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“So Help Me God”

A member of the United States Air Force has been informed that he must depart unless on his re-enlistment process he takes an oath of allegiance to the United States that includes the words, “so help me God.” It turns out the Air Force is the only branch of our armed forces that insists someone who does not believe in God must pledge allegiance to God or forsake belonging to the armed forces. A few years ago, there were reports from the Air Force Academy of efforts by religious folk to propagate their ideas among those in the Academy. What exactly does God have to do with being a loyal American is a mystery of life. Most reports indicate at the minimum about 10% of Americans are atheists in one way or another. Heck, at least thirty percent of Americans don’t belong to any religious group!

We insist that “God Is ON Our Side” when we go off to kill the “enemy.” We insist that God helped us win the bet or ensured that we had the winning hand in a poker game. Frankly, “so help me God” should only mean that I love my fellow humans, so help me God!

By the way, those who lead the US Air Force, ISIS believes that God is on their side, so help me God!

Wither Scotland?

This week the people of Scotland will decide whether or not they intend to remain part of the nation known to the world as, Great Britain. This arrangement has been in place for only 307 years so it is still in the process of working out any kinks. OK, Scots have fought in a few wars alongside the Brits in the South. OK, Scots receive billions of pounds from the guys and gals in the South. OK, so Scots have pledged allegiance to British monarchs for a few hundred years. But, for some strange reason a lot of Scots have now decided it is time to split and run. A few economists have noted that leaving Great Britain leaves Scotland without a national currency, without membership in the European Union, and without access to that wonderful health care system.

I assume since we Americans have the Tea Party, it stands to reason that Scot folk have their own version. Stand alone against the world is the motto of those seeking independence for Scotland. A great motto. Sounds very brave and noble. But, there is always Monday morning reality. I find interesting that in the 21st century there is increasing evidence of breaking into smaller units. Heck, the people of Texas want to be independent, and able to handle immigrants their own way-blast away!

Have the Scots thought of joining with Texas as part of a new nation?

Israel Says No To New Zealand Ambassador

The government of Israel decided to offer some advice to the government of New Zealand about how to conduct its foreign policy. The New Zealand government decided that its ambassador to Israel would also do two things at once. He would handle relations both with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The Israel Foreign Office made clear, “Israel refuses to accept as an Ambassador a person who was also a representative to the Palestinian Authority.” In other words, from now on the government of Israel decides who an ambassador to their nation talks with or negotiates with. A rather interesting concept. I assume this works both ways. I assume the Israel ambassador to New Zealand only speaks with people in that nation who pass some sort of loyalty test by the New Zealand government.

The most interesting aspect of this story is that New Zealand’s ambassador to Israel is stationed in Ankara in Turkey. And, he speaks with Palestinians. Perhaps, in this role he might assist Israel to engage in discussions with Palestinians? Just another strange and interesting story from the Middle East!

Return To Iraq?

The President of the United States of America will explain this evening a strategy for handling ISIS. Yes, the President DOES have a strategy. Yes, this strategy entails use of bombing and waging war against terrorists. Believe it or not, but President Obama was seen in the same picture with House of Representative Republican leader, John Boehner! John told the president he had sufficient power in his role as chief executive to bomb away in Iraq. We can expect President Obama to unleash the fire power of our planes and missiles upon the men of ISIS. I have no doubt these men will shortly be jumping for joy as bombs come down upon them. Jus think about it. An American president is ensuring that these brave warriors will shortly get to Heaven! I assume the boys of the desert will now be happy with their virgins.

The good news is that Dick Cheney is back on the scene. He met with House Republicans to urge them to get off their butts and support action in Iraq. Obviously, this is a man with considerable experience in Iraq, and therefore knows what must be done. He does want troops on the ground in order to replicate his brilliant strategy for the Iraqi people. Kill the leader of ISIS and prevent ISIS troops from landing in New York City!

Mega Church Pastor Discusses Penis

It is not very often that I pick up my newspaper and discover that some minister of God explains God in ways that I never considered. Martin Driscoll is a minister of God, and decided to use the social media in order to make clear to we men how and why we should make use of the penis. You know, that piece of your body that hangs down in front. For some reason, Martin thought it necessary to employ the name of William Wallace in order to explain why God created the penis for men. In all honesty, I DO know that I possess a penis, I do know that this piece of my body exudes water throughout the day. I always thought the water was there to assist me in putting out fires. But, listen to the pastor explain this piece of my anatomy:

“The first thing about your penis is, despite the way it might seem, it is not your penis ultimately. God created you and it is his penis.” This penis needs a home, and Pastor Driscoll made me understand something that I never knew. Believe it or not, a woman’s body does NOT have a penis, but it has a place which would enable my penis to find a home. Gee, after all these years, I finally understand. Get the penis home!

