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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


We often become prisoners of what we know.

In any group there is a “take charge” person.

Fewer parades these days, we no longer celebrate wars.

Older folk listen carefully when child speaks.

Left alone, children will make do with life.

I wonder which were the common diseases for cro-magnons.

Our minds travel the road all alone.

Some have eyes on the ground, some toward the sky.

Some truths are fixed, some arrive in a split second.

Hatred only deserves a minute of our time.

Only humans engage in violence to end violence.

A King reigns, a president governs.

Words I dread, “rest in peace.”

I hate the last day of any vacation.

Sometimes the Emperor is really without clothes.

Sometimes the Emperor is really clothed.

I listen to advice.

The unknown is simply the known before being discovered.

Winter brings a frozen silence.

Saudi Woman Drive Hard Bargain

I find it comforting that among our allies in the fight to extend democracy in the world is the nation of Saudi Arabia. After all, when it comes to extending the benefits and joys of democracy to one and all, which nation other than Saudi Årabia deserves the award for leader in the struggle to attain equal rights?” A group of Saudi women are petitioning the government to extend a few rights to women. They are petitioning the Shura Council to allow women to have the following rights:

The right to get their own identify card without seeking permission of their “guardian.”
The right to walk outside the home without seeking permission of their “guardian.”
The right to work without seeking permission of their “guardian.”
The right to drive a car without seeking permission of their “guardian.”

They are asking the Shura Council(which does have three females on it) to end the tyranny of males over women. After all, it is the 21st century!

How about the right of females to leave a burning building without permission of their “guardian?”
Three years ago several females died because their school building was on fire and they did not have permission to take off their head scarves from their “guardian” so they died in the burning building!

In Texas Run To Right Of Right

The state of Texas has become the main place in the United States of America which contains people who are true Christians and willing to out do any person or organization or state or nation in the contest as to which area of the world contains the most heavily populated center of stupidity. Senator John Coryn is running for reelection and has been cited by the National Journal as the second most conservative senator in the land. Hell, how could a decent Texan who believes in the right of people to shoot on sight any foreigner or illegal immigrant vote for a man who came in SECOND! Ted Cruz informed the people of Texas they are Number One in everything good and holy and warlike so why settle for number two when they can get Number One. He wants Texans to vote for the Tea Party candidate because that would ensure that Texas has both the Number One and Number One and a Half best senators.

Lt. Governor Ted Abbot is seeking the job just vacated by Governor Rich Perry and he wants the folks to know that he is not only a conservative but he does know the names of members of the Cabinet. His buddy, Ted Nugent, just made clear that Barack Obama is some sort of ape from Africa and we in Texas do not want apes running our nation.

OK, so some sissy LIBERAL Democrats want to talk about poverty or pollution or water infrastructure issues, but how could anyone waste their time on such drivel when we have to talk about abortion or gay rights? After all, this is the state which has State Senator the head of an Education committee point out the truth: “A citizen who cannot carry a fire arm is not much of a citizen.!”

Bibi Talks Peace

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a strong believer in peace. He wants Israel to have a piece of this portion of the West Bank and that portion of the West Bank which are inhabited by those who are not of the Jewish faith. He is currently in America to talk with President Obama and that guy who keeps on wandering around the Middle East talking about a different type of peace. HIs name is John Kerry and he wants a peace in which all sides compromise and reach an agreement. Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and assured one and all that he DOES seek peace. “I am prepared to make a historic peace with our Palestinian leaders. Peace would be good for us and good for the Palestinians and open the possibility of achieving better ties with other countries.” Absolutely correct. So, how can this be achieved:

1. Halt further new settlements on the West Bank.

2. Establish a Water Committee comprised of Palestinians and Israelis to establish how water can be distributed in an equitable fashion.

3. Drop demanding that Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” About 15% of the people are Christian or Muslim. NO other nation in the world makes such demands. Israel has a right to demand that its government be recognized.

4. Agree to a swap of land that would allow about 90% of Israelis currently in the West Bank to remain.

See how easy peace is to attain?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some read newspaper with grim face.

In Depression we grew lean with age.

Some fold arms when listening to another speak.

A human touch is the most powerful statement of esteem.

Few can understand exactly what “I” says.

Adults feel happy touching babies.

Adults will never know what the child knows.

A kiss more powerful than millions of dollars.

We feel a sense of power paying for others.

For some, more dollars, more self esteem.

Some climb physical mountains, some mountains in the mind.

Some are strollers through life.

American heroes in 2014 are from the family.

Always talk with child using an adult voice.

For modern youth the past does not linger in their minds.

Bibi Takes A Stand

Among there ongoing myths surrounding the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his American supporters is that standing tough has resulted in greater security for the Jewish people. By the way, about 15% of the people of Israel are Muslim or Christian so what happens to Israel also will happen to them. Prime Minister Netanyahu is on his way to America to talk with President Obama. He informed the world: “we will discuss the Iranian issue and t he diplomatic process. In recent years the state of Israel has been under various pressures. We have rejected them, that is what has been and will.” This is the talk of a man who rejects compromise, not a man who really intends to engage in compromise.

