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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “We Don’t Deserve A Second Chance”

In America these days, most would simply like A Chance!

China, China Daily: “No One Is Above The Law”

Except those working for the NSA?

Egypt, Al Ahram: “Irrigation Commissioner Denounces Ethiopia On Dam”

Damn him!

USA, Washington Post: “A Boozy Affair”

These days I prefer Congressmen who are drunk to those who are sober.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Moralize About Fat People”

However, in Russia, better to be fat than gay!

Japan, Japan Times: “Spot 75 More Planets”

Don’t tell Putin, he will claim them for Mother Russia!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Defend Women Only Ad”

Is there something manly about this ad?

Perogatives Of Power

There are occasions when one must smile at charges from Dick Cheney about the Obama administration not standing up to terrorism. The only reason Dick and Don and George are not sitting in a jail cell is because Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to open the gates of secrecy and allow Americans entry into the black domain of torture and abuse of power by the former administration. England established the Chilcot Inquiry which has compelled even the former prime minister, Tony Blair, to testify under oath about the lies and misinformation that was fed people in the United Kingdom. Barack Obama should have established a bipartisan committee to investigate abuse of the Constitution, and abuse became legal.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is demanding access to documents dealing with torture and rendition of men charged with crimes to other countries where they were tortured. The White House refuses on grounds, “these documents p;retain to a previous administration..This is about precedent and the need institutionally to protect some of the prerogatives of the executive.” However, this is about CRIMINAL ACTIONS, it is not about what someone said. A crime must result in punishment or there is no law and order in a society.

After the disaster at Pearl Harbor, Congress examined all secret documents in order to identify if anyone was guilty of criminal neglect. Ditto need today.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I wonder if other animals think of death.

Humans prefer the worst to the best.

It is unclear,all too often, at the limits of a conversation.

Enjoy the day, it shortly will be night.

As a youth, I loved the daytime because I had a chance to play.

A headache always frightens me.

I am the guardian of my soul.

I often wonder what someone would steal from me.

Is it kosher to take a coffee cup from one McDonald’s to another?

No choice, just accept fate.

Some lean to right when walking, I do not.

In my childhood, no numbers in a restaurant, all were known to boss.

I prefer recalling the good to the bad of life.

To read is to take a trip in time.

Allow life to be your teacher.

Books have been my passport to distant climes.

I come from ancient peoples.

To forget who I am is to forget who I am.

God never spoke to me, but I speak with him.

Always go with the evidence.

American Conservatives For Conservatives.

The American Conservative Political Action Conference had a meeting and they invited a bunch of men who claimed to be ‘CONSERVATIVES” to offer their ideas on how Conservatives could win an election. Men like Marco Rubio and Chris Christie appeared and presented their ideas, they were met by polite applause and in some cases a few cheers. The man of the hour was Senator Rand Paul who stands for Freedom, Christ and the American way of life. Chris Christie made a valiant attempt to shift focus from his blunders about cars on the George Washington Bridge and yelled and shouted his hatred of President Obama but most in the audience had firm pictures of Chris and Barack surveying damage from a hurricane. In a dramatic shift of views, Conservatives are now for ending mandatory prison sentences and allowing people to smoke pot and they certainly want to end the surveillance government that they had placed in power under former conservative George Bush. Conservatives now stand for FREEDOM AND CHRISTIANITY.

They did take a poll. Rand Paul came in first with 31%, Ted Cruz came in second with 11%, third was good old black skinned Dr. Ben Carson who out does anyone when it comes to being a conservative, and then came Chris Christie with 8%. Last year’s darling, Marco Rubio who then received 23% now attained 6%.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some wear natural look of anger on face.

I wonder if there really was a FIRST human.

There are cracks of time through which our lives slip

We cannot escape our genetic heritage.

These are the days of daily nonsense.

Some lean on hand to speak.

For some, love is their captor.

A McDonald employee is allowed to rub the shoulder of an elderly woman.

Blacks and Hispanics do the dirty work of society.

Some think from guts, some are simply gutless.

Some place hand over mouth when talking.

I enjoy songs of the road.

I am a student of thinking.

Most are interested in responding to thinking rather than to thinking.

Study the patterns of life.

As we grow older we bend over more slowly.

Some shake head in doubt, some in agreement.

Long time since heard, “shake a leg.”


