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Bombs In New York City

There was another terrifying event in New York City, two bombs went off and over twenty people were wounded. Naturally, ISIS takes credit for the explosions. We have been told that Rudy Giuliani is now walking the streets of New York City in order to save it from Muslim terrorists. He believes the sight of him walking the streets will frighten any Muslim terrorist. Ted Cruz has promised to come to New York City and filibuster on 42nd Street until every terrorist surrenders. If they do not  surrender, they will have to endure a nonstop talk from the cowboy from Texas.

Sorry for not going wild with fear. Each  year in America over 30,000 people die from guns, most from suicide. No one gets upset at DEATHS but today millions are worried sick about two bombs that never killed anyone. Reality, from now on some Islamic terrorist or some home grown white Christian terrorist is going to kill someone, somewhere in this nation. We have to remain calm,and deal with the new reality. After all, we calmly deal with the 30,000 gun victims, and we quietly handle the 25,000 automobile deaths, so, loosen up, calm down, welcome to the modern world of death.

Reince Preibus is Chairperson of the Republican National Committee, and now finds himself required to ensure the election of the non-Republican, Donald Trump. Naturally, he is a bit upset, why the hell is he stuck with the task of helping this idiot from New York become our next president, and make a mess of everything. Since Jeb Bush and John Kasich, and even Ted Cruz have made clear they will not support the Trump candidacy, Reince is very  upset and has warned these guys who refuse to back the Republican candidate that they will be punished.

1. They will not be invited to Trump speeches and get to sit on the platform.

2. They will have their identity card that allows them into Republican headquarters taken away from them.

3. Donald will NOT say nice things about them.

4. If Donald gets angry, beware of what he will say about you.

5. Donald might encourage the NRA to hit on you guys, and when he says, “hit,”take your guess as to the meaning of that word!

6. When an illegal Hispanic rapes your wife, don’t expect consolation from Donald, he warned you!

Oops, Bombed The Wrong Guys

It is not surprising that American planes bombed the wrong guys the other day in Syria. Of course the real issue is exactly who are the “right guys” to bomb. A US air force spokesman admitted that a bombing carried out in Deir al-Zour to wipe out members of ISIS sort of wiped out about forty or so Syrian soldiers. I guess they where in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just imagine being in Syria in a plane going hundreds of miles an hour, gazing down and seeing people, who the hell knows if they belong to ISIS or al Qaeda or the Free Syrian
Army. They got  weapons is all one knows.

The Russian government blamed failure on the part of the United States to coordinate its bombing mission with Russia for the debacle. The Syrian government, however, offered the real reason for this bombing, the United States is an ally of ISIS!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind  trapped in an 86 year old body.


This would be a different election if emails had not been invented.

I so miss the calm ignorance of Ben Carson.

I wonder what John McCain would like to say about Trump.

Whatever happened to Sarah Palin?

This is the best of times, this is the worst of times.

One cough during the debate and Trump is president.

My hope is that we Americans will finally learn about any of the Great Plans of Donald Trump.

I suspect ISIS leaders roar with laughter when Trump says he will wipe them out.

So, what was in the divorce papers between Donald and his wife?

Bill Clinton has a rough sounding voice these days.

Hillary, please do not stumble in public.

OH well, it is morning in America today.


Donald Admits Mistake

The Donald Trump that we all know was not on display  yesterday. He reminded me of my beloved Jewish mother who when making a mistake would utter, “this I must admit,this I must admit.” Donald was most probably forced by his children to say something about his five  year campaign to finally convince the American people that he was right about Barack Obama being born in Kenya. Alas, the always correct Donald Trump, the man who has Great Plans to make America, Great Again, finally took 32 seconds to admit that “President Obama was born in the United States.” Period. End of the great conflict.

In reality, if the truth be known, this source has absolutely correct information  hat Barack Obama was born to a sexual encounter between a rather unusual gorilla and a sex mad Kenyan woman. Take a close look at the eyes of  Barack Obama, they definitely are those of a gorilla!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Has anyone asked Ivanka Trump if dad tried to make out with her?

