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Death In Yemen And America

The great topic of the hour in America is who banged who.But, in other areas of the world there are some minor problems that, for some reason, impact humans in their daily lives. For some reason, people in Yemen really don’t give a damn as to what Donald Trump said or did to women. A few days ago, a large gathering in  Yemen was remembering people who had recently died. The funeral place was packed  with people who had simply come to mourn. Suddenly, their entire lives were altered by a bombing attack carried out by the  Saudi Arabia air force. When they had ceased their attack, over 100 innocent people were dead and nearly 300 wounded.

So, what doe this have to do withAmerica? The Saudi air force was allegedly working in collaboration with the United States. American planes were providing  refuel for Saudi bombers. We ARE  involved in the death of the innocent. We ARE responsible for the death and wounding of dozens of children. Our ‘enemy’ is the Houthi rebels in Yemen. They allegedly, are working with Iran. REALITY: The Houthi rebellion originally had no connection with Iran. After Houthi forces over threw a corrupt dictator the US threw its support to the former dictator, and  America wound up once again supporting dictators. Of course, Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship in which basic human rights are ignored. AND, this government cuts off hands of thieves, gives lashes to reporters who dare to tell the truth, and they behead people!

Women And Men Against Trump

It is Friday, and without doubt  somewhere in this promised land some woman or some man is either defending or screaming at Donald Trump for the plethora of females now accusing him of making sexual advances. The red headed guy has become a white Bill Cosby when it come to assaulting women. Ironically, both have used their power and money to unleash their bodies upon women, their assumption being, I am powerful, I am important, you should get on your knees and than God for the honor of being sexually molested by me.

I am fascinated by responses of Trump surrogates. It sort of goes this way:

1. Let’s talk about Bill Clinton.

2. Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton, she was the wife who did NOTHING to protect women who her hubby assaulted.

3. It was years ago,and these women never complained at that time.

4. Gosh, some of these women are not attractive, so why would Donald Trump even spend a moment with them?

5. It was just a couple of guys shooting the breeze about their sexual conquests.

6.What about Benghazi???

The central issue is that Donald Trump is most upset because people are upset.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Chelsea Manning was sent to solitary confinement for attempting suicide. HUH?

The only institution that is not crooked in our society, according to Trump, is his campaign.

I have never encountered such ignorance as that displayed by Trump supporters.

I wish Pope Francis lived another twenty years so he would have time to change the power structure of the Vatican.

Not a day goes by without some hateful outburst from Donald Trump –and –his supporters.

I so enjoy Sunday football, at least I used to, now politics rather than touchdowns are the topic of discussion.

I increasingly believe that God is on an extended vacation from Earth.

Trump’s Words Of Treason

There is scant doubt, this election will  go down in history as the first in which one candidate threatened, if elected, to send to jail his opponent. Donald Trump is the first candidate who has urged his supporters to take action against his opponents. Most probably, Donald Trump is not aware that anyone who enters the United States armed forces takes a solemn oath, not merely to obey the Commander-in-Chief, but to more importantly, uphold the integrity of the United States Constitution. A ‘President’ Trump who issued unconstitutional orders to members of the armed forces would require them to disobey such orders. This has never happened in the history of this nation.Anyone who threaten to violate the US Constitution is guilty of TREASON. The penalty for TREASON is DEATH.

Most shocking is the support by millions of Americans for a man who threatens to violate the US Constitution. Who or what are these people? They are upset about some emails, but not concerned when their candidate violates the basic principles of American democracy!!

Rigged Elections

The election of 1800 marked a new issue in American politics.The initial two presidents, Washington and John Adams were associated with the Federalist party. Actually,there were no political parties in our sense of the word. But, Thomas Jefferson representing the Democratic-Republican(no connection to the Republican party) won the election and America faced a new issue –would the group that had  power, accept the decision of the American people, and peacefully surrender power. In his inaugural speech, Jefferson made clear that ‘we are not Federalists of Democrats, we are all Americans.” Since that moment in every presidential election, the person defeated has gracefully accepted the verdict of the American people.

