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If You Are A Christian, Death Awaits

These days one needs a list of which groups that are killing people belong to which Islamist militant band of murderers. Kenya made the mistake of sending troops to fight against al Shabab in Somalia. If there is one certainty in life that always is true, just wait a few moments and some group of Islamist militants will appear somewhere in Africa to kill and murder. On the west coast of Africa, Boko Haram devotes its time to killing Muslims who are the wrong kind of Muslims, on the east coast of Africa, the boys from al Shabab are ready and willing to murder anyone who is not a Muslim. In fairness to them, they have some principles, save the Muslims, and kill the infidels. They approached a quarry at midnight in Kenya, rounded up the workers, and then separated the good ones- Muslims from the bad ones- Christians. Made the bad ones kneel and then killed them with one shot to the head.

The good news in east Africa is that a Muslim can live, the bad news in west Africa is Muslims die if they are the wrong kind of Muslims. Welcome to the world of death.

So, Who Are Victims In America?

Every so often having nothing much to do with my life, I tune into Fox News in order to get the real story about what is happening in America. I confess that it is difficult to even remember the name of those angry faces which spout hatred toward -you know who? If a black man is killed, the victim is the white cop who did the shooting. If the economy is improving then it is the result of Republicans who do nothing. I was particularly impressed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who ranted on and on about the victimization of white people by the liberal media. After watching Fox News I now understand who in this society is a victim and abused.

1. Those with millions are victimized by the Government and forced to pay taxes. I understand why some feel they are in the position of a Jew in Nazi Germany.

2. If your skin is white then you are a victim, who knows why, but you are a victim of something done by Barack Obama and the liberal media.

3. If you are without medical care then you definitely are a victim because the GOVERNMENT wants you to have medical care. Heck, go to a doctor and he will find something wrong with you even though you know there is not anything wrong.

4. If you are a person who believes in God, then you are a victim of the anti-Christ in the White House.

5. Above all Fox News is a victim of the GOVERNMENT. I am not clear how or why, but they are.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 2 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I would love to see dawn break in Ukraine as my pop saw it.

Most shake heads while talking.

There is a time and place to shut up.

There is a time and place to walk away.

I assume there is a Universal Customer Service Desk where I can get a refund on my life.

Mystery: why do women always pull down on their blouses?

Mystery of Life: why is there life on this planet?

These days wife follows man into the store.

There is always a moment of surprise when female cop enters store.

Some build castles in air with hands.

Jihad Makes Me Feel Strong!

There is a missing quality among those who term themselves believers in democracy, but the feeling of being ready to die for a cause is growing ever stronger among many young Muslims in Europe. For most Europeans the very idea of serving in the military is not an attractive idea. For most Americans, the concept of serving the nation is much less interesting that what is on my iPad. For those raised prior to the onset of material comforts, serving in the armed forces was part of being a member of society. The most amazing aspect of the growth of Jihadism among young Muslims is the desire among those raised in the modern technological world to risk life for a cause, a dream.

Ismail Cetinkaya told a German reporter that he was raised in Germany and for most of his early life behaved like a modern person seeking the good life. Then, he discovered the power of belief, only his new belief was in the Muslim religion. “Paradise lies at the feet of your mother God and the desire to put self to Jihad.” He went off to fight in Syria and discovered that his new felt love of the Muslim religion made the thought of dying a hope, rather than a fear. As he now tells fellow Muslims, “I call you to Jihad. This is where you will find freedom.” Being a jihadist enables this young man to challenge his weaknesses and discover that he has strength.

How many young Americans have this attitude. During World War II millions did!

Bombs Away!

