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Chicago Tribune Idiot Of Day

I ordinarily each day have to endure the stupidity of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, but every so often he allows some senile old Jewish gentleman named Ron Grossman to offer his stupidity of the day. Yesterday, Mr. Grossman wrote: “Donald Trump has single-handedly transformed the Republican Party from a champion of big business to a voice for the white working class.” Of course, there are some other groups who belong in the “working class” such as blacks, or Hispanics or Asians. But, to Mr. Grossman, Donald is the voice of workers!

Donald Trump wants to ensure that “workers who have been paying taxes do not have to pay a tax when they die.” WOW, what a brilliant statement in support of workers! Of course, prior to any Trump plan, 99.9% of workers do NOT pay a death tax. Only one percent of Americans pay this tax. Of course, according to the Trump plan, his family would save millions if he dropped dead tomorrow.

White workers, ALL workers, need higher wages. But, Donald, opposes raising the minimum wage. ALL workers need day care, but Donald never mentions this issue. ALL workers have children who need student debt relief, but Donald never mentions this. Of course, Donald wants to bring back “high paying jobs from China.” Mrs. Zang just took a  position in Washington D.C. for a Chinese news agency. She noted to an American colleague: “why do Americans want to bring back jobs from China, they are all low paying jobs!”

P.S. Oh,Mr.Grossman, the US also EXPORTS GOODS. Place high tariffs on incoming goods,and there will be high tariffs on our exports.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Good lord! Donald actually read from a script!

Someone in the Trump camp should make Donald end those facial expressions, hardly presidential.

I assume Ted Cruz is delighted with the current presidential campaign.

For Republicans, when desiring to frighten Americans, they just shout: LAW AND ORDER!

Reality for the world, as ISIS collapses in the Middle East, it is left with the need to carry out attacks in cities of the Western world.

Is Mike Pence in this election, never hear from him.

I bet John McCain prays for the defeat of Donald Trump.

ISIS Is Shrinking

Donald Trump and Republicans continue to demand the end of ISIS. So, what is the reality about ISIS. So far, ISIS has lost 40% of the area in Iraq it once controlled. It has been driven from Fallujah, and it has lost areas in Syria. Last week, the last stronghold in Libya, Sirte, was taken by anti-ISIS forces. Only remnants of ISIS soldiers are left in Libya.

But, the key fight is in Iraq. ISIS continues to control the major city of Mosul. However, Kurdish forces and the Iraq army are moving on this city. Kirkuk, which is close to Mosul is now witnessing hundreds of people who once accepted ISIS moving out of the city. Some are telling observers they would quickly accept amnesty from the Iraq government since they no longer believe that ISIS benefits them in any way. They report that ISIS soldiers are now selling goods they once seized from inhabitants such as stoves or record players or kitchen implements.

ISIS will lost Mosul by the early months of 2017 which means, in effect, they no longer have a presence in Iraq. So Donald, what is it that you want to do?

Continue Email Story

The Republican party continues to focus on the infamous email story they expect will result in the end of Hillary Clinton. Actually, the email saga is the best news that Hillary Clinton can get. For example:

Republicans want to get across the issue that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy.

Most Americans agree with that idea.

However, more Americans believe that Donald Trump is even less trustworthy.

So, while Hillary Clinton talks about higher taxes on the wealthy, and tuition aid to students, and daycare, Donald talks about emails. Donald, the vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of emails, they want someone to offer plans to aid them. Emails and ‘law and order’ do not put money in my paycheck, it does not help my kid who is in college. So, continue talking and yelling about emails.

Donald Trump is the best pro-Hillary person in America!

The Art Of The Deal

Donald Trump  so enjoys noting that “his”book, The Art of the Deal has been a  best seller for years. In this book, he demonstrates his mastery of business, and can guarantee that anyone  who reads this brilliant piece of scholarship will, almost instantly, become successful in business, and in  life. Who knows, you men might wind up with three beautiful wives,and at least one hundred law suits filed by angry, losers who do not enjoy being  a loser.

Tony Schwartz in an article last month in The New Yorker revealed that Donald Trump did not write The Art of the Deal. Mr. Schwartz had written an article which described Trump as ” a ham-fisted thug who had not been successful in  evicting rent-controlled tenants.” Ordinarily, a person described in such tones would be furious, but not Donald. He called Schwartz and asked if he would ghost write a book, that book was The Art of the Deal. Proof that he had a ghost writer? Ordinarily, a ghost writer receives 10% of royalties, Mr.Schwartz received 50%.

