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Anyone familiar withe the infamous Holocaust knows  what the expression, NEVER AGAIN means. The words originally meant that never again would Jews be subjected to brutality and murder. Over the years the expression has come to mean, NEVER AGAIN would ANY group of people be murdered while the world stood by idly never lifting a hand to halt the slaughter of the innocent. Today in Aleppo, thousands are being murdered, no, not killed, MURDERED. The world media reports scenes of these deaths,and people utter words of sorrow, but no government has taken steps to aid the  people of Aleppo who are being murdered.

The Jerusalem Post has asked the Israel government to offer refuge to some of those fleeing Aleppo. Such action would ensure the expression, NEVER AGAIN, lived on in the 21st century. Of all the nations in the world which MUST offer refuge to the people of Aleppo,it logically is the state of Israel. Unfortunately, with the arrival of Donald Trump,the expression, NEVER AGAIN means, Never Again will wealthy people have to pay taxes on their wealth.

Hacking, The New Politics?

There has been a consistent agreement in American politics that we Americans decide who are our representatives and president. Despite claims by Donald Trump, (a) there was no Russian hacking, (b) if there was, the “millions who voted illegally” means that I won the popular vote,” we are still left with the reality of a foreign government making political decisions for the American people. Ironically, it WAS illegal activities that decided the election, and, again ironically, the illegal activities AIDED THE CAMPAIGN OF DONALD TRUMP.

The question at this moment is how does America proceed? Senators Lindsay Graham, John McCain and even Mitch McDonnell desire an investigation into the hacking activities of the Russian government. Lindsay Graham put it succinctly, today it was the Democrats, tomorrow it will be Republicans. This is not subject to debate, free elections by the American people require that only Americans decide the election outcome.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old  body.


So, did Donald  want Mitt to get on his knees and apologize?

I still am confused why Ben Carson  did not become Secretary of State, he knew how to separate twins joined at birth, so which problem  could he fail to solve?

I wonder what Rudy Giuliani is shouting about these days?

The Holocaust expression, Never Again, is now, AGAIN.

Trump has made America Great Again by being Silent Again when people are murdered.

Illegal immigrants murder ONE person while native born Americans have murdered 660 here in Chicago, so who is the problem?

Fascinating how Lindsay Graham has become the moral voice of Republicans, he wants the truth about  Russian hacking.


What can one say about Aleppo that already has not been stated? The horror of this event lives on in the minds and hearts of all decent people.  There are two nations that are most responsible for this event–Iran and Russia. And, who will be our next Secretary of State–Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil,the man who has spent twenty  years sucking up to Vladimir Putin and the thugs who are proud of assisting President Assad in the murder of hundreds of thousands. Those who teach about the Holocaust pose the question–why did the world stand by and allow the murder of six million Jews? We have just stood by and witnessed the murder of hundreds of thousands, including children, and were silent.

Appointing Rex Tillerson as our Secretary of State would simply reward one who, in one way or another, aided those who murdered the innocent. We cannot allow this ally of death to become our spokesperson since he has demonstrated disregard for human rights. If one lies down with murderers, one is a murderer.

President Détente Of Philippines In Action

The people of the Philippines have President Duterte, and we have Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Duterte was mayor of the city of  Davao prior to becoming a president. While a mayor he gained a reputation of urging the killing of anyone connected with drugs, users as well as sellers. He gained fame for his efforts to wipe out the drug dealers and users. As he put it: “In Davo, I used got do it personally just to  show the guys(police officers) that I could do it. I was really seeking a confrontation so I could kill. ”

President Détente believes if a leader kills bad guys it sends a signal to police that if they murder someone, just say it was a “bad guy.” At least 3,000  people have been murdered–not killed–murdered. Fortunately, for we Americans, Donald Trump is a coward. The  only thing he can murder is the English language.

