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Nigel Farage -UK Donald Trump

Nigel Farage leads the UK Independence Party which offers the same words of hate to the English people that Donald Trump shouts to Americans. No, Nigel does not warn people that hordes of Mexicans are headed for England. No, he warns them of immigrants from Europe or Syria are headed for the UK and soon will transform the white England into a haven for dark people who want their jobs! Compare Nigel and Donald:


Donald, hordes of Mexicans pouring over the border.

Nigel: Europeans coming to get your jobs and work for less. The Turks are coming for your jobs

Nigel and Donald: The Muslims are coming!


Donald: Our jobs are now in China or India or someplace

Nigel: Our jobs are going to immigrants.

REALITY: Jobs are disappearing due to automation and technology.


Donald:We used to be Great and now we are not.

Nigel: We used to be Great and now we are not because of foreigners.


Donald: We must learn to hate if we want to become Great Again.

Nigel: We used to be Great and let’s get the Great back in the British name again.

Brexit Wins!

The people  of England have spoken and they just shouted to the world that we are ‘IDIOTS.” The vote on whether or not to leave the European Union resulted in a 51% to 48% vote for those seeking what they term to be INDEPENDENCE. Even as votes are still being counted the “victory” has already resulted in a drop of the pound by 11% with a further drop even larger expected. The US stock market is down and the English market is expected to have an enormous drop tomorrow.

But, the bad news will even get worse. The people of Scotland voted 62% to remain versus 38% to leave. Within the coming months, the people of Scotland will demand a new referendum and vote to leave England. We may soon change to the name of the country from “Great” Britain to ‘Little”England. There is a price to pay for allowing emotions to control common sense and the people of England will rue  the day they voted to depart. They allowed the forces of hate to triumph over common sense.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wish Donald would just define the word: GREAT.

I support the idea of Elizabeth Warren, if two men can be the ticket, why not two women?

I must confess that living in Mexico would be a gamble on life.

Marco Rubio is running for Senator, I believe he simply wants a steady income.

Joke of the primary season, a ticket containing Rubio and Trump.

I would not be surprised if Donald ran on the same ticket with his daughter, Ivanka.

Death simply has to take a holiday from the city of Chicago. Thirteen more dead the  past weekend.

Has anyone considered a new law requiring background checks on those seeking public office? I suspect it would be a test on knowledge of world events.

I await a Trump –Cruz ticket, we would then have to hire plenty of workers to pick up the shit.

I wonder what Paul Ryan really thinks about this election?

Life Heads Downward

Donald Trump and Republicans insist that a new president will make America Great Again. Actually,  a new president or an old president or any president will  not make America Great Again until the business community finally recognizes that providing their workers with a decent living sets the stage for a great America. Examine what has happened to workers during the past decades:

Pay for health insurance has declined from 54% to 39%

Pay for health screening from 53% to 31%

Discount for purchasing company services from 43% to 32%.

Relocation benefits from 39% to 24%

Matching employee charitable donations from 30% to 21%

Aiding employee stock purchases from 28% to 9%

Parking subsidy from 25% to 13%

Job training from 24% to 10%

Note that employers won’t even support efforts by their employees to gain further training!

American employers believe in the philosophy of GREED.

Is This Racism?

Wendy Bell is a newscaster and columnist in Pittsburgh. After a series of murders in the suburb of Wilkinsbey she wrote the following which led to her dismissal.  “You need not be a political profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many  hearts. They are young black ones, likely in their teens  or early twenties. They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers  and their mothers work at multiple jobs.” Strong language.

Bell was dismissed and now she is suing on grounds her firing was an example of race prejudice since if a black person wrote what she wrote he or she would not have been fired. She claims her dismissal is simply a case of prejudice against those with white skins. This is an interesting case which should wind up in the Supreme Court.

I have read similar, though not as powerful, stories written by black columnists. Should white skinned people have the right to express such ideas in the media without getting fired?

Venezuela Is Betrayed

The people of Venezuela have been betrayed. They have been betrayed by their own government which under President Nicolas Maduro has destroyed the economy,  transformed a family wealthy nation into scenes of people hijacking food trucks to get something to eat. Inflation has now reached over 800% and is still rising. Maduro has sent to prison opposition leaders, he uses the Army to stifle peaceful protests and continues to insist his concept of “Socialism” is working. What he terms “Socialism”is simply another word for maintaining power and ensuring his followers get jobs and food.

