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Let’s Blame Obama For Foley Death!

A new myth is emerging on Fox News and among those commenting upon the Middle East that President Obama is somehow responsible for the beheading of James Foley. At the heart of this argument is a belief sufficient years have passed since the Bush invasion of Iraq so from now on, he is off the hook, and the dude in the White House is on it. OK, President Obama did dispatch Special Forces to rescue Foley, but why didn’t it succeed? If he didn’t send Special Forces, critics would be blasting him, if he does, they are critical of failure. Could President Obama have prevented the rise of ISIS?

1. Prior to 9/11, al-Qaeda under Osama bin Laden was comprised of fewer than five thousand men lacking heavy weapons.

2. The invasion allowed this small group to become an effective fighting force.

3. Bush mistakes were subsequently followed by Obama mistakes. Neither President created a Foreign Policy for the MIDDLE EAST! Neither clearly stated American foreign policy goals in the region. Even today, no American has any idea as to the nation’s foreign policy aspirations in this region of the world.

4. For some inexplicable reason, Barack Obama has emerged as a president lacking ability to lead the nation. Both liberals and conservatives have the same complaint– he appears to stand apart from the nation. During the dark days of 1940 when England stood alone confronting a powerful German Army, newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “marshaled command of the English language and sent it into battle.” He inspired the English people and they defeated Germany’s air attack.

5. At no point in his presidency has Barack Obama been able to “marshall command of the English language” and send it into battle against Middle East terrorism. In order to gain national support one must lay out in clear and concise terms the goals of America.

So, is Barack Obama guilty of James Foley’s death? This horrible murder is simply another outfall–a decade later– of invading Iraq in 2003.

Support Killer Of Black Men!

It was simply a matter of time before some organization was formed in order to support the real victim of the Michael Brown killing– the police officer who shot the unarmed boy! Yes, there now is a “Support Officer Darren Oliver GoFund Me” group seeking to raise money in order to show the world, some people in America know who was the one in danger on the night that Brown was killed. Heck, $7 tee shirts that argued in support of the killer sold out within moments. Central to this thinking is: policemen always are in the right, black men are always in the wrong. I am not arguing those who support our police are bigots, they simply believe this nation must and should fear the presence of black young men.

The concept of fearing black men goes back to days of slavery. Throughout the history of slavery in America there always was a Slave Patrol available in most areas of the South. Think about the reality of slavery? A white man who owned slaves frequently had to leave the plantation which meant his wife and daughters were now surrounded by black male men. A sense of fear was always present in the minds of white men– rape of wife or daughters became the foundation for fearing that black males had but one goal- attack white women.

I do not know Darren Wilson, no one knows what was in his heart on the night of the shooting. But, reality is, if you shoot a black male somehow, in some way, it is a preventive action. So, blast away!

Putin Strikes Back With Vengeance!

There is no question the aggressive actions of President Barack Obama have created strong anger in the heart of President Vladimir Putin. He is sick and tired of having to bend to the will of the American black dude. So, Vladimir has decided to retaliate against the United States of America. FOUR MCDONALD’S IN MOSCOW HAVE BEEN CLOSED!! The State commission which supervises cleanliness and decent respect for consumers insists what is served at a typical McDonald’s restaurant does not meet the high quality standards of Russian restaurants. These closings come after Russia has banned import of vodka and beer along with termination of fruit and fish products from the den of evil in Ukraine.

Vladimir had to take a stand for freedom and democracy. Then again, does he really want to reduce the supply of vodka? I suspect plentiful of vodka leads drunken Russians to vote for the bare chested leader of their nation. First, they came for McDonald’s, next they came for vodka, can Pizza Hut be far behind?