Reality, it is rare in the human world for one to attain a 100% of what one desires in life. Compromise is the essence of human interaction. Secretary of State John Kerry has been struggling to engage Israel and the Palestinian Authority in a process of peace. He wants both sides to agree on some Guidelines that would establish parameters for behavior. Unless both sides agree on a process, how can there be peace?

Tough talk is what Vladimir Putin is able to pull off. Sorry, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel is not in the same ball park of power as is Russia. And, when Bibi gets to Washington he will discover that President Obama, at this point in time, is focused on Russia and Ukraine, not on the Middle East.

Nigeria At Crossroads

If an award was given each year to the nation which is world leader in corruption and incompetency then Nigeria would be the victor year after year. The latest account is that over $300 BILLION of Nigeria’s oil revenue is missing in action! A small group of corrupt leaders have siphoned off billions for their own economic needs and that money has NOT gone for economic development of Nigeria. However, thousands of Nigerians who inhabit areas where oil is produced daily siphon off oil for the local population. Is it any wonder that in such a corrupt society religious tensions would become increasingly paramount? Northern Nigeria is mainly Muslim while the South –which contains the oil–is mainly Christian. It was simply a matter of time before a terrorist group emerged in northern Nigeria to take up the banner of hate toward Nigerian society.

The Boko Haram–western education is evil– have gone on a terrorist rampage murdering hundreds of Muslims and Christians in an endeavor to prevent the emergence of any sort of stability in the nation. Unfortunately, for the Nigerian people, its President, Goodluck Jonathan, would win any Academy Award, hands down, for being the most incompetent leader of a nation. He insists that his “army” is defeating the Boko Haram!!

Cry For Venezuela

The government of Venezuela led by Nicolas Maduro is a throw back to another time and place. Its origin began in 1953 when some idealist Cuban college students attempted to over throw their dictator, a man named Batista and failed. One of the students eventually succeeded and his name was Fidel Castro. So, he created what is termed a “Socialist” government in Cuba that became a model for some people in Venzuela who has been attempting for a decade to create a dream world in Venezuela they term a “Socialist” world. Of course, what they term to be “Socialist” is, in reality, a warmed over version of the decrepit theory of “Russian communism.” Nicolas used to drive a bus but thanks to Hugo Chavez he became a vice president and when Hugo died he became a president. It is sort of a long jump from driving a bus to driving a nation.

At present inflation has gone through the roof, one has difficulty finding a roll of toilet paper and the Maduro government believes it should shower money on the poor in order to create a conflict between the poor and middle class. There have been demonstrations, the army and local thugs have killed over a dozen people and Nicolas insists things are great in Venezuela. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the UN is begging Nicolas to talk and cease murdering people.

I shortly expect President Putin to send a few billion dollars along with toilet paper in order to wipe out opposition to the government of Venezuela!

Banana Man Leaves China

Gary Locke is what we in America term an “Asian American.” That means his ancestors came from some Asian land years ago. He was a good solid governor of the state of Washington and then was sent by President Obama to be our Ambassador to the country of China. You know, that land which is part of what we call, Asia. The assumption of our president is that if Mr. Locke was of “Asian heritage” then he must know something about people in Asia. We have people we term “African American” who could not pass a test on which nation in Africa is the site of their ancestors, let alone which nations are in “Africa.” Heck, we have people who say their ancestors arrived from Hungary or Italy who are incapable of identifying the geographic location of their lands. I assume when Mr. Locke arrived in China some Chinese leaders expected that he would be “sympathetic” to the leaders of the country because he was an “Asian American.”

Alas, Mr. Locke just did not turn out to be a peach of an ambassador. The Chinese official news agency refers to him as a ‘banana.” According to the Chinese he has turned out to be a banana with yellow skin and white inside. Oh, they also believe he is a “guide for the blind” and a “plague” who has swept through their land. For some reason, the “Asian man” behaves like an “American man.” Anyway, the plague is departing China and returning to America to spread his disease.


In a recent New Yorker article President Obama discussed his leadership style and reflected on what had occurred during his presidential tenure. He continues to insist that passage of the Affordable Care Act HAD to proceed that first year even as millions of Americans were losing their jobs or losing homes because they could not pay the mortgage. A leader focuses on issues that most impact the people of a nation. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt focused primarily on getting people back to work and within four months, about 4,000,000 who had been unemployed were working for the government in building new roads or bridges or hospitals or painting or performing in an orchestra. THE most important facet of being a human is the sense that ONE is engaged in meaningful functions where they be raising children or performing a job. Barack Obama is an academic who lacks a sense of the lives of ordinary people.

What is most interesting about the New Yorker article is how a young boy raised in a family that had emotional and financial issues is so divorced from the millions who confront those issues in everyday life. What is also very interesting if the complete avoidance by Obama of how a President has the responsibility of informing the nation as to what is going on and how their needs will be addressed. Franklin Roosevelt met with the press every week and had informal radio chats to discuss issues. John F.Kennedy constantly interacted with the media. One might count the number of press conferences he has held on the fingers of both hands.

He has never talked WITH PEOPLE, he has TALKED TO PEOPLE. For a man of eloquence he lacks any sense of how to convey complex issues in a manner that anyone can grasp.

Oh, by the way, no discussion about his concern to “get Osama bin Laden” had absolutely NO impact on terrorism!!