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Iowa Today And Tomorrow

At this very moment,a  bunch of evangelical white men and women are voting in Iowa to determine which man or woman should be the next president of the United States of America. Yes, they are white folk, yes, they love corn, and yes, they are angry because someone or some thing has TAKEN AMERICA FROM THEM! Of course, if asked, they will respond the following things have been stolen by alien creatures:

1. The FAMILY they were raised with that includes a mom, a pop, and grand folks, and some kids.

2.  Our FIGHTING FORCES are gone due to  Barack Obama. We only have 12 aircraft carrier forces to match the ONE aircraft carrier possessed by China.

3. Marco Rubio wants to know what has happened to our AIR FORCE. We only  have the best air force in the world, but there is one problem–it has NO air force to fight! Damn ISIS, it refuses to get an air force so our air force can beat the hell out of them!

4. Our VALUES are gone! Yes, we no longer have a  society in which white Anglo-Saxons run the show. Now we have Jews, Catholics, blacks, Hispanics, gays, and women demanding a few rights. GOD did NOT want those folks to run Iowa, HE reserved Iowa for the white Anglo-Saxons, just offer up a prayer and see if I am right.

5. GOD up above does not respond to our prayers because HE is angry at the fact we have some black dude as President. GOD wants us to return to the good old days when white preachers led us in prayer and there were no synagogues or mosques to compete with the message sent by white Protestants to God up above.

So, all you white Iowa folks go ahead and vote today. As a group you sure represent the America that once was and no longer is. God for the good old days when mom spent her day cooking and cleaning and dad earned the money!

Republicans On Ben Carson

We decided to ask Republican candidates for the presidency what they thought about Ben Carson.

Rand Paul: I would have something say about him, but as of this moment, I have never heard a single word he has said.

Ted Cruz: They argue about my being born in Canada, and say this idiot is qualified to run for president!

Marco Rubio: I am deeply concerned about Ben Carson, he has actually made speeches without attacking Hillary Clinton.

John Kasich: I definitely would recommend him to anyone seeking a good surgeon.

Jeb Bush: I have nothing but good words to say about our African American citizens.

Donald Trump:  Once elected President, I intend to have Ben Carson supervise the White House staff help.

Donald Still The Man

All America knows by know that Donald Trump will not adhere to any normal process in his quest for the presidency. He has coined a new approach to politics that has never previously been attempted. However, there is a certain implication that few Republicans realize is the logical outcome of this man whose ego is the most important aspect of his life. Yes, Donald Trump promised that he would support any Republican who gains the nomination. But, that promise was given prior to his current status. This is the nightmare for the Republican party:

Donald Trump WILL run for president. Donald Trump will run as an independent if he fails to gain the Republican  nomination. He believes devoutly that he alone knows how to be a successful candidate. This man’s ego simply will not allow him to walk quietly into the darkness. He IS going to run for president, as a Republican or an a Trump independent. So, Marco, win the nomination, just remember that one day you will see your nemesis on a platform along with Hillary Clinton.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I am so glad Republicans want to send Americans into battle as long as none of their children go with them.

Perhaps,  a few months fighting in Syria will tone down Ted Cruz desires to fight.

Ben Carson gets this delightful smile when finally he is called on to speak.

If the two words, Hillary Clinton were banned from Republican debates, silence would reign.

Ask a Republican how to deal with infrastructure issues,and  his answer will include some reference to Hillary Clinton.

There is no doubt that John Kasich is the only Republican who actually speaks with some form of common sense.

Thank God Donald Trump came to the rescue of veterans. Of course, he could have been one but had other important things to do during the Vietnam War.

Ben Carson On Any Issue

Ben Carson was asked how he, if president, faced a Russian invasion of Estonia.

