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Donald Takes Center Stage!

There are moments when one is left with the impression that Donald Trump actually DOES have a Great Plan. Donald announced that he would not participate in Thursday’s debate because Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly would be posing questions. “She doesn’t like me. She does not ask fair questions” is the essence of his complaint. So, what is the result of his refusal>

Commentators are only discussing why Trump will not come to the debate.

No one is discussing other Republicans because people want to hear what Donald is or is not doing.

Thursday will be dominated by talk as to whether Donald will participate.

If the debate proceeds without him, discussion in the post debate period will be about how the debate would  have proceeded if Donald was present.

Donald will get interview after interview.

If he loses the Iowa primary, he will blame Megan Kelly.

In other words it is a win-win ploy for Donald.

Schengen Plan May Go

A corner stone of the European Union is the Schengen plan which allows any people living in its member states to travel across borders and take up residence in another country. In essence this is the equivalent of any American being able to travel within the boundaries of the United States without encountering the need for a visa. The Schengen concept has created a sense that each person is s member of a “nation” which is called the European Union.

The influx of refugees now threatens the existence of the plan. Greece which is the point of entry for most refugees is furious if other member states refuse to allow refugees to depart from its border. At some point the entire European Union has to make a decision. Or, at some point there has to be a plan to keep refugees from leaving Turkey.

Or, of course, a plan to somehow end the violence in Syria. Good luck. Doubt if even Donald Trump has a Great Plan to solve this problem!

Hot Time On Hot Planet

A requirement these days  to become a Republican is to make a formal pledge that  under no conditions will you ever admit there is such a thing as global warming. As part of that agreement it is required that under no condition will you ever admit to having talked with a creature who goes by the name of “scientist.” Another part of that agreement is not to examine any evidence concerning what actually is occurring on this planet and when pushed, just say, “The Bible ” does no mention global warming.

New figures indicate  that 13 of the 15 hottest years since records began being kept 150 years ago were found in the  years from 2000–2016. Stefan Rahmstarf, a scientist from the  Potsdam Institute for Climate Research states: “natural climate variations just can’t explain the observed recent global record, but man made global warming can.”

Iranians Welcomed By Pope

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran is now in Italy and among the folks he will be talking with is Pope Francis. I realize the idea of a Catholic Pope talking to an evil MUSLIM man infuriates good Catholics like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio because their concept of Catholicism is to hate and hate. Rouhani is on a business trip to negotiate billion dollar deals with European business corporations. Yes, Iran will soon have returned about $50 billion that has been frozen for decades. NO,the money will not go to terrorists, but to improve life in Iran for Iranians!

I always assumed the Donald Trump had this great business plan, but for some reason he is not interested in $50 billion. Donald boasts that he is a very rich  man, actually, he has about $5 billion which places him way down on the list of our wealthy folks. He Donald, how about a meeting with  Rouhani?


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ben Carson comes across as a little boy who has wandered onto the playing fields  where the older guys are playing.

Strange but it took Donald Trump to wipe out Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio just does not cut it as a potential president. He comes across as the kid brother.

Ask yourself this question: which of these candidates would John Kennedy select as his running mate?

Jeb looks so forlorn and lost, he brings out the father in me.

Bernie out to dye his hair.

Not a single candidate these days can utter a word without waving hands in the  air.

Hillary Hits Home Run

There is no question that Hillary Clinton was on her game last night at the Democratic debate. In contrast to Bernie, she was calm. She was forceful, she cited  specific events to support her ideas. Hillary has learned that Americans do not want a candidate to wander off into generalities. Bernie promises and promises but does not present specific details on how what he promises will be paid for except to cite new taxes.

Reality: there are two important issues confronting Americans. One is income inequality and lack of good paying jobs. The other is fear of “terrorists.” At no point during the evening did Bernie cite how he would confront the latter except to cite his vote agains the Iraq invasion. Hillary discussed her efforts to create a coalition to deal with Iran. Bernie never explained how he would bring together nations in the Middle East to fight terrorism.

At the conclusion of the debate when asked who was the president who most influenced her, Hillary cited Abraham Lincoln. She noted he used the federal government to build the transcontinental railroad. He established free land grant colleges. He welcomed immigrants. A brilliant piece of political thinking to link the issues of 2016 with the issues of the Civil War.

Bernie The Candidate

I watched the Democratic debate and decided to view this interaction through the eyes of someone who is 65 plus. Those who fall into this category lived through the administrations of Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill  Clinton and then Bush and Obama. The dominant characteristic of president in this group was they were calm during a crisis. They spoke softly and firmly in order to calm the American people.

