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Bernie The Candidate

I watched the Democratic debate and decided to view this interaction through the eyes of someone who is 65 plus. Those who fall into this category lived through the administrations of Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill  Clinton and then Bush and Obama. The dominant characteristic of president in this group was they were calm during a crisis. They spoke softly and firmly in order to calm the American people.

Bernie Sanders is the complete opposite of how American presidents present themselves to the public. He shouts, he waves arms, he speaks with a voice threatening doom and destruction. He speaks about being a “democratic Socialist.” I also have been a Democratic Socialist my entire life, but I make certain to cast ideas within the framework of the American experience, because the word “Socialist” does not play well with 95% of Americans.

Bernie appeals to those who are under the age of 30, and loses just about anyone over the age of 65. He fails to place his ideas within the American context. Examples:

He shouts “Socialism” instead of quietly saying: “I want to restore the free enterprise system to ALL Americans. If I earn $116,000 I pay 6% of my salary in Social Security, if I earn $600,000 I pay 1% of my salary in Social Security. Let’s give every American an opportunity to pursue his or her economic dreams.” Instead, he cites foreign nations. Sorry Bernie, that is a no, no. Why not cite Theodore Roosevelt or Franklin Roosevelt?

Bernie presents himself as someone outside of the American dream. He never cites Abraham Lincoln who created free land grant colleges. Why not?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


How about a good food fight between Republican presidential candidates?

Too bad Bloomberg did not enter the Republican primary fight.

Is there anyone, anywhere in the Republican party who has a brain in his or her head?

I so wish John Kerry would seek the presidential nomination.

Martin O’Malley will always be known as “the other guy.”

Sarah Palin definitely needs psychiatric help.

There are moments these days when I wish we had George Bush as a presidential  candidate.

Republicans And Safe Water

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party is that we have to get rid of politicians and turn control of our society over to hard fisted businessmen. After all, just like Donald Trump they know how to run an organization and make MONEY! Voters in the state of Michigan voted into office Rick Snyder, a successful businessman. He promised to rely upon his business acumen and restore Michigan to its former greatness.

The people of Flint, Michigan, due to the honest, business like government of Rick Snyder now possess water that comes in various shades of color. They cannot use their water to take a bath or to clean dishes and they certainly can’t drink it. His cost-cutting programs allowed business to dump their junk into the water and now no one can use it.

Elect a Republican businessman and get rewarded with multi-colored water!

Good Old Days Not So Good!

Those  of us alive in the year 2016 are convinced this is the worst of times, this is the bloodiest of times, and why can’t we be like our ancestors? You know the good old days. Scientists have uncovered a slaughter that occurred about ten thousand years ago in the northern part of Kenya in Africa. Apparently, a group of foragers ran into a tribe that most likely did not want their presence in local hunting grounds.

The foragers were slaughtered including women and children.  Skulls were crushed,  arrows still were in bodies, there were broken hands and legs, and many had their hands died and dumped into the lake.

1. Donald Trump: Elect me if you want these terrorists halted.  I will build a wall, and I mean a wall, that will surround this lake and prevent such massacres.

2. Ted Cruz: this is another example of allowing illegal immigrants to enter a country, what else could occur other than bashing in heads of these terrorists??

3. Ben Carson: Where exactly is this Kenya? And, how many electoral votes does it have?

Ben Carson On