Americans Will Die In Iraq-Such Is War

Senator John McCain and the remaining tough minded aggressive members of the Republican Party are up in arms at “failure” of President Barack Obama to bomb the hell out of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS). For McCain and his cohorts in verbal violence, we AMERICANS will not tolerate the murder of our citizens! Sorry, fellas, that is reality. A Special Force raid in Syria attempted to rescue James Foley, killed some ISIS soldiers, but never found him. That is about all we can do at this stage of what is transpiring in Iraq. It is terrible to see visual images of an American being beheaded. During World War II, the Japanese Army so enjoyed sharing their beheading of downed US pilots. It took some time, but thousands of innocent, as well as guilty, Japanese died, including by atomic bombs. Such is war.

Our hearts can go out to James Foley and other hostages, but, at this moment in time, nothing can be done to save their lives. One wonders where were these opponents of allowing Americans to die in 2003 when George Bush invaded Iraq in search of non-existent weapons of mass destruction? The Americans who died sure would have welcomed John McCain fighting to protect their lives ten years ago!

Indians Are NOT Native Americans-Nor Indians!

Among my favorite athletes is the former Chicago Bear linebacker, Mike Ditka. He played tough, he played fair, and he gave no quarter. Mike so enjoys speaking his mind. Mike jumped into a major controversy that has impacted many Americans. Poverty-No. Lack of jobs-No. Lack of available health facilities-No. Lack of roads and bridges-No. The issue for many is-should the Washington Redskins drop the name “Redskins” because it allegedly insults “Native Americans.” During my service in the armed forces, the word, “Yankee” was a pejorative employed by Southerners to describe those from the North. There are the Boston “Celtics” and no one gets upset at this “insult” of Irish people. There are the San Francisco Forty-Niners which refers to those living a hundred fifty years ago, and no one gets upset. There are the San Francisco Giants which could be construed as an insult toward tall people. How about the Chicago Bulls which takes aim at bulls?

According to Mike, the entire argument about “Redskins” “is so much bullshit. What’s all this stink over the Redskin name? We’re trying to let the liberals of the world run the world.” Mike, the issue is that those called, Redskins or Native Americans are neither-they are Sioux, Apache, Delaware, etc.. The word, “American” comes from Amerigo Vespucci, an ITALIAN! Please explain why asking people to drop the “Indians” and replace it with an Italian name makes sense?

Words Don’t Kill, Guns Do

I taught high school for ten years working in an all boys school in Harlem, in a small town high school in California, and a Long Island upper class high school. I have trained over 8,000 teachers. I made clear to teachers that the fewer rules, the easier is teaching. During my ten years there was only one rule: No one is allowed to insult the integrity of another person in the room, that includes me. The more rules, the more that are broken and the more students wind up being punished. Makes no sense.

Kendry Turner who attends Dyer County High School has a teacher who is in love with rules. In his class, students are forbidden to employ the following words”

Bless you.
“I don’t know.”
Hang out.

After a student sneezed, Kendry said: “Bless you.”

The result was that she was removed from class and had an in school suspension. The Assistant Principle backed up the teacher.

The essence of teaching and learning is that we all–teacher as well as student– constantly says: “I don’t Know.” Those words begin the exploration for knowledge. I assume the teacher fears students expressing their feeling about him-boring, dumb.

The teacher should have been removed from the classroom and given in school suspension for ever!

Go, Leave, Stay, Which Direction To Pursue?

The success of the Islamic State of Iraq And Syria(ISIS) has awakened a warlike attitude among those on Fox News as well as a few diehards in Congress. They endeavor to blame President Obama for whatever problems are present in the Middle East. In turn, the president wonders whether he should initiate action in Iraq, provide aid to anti-Assad Syrians, or simply pack up our bags and head home. Let u sort out this mess:

1. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 by President George Bush and an enthusiastic Congress is THE cause of most current problems in Iraq and Syria. George Bush broke the plates in the shop and is responsible for all damage.

2. There is scant evidence providing military aid to “secular and moderate” groups in Syria would have altered what subsequently occurred regarding the rise of Islamist terror groups. They were being funded by our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

3. George Bush left Obama with an incompetent Iraq government which transformed Sunni Iraqi groups into fervent enemies willing to embrace any terror group that sought the end of Iraq’s government.

