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Mt. Sinjar Rescue Must Be Done

There is scant doubt the American people do not understand the difference between use of force in order to accomplish humanitarian goals rather than use of force in order to accomplish political goals. A few hundred American Marines and Special Forces are on top of Mt. Sinjar working on plans to help Yazidis refugees reach a safe place. This is NOT another stupid invasion of Iraq, this is a demonstration that Americans still believe it is their responsibility to assist those who are oppressed in the world. NO, we cannot assist every person who is starving or living under brutal rule, but there are opportunities which enable the use of American armed forces to accomplish humanitarian objectives,. Reality: 99% of Americans are out of Iraq. Talk about fighting has been replaced by talk about saving lives.

Perhaps, for the first time, President Obama is acting like a leader. He is taking decisive steps to assist people who lack the capacity to save their lives. America has not always been a symbol of freedom, it all too often has allowed itself to get sucked up in the world of dictators and ignorance. Reality: Not a single advisor to George Bush had the slightest understanding of the Middle East, let alone the conflict between Sunnis and Shiites. Let us aid those on Mr. Sinjar, and in so doing, we aid America to become a symbol of freedom.


we offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Why are there no ads about going from slim to fat?

Some go through life seeking to be disliked.

She enters coffee shop, glances around, turns and leaves. A missed romance?

I am a man of ritual, I adhere to specific behaviors each day.

Bad news, the apes took over this planet. Good news, the Republicans did not.

Fear should be a long lost relative who remains long lost.

Those who served in the armed forces miss the spirit of comradeship.

Atheists miss the opportunity to blame someone for misfortune in life.

John Boehner shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth in Bullshit Square.

Children prefer looking under the table than on top of it.

To fear being ignorant is first sign of knowledge.

Some waddle through life, some hip hop, and some just stride ahead.

Mom serves two teen age boys. Why?

Rule of Conflict: Be first one in marital dispute who gives the hug.

Two difficult words for politicians: I apologize.

I wonder what would be the initial thought of an alien who lands on Earth?

Rarely does an article in a newspaper cause me to reflect.

Children love to be swung.

Husband usually takes end seat.

Lauren Bacall Is Dead

Lauren Bacall is dead. For most people, she does not mean anything other than another dead actress. She was an attractive woman, but when it came to sexuality, Lauren Bacall was not in the same category as Marilyn Monroe or Ava Gardner. She was born in Brooklyn, just another attractive Jewish girl who had to surrender, as did many Jews, her real name in the anti-Semitic America in which she was raised. She became a model, and finally wound up in Hollywood as an actress. However, Ms. Bacall was something other than an actress. She was a fighter for human rights. She was also an actress who was deeply involved in politics, and supported liberalism in her daily life.

Lauren Bacall was once asked which men most attracted her. At the head of her list was Adlai Stevenson who ran for President in 1952 and 1956. She considered a man with an excellent mind to be “sexy.” Her husband, Humphrey Bogart was only concerned about her interest in men with minds, he told her that his greatest fear is that she would become the lover of Adlai Stevenson. She never did. But, she never ceased her fight for equality for Negroes nor her fight to support illegal Mexican workers. So, goodbye to a woman, an actress, and a fighter for human rights!


Republican congressmen had to live on Food Stamps?

The Koch brothers spent their days and nights with minds filled with Coke?

Barack Obama explained his ideas in a manner that was understood by the American people?

John Boehner played a game of golf with the President?

Robin Williams allowed his humor to control his mind?

This country simply had extended Medicare to all Americans?

We gave each new born baby a loaded gun to play with in the crib?

Hamas ceased using civilians to fire their weapons?

Israel got some common sense, ceased building settlements in the West Bank and recognized the nation of Palestine?

Women in America had complete control over their bodies?

Boko Haram nut cases got Ebola?

God came back from His vacation and began paying attention to this crazy planet?

Father Of The Year!!

I assume within the jihad movement in the Middle East there must be awards to mothers and fathers who do the best job of raising little Jihad boys and girls. For a true jihadist, the ultimate glory in life is to participate in some glorious blast that kills innocent people as well as self. What could be more nobler than death itself? Nasser al-Sharyeq is a dad who lives in Saudi Arabia and his wife has divorced him. Naturally, since this is Saudi Arabia dad was given custody of the ten and eleven year old boys. To be honest, Saudi Arabia is not the sort of country in which dad takes time off on weekends to play some sport with the boys-kicking a soccer ball or shooting baskets is not in the repertoire of the typical Saudi dad.\

His ex-wife just received an Instagram from her former hubby in which he informed her that the boys and he were currently in Turkey, but headed for the big lights in Syria. He uttered some warm words of comfort to the mother of these boys. “Count your children as birds in heaven” because dad was taking them to Syria in order to join the fight.

