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On Executing The Evil

Throughout my life among the issues that have left me confused is that of capital punishment. There are evil people in this world and they commit evil acts against the innocent. Of course, we do send young men off to war to kill the evil and if they perform their job we reward them with medals and parades. I have no doubt that among the good men who commit the act of murder there are some who thoroughly enjoy the act of being able to wipe out a family, man, woman and child and feel great joy at being able to kill those without weapons of war in their hands. At some point in the history of the human race we divided murder into two categories–one for killing the “enemy” and one for killing those from our own society. I joined the Army and was prepared to engage in the rite of killing.

So, the question remains-are their people who are mentally incapable of killing and are their people whose mental capacities make them prone to kill because they do not know right from wrong? Freddie Lee Hall is being prepared to be killed by the state of Florida. In 1978 he abducted and murdered a 21 year old pregnant women. His IQ is 75 and the state of Florida insists that anyone with an IQ of 70 or above can be executed. Mr. Hall is asking the Supreme Court could decide what is the IQ level for killing those who murder.

I have no idea. Does anyone?

Cover Up Your Tattoo!

We inhabit a land in which any crazy nut can walk around with a gun in hand or concealed inn order to protect himself against the black shirted FBI or some other federal agency which seeks to take away their freedom to kill self or others. Michael Smith who lives in Maine was fast asleep after working the night shift when he heard noises outside. He walked out with his bare chest and placed hands on his hips. A team had been dispatched to trim branches on his property which might touch power lines. He stood there glaring at the men who had disturbed his peace and quiet. They retreated when they noticed his hands were close to a pistol. The tree men contacted the police who arrived with a squad ready for action. Smith still stood with hands on hips glaring away at the intruders.

Finally, the police noted that Smith did not have a weapon of mass destruction, but he did have a tattoo of a gun which outwardly comes across as a gun in a waistband. Reports are that Michael will keep his tattoo but wear a shirt when out in public.

I wonder if that violates his Second Amendment Rights!!


We offer observations on the human condition from 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I prefer women wearing tight to loose jeans.

To truly think, requires work and thought.

Some walk with hand on hip.

Few humans explore their inner world.

Some seek,some are sought.

Some grow old, some grow young in their mind.

After integrity, few things are as important.

The future lies undiscovered.

I was born in the working class and shall die in it.

In each life, resides a great story.

Some communicate through silence.

To test Death is to test Life.

Anyone can become a hero.

Some must shake the bottle before opening it.

Some doze through life.

To know what I don’t know is to know.

Some boast of their ignorance.

There ARE things that should remain silent to others.

There ARE times to tell off people for their stupidity.

Some fear the night, some the day.

Some never fear.

American Youth Explained

I have enjoyed the pleasure of teaching those in community college as well as in four year colleges so explaining the behavior of those born in the 1990s is rather a simple matter. First, look at the figures: about one third are still with mommy and daddy and are still using their childhood bed. Second, they do not believe in any religion other than that of the iPad. They prefer spending their days reading blogs that believe what they believe. The idea of actually engaging in exploring a strange idea is simply not part of their belief system. Third, of a hundred who attend community college, half drop out before two years are up. Imagine, a teacher wants them to do read books! Why can’t they simply check out their iPad for the answer?? Oh, about one out of four eventually receives a college degree.

They do not believe in any philosophical idea other than they are the center of the universe. They demand their rights and among their rights is the right not to do any academic work, that qualifies them for a “B” grade. Yes, they are not an intellectual force in our society. What do they need?

1. Compulsory National Service at age 18 in which they engage in productive work like working in our forests or building roads and bridges or assisting the elderly or cleaning up garbage. Something that requires physical labor.

2. To actually go hungry and frightened for a few weeks.

3. Spend some time with their minds –THINKING!

Go To Chinese Court-Guilty!

There definitely is some good news about the system of justice in the land of China. Let me highlight the strong points of Chinese justice:

1. There are courts in China.
2. There are judges in China.
3. There is a prosecutor in the court room.
4. There is a defense attorney, sometimes, in the court room.
5. There is a person known as the “defendant.”
6. There will be a trial.
7. There will be a decision made as a result of the trial.

Now, the other side:

1. Last year in China there were one million, six hundred thousand cases that were heard. Of these cases, in 199.9% of the verdicts it was GUILTY AS CHARGED.
2. Only in 825 cases was the defendant found to be INNOCENT.

Let me emphasize that in China the duty of the court system is that the rights of the defendant are always paramount. It is crucial to prevent a defendant from going home to his sordid apartment when he can get three meals a day and a place to sleep and pay-NOTHING.

