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So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You

Robert de Niro was being interviewed by a reporter who posed some questions that he did not wish to answer. So, he picked up his bags, and told her, I’m not doing this darling”and departed. How about:

To Ted Cruz: Ted, you are a fucking ignorant jerk, so long, this interview is over.

Carly Fiorina: Carly, you have a wonderful hair style, now go to a library, me, I’m leaving.

Marco Rubio: Marco, you come from immigrants, so go pick peaches, this interview is over.

Jeb Bush: Jeb, sorry your last name is Bush, go hide under one.

Chris Christie: Chris, they are looking for a cop to handle traffic on the bridge, do something that will lose some pounds.

Donald Trump: Donald, go build some buildings in the sand with the other kids, me, I’m going.

It’s Always The Muslims

In fairness to Dr.Ben Carson he went to medical school and apparently did not have an opportunity to take a course on modern history. In fairness to Dr. Carson, one cannot expect this man who has devoted his life to the practice of medicine to know anything about World War II. Of course,it might just be possible that he actually heard of the Holocaust or what happened in World War II. Dr. Carson was pontificating on that religion of evil and murder –Muslims. “I don’t think there is any other religion that says people of other religions have to be killed.”

well, doc, eleven of my relatives were murdered by Christian Germans during World War II because they were Jews. Six million Jews were murdered, NOT by Muslims, but by CHRISTIAN GERMANS because of their RELIGION. If you are going to run for President, at least you could actually know something about the history of this country. Doc, America fought Christian Germany, the murderer of millions of JEWS!

Last Words Of Scott Walker

AS I mentioned yesterday, our dear friend and companion, one Scott Walker has decided to cease running for president in the Republican primary. Scott, as you or don’t know, initially decided to run for president because “God told him so.” I do not have a doubt that God who has to supervise billions and billions of planets, will immediately run to Earth once the voice of Scott is heard. Anyway, Scott now says that since God wants him to lead, he will lead the exit from running and demonstrate to God that he is one Leader!

In my fantasy world, there are NO politicians who invoke the name of God as justification for any action or thought. God wanders the Universe and we on this tiny planet make idiotic decisions, and it is time to cease blaming the Big Guy up in the sky,and take responsibility for our actions.

Scott is the only leader I have encountered who boasts of how well he is defeated and wants his surrender to become the poster boy ad on how to lose!

Always, the Abortion Wars Continue

I am presently 85 years of age, and for about sixty years of my life, arguments concerning abortion have filled the airwaves, the television waves, the talk show waves and God knows where else! Well, its Wednesday and we must have an abortion story. Republicans introduced a law that would ban abortion after twenty weeks of fetus existence. Mitch McConnell, the man who so enjoys working with members of the Democratic party appealed to their sense of decency. “We in this chamber are never going to agree completely on the abortion question. But, we should at least be able to agree that an unborn child has reached the point where he or she can feel pain, that child deserves protection.”

Republican Senator Susan Collins rejected his plea with the comment: “A well-meaning but flawed bill.” Sorry,Mitch, there is absolutely no evidence that a fetus feels pain.

How about a moratorium for ten months without these bills that will never become law. And,most likely,if they did, the Supreme Court with its Republican majority would strike down the law.

Russia In Syria

There is great concern among members of the US government and just about every Republican running for president over the movement of Russian soldiers, planes and ships to Syria. President Putin says their presence is to assist in the destruction of ISIS, and support the government of Syria. Let’s examine the issues of this move:

1. Russia has been supporting Syria for nearly thirty years, so what’s new about their latest move?

2. AN object of the Russians is to eliminate ISIS. I assume that is also the goal of America.

3. Ironically,the Russians will be protecting Christians and moderate Muslims against terrorist organizations. Any complaint?

4. America fears that Russia will gain a sphere or influence in Syria: Fellows, it already HAS such a sphere.

Frankly, if Putin wants to shed Russian blood to destroy ISIS, go for it, Vladimir!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Still not clear who next walks the plank and drops into the ocean.