Too bad we just missed Father’s Day in June. Just think what a wonderful Father’s Day it could have been for Mr. Shayyeq if he and the boys were up in heaven!!

Has God Considered Suicide?

The other day I was sitting quietly wondering what God is thinking way up in the sky. This God is responsible for millions of planets, and I assume that he has created zillions of life forms on them. We humans are only a tiny, tiny, tiny part of the universe. So, what does God think about this planet that we call, Earth? I have no idea what God terms it. I assume the Big Guy up in the sky seeks to do a good job. I assume that God takes pride in his creations. So, what is God left with regarding these humans? There has not been a single day since the first life forms appeared on this planet that one life form or another was engaged in killing another. Heck, on planet Earth we even kill those of the same life form. It is difficult for me to believe this same pattern exists on all the planets in the universe. Logic suggests we are the aberration, not the norm.

The past few years haves witnessed nonstop killing and murders in the Middle East, in Africa, while in America people who claim to be “Christians” and “Jews”shout hatred toward some children seeking a safe haven! Surely, there must come a moment when God wonders: “how did this come about? What was my role in this mad planet of Death?” We humans commit suicide while in a state of despondency. Do Gods attain the same state?

Broken Windows, Broken Bodies

It has become the ongoing mantra within police departments for over twenty years that if police crack down on petty crimes such as a broken window, the end result would be fewer major crimes. One result of this theory has been a huge growth in the number of people in jail. The United States of America currently leads the world with people in prison. Naturally, the vast majority of those in prison are there due to the infamous “Broken Windows” theory. Another result has been directing police to crack down on behavior that is technically criminal such as selling untaxed cigarettes. The recent murder of Eric Gardner by New York police was caused by his selling such cigarettes and police anxious to increase their arrest record.

Perhaps, it is time to create a new theory. “Broken Corporate Policies results in Broken Middle Class people reduced to poverty. If government bodies paid as much attention to cracking down on crime in business, we might have a wealthier middle class.


I confess a certain confusion when a famous person, with whom I have witnessed grow up, decides to engage in the act of suicide. Robin Williams delighted generations of American with his wit, his madness, and a certain gentleness of spirit. Born in 1951, he died in August, 2014. Obviously, I never met him, my knowledge of the man comes from movies. However, for many of us, witnessing the growth in acting ability, laughing along with the madness in spirit of Mr. Williams, brought us closer to the man. For example, it is strange not writing, “Robin” Williams, because he was never, Mr. Williams. There was something about him that led me to feel as though I knew him. Perhaps, it was the madness of his humor. He took the normal and transferred into the absurd. I was raised in the Bronx, New York, and the essence of our humor was just that. Everything “normal” contains the germ of absurdity. That is the spirit of what Robin Williams captured for millions of Americans.

He was a humorist for a generation living in the Cold War. His film about the Vietnam War best conveyed the absolute insanity of this conflict. Ironically, the Vietnam War was about American soldiers caught in a civil war. Nothing about this conflict made sense, and Robin Williams captured this feeling. He portrayed a broadcaster bringing news to soldiers. Good Morning Vietnam unfortunately was Good Night sweet soldier. I have no idea why he killed himself, reports were that he was despondent. Too bad he was not offered an opportunity to broadcast to modern American soldiers with a Good Morning Iraq!

No Troops On Ground

Ah, it was only a decade ago that American leaders were prepared to send in the boys and wipe out the enemy. As you recall, President George Bush never lost an opportunity to save mankind from the evils of savage, brutal, horrible Muslim terrorists. We certainly have come a long way from the glory days of the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. Today, as thousands of innocent refugees seek to be spared from ISIS brutality — or death–President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry ponder if anything can be done. The basic assumption of American foreign policy in August, 1914 is that no American soldier will be placed at risk to bodily harm. In other words, the Obama Doctrine is -peace and tranquility.

It is difficult offering alternative scenarios, given events of the past decade. But, the question must be posed: are there ANY conditions in the world that would result in American soldiers going into action? Obviously, a direct attack on American soil would result in American soldiers fighting and dying. The Obama Doctrine of Peace and Tranquility will please Americans. However, it will not save lives of those in peril of evil doers.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Monkey Ruined Me”

How about getting this monkey off my back!

USA, NY Post: “Stranger Saves Kids, Mom Punches Him”

Another tale of Republicans in Congress.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Had An Argument, I Won”

Sounds like PM Netanyahu arguing with self.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Police State In Turkey”

Noting to gobble about!

France, Connexion: “Concerns Over Nice Beaches”

I suspect they lack nude females!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Girl Finds Family”!

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Does Race Matter?”

It isn’t always a black and white issue!