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Mitt Says NO!

A millionaire has decided not to seek the presidency of our fair land. A millionaire who is concerned about the plight of our middle class has decided that such concern did not play right in the land of the Koch Brothers. So, we must say farewell to the only Republican who stood for the middle class. Oh, I know some will recite his comment about no concern for the 47% of Americans who are mooching off the federal government with handouts unlike the wealthy whose only thought and concern is for the right of empowering every citizen with a million dollars, provided that person has drive, intelligence, and was born int he right family. Just consider the record of this man:

1. He pushed through an Obamacare like health program in Massachusetts.

2. He has gobs of kids which proves that he cares about children.

3. He has an elevator for his car which proves he is concerned about roads and highways.

4. He employs maids which proves he cares about those illegals from Mexico.

5. He worked himself up from a few million to lots of millions. If he could do this, it proves that every child of a millionaire can do it!

Unfortunately, Mitt just could not compete with the billions of the Koch Brothers!

I Do Understand Murder

There is one certainty in the human experience- today, somewhere and some place in the world someone was killed by someone else on the ground they were not part of the right religion. Those who live in Western nations are the descendants of people who waged religious wars for over two hundred years and in the twentieth century witnessed the murder of six million people who were Jews. Oh, they were murdered by people who regarded themselves as Christians. Oh, the Pope never took any action against such murders. No Catholic who murdered was ever thrown out of the Catholic Church. So, who can be surprised that today it is the turn of Muslims to murder those whose religion does not fit into their religion?

In a town in the south of Pakistan, some men were gathered in a mosque when bombs exploded. Their crime was to be Shia Muslims rather than to be Sunni Muslims. At least forty are dead and dozens are wounded. This is simply another story in the madness that is religion. I assume if there is a God up there, HE has left for another planet.

Putin Bans Americans!

I have the sad duty to report that many Americans will no longer be able to travel to Russia and enjoy the sights and sounds of Moscow. The Russian government is very upset at the Obama administration for its vicious attacks on Russians who have been carrying out the orders of their great and wise Leader. Several years ago Sergei Magnitsky was murdered in Moscow while engaged in uncovering fraud in the Russian government. He allegedly has a heart attack while in prison for the crime of exposing graft and corruption in the government of Vladimir Putin. The American Congress passed the Magnitsky law which prevents those Russians who were part of the murder to enter the United States of America. In Putin Land, one does not challenge any action of the Great Leader without suffering some consequences.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is upset. “The latest extension of the US list of sanctioned people, put together on the basis of he anti-Russian Magnitsky law will not go unchallenged. And on the reciprocal basis the same number of US citizens have been prohibited from entering the territory of Russia.” Sorry, if you on the list, remain home and avoid Moscow. Such are the consequences of voting for Barack Obama!

Barack Had Second Term Balls!

The Republican party won the past election and they arrived in Washington D.C. expecting to run the place and pass their legislation. Most Republicans expected the dude from Africa to get out of their way and turn this nation over to the Koch Brothers. Alas, Republicans forgot that a second term president was not running again for that position and now enjoyed the position of telling one and all, “go fuck yourself!” The NEW Obama frankly does not give a damn about what Republicans seek as legislation and he will make their lives miserable. In one sense, it has become “pay back time” for the president who was constantly impeded in his desires to pass legislation. For the past six years Republicans have been able to block passage of laws, and now the president with his power of the veto is giving then a taste of their own medicine.

The sad aspect of the new Obama is that this attitude would have resulted in greater victories for Obama if only he had behaved in this approach six years ago instead of giving in to Wall Street fears and threats. He should have told Wall Street to go fuck itself and protected those in need rather than making the rich more wealthy.

Waz Happening To Waze?

Confession: at age 84 the entire world of technology all too often bewilders me. I do not employ an apps since I lack the appility to app or zap anyone. Charles Beck, police chief of the Los Angeles police department is very upset about the use of Waze which apparently assists those seeking to track their road navigation in order to get someplace on time. “It is not always in the public’s interest to know where police are operating.” He believes that criminals are using this road navigation process to discover if their are police cars in their way. Let me get this thing straight:

1. If a mechanical device serves our needs, it also serves the needs of bad people. Therefore….

2. Does this mean we end travel by plane since planes allow criminals to escape more quickly?

3. So, what happens to social media the vehicle of terrorists all over the world?

If you desire the benefits of modern technology so do bad people!

