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Kim Jong Un Is Unseen

I realize that many Americans are worried about Ebola or ISIS chopping off heads, but for some reason, no one on Fox News these days is paying attention to events in North Korea. OH, remember, North Korea, a few months ago this nation was frightening Americans who feared atomic bombs zooming over the Pacific Ocean. North and South Korea will be meeting during the coming weeks, and actually discussing issues of concern. But, a new mystery has emerged–what has happened to the Great Leader, Kim Jong-un? Recent pictures showed a small pudgy man who sort of limped his way around. There has not been an announcement from the North Korean press in weeks about a new medical or scientific discovery by the wise leader of humankind. He sort of disappeared from the public view.

1. Perhaps, he is now a water boy for an NBA team so he can pursue his quest to become a great basketball player.

2. Perhaps, he is swimming across the Pacific Ocean to prove his physical prowess.

3. Perhaps, he got confused when trying to fire a rifle and wound up shooting himself.

4. Perhaps, he had a heart attack trying to get it up while having sex?

Of course, there is always good news for North Koreans if there is no news from the small pudgy guy!

Bomb And Chop

The actions of ISIS cause confusion among those in America who believe that wars contain rules of behavior. ISIS insists that chopping off the heads of innocent people is a logical result of bombs falling on their warriors in the field of action. For an ISIS soldier, murdering the innocent is allowed by God who for some reason only prefers certain humans over other humans. We who inhabit civilized societies are horrified at such behavior. Unfortunately for those who will be brutally murdered, killing the innocent is simply how we humans have always behaved. It was just sixty years ago that the most educated and among the most “civilized” societies brutally gassed and murdered babies. Nazi Germany was a Christian nation. Of course, the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin murdered an estimated twenty million. Then, of course, there was China, led by Mao tse-tung who allowed at least twenty million to starve to death.

I am not excusing the brutal behavior of ISIS. As they chop off heads, over in Saudi Arabia they not only chop off heads, but arms. We are all HUMANS. As Humans we simply can not halt murder and killing and always ensuring that the innocent die. Within a few days, Peter Kassig, who was trying to help people in Syria will be murdered. As long as we humans prefer death to life, the innocent always will die. Such is the human condition!

Ebola Is Here, Scatter To Hills!

It was simply a matter of time before someone showed up some place in the United States of America with a case of Ebola. Personally, I think the Ebola case man is an employee of Fox News. Heck, it is the weekend, Jews are fasting for Yom Kippur, and there is need for some exiting event to assist those on Fox News to proclaim their brilliance on TV. I await stories of people fleeing to the Rocky Mountains where they have a cabin stocked with weapons of mass destruction that can blast away at the Ebola virus. As they huddle in fear, brave Fox News pundits utter warnings of dire things awaiting the American people. Naturally, the entire Ebola event was simply another example of Barack Obama’s incompetence as President. Examine the facts:

1. Barack Obama was born in Africa.

2. He was raised with Africans.

3. Ebola comes from Africa.

4. Barack Obama planned to have Ebola emerge in order to cover up the disaster of ObamaCare.

5. As Ebola takes over America, this means more patients for our health system.

The entire Ebola event is simply another Obama strategy to divert attention away from our crumbling economic system.

Barack Obama-Inept LEADER!

From day one of becoming President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has displayed an inability to get across to Americans that he actually is doing something correct. The man simply lacks political ability to explain when he is on the correct path. Latest economic figures reveal the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9%. and that 248,000 new jobs were created in September. How many Americans know about these figures? Since January 1 this year about 1.2 million fewer Americans are without work. The Affordable Care Act is working, but how many Americans know that it is? For some reason, Barack Obama simply lacks the ability to convey success. Instead, most Americans believe that he has failed at everything.

A President has several roles:

1. He is commander in chief of the armed forces.

2. He is the Chief Executive. In that role, he enforces law.

3. He is the chief legislator. It is his job to work with Congress getting new laws passed.

4. He is in charge of Foreign Policy.

5. He is an Educator who makes certain that Americans are kept informed.

6. He is leader of his Political Party and organizes them to pass laws.
7. He is the symbolic head of our nation.

Exactly how many of these roles has Barack Obama fulfilled? Heck, even Democrats say he never meets or discusses laws with them!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Deprived Of Justice”

USA, Aol: “Diner Drops Prayer Discount”

God, that is not good news!

France, Connexion: “Sue Over Release Of Balloons”

Boy, is this a case of hot air!

UK, Guardian: “Drug Cop Arrested”

By drug lords?

China, China Daily: “Would You Give Money To A Beggar”

Definitely not to someone begging for justice in China!

