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Kim Jong, We Miss You!

The past five weeks have been very difficult ones for me. I ordinarily arise in the morning, gaze toward Asia and ponder the words of wisdom coming from our Beloved leader, the Great and All Wise Kim Jong un. But, alas, he has remained silent and thus made our lives ones of fear and anxiety. Imagine living without the guidance of the pudgy little man from North Korea? To those who believe the Kim man is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, it is bewildering not be able to decide what to eat for breakfast without his advice. So, where or where can he be?

1. Most probably he is in Africa solving the Ebola problem.

2. Or, he is in Iraq, single handedly taking on ISIS.

3. Boko Haram just released some prisoners, chalk this one up to Kim Jong un.

4. Your lottery ticket led to winning a $100, just give thanks to Kim.

5. North Koreans lack food, another example of his wisdom in reducing obesity in his nation.

Kim, my buddy, we miss you. How can my beloved New York Knick basketball team win the NBA crown this year without your presence on the court??

Saving America From Black Boys!

Another day, another shooting in St. Louis, Missouri. Let me make clear that I strongly agree that police should fire their weapons when under threat of being killed. However, perhaps, maybe, there is need to make some alternations in the manner in which police approach strange black teens who are walking on the streets at night. I do understand, that black teens are, as Republicans would put it, “the most dangerous threat to the security of the United States in history!!” OK, there was a Civil War, OK, there were World Wars, but none can compare to the threat to our everyday security than the sight of black teen boys walking along the street at night in your neighborhood. Worry about Ebola, worry about ISIS, cease worrying and begin to worry about the threat of black boys on the streets at night. So, here are my suggestions to end this threat to American society:

1. Black teen boys must remain in their neighborhood after 7:00 p.m.

2. No black boys allowed to walk in any neighborhood in which most people are white.

3. Black boys must wear bright yellow jackets when walking out of their neighborhood.

4. All teen age black boys must cease wearing pants with pockets so they cannot hide their guns.

5. When walking at night black teens should be reciting prayers out loud.

6. If a black teen sees a cop, do not run, just get on your knees and beg for life.

Bad Days Of October?

The past several months have been a continuous outbreak of bad news for President Obama. Someone gets sick, it is all his fault. A new terrorist group emerges, it is all his fault. There is drought in the land, blame it one the black dude. Cops blast away at young black teens,and there is no one else to blame but the man in the White House. Michelle Obama can’t even get the name right of the candidate for whom she is campaigning, and this one definitely was caused by her husband. We have come to the conclusion that President Obama must change his approach to politics.

1. Declare openly his apologies for whatever goes wrong on weekdays.

2. Declare a weekend moratorium on blaming the President.

3. Appoint Joe Biden as acting mistake guy of the week.

4. Offer to play golf with John Boehner and when he refuses, take the issue to the people of America.

5. Announce that after prayer, God told him that Ebola was planned by the Republican party to get him into trouble.

Just remember, get God on your side and troubles disappear.

Divide Iraq And End Violence

From day one of the American invasion of Iraq our government has failed to grasp problems in that “country.” The result continues to be an inability of reducing violence in this collection of groups that were thrown together to become a “nation.” The so called nation of Iraq consists of three groups:




It is time to confront reality and form three nations. Allow the Sunnis to have their own nation. Allow the Shiites to continue governing what we term, the nation of Iraq and allow Kurds to be what they desire to be -an independent nation. The Obama administration refuses to allow Kurds to function as a nation. It refuses to allow them to sell oil. It is time for President Obama to get a lecture about what really is situation in this alleged “nation.” It is NOT a nation. Sunnis will not be peaceful members of a country run by Shiite leaders who hate them. Sorry, President Obama, we should not NATION BUILD. Face reality. If not, we will witness constant wars and terrorism.

SURPRISE: Supreme Court Blocks Voter ID Law!

Members of the Republican Party rank voter fraud as among the greatest threats confronting our nation. It ranks right up there with Muslim terrorists, and Ebola. In the last presidential election over one hundred million Americans voted. Of this group about ONE HUNDRED –not million, One hundred –were charged with voter fraud. Republican state legislatures have passed one law after another that requires voters to present an photo ID in order to vote. Of course, there are millions of Americans, particularly among the poor and elderly who do NOT possess an driver license since they lack a car. The object of these laws is clear- make it difficult for poor people, make it difficult for the elderly to vote since most vote for Democrats.

The Justice Roberts Supreme Court has a horrible record on this matter. A Republican majority believes that voter ID is OK even though we have had elections for over two hundred years without this need. However, much to the surprise of political observers, the Court ruled that Wisconsin’s photo law was illegal. How could absentee voters vote since they were not providing photo ID? Naturally, the trio of Justice Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alioto and the ever bigot Justice Scalia are upset that we can not prevent the wrong kind of people from voting!

It’s St. Louis, Get Your Gun Out!

