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Bernie And Hillary

Once upon a time Republicans were worried their party would disintegrate into a fierce battle at the convention. But latest polls show that 87% of Republicans are now ready to vote for the Donald man. Just as Republicans are gathering together, Bernie and his cohort of young rebels are preparing for an assault–not on Donald Trump, for God’s sake–NO. They are ready to wreck the Democratic convention in the name of RIGHT.

There is something weird about Bernie Sanders seeking the Democratic nomination, given that he is not even a Democrat. But, he has been able to arouse anger, hate, fury–NO, not at Donald Trump or Republicans– but at the evil mommy who won’t let him have dessert. Bernie Sanders has a rendezvous with disaster, NO, America has a rendezvous with disaster if Donald Trump becomes president. So, what will  happen?

1.The Supreme Court for the next twenty years will have a majority which opposes women rights, the rights of workers, the rights of Hispanics, and, certainly, the rights of Muslims.

2. The top one percent that Bernie rants about will have complete freedom to give how ever much they desire to purchase elections.

3. Talk about the one percent having gobs of money, after four years of Trump they will have gobs more!

Oh well, Bernie believes he knows the truth and this truth will give him fame and America will live in infamy!

Donald Meets Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump has made clear that if elected president, or, should we say, when elected president, he will personally meet with Kim Jong-un the lunatic head of North Korea. We assume the following conversation will take place:

D: Hi, little guy, so glad to have this chance to share my brilliant mind with your sort of Asian one.

K: I am the Glorious Leader of North Korea. There is no one, more Glorious than Me!

D: Now wait a second little guy, you are no talking with the Greatest Deal Maker in the world. If you behave yourself, I might even get you an entire month as my guest in one of my casinos in Las Vegas!

K: You are not kidding, are you? You mean I can bet to my heart’s delight and have interactions with those gorgeous gals?

D: Little guy, it will be all on me. Bet, gamble to your heart’s content, it is on the house. Now, the black dude who was president, never made such an offer, did he?

K: Wow, it is clear now why the American people chose you. Who can turn down this deal?

D: And,Kim, my buddy, Denis Rodman, the greatest basketball player will have you play with an NBA team and you can shoot baskets and score points to your heart’s content.

K: Wow, Wow, sign my up. Donald, you ARE the greatest deal maker in the entire world! I’m closing down our entire nuclear program.

Women Abused In Service

Amy Quinn joined the US military in order to serve her country. Little did she know that in so doing, she opened up opportunities for males to attack, beat her, and rape her. She was stationed on a naval ship and soon encountered abuse by her superior, the Master Chief because she resisted his advances. “When I was raped by a man soon afterward, I did not report it for fear what would happen to me. I was already labeled a trouble maker.”

Soon after, she was deployed to the Red Sea where the abuse continued. “I was raped two more times and abused in other ways by my shipmates and supervisors.” Ms. Quinn finally reported these events and then talked to a Chaplin about  it. Shortly after, she was discharged due to a “personality disorder.” And, this happened in the US Armed Forces!!

P.S. None of the rapists was a Muslim terrorist.

Egyptian Plane Crashes

An Egyptian plane flying from France crashed as it  reached the shores of Egypt and not far from Cairo. We asked several leading Americans to explain the crash.

Megyn Kelly: I assume the liberal media will once again blame the Great Donald Trump for this calamity. Gee, I so adore his gorgeous red hair!

Bill O’Reilly: The plane was shot down off the coast of Africa, Barack Obama is from Africa. Do the math: one plus one equals two.

Mike Huckabee: I was told by informants that neither of the  pilots prayed to our Lord, Jesus Christ. This is justifiable punishment.

Ted Cruz: Secure the borders, secure the borders! And, remember, that I graduated from an Ivy League school which proves that I am smarter than you!

Ben Carson: I heard the plane came down near Cairo. I have spent many days in Cairo, Illinois, and am very sad for the loss of life.

Bernie Sanders: There is overwhelming evidence that not a single passenger who died was from the top one percent!

Hillary Clinton: I should point out that not a single plane was shot down while Bill Clinton was president.

Donald Trump: When I make America, Great Again, no terrorist would dare shooting down a plane. I will wipe them out if they do!







We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Bernie Sanders has the TRUTH and no one else does.

Donald Trump each day is more presidential, or at least he tries so very, very, hard.

Megyn Kelly threw her body under that of Donald Trump and gave herself one big screwing.

American “liberals” so enjoy losing elections as long as they  are right!

Ralph Nader gave us George Bush and the death of millions in the Middle East, so what will Bernie Sanders give us?

Hillary Clinton suffers from pundits repeating over and over lies about her.

No, Hillary Clinton is not perfect, but she will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will protect human rights!

