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Barack Had Second Term Balls!

The Republican party won the past election and they arrived in Washington D.C. expecting to run the place and pass their legislation. Most Republicans expected the dude from Africa to get out of their way and turn this nation over to the Koch Brothers. Alas, Republicans forgot that a second term president was not running again for that position and now enjoyed the position of telling one and all, “go fuck yourself!” The NEW Obama frankly does not give a damn about what Republicans seek as legislation and he will make their lives miserable. In one sense, it has become “pay back time” for the president who was constantly impeded in his desires to pass legislation. For the past six years Republicans have been able to block passage of laws, and now the president with his power of the veto is giving then a taste of their own medicine.

The sad aspect of the new Obama is that this attitude would have resulted in greater victories for Obama if only he had behaved in this approach six years ago instead of giving in to Wall Street fears and threats. He should have told Wall Street to go fuck itself and protected those in need rather than making the rich more wealthy.

Cuba Again In News

There is something rather strange occurring in the halls of Congress. On one hand, Marco Rubio, the son of those who fled the island of Cuba and Ted Cruz the Hispanic born in Canada seek to continue all restrictions on interactions with the evil folk who run Cuba. After all, if a policy that has been in place for seventy years has yet to bring about change in Cuba, who knows what will occur after another seventy years of doing nothing? A band of eight Republican and Democratic Senators are introducing legislation to dissolve restrictions on travel and trade with the Commies in Cuba. Why?

1. American farmers see a new place to sell their farm goods just off the shore of this nation.

2. American industrialists are confident they can sell and even build in Cuba. Consider the drop in costs for manufactures which are made a hundred miles away?

3. Young Cuban Americans want to have connections to their relatives on the island.

In the end, MONEY SPEAKS!

Mother Russia Demands Justice !

I assume those under the age of thirty have scant memories of the good old days when the Soviet Union existed and ruled over most of eastern Europe including the eastern region of Germany. That was the time when secret police in the “Democratic” part of Communist Germany made certain they knew what you thought or did twenty four hours of the day. In order to protect East Germans from the filth that was pouring out of West Germany they even constructed walls and fields of mines. Sergei Naryshkin who is a member of the Russian Duma is rather upset at criticism of his nation’s actions in Ukraine or Crimea. He, along with some other Duma folk, are demanding a new referendum in Germany since the unification of that nation took place without one. “Unlike the Crimea” in which there was a free vote supervised by the Russian army, the German people never had the opportunity to decide if they wanted to be united.

Sounds fair to me. Of course, the end result of such a vote would undoubtedly result in Vladimir Putin becoming head of Germany and providing those people of his wisdom and bravery. Then again, the people of the South in America never had a referendum to decide about becoming part of the Union. It was all done by force of arms.

St. Louis Police Blues

The city of St. Louis was among the key places where jazz began to become an important aspect of our culture. The city of St. Louis used to be the fifth largest city in America with a population of over 500,000 people. Today, this once key metropolis has about 220,000 and still declining in population. Oh, the city of St. Louis does own the distinction of always being either the first or third metropolitan area with the most murders, heck, one day St. Louis will surpass New York City in murders. In recent months, the area of St. Louis has been in the news due to the shooting in Ferguson which resides just at the tip of St. Louis city. The other day the city of St. Louis was discussing the possibility of creating a civilian-over sight board when things got testy. State Representative Jeff Roorda,who is also the business manager of the city police got into a shoving match and pushed a black lady who proceeded to shout, “you mother fucker white supremacist.” After than chaos reigned.

Mr. Roorda wears a wrist bracelet which honors Darren Wilson, the man who shot Michael Brown. Exactly what is the real problem in having an oversight board whose task is serving as an impartial body when police encounter problems with civilians? If the cop has nothing to hide, what is the big deal? Heck on Blue Bloods there is an over sight board and police continue to do their jobs! The task opt police is to PROTECT CIVILIANS!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


In older days I wore a white tee shirt under my shirt.

I dislike looking up to tall men because they are looking down on me.

Sometimes, to glance backward is to glance ahead.

One must accept with grace there are things that will NOT occur during one’s life time.

Some present a determined look approaching eating a bagel.

Ultimate triumph is to be true to self.

Some place hand in back pocket exiting an eating place.

One must never ration praise.

Some touch nose when sitting down.

I so enjoy stretching out my legs when seated.

From Gaza To Beirut?

