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Oh, Those Black Dudes!

It has become a common sight in the streets of America, the churches of America, the stores of America for white men and women to wander around with loaded weapons since they are simply defending us against potential criminals bent on death and destruction. On August 4, Ronald Ritchie was in a Walmart store when he saw a customer holding a BB gun. The man with the gun was a black dude so add one plus one. What is the result? If a black dude has a gun in his hands, then look out for trouble. Ritchie called the police and told them: “A black man was walking around with a gun in the store” and he was pointing it at children. Ritchie emphasized that the black man was loading the gun and was a threat to those in the store. Police soon arrived, and within moments had murdered John Crawford, the black dude.

Let me get this clear. Walmart sells guns. I assume those who purchase guns, pick them up. I assume they might even point the gun in some direction. I assume that thousands of men in Walmart stores have pointers guns at people in the store. It turns out Mr. Ritchie was thrown out of the Marines. It turns out that he now admits there was no reason why John Crawford should have been shot. I would be more impressed if the police shot white dudes who wander our streets armed to the teeth!

Muslim Cleric Attacks Violence

This blog for months has been condemning failure upon the part of Muslim clerics to assume leadership in the fight against Muslims who kill Muslims. In Saudi Arabia, the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh made clear that any Muslim who murder fellow Muslims acts in ways that are contrary to the Muslim religion. He took aim at ISIS as an example of Muslims who murder Muslims. “This group is aggressive and violent. If they fight Muslims, then Muslims must fight them.” This makes sense. Americans are upset because ISIS has murdered a few Americans in ways that are ghastly. But, this organization has murdered THOUSANDS OF MUSLIMS. Just this past week, three soldiers in the army of Lebanon had their heads chopped off, and the Western media just ignored this example of barbarism.

The Western world continues to insist that ISIS poses a problem to the western world. It does not! The main objective of ISIS is spreading its brutality to fellow Muslims. Just like Muslims in Nigeria who slaughter innocent fellow Muslims, ISIS is mainly concerned with Muslims in the Middle East. Despite hysteria from Fox News, ISIS is not sending agents of death to Mexico in order to enter America and begin chopping off heads. This band of murderers seek to terrorize the Muslim world. It is time for Muslim clerics to take a stand for the people of their religion.

Chairman Kissinger Speaks Wisdom?

Every so often the media reports something said by former Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and, for a moment, there is surprise in my mind, because Henry sort of belongs to the era of Dick Nixon, not to today. Anyway, Kissinger informed the media that “I consider Iran a bigger problem than ISIS. I think a conflict with ISIS is important, but it is more manageable than a confrontation with Iran.” I assume these are his wise words of wisdom for those who live in the year, 2014. Of course, this wise man has been uttering words of wisdom for decades. How about a look at prior words of wisdom from Chairman Henry:

1. Chairman Henry was convinced that guerrilla forces in Vietnam posed a threat to the security of the United States of America.
2. Henry warned that if we did not defeat these guerrillas who lacked planes, tanks, missiles, or ships, they somehow might sail across the Pacific Ocean, land on the West Coast and march upon Washington.
3. Henry was an avid supporter of the Nixon invasion of Afghanistan.
4. Henry was an avid supporter of the Nixon invasion of Iraq.

FACT: The government of Iran has never invaded another nation. It was invaded by Saddam Hussein, but has never sent its troops across their borders to attack another nation. So, how can Iran pose a threat?

Oh, Henry, when US forces entered Afghanistan in 2001, the Iran reform President Khatami provided assistance to their efforts. I have a hunch that ISIS will never offer aid to the United States of America!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Egypt, al-Aharam: “Odd Ways To Die”

Let me chomp on that one.

USA, NY Post: “Nude Celebrity Photos”

If one is a celebrity, we want to see them in their nude beauty.

UK, Guardian: “It’s Not Fair”

Having Republicans control our government??

France, Connexion: “Bank Gives Free Cash”

Hopefully, to their depositors.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Tattoos Lose Favor In Russia”

So, no more bare chested pictures of Putin?

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Offer Spy Gadgets For Sale”

I guess this means spying will become an equal opportunity enterprise for all?

Whatever Happened To Christianity?

These days it is unusual to pick up a newspaper(remember those things) or get on the Internet without encountering a story about this or that Muslim group doing this or that thing. Oh, occasionally there is a picture of the Pope hugging a kid. Turkish Minister of the Environment, Erdogan Bayraktar, has an explanation for the decline of Christianity in the world. He told a women’s group of the Justice and Development Party that Christianity is “no longer a religion.” According to this wise Muslim leader, “A religion teaches, it is a form of life that gives one peace and happiness. That is why people want to turn to Islam.” In his view, Christianity has simply become a “culture.” An interesting thought.

In the good old days, Christians fought fellow Christians, they tortured, they fought wars against “unbelievers,” but those glory days are no longer here. Instead, these Christians sort of live together in peace. Oh, they occasionally invade a Muslim nation–to bring them culture and peace. Or at least, that is what Christian leaders proclaim. As for Muslims, about 99% seek to live in peace and harmony with one another and other folk. Of course, there are Muslims who so love to blow themselves up or chop off the heads of unbelievers. I assume these deaths are meant to send the unbeliever up to Heaven. Perhaps, it is time for all religions to end their belief that it is OK to kill anyone, and just become a culture committed to the proposition of peace and joy and harmony with fellow humans!

