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Why Do Islamists Win So Often?

Radical Islamist forces swept through Iraq, and now they have captured the airport in Tripoli, Libya in order to proclaim the existence of another rabid state of murderers. After losing an election in July, bearded gun men who seek to proclaim to the world that God is on their side in the fight to control the Muslim world of the Middle East. The pattern has become clear: moderates hold an election, Islamists cannot gain victory, they then turn to the barrel of guns, and defeat government forces. The question emerging from these events is: why do the bearded guys win? For some reason, moderates lack the intensity, the dedication, the willingness to die that is so characteristic of Islamists. One is left wondering at the absence of an ideology of democracy, the lack of a willingness to die for this belief. Iraq soldiers simply threw down their weapons, stripped off their uniforms or joined the bearded angry soldiers of the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria.

Those Muslims seeking to create modern democratic societies must ponder at what is lacking in their message? Their hopes for a vibrant expanding society guaranteeing work or education or rights for all simply does not resonate with most young men. These men seek something other- death and destruction. As Islamists captured the airport in Tripoli, Libya, they danced and shouted, “Allah O Akbar, God Is Great. Why aren’t those who believe in democracy filled with a similar rapture? Why does Death triumph over death in the Middle East?

Where Have Old Time Gangsters Gone?

Each day there appears stories about criminals who shoot children or seek revenge on an enemy by murdering a wife or sister or mother. Here in Chicago is is rare to get through a day without one killing of a child. Gangster X gets peeved at someone in Gang Y, and what else to do but blast away at a member of their family. I was raised in the slums of New York City back in the thirties and forties. There used to be a code of honor among thieves. Family members were off limits to their opponents, and shooting a female ranked as a NO NO. Heck, even among Mafia folk, the family was not to be touched, just go ahead and murder the bad guy.

The idiots who wander our streets with guns in hand–thanks to the benevolent wisdom of the National Rifle Association– have been raised to believe murder family members in order to prove your manhood. Sorry, walking up to a mother holding a child in hand, raising your gun, and firing is the mark of a coward. Seeing the nine year old brother of your enemy and killing him earns one the yellow mark of cowardice. We need to return to the code of murder that once prevailed among Jewish and Italian gangsters.

Oh, and above all, the old time code was: never steal in the neighborhood, go to another neighborhood!! That is how REAL gangsters function!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Yesterday I was, today I can be.

I am not a bleeding heart person, more like a bleeding nose guy.

Conditional love is a business arrangement.

One can not ‘forgive” another, only they can forgive their actions.

Dawn breaks, another million for a hedge fund guy.

Children play with food, adults play with obesity.

In all too many cases, “rationality” does not explain human behavior.

Children enjoy banging anything on a table.

Death means finally having a serious discussion about life and death.

I doubt if one in a hundred Americans could identify Iraq on a map.

To accept life does not mean one approves it.

I wear a suit once a year.

Age leads people to doubt the mind’s ability.

Obama Responsible For Earthquakes!

I was able to contact Dr. Siegfried von Braun as part of my quest to understand whey there was a major earthquake around San Francisco. Following is what the eminent scientists told me.

M: Greetings Dr. Von Braun.

B: Fred, you can call me, Sieg.

M: Is the Sieg followed with a Heil?

B: Ah, the good old days with Adolf.

M: So, how come this earthquake?

B: Fred, please examine the situation. President Obama was on the golf links in Washington. He was blasting away with golf balls.

M: So, what does that have to do with an earthquake in San Francisco?

B: Ah, my naive friend. I can prove with scientific certainty that when Obama plays golf, there is a drought in Texas. When Obama threatens any terrorist group and then hits the golf course, it sets off an explosion of anger on Fox News which generates extensive rays in the sky. Add it up.

M: Add what up?

B: My naive friend. If Barack Obama takes a shit, the explosion on Fox News for his failure to be standing up for America results in explosions throughout the universe. So, why your surprise at an earthquake. Please feel lucky. The power of Fox News could unleash a great waves in the Pacific. Be happy it was only san earthquake.

M: So, to sum it up, whenever there is any calamity on this planet, just blame it on the black dude?

B: So, who else?

6% Non Solution

The city of Ferguson, Missouri has about 23,000 inhabitants of whom about 62% are of African American background. But, the mayor is a white man, and five of six members of the City Council are whites. So, how come? It turns out that on election day, only SIX PERCENT of African Americans decide to cast a ballot. This enables the minority white population to become the majority Ferguson government operation. Yes, the murder of Michael Brown was a brutal act of murder by a white cop. Yes, pent up anger has resulted in massive demonstrations and looting an violence due to the murder of a black youth.