Pastor Driscoll’s advice did not register with his congregation and dozens are leaving. I am shocked. How many pastors in American churches take the time to explain the penis?


Every so often I encounter the same story only it comes from a different location in the world. Invariably, the story describes how some teen age girl was murdered by relatives, and her parents most likely joined in the violence. There was a 15 year old girl living in a small village in Turkey, and one day her cousins got drunk, and having nothing better to do that day, raped her. Naturally, and I do mean, naturally, relatives were upset. OH, they were not upset at the rape, after all, boys must be boys. The grandmother, the grandfather, three aunts, four cousins, and dear old mom and dad, decided this girl lacked moral values. After all, she allowed herself to be brutalized by her male cousins. So, one of the boys got drunk, and then proceeded to strangle his female cousin.

After a few years, the story emerged and a Turkish court now is trying the case against the entire family structure. For some strange reason, the government does not agree that murdering a young girl is OK. There is no doubt in my mind, this same story will reappear, not in Turkey? Then in some other rural area in the Middle East, Africa or Asia.

I just do not understand these people. Does anyone?


We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Politician Is Hot Thinker”

I would wait until he cools off a bit.

Canada, Toronto Star: “One Mean Bunch”

Congressional Republicans are NEVER mean to the wealthy!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Global Mission”

Vladimir wants the world to see him bare chested!

USA, aol: “Woman Bites Cop And Dies”

At least she wasn’t beaten to death!

Australia, Canberra Times: “Doctor Forgot To Diagnose Cancer”

No one is perfect. Isn’t it about time patients did some thinking?

Barack On Offense!

President Barack Obama is going to give a speech this Wednesday evening in which American foreign policy toward terrorist groups will be discussed. Believe it or not, but Barack finally has decided to invite Republican leaders, and a wide variety of foreign policy experts to the White House so that he can hear differing views. This blog has been urging such gathering for years, but whoever Barack Obama relies on for foreign policy advice, the idea of coming across as aggressive in world affairs has not been characteristic of this administration. Instead, we have been treated to comments about “I have yet to work out a strategy.” There are many good things to be said about the Obama administration, but forceful thinking about foreign affairs is not one of them.

Ed Royce, Republican Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, praised the president’s action. Boy, this must be a first, a Republican with nice things to be said about Obama! However, Royce made clear he “wants a plan that brings our allies on board.” I assume that is the new plan. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein praised the President for “going on the offense.” I assume that five years into a presidency is just about the right time to go on the offense.

Kill Gay Mosquitos!

There is a country in Africa whose name is Gambia. There is a country in Africa named Gambia which is ruled by a man named, Yahya Jammin. There is a country in Africa in which most people believe that anyone who is gay or lesbian is not really a human being. There is a country in Africa which decided a hundred years ago or so to accept the ideas of Christianity. There is a country in Africa which has received money and assistance from American Christian leaders who hate gays and lesbians, and want to make certain that Gambians share their “Christian values.” There is a country in Africa named Gambia which has passed laws that define the act of homosexuality as “aggravated homosexuality” and thus the person acting in this manner can spend life in prison.

The President is an autocrat who believes that his words of wisdom are truly words of wisdom. He made clear to people of the nation, “we will fight this vermin called homosexuals or gays the same way we use in fighting vermin causing mosquitos, it not more aggressively.” He is simply the product of Christianity which came from America and continues to receive support from American Christian leaders.

Ray Price And Work And Privacy

The suspension for football player, Ray Price, for hitting his girl friend is being hailed by supporters of women rights as a needed action. Ray Price plays for the Baltimore Ravens, and there are now several pictures which depict him punching a girl friend, including one while on an elevator. There is no question this young man is a bully, an abuser of women, and a piece of shit. Given that, the decision to forbid him to play football raises questions. Oh, his team told him, goodbye, and the NFL said he was forbidden to play football for any team this year, and perhaps, forever. In other words, I am a jerk, I am an abuser of women, and my work life is ended.

I can just see the day when Hobby Lobby which believes the government does not have the right to force me to provide health insurance for women employees decides their religious principles compel them to fire workers who have abortions. I can just see Hobby Lobby going to the Supreme Court arguing that if an employee does harm to their body, that violates company policy, and thus they should be fired. The Ray Price decision opens the proverbial barn door. An employer does not have the right to decide what I do in my private life. Ray Price violated several laws, and should be placed on trial for those actions. But, allow a business to decide what is right or wrong in my private life is a threat to privacy. Sorry liberals, accept the firing of Ray Price, and one day you will gather the consequences of empowering business to decide what employees can or can not do!