It was during World War II that modern ideas about mass bombing of cities became the norm of our military beliefs. Germans began the process with mass bombing of Amsterdam and London. However, by 1942, English and American planes were making Germans sorry they ever came up with this idea. At night, a thousand British bombers would blast a city, and the following day, a thousand American planes dropped their bombs. OK, so ISIS likes to cut off heads, but the United States air force, along with planes from several other countries is bombing these people. Yesterday, there were 31 bombing attacks on the city of Raqqa in Syria, the so called, capital, of the nut cases who so enjoy cutting off heads of the innocent. We are now killing the bad guys, along with a few of the good people, but war is war. In the end of any modern war, the innocent must die because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

OH, dictator Bashar al-Assad is joining in the fun. Heck, he has already murdered at least a hundred thousand Syrians, but now he gets an opportunity to bomb and bomb. Who knows, perhaps the war in Syria will conclude when everyone is dead.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Putin Gets 8th ‘Degree Black Belt”

I assume tigers will be running for their lives!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “I Do Not Wish To Run”

Words never spoken by those in the US Congress.

USA, aol: “Poverty Penalized”

You damn poor folks earn to much money, time to help job creators.

Sweden, Local: “So, How Was Everybody’s Thursday?

Full tummy and hands full of junk picked up in stores!

Australia, Canberra Times: “Bad Week Gets Worse”

Just wait to Congress meets, a bad spring will get worse!

We Need A Philandering Map!

The President of China is sick and tired of corrupt officials and has decided to do something about it. President Xi Jinping has released what he terms, a Philandering Map that reveals which officials are stealing money from the people of China. “if misconduct is not corrected but allowed to run rampant it will build an invisible wall between our party and the people of China.” This is rather a strange attitude for a leader of a nation. I thought the purpose of being a government official was so one could become wealthy?

Perhaps, it is time in the United States of America to release a Philandering Map which depicts the manner in which our officials fuck the people of this land by selling their minds to corporations. There is sex in which one sells the body, and there is prostitution in which one sells a vote in Congress. Anyway, the new Congress this spring will be fucking the people of this land, and boy, will they make none!

The Ferguson Five

Like Millions of Americans I spent the past few evenings watching mobs loot and burn the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Actually, to be more accurate, they were destroying those areas of Ferguson in which those with black skins lived and worked. I was shocked at the images of looters entering a market and running away with liquor and food. No police were in sight, not National Guards were in sight, it was first come and first served. I wondered at the absence of any armed force to prevent this looting. Five men are responsible for what occurred during this destruction of Ferguson, Missouri.

1. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. He issued his report at 8:00 p.m. when people were wandering the streets of Ferguson. He should have issued the report in the early morning when people were asleep. For the moment I will ignore his failure as a prosecutor to present the case to the Grand Jury, which is the norm.

2. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles who allowed the existence of a police force that did not represent the people of his city.

3. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson who created a white force lacking training.

4. St. Louis County Police Chief James Bellow who should have rounded up a few hundred more cops.

5. Governor Jay Nixon who failed to send in two thousand National Guardsmen immediately.

The looting and burning could have been avoided!

Daren Wilson On Darren Wilson

I assume by now most people have watched and heard police officer Darren Wilson explain his actions on the day that he shot Michael Brown. Darren comes across as a very young man, a sincere young man, but one who has limited capacity to reflect and reconsider. When asked by interviewers if, upon reflection, he now thinks there might have been other approaches to handling the encounter with Brown, his only, and consistent response is NO. As one observes his face, it lacks any emotion when handling the question, his voice is flat, and he simply says, NO. How about:

1. Hey, boys, please walk on the sidewalks.

2. Immediately call headquarters to report the boys.

3. Step outside the police car and offer something to the two boys such as: “Are you guys OK? Is there anything that I could do?

4. In other words, reduce tension, that is always the best approach when encountering young men.

5. There was always the option to employ mace.

6. Finally, there was the option to aim your damned weapon at the legs of Michael Brown.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “McDonald’s Reopens In Moscow”

I can guarantee it will soon close because Putin is upset at Obama!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Do Not Stop Migrant Boats”

After all, the same ones that brought your ancestors.

USA, aol: “Cleveland Boy Shot”

Sorry, this is not new news, after all he was twelve and black with a toy gun!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Cyclist Hit By Car”

After an operation, the car is doing well.

Sweden, Local: “Police Seek Help In Sexual Assault”

I will do anything in my power to aid cops who are sexually assaulted!