Perhaps, it is time for black inhabitants of Ferguson to take a good look in the mirror and explain why they refuse to vote, they refuse to elect blacks to the government of Ferguson, and they have handed over government to those who hate blacks. Yes, the problem is white bigots. But, also, YES, is failure on the part of black Americans to stand up in lines and cast ballots for the right people to run Ferguson. Unless, black Ferguson Americans begin acting like black people, the murder of innocent blacks will continue!

Go, Stop, Go Stop, Go?

Latest reports indicate that President Obama is considering whether or not to commit US forces to the fight in Syria. In other words:

1. Should he send in the drones and missiles to blast at targets?

2. Should he send in drones and missiles to kill leaders of ISIS?

3. Should he send in Special Forces to do what they enjoy doing-a surprise attack?

4. Should he arm “moderate Muslim forces” in Syria?

5. Should he send Senator John McCain and the Fox News staff into Syria and Iraq in order to wipe out ISIS with words?

6. Or, should he remain aloof from battle -any place on this planet?

Tune in tomorrow for further news!

“Lot Of Hate Out There”

We soon will be entering a new month in the city of Ferguson, Missouri in which people are shouting their anger, for and against police officer Darren Wilson. As usual, when a white person kills a black person, a group emerges demanding equality for the killer. As for the person killed, it was simply their fault for failing to dodge bullets aimed at them. Darren Wilson supporters are growing in numbers. and there is even a “honk for Darren” campaign encouraging those driving cars to give a blast on their horn for justice. Wilson supporters believe the only injustice in the Michael Brown shooting is what is being done to Officer Wilson. Frankly, the defense of those who shoot black folk always arises since to some Americans if a black male is shot, there MUST be just reason for this act.

A Wilson supporter argued, “we have no desire to engage in or support the negativity which has been directed at Officer Wilson.” It is Wilson who is the victim of hate. Kill a black and discover there are white folk who will make you a hero of the moment. Such is life for those with black skins in America. In the end, they are to blame for their own deaths!

A Foreign Policy Gone Adrift

Another day, another bombing in Gaza. Two buildings happened to be twelve stories high which automatically makes them suspect of harboring terrorists who direct rocket attacks into Israel. Another day, another blasting of places which might harbor terrorists, but certainly are the homes of people residing in the hell known as, “Gaza.” The IDF sent a warning that “Israel is currently attacking and will continue to attack every area from which terror activities against Israel originate.” The current box score is about 17,000 houses are destroyed and at least 100,000 people are homeless.

We do not disagree that a nation has a right to strike back when rockets are sent into its territory. Of course, nations have the right of defense when attacked. BUT, what comes after the response? Is there a long range foreign policy present in the Israel government? Or, is the policy to never stop? The Israel government is perfectly clear about its policies of defense, but doe sit also have policies that seek to end violence in the future? What is the foreign policy of Israel regarding fostering of an independent Palestinian state that can assume responsibility for creating peace within its borders? THAT is the unanswered question in Gaza?

Iraq, The Hopeless Land!

There is an old Iraq folk tale about an Appointment in Samarra. According to this tale, a servant was in the marketplace and saw Death. He rushed home to tell his master about Death. The master became frightened, packed his bags and fled to the city of Samarra. The loyal servant returned to the marketplace and berated Death for frightening his master. Death apologized and said: “Sorry, I was just passing through on my way to Samarra.” Political leaders in Iraq simply want to destroy their society. For the past four years under control of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Shiite majority has imposed a system of terror upon minority Sunnis. This led them to join terror groups like the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq(ISIS). Maliki is gone, and there was hope a new coalition government might united the people of Iraq against terrorists.

That was the hope, but there is always reality in Iraq. Shiites gunmen in approached the Murab in Omair mosque in which Sunni MUSLIMS were praying. They opened up with machine guns and soon 70 people were dead with dozens wounded. Another victory for–ISIS! An objective outsider is left with feelings of hopelessness. When will Muslims cease murdering Muslims?? As long as Shiite Muslims kill Sunni Muslims, chaos will triumph in their land!

1Ferguson Conflict: It’s Just Human Nature

The city of Ferguson, Missouri is composed of a population which is over sixty percent African America who are supporters of the Democratic party. For some strange –or is it natural reason– five our of six members of the City Council are white, and the mayor is white. Former mayor Brain Fletcher, a Republican who used to represent a city in which the majority were Democrats, has his own take on current problems in Ferguson. “Sure, we’re segregated. Most cities are. People want to be with people that look like them, think like them, talk like them. It’s human nature. It doesn’t mean its bad.”

This statement sums up the problem in Ferguson. Whites like Fletcher feel besieged by the majority. There only hope for survival is to control the police department which means they have the guns, and blacks only have riots. Ferguson needs, more than anything else, a democratic government in which the majority rules. Rather old fashioned idea.