4. President Obama inherited a “lose-lose scenario leading to defeat, regardless to which direction he turned.

5. The present Obama program of air strikes makes sense. OK, to send in a few hundred American “advisers” but leave it at that level. Success or failure depends upon actions or lack of action on the part of Iraq’s new government. The new prime minister will decide if ISIS emerges victorious or Iraq’s Sunni groups rally around the flag.

Sorry, Barack, you cannot change the outcome of this game.

What Now For Israel?

Reality: The armed forces of Israel have dealt a crushing blow to Hamas armed forces. Hamas at this moment in time is reduced to terrorist attacks including suicide bombers. It cannot function as an effective army in Gaza. So, what now for Israel?

1. Return to the negotiating table with President Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority.

2. Urge Abbas to include representatives from Hamas in any negotiation. Make Hamas sign an agreement.

3. Cease West Bank settlements for six months.

4. Make a formal announcement the nation of Palestine will come into existence by January 1, 2015.

5. Accept the principle that neighborhoods in Jerusalem which are primarily Muslim will become the nucleus of a Palestinian capital.

6. Work with President Abbas on a comprehensive economic plan to stimulate development in Palestine and provide jobs.

7. Cease demanding that Abbas recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” About 25% of people in Israel are NOT Jews. This is NOT an important issue, so why make it one?

The key factor is ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, not political issues!

No End In Sight In Gaza And Israel

Another breakdown in negotiations between Hamas and Israel. Another launch of rockets from Gaza and another launch of air strikes from Israel. Each side claims the mantle of “right.” Each side believes that its demands are reasonable. Each side wants to ensure its supporters that right in on their side. Another 70 rockets sent to Israel. One wonders exactly what is the purpose of these rockets other than being able to boast Hamas has rockets? A few fall onto the ground with a boom. Occasionally a few hit a house. On the other hand, Israel planes just killed the wife and son of Mohammed Diaf, an important military leader of Hamas. These killings certainly will further the cause of peace?

Frankly, it is amazing how Hamas leaders have lost touch with reality. Sorry, your men did NOT win any victory. Your side can NOT issue demands to Israel. So, what would reality entail?

1. Hamas must return to the Palestinian government.

2. Hamas leaders must realize they are in a weak negotiating position.

3. Hamas leaders must identity their IMMEDIATE GOALS?

4. Israel is NOT going to be destroyed this year or next year. So, what now is the issue for Hamas?

If Hamas can identify the immediate need, there is hope for a peaceful arrangement with Israel.

Steve Ballmer, My Hero

I was born in 1930 when there were heroes such as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. I was a teenager during World War II so Winston Churchill or General Eisenhower were my heroes. I was raised in the world of the New York Yankees bombers which possessed a dozen heroes for a young boy. Today, I lack any hero among our political leaders and in sports we are left with a LeBron James who moves from one team to another in his quest for money. Ah, MONEY, the essential goal for modern heroes. They want dough, and they want their pictures on this or that form of social media. Barack Obama is a nice man, but certainly words such as “heroic figure” are rarely associated with his actions. Then again, we have Ted Cruz and the ever enigmatic John Boehner who never uttered a single sentence that expressed an heroic idea. Oops, sorry, John is very firm on the idea of “I am against.”

So, along comes Steve Ballmer, who is on the Board of Microsoft. Steve announced that he was giving up his Microsoft connection in order to devote his time and energy in transforming the Los Angeles Clipper basketball team into the best collection of basketball players in the NBA. Now, THAT is an heroic goal! Ah, my dream to own the New York Yankees and fill that roster with YOUNG energetic players rather than a collection of old, tired athletes. If Steve pulls off his dream, it will be an act of heroism that will last a hundred years. So, a big cheer for Steve Ballmer!!