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Hank Aaron Hits Home Run

Hank Aaron has aroused the anger of right wing nuts and Republicans for uttering an honest statement concerning the state of racism in America. He agrees that black skinned folk are not being hung from branches of trees, but the assault upon President Obama is vicious and blatantly racial in tone and substance. As he puts it: “The biggest difference is that they(KKK) had hoods, now, they have neckties and starched shirts.” The howls of derision can be heard from the pert blond haired idiot women who preach nonsense on Fox News along with angry white men who are determined to prove that ANY problem in America or the world, is directly caused by allowing some black dude from Africa to become president.

Hank is receiving dozens of hate letters and emails due to his comment.

1. How many prior presidents were charged with being born in another country? Actually, John McCain was born on a navy base in Panama.

2. How many prior presidents were charged with being a Muslim? Of course, he belongs to a Christian church.

3. How many prior presidents were attacked for “hating America?”

4. Obama pushed health care, President Franklin Roosevelt pushed for Social Security and President Lyndon Johnson pushed Medicare. I do not believe Roosevelt or Johnson were accused of being a dictator for these actions.

Fracturing Going Boom In Our Lives!

It is now a well established fact for both Democrats and Republicans that the first business of America is business. Whatever enhances the bottom line of corporations must be supported because when it comes to matters of funding the political process, the dollar is the highest point in our lives. Ohio geologists, you know, those smart folk who went to some college which taught them a lot of stuff, anyway, these people are now claiming there is something wrong with tracking. They actually claim there might be a connection between a few mild earthquakes in a region that never had any earthquakes because of this fracking stuff. This type of talk sounds to me like SOCIALISM. Imagine believing that our wealthy businessmen would ever do anything to disturb our peace and security.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued a very strange statement. They “believe the sand and water injected into the well during the hydraulic fracturing process may have increased pressure on an unknown micro fault in the area.” They have now shut down an energy company.

This is typical of the Socialists who run the Democratic party. Attacking Business, seeking things like higher wages–and lower profits– things that take money from job creators. Thank God for people like Ted Cruz whose Harvard education enables him to know there is no such thing as global warming, and certainly we all know that fracturing poses no problems–certainly none to profits!

Another White Student Killer

The perennial cry of American conservatives, and quite a few liberals is about violence in urban schools. These groups insist that urban schools are filled with violent children and therefore we must enact zero tolerance to save these children from their peers. REALITY CHECK: During the twentieth century there has not been a single mass shooting of children in an urban school! Yesterday, another act of violence in a high school. The incident occurred in Murrysville High School outside of Pittsburgh. A boy went crazy and used a knife in order to stab about twenty students until subdued by a security guard and an assistant principal.

The violent person fit the description of a school killer:

1. White
2. Middle Class
3. Occurred in a suburban school.

As a teacher in an urban high school once observed to me: “When the children walk through that door they are safe for a few hours, when they leave, then death awaits them.”

Putin Threatens And Roars

Vladimir Putin believes that he is sitting on top of the world. His popularity rate is nearly 80%, not a Russian opposition person dares to challenge his authority and people in the world fear that Vladimir will do something stupid. He enjoys possessing the fear of others which to him means that Vladimir calls the shots and he always has the ability to move from calling a shot to actually blasting away. Russian troops are on the border of Ukraine, Russian supporters inside the Ukraine are seizing buildings and urging Russian troops to cross the border and come to their rescue. So, what is his charge against Western foes? Deputy Foreign Minister Anatoly Antonov warned the world that “Russia has taken notice of the plans by certain members of the alliance(NATO) to deploy large military contingents on territories close to our border.”

Of course, this is nonsense, but creating uncertainty, instilling fear is what Vladimir so enjoys. To be feared is his goal, not to be respected or admired. He definitely has achieved that goal. The only remaining question is whether he is foolish enough to send Russian troops across the border into the Ukraine would mark the end of Russia as a prosperous nation. Why? Because, in the end, it is economics, not military that determines the future.

Republican Bizarro World

There is no longer any doubt but that Democrats and their left wing females seek to destroy the right of women to work for 77 cents for the same wok that for which men receive a dollar bill. Lefties want to deny females the right that God has given them to receive less money and thus ensure their husband or sweet heart can make more money and thus be able to afford to provide for her care. Rep. Lynn Jenkins from the state of Kansas wants she “strongly supports equal pay for women” and since women right now have achieved this goal, Ms. Jenkins wants Democrats to know that women do NOT need the government to decide they have the right to equal pay for equal work. If they have it, why must another law be passed to enable them to get what they have\?

Good question. Latest figures indicate women receive less money than men for the same work. As Senator Mitch McConnell points out, the idea that women receive less is simply another of those lefty “Bizarre obsessions.” He wants to know why Democrats oppose job creation. For example:

1. If all taxation was removed for those earning a million or more dollars, these wealthy folk would purchase more yachts and thus provide work for the unemployed.

2. Few dollars going to Uncle Sam in taxes for the wealthy means more dollars going for nanny jobs,for those in the diamond industry and I could go on and on.

Republican Health Plan

It is quite clear that Republican leaders do not wish to witness any form of success for the idea of national health insurance. Of course, a peculiar aspect of this attitude is the fact that Republican presidents in the past supported at least one form of health insurance. The initial governor who pushed through a state health insurance program went by the name of Mitt Romney. Naturally, after supporting health insurance he decided that he was against health insurance. In fairness, he just meant that he was against health insurance proposed by any and all Democrats. So, where does this leave Americans with the Republican party?