Death In The Driveway

Yesterday, we reported on the death of 72 year old Francisco Serna who was shot to death by  police in Kern County, California. Further information has been provided on the shooting.  Mr. Serna suffered from early stages of dementia, and was accustomed to taking walks early in the morning, before most people were awake. A neighbor noticed him standing in her driveway,  and walked over to talk with him. She was upset because Mr. Serna continued to place his hand in his pocket. She thought she saw a gun, and called the police.

It turned out thing in his pocket was a dark colored wooden crucifix.  Police arrived at the scene of the “crime’ with guns drawn. There is no evidence anyone talked with Mr. Serna, no evidence anyone checked with his family, whose house was next door, no evidence of any police negotiator to resolve the situation.  The police blasted away and sent nine bullets into his body.

There is something rotten in the police forces of Kern County.


We offer observations from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


My  mind does not want to believe that Donald Trump would actually select Ben Carson to head HUD. It makes no sense.

These days I await with curiosity who Trump will select for government positions, I am always baffled.

I really would so love to listen to a conversation between Obama and Trump.

There is no question that Donald Trump is ‘unconventional’ and that is not meant as a compliment.

Children die in Aleppo even as we teach children about the Holocaust insisting it would not happen again.

We humans simply can not endure a day of existence without murder and mayhem as the norm.

I wonder what working people who voted for Trump think when he appoints a businessman as Secretary of Labor who opposes raising the minimum wage?




Rex Tillerson, Boy Wonder

Each day brings new information regarding the activities of Rex Tillerson, the man Donald Trump would like to conduct foreign policy for the United States. He is the first to admit that his company has negotiated numerous business deals with Russian government companies. If sanctions against Russia could be lifted, then ExxonMobil will gain access to billion of dollars worth of oil in Russia, and the Russian government will obtain billions from investments in ExxonMobil. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has a one Republican majority. Senator Marco Rubio has expressed his reservations about the Exxon CEO.

“I have serious concerns about this nomination. The next Secretary of State must be one who views the world with moral clarity, is free of conflict of interests, and has a clear sense of America’s interests.” That certainly does not appear to be the qualities of the Exxon CEO. Oh, when Exxon purchased Mobil, it ended policies that recognized gay and lesbian marriage and company policy to prevent sexual discrimination.

Another Death, By Police

There is no question the majority of police are hard working decent people, but it has become  apparent–due to cell phones and other equipment that ordinary  people are capturing videos of police out of control.  Mr. Francisco Serna, age 72, is experiencing the early stage of dementia and frequently goes for walks. Two nights ago, he went for a walk in the early  hours of the morning. A neighbor reported there was a strange man with a weapon outside in his driveway.  Police arrived at the scene. They saw a man standing in the driveway. The neighbor insisted the man had a weapon.

There were several police at the scene of action. Not a single one approached the man, they just began to blast away. Nine shots later, Mr. Serna, age 72, was dead. No weapon was ever discovered. Kern County, California now leads the nation in having people shot by police. A county of 900,000 people has witnessed more police killings than the city of New York. Wonder why?

Polish Trumpians

There is increasing evidence that the Trump phenomenon is sweeping the world. In France, Marine Le Pen, heads a political party that wants to make France great again, and right wing anti-Muslim fanatics are gaining ground in Germany, and already  control Hungary. Poland for decades was led by political leaders seeking to create a modern democracy. But, Jaroslaww Kaczynski of the Justice Party wants to make Poland great again, by going backward in time.Since becoming president last year, he has instituted control over public TV and radio stations to ensure they  present the “truth”–as he defines it. Cultural groups such as theater of museums or art galleries only receive funding if they offer traditional pieces reflecting Poland’s cultural heritage. That means, furthering the Catholic church, opposing abortions, and, naturally, hating Muslims.

Ironically, the Justice party hates the European Union even though Poland has received $64 billion during the past five years to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. As always, workers vote to support these right wing parties even though the end result is worse conditions for workers.