Tony writes: “I genuinely believe if Trump wins  and gets the nuclear codes,there is an excellent possibility  it will lead to the end of civilization.”

Donald Is Upset–Again–Always

As you recall, for over one  year, Donald Trump was given extensive access to the media. He was allowed to say whatever came into his mind. Some estimate that he received nearly two billion dollars of free advertising. We all recall those endless “debates” that allowed him to display his prowess over the likes of Ben Carson and hapless Jeb Bush. So, now that polls indicate the Donald man is headed for a disaster, who is the cause of this oncoming calamity?

“I’m not running against Crooked Hillary, I’m running against the crooked media.” If the media was fair, then when Donald says something, they would report it and NOT engage in fact-checking. Donald does not believe the media should engage in partisan activities such as fact check what he says. After all, he does not read newspaper columns and then fact check what is written. So, why, does the Crooked media,the Biased media, continue to check  what he says!

Oh, Politfact reports that 95% of sites that checked Trump found 158 fact-checks of Trump were false. See, who told them to fact check? Donald did not!

Brazilian Boo Babies

Each four years, I take some time, and spend hours watching the Olympics. I have spent my entire 85 years of life actively engaged in sports. Sports teaches one basic lesson– you win some, and you lose some. So, if you lose, check what you are doing, make changes and move on to victory. But, under no conditions do you blame cheating or describe your opponents as lousy people.

Alas, Brazilian fans just have not got the message. The Olympic games are turning out wonderful, but some fans are not. Olympic spokesperson, Marco Andrada explained concerns of the Olympic organizers.  “We plan to intensify our  dialogue with Brazilians fans to make sure they behave as fans in a proper and elegant manner. We are paying  very much attention to the fact that booing is not the right thing to do. ”

Brazil is doing OK, so fans, just relax.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I gather that Donald Trump will go to Russia where none can question the leader.

Police might consider the following rule, “think once before shooting.”

It must be difficult for Donald Trump to be losing to Crooked Hillary, what has happened to fairness in this world?

According to Republicans, freedom of the press means no one is allowed to write the “wrong things.”

Sorry, but I still fear the power of the gun will play a role in this election.

Each day another Republican finds religion.

I bet Jeb Bush is beside himself with joy. Finally, the bully is getting beaten.

Say, whatever happened to Marco Rubio, still seeking a bottle of water?

For some reason, Ben Carson no longer is in the news, I guess he is too busy selling his books.

Donald Upset At Media

In life, when someone provides help, money, and popularity, then one should be happy,but for Donald Trump, whenever things get bad for him, there is only one resort, blame others for mistakes. Consider what Donald Trump is now confronting. His poll numbers are not very good, so who is to blame? Naturally, in the Trump world, it is the media. Of course, it was the media that created the thing we term, Donald Trump. It is estimated that he received over two billion dollars worth of free publicity, but, Donald is not one to gaze inside the self, he always  gazes outside.

According to Donald Trump, “it is not freedom of the press when  newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even it is completely false.” The only solution in the Trump world, is to allow him to sue the hell out of anyone who dares write something about him, without first getting permission to write it. Unfortunately for Donald, his buddy, Vladimir Putin in Russia is able to close down newspapers that write nasty things about  him. If only Donald was a petty dictator, alas for the unfair situation he encounters, people CAN write bad things about him, and not go to jail!

Another Shooting In Milwaukee

The scenario is always the same. A traffic stop, a black skinned male walking the streets with a “suspicious” appearance,, a kid playing with a toy  gun,a black male who was selling someone without a permit, whatever, wherever, why ever, the end result is the same.Two days ago in Milwaukee, 23 year old Sylville K. Smith (now,that is one suspicious name, imagine someone walking the streets claiming his name was, Smith) was halted for a traffic violation. Raise your hand is at one point in time you were halted for a traffic violation. Raise your hand if a cop shot you for the traffic violation.

Anyway, Mr. Smith, for one reason or another, ran, and that initiated a conflict in which police blasted away. Police insist that Mr. Smith was carrying a gun. OK, but, as of this moment, there is no evidence the gun was fired. For some reason a police officer felt “threatened” by a man whose back was toward him. So, he fired his gun,and Mr. Smith is dead. So, are businesses and homes that were destroyed in the ensuing  riots. Each time there is a riot, innocent people wind up having their home or business destroyed.

So, how does this calm down?Step one is to use guns as the LAST WEAPON OF USE.