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Czech Republic, Prague Post: We Want To Be Free”

Words of Ukranians on this sad day.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Attack Pussy Riot Members”

How pussy of them.

Singapore, Singapore Times: “Sultan Brunei For Sharia Law”

Off with his head!

USA, aol: “*82% Of Dems For Hillary”

Today or in 2008?

UK, Guardian: “I Don’t Blame Police”

I WAS jay walking!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Teacher Masturbates For Students”

This is what we call hands on learning.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Will I Ever Be Normal?”

I live in Texas with abnormal people, so how can I?

Beghazi Caused Ukraine Crisis!

Thank God the American people have Senator Lindsay Graham keeping the cowardly President Obama under the telescope of scrutiny for his foreign policy failures. Senator Graham explained to the American people why there is conflict in the Ukraine and why President Putin is able to persecute opponents and homosexuals. The cause of the current crisis in Ukraine is rooted in failure upon the part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to protect our Ambassador in Libya, and after he was killed to track down the killers. “It started with Benghazi when you kill Americans and nobody pays a price, you invite this kind of aggression.” I sort of beg to differ with the senator because the root of the current Ukraine crisis lies with former President Dwight Eisenhower. In 1956 when brave Hungarians rose in rebellion against communist leaders, the cowardly Eisenhower stood by and did nothing.

Another example of how we got to the present occurred during the 1980s when MUSLIM TERRORISTS bombed a US Marine Barracks and the cowardly Ronald Reagan did NOTHING! I urge the senator to dig further into the origin of the Ukraine crisis, how about that Abraham Lincoln who started the Civil War??

Sexual Assault In The Military Needs Fixing

Those who have served in the United States armed forces are quite aware of how to engage in the act of an assault on an enemy position. Have your gun cocked and ready to fire at any time. Unfortunately, there are officers in the US military who fail to distinguish between cocking their gun(in Army lingo, your gun is your prick) and cocking a weapon of war. General Jeffrey Sinclair has been confronting issues raised at a court martial in which a female officer claimed he made a sexual assault on her and nothing was ever done about it. Poor General Sinclair is also charged with a variety of other crimes such as adultery and the possession of pornography. Superiors refused to punish him for sexual assault, but when it comes to really SERIOUS issues such as adultery or pornography, they are prepared to take action.

But, since there are some in the military who want to pursue the crime of sexual assault, General Sinclair has decided that reality is preferable to taking a chance someone might actually find a general guilty of forcing a female lieutenant to engage in sex. So, he has pleaded guilty to adultery and pornography. I assume he believes taking responsibility for a major crime gets him off the hook for the minor one of “sexual assault.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


We often become prisoners of what we know.

In any group there is a “take charge” person.

Fewer parades these days, we no longer celebrate wars.

Older folk listen carefully when child speaks.

Left alone, children will make do with life.

I wonder which were the common diseases for cro-magnons.

Our minds travel the road all alone.

Some have eyes on the ground, some toward the sky.

Some truths are fixed, some arrive in a split second.

Hatred only deserves a minute of our time.

Only humans engage in violence to end violence.

A King reigns, a president governs.

Words I dread, “rest in peace.”

I hate the last day of any vacation.

Sometimes the Emperor is really without clothes.

Sometimes the Emperor is really clothed.

I listen to advice.

The unknown is simply the known before being discovered.

Winter brings a frozen silence.

Saudi Woman Drive Hard Bargain

I find it comforting that among our allies in the fight to extend democracy in the world is the nation of Saudi Arabia. After all, when it comes to extending the benefits and joys of democracy to one and all, which nation other than Saudi Årabia deserves the award for leader in the struggle to attain equal rights?” A group of Saudi women are petitioning the government to extend a few rights to women. They are petitioning the Shura Council to allow women to have the following rights:

The right to get their own identify card without seeking permission of their “guardian.”
The right to walk outside the home without seeking permission of their “guardian.”
The right to work without seeking permission of their “guardian.”
The right to drive a car without seeking permission of their “guardian.”

They are asking the Shura Council(which does have three females on it) to end the tyranny of males over women. After all, it is the 21st century!

How about the right of females to leave a burning building without permission of their “guardian?”
Three years ago several females died because their school building was on fire and they did not have permission to take off their head scarves from their “guardian” so they died in the burning building!