The nation of Israel is currently engaged in an election to determine which political party will gain power. If there is one thing that inspires Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to flex his muscles is the advent of an election. After all, he saved Israel from the hordes of Muslim fanatics who were ready to swarm out of Gaza and take over Israel. A missile hit an Israel military vehicle near the border of Lebanon which definitely poses an immediate threat to the existence of the state of Israel. The prime minister issued a warning to one and all. “I suggest that all those who are challenging us on our northern border remember what happened in Gaza.” At least Bibi is clear about his intentions. There were hundreds of missiles fired from Gaza and that resulted in actions leaving over 2,000 Muslims dead and thousands of homes destroyed. So, what is the result of firing A missile?

We can expect some form of military action from Israel. This event allows Bibi to once again pose as the savior of Israel from some horrible end. Let me make clear that any nation has a right to defend itself against attacks. As of this moment, there is no danger in the north to the nation of Israel. The solution to war is the table of peace and talks and honest negotiation. THAT is the salvation of Israel!!

Kim Jong Un To Visit Russia

If your name is Vladimir Putin these are lonely days of sorrow. No visitors from the West, no one paying any attention to your words of wisdom. Sorry, that is not exactly accurate, if you reside in the modern Soviet Union, oops, sorry again. I meant in the land of Russia the words of wisdom flow from the lips of your great leader just about 24 hours a day. But, for some reason, this man of brilliance and ability is not recognized for his mental prowess else where in the world. OOPs, again. It now appears that the great and wise leader from North Korea, one Kim Jong-un will shortly be heading to Moscow in order to visit his budding friendship with his new buddy. We can expect the following to occur during the visit:

1. Kim Jong-un will be depicted shooting basketballs in order to prove that he is a great athlete.

2. This will necessitate Vladimir Putin to wrestle a bear or at least a monkey.

3. The two men will greet marching soldiers.

4. The two men will sign some document which promises dire things to occur to those in the United States of America.

5. They will eat a heck of a lot of food and drink until they are drunk. After all, they already are drunk with power.

In the end they will announce their friendship. I wonder if Kim Jong-un will get to observe his buddy’s men in Ukraine shooting innocent people?

Blizzard That Wasn’t

There are moments in modern times when I just shrug my head and wonder what has transformed people into frightened sheep who are consumed with fear. I was a seventeen year old boy when the famous blizzard of 1947 hit New York City. As the snow fell, my pop who had a small butcher shop sent me out to deliver orders for people, and there was no fear in his mind. A little snow, big deal, he was raised in the fields of Ukraine where snow fell quite heavily during the winter. As he snow continued falling until it had left 26.4 inches on the ground, most small businessmen were still working because they could not afford to close down the shop and flee to the safety of their tiny business. The mayor of New York City was not issuing bulletins of fear, we accepted the blizzard as simply an act of God that had to be endured because tomorrow we still had to eat.

So, the “experts”closed down the entire city of New York. No planes, no trains, no subway. Gee in 1947 the subway continued to function and people got around the city. There is something about the modern world of America which fears itself. There is no sense that ‘come on blizzard,” we will not fear your arrival. Doomsday is the current message of fear. Actually, FEAR is the operating word from our leaders. Just mention, 9/11 and people will accept just about any violation of their basic rights. There used to be giants in the land, today there are pygmies.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Shoveling Snow Slow Death”

I have a hunch shoveling Putin shit is more deadly.

Canada, Toronto Star: “School Board Is Rotten”

I guess they have to stand in the corner with dunce caps on head.

France, Connexion: “Ban Sale Of Coke To Teens”

You mean no more Coca Cola for the young ones?

UK, Guardian: “Sugar Price Fixing”

What a sweet story.

Australi, Canberra Times: “Doping Revelations”

Told by a real dope?

Trials And Tribulations Of Boehner

I did know that John Boehner was a member of the Republican party, and I did know that he ordinarily had a sad face which apparently disguised the pain of his early days on this planet. John informed the folks on Sixty Minutes that he is dead set against raising the minimum wage. He recounted the difficult days of his youth. “I had every known rotten job you can imagine gittin myself through school. I wouldn’t have a chance of half those jobs if the federal government had kept imposing higher minimum wages.” Gee, this is definitely a man who confronted poverty and won the battle without any aid and assistance from the Federal government. Unfortunately for John, these days there are fact checkers and this is what they discovered:

1. In 1965 the minimum wage was at its highest level in history.

2. During his years in college, the horrible, terrible job destroying federal government raised the minimum wage from $1.65 to $2.00 to $2.10 to $2.30 an hour.

Oh, John was forced to work in a “humbling job” such as construction!