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The Trump View Of Cabinet Officers

Donald Trump lost the popular vote in the  past election. His opponent had more than 2,5 million votes, which ordinarily, might have the “winner’ reflect on the fact that his opponent was more popular than him. But, this is the era of Donald Trump, whose supporters insist that one should not take his words, literally, since any fervent supporter knows that when he says that he “will impose a 35% tariff on goods from China,” he really did not mean a tariff. Or, perhaps, he has yet to learn that Congress passes tariffs, not the President.

His selections for the Cabinet are interesting, to say  the least. Trump insisted throughout campaign that he “knew more than the generals,” and once in office, he would bring in people who were not part of the failed military. So, who has he appointed, three generals to serve in the Cabinet. Heck,he even appointed the head of World Wrestling to be in charge of Small Business. Heck, he appointed calm, quiet, Ben Carson to head Urban development. Perhaps, perhaps, there is a reason to this madness. If Trump appoints incompetent people to serve in his Cabinet, cries will emerge to end these Cabinet positions.

In other words, Trump’s goal is to appoint people who will destroy their Cabinet position. I guess this would save some money.

Tweet Wars Continue

Ordinarily, in ordinarily normal times, the new President-elect devotes hours studying documents, reports, reading about important issues, and receiving briefings from key officials. But, these are the days and nights of Donald Trump. He has been engaged in a war of tweets with Alec Baldwin. The issue is that Donald does not like Baldwin impersonations of Donald Trump. The President-elect has experts examining any law that could be  used against Baldwin in order to halt the attack upon the personage of our new Leader-in-Chief.

I can just envision Baldwin saying:

1. I am a fantastic guy, a fantastic guy, when did an ignorant guy like me become President? Shows I’m a fantastic guy.

2. So, Alec, still pissed off I did not appoint you as Secretary of Housing and Development? Idiot, I already have an idiot to do the job!

3. I do not purse my lips and wave my arms, fake, fake, wrong, wrong. I keep my arms by my side when speaking.

4. Alec, jealous, jealous, jealous, just because the idiots elected me, and soon, you  will discover how many advertisers work with  your show. I’m the Greatest, the Greatest!!

On Political Correctness

Back in the 1950s, Clyde Lynch was head of Lebanon Valley College and helped raise money to build a gymnasium.So, the  grateful folks named the gym after him. Fast forward to 2016 and one discovers students at this college angry, mad, furious that their gym is named: Lynch! After all, everyone knows about the lynching of African Americans in US history. Actually, the word, ‘lynch’ derives from the American  Revolution when some white men were lynched. Of the approximately 5,000 people lynched in American history, about 4,000 were blacks and the other thousand were white, Indian, or Asian. One was Jewish.

How about?

1. Cease calling the Ronald Reagan Airport after him, after all: “raygun is also a weapon of destruction and that is not nice for children to express.

2. Remove the name, ‘Harding’ from all federal buildings. After all, President Warren Harding was the only president to fuck a woman in a White House closet! He abused women!

3. I want to end all use of George Washington’s name. Think about it:  Washing ton can refer to women washing a ton of clothes and use of that name abuses women!

4. Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist so why allow use of his name anywhere. Of course, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Jackson also had slaves.

5. John Adams and his son used the word, ‘Adam’ which we know was the original person and neither one of them checked with the original Adam if they could use his name!

Stopsky is either the name of Chief Stop Sky or in Russian, ‘son of a drunkard.’ Personally, I don’t mind being called an Indian.

Why AIPAC Has Lost Young Jews

There is a constant refrain from American Jewish organizations that inevitably has lost this group support  from young Jews. Older Jews control these organizations which insist that each and every act by the government Israel MUST be defended. As the Netanyahu government increasingly violates human rights and makes clear that Reform Jews are not really –JEWS! After all, religious political parties enable Netanyahu  to continue in power.

The sight of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz being cheered by a Jewish organization is disgraceful. How many Jewish women between the ages of 18–40 will vote for Donald Trump who has insulted women and disparaged their dignity as a a person. How many will vote for Ted Cruz, the closest political leader today who would be supported by the KKK. Yet,older Jews in AIPAC applaud these fascist minded politicians. ]

As long as Jewish “leaders” act as though oppression of humans will be supported as long as oppressors claim to “support Israel,”then young Jews will simply ignore modern Judaism.

Let’s Have An Auction

Someone, somewhere decided to purchase the last remaining firs class menu for the Titanic voyage and the going rate for this precious piece of knowledge was $118,750. We thought there are other items that might be auctioned off.

1. The bullet that killed the American Ambassador in Benghazi. Definitely worth at least two more years of Congressional investigations of the bullet.

