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Ben Carson On Syria

Since Ben Carson is the Republican leader at this moment in time, I decided to interview him on the issue of ISIS in Syria. After all, this man was once a great surgeon and now is a great headcase.

M: So, Dr. Carson, what do you think about the situation in Syria?

C: I want everyone in America to know that I am very interested and want to see you all back my campaign.

M: Sorry, Dr. Carson, I was talking about the nation of Syria, not seeing people.

C: Syria? Is that the place in what they call the Middle East?

M: Yes.

C: I want those in the Republican party to know that I believe strongly in being in the middle of things, I am not the kind of person who insists on going overboard on anything. Stay in the middle is my motto.

M: So, what did you think about Paris?

C: I love Paris. My wife and I were there years ago on our honeymoon.

M: Sir, I was referring to the murders in Paris.

C: Let me recount one time a man who murdered two people was wounded and I did heart surgery to save his life. That’s the Christian that I am, help the afflicted said Jesus, and I always have.But, when the friends of the men he murdered came to the hospital, I held off three of them with a knife that I was holding, yes, all by myself!

M: Thank you, Dr. Carson

Paris The New 9/11

The people of France are angry, the political leaders of America are dying to prove they are ready to take out ISIS tomorrow,and there are dozens of people still suffering from the chaos of the attacks. There is no doubt that the people of France are experiencing the same shock that Americans felt on 9/11. One outcome of the Americans anger was the horrible mistake of George Bush to invade Iraq. If there is one lesson from 9/11 it is to be careful how to respond to terrorists. The worst mistake is to invade the WRONG place. So, what are objectives?

1. Form a coalition of Muslim nations.

2. Seek to create a new Muslim armed force.

3. Only an Arab led armed force can succeed in the desire to end ISIS.

4. Rally together imams committed to ending radical Islam.

5. Be clear that the US or France can only function as support, not those who fight ISIS directly.


Bernie Butts Into Hillary

At the Democratic debate Bernie Sanders sort of ran rings around Hillary on a few points. He is the only candidate pointing out that our military budget is higher than the next six national military budgets of other nations. Bernie made an important point– The task right now is to rethink how military funds are spent. The task is to create a new military force trained to fight insurgents rather than a military force trained to fight a traditional war with tanks and planes and nuclear weapons. We need an army which has small well trained special forces who are skilled in working against small groups of militants. Planes support such action, but planes are not going to engage in dog fights in the sky.

1. So, what type of air force is needed for future war?

2. What type of ground forces are need for such wars”

3. What type of weapons are needed for such wars?

4. How do we train our generals, how do we train our officers, and how do we train our soldiers?

Perhaps, fewer bucks but well aimed bucks will result in lower military expenditures??

Sheriff Ted Cruz Rides To Rescue

There is an old American tradition that those who come from immigrant background, are sympathetic to the plight immigrants. Not so, Ted Cruz who was burn in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban national. In other words, Ted’s dad is an IMMIGRANT. But, as far as Ted is concerned, lets round up the immigrants who do not belong here and send them packing. OK, so children of immigrants were born in America and under the Constitution, they are citizens of this land. But, Ted went to Harvard where they, for some reason, do not teach Constitutional law.

So, Donald, do you think the wall you want will hold back the hordes of immigrants seeking to pick our peaches or be nannies for women who are working. Not so says Ted. He wants to “build a wall that works.” Perhaps, we can have watch towers manned by guys with weapons to blast away at any damn immigrant who wants to take jobs away from Americans who are dying to dig ditches.

Oh, Ted has been a strong supporter for immigrants arriving under H-1B visas to take jobs away from Americans who work in the field of technology.

P.S. I wonder if Pope Francis gave a blessing to this devout Catholic?

NAR Cheers Paris Attacks!

I had an opportunity today to chat with Joe Smith, a God-fearing, gun-toting red white and blue Christian American who believes that if the world wants end ISIS, send in the NRA.

Me: So, Joe, tell me why the world needs the NRA today?

Joe: Damn it Fred, look at what happened in Paris the other day. No such slaughter would ever occur in NRA Texas.

Me: Please explain, Joe.

Joe: If everyone in Paris belonged to the NRA and was toting their gun, boom boom would have gone their weapons, and doom doom would have gone the terrorists.

Me: So, a people armed are a people safe?

Joe: Damn right, Fred. NO Muslim terrorist is going to step foot in any county in America which has NRA guns. We will blast those damn Mooslims to their hell!

Me: Would any innocent folk get hit during the shoot-out?

Joe: If you got your gun and are blasting away the only dude who gets killed is the dude from Arabia!

Me: So, what lesson do we learn from Paris?