The “N” Word Leads To Murder

These are troubled times so it is relaxing to discuss an old fashioned murder in which two young people decided to murder the girl’s mother. Heather Mack, daughter of Sheila von Wiese-Mack was in a hotel room in Jakarta, Indonesia, along with her boyfriend, Tommy Shaeffer. According to Heather the following conversation ensued:

“My mother called Tommy a nigger and Tommy retorted saying ‘your husband was a nigger too. She said, ‘yes, but a rich one.” According to Heather, who currently is pregnant, her boyfriend picked up a fruit bowl and proceeded to slam it into the head of mom. The two young people went to the bathroom and cut up the body in order to stuff it into a suitcase. This suitcase was wheeled through the lobby into a taxi and they went to the airport. At this point they were discovered. I assume the defense will argue:

1. Sheila is pregnant. We can not allow a child to grow up without a mother.

2. Use of the ‘N” word against a black skinned person is grounds for killing someone.

3. They simply were trying to get mom home to Chicago, thus the suitcase.

I urge these young people to contact Oscar Pistorious if they want to avoid a death penalty.

Turkey: Playing With Fire!

Each day the guns of war draw closer and closer to the border of Turkey. Each day, thousands of people fleeing from the destructive force of President Assad as well as the mad Islamists reach and cross the border of Turkey. On one hand, the Turkish government is pleased that ISIS is killing Kurds since the destruction of Kurdish forces reduces their fears of the rise of an independent Kurdish state. At least ten percent of Turks are of Kurdish heritage, and they are considered to be a security risk by the Turkish government. So, the current game is destroying Kurds, and…..? The current, “and” is rise of Islamist fanatics who desire to take over the nation of Turkey and impose their brand of the Muslim religion.

The game may come across as an attractive alternative, but it poses incredible risks for Turkey as a society. At least 35% of Turks are moderate Muslims who fear any appearance of Islamist fanatics. President Recep Erdogan risks his nation’s security because he is gambling that ISIS can destroy Kurds, but leave Turkey alone. This is a risk.

Bobby Jindal: I Did Go To College

Governor bobby Jindal has led the fair state of Louisiana for several years, but he desires to perform on a much larger stage of politics. He attended a session with some Republican Conservatives who believe the world is only 12,000 years old. They are daily in contact with God who informs them it was his creation, and all humans derive from the original Adam and Eve. Bobby Jindal attended an Ivy League institution where he majored in Biology. You know,the course that teaches one about evolution of life forms, and other such outlandish ideas. Bobby was asked if he was one of those heretics who believe in the crazy idea of evolution. So, a man with a major in Biology had to confront a question concerning evolution. Bobby drew upon his vast college knowledge and responded: “I am not one of those evolutionary biologists!.” Naturally, these words were expressed with a straight face and there was not a sign of irony.

Two years ago, Bobby Jindal warned Republicans that we “cannot be the stupid party.” He argued it was time for Republicans to come up with modern ideas. Now, we know that among the modern ideas of Republicans is that Adam and Eve were the original humans. Another Republican groveling for recognition from Republican idiots!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, Washington Post: “America Is Shifting Right”

THAT, is the problem, not the solution.

Sweden, Local: “Feminists A Dark Force”

Much to the disappointment of Republicans.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Cops Steal Traffic Fines”

I assume they will be fined for this action.

France, Connexion: “Sarkozy Has Made Up His Mind”

Females, run for cover!

Turkey, Hurriyet: “I Will Beat This”

Unfortunately, all too often the beating is upon kids!

Another Beheading-In America!

I must apologize to the Fox Network for attacking their efforts to prevent ISIS from taking over the United States of America. Fox newscasters have led the fight to save this nation from the horrors of ISIS, and terrorist attacks. Wise leaders such as Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and the entire Republican party have repeatedly warned that it is simply a matter of time before each and Vaughan Food offices, grabbed a woman and proceeded to cut off her head! Yes, right here in God fearing good old America, an American had her head cut off! The man was upset, the man felt his right to work had been denied. After beheading the woman he attacked another one. Fortunately, Mark Vaughan who owned the company was an NRA member who had a gun. He proceeded to shoot the man and end the carnage.

So, what do we learn from this episode? We learn that each and every American must be armed to the teeth. Tomorrow when you get to work, take a hard look at the worker next to you. Is he reliable? Is he a Muslim? Would he cut off your head? If the answer to these question is YES, than go to work on Monday armed to the teeth. Why not shoot this person and prevent mass murder? Just remember, there could be an ISIS member next to you on the train or bus. Kill before you are killed!

Thank God we have Sarah Palin with her weapons of mass destruction!! God, if we only had an NRA member in the White House, we would all be safe!