Call sport teams anything they want to be called, but for God’s sake,not anything linked to Native Americans!!


We offer observations of the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


1. How about one gigantic Benghazi committee encompassing the entire Congress?

2. I await Trump’s plan for Benghazi.

3. I would strongly urge Republicans to check with the nearest mental institution for a new Speaker of the House.

4. Of course, since one does not have to be in Congress to become the Speaker-how about a lottery for the job?

5. My ongoing question is– how did we get in this situation in Congress?

6. Of course, there is always Vladimir Putin for the job-does one have to be a citizen to become the Speaker?

7. Ultimate surprise, Hillary for the Speaker job-then she could supervise more committees to investigate her.

Benghazi Forever And Forever

Let me get this clear–President Bush initiated a war in Iraq that left over four thousand Americans dead. George Bush initiated a war in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of over two thousand. As of this date, no Congressional Committee established to investigate the death of these thousands.BUT, we have had endless committee hearings over the death of FOUR Americans who died in the Libyan city of Benghazi. Frankly,it is doubtful of a hundred members of Congress could locate this city on a map. But, as Congressman Keven McCarthy proudly boasted the Benghazi industry has resulted in a decline of popularity for Hillary Clinton.

Major Bradley Podliska has been terminated from one of these committees because he complained the work was political and of no use. The committee head insisted that this military official will not “blackmail” them into ending work that seeks to protect the American people from the loss of four lives. The six thousand who died are another issue. Their deaths are linked to Republican leaders so forget they ever happened.

Turkish Mystery

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is a man whose main quest in life is-POWER. He has destroyed the ability of the Turkish armed forces to intervene in the political affairs of the nation. He has destroyed the ability of the judicial system to thwart his efforts of gaining more and more power. He was shocked when the electorate denied his Justice and Development Party of a majority in the legislature. Recep does not allow anyone or anything to deny him –POWER. He initiated war against the Kurdish minority since his goal was to enable fear to restore his control of government.

Suddenly, out of the blue when Kurdish peace groups were gathered in Ankara for a demonstration, bombs hit them with force. It was the worse bombing in the history of Turkey. A hundred are dead and dozens are wounded. Police prevented ambulances from the scene, and police interfered with rescue efforts. Was this connected with the Erdogan aim of –POWER?

Vladimir, Welcome To Bomb Town

Well,the Putin boys have arrived in town only to receive a warm welcome from ISIS,the Free Syrian Army and just about every bomb crazy person in the Syrian conflict. Captain Mustafa of the Free Syrian Army is happy at the opportunity to blast away at Russians,and over at ISIS headquarters, the welcome mat is out for any and all Russians. Since the Russians are more interested in democratic forces opposed to President Assad, their main focus has been upon groups that seek the end of Assad rather than on ISIS which seeks the end of everyone, and that includes Russians.

Back in 1980, the Russian army marched into Afghanistan feeling they were on a picnic. Eight years later, after the death of thousands–of Russians, the Russian army meekly marched out. Captain Mustafa noted about Russians: “you don’t know what you’ve got yourself into.”