After handling fellow debaters Scott Walker is prepared to take on the homeless.

I have yet to hear Carly Fiorina, actually propose an idea on anything.

Say, is that Jeb Bush still in the race?

Yes, Ted, lets deport all immigrants and begin with your dad.

If one of the eleven drop out does that mean one of the four not in that debate moves up?

Perhaps it is time to select the Republican candidate on the basis of looks.

Trump On Miss Pitter-Patter

Although a lot of folks in the media do not like the Donald man, one must admit he does have a skill in delineating what a person is with a few short words. He now refers to Ms. Carly Florina as ‘Miss Pitter- Patter.” He certainly has pinpointed what occurs when someone has to endure a Carly speech. “But, when you listen for more than five minutes, you develop a tremendous headache. She did a hell of a job at Hewlett Packard. She did a terrible job at Lucent. I mean, the companies are a disaster and she destroyed Hewlett Packard.” And,when the Donald man says you are a disaster he certainly knows from experience what it feels like to run a company into the ground.

Of course, her defenders emphasize that she “stands firm,” that she “speaks with assurance,” and that she IS a woman! She even knows how to utter a one liner put down. What better qualifications for the presidency?

We now live in the era in which no one actually pays any attention to what a candidate says as much as how a candidate looks.

Let Me Explain Yemen

Once upon a time there was this tiny, tiny little country that was called–YEMEN. It is on the tip of the Arabian peninsula so it takes a good careful look to find out where it is. Well,our CIA decided a few years ago to support a man whose name is: President Saleh. He was a nice man who stole from the people and gave to his people. Well, after some time, the CIA decided they did not like this president so they made sure there was a new man who is called: President Hadi.

Well, this president also stole from the people and gave to the people so along came some folks known as the Houthis and they drove Hadi from power and that really upset the CIA. Although the Houthis never received any aid from Iran, the CIA decided they did and encouraged Saudi Arabia to bomb, bomb, bomb.

At this point it is unclear exactly who the CIA wants as president: Saleh or Hadi. Anyway,the US sends drones to kill, the Saudis send bombs to kill, and a lot of killing is going on. It might help if the CIA decided to support the Houthis and then they might actually back a winner.

American Backed Rebels In Syria

Republicans have been clamoring for the Obama administration to send military advisors into Syria and arm the good guys. Actually, there has been an American military program in Syria run by American advisors which is geared to train nice, moderate Muslims and send them off to fight ISIS. The US spent FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS AND THE END RESULT WAS ABOUT TWENTY FIVE MEN SENT OFF TO FIGHT! Yes,this gallant band of warriors went off to battle, virtually all were killed, wounded or captured with minor losses to the bad Muslims. Why?

1. To fight in a successful guerrilla war there is need for soldiers who are devoted to certain ideas and values. At this moment in time, ISIS attracts thousands of Muslims because they offer a vision of the future.

2. Neither money nor weapons without belief will succeed.

Reality: 99.9% of Muslims do NOT believe in the ideas of ISIS. Unfortunately,there is not a powerful charismatic Muslim from among these Muslims who offers a vision of a democratic peaceful society.

Ted Cruzo on Saint Ronald

Ted cruz was on the Stephen Colbert show and, as usual, was determined, blunt and spoke the Republican truth about Saint Ronald Reagan. He informed the audience that Saint Ronald cut taxes, he dealt firmly with protecting our borders and he initiated a job boom unknown to prior presidents. Mr. Colbert noted a few FACTS:

1. President Reagan pushed through an AMNESTY PROGRAM FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS which allowed over two million to become American citizens.

1. President Reagan did cut taxes, but he then RAISED TAXES because the government needed more cash inflow.

3. It has now become accepted truth among economists that the beginning of the decline of our middle class can be traced to the Reagan administration. Ted: the greatest job growth occurred during the Clinton eight years in office.

Anyway, Ted was right on that he loved his daughters and his wife.

Let me note the Fact that Ted graduated from Harvard Law School. This is proof that never send your child to Harvard if this ignorant man represents what Harvard graduates.