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Cry For Venezuela

The government of Venezuela led by Nicolas Maduro is a throw back to another time and place. Its origin began in 1953 when some idealist Cuban college students attempted to over throw their dictator, a man named Batista and failed. One of the students eventually succeeded and his name was Fidel Castro. So, he created what is termed a “Socialist” government in Cuba that became a model for some people in Venzuela who has been attempting for a decade to create a dream world in Venezuela they term a “Socialist” world. Of course, what they term to be “Socialist” is, in reality, a warmed over version of the decrepit theory of “Russian communism.” Nicolas used to drive a bus but thanks to Hugo Chavez he became a vice president and when Hugo died he became a president. It is sort of a long jump from driving a bus to driving a nation.

At present inflation has gone through the roof, one has difficulty finding a roll of toilet paper and the Maduro government believes it should shower money on the poor in order to create a conflict between the poor and middle class. There have been demonstrations, the army and local thugs have killed over a dozen people and Nicolas insists things are great in Venezuela. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the UN is begging Nicolas to talk and cease murdering people.

I shortly expect President Putin to send a few billion dollars along with toilet paper in order to wipe out opposition to the government of Venezuela!

Banana Man Leaves China

Gary Locke is what we in America term an “Asian American.” That means his ancestors came from some Asian land years ago. He was a good solid governor of the state of Washington and then was sent by President Obama to be our Ambassador to the country of China. You know, that land which is part of what we call, Asia. The assumption of our president is that if Mr. Locke was of “Asian heritage” then he must know something about people in Asia. We have people we term “African American” who could not pass a test on which nation in Africa is the site of their ancestors, let alone which nations are in “Africa.” Heck, we have people who say their ancestors arrived from Hungary or Italy who are incapable of identifying the geographic location of their lands. I assume when Mr. Locke arrived in China some Chinese leaders expected that he would be “sympathetic” to the leaders of the country because he was an “Asian American.”

Alas, Mr. Locke just did not turn out to be a peach of an ambassador. The Chinese official news agency refers to him as a ‘banana.” According to the Chinese he has turned out to be a banana with yellow skin and white inside. Oh, they also believe he is a “guide for the blind” and a “plague” who has swept through their land. For some reason, the “Asian man” behaves like an “American man.” Anyway, the plague is departing China and returning to America to spread his disease.


In a recent New Yorker article President Obama discussed his leadership style and reflected on what had occurred during his presidential tenure. He continues to insist that passage of the Affordable Care Act HAD to proceed that first year even as millions of Americans were losing their jobs or losing homes because they could not pay the mortgage. A leader focuses on issues that most impact the people of a nation. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt focused primarily on getting people back to work and within four months, about 4,000,000 who had been unemployed were working for the government in building new roads or bridges or hospitals or painting or performing in an orchestra. THE most important facet of being a human is the sense that ONE is engaged in meaningful functions where they be raising children or performing a job. Barack Obama is an academic who lacks a sense of the lives of ordinary people.

What is most interesting about the New Yorker article is how a young boy raised in a family that had emotional and financial issues is so divorced from the millions who confront those issues in everyday life. What is also very interesting if the complete avoidance by Obama of how a President has the responsibility of informing the nation as to what is going on and how their needs will be addressed. Franklin Roosevelt met with the press every week and had informal radio chats to discuss issues. John F.Kennedy constantly interacted with the media. One might count the number of press conferences he has held on the fingers of both hands.

He has never talked WITH PEOPLE, he has TALKED TO PEOPLE. For a man of eloquence he lacks any sense of how to convey complex issues in a manner that anyone can grasp.

Oh, by the way, no discussion about his concern to “get Osama bin Laden” had absolutely NO impact on terrorism!!

Cry For Israel

This blog is firmly convinced that the state of Israel has an important role to play in the Middle East. It currently has an opportunity to support creation of an independent Arab nation in Palestine which could work with Israel in demonstrating that Arabs and Jews can cooperate. However, there are elements in Israel whose idea of “cooperation” entails that Palestinians accept what they are given and cease complaining to the world. A new report by Amnesty International blasts the Israel government for allowing violence in the West Bank, not by Jewish civilians, but by the Israel armed forces. Philip Luther of AI makes clear ‘the report presents a body of evidence that shows a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings” that have led to the death of innocent civilians. It specifically cites the performance of Israel armed force as an instigator of such murders of the innocent.

Naturally, the Israel government cries, “anti-Semitism.” Each time any respected organization provides evidence of lack of respect for law, the instant response is “anti-Semitism.” Let me make clear that anti-Semitism IS an important factor among Arab nations. They have repeatedly allowed their anti-Jewish views to interfere with possibilities of compromise and resolution of problems. But, the death of 67 Palestinian children is a FACT. It is the responsibility of the Israel government when provided such evidence to convey a fact finding committee and either present evidence that proves no such killings occurred or to accept responsibility and make certain such activities no longer will occur.

For a Jews, that is the ONLY course of action!

Hillary In 2016?