Joe: Always, and I mean, always carry a gun with you, to the concert hall, to a restaurant, to school, to church, heck, even your own home! Damn it, can you trust your wife or the kids??

Paris Is Burning

The terrorist attacks in Paris represent a new approach to the use of violence in human history. We are now living in an era in which social media is the tool of violence. These attacks could not have occurred without the ability of people who obtained the idea to kill and murder on social media. They, most probably, did not receive any specific orders on how to carry out the violence, heck, just wander around social media and one gets a graduate education in the use of violence. They communicated with one another via social media, they developed their plans to murder via social media, and after their deaths there are hundreds of other terrorists ready to continue their work.

Even as I write, men and women are communicating via social media on how they can become the next glorious group of heroes who murder the innocent in the name of God or whoever. We are in a new era in which those seeking to die for some cause will continue and continue this approach to life –and death. Last night it was Paris, tomorrow it might be London or Moscow or New York. Frankly, no one does not understand how to end the use by terrorists of social media. Perhaps, there is some technological genius who can figure out a way to halt the use of social media for violence.

Paris is Burning and there is no end in sight unless we simply destroyed the monster we created in social media.

It’s Not Fair!!

There is no question that Ben Carson is the most soft-spoken candidate for president in our history. He speaks quietly, he speaks softly, he speaks utter nonsense. Now, he has finally become upset. He is upset at the attempt by media to listen carefully to his words and check them out. OK, so he said that he had a “pathological temper” while a child. OK,so he said that he hit his mother in her face. Yes, he said that he tried to stab a good friend and the knife hit the belt buckle. These are his words, not those of the media. But, to poor Bennie, THEY are out to get him even though THEY never made any attacks upon the dude from Africa, one Barack Obama.

Donald Trump got into the fray while speaking with CNN analyst Erin Burnett. Donald also heard the words of Ben Carson. He now compares the statements of Carson to those of a “child molester.” Donald does not believe if one has a “pathological temper” it can be cured. He does not believe the American people want their president to be someone who hit his mom in the face. Not that Donald would speak ill of a fellow Republican, but he warns the American people to beware of pathological folks who no more can be cured than can a child molester!

Death Of A Child

Yes, we all agree that being in the position of enforcing the law can be, on occasion, a difficult if not dangerous job. Although, it is rare that more than a few dozen police are actually killed by criminals during the course of the year. For most cops, the real issue is stress, anxiety, fear, and physical and mental exhaustion. I do agree that when Hollywood or television depicts the performance of a cop, it may not always agree with reality. BUT, Tamir Rice was only twelve years old and playing in a playground with his toy pellet gun when gunned down by officer Loehman.

Experts now insist that Lehman performed his duty by sending several bullets into the body of this child because the policeman feared for his life. How can one respond to the claim that murdering-yes, that is the word, murdering a twelve year old is due to “reasonable fears” of the cop? If this was ONE example, OK, but this example occurs time after time. How about some time on the firing range where one learns how to hit children in the leg while fearing for your life?

Life In Republican America

I have endured the presidency of George Bush and his two clowns, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld so the thought of another Republican president is not that crazy. Last night I dreamed that America elected either Carson or Donald or Ted or Marco or even the hapless Jeb.So,what would life be like in that sort of America?

1. Those with wealth would be exempt from paying taxes so the could create gobs of jobs paying $7.25 an hour.

2. There would be a ‘value added tax”of 15% to pay for lower taxes.

3. Gays and lesbians would be denied the right to have babies.

4. Every damn woman who got pregnant would HAVE that baby.

5. President Ben would have an assistant who pointed out places like Syria or Iran.

6.Cops would be urged to shoot first and think later.

7. You want to go to college, work for twenty years to have the money to attend. NO more handouts!

8. Hungry? Go pick peaches, the illegals are now gone.

Debates That Are Not Debates

During the course of my life I participated in debates both in high school and college. I also taught high school social studies and organized debate teams to enable students to hear various points of view. I thought that was the purpose of debates. Now, in my later years I watch something termed a “debate.” Again, the assumption a “debate” is to present differing points of view to an audience so they can select ideas that make sense. So, along comes something which is advertised as a Republican Debate.

If one person on the stage claims to support cutting out all taxes the rest of the crew will immediately claim they want to end even more taxes. If Donald makes clear he is against illegal immigrants and wants them out of the country. The so-called ‘opposite view’ insists they also want them out,but want more time to accomplish the task. If one attacks Putin, Carly will inevitably announce that she is ready to meet him at high noon to see who can make more tough statements quicker.

There has yet to be any “debate.”

Oh,I forgot Ben who always speaks softly and utters words that no one knows what they mean–but, he is SINCERE.