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We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I wonder if one has to sholve snow in heaven.

Girl with black boots must attract attention.

Some place drink to right of computer, some to left.

I wonder if it snows on all planets?

Hopefully, Americans have a Rendevous with Reality.

Americans devote enormous amounts of time fearing things that will not happen.

If you seek happiness, avoid being anti-gay.

To face Death calmly is to believe in life.

There is no such thing as a surplus of Love.

There IS such a thing as too much Hate.

On Yom Kippur Jews shout, “to the next year in Jerusalem. Republicans shout, ” to the next year with more wealth for the wealthy!”

Police With Itchy Fingers.

It is rare these days to fail encountering a story about a policeman who felt threatened and had to arrest someone or point his weapon in their direction. Cecily McMillan is a woman with passion. She was involved in the Occupy Wall Street episode in which angry words were exchanged between occupiers and defenders of Wall Street. The other day Cecily was on the New York City subway when she noted a cop hassling a man who he claimed had failed to pay the fare. There is no doubt, this is a serious crime, and if immediate steps are not taken the entire subway system will collapse.

Naturally, being an Occupy Wall Street person, what else could Cecily do but intervene to protest the arrest. Officer Luis Castillo became alarmed. NO, he became frightened when this unarmed girl muttered angry words toward him. He claims, she disagrees, that she threatened his life and that of his family. What else could he do but arrest this threat to the security of New York City.

Have police ever considered ignoring some comments? That would save taxpayer money!

Putin Bucket List

The Moscow Times produced a Bucket List for Vladimir Putin:

1. Fly a jet plane.

2. Pet a tiger.

3. Dive for ancient treasures.

4. Ride a Harley

5. Be on T-shirts.

6. Start a war.

7. Win a war.

8. Crush all enemies.

9. Be on cover of Time Magazine.

10. Get a pony.

Let me add a few more.

1. Have Christ descend and appoint him Pope of the world.

2. Swim the English Channel.

3. Have Barack Obama on bended knees beg forgiveness.

4. Secretly enjoy a night with a gay man.

5. Be loved by all!!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Police Officers In Brawl”

I assume they were arguing over who gets the bribe.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Climate Change Makes Hayfever Common”


UK, Guardian: “Bishop Burqa Order”

Asking nuns to wear them??

France, Connexion: “Summer Road Deaths Down”

Not to worry, winter figures will go up!

Sweden, Local: “Suffer From Sexomania”

Please tell me how to catch this disease!

Bill Maher Charged As Racist!

It is not usual for anyone to term the famous liberal fighting Bill Maher as anything other than a champion of the oppressed. He has a reputation for attacking bigots, he enjoys mocking the right wing conservative religious fanatics in America, so it was shocking during his recent Friday night show to have guest Ben Affleck deride Bill’s comments about Muslims as simply an example of “gross, racist and disgusting” observations on the Muslim religion. However, Bill insisted that his remarks were simply the words of a liberal who was defending rights of people to live in a free society.

The Bill Maher words that angered Affleck were: “Freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion you want without fear of violence, freedom to leave a religion, equality for women, equality for minorities, equality for homosexuals, you try saying that in a Muslim world.” To be honest, these comments DO reflect what is happening within many Muslim societies. Of course, it is NOT happening among Muslims in many nations such as Indonesia or among Muslims in western nations or India. Of course, any generality opens the door for a response about hatred toward Muslims in Christian African nations.

What Bill did not note is that twenty years ago, Christians lived in peace within Iraq or Egypt or Syria. Something has happened during the past ten years to unleash this hatred. Did the United States play a role in this switch, that is a question?

Wahabbi Is The Problem!

ISIS continues on its murderous path, in Afghanistan, the Taliban are still alive and murdering people, but few Americans understand the force behind these killing groups is none other than our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia. The Taliban was originally created by the Pakistan secret intelligence working with vast amounts of money furnished by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government is committed to the principles of the Wahabbi sect of the Muslim religion. Wahabbi imams preach the doctrine that all Western ideas are anti-Muslim, and it is the duty of a Muslim to murder these evil forces. The original young men who formed the Taliban had been educated in madrassa schools funded by Saudi Arabia. They were indoctrinated to fight all forms of Western thought and institutions.

Remember, that in 2014 women still cannot drive a car in Saudi Arabia. Bad people have their heads chopped off in Saudi Arabia. Any form of Christian worship is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Children are taught that Western ideas are those who hate the Muslim religion. Saudi money continues to fund ISIS and other such groups. On one hand, we ask the Saudi government to aid in the fight against ISIS even though this group is being funded by Saudis! America must insist that Saudi Arabia cease any aid to fanatical Muslim groups.