Only in Syria does a “truce” result in deaths.

Americans seek a rendezvous with disaster.

So, will we ever learn what is in Trump’s mysterious tax returns?

I wonder if finally Social Security folks will get a raise this year?

Not a single presidential candidate utters a word about the future of Social Security. Wonder why?

These days young Americans live in today, rather than think about tomorrow.

Nightmare: A Trump appointed Supreme Court.


The Media Just Likes Bullies

If Donald Trump goes on to become president, the American media can take a bow for the manner in which they have fawned over the bully from New York. Mike Pence was on CNN where Erin Burnett “interviewed” him. Pence uttered the ongoing nonsense about how Trump would make America great again and give each and every American a Great Job. He repeated the Republican  mantra about how Donald would generate 25,000,000 new jobs. And, restore a vibrant economy.

Latest figures indicate the past year witnessed the most important economic gains for the middle class and poor people. There was a five percent growth in income for these groups. The CNN reporter at NO time cited these figures, she just allowed Pence to ramble on and on about the faltering economy. NOT once did she raise the issue  of nineteen million jobs created under the Obama administration. If Hillary Clinton is interviewed there are nonstop questions about emails and her health. Trump and his buddies get away with murder from media reporters.

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Hitler

Jimmy Fallon had Donald Trump on his show last night, and he fell over himself in posing fluff type questions such as how healthy he feels or did he ever think he would run for president. The audience shouted their approval as Trump once again spouted nonsense and cliches about, “Make America Great Again.” We wonder how Jimmy would handle an interview with Adolf Hitler.

J: So, Adolf,so wonderful to have you with us tonight, let’s everyone give Adolf a warm welcome. So, tell me, how are things going with Eva Braun and you these days?
A: Jimmy, wonderful, wonderful, just the other day we visited one of our new recreation  camps for Jews, Jimmy, you  should have heard them cheering Eva and me.  Fantastic.

J: I now that some people claim that you do not like Jews, please share with the audience your feelings toward Jews.

A: Jimmy, some of my best friends are Jews, I even sold  my paintings to Jews. All I want for my Jewish friends is plenty  of fresh warm air, and a good shower at the  end  of the day.

J: So, these stories about concentration camps, are they true?

A: Jimmy, if there was an epidemic,wouldn’t you want to concentrate those  effected by the germs so they would not spread their illness to others? I assure you, Jimmy, people get good exercise at the concentration camp, not a single one leaves feeling ill again.

J: Well, thanks, Adolf, wonderful to finally  get at the truth. So folks, give Adolf and the entire Nazi party a great, great hand!!

Syria Forever

I suspect the average American, and the average member of Congress has absolutely no idea how or why the war in Syria began. I am certain that not a single member of Congress could offer an  intelligent explanation as to who is fighting in Syria other than the Syrian government or the Russians. Of course, Donald Trump has a PLAN, it is a secret plan that he will not reveal to US military leaders because they would steal his idea and attempt to boast about their intelligence.

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry worked out a cease fire with Russian diplomats that has just taken effect. On day one of the cease fie, UN trucks wanted to bring food and other supplies to civilians in Aleppo. At this moment, the Syrian government controls one half of the city while rebels control the rest. So,the UN thought it would be wonderful to provide all  people in Aleppo a few decent meals and medical aid.

Ivanka Wants Nice Questions

Ivanka Trump is the child who dad has indicated he would love to date, but, alas, she is his daughter. But, Ivanka just loves her dad. She was asked to be interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine. Since Ivanka is a Trump she assumes that when people interview her, at least, they provide her with the questions prior to the session.The interviewer, Prachi Gupta, asked a question as to what her dad said in 2014 about women,noting this illness was a strain for employers. After all, if every woman working in a company became pregnant and demanded a vacation to raise her child, how the hell can a business operate?

Well, Ivanka felt insulted by the question. “I think you have a lot of negatively in your questions. I don’t know how useful it is to spend so much time with you. I have to run.”

Ivanka does have a  point. Why be given questions that you  never gave your approval to be asked?

For example: “What is  your favorite story about your wonderful father?”