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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The last weapon I fired was on June 22, 1953, and I am still alive without a gun.

OH, I was in the US Army in Germany.

We do need to replace Obamacare with National Health insurance for all.

Some Americans seek a rendezvous with stupidity.

The issue for many Americans is saving the jobs of coal miners, what about blacksmiths?

Trump’s idea about a GREAT JOB is making $7.25 an hour.

I truly wonder if Donald Trump has actually read a single book in his life.

Of course, he never actually wrote the books he claimed to author, ghost writers did.

Wake up America, the idiots are at the gates!


Guns Galore

Among the great lies  propagated by Republicans is that Hillary Clinton wants to take away YOUR GUNS!  Wow. Once she becomes president, hordes of black shirted police will enter each and every American home, search thoroughly,and then seize any  gun found, and take them away from crying children and heart broken women and men. According to the Republican mantra, we  need our guns in order to protect ourselves from the hordes of Hispanic rapists and murderers who roam the streets of America.

Three  percent of all Americans own fifty percent of all the guns in this land. Actually, the vast majority of Americans do NOT own a gun. Crooked Hillary wants to have background checks on those who purchase guns. Wow! What next,  not allow children to own guns? Actually, each year about 300 children shoot someone–accidentally. So, how about laws that do not allow anyone but the owner of a gun to use it? It would save the lives of a lot of kids.

Trump On Women Bodies

I confess that for years it has been my assumption that, finally, women had been given the right to decide what happens to their bodies. This election has reopened the anger and hate that accompanies any discussion of abortion. It would be so nice if political leaders actually engaged in a discussion that does raise moral dilemmas. A few months ago, Donald Trump made the comment that women seeking an abortion should be subject to”some sort of punishment.” During the last debate, as usual, Donald went through one of his rambling, wandering discussions, and got into the issue of abortion. “Based on what she’s saying, you can take a out of the womb on the ninth month, and final day.”

Actually, no one is really saying any such thing. Neither doctors nor women want abortions in the ninth month as the baby is ready to be delivered. As always, Donald lacks any conception as to the real issues of abortion. It concerns an earlier period after the fetus has been created. Anti-abortion folks regard that fetus as a human being.That is  an interesting moral issue which can be debated without hysteria. I confess to feeling somewhat confused on this issue.

Watch What You Wear Or Do

The other day Ms. Aegu Terzian was on a bus in Ankara,Turkey, when some guy walked up to her and kicked her in the face. Abdullah Cakisroglu was upset because this woman was wearing shorts. “I wanted her to sit appropriately”and when she refused, he kicked her in the head. Abdullah was simply concerned about the feelings of mothers and fathers. He does raise a point.

1. The next time I see someone with a Trump sign, I should kick them in the face, after all, THEY make me upset. I have a right to defend myself against people who get me angry.

2. Donald Trump has every right to become angry at comments regarding his small hands. His hands are terrific when grabbing pussy, so why should liberals make fun  of them?

3. Hillary Clinton lacks stamina. She must be defeated, do we want a WOMAN to be our  president who can not even  spend a moment, let alone a day, in the men’s gym, hanging out with the guys!

4.Ok, Marco Rubio drinks lots of water when speaking, is that a crime? Did you notice that he makes certain the water bottle label can be seen by all. So, who is the dummy, Marco who makes money over those pictures, or Crooked Hillary, who louses up emails?

Giuliani Defends Trump

Rudy Giuliani, the man who single handedly defeated Islamic terrorists on 9/11 has rushed to the defense of Donald Trump. Remember, it was Rudy who walked the streets surrounded by 100 policemen to show terrorists if they mess with the Rudy man, death awaits them. Anyway, Rudy came to the defense of his buddy, Donald. He told the lying media that Donald Trump is NOT a racist. He has many, many, in fact, hundreds of black and Hispanic friends. Hell, he even plays golf with black guys!