1. If Republicans gain control of the Senate they will pass -along with the House of Representatives, one bill after another to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This will result in one veto after another by the President.

2. By the fall of this year, at least 8,000,000 Americans will be covered by the Affordable Care Act along with millions of others who are on Medicaid. Oh well, just end these laws and then…I forgot, there is always the Emergency Room. That wonderful capitalist invention in which someone pays for the health care of someone else who could not afford preventive health care insurance.

3. OR, the Republican Party will make minor changes in the Affordable Care Act and claim they are the ones who brought health insurance to those lacking it.

I’d Give My Horse For A Job

Into the valley of Joblessness rode the 2.7 million Americans. Fox News to the right, Ted Cruz to the left of them, on and on rode those without work. They examined their wallets as they rode through the fire of Republican snipers calmly taking out those who lagged behind or halted to express some words of anger. They were the jobless, and, we all know those without jobs in the United States of America lack friends, lack allies and must limp along as best as they can. Up the hills of Despair climbed the 2.7 million, scratching and pulling themselves up and up toward the promise of job lugging wood up the hill to the wise man siting in the den of wisdom. Onto the ships of doom strode the 2.7 million, seeking among the thousands of ships sailing our seas, a job cleaning fish taken from the stormy seas of time.

OK, so there are 2.7 million who simply just gave up since after two years of seeking no single boss desired their presence. Oh, the unemployment rate was 6.7%, a drop of fifty percent since the former president left to chop wood in Texas. Thank God neither George nor Dick nor Don nor any member of the Republican party lacks funds. There are always the Koch brothers with offers of dollars for the simple response of casting a vote to reduce taxes. Of course there are also the untold millions struggling in jobs paying $7.25 an hour serving and scrubbing and cleaning for those too lazy to cook a meal and clean up.

I’d surely give a horse for a job, but the problem is I do not have a horse.

Handling Ukraine Intelligently

Republicans are once again hot to engage in a war in order to blame President Obama for failure to win a war. It is Republican policy to initiate wars in order to blame Democrats for not winning the war because they lack “will power for peace.” John McCain and Fox News “foreign policy experts” want ACTION on the part of Barack Obama. ACTION translates into some form of behavior that results in Vladimir Putin pleading for peace. Let this blog suggest a realistic foreign policy toward Ukraine and Russia.

1. There is no “victory” at the end of the rainbow, simply a confused world of discord that will continue for years.

2. Russia, regardless of who is their leader, has justifiable concerns, stemming from their history the past hundred years of being invaded by foreign armies that murdered over fifty million of their people. Any accord with Russia must ensure their right to protection against foreign aggression.

3. We propose the Ukranian government issue a guarantee that it will not allow any foreign troops or military installations on its territory. In essence, Ukraine becomes another Switzerland adhering to the principle of neutrality.

4. We propose that any missile systems of NATO be withdrawn to England. In other words, the European continent is to be free of missiles.

5. The Crimea is to experience a UN monitored election to determine its future. If the Tartar minority does not wish to live in a Russian centered Crimea, it would be provided the right to migrate to west European lands or the United States and Canada.

6. A Turkish-Russian discussion would result in agreements concerning placement of aggressive weapons on one another’s borders.

7. The United States is to develop a major program in energy exports to Europe that ends dependence on Russian energy sources.

No shouting and screaming, just solid diplomacy is the answer.

On Executing The Evil

Throughout my life among the issues that have left me confused is that of capital punishment. There are evil people in this world and they commit evil acts against the innocent. Of course, we do send young men off to war to kill the evil and if they perform their job we reward them with medals and parades. I have no doubt that among the good men who commit the act of murder there are some who thoroughly enjoy the act of being able to wipe out a family, man, woman and child and feel great joy at being able to kill those without weapons of war in their hands. At some point in the history of the human race we divided murder into two categories–one for killing the “enemy” and one for killing those from our own society. I joined the Army and was prepared to engage in the rite of killing.

So, the question remains-are their people who are mentally incapable of killing and are their people whose mental capacities make them prone to kill because they do not know right from wrong? Freddie Lee Hall is being prepared to be killed by the state of Florida. In 1978 he abducted and murdered a 21 year old pregnant women. His IQ is 75 and the state of Florida insists that anyone with an IQ of 70 or above can be executed. Mr. Hall is asking the Supreme Court could decide what is the IQ level for killing those who murder.

I have no idea. Does anyone?

Cover Up Your Tattoo!

We inhabit a land in which any crazy nut can walk around with a gun in hand or concealed inn order to protect himself against the black shirted FBI or some other federal agency which seeks to take away their freedom to kill self or others. Michael Smith who lives in Maine was fast asleep after working the night shift when he heard noises outside. He walked out with his bare chest and placed hands on his hips. A team had been dispatched to trim branches on his property which might touch power lines. He stood there glaring at the men who had disturbed his peace and quiet. They retreated when they noticed his hands were close to a pistol. The tree men contacted the police who arrived with a squad ready for action. Smith still stood with hands on hips glaring away at the intruders.

Finally, the police noted that Smith did not have a weapon of mass destruction, but he did have a tattoo of a gun which outwardly comes across as a gun in a waistband. Reports are that Michael will keep his tattoo but wear a shirt when out in public.

I wonder if that violates his Second Amendment Rights!!