Cuba Again In News

There is something rather strange occurring in the halls of Congress. On one hand, Marco Rubio, the son of those who fled the island of Cuba and Ted Cruz the Hispanic born in Canada seek to continue all restrictions on interactions with the evil folk who run Cuba. After all, if a policy that has been in place for seventy years has yet to bring about change in Cuba, who knows what will occur after another seventy years of doing nothing? A band of eight Republican and Democratic Senators are introducing legislation to dissolve restrictions on travel and trade with the Commies in Cuba. Why?

1. American farmers see a new place to sell their farm goods just off the shore of this nation.

2. American industrialists are confident they can sell and even build in Cuba. Consider the drop in costs for manufactures which are made a hundred miles away?

3. Young Cuban Americans want to have connections to their relatives on the island.

In the end, MONEY SPEAKS!

Deflated Footballs Topic Of Day

I love sports since playing ball was my only opportunity to feel important. I was a natural athlete who was outstanding in any athletic activity that I attempted. These days, my first act upon opening a newspaper is to read what happened in sports, not what happened in the world outside. For the past two weeks, the number one story in every sport section if the deflation of footballs by the Boston Patriot football team in their win over the Colts. “Deflate Gate” is the topic which consumed millions of words from those interested in sports. We inhabit a society in which money is the source of power. We have taught ourselves that the pursuit of money and power allows one to ignore the rules of fair play so why be surprised the Boston team simply deflated footballs in pursuit of victory? The overwhelming interest in this silly event is simply another manifestation of what has happened to America. WIN, WIN, regardless of ethical behavior. That is the message of our lives.

A new report indicates the Koch brothers and their buddies are prepared to spend 900 BILLION DOLLARS in the coming presidential election. I am certain a high percent of Americans support the right of those with wealth to use those resources in pursuit of victory. THIS STORY IS THE ONE THAT SHOULD CONSUME OUR LIVES! The hell with football stories!

Blizzard That Wasn’t

There are moments in modern times when I just shrug my head and wonder what has transformed people into frightened sheep who are consumed with fear. I was a seventeen year old boy when the famous blizzard of 1947 hit New York City. As the snow fell, my pop who had a small butcher shop sent me out to deliver orders for people, and there was no fear in his mind. A little snow, big deal, he was raised in the fields of Ukraine where snow fell quite heavily during the winter. As he snow continued falling until it had left 26.4 inches on the ground, most small businessmen were still working because they could not afford to close down the shop and flee to the safety of their tiny business. The mayor of New York City was not issuing bulletins of fear, we accepted the blizzard as simply an act of God that had to be endured because tomorrow we still had to eat.

So, the “experts”closed down the entire city of New York. No planes, no trains, no subway. Gee in 1947 the subway continued to function and people got around the city. There is something about the modern world of America which fears itself. There is no sense that ‘come on blizzard,” we will not fear your arrival. Doomsday is the current message of fear. Actually, FEAR is the operating word from our leaders. Just mention, 9/11 and people will accept just about any violation of their basic rights. There used to be giants in the land, today there are pygmies.

Trials And Tribulations Of Boehner

I did know that John Boehner was a member of the Republican party, and I did know that he ordinarily had a sad face which apparently disguised the pain of his early days on this planet. John informed the folks on Sixty Minutes that he is dead set against raising the minimum wage. He recounted the difficult days of his youth. “I had every known rotten job you can imagine gittin myself through school. I wouldn’t have a chance of half those jobs if the federal government had kept imposing higher minimum wages.” Gee, this is definitely a man who confronted poverty and won the battle without any aid and assistance from the Federal government. Unfortunately for John, these days there are fact checkers and this is what they discovered:

1. In 1965 the minimum wage was at its highest level in history.

2. During his years in college, the horrible, terrible job destroying federal government raised the minimum wage from $1.65 to $2.00 to $2.10 to $2.30 an hour.

Oh, John was forced to work in a “humbling job” such as construction!

Obama Now Takes On India!

There definitely is a new kid in town who is ready to take on the world in order to demonstrate that no one can frighten him into silence. President Barack Obama was in India wrapping up some trade agreements when he decided to inform the people of that nation it was time for them to end their war on women. “We know from experience that nations are more successful when their woman are successful.”He mad the point that nations “can’t simply ignore the talents of half of their people.” He also threw in some words about the all too often harassment of women on the streets of India where it is very difficult to convictf rapists. The President insisted that women “should be able to go about the day -to walk the streets or ride the bus, and be treated with dignity.’

For this to occur the police and courts of India have to decide that a rapist belongs in prison, not on the street or riding a bus where they can touch, kidnap and abuse women. The ball is in the court of the government of India.