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Nine Year Old Fires Uzi And Someone Dies!

There are moments in my life as an American when I have to wonder what has happened to this society? I was raised in the Depression when one fourth of Americans were without jobs and millions went hungry each day.But, for some strange reason few believed they needed a gun to protect themselves. In New York we had the Sullivan Act which restricted gun ownership, and I lived in a slum, not in a middle class neighborhood. A nine year old girl was taken by parents to a firing range during their holiday. A NINE YEAR old girl was handed over to an instructor who would teach her how to fire an UZI submachine gun! A video shows Charles Vacca explaining to the NINE YEAR old how to hold the gun. “We have to keep that held in, otherwise the gun won’t fire.”

A minute later the machine gun fires and Charles Vacca is dead. Who the hell, for what reason would allow their nine year old daughter to get anywhere near a Uzi submachine gun? Her parents should be arrested for child neglect and spend a few months in jail. This is gun ownership gone crazy? What next, teach nine year olds how to throw grenades?

A Letter To Xul

Dear Y

As you know, I have been our planet’s emissary to the backward life forms on this place that is called, Earth(of course in the Xulian language it is known as the “Mysterious Land.” I have now spent over 83 Earth years(22 Xulian years) on this planet which only knows the virtues of war, hate, and violence. I recently received a communication from the Council Of Love which indicates my stay on this planet will shortly come to an end, and I will return home. Let me share with you some characteristics of these life forms.

1. They have an incredible fascination with weapons of destruction. Of course, it has been over ten thousand years since anyone on Xul has ever been in contact with a weapon of anger, as we term them. Here, they revel in firing such weapons -UPON ONE ANOTHER!

2. These “humans” are the most adept life forms on this planet in the act of destroying other life forms. Ironically, they term life forms such as lions or wolves or panthers as “dangerous” even while they slaughter them by the thousands!

3. On this planet it is forbidden to approach a stranger and offer them a kiss, such acts of love are met with angry looks.

4. Humans engage in incredible violence against one another in what they term, “wars.” The other day a group of humans displayed to the entire world destroying a life form!

5. On Earth, a small number of humans hoard incredible amounts of goods while other humans do without enough to survive. They term this concept: CAPITALISM. In other words, unlike our world in which all share equally in goods and services, here on Earth, most lack while a few control over 40% of all goods. If anyone opposes this nonsensical idea, they are termed, as violent creatures seeking to take from those who have.

6. OH, they even have a concept they term, GOD. Supposedly, there is some life form up in the sky who lives forever and controls and directs all planets in the Universe!

Anyway, I so look forward to leaving this mysterious planet and get back to civilization!

Your friend, as always, S.

Russian Flight, Not Fight!

In the world of pseudo dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, he is the man fighting for peace in any conflict with Ukraine. According to the Putin Doctrine of foreign policy, his beloved Russia has the right to go anywhere that borders on the border. The Ukraine government claimed they had captured some Russian troops who had wandered into their land. This met with a strong Putin denial which charged the soldiers were on “patrol” inside Russia when seized by Ukraine criminals. Alas, a few hours later, Ukraine television displayed the faces and voices of Russian soldiers who admitted to being captured in another land. However, the Russian Defense Ministry quickly offered an explanation: “The soldiers really did participate in a patrol of a section of the Russian-Ukraine border, crossed it by accident on an unmarked section, and as we understand showed no resistance to the armed forces of Ukraine when they were detained.”

It is now clear to me and the world that President Putin would never send soldiers into a foreign land. The problem is clear: Why doesn’t Ukraine clearly mark its border? If only Ukraine would conduct itself as a nation, there would be no problems! Russian soldiers are compelled to subject themselves to danger and capture because UKRAINE DOES NOT DO ITS JOB! This is simply another act against the people of Russia!

White Fight, Not Flight In Ferguson!

My wife and I just returned from a trip to St. Louis where we spent time with her middle class white family. Just about every one of these whites support Officer Darren Wilson who has risen in the eyes of St. Louis whites to be a new hero. Many middle class St. Louis whites blame black skinned people for compelling their flight from good housing since who would trust their precious children to be in the same school with “those people?” St. Louis has always been a city in search of a meaning. Liberal minded immigrants mix with southern white refugees seeking a middle class modern life, and escape from the poverty of rural life. During the past thirty years St. Louis has ranked either one, two or three in the list of murders. Sorry, white folk, murder in St. Louis is an equal opportunity issue, it is the one activity in which whites and blacks share a common desire on how to express anger.

I was told that Darren Wilson was simply defending himself. I was told it was time whites held their ground against black criminals. After a few hours, it was apparent these people had fears. They had no contact with blacks, and if they did encounter one at work, she was the “exception.” Such is life in an area which has allowed hatred to become the motto of a fearful people. Ironically, blacks in Ferguson share similar fears about whites–they hate us. In the end, both whites and blacks in St. Louis county seek distance from one another. Just another example of Christian brotherhood in action!

Western Hurricane Of Anger!

Cornell West, Harvard professor and writer was once a fervent supporter of Barack Obama, but western winds of anger now emanate from his body. He regards Obama as a fraud who has sold black people lies in the form of progressive beliefs. “He posed as if he was a kind of Lincoln, and we ended up with a brown faced Clinton. He posed as a progressive, and wound out to be a counterfeit.” Strong words coming from one who held presidential candidate Barack Obama in high regard. Apparently, what galls West very much is his hero appears to be “most comfortable with upper middle class whites and Jews who consider themselves to be very smart.”