As one who spent over forty years living in the St.Louis area, any story that concerns young men firing guns and police responding with blasts of their weapons is not a surprise. For over thirty years the city of St. Louis has ranked among the top five cities in which murders occur. After the Michael Brown incident in the suburb city of Ferguson, one would assume St. Louis city police would be careful in discharged of their weapons. Alas, such is not the case. Following is the scenario that resulted in the death of still another black skinned St. Louis area young man:

1. An off duty St. Louis police officer was working as a security guard in the Shaw area.

2. He spotted three black skinned young men walking.

3. Naturally, he assumed they were evil men.

4. He began to pursue the boys.

5. The boys began to run.

6. The officer hopped in his car and gave pursuit.

Stop at this point. Boys were walking. They had NOT committed any crime!

7. The officer became engaged in a fight with the boys, one had a gun. He fired the gun.

8. Naturally, the off duty police officer had to blast away with SEVENTEEN shots.

9. Veritt Myers is now dead.

I await the riot.

Another Afghanistan Mistake!

The war in Afghanistan has most probably cost the American people at least one trillion dollars. Of course, Republicans in Congress refuse to allocate a hundred million dollars to build roads or bridges or pay for health care since such allocation of resources is not in the best interests of our nation. Among the military equipment provided to the Afghan army were C-27 transport planes that cost about $486 million. I admit this is a drop in the bucket of how we spent money during the Afghan war–and continue to do so, but $486 million is money that could be used in other parts of our society. It turns out these planes have been plagued by one problem after another, and wound up being useless in fighting a war. So, what else to do but scrap these planes and sell them for whatever we could get. It turns out the American government was able to sell the planes to an Afghan scrap man and receive in return $32,000. Yes, I just wrote, $32,000!

The US Special Investigator for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) is somewhat upset. “I was informed that an Afghan construction company paid approximately 6 cents per pound for the scrapped planes which came to total of $32,000.” He wants to know why the Army did not contact the Italian company which built these inadequate planes and get our money back? Or, how about identifying plane parts that might be useful. Oh well, it is just money spent on war.

It’s Friday, Let’s Hate Muslims!

There are about one billions six hundred million members of the Muslim faith scattered around the world. There are about 200,000,000 located in what we term to be the Middle East. The horrible ISIS group consists of about 30,000, that is thousand, not millions. They have conducted themselves with hatred and brutality, but the sum total of people killed is under ten thousand. People in Australia are upset at this behavior and have decided that since SOME Muslims are brutal murderers it means that all Muslims behave in this manner. Many Australians are particularly upset at the sight of Muslim women wearing a hijhab. There have been dozens of attacks upon Muslim women in Melbourne and Sydney. Females have been insulted, things thrown at them because they happen to wear a hijab.

This is simply hysteria gone mad. Exactly how does a woman wearing something on her face impact the life of anyone? Of course, the number of women who wear a hijab is, perhaps, under 5% of all Muslim women in Australia. Muslim lawyer, Lydia Shelly made clear: “As a Muslim woman, I am very concerned that this is impacting the rights and freedom of movement for Muslim women.” There are even examples of Muslim women with children having coffee thrown upon them. So nice that Australians behave in such a Christian manner!


We ofer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Humans so frequently refer to God’s Wrath, is it themselves who are filled with anger?

I wonder if celibacy arose because there is no Mrs. God?

At age 84, I so like the word, “rebirth.”

One does not gain wisdom from age, it comes from an inquiring mind.

People at computers reach point where they lean back and gaze.

Since computers think, do they ever think about other computers?

There are sounds from my youth which never again will be heard.

Two lonely iPads met for lunch.

There is no doubt one must speak exiting the coffee shop on that damn cell phone!

Tea Party folk hate God’s work-people– but insist they like God!

Has Anyone Seen President Obama?

There is something very sad about the current position of President Obama within American society. Regardless of what happens anywhere in the world, he must take the blame. Today, it is Ebola which, according to Fox News is “the greatest threat in the history of America.”but who knows what tomorrow will become “the greatest threat in the history of America.” Oh, there was some minor event termed, the “Civil War” which resulted in the death of over 400,000, but how can that compare with the death of a man in Texas who died of Ebola? There is chaos in the Middle East, mainly deriving from policies of George Bush and the dynamic duo of Cheney and Rumsfeld, but who cares what happened several years ago, just blame it on the black dude in the White House.

President Obama is very careful where he goes these days in the political campaign for control of Congress. I wonder if he wonders why has he become so unpopular? I wonder if he wonders about paths not taken that might have been taken? Perhaps, if during his initial ninety days the focus was upon: dealing with the financial crisis, creating jobs, and making sense for our youth about Student loans. For example, hoiw about allowing them to have refinanced loans at a lower rate?

Perhaps, the thing he most likely regrets is developing a foreign policy in the Middle East and spending time educating Americans about that policy? He never functioned as an educator of Americans, and today he has lost respect among a large portion of the population-conservatives AND liberals!