However, Donald Trump is the first and only candidate for president who claims that his defeat will be as a result of “crooked politicians.” Of course, thirty of the fifty governors are Republicans, and states, not the Federal government run elections. A Trump supporter named, Rhonda, told Mike Pence, “I will tell you if Hillary Clinton gets in, I myself am ready for a revolution, because we can’t have her in.” Dangerous words activated by the candidate, Donald Trump.

General Trump On ISIS

Any intelligent person must admit that Donald Trump is among the Greatest military strategists who has ever lived. Of course, when he had an opportunity to display his military acumen during the Vietnam war, he decided that his skills in combat were better served by fighting the battle of sex in Park Avenue beds. General Trump explained the situation in Syria. “ISIS wants a Hillary Clinton victory. They’ll not only take over that part of the world, they’ll take over this part of the world. That’s why I was so happy to annihilate the enemy.” (Hillary Clinton).

Reality: ISIS has already been driven from 70% of areas in Iraq that were seized. US military estimates that at least 40,000 ISIS soldiers have been killed,  thousands more wounded. Last year ISIS was receiving hundreds of new recruits each week, now, at best, 50 per week. It is estimated that only 15,000 to 25,000 ISIS soldiers are in Mosul, Iraq. The campaign to regain control of Mosul will begin within a few weeks. Once Mosul is captured, the presence of ISIS in Iraq ends.

Reality Of Syrian Refugees

The ongoing message of the Trump campaign is that Syrian refugees, heck, Muslims are the source of violence in the United States and the world. Their essential assumption is that any and ALL Muslims are a serious threat to law and order. The German government issued a warning,along with pictures of a potential terrorist that was widely circulated. A Syrian refugee was approached by another Syrian seeking a place to sleep for the night. The man immediately recognized the stranger to be the wanted, Jaber al Bakr.

He contacted two friends,  they took the man to his home,and tied up Bakr. They tried to telephone the police, but there was no person on duty to understand their language. One of them took a taxi to the police station and showed police the picture of the tied up terrorist. Reality, Homeland Security in America says that at least one third of tips about terrorists comes from AMERICAN MUSLIMS!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind, trapped in an 86 year old body.


We await the new Donald Trump,the man who will tell it like it is.

Children love to play in mud, Donald Trump, is just a child at heart.

The greatest issue confronting America is emails!

These days the words one speaks must please other people or you runt he risk of being classified as a racist.

Does any American enjoy this election?

I would not be surprised to see Trump grab Hillary’s throat in the next debate to prove his manhood.

I sometimes cry for America, how did we get to this stage as a society?

Once, there were giants in the land, today, just pygmies.

Donald Trump: Blue Collar Worker

Donald Trump was born into a typical blue collar family whose father only had a few million dollars, just like most blue collar families. Although, lacking the usual blue collar family income, this sturdy,hard working young man worked his way up the ladder of poverty in order to become a successful businessman. “Let me tell you  what I’m very proud of. I’m proud that I have always treated the blue collar worker, and I consider myself in a certain way to be a blue collar worker that made this country run with tremendous respect.”

Yes, he has always treated blue collar workers with respect. Work for Donald Trump and you will not receive $7.25 an hour, you will receive $8.00 an hour!You will be treated with respect, you will be honored.Donald Trump is just a blue collar worker at heart, and that is the difference between him and most millionaires! And,most important, he is like most blue collar workers who have been married three times!

Trump:Great Businessman

Donald Trump continues to inform his followers, and the American people that he is a fantastic, wonderful, brilliant, and successful businessman. He boasts there is not a single businessman in the United States who can match his record. After all, how many have declared bankruptcies four times? His incredible, fantastic Taj Mahal casino just closed its doors and 3,200 people lost their jobs. When this casino opened, Trump shouted that it was the eighth wonder of the world.

His record in this casino is certainly an example of how this brilliant man is successful. He originally funded the casino with selling junk bonds that  promised to pay fantastic interest rates. Within a few years he lacked the money to continue so he got a $65 million bailout from the state of New Jersey in order to continue functioning. This is the typical manner in which Donald Trump operates, get handouts from the government, and be a success in business. Just remember, anyone can succeed as he does–provided you have the right government connections.