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Send In The Elderly

I am currently 84 years old but it was in my seventies that I realized there were things to do and things not to do. Robert Bates is an insurance man who is 73 and had decided that playing cop is just the right sort of way to spend his off times. Mr. Bates is a reserve police officer in Oklahoma and so enjoys riding with real cops and pretending that he is simply one of the boys. He currently is being charged with killing Eric Harris who was halted by police for God knows what crime such as riding without a seat belt or a broken rear headlight. Somehow, in some way, Mr. Bates got caught up in pursuing a black man, and we all know that when cops pursue a black man something bad will eventually ensue. Somehow, in some way, Mr. Bates confused his Taser with a real gun and blasted away at a man who lacked a Taser or a real gun. Mr.
Bates is being charged with manslaughter. Why he is being charged with anything is a real mystery of life and death.

It turns out that records of how Mr. Bates performed on the firing range simply can not be discovered. Why a 73 year old man with the reflexes of a 73 year old man was allowed to become involved in a real issue of policing is a mystery. Anyway, Mr. Bates at this very moment is in the Bahamas relaxing after the exhausting work of confusing his Taser with his gun.

Let’s Snub Russia

Leaders of Western nations in Europe have decided not to attend events in Russia being held to remember the end of World War II. The Russians commemorate that finality on a different day in May than what is followed in Western Europe and the United States. So, to show dislike for Russian leader, Vladimir Putin the West will not send anyone to help the Russian people recall the days when there was a great alliance which included the US, England and the Soviet Union. The world would not be what it was, for better or worse if not for the gallant Russians who fought Nazi Germany. Here is the record:

1. At all times in Europe, the Russian army confronted about 70% of the German army.

2. At least 28 million Russians died during World War II.

3. About 300,000 American soldiers died in fighting Nazi Germany.

4. It was Russian troops who dealt one blow after another in the fight to end Nazism.

5. We can not forget what Russians did during those difficult years.

The world owes Russia a debt just as Russia owes a debt of gratitude toward England and the USA. To snub heroes is not being heroic!

Let’s Kill A Leader

American political,military, and media leaders are convinced that if we just take out a leader of some group, the terrorists will then disappear and peace will reign once again. As you recall the joy that was felt when Osama bin Laden was killed by our special forces. President Obama hailed the act and announced that we had finally avenged those who had died on 09/11. Osama is no longer with us, but since that day, the number of members of al-Aqaeda has grown and grown. There is absolutely no correlation between getting the bad guy and ending the bad guys. It now appears that ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was wounded in one of those drone attacks. Once again, if this man went to his grave does anyone actually believe that is the end of ISIS?

Those who belong to these groups BELIEVE they are engaged in a holy cause. Heck, Jesus died but his followers grew and grew in numbers. One can no kill an idea by killing the leader of the idea. We need IDEAS in order to combat ideas. We do not need drones, but leaders with IDEAS who will rally people and gain their support. Perhaps, the problem is that America lacks such leaders and all we have left are Ted Cruz, John Boehner, and the rest of the clowns.

What Has Happened To America?

What has happened to America?

We once built large highways.

We once built great bridges.

We once built huge dams.

We once led the world in education.

We once had brilliant men and women in government.

We once were admired in the world.

We once provided for the poor of this land.

We once welcomed immigrants.

We once helped our neighbors to build a house.

What has happened to America??

From Peace To Violence

The people of South Africa made an amazing and peaceful transition from a society run by whites in which apartheid prevented black skinned people from enjoying any semblance of equality in education, work of the political process of society. Led by Nelson Mandela the dogs of hate were leashed and whites and blacks came together in a spirit of harmony and peace in order to create a new society in which one’s skin color nor where they were born played a role in how society treated their presence. As the years passed, the South African government failed to create a society which had jobs for all, and opportunities for all to obtain higher education. A new underclass, overwhelmingly black skinned was forced to live in slums and take low paying jobs if they could actually find any. In the meantime, thousands of Africans from neighboring countries entered South Africa since it was among the few African nations with a booming economy that created jobs for those seeking physical work. It also enabled those with entrepreneurial skills to succeed. For some reason native South African blacks did not prove as successful in small businesses as those from neighboring nations.

The result has been the outbreak of riots and death for immigrants who are now blamed for the lack of jobs. “Immigrants are taking our jobs” is the cry of those seeking to blame someone for lack of jobs. how about blaming the government and business for not creating jobs??

