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Gerry Manders In Our States

Among the American virtues was the invention of “gerrymandering” back in the 19th century when the nation was young, and our congressional leaders were still learning the fine art of politics. And, so, in order to ensure that once elected, none of our beloved leaders should ever again be compelled to confront an electorate in which there might be people who voted the wrong way, state legislators developed intricate maps which twisted and wound their way through a state in order to guarantee the elected only were confronted by voters who had voted for them. Thus, the fine art of gerrymandering now results in over 80% of our beloved congressmen virtually assured of re-election. For some strange reason, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis in Florida decided there was something wrong with this system. He wrote a 41 page decision which declares invalid most congressional seats in the state.

He offered proof that Republican legislators relied upon the advice and map skills of political consultants in drawing up safe congressional seats. Naturally, Republicans wound up with most of the seats. Heck, in the last presidential election, Democratic candidates for Congress received a million more votes than Republicans, but Republicans won a 25 seat majority in the House of Representatives. Lewis argues consultants “engaged in a conspiracy to influence and manipulate the legislature.”

It is about time in America to turn over to an impartial agency the task of drawing up congressional seat boundaries. How about entrusting the American Bar Association with that task?

Road To Hell And Hate Grows Longer

The only news from the Middle East is that there is no new news to report. It is the same old story of each side insisting the other side believes in murder of the innocent. Each side offers evidence that the other side has engaged in wanton murder and destruction in its hateful assault on the innocent. The latest episode arose when a group of Palestinians, their names are still not known, murdered in cold blood three innocent Jewish teen agers. Sorry, regardless of how one hates the Israel government, there is never an excuse to use powerful emotions as justification for murder of the innocent. Or course, since the other side murdered Jews, a group of six Israel Jews murdered an innocent Palestinian boy–including burning his body. You kill one of ours, we kill one of yours is the Middle Eastern mantra of hate. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has used the murder of three Jews to justify the murder of dozens of Palestinians, including 23 children in the Gaza Strip. When confronted by criticism, Netanyahu responded with anger: “No international pressure will prevent us from acting with all power.” So, the drones and the bombs will continue dropping.

Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights summed up the current situation. “Israel, Hamas, and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza have been down this road before, and it has led only to death, destruction and distrust.” Israel emphasizes that over 800 rockets from Gaza have hit its citizens. The current box score of death and destruction:


Dead 23
Injured: 670

Israel Jews

9 civilians injured.

The only certainty is these figures will grow in size. And, at the end, as if there will be an end, will peace reign?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


In my youth, fast food was a hot dog at noon Thursday in the Kosher deli while mom worked at the store.

My mom never once took me out to lunch.

I have never feared fear.

All too many divorce from self.

Man sits quietly listening and wiggling foot.

The only truth I know is that I don’t know the truth.

Truth like paper is blowing in the wind of time.

Hate is a luxury not fit for most people.

Laughter is a dessert.

Each day 949 WWII veterans die.

Serving in the armed forces makes one depart with a sense of fatalism.

I am still surprised to see Jews depicted in films. Not the norm in my childhood.

Always make way for tomorrow.

Each day is a unique event.

Money is just money, it comes and it goes.

Technology and I are enemies at heart–and in mind.

I procrastinate filling out forms.

I place my glasses on the table when writing but do not use them to write.

Some back out of coffee shop.

Delightful sight, two white haired women walking with firm steps.

Once We Dreamed Of Moon, Today Of Wealthy

There once was a United States of America in which we were not liberals or conservatives, not Republicans or Democrats, but Americans who had dreams of greatness. Thomas Jefferson began construction of the first great highway to the West, Highway 40, and no one in Congress refused to pay for it because of fear that wealthy folk might have to pay tax money. Republican Abraham Lincoln had the federal government fund the Intercontinental railroad, the greatest railroad at that point on the entire planet. No one worried about,”SOCIALISM.” We needed an intercontinental railroad to become a great nation. Republican Theodore Roosevelt literally invented conservation of national resource by creating vast national forests, no one shouted, ‘SOCIALISM.” During the Depression we built roads, bridges, tunnels, great dams, we led the world in road construction and no one yelled, SOCIALISM. Under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, we built Highway 70 which spanned the nation and no one shouted, SOCIALISM. Under President Kennedy and President Nixon we sent a man to the moon, and no one yelled, SOCIALISM.