The Saudi government had better remember that if ISIS enters their land, the first to have heads chopped off are leaders of Saudi Arabia!!

Kim Jong Un Is Unseen

I realize that many Americans are worried about Ebola or ISIS chopping off heads, but for some reason, no one on Fox News these days is paying attention to events in North Korea. OH, remember, North Korea, a few months ago this nation was frightening Americans who feared atomic bombs zooming over the Pacific Ocean. North and South Korea will be meeting during the coming weeks, and actually discussing issues of concern. But, a new mystery has emerged–what has happened to the Great Leader, Kim Jong-un? Recent pictures showed a small pudgy man who sort of limped his way around. There has not been an announcement from the North Korean press in weeks about a new medical or scientific discovery by the wise leader of humankind. He sort of disappeared from the public view.

1. Perhaps, he is now a water boy for an NBA team so he can pursue his quest to become a great basketball player.

2. Perhaps, he is swimming across the Pacific Ocean to prove his physical prowess.

3. Perhaps, he got confused when trying to fire a rifle and wound up shooting himself.

4. Perhaps, he had a heart attack trying to get it up while having sex?

Of course, there is always good news for North Koreans if there is no news from the small pudgy guy!

Bomb And Chop

The actions of ISIS cause confusion among those in America who believe that wars contain rules of behavior. ISIS insists that chopping off the heads of innocent people is a logical result of bombs falling on their warriors in the field of action. For an ISIS soldier, murdering the innocent is allowed by God who for some reason only prefers certain humans over other humans. We who inhabit civilized societies are horrified at such behavior. Unfortunately for those who will be brutally murdered, killing the innocent is simply how we humans have always behaved. It was just sixty years ago that the most educated and among the most “civilized” societies brutally gassed and murdered babies. Nazi Germany was a Christian nation. Of course, the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin murdered an estimated twenty million. Then, of course, there was China, led by Mao tse-tung who allowed at least twenty million to starve to death.

I am not excusing the brutal behavior of ISIS. As they chop off heads, over in Saudi Arabia they not only chop off heads, but arms. We are all HUMANS. As Humans we simply can not halt murder and killing and always ensuring that the innocent die. Within a few days, Peter Kassig, who was trying to help people in Syria will be murdered. As long as we humans prefer death to life, the innocent always will die. Such is the human condition!

Ebola Is Here, Scatter To Hills!

It was simply a matter of time before someone showed up some place in the United States of America with a case of Ebola. Personally, I think the Ebola case man is an employee of Fox News. Heck, it is the weekend, Jews are fasting for Yom Kippur, and there is need for some exiting event to assist those on Fox News to proclaim their brilliance on TV. I await stories of people fleeing to the Rocky Mountains where they have a cabin stocked with weapons of mass destruction that can blast away at the Ebola virus. As they huddle in fear, brave Fox News pundits utter warnings of dire things awaiting the American people. Naturally, the entire Ebola event was simply another example of Barack Obama’s incompetence as President. Examine the facts:

1. Barack Obama was born in Africa.

2. He was raised with Africans.

3. Ebola comes from Africa.

4. Barack Obama planned to have Ebola emerge in order to cover up the disaster of ObamaCare.

5. As Ebola takes over America, this means more patients for our health system.

The entire Ebola event is simply another Obama strategy to divert attention away from our crumbling economic system.

Barack Obama-Inept LEADER!

From day one of becoming President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has displayed an inability to get across to Americans that he actually is doing something correct. The man simply lacks political ability to explain when he is on the correct path. Latest economic figures reveal the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9%. and that 248,000 new jobs were created in September. How many Americans know about these figures? Since January 1 this year about 1.2 million fewer Americans are without work. The Affordable Care Act is working, but how many Americans know that it is? For some reason, Barack Obama simply lacks the ability to convey success. Instead, most Americans believe that he has failed at everything.

A President has several roles:

1. He is commander in chief of the armed forces.

2. He is the Chief Executive. In that role, he enforces law.

3. He is the chief legislator. It is his job to work with Congress getting new laws passed.

4. He is in charge of Foreign Policy.

5. He is an Educator who makes certain that Americans are kept informed.

6. He is leader of his Political Party and organizes them to pass laws.
7. He is the symbolic head of our nation.

Exactly how many of these roles has Barack Obama fulfilled? Heck, even Democrats say he never meets or discusses laws with them!