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Iran’s Role In Middle East

The American government has just decided that action must be taken against ISIS and other terror groups in the Middle East. US Secretary of State John Kerry made clear that Iran’s presence was not desired in any conference dealing with policy in the Middle East. He argued their presence “would not be appropriate” on grounds that “Iran has been deeply involved with its forces on the ground in Syria.” Kerry is absolutely correct, Iran HAS been involved in fostering the civil war in Syria by aiding dictator Bashar al-Assad. Of course, one could argue this involvement is all the more reason why Iran should be at conferences dealing with the region. Reality: Iran hates the Sunni led ISIS and wants it destroyed. Iran wants the Shiite led Iraq to be a successful entity. In other words, the foreign policy goals of Iran are the same as those of the United States of America. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, a concept that is a realistic approach to foreign policy.

Iran has troops which can be directed to Iraq and quickly crush ISIS. A combination of American air power and Iranian forces on the ground would result in destruction of ISIS within a few months. It is time to bring Iran into discussions that center on how can the Middle East become a region that is at peace and economically successful? Oh, and invite Israel to participate in such discussions!

It’s Saturday, Surprise, No NFL Player Hit Anyone!!

Today is Saturday and we feel comfortable reporting that not a single member of the National Football League beat up on a woman or on his kids. After a Mr. Rice was depicted in a video punching out his wife with a right hook to the face that sent her to the floor, Minnesota half back Adrien Peterson was arrested by police for using a switch to beat up on his FOUR YEAR OLD SON! Oh, his defense is that his parents beat the hell out of him so, naturally, he had to do what was done to his FOUR YEAR OLD SON. Hardly a day goes by without another story of beating women, using drugs or hitting someone. Perhaps it is time that NFL players received a lecture each week that if you want to play football, restrict your anger and desire to hit someone to players on the other team!

It is rather ironic that on the weekend of football games in the NFL, the main stories are about players hitting people who are NOT on the football field! There are moments when one wonders what is happening to football players that leads to such physical assaults on their loved ones? Is there something going on that we don’t know about? For God’s sake, just play FOOTBALL!!

Sarah Palin Always In News

Ah, it has been a long time since this blog reported anything about Sarah Palin. You recall the woman who ran for the office of Vice President of thee United States of America? I so miss her pithy comments about life, politics, and her insights into foreign policy. After all, each morning she gazes out her window and explores Russia which is only a few miles away. I am still confused why President Obama has not consulted her concerning American foreign policy in the Middle East. I realize that Sarah is adored by millions in this land. She even has two TV shows, and without her comments on the world, how could Fox News make it through the day? Sarah is not merely a woman, she is an institution. Sarah is living proof that at least one third of people in this nation are complete fools and idiots!

The Palin family decided to have a birthday party for Todd’s 50th anniversary of being alive. It sort of wound up with drunken brawls in the front yard as daughter Bristol, was punching away and the guys were howling their drunken words to the world. Sarah reportedly attempted to inform her drunken children that she was SARAH. I so await Fox News reports of how some black dudes attempted to break up this party and were repulsed by Palin men who hurled beer bottles to protect the Palin women.

YES! He Did Have Hands Up!!

A teen ager was shot to death last month and Americans have been engaged in a furious conflict over whether or not the boy had his hands up before being shot by Officer Wilson. Fox News has created a new industry. It consists of men and women, usually blond haired ones, who devote endless hours discussing why Officer Darren Wilson is the victim because he was forced by some tall black dude to shoot in self defense. Wilson supporters already have raised nearly $500,000 in a defense fund because their current hero is being persecuted by LIBERALS! Anytime and every time that a black man or woman is shot by a police offer the same campaign erupts to defend the action. It is always “self defense.”

CNN has provided a video made by two construction workers who were about fifty feet from the shooting. According to the men, Michael Brown, “had his fuckin hands up.” The video depicts Officer Wilson, the victim, blasting away as the teen ager raises his hands in the air. “The cop didn’t say, ‘get on the ground,’ he was chasing and shooting. I await Fox News explaining the video is fake. Kill a black man and the victim is always the shooter, not the shot!

Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick have created a stir in the great land of Australia because they decided to get married. No, they are not in love with one another so much as being in love with the game of Rugby. An FM Radio Station is holding a contest and the prize is two tickets to the Rugby World Cup. The contest is restricted to a pair of “Best Mates” and these young men decided to tell the world that love of football, at least that is what foreigners term the game of soccer, is the most important thing in their lives. So, they entered the “Love You Man” contest which already has attracted two hundred such pairs.