Once we were a nation with dreams of greatness. Today, under reign of Republicans and the Tea Party our only and most important dream is LOWER TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY. Our Highway Fund is just about empty. This means no new highways, no new bridges, no new railroad systems. President Obama is frustrated at Republican refusal to allocate money for construction. “It’s not crazy, it’s not Socialism. It is not an imperial presidency-no laws are broken. We’re just building roads, a bridge like we’ve been doing for 50, a hundred years.”

Once we had giants in the land, today we have pygmies.

Pope Asks For World Time Out

The World Cup involves nations throughout the world in competition to determine which is in possession of the best soccer(sorry for the American name) team in the world. There is no doubt if your nation’s team wins the cup, it will result in jobs, free health care, new housing for the poor, and wonderful schools for children. Now, how did I ever connect the World Cup to these events? Perhaps, I am still in a state of shock that King Lebron James has decided to hold his court in the Cleveland Cavalier court. Anyway, millions are focused on the World Cup so along comes that man of peace, Pope Francis with an outrageous idea. He is asking all nations of the world, for one minute, yes, just one damn minute to cease and desist from killing someone. The Pope is asking “for a moment of silence around the July 17th match to remember those stricken by war and unrest.” In other words, just for a fucking moment, could you guys just put down your weapons of destruction and avoid killing for A MOMENT!

I can just hear leaders of violence bellowing that if they don’t kill at this very moment, then those who murder will get ahead in the race to see who can murder more people! What would it do to our national prestige if we fell behind in the murder race? Oh, my God, imagine coming up second in the murder cup!

Most probably if they halt for a moment, our leaders of Death will undoubtedly make certain the next moment is twice as violent!!

Jobs For Job Creators

Among the most central beliefs of those who regard themselves as members of the Republican party is that by reducing taxes on “Job Creators,” the result will be more jobs for those who are not job creators. I assume prior to sleep members of the Republican party get on their knees and utter a special blessing for the men and women who fall under the classification of being “Job Creators.” for some strange reason, as the economy improves and unemployment grows fewer, the wage rates of those seeking jobs continues to remain stable of decline. In other words, the average American worker in 1980 could purchase a home, send his children to college and have them emerge with a degree and NO STUDENT DEBT. That was then, and now is now. At present, the top 1% of Job Creators possess 22% ofd our wealth and the top 5% control 42% of our wealth. Heck, there are 85 families in America who have more money than 100,000,000 Americans.

So, the Republican House of Representatives just passed bills that reduce taxes on Job Creators. Of course, if there is less money flowing into the government, there is less money to pay bills, and thus the end result is HIGHER DEBT. The estimate of these tax cuts will be $287 BILLION more in debt for America. Oh, I know, we can pay for these tax cuts by ending Food Stamps. It is impossible for Republican congressmen to grasp the simple concept, less coming in, fewer dollars to pay bills, and this causes borrowing of money and higher debt!

The only increase in jobs due to efforts of job creators is the growing number of workers building yachts or private planes. Of course, the more job creators, the more nannies working long hours. As for the rest of us….

How Not To Fight Terrorists

Every so often, in a moment of frustration, my mind lingers in memories of Saddam Hussein. He was a brutal, sadistic murderer who lacked any sense of morality. He was a hedonist whose concept of joy was witnessing the brutal murder of some innocent man or observing fear and horror on the face of a young woman being raped by his savage son. The invasion of Iraq DID end his reign of terror. Unfortunately, it introduced another reign of terror. The American government had five years in which to assist those seeking creation of a modern peaceful Iraq in which all, regardless of religious or non-religious belief could live in harmony and peace. There is no doubt Americans failed to meet any standard of success. We allowed a thug religious fanatic, Nouri al-Maliki to gain power. He inherited an Iraq in which his religious enemies-the Sunnis were cooperating with the US military in crushing al-Qaeda. So, what did Maliki do? Once in power, he proceeded to persecute, jail, and drive from any positions of power Sunnis who had worked to destroy al-Qaeda! Republicans want to blame President Obama for this fiasco. The madness began when President Bush was in power. Obama inherited still one more of the Bush mistakes.

Could Obama had done anything to prevent the tragedy that was to occur? No one knows the answer to that question. Perhaps, there was a moment in 2009 when he could have clamped down on Maliki. He never made any such attempt, most probably fearing it would result in armed response from Shiite groups. So, Maliki persecuted the Sunnis, he drove them into the arms of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS). Naturally, Prime Minister Maliki would never accept responsibility for his blunders. So, now what is he doing? Maliki now charges the Kurds with cooperating with ISIS! The Kurdish army is protecting Shiites fleeing from ISIS. They are behaving as an ALLY of Maliki, but he is bent on making them an enemy!

