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A New War Looming?

It is now fifteen years since American forces invaded an area in the Middle East. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in the deaths of over five thousand American troops,and the wounding of over forty thousand. Under leadership of President Bush we plunged into the mess known as the Middle East without any policy,without any goals, we just sent soldiers to fight for something–actually, to this day few who fought have any idea as to the goals of these wars. We fought,we left, we remained, and we still are confused.

American forces have just begun bombing of Houthi forces in Yemen.Why? Ostensibly, because Houthi missiles were fired at a US ship. Of course,the reason for these missiles(none actually hit any US ship) was because American allies–Saudi Arabia and Gulf States–hit a funeral and killed one hundred and wounded four hundred. So,what is the goal of this American attack? What is our foreign policy goal? The only logical outcome is to foster further Houthi attacks and drive this group closer and closer to Iran. In reality, that is the unintended goal of this potential new war!

Rigged Election In America

There is something pathetic watching Donald Trump wave his eyes, lower his voice, and then loudly proclaim THE ELECTION IS RIGGED! He makes clear that “certain people” who live in inner cities, no names will be mentioned, are going to  vote four or five times, and they will not be voting for him. Thee are several unique features of American democracy. We are probably among the few nations in this world who can boast that over the past two hundred years we have conducted a democratic election and the losing person politely and graciously departs, accepting the people’s  verdict.

Just about every study indicates that, at most, fewer than two hundred of the over one hundred million ballots can be termed to be fraudulent.The frightening aspect of Trump’s constant refrain about “rigged elections”is that it might encourage some of his followers to resort to violence. We can expect possible attempts on the life of Hillary Clinton by one of the nut cases who supports their hero, Donald Trump. This situation is previously unknown in American history.

End Of ISIS In Iraq!

During the past two years the ongoing lament of the Republican party is that President Obama allowed ISIS to over run large areas of the Middle East, and there is need for someone with the military,economic, and political wisdom of General Donald Trump to smash this evil group to pieces. At this moment, Iraq, Kurdish Peshmerga, and Sunni forces in Iraq are at the outskirts of Mosul, the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq. They already have begun a coordinated assault with the aid of American Special Forces. They already have seized control of villages near Mosul.

So, what does this mean?  ISIS convoys are already fleeing  with families members of ISIS leaders and soldiers. Within a month,these ISIS  forces will be headed back to Syria. Once there, Russian planes, American planes, and even Saudi  planes will commence an ongoing attack. And, don’t forget drones taking out ISIS leaders. All this will happen without the advice or wisdom of General Donald Trump.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Today is Monday, so who now claims Trump groped them?

The universal feeling among Trump supporters is –HATE.

This is the first presidential election in which a candidate argues that America is NOT a great nation.

This is the first presidential election in which one candidate argues it is rigged for his opponent.

Trump supporters argue that Muslims are terrorists, it was a Jewish-Italian alliance that formed the Mafia, sort of a terrorist group.

The most anti-Trump person in America is–DONALD  TRUMP!

Hillary Clinton talked with Wall Street folks, Donald Trump talks with white supremacists folks.

So,Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Russian hackers have struck one more time with a new batch of emails dealing with speeches given by Hillary Clinton to bankers, as well as emails from staff members discussing what staff members always do. What is the best strategy to win the primary from Bernie Sanders. It its the task of staff to come up with new ideas, and this means throwing out outrageous ones as well as those with common sense outcomes. Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of having staff members who do these terribly unprofessional things.

So, what do we learn about Hillary Clinton? She is a moderate Democrat, not the Socialist portrayed by  the Trump media. She wants  programs such as reducing student debt, she wants to rebuild our infrastructure, she does not seek to destroy Wall Street, more likely, she wants to get their support for some reforms that will prevent catastrophes like the Great Recession.

OK, bottom line: she is a Moderate Democrat, something like Barack Obama. She seeks many  of the Sanders’ goals, but will proceed at a slower pace.

Democrats Stealing The Election

There is increasing evidence that Democrats are daily growing frightened. Donald Trump has captured the imagination, and overwhelming support of the American people. This has led to a campaign by you-know-who black and Hispanic criminals to make certain that Donald Trump will lose this election. I have been told, people tell me, a guy who knows told me what he knows, I am just repeating what everyone knows who knows what is known by those supporting the presidency of Donald Trump.

Quiet, dignified Rudy Giuliani made certain the American people finally get the real story about this election. According to him, inner cities voters “have been notoriously stealing votes.” He pointed out in his last election for mayor, the Democrats “were busing in people from Camden, New Jersey, some people voted eight or nine times.” The only question not answered was: who were they voting for eight or nine times??

Democrat Terrorists Strike Again

Yes, most Americans are worried about the current situation in which our daily lives are threatened by Islamic Jihadist terrorists, but for some reason, no one talks about the more frightening terrorists of the Democratic party. Republican headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina  were fire bombed by terrorists who left words on a wall: Nazi Republicans: Get out of town or else!

This incident really upset Donald Trump. “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning.” If you have any doubt about that claim just check recent polls. OH, Hillary tweeted: “The attack on Orange County HQ is horrific. Very grateful everyone is safe.” Really, when will Crooked Hillary confess that she was the one who threw the bomb!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in a 86 year old body.


I would hate to be a Trump surrogate on CNN responding to his idiotic behavior.

Why do Trump surrogates always say, MISTER TRUMP?Never, Donald Trump.

There is no question that Donald so enjoys listening to Donald.

NFL attendance is down, how come, maybe people prefer watching the war of   Donald Trump.

I so enjoy the sight of falling fall leaves.

I so wish there could be ONE day of just calm and peace in this world.

I constantly wonder if life forms on other planets kill one another?

Then again, I wonder if life forms eat other life forms.

At age 86, each day is such a wonder!

Mystery of life — which beauty contestant was NOT attacked by Donald Trump?

I feel very, very sorry for Trump’s daughters.

Oh, to sail out to the universe and see its wonders!

I sometimes wonder wha the election of 2020 will be like.

If you get disheartened, remember there is always –tomorrow!


Donald On Football

Every so often Donald Trump comes up with one of his inimitable brilliant comments about life and how he has, without a doubt, the most incredible,intelligent look at life. He informed his followers how he viewed attempts by the NFL to deal with the issue  of concussions.  As you recall, there is   considerable evidence that many NFL players are suffering life damaging effects due to concussions experienced in games.

Donald: “See, we didn’t go by these new and very much stiffer new rules. Concussions–which got a little ding on the head? No, no, you can’t play the rest of the season, our people are much tougher.”

This man is not only ignorant, he is the most insensitive candidate for president to ever run for office!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I so miss the calm ignorance of Ben Carson.

These days there is glee in the Bush family as Trump self destructs.

Humans die every day in Syria and here in America we argue about who fucked who.

I await attacks on Hillary Clinton for dating some boy who raped a woman.

Does any Republican politician these days want to discuss our crumbling infrastructure?

Wonderful that women are feeling liberated to discuss how men abuse their bodies–and get away with it!

One day, years from now, Ivanka Trump will be able to discuss her fury at comments made by her dad about her body.

No doubt, this is the most bizarre presidential race in history.