Of course, teaching at Harvard, Mr. West spends most of his time with upper middle class whites and Jews who consider themselves to be very smart. The problems of Obama do not stem from hanging around with whites or Jews, they arise from his lack of knowledge regarding American history and his distaste for politics. Barack Obama has never realized the President of the United States of America is a POLITICIAN. He must be adept at the world of negotiating with Congress, persuading opponents he can get them “goodies” in exchange for votes. A recent figure indicated Obama had hit there golf course 170 times, and only twice with a member of Congress, one was a Republican! This is his problem of leadership, he never grasped how great presidents in history were great politicians.

Professor West, do you really believe Obama would have been better off with working blacks and whites? Hell, since he thought and acted like a Harvard professor, he would have been lost with these groups!

Guns Of Gaza Never Silent

The IDF continues its assault on Gaza as part of the program to destroy every aspect of Hamas. The goal is clear–ensure that Hamas is unable to launch any attack upon the people of Israel. At present, Hamas, and its unofficial allies, are prepared to drop some rockets across the border in hope they will come down some place where people dwell. Most probably of the alleged 10,000 rockets prior to the IDF invasion, about 5,000 still exist. There are two central issues confronting Israel:

1. How to make ineffective as weapons of destruction those rockets and missiles?

2. What is the long term policy towards Hamas?

Of course, there are always those in Israel who accept blasting away at Gaza every four years of so. For them, this policy can last throughout the century. The war party recognizes their policy is at present rather popular among most Jewish citizens of Israel– about twenty percent of people in Israel are NOT Jews. On the other hand there are Israelis who understand war has to end-hopefully in their life time or it will be a legacy for future generations. The bottom line of Israel foreign policy is that WAR MUST CONCLUDE. The only question is: HOW, AND UNDER WHICH CONDITIONS?

Then again, there are groups in Israel who will never surrender their dream of conquest–and war.

Independence Day: Pro And Con

The people of Ukraine celebrated Independence Day with a large parade of marching soldiers and happy people. Meanwhile in territory of separatists an anti-Independence Day celebration occurred. Led by a gorgeous blond waving an assault weapon, a few dozen Ukrainian prisoners were marched through the streets. They were dressed in filthy uniforms, had shaved heads and endured mocking shouts of “fascists” and “perverts” while onlookers pelted them with garbage. Such is the world of modern Ukraine. Back in Moscow, the MAN, Vladimir Putin. insists that his only concern is supporting forces of democracy and peace by providing them with weapons of war. Another Russian convoy filled with “humanitarian” goods crossed the border into Ukraine. Reality is that government forces are steadily driving back separatists in the struggle to united the nation.

So, what to do with Putin? Economic sanctions must be imposed regardless of the impact upon West European economies. America must lift restrictions upon sale of oil to Europe. Hit Putin in the only thing that really concerns him– his desire for wealth. The Russian people have fallen asleep and support this two bit dictator. Time for them to wake up to the reality of poverty!

Why Do Islamists Win So Often?

Radical Islamist forces swept through Iraq, and now they have captured the airport in Tripoli, Libya in order to proclaim the existence of another rabid state of murderers. After losing an election in July, bearded gun men who seek to proclaim to the world that God is on their side in the fight to control the Muslim world of the Middle East. The pattern has become clear: moderates hold an election, Islamists cannot gain victory, they then turn to the barrel of guns, and defeat government forces. The question emerging from these events is: why do the bearded guys win? For some reason, moderates lack the intensity, the dedication, the willingness to die that is so characteristic of Islamists. One is left wondering at the absence of an ideology of democracy, the lack of a willingness to die for this belief. Iraq soldiers simply threw down their weapons, stripped off their uniforms or joined the bearded angry soldiers of the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria.

Those Muslims seeking to create modern democratic societies must ponder at what is lacking in their message? Their hopes for a vibrant expanding society guaranteeing work or education or rights for all simply does not resonate with most young men. These men seek something other- death and destruction. As Islamists captured the airport in Tripoli, Libya, they danced and shouted, “Allah O Akbar, God Is Great. Why aren’t those who believe in democracy filled with a similar rapture? Why does Death triumph over death in the Middle East?

Where Have Old Time Gangsters Gone?

Each day there appears stories about criminals who shoot children or seek revenge on an enemy by murdering a wife or sister or mother. Here in Chicago is is rare to get through a day without one killing of a child. Gangster X gets peeved at someone in Gang Y, and what else to do but blast away at a member of their family. I was raised in the slums of New York City back in the thirties and forties. There used to be a code of honor among thieves. Family members were off limits to their opponents, and shooting a female ranked as a NO NO. Heck, even among Mafia folk, the family was not to be touched, just go ahead and murder the bad guy.

The idiots who wander our streets with guns in hand–thanks to the benevolent wisdom of the National Rifle Association– have been raised to believe murder family members in order to prove your manhood. Sorry, walking up to a mother holding a child in hand, raising your gun, and firing is the mark of a coward. Seeing the nine year old brother of your enemy and killing him earns one the yellow mark of cowardice. We need to return to the code of murder that once prevailed among Jewish and Italian gangsters.

Oh, and above all, the old time code was: never steal in the neighborhood, go to another neighborhood!! That is how REAL gangsters function!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Yesterday I was, today I can be.

I am not a bleeding heart person, more like a bleeding nose guy.

Conditional love is a business arrangement.

One can not ‘forgive” another, only they can forgive their actions.

Dawn breaks, another million for a hedge fund guy.

Children play with food, adults play with obesity.

In all too many cases, “rationality” does not explain human behavior.

Children enjoy banging anything on a table.

Death means finally having a serious discussion about life and death.

I doubt if one in a hundred Americans could identify Iraq on a map.

To accept life does not mean one approves it.

I wear a suit once a year.

Age leads people to doubt the mind’s ability.