A recent poll revealed that 82% of those who claim they are Democrats want Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. That is a rather impressive number for a woman who has been around in the public eye for over twenty years. One can assume she represents for many under the age of forty a familiar figure who has sort of gained respect for a variety of reasons. First, she stood by her man even when he behaved like a man whose prick was running wild. Second, she took a job under Barack Obama and had to endure his mistakes and arrogance of power. She definitely comes across as someone who is loyal without losing her own integrity or ideas. Third, she has survived one attack after another by Republicans for things she did not do but they intend to prove that she did.

If she runs in 2016, the word, BENGHAZI will be shouted from the rooftops of every Republican home. FOUR PEOPLE DIED in Benghazi. OK, so FOUR THOUSAND DIED IN IRAQ AND TWO THOUSAND DIED IN AFGHANISTAN, but that was not the fault of Republicans, the blame for those deaths rest with the black dude president. Every American Secretary of State must know what happens each moment of the day in each of the hundreds of embassies scattered throughout the world. In the 1980s TWO HUNDRED FIFTY MARINES LOST THEIR LIVES IN BEIRUT WHEN RONALD REAGAN WAS PRESIDENT AND NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN BLAMED HIM!!

Oh, and by the way, neither did a single Democrat blame the president. These events occur and their success or failure lies with local military officers.

Wither Afghanistan?

The situation in Afghanistan has shifted from a position of what will happen when NATO and American forces depart this year from the country to we now know what will occur when they are gone. President Hamid Karzai is the wrong leader at the wrong time and he intends to rid the country of the necessary forces that just might be able to create a degree of stability. It is now clear he will refuse to allow NATO and American soldiers or even a force of advisers to be around by the end of this year. There are about 373,000 Afghan soldiers but they still lack the necessary training in handling guerrilla forces, let alone the necessary equipment. The Afghan army lacks any air force, particularly attack helicopters which could quickly transport troops from one location to another.

What then are the possibilities for 2014:

1. Afghanistan becomes a nation divided into regional leaders and groups.

2. The Taliban assumes control of a large area of the rural nation.

3. The Afghan government controls the Kabul region and a few other areas.

4. The Afghan army collapses and chaos ensues.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, NY Daily News: “Hunt Man Who Groped Women”

To jail or praise him is the question?

Russia, Moscow Times: “What’s Happening To Our Country”

I think it is being putinized.

Canada, Toronto Star: “It’s Not Over”

I think Rob Ford still has a few more drunken days in him.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”

Forever and a day.

France, Connexion: “Exploding Toilet”

What a shitty story!

Egypt, al Ahram: “Attend Camel Race”

At least something in the Middle East will end with a victory.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Straights Can Learn From Gays”

This is one stand up straight story.

Leave Us Alone Says Karzai

American forces entered Afghanistan about a dozen years ago in order to wipe out the Taliban which had imposed a world of brutality and hate upon its own people as well as providing assistance to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. They dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld were able to wipe out the Taliban, but lacked any comprehension as to what next to do in order to aid this nation develop an organized and coherent government. Hamid Karzai was their choice, oops, I forgot, the choice of the Afghan people. The result has been a dozen years of incompetence, corruption, and chaos for the people of Afghanistan.

Yes, there has also been incompetence upon the part of the United States with its ill conceived Drone program which kills both the good and bad guys. The bottom line is the inability of the Afghan government to create an armed force which believes their leaders are honest and care about the people of this impoverished land. The Obama administration has been attempting to negotiate an agreement with the Afghan government in order to retain some US and NATO soldiers as advisers. Hamid Karzai refuses to sign the agreement.

Hamid Karzai is releasing Taliban prisoners, and most probably entering into secret negotiations with the Taliban. He is tired of hearing Americans complain about his crooked rule which benefits his family rather than the people of the land. As he put it to America: Afghanistan is a sovereign country. If the Afghan authorities decide to release a prisoner, it is not the concern of the US. I hope that the US will stop harassing Afghanistan’s procedures and judicial authorities. I hope that the US will now begin to respect the sovereign Afghan rights.”

Amen. Let us depart.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “We Dodged A Bullet”

These days, that is a miracle in Syria.

Sweden, Local: “Rumania Must Pay For Beggars”"

I’mm glad that you are begging them to pay.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Courage, Common Sense, Cannabis”

Pot, pot luck, and pooh to you!

China, China Daily: “Kerry To Meet Israel Palestine Leaders”

Now, if only Israel and Palestine leaders can meet one another.

Japan, Japan Times: “Head Of Mother Support Group Beats Wife”

No one spelled out the exact duties so don’t blame me!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Wean Moms Off Bottle”

Put them on the breast!

France, Connexion: “Hail Hollande Speech”

OK, so a few women did not cheer it.


We offer comments on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


There are times to behave crazy, keeps others off balance.

Dad and son enjoy wearing same colored jacket.

We recall the unusual more than the usual.

Some place finger on page when reading, I do not.

The unknown always offers more interesting possibilities than the known.

If you seek security, then don’t get born.

Some children use fork to eat, others use fingers.

Being bored is boring.

Child eventually reaches the age when she leads mom into store.

I fear heights, for me, always the solid ground of life.

We struggle in the darkness of youth.

Cups have warning they are hot, that’s why I bought it.

These days, common at a table to have three girls and one boy.

If you are over 80 then winter sucks.

I do not understand the anger by conservatives against scientists.

For the wealthy there never is a day of reckoning.