2. The entire bank account of Marco Rubio which is worth at least 100,000 votes.

3. A picture of Chris Christie all naked taking a shower. Would you pay $2 for this photo?

4. The tape of a conversation between Jeb and George Bush in which they discuss the best policy to handle Islamic terrorists. How about a $1.50?

5. The tape of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz discussing handling Hispanic immigrants. A jump of 1% in the polls.

6. Dick Cheney hunting when he shoots a friend instead of the deer. This is worth a free trip for him to Iran–all expenses paid.

More Troops On The Ground?

The ongoing mantra of Republican candidates is the need for “more boots on the ground.” If we just send a few thousand American soldiers the war against ISIS will be over within a few months. As I recall, that was the promise of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld who assured the American people we would be welcomed by joyous crowds. Latest figures indicate that during the past three years at least 30,000 new recruits have joined ISIS. Send in our boys and we can double that numbers.

There is a city in Afghanistan named Kundiz. It was attacked by Taliban forces numbering less than a thousand soldiers. Inside the city were over FIVE THOUSAND AFGHAN SOLDIERS. The Taliban took the city and the soldiers are now on a mountain top protecting an air base. After all, planes can fly them quickly away from actual fighting.There are plenty of boots on the ground, but few contain the feet of soldiers who want to fight for their country.

Hit The Bigot!

tThere is one certainty in life, no day goes by without a story from the great state of Texas in which someone hits, shoots, or yells at another person due to some fear or anger about what that person said, did, or thought. Robert Watts was a game official at a football contest involving John Jay H.S vs Marble Falls H.S. Mr. Watts being a native Texans knew that blacks and Hispanics were not really Texans, let alone Americans. He employed the infamous “n” word toward black players and politely inquired of Hispanic players,”Speak English, this is America.”

The coach of John Jay was upset and told some players to blindside Mr. Watts and send him flying. Coach Breed is another native Texan with the weird idea that Hispanics are really Americans, as well as Texans. So, there will be an inquiry.

Me, I don’t know what the argument is about. Mr.Watts just expressed the same question as have-Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Ben Carson. I expect that Mr. Watts will soon enter his name in the Republican primary.

Don’t Visit Pyramids!

A few buses were driving through Egypt on a trip from Cairo to the oasis of Babareya,and since the journey was tiring they halted for some lunch and a chance to stretch legs. Well, imagine what Egyptian air force planes would think about people in buses near some ancient ruins siting by the vehicles and munching on food? There was only one conclusion–they must be members of the Muslim Brotherhood and planing to blow up something, somewhere. The tourists were from Mexico, Chile and a few other countries. They were shocked when Egyptian army planes headed in their direction and began to blast away. The pilots even followed people running for their lives in order to ensure they got the terrorists.

Over a dozen tourists are dead and others are wounded.This is just what the Egyptian tourist industry needs–the government now murdering tourists!! We inhabit a world in which the word, TERRORIST can be the excuse to do anything one desires –even murder the innocent.

Din Rodef Means Death

The nation of Israel has been struggling for the past decades as to who or what it is. The original dream of Israel was to be a symbol in the Middle East of a democratic society in which people of all religions could live in peace and harmony. Somehow,along the road to this goal religious extremists entered the picture and obtained power. It was a Jewish terrorist who murdered Israel Prime Minister Rabin, and it is Jewish gun men who use their power to deny rights to Muslims and Christian farmers and workers.

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner made clear the other day that anyone who quarrels with the chief rabbinate of Jerusalem is subject to din rode.That means in English, the right of true believers to resort to force to kill him. The state of Israel has now reached a point in which there are citizens claiming the right of murder for those who oppose religious leaders. What ever happened to the dream?

Why Do Muslims Go Off On Jihad?

Most people in the West are confused as to why young, frequently educated men and women give up their life in the West and head off to do the jihad dance. So, why engage in such dangerous activities?

1. The main attraction for people in the West is –how much money can I make?The modern heroes are this with huge wealth. Sorry, this is not exactly what Jesus believed.How can any intelligent Christian take pride in the embrace of wealth as the emblem of success.

2. Young people are seeking heroes. Just examine the 17 seeking the Republican nomination, not a single one is a hero. The same applies to young Muslims, is there a single Imam who stands out as a leader of peace?

3. The West has been transformed into a playground for the wealthy. How can a young person feel a sense of pride when told those who lack money are inferior humans?

4. There is simply no version of modern Islam that attracts a high percent of Muslims. What exactly does modern Islam offer the young?

5. All too many young Muslims believe they are trapped in a world that glorifies “things” rather than human values.

Put it this way, most Muslim terrorists are simply an Arab version of Donald Trump–hot and cliches to solve problems!