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Libyans Think To Be In Libya

The good news is that British armed forces are attempting to train soldiers from Libya about the manner in which soldiers engaged in battle are expected to conduct themselves. The bad news is that Libyan troops are being trained in England on how to perform on a battlefield. A contingent of Libyan soldiers were sent to Bassingburn in Cambridge and placed with British troops who were attempting to teach them how a modern armed force operates on fields of war. The Libyan soldiers became confused and thought they were back in dear old Libya. When they went to town, these men proceeded to grop women on the streets and even assaulted a few females just like they do every day back in good old Libya. Naturally, British officials were infuriated and those soldiers were returned to Libya, post haste.

At some point the manner in which women are treated in some Muslim nations must change. Despite all Muslim cries about how Western women are too loose, the real problem is that too many Muslim men in the Middle East are too loose. From now on when any Libyan soldiers in England go to town, they will be accompanied by British soldiers. And, women head in the other direction.

Black Russians Not Welcomed

The nation of Russia extends for over six thousand miles from the steppes of Europe to the wilds of Asia. Within its borders are people of very diverse backgrounds including millions of Muslims as well as a huge Christian population. The people of Russia have a great love of the game known as football, the one which we Americans term to be, soccer. A soccer player from Cameron has been living in Moscow, and is considered an outstanding player. The head coach of an important Russian soccer team was asked by reporters if he was going to sign Benoit Angbeva to the team. He responded: “We already have six black players, do you want me to get a seventh?”

His comment aroused anger in the British press which led Mr. Gamulin to respond: “Angbeva just lives here. The British press just doesn’t understand Russian humor.” Yes, they do not understand that Russians are notorious for regarding blacks as inferior. In the! old days of the Soviet Union when thousands were brought to Russia for an education they walked the streets encountering daily slurs about their “monkey sin.” Welcome to Mother Russia, as long as you are white


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “We Are Tops When It Comes To Corruption”

Sorry, we in America have the Koch brothers, try topping them!

Sweden, Local: “Your Number Is Up”

I believe this pertains to President Obama and his failed leadership.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Dog Acquitted”

it was the cat!

USA, Newsday: “Cop Testifies On Flushing The Toilet”

Sounds like a lot of crap to me.

UK Guardian: “Day At The Races”

Ah, to just watch horses run instead of these jackasses running for office!

Great News! Only One More Night Of Ads!!

The only good news about this election is that it will be over on television after tonight. I so enjoy watching the ad that informs me that person X is the worst individual in human history only to have this information followed by an ad that insists person Y is really the most cruel and savage individual since the death of Adolf Hitler. My mind spins with hearing allegations and claims and visual images about the evil people running for public office. In just about all cases, the image of the evil one is encased in shadows and darkness because how else to get across the concept of evil. In all honesty, I have not seen a visual image that depicts the bad person as Dracula. I can state with certainty that no one has been presented as a person who devours children for dinner. Of course, interwoven within these ads is the face and voice of the “wife” who testifies with an earnest face and voice that her husband is the best thing on this planet since the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Jus think what this nation could do with the billions spent on this travesty of words? Of course, these barrage was for electing members of Congress, just imagine what the Koch brothers have in store for us in 2016! I would vote for the candidate who simply says that he will not say a negative word about his opponent but just concentrate on his ideas!

The Loss Of Words

Each day I spend at least an hour sitting in a coffee shop or fast food establishment observing the human condition. I watch little children playing with mechanical objects as they run fingers over them. This performance is conducted by a single person whose entire concentration is upon the piece of equipment in his or her possession. No words are uttered, they just sit playing with their hands. I was born during the Depression when we lacked access to most manufactured toys so a considerable amount of time was devoted to just talking with one another. Any night one could observe boys and girls on the street corner exchanging words and arguing about sports, movies, politics or members of the opposite sex. We played with words because words were a major source of entertainment and joy. We listened to people who spoke because a speech was simply another opportunity to enjoy the sound of words being uttered.

In my youth those who never graduated from high school had an amazing command of the English language. One used words in order to prove that one had intelligence. One used words in order to demonstrate an ability to entertain friends and enemies. Today’s youth lack this capacity to play with words. They have become prisoners of “things.” Sorry, Facebook or twitter are different from standing on a street corner and playing with words. We even had a game of words, it was termed, “the dozens.” In this game, one person became the “victim.” Each person in the group had to direct an insult to the victim, he had to respond with a witty insult back to the comment. One learned how to gain command of the English language and to avoid physical violence with your mouth.

Ah, for a night on the street corner with word games!

