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Blame Drought Upon US

To repeat what Marco Rubio responds to any question concerning global warming,”I am no scientist.” But, unlike Marco, I am intelligent enough to listen to scientists. Honest,Marco, if you are not one, please listen to what they say. You know, when the doctor asks your opinion on an operation, I assume you say, “I’m not doctor.” Scientists, not Republican politicians, now report there is conclusive evidence that global warming is a key factor in the drought impacting California. They estimate that global warming has intensified drought by a factor of between 8 to 27% in California.

OK,I do realize that Dr. Joe Schumuck who dwells in a cabin in the mountains does not agree with these so-called,”scientists.” After all,he has a degree in science, astronomy,nuclear physics and biology from the University of Columbia which is located down the road from his cabin. When will this era of stupidity end!!

Hillary Debates Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter groups, or should I say, two or three individuals, have confronted Hillary Clinton demanding that she do—-? The problem with Black Lives Matter is beyond insisting that Black Lives Matter and seeking to discuss the topic, it is not quite clear exactly how anyone could address issues pertaining to black lives other than talking about the subject. Any survey of the media, print, online, TV reveals endless DISCUSSIONS about the issue of Black Lives.

Hillary was right on target. If anyone is interested in the improvement of Black Lives,then they should focus upon:


2. Diversify police forces.

3. Establish new guidelines for police when halting people.

4. Make college free for ALL students.

5. Rebuild our cities and include affordable housing.

These steps would not only save black lives, but lead to healthy and prosperousness.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


The more I listen to the 17 voices, the more I want to listen to Mitt Romney.

Scott Walker would kiss the butt of Sheldon Adelson for a buck.

What ever happened to Rand Paul?

It is simply a matter of time before Sarah Palin enters this race.

There is no doubt among Republicans the drought was caused by Barack Obama.

How about asking Bibi Netanyahu to run for US President?

Donald will never stop being Donald. Republican nightmare?

Great Ideas

Someone decided to spoof our beloved Donald Trump by claiming he wants to relocate Palestinians to Puerto Rico. How about:

1. Any woman in America who is not satisfied with laws ending abortion will be relocated to Saudi Arabia.

2. Don’t like our wonderful gun laws,you are on the next boat to Syria.

3. Black Lives Matter,OK, you are on your way to Nigeria and hang around with Boko Haram.

4. Upset with $7.25 an hour, I have a good job for you in Bangladesh.

5. Upset with our wonderful wealthy folk,how about meeting some Greek capitalists, they never pay any tax?

6. You illegals want to come to America, how about Puerto Rico?

Donald, that idea was no joke, send them to Puerto Rico and win all the money from Sheldon Adelson!

Mike Huckabee In Israel

There is one propensity that Republican candidates for president share, just give them some time to speak about any issue in the world,and their basic ignorance will emerge. Mike Huckabee decided to visit Israel, most probably courtesy of Sheldon Adelson. Just remember if you desire money from the rich Jew in Las Vegas, head for Israel and kiss the butt of Bibi Netanyahu. Mike made the mistake of allowing Israel reporters to pose questions.

1, He denounced the “Soviet Union” until someone persuaded him the name of that country was–Russia.

2. He insisted to Israelis that Israel bordered on a nation that was a sworn enemy of Israel– sorry, Mike. Jordan and Israel have lived in peace for over twenty years.

3. Naturally, one must blame Barack Obama for all evil in the world. “It is insulting to me that our government has put pressure on the Israel government to stop building bedrooms in their neighborhoods than on Iran.”

Mike,the West Bank was assigned to Palestinians by the United Nations. The following US presidents supported that decision:

Republican Dwight Eisenhower.

Republican Richard Nixon.

Republican Saint Ronald Reagan

Republican George H.W. Bush

Republican George Bush

Russian Views On Putin

A Russian polling group surveyed Russians in order to uncover their attitudes toward their President, macho man Vladimir. According to results obtained by the Lavada Center:

1. 56% insist that President Putin has not been able to obtain an accurate picture of the reality of life in Russia.

2. 19% insist that his advisors lie to him and that explains some of his actions.

3. 31% believe their leader knows exactly what is happening and he directs these actions.

4. 31% believe that his actions violate human rights, but they regard a good standard of living before human rights.

5. 38% do not believe it is possible in Putin Russia to openly and freely speak one’s mind.

Prostitutes Attacked

There is no doubt that among the oldest jobs in the world is that of being a prostitute. It brings cash into the house of poor women,it enables them to feed their children, and it allows many to at least control their own destiny. Prostitutes in the town of Amansea in Nigeria were confronted by armed men bent on destroying their homes, and ending their occupations. The Prostitutes became furious and fought back. “How can they destroy our homes without notice? They are very wicked.”

Prostitution is not an occupation that enables a women to feel dignified. However, for many women in this world, it is work, it is funds for the children or he family. Of course,there would not be a single prostitute in the world if men ceased to use their bodies in exchange for money. Blame it on the men, not the victims!

Every day women sell their bodies.Every day on Wall Street and in corporation headquarters, men and women are selling their souls for money,but no one describes them as-PROSTITUTES!

Death Of Scholar

Another Muslim died yesterday. He was 82 years old and had spent his life working to preserve the human heritage. He worked in Palmyra in Syria and his days were spent digging, collecting and saving the precious human heritage. Khaled al-Assad, no relation to President Assad, was a world renowned collector of antiquities and had saved many artifacts. ISIS arrived on the scene and when they discovered this old man knew where one could find antiquities to sell or destroy they demanded answers. None were given.

In the end,ISIS beheaded this scholar and quiet dignified man. My only question is: how could anyone who possesses the slightest spark of human dignity decide to become brothers and sisters in arms with these vile creatures??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Naked Man Discovered In Bed”

Me, I would rather enjoy a naked woman.

UK, Guardian: “Who Controls The World?”

Easy one–those with gobs of money!

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Rabbi Fired”

I assume this is Kosher.

USA, aol: “I will Deliver A Budget”

What is in it, is another question.

Sweden, Local: “I’m Alive”

So, fellow Republicans, just wait for some other comments!

Top Places To See In Life

As a boy I would often sit on Coney Island gazing out to sea wishing that some day I would cross it to see the origin of my parents. Many of us had some places we wanted to see in our lives.

1. Rocky Mountains at dawn.

2. Sailing into New York harbor to see the Old Lady with arm outstretched.

3. Walking the banks of the Seine.

4. Watching dawn beak in San Francisco.

5. Walking the streets of London.

6. The Grand Canyon.

7. The Pyramids of Egypt.

8. Just being in Rome.

10. Kissing the ground of Israel.

So, what are the places you desire to see or experience?