Baltimore Cops Suspended

Dawn breaks somewhere in America and another person is dead at the hand of our police. NO, that person was not a Muslim terrorist, he was simply a member of the police force. Finally, the deputy Police Commissioner of Baltimore has suspended six cops for the murder of Fred Gray. As deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez put it: When Mr. Gray was put in the van, he could talk, he was upset. And, when he was taken out of the van, he could not talk, and he could not breathe. We don’t have any procedures that have an officer riding in the back of the van with a suspect.” We do know that Mr. Gray had asked the police for an asthma inhaler but none was provided.

Fox News report: Six police officers in the city of Baltimore were savagely attacked by a man who breathed on them with the intent of getting them sick. Police gallantly fought back and ended this terrorist attack.

Rush Limbaugh: Liberal do gooders will be out tomorrow picketing and complaining because Baltimore police prevented a possible Muslim terrorist attack. These brave police saved the lives of thousands of people when they subdued a man who had a knife in his pocket. However, it is still unclear if this man was a suicide bomber ready to murder all who got in his way.

Oh well, add your own version about the terrorist who needed an inhaler to breathe.

School Death, Spanish Style

There was a death in a school when a high school student, armed with a cross bow entered the school and shot a teacher with an arrow. Students huddled in their classrooms and tried to shut the door, but the boy was able to get into a few rooms and wound four of his classmates. He was finally subdued. Notice the difference between a boy armed with a crossbow and a boy armed with a rapid firing weapon which can send dozens of bullets all over the school in a few seconds. In Spain, we talk about A death, not the death of a dozen. Friends say the boy had been talking for days about his desire to murder teachers but no one paid any attention. After all, this is 2015 and students watch films in which young boys blast away with guns and murder a few dozen. We now accept as “normal,” the idea that a student openly discusses a desire to murder his teachers of fellow students.

The difference in Spain is that obtaining weapons of mass destruction is difficult. Heck, here in America it is now LEGAL to bring a gun to a college classroom in Texas. Heck, the student can carry a concealed gun and it is legal. Something has gone crazy in America since now over 50% of our people support the idea of people being able to walk around with weapons that can fire dozens of bullets. The only solution is to move to Spain and just confront the terror of a crossbow.

Oh, no report of Muslims in the area

Terrorists Or Freedom Fighters?

A war is raging in Yemen, and it is clear that if a soldier who kills someone is allied with American or Saudi Arabian forces, his act is considered to be a blow for democracy. However, if a soldier murders an innocent person and that soldier is part of the Saudi Arabian coalition, this is a blow for freedom. Saudi planes just bombed the capital of Yemen, Sana’s and the result was a massive explosion which undoubtedly led to the death of some bad people. Let us clear up this situation:

1. The United States of America has been supplying arms to the government of Yemen. However, it is doubtful if these people were elected in a free election.

2. The Houthi minority in Yemen has been fighting the government for years WITHOUT ANY AID FROM IRAN. Actually, Iran decided to back them AFTER they had gained power.

3. When America supports any government in the Middle East, then, by definition, we are supporting forces of democracy. Tell that one to thousands in Egyptian prisons.

America continues believing the central issue is war and death. I do not oppose supporting those fighting ISIS with weapons. BUT, unless there is an economic plan to provide jobs and meaningful work to the masses, all the guns will not win any war. It is time to end the idea that groups supported by the US are “forces of democracy.” Frankly, it is difficult finding any group right now which can claim to support democracy and peace in the Middl East.


WE offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Norway, Norway Post: “Winter Holiday Begins”

Sorry, when winter has gone and springtime has come…

USA, aol: “Get Off My Lawn!”

In Texas, going on another’s Lawn is an invitation to death.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Noses Can Backfire”

Achoo to this point.

Canada, Toronto Star: “I Am Not Afraid”

Words American wealthy when it comes to higher taxes from this Congress.

Sweden, Local: “First Donut In Space”

Gee, I remember when we had people in space!

Nothing New On Hate Front

It is April 20, 1953 and we are in the United States of America. It is a rainy day in Chicago, but I assume some place in this fair land, the sun is shining brightly. There are two things that one can always be certain of in this fair land, millionaires are happy and some black man is dead at the hands of some policemen who feared for their lives. The death of Freddie Gray is still unclear. This is what we do know:

1. Mr. Gray was 25 years old.

2. Mr. Gray was in the city of Baltimore.

3. Some cops were riding on bicycles.

4. Mr. Gray did something or spoke something that made police fear for their lives.

5. It is possible that Mr. Gray had a knife in his hands.

This is what we do know:

1. Mr. Gray’s body had three broken vertebrae.

2. According to the family lawyer, William Murphy: “while in custody, his spine was 80%severed at his neck.”

3. Mr.Gray was shoved into police van

4. Mr. Gray is dead after going into coma.

5. The event occurred in Baltimore.

Just another day. Too bad Mr. Gray was not carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Texas. No one would have bothered him!