It is time for Latin American nations to come to the aid of the people of Venezuela. It is time for these leaders to take economic and political steps that protect the rights of the people of Venezuela. Mauro has wrecked the nation and only outside pressure can end his tyranny. Act  Now to get rid of him!

Is Anti-Semitism Spreading?

I was born in 1930 when Jews could not live in certain areas of a city, where the number of Jews allowed to enter prestigious colleges was  restricted, a time when there was no a single prominent Jew holding an important position in the automobile, the coal or oil industries. It was not until 1935 that Columbia University finally hired a Jew in its English Department. So, I wonder when the Anti-Defamation League declares there is a growth in anti-Semitism in 2016 America.

According to the ADL there are at least two anti-Semitic incidents every single day. The ADL believes there is “anonymous hate speech online.” Gee, name me one group that has not witnessed a  growth in hate speech from online sources? The so-called rise in anti-Semitism is linked to groups opposing the illegal seizure of land on the  West Bank. Those  protesting violation of Palestinian rights are charged with anti-Semitism.

Yes, there are anti-Semites in America. Yes, there are Jews who engage in anti-Muslim behavior on the West Bank. In fact, there is a rising number of Jews who do not agree with the bigotry of supporting an Israel government which violates international law and abuses the rights of Palestinians.


We offer observations on the human condition from an 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Actually, Donald DOES have small hands, but no one talks about his small brain.

Only in America can someone seeking to lead the land have his main advisors be his family.

The New York Yankees have gone from being the Bronx Bombers to the Bronx Slumbers.

Anger towards immigrants will lead England to leave the EU.

Strange, ever since we Humans left Africa we have become angry to those who arrive in an area after we did.

I last fired a rifle in June, 1953 when  leaving the Army. Never once since then felt the need to fire the damn thing.

Bullets kill people, not praying.

My nightmare –Ivanka Trump as president!

Guns For All Americans

If one listens to the rhetoric of Republicans, particularly, Republicans who serve in Congress, just about all Americans love guns and, regard protection of guns as the Number One issue confronting this nation. So, in the spirit of guns, how about a  few suggestions to further the importance of guns in our lives:

1. Effective on January 1, 2017, each child born in the United States of America will be given a free gun to play with in their crib.

2. In the spirit of the right of every American to be protected in their right  to a gun, from now on, police will not be allowed to have guns in order to ensure that each citizen cannot be  murdered by the oppressive government of this land.

3. Each and every child in America will now take a course in firing their weapon. Failure to attain a 70% target success will deny the student of their high school diploma.

4. If every passenger on a plane is armed, just let a terrorist attempt to take over the plane!

5. How about each and every member of Congress must bring their weapon to each session. Perhaps, instead of verbal debates, they could have shooting debates!

6. At least one presidential debate should include a shoot-out between Hillary and Donald.

A Meeting Of The Trumps

It is now clear that members of the Trump family played an important role in having the campaign manager fired. They just did not like Corey. We decided to peek in on a session of the Trumps in action.

Donald Junior: Dad, you are terrific, Dad, you are the best, the Greatest Dad in the United States, NO, in the entire world. But,Dad, even the greatest dad might use a few tips on how to succeed.

Donald senior: Junior, and when I say, Junior I mean it as a compliment. I know that I am the Greatest, the country knows that I  am the Greatest, so,we did not have the greatest week, but you have to depend on me.

Ivanka: Dad, I love you,my husband loves you, and, frankly,most Americans love you, but there is need for a few slight, small changes. As my husband put it, fire that damn schmuck,Corey.

Donald Senior: But,with Corey we swept the primaries. I will admit, yes, I CAN make  a few mistakes, but we ARE going to win because Americans love me.

Ivanka: Dad,could you please not wave your tiny hands around when speaking? You just insulted a judge and called him a “Mexican” even though he was born in Indiana. Dad,Indiana is not part of Mexico!

Donald Senior: I got the Greatest,the Biggest Hands of anyone running for president. Look, I was going to build the Greatest Wall ever built and that Mexican who hates me wanted to do me harm. I do not take crap  from anyone, particularly one of those illegals who somehow became a judge!

Junior: Dad, for God’s sake, this is your family, stop with the waving of arms and speak a sentence without the word, Great. Calm down. Begin to act what they call, presidential. Fire the jerk who doesn’t know how to run a presidential campaign and calm down. Enough with the Hispanics. Ivanka and I have decided that it is either us or the schmuck, Corey.

Senior: OK, just for once I will try it your way. But, let’s get one thing clear, I WILL continue to wave my hands, and they are BIG.