On Having A Strategy

I still have not recovered from the statement of President Obama that he has yet to “develop a strategy” for handling ISIS. This statement reveals not only that the President of the United States lacks a sense of planning, but that his Defense Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff are off in slumber land rather than military thinking. Prior to the United States entering World War II, the Chiefs of Staff had prepared at least FOUR PLANS regarding American military policy if the US became involved simultaneously in wars against Japan and Germany at the same time. By the way, they had a plan which was predicated upon a surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Military leaders in Hawaii failed to carry it out. I am shocked the Joint Chiefs of Staff over the past few years have no prepared plans dealing with how to handle terrorist groups in the Middle East.

The statement simply reflects bungling on the part of our military leaders. For example, I assume they have plans dealing with a Russian attack on east European nations. If not, why not. A PLAN is simply that, a PLAN. It does not mean the US is going to do something, it simply means our leaders have plans in case someone else does something. In one sense, the Obama statement is a symbol of his entire administration– inept planning and failure to be a critical thinker in the modern world of complexity. What exactly do our military leaders do in their spare time–huddle with contractors on which one gets the contract?

Politics First, And Always

Preisdent Obama is confronting extensive criticism because he has refused to take action about immigration reform until after the elections. A few months ago, he proposed extensive climate change action which resulted in Democratic candidates losing ground in their fight for reelection. Throughout his presidency, President Obama has demonstrated a lack of political knowledge which has led to extensive Republican gains in the House and Senate. The greatest political folly was pushing for health care reform before pushing for jobs and ensuring the rich did not get richer. Franklin Roosevelt began his administration in the height of Depression by creating FOUR MILLION JOBS within six months so those in despair had their self concept restored by earning money and doing something constructive. He waited two years before creating the Social Security system.

From day one of his precedency, Barack Obama has been among the most inept POLITICIANS in American history. The President of the United States is also leader of his POLITICAL party, a role Obama simply has ignored. In a democracy, the President must be a POLITICIAN in order to get laws passed. For Obama, we give him a “D” grade. Sorry Barack, it requires POLITICAL skills to pass laws you desire. It is OK to hold off on immigration reform. The important thing is to return to it AFTER THE ELECTIONS!

Israel Will Build 284 New Homes

The Israel government announced that it was going to construct 284 new homes. Ordinarily, when a government decides to build homes for its people, the world cheers at this announcement of economic vitality. After all, who can be against building and providing homes for people? Of course, the new homes are in a settlement named, Elkana, and this settlement is NOT in the state of Israel, but on land that used to be owned by Palestinians. Technically speaking, this is in violation of international law. Sorry, I forgot that some Israelis claim that God himself wants Jews to build homes in land owned by Palestinian Muslims. As a human who does not seek to mess with the Big Guy up in the sky, what can one say, but, go on building and building. I assume God on his trip to billions of planets has but one thought in his mind– why don’t Jews build some more homes in the West Bank?

The US government protested, the UN protested, the European Union protested, Palestinians protested, but building homes continues and continues. Perhaps, Israelis will explain how such construction builds the foundation of peace in the Middle East? Just asking. So, God, please don’t get mad at me!

Whatever Happened To Our Athletes?

I am a sport lover, and throughout my life, baseball, and basketball and football absorbed my attention. I was raised when a baseball pitcher was expected to pitch nine innings, and few worried about a relief pitcher coming to his aid. Today, managers worry about how many pitches a professional athlete is allowed to throw for fear his arm will suddenly cease functioning. In 1939 or 1949 no one ever counted pitches. The assumption was that throwing more pitches led to an arm that would become stronger, not weaker. Today, a player hits 220 and is rewarded with a contract for $5 million. In other words, a stumble bum earns more in one year than Babe Ruth earned in a lifetime, and he hit over 700 home runs!

We live in a world in which professional athletes earn incredible amounts of money, and managers baby them. Heck, in my youth a doubleheader meant two games right after one another and spectators paid one price for two games! We have coddled, worried about and babied a generation of entitled spoiled brats. The result is we have athletes who behave as though they are not able to extend themselves to the utmost of their abilities.

Oh, to live again in a world in which young boys and girls played without adult supervision and learned they could handle life quite well!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I never see a film with a “warm story” since it gives me chills.

Solitude is our loving friend who allows us to know ourselves.

Child eats, mom fiddles with IPad, whatever, Rome burns.

I wonder what will replace cell phones?

Where have all the leaders gone? To Wall Street?

We live our lives in fear of money or love or sex, in the end, the only fear is-Death.

I am a child of immigrants, speaking another language was normal in my life.

Little boy proudly holds open door for mom.

Never underestimate the political stupidity of a Harvard graduate.

Little girl first runs to grandma, an easy touch.

My coupon for free bagels expired, I feel cheated.

Dad enters diner with baby and young son, so where is mom?

In America, some born to have wealth, some to provide wealth for others.

I so enjoy the feeling of sweat.

Never underestimate the laziness of those under 25.