A member of the Australian Parliament is not amused. MP Allen Greenwich denounced this travesty of the institution of marriage. “Marriage is really an important institution about love” and it is a sad day when “people make a joke out of it.” Look, man, half marriages end in divorce so when a man and woman say, “I Do” they really don’t mean it. Then again, pick up a newspaper or check the social media today for another story about a guy who belts his wife!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Egypt, al Ahram: “Gay Imam”

I suspect that such behavior in Saudi Arabia would result in a headless imam.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Woman Bites Cop And Dies”

What does this say about cops?

USA, aol: “Creepy Old Men”

I assume this is another story about our House of Representatives?

UK,Guardian: “Illegal Lemonade Stand”

I’ll drink to it!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Doctor Forgot To Diagnose Cancer”

No one is perfect!

The Squirrel And Me

I was driving down a street in Lombard, Illinois when suddenly a squirrel appeared. I halted my car, watched the animal which apparently was doing some thinking, and within a few seconds dashed away. Later, returning front he library my car found itself in the same street, and lo and behold, the squirrel made another appearance. It halted, I halted, it reflected, and then dashed away. I went to a coffee shop and thought about the squirrel. A squirrel traces its ancestry back a few million years. It was not until about one hundred years ago that a squirrel found itself confronted by a new enemy–the automobile. Within a relatively short period of time, the squirrel adjusted its behavior to take into account cars. In other words, this tiny brained animal was able to revolutionize its behavior within a few decades in order to survive.

I live with animals that possess much more developed brains. These human animals have been living with the arrival of weapons that could completely destroy human life on the planet. But, have these human animals altered their behavior? Of course not. They hate, they kill, they murder despite evidence such behavior is dangerous to human survival. Isn’t it about time we invited some squirrels to help us alter behavior?

Pistorious And Justice

It now appears that Oscar Pistorious will spend time in jail for “negligent and unreasonable” behavior. According to Judge Mesipe “I am not persuaded that as reasonable person would have fired four shots into a toilet cubicle. I am of the view that the accused acted hastily.” A fair point. If a person who kills another person without premeditation does that mean this individual is not guilty of murder? This concept raises many questions concerning the act of murder. Can one argue that most murders are examples of “unreasonable behavior?. For example, could one argue that being raised in poverty produces people who behave unreasonably when confronted with potential violence to them?

Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri was raised in a culture that believed black skinned teenagers were potential threats, and thus his behavior in shooting was an example of “unreasonable behavior?” Frankly, the vast majority of murders could fit into her definition of murder. What then?

John McCain Is Always Right!

Senator John McCain is ready to fight someone at the drop of the hat. He is ready to portray Barack Obama as the cause of any and all problems in the world. The Senator has now charged Obama policies for the current rise of ISIS. He charges that leaving Iraq was a mistake. “And the fact that they didn’t have a residual force in Iraq overriding his military advisers is the reason why we’re facing ISIS today.” Let’s look at the record:

1. President George Bush negotiated with the Iraq government to have American forces out of the country by 2011.

2. President Obama AGREED to leave a residual force of about 5,000 American troops PROVIDED that US forces were not subject to trial in an Iraq court of law.

3. The Iraq government refused to this request. I wonder what Senator McCain would have said if an American soldier was tried for a crime in a Muslim sharia law court!!

ISIS is the result of the George Bush invasion of Iraq that was supported by Senator John McCain!

Oh, the Wall Street Journal has concluded that Dick Cheney was correct all the time.

Rhetoric Of Hate And Anger Goes Nowhere!

Israel was founded upon the proposition that Jews were ready to discuss any and all issues. Over the decades all too many Jews have slipped into an anger that prevents intelligent discussion regarding problems. The South African Jewish Report produced a story that shocked most people in South Africa. A reporter named Reich compared Archbishop Desmond Tutu to HITLER! In fact, the newspaper had a picture of the famous as though he was Adolf Hitler! Tutu was accused of “preying on Jews together with Hamas” One wonders what is the intention of such rhetoric? Desmond Tutu fought for civil rights in South Africa, not with weapons of war, but with words of peace.

It is time for Jews throughout the world to recognize that opponents do not hate Jews, they dislike Israel foreign policy. Attacking Desmond Tutu only garners enemies, not friends. End rhetoric, and invite Tutu to discuss his views!