More Death In Pakistan

I have spent the past few months reading historical works about World War I and the slaughter of over twenty million people. Unlike Bill Maher who believes there is something special about the Muslim religion which leads to ongoing murders and brutality, it is clear to me that no religion has a monopoly on killing the innocent. After all, it was Christians who killed twenty million in World War I and Christians who killed thirty five million in World War II. I hate to inform Bill, but the murderers were from the Christian nation of Germany. I leave out the twenty million murdered in China by people who were not Muslims. So, yesterday the murder parade continued in Pakistan. A young member of the Taliban went to a ceremony at the border of Pakistan and India, and decided to just blow himself up. At least 55 men, women and children died and another 200 were wounded. Heck they has just come to witness at the Wagah crossing into India a performance by Pakistan Rangers.

It is difficult these days to write a blog without reporting death of the innocent. In Africa, both Muslims and Christians are killing one another in west Africa. Here in America the crazies are going to take over our government. What is that about the “advance of civilization?”

Death In Iraq Continues

Another day in Iraq, and another day of death and destruction for members of the Muslim religion. Another day in Iraq, and another day in which foreign jihadists clamor to offer their bodies in the quest to drive out those who oppose the Muslim religion. I sometimes wonder how any person who believes in the Muslim religion can offer his or her services to those who murder fellow Muslims. ISIS has been focusing t he past few days, not on killing Kurds or western forces but on murdering fellow SUNNI Muslims who live in the village of al Bunmir. Over the past two weeks, ISIS soldiers have murdered at least 322 Muslims including men, women and children. The latest episode of this tragedy is lining up 50 men, women and children, shooting them and then dumping their bodies in a well.

I would so enjoy taking with a jihadist and allow him or her to explain why these innocent MUSLIMS must be murdered. Heck, they are not Shiite, but fellow Kurds! This is simple madness. The Muslims who adhere to ISIS have lost any sense of what being a Muslim entails. I DO understand the desire to kill Westerners who have entered their land, but how does one justify murdering fellow Muslims?? I leave it to God to figure this one out.

Republicans Invented Progressivism

wasahAmong the ironies in modern America is that the word and the ideas of PROGRESSIVISM was invented by the Republican Party. Senator Robert Follette, a Republican from the state of Wisconsin during the early 1900s was searching for a word that would explain the ideas of modern Republicans and hit upon the word, Progressive. Of course in 1912, the great Republican leader, Theodore Roosevelt ran for the presidency as the leader of the Progressive Party. Who were the enemies of Follette and Roosevelt? None other than wealthy Republican businessmen and bankers! It was the Republican party which in introduced the idea of an income tax(Lincoln brought in the original income tax during the Civil War) and Theodore Roosevelt championed this idea in the election of 1912. It was the Republican party which fought to break up monopolies and to regulate them. It was the Republican party which wanted to extend the right to vote, including direct elections of US Senators.

I might also add that it was the Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who supported the defendants in Brown vs Board of Education that ended segregation in American schools. He also ended segregation in Washington D.C. So, what has happened to the Republican party over the past thirty years? d

Days Of Doom Await America

Just about every polling organization reports a surge for members of the Republican party and they will gain control over both houses of our legislature. For some reason, those who inhabit this country are convinced they are living through bad times which are the result of actions by the President and the Democratic Party. Let’s look at the record:

1. We did not experience another Depression, one that originally was created by actions of the Republican party.

2. Obama inherited an unemployment rate of 10%, and today it is closer to 6%.

3. Over fifty million Americans lacked any form of health insurance, and now at least seven million of that group have health care.

4. A few laws have been passed to control Wall Street, not enough, but at least a beginning.

5. Our troops are no longer in Iraq in fighting roles, now only in supportive roles.

6. We soon will be out of Afghanistan.

So, what went wrong?

1. President Obama has failed as a communicator of good news.

2. President Obama has failed in the role of providing Americans with a sense that he is a leader.

3. President Obama has bungled simple issues and transformed them into major “disasters.” Example, the Ebola event. This is a simple case of a disease, and his bungling approach has transformed a non-event into a major disaster.

In other words, blame it on the man from Illinois, and I don’t mean Abraham Lincoln!

Eric Frein, Another Nut Case

I do not have a single doubt that within a year, conservatives in America will be composing songs about the gallant fight of Eric Frein who stood alone in the hills of Pennsylvania fighting his lonely battle against oppressive BIG GOVERNMENT. The elusive Mr. Frein murdered a member of the police, you know, one of those agents who descend from black helicopters seeking to bang down our doors in the quest by Big GOVERNMENT to take away our sacred liberties. Who does not believe that Frein will now be the hero of the National Rifle Association, he is now THE man who fought Big Government. OK, so some police died along the road of his fight for liberty and social justice. It is no mystery that this nation contains men and women who believe they are living in the days of Revolutionary America when decent man took up arms against the oppressive Big Government of England.

He has been captured. He will go on trial. The NRA will be selling pictures of their new hero. Men and women will be wearing tee shirts with his face on them. Welcome to the new hero of America–ERIC FREIN! how did this nation come to the point when a murderer who killed police is now a hero??