“First, let me make one thing clear. I am the only one on this stage who has been confronted with life-death situations. I had to respond to calls at 2:00 a.m. and get together a team to solve life and death situations. So, a Russian invasion of this Estonia poses no problem for me. Just to get things clear, this Estonia is in the Middle East? NO. OK, we are going to send in American troops, we are going to arm these Estonians-that is what they are called, I assume,- and we are going to  give them missiles and big bombs to take care of Russian invaders. Just as I stitched up people after an operation, I am prepared to stitch up any problem that arises.

OH, and have no doubt that our Savior Jesus Christ will be right there helping me win this war.”

Chris Christie On Any Topic

During the Republican debate, Governor Chris Christie was asked about the criminal behavior of his staff in blocking lanes on the George Washington bridge. The Governor offered a powerful defense.

“I want to make on thing clear, as Governor I worked to end the corruption that I found from previous Democratic governments.  If I am elected President of this great nation, feel assured that I will protect the farmers of Iowa. I will make certain that not a single college graduate has any loans to pay off. I am a problem solver, unlike those on this stage who are US Senators spending their days  arguing about nothing. You raise the issue of immigrants, well, I am the only one who will end such  discussion by a  law that ensures those immigrants who do not belong here, head back to Mexico and those who are from Muslim nations are returned to the Muslim group who sent them here. I WILL protect our borders!!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I have no doubt Ben Carson would turn down being  in the center of a debate.

How come Carly is not allowed in the debate now that Donald will not be there?

Weird news of the day-Fox News is fighting for press freedom.

Frankly, I never heard of  Megan Kelly until Donald blasted her.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Bloomberg vs Trump – a battle of the billionaires.

Then again, the billionaires will help decide who wins.

The other guy in the Democratic debate will always be the other guy.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump is a modern Machiavelli.

By the way, is Jeb Bush still in the race for president?

Chris Christie makes a ponderous impression when he speaks.

I so miss Carly Fiorina spouting her tough talk.

Just think, a nation founded by immigrants does not like immigrants!

Vladimir Putin has been very quiet this past month. I wonder why?

The more Republicans shout and scream, the more Barack Obama comes across as an excellent president.

Schengen Plan May Go

A corner stone of the European Union is the Schengen plan which allows any people living in its member states to travel across borders and take up residence in another country. In essence this is the equivalent of any American being able to travel within the boundaries of the United States without encountering the need for a visa. The Schengen concept has created a sense that each person is s member of a “nation” which is called the European Union.

The influx of refugees now threatens the existence of the plan. Greece which is the point of entry for most refugees is furious if other member states refuse to allow refugees to depart from its border. At some point the entire European Union has to make a decision. Or, at some point there has to be a plan to keep refugees from leaving Turkey.

Or, of course, a plan to somehow end the violence in Syria. Good luck. Doubt if even Donald Trump has a Great Plan to solve this problem!

Bernie The Candidate

I watched the Democratic debate and decided to view this interaction through the eyes of someone who is 65 plus. Those who fall into this category lived through the administrations of Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill  Clinton and then Bush and Obama. The dominant characteristic of president in this group was they were calm during a crisis. They spoke softly and firmly in order to calm the American people.

Bernie Sanders is the complete opposite of how American presidents present themselves to the public. He shouts, he waves arms, he speaks with a voice threatening doom and destruction. He speaks about being a “democratic Socialist.” I also have been a Democratic Socialist my entire life, but I make certain to cast ideas within the framework of the American experience, because the word “Socialist” does not play well with 95% of Americans.

Bernie appeals to those who are under the age of 30, and loses just about anyone over the age of 65. He fails to place his ideas within the American context. Examples:

He shouts “Socialism” instead of quietly saying: “I want to restore the free enterprise system to ALL Americans. If I earn $116,000 I pay 6% of my salary in Social Security, if I earn $600,000 I pay 1% of my salary in Social Security. Let’s give every American an opportunity to pursue his or her economic dreams.” Instead, he cites foreign nations. Sorry Bernie, that is a no, no. Why not cite Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt?

Bernie presents himself as someone outside of the American dream. He never cites Abraham Lincoln who created free land grant colleges. Why not?