Oh, fifty bodies found in a village south of Baghdad. No doubt the bodies are those of Sunnis. Shot in the head and left to die. The end result is more recruits for ISIS. Retain this man in power and soon all Iraqis will be recalling Saddam Hussein with fond memories of peace.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand,New Zealand Herald: “Demand Return Of $539 million”

Just a plaintive plea by job creators so they can create jobs–for themselves, that is.

Italy,Local: “Catholics Can Ignore Sex Teaching”

What a loving directive.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Summer Returns To Moscow”

Too bad, it also returns Vladimir Putin.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Senator AWOl In Inquiry”

Hell, in America they are AWOL from the American people!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “More Money For Danish Cows”

Good lord, the cows in Denmark make more than McDonald’s workers!

USA, aol: “Governor Perry Dresses Like West Coast Metrosexual”

So, that accounts for his loss of memory about history?

UK,Guardian: “Dead US Soldier On Sixth Afghan Tour”

This leaves me speechless, but George/Dick/Don hail him for dying to halt WMD.

What Ever Happened To?

As one listens to cries of fury on the part of members of the Republican party over borders, health care, the “imperial presidency of Barack Obama,” or any of the almost daily charges that American freedom is being taken away by “the government,” one is left wondering as to what has happened to this nation? There is such fury, such hate, such anger–and it is directed against fellow Americans who have done nothing that in any way, shape or form violates the United States Constitution. Lincoln suspended freedom of the press during the Civil War, he arrested people who disagreed with him, but no one shouted, “impeachment!” During the Korean War from 1950-1953 very similar voices of hate and anger were unleashed against President Harry Truman. Some Republicans blamed him for the war, and some accused him of being “soft on communism.” Of course, Truman organized the Containment Policy which halted communism,and the Marshall Plan which ended it in western Europe.

The current hatred emanating from Congress has rarely in prior times been so vicious. Something has happened to the American psyche which resulted in such intense hatred by Republicans toward President Obama and the entire Democratic Party. This anger spares no Democrat from charges of disloyalty to America. It is time to pose some questions.

Whatever happened to:

Congressmen playing poker with the President as it weekly occurred during the Reagan presidency?

Congressmen of both parties going out for a drink a the local pub?

Congressmen engaging in a friendly game of softball?

A defeated candidate for the presidency being invited by the president to give him a report on world conditions?

A defeated candidate for the presidency being invited to head up a commission on reform of government as when Harry Truman asked Herbert Hoover to do so?

Yes, what ever happened to the word, COMPROMISE?

Why are Americans so angry and filled with such powerful hate?

I find most frightening the current Republican fight to get rid of President Obama, regardless of the cost to this nation. He IS the president, regardless of mistakes, we ELECTED him. So, show some respect to the choice of voters!

Nelson Mandela, National Security Risk!!

The obsession with NATIONAL SECURITY invariably results in confusion, and expending energy tracking and trailing those who are on your side. Since the end of World War II and, creation of the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States government has gone down hundreds of detours and wrong roads because it was not clear as to who were “the enemy.” Recently released files from the FBI pertaining to South African leader, Nelson Mandela, reveal complete ignorance in the New York FBI office as to who was Nelson Mandela, and what was the African National Congress(AFC). I hate to inform the FBI, but the ANC was formed BEFORE the birth of communism in Russia. Its original goal was creating a society in which those with dark or Asian skin were entitled to equal rights. Mandela was finally released from jail by the Boer bigoted government in the 1990s. However, for some strange reason, the American FBI decided to allocate resources to track this man who was endeavoring to create a just society in South Africa. Did anyone inform the American idiots that Mandela was urging no revenge on whites who killed blacks?

The FBI trailed Mandela when he went on trips. They attempted to monitor his mail, his daily trips to see this or that person, because the FBI was convinced that Mandela was a stooge for communism. Finally, an FBI agent in the Chicago office attempted to inform New York about the background of Mandela and the ANC. But, no one cared, as far as they were concerned, the ANC was “a known Soviet front group.” The history of the CIA makes clear,it has been wrong on most occasions in predicting anything about foreign policy developments. The only success attained by the FBI and the CIA was being wrong about who were threats to our National Security!