Bernie Sanders is the complete opposite of how American presidents present themselves to the public. He shouts, he waves arms, he speaks with a voice threatening doom and destruction. He speaks about being a “democratic Socialist.” I also have been a Democratic Socialist my entire life, but I make certain to cast ideas within the framework of the American experience, because the word “Socialist” does not play well with 95% of Americans.

Bernie appeals to those who are under the age of 30, and loses just about anyone over the age of 65. He fails to place his ideas within the American context. Examples:

He shouts “Socialism” instead of quietly saying: “I want to restore the free enterprise system to ALL Americans. If I earn $116,000 I pay 6% of my salary in Social Security, if I earn $600,000 I pay 1% of my salary in Social Security. Let’s give every American an opportunity to pursue his or her economic dreams.” Instead, he cites foreign nations. Sorry Bernie, that is a no, no. Why not cite Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt?

Bernie presents himself as someone outside of the American dream. He never cites Abraham Lincoln who created free land grant colleges. Why not?

Republicans Speak Out

This intrepid reporter was able to gain access to Republicans seeking to become president. They are currently in the state of Iowa.

Jeb Bush: “Just wait until Thursday, just wait until Donald tries to put me down. Just wait.  He claims to have a Great Plan, well, this Texas guy will show him how we Texans deal with loud mouth blowhards. As to exactly, how or what I will do, just you wait until he makes the first crack about me being weak. Just you wait!”

Ted Cruz: “I am getting tired of having everyone say that everyone dislikes me. That is NOT true, just ask my wife or children. After all, I am the ONLY one on the stage who went to Harvard Law School. I am damned smart. OK, so my father was an immigrant. OK, so I retained Canadian citizenship until four years ago. I told you that I  am a smart guy. If I can’t make it in the US,  I then have the option to make it in Canada. Then again, Sheldon Adelson likes me, so maybeI should become a Jew and head for Israel. How about a Cuban, Canadian, immigrant, Texan, Republican, soon to become a citizen of Israel, as the next president of some place in this world??”

Ben Carson: “How come no one told me there would be another debate? Now, I have to memorize all that stuff and look at maps and learn how to pronounce names. Maybe, just maybe, I should go back to cutting up people rather than be cut up by these people.”

The Other Guy In Democratic Debate

The Democratic Party had another debate which involved Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the  other guy who comes from Maryland. Mr. O’Malley is a rather handsome man, he has a nice speaking voice, and he  comes across as sincere. Mr. O’Malley was once a mayor of Baltimore,and a governor of Maryland. According to him he did the following:

1. Reduced crime.

2. Reduced people going to jail.

3. Got kids health insurance and other nice things.

4. Mr. O’Malley wants to rebuild America, give people good jobs and high pay, end war, end terrorism, give women equal pay, end discrimination, end anti-immigration and anti-Muslim stuff, and make this nation safe, secure and happy.

For some unknown reason, Mr. O’Malley is just not getting folks in Iowa to support his candidacy. On the positive side:

1. He looks very presidential.

2. He is sort of tall.

3.  He is very nice looking.

4. He does dress very well.

And, his name is Mr. O’Malley.

Donald Trump Discusses Everything

Donald Trump gave Wolf Blitzer an interview and discussed just about everything on his mind:

!. Megyn Kelly: “She hates me. She is not fair. Maybe I will show up Thursday for the Fox debate, maybe not. Of course, she can’t stop me.  I have no idea why she hates me. Everyone loves me but this woman!”

2. Sarah Palin. “Now, this is one smart woman. A real good woman, a woman who loves America–unlike a woman we all know who does not–and she is loved by the American people. Sure, I would put her in my Cabinet. She is one tough cookie, a real woman, a woman of the people. We need such women,not like that broad from Fox News.”

3. ISIS. “Do I have a great plan to handle ISIS. I sure do have a great plan and when I put it into action that will be the end of ISIS. What is the  plan? I am not like that stupid Obama who always told the enemy our plans. Keep them off balance, keep them guessing, that is part of my Great Plan. I will guarantee you, Wolf, I will guarantee the American people that MY great plan will end ISIS So, you Muslims, beware the Donald man is going to wipe you out!”

4. Obama. “He is stupid. The entire Obama government is stupid.We need some smart guys in government, and yours truly is the guy. I am a great business man, I am a great thinker, and I am NOT stupid!”