Climate Change Myth

Among the joys of being born and raised in the United States of America is having to endure the rants and raves of at least one third of the population whose concept of the origin of the Earth is scarcely different from a child of five. So, let me tell the story:

Once upon a time, about ten thousand years ago, God on one of his trips around the universe, halted at the planet Earth and created life. So, that is the origin of the dinosaur and saber tooth tigers and all those billions and billions of life forms who have dwelt on this planet. Anyway, the dinosaurs became extinct and all those other creatures of the past. The Flintstones used to ride on those animals and they had gobs of fun. Somewhere in the course of the ten thousand years, we had periods of cold, continents split apart, humans arrived about ten thousand years, just after the Earth was created and then Jesus appeared, and so on and so on. Everything just happened real quick.

A group of Democratic US senators intend to address issues about climate change and challenge Republicans to actually engage in a discussion as to whether or not we humans are partially responsible for the dramatic changes in life upon this planet. Each year a few million life forms just disappear. After all, 56% of House Republicans believe humans have nothing to do with climate change and 65% of those in the Senate have that view point.

Time for kindergarten class for all who are Republican

On The Death Of Humanity

The madness of the human race raises the question as to whether or not at some distant point we humans will make some drastic mistake that results in the end of being able to continue the human race. What would occur if at some point, we humans could not create new life and thus at some distant moment in history, the race we know as “human” would simply disappear, not only from this planet but from the universe? How would we think, feel, conduct our lives if there was no human race that continues to exist. Suppose, as we die along with other human deaths we reach a point in time when there are no children, just a increasingly declining group of elderly people who inhabit a world without youth and without a human destiny? What is we are today, and at some moment in time, we humans just disappear from the planet and the universe?

I believe that it is our faith in the inevitability of tomorrow that enables us to confront today. If there was no tomorrow then we would crumble into passivity and simply give up use of our mind. We need the existence of a collective tomorrow that spurs our efforts today to become creative thinking life forms. We humans without any thought constantly destroy life forms and end their existence on this planet. Just remember, that possibility also exists for we humans!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Justin Bieber On Drugs”

THIS is a news story!

Indonesia, jakarta Post: “Teen Flies Plane When Pilot Faints”

Is this a statement about the qualifications of a pilot?

Sweden, Local: ” Don’t Catch Egg Thief”

I am certain Fox News knows this is simply another failure on the part of Hillary Clinton.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Cut Gay Content In Class”

Under no conditions allow Russian students to be happy!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Pigs Drugged”

Give this story three oinks!

France, Connexion: “Fake Cops Dupe Elderly”

This is an example of an old, old situation.

UK, Guardian: “Bad Smell At Police Station”

Something doesn’t smell right about this story.

The Putin Story Continues

Western nations sent their best athletes to Sochi and they performed wonderfully and thus provided President Putin an opportunity to come across as a man of vision. OK, so it cost $50 billion, which is equivalent to what was spent on the past five winter Olympics, but it did enable his gang of crooked businessmen to come away with a few billion in profits. No one is surprised that once Sochi ended Vladimir Putin swung into action and sent troops into the Crimea to protect “his compatriots.” The Crimea parliament has voted, unanimously, to secede from the Ukraine and join their beloved Russian Motherland. Oh, there will be a referendum to confirm what was done. Most probably, at least 40% of the population has no desire to become Russian. Muslims understand what being a Russian citizen entails for those of their faith.

The United States and the European Union are swinging into action by extending credits to the Ukraine government and placing bans on travel by Russian officials as well as seizing their assets in the United States. The EU is slightly slower in moving in this direction, but shortly will go along with travel bans and economic sanctions.

PROBLEM: Russia controls gas and oil that is needed in Europe.

SOLUTION: The United States should immediately become the provider of oil and gas to Europe and switch their dependance on Russian sources of energy. Act swiftly and with intent to end Russian domination of energy sources!

I Reserve The Right…

Each day I give a blessing to God that he has made certain that America is defended by his chosen son, Ted Cruz, and the brave men and women of the Tea Party. These brave souls have been fighting to preserve the right of every God fearing decent Christian in America to have the right to decide whether he or she has to serve the pervert gays and lesbians. I thought it might be beneficial to list the rights which every Christian is entitled to in the United States of America:

1. I reserve the right to look you in the eye and decide that you are a gay and lesbian and then refuse any service requested.

2. I reserve the right to not pay income taxes since my religion forbids supporting a government that hates Jesus Christ.

3. I reserve the right to shoot anyone whose gaze toward me sends a chill down my back.

4. I reserve the right to have those with black skins walk on the other side of the street. Check the Constitution if you doubt this right!

5. I reserve the right to insist that teachers who teach my children have a white skin and are of the Christian faith.

6. I reserve the right to live in a neighborhood with those of my religious faith.

7. I reserve the right to have the power to do whatever any right I want insists that I do.