And, and, Donald makes certain that the Hispanic maids earn at least $7.25 an hour! Remember, Donald has a plan, a Great Plan to end poverty in the inner cities. He wants to hire hundreds, thousands of cops for the inner city in order to get rid of the bad hombres who inhabit those regions. Hell,the other day watching a Trump rally I saw a huge sign that said, BLACKS FOR TRUMP! Hell, it was even being carried by two white women! So, how can anyone say that Trump is a racist!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


One day, I will finally learn exactly what constitutes these GREAT DEALS that Donald will negotiate with China.

Name one conspiracy theory that Trump supporters do NOT believe.

Children die in Syria, our concern is with women groped by Donald Trump.

The Chicago Cubs lost the first game, hopefully, the opposite of future games.

This is the Age of Pygmy minds in American politics.

After the Donald man–Ted Cruz as the new hero of idiots?

Just think, Donald Trump has sons to carry on his dynasty.

Oh, and the ever present, Ivanka.

Donald Trump says he loves to “fight,’ as long as it was never in Vietnam.

Megyn Kelly Vs Donald

Blond haired gorgeous Megyn Kelly,who works for Fox news has suddenly become the enemy of Trump supporters. She was interviewing Newt Gingrich, who desires to return in some way to the political scene by supporting Donald Trump, when he suddenly turned on her charging she was  a tool of the Clinton campaign. Imagine, anyone who works for Ruppert Murdoch being a tool of the nefarious Democrats. Trump is Newt’s last chance to get a meaningful job in politics.

So, Newt spoke. “I am sick and tired of people like you using inflammatory language that’s not true. I think that’s what gets me upset.” Newt believes lies are being spread about the alleged sexual advances of Donald Trump. He is really a man of dignity who has never been sexually  active with women. These charges sort of upset Megan Kelly. She mentioned the famous tape of Donald talking with Billy Bush.

“That’s what we saw. Then, we saw 10 women come forward after he denied doing that. We saw reporters, we saw people who had worked for him from Apprentice, and so on and so forth. ” Gingrich retorted: “You are fascinated by sex, you don’t care about public policy.” Amen.

Tragedy In Calais

My parents were among the twenty five million Europeans who voyaged to  America during the period of 1880–1924. So, the concept of people fleeing their native lands was an accepted reality of my life. Of course, the ENTIRE group of people who drove out the native tribes inhabiting what we call the United States of America came from EUROPE as well as parts of Asia.The story of what is happening to about 6,000  people in France just shocks me. They are the refugees now in camps in Calais.

Each and every person in these camps,at this very moment, is being placed on trucks and buses and taken to various places in France. They will have two choices–seek asylum in France or return to their native lands. Of course, the likelihood of being granted asylum is slight. Most probably, these tired, these unwanted, these victims of our time, will most probably wind up in various parts of Africa. A lot poorer than what they were two years ago.

Thank God, my parents lived at a time when refugees were accepted to live a new life in America.

Voices In The Fall

We offer samples of words spoken this fall.

1. Donald Trump tape of him speaking  few years ago. “I just like to fight, I love to get into fights, I am a fighter.” For some reason when he had a chance to fight in Vietnam, Donald got four draft deferments. I guess when the  other guys can shoot back,  Donald just is not interested in fighting.

2. Sign at a Trump Rally:  BLACKS FOR TRUMP. Donald comment: “I love that sign, I love black people.” Camera showed two WHITE people holding  up the sign.

3. When it comes to getting humped, give me the Donald guy any day over the Bill Clinton guy.  Monica Lewinsky.

4. There are cat that meow, and there are pussies who claw back to the guy with the small hand on their pussy.

5. I saved America years before the Trump guy took  over the franchise on saving America. Rudy Giuliani.

6. Donald Trump: The crooked media is lying and spreading words against me. Did you know they actually report the actual words I speak!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I wonder if Donald Trump lacked hands he would become president of the United States?

I wonder if God is on anyone’s side in this election?

I wonder how I got stuck on this planet with all its violence and hatred?

I wonder if Ted Cruz is furious for endorsing Donald Trump?

I sure wonder if the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series?

I wonder as I wander why so many Americans actually believe Donald Trump has ANY idea to how make America Great Again?

I certainly wonder what would happen to America if the red headed idiot became president?