Surprise! Donald is going to have Megyn Kelly as his running mate!

After Me, The Deluge!

Each day it becomes increasingly clear what lies behind the Bernie Sanders moment. Bernie claims to be a “Socialist.” A fundamental belief of many Marxists is that the best way to gain power is to encourage chaos and violence since the end result will be people seeking a Marxist government to restore law and order and prosperity. In 1932, German Socialists refused to join a coalition against Adolf Hitler because his government would cause the German economy collapse and result in Communists gaining control.

Bernie continues to shout the need for “change from the bottom up.” He presents to young Americans a picture in which Hillary Clinton and the leading Democrats control the nation and must be defeated by “the people.” He insists that HE alone can stop Trump and that Hillary Clinton can not be the candidate. There are aspects of his argument that resemble those who failed to halt Hitler.I have a hunch Bernie believes a Trump presidency would result in Bernie sweeping to victory in 2016!

Add in the pleasure this once obscure US Senator is now getting and it becomes harder and harder for him to walk off the stage of politics.

Chaos In Venezuela

OK, there are problems confronting the American people, but just gaze south to Venezuela if one wants to witness a nation on the verge of collapse. President Nicola Maduro inherited the presidency from Hugo Chavez and transformed a country which had enormous oil reserves into  a basket case of poverty. Children are dying in hospitals because there is lack of medicine. Patients lie on floors and doctors lack equipment for operations. Each day someone from a family must wait in lines for over eight hours to get some food, provided there is food that day. Government workers only toil two days a week because there is no electricity.

So, what has caused this calamity?

According to President Maduro, it is all the fault of the CIA! Last year the people finally elected a Congress that wants to deal with problems. But, Maduro has packed the courts to prevent a referendum. I asked Donald Trump how he would handle this problem. He informed me: “I am a great negotiator,I am so smart,so bright, just give me a few minutes with this Maduro guy and prosperity will return to this nice Hispanic country,and we will finally have a place to send the eleven million illegal immigrants in our country.

Megyn Takes On Donald!

Well, the world was wondering how Megyn Kelly would handle Donald, given their past history of anger and bitterness. But,most political observers forgot that Fox News is simply the spokesperson of the Republican party. So, here is what happened:

M: Gee, Donald, so great to see you. I just adore the way you comb back your hair.

D:  Well, sweetie, it feels wonderful with your hands caressing my hair.

M: The world wants to know your stand on important issues.So, how are your tweets going these days?

D: Thanks a whole lot, Megyn, gee, if we only had this type of solid penetrating discussion,the two of us would never had wound up fighting with one another.

M: Do you mind if I call you, sweetie? I don’t know how the media ever got the idea you insult women. I so remember how you complimented Carly Fiorina and the liberal pundits claimed you insulted her looks.

D: Megyn, my love, all I ever said was that she had the face that could launch men off to war. It was a compliment, but you know how Hillary and those liberals who have destroyed America transform my words of praise into insults!

M: OK, let me pose a real tough question for you. Please tell the world why the Hillary bitch should be defeated.

D: Don’t worry,  sweetheart, we will nail that bitch to the wall and throw in the man who hates women–Bill Clinton.

M:I so wish other political candidates could speak with your quick witted comments about real issues facing the American people!

Bye Bye Baby-Have A Good Time

There are moments living in the Chicago area when one wonders how or why has this culture of death run rampant through the young people of the city. Tamika Gayden is the mother of a thirteen year old girl. Her daughter was going out to hang around with some other girls.Naturally, mom gave her a knife and kissed her goodbye. The girl headed for a park where her friends were. Somehow, for some reason her buddies and she decided the best thing to do was have a  good fight with some other girls.

Her child wound up in a fight with another girl. Who knows why the thirteen year old stabbed another girl. “I killed her. I killed her” she shouted to her friends.  A friend saw her wiping blood off her knife. She will wind up in juvenile court and spend some years pondering about what she did.Mom has been arrested for assisting the murder. Just another day in Chicago, or should we say, the capital city of murder!

And, we Americans wonder how those horrible ISIS Muslims can murder the  innocent.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Has ANY person seeking the presidential nomination ever read a history of America??They are completely oblivious as to what happened in the past.

Is it true that Donald Trump is a secret Muslim? Just wanted to begin an interesting rumor.

I wonder how many young people who adore Bernie Sanders will vote in state elections in 2018?

The worse insult to direct at any politician seeking the presidency is to charge the  person has EXPERIENCE!

A man just got a penis transplant, I wonder who is the woman who will boast she was impregnated by the first transplanted penis?

This generation of Americans is a fantastic market for con men. They will buy anything, just shout!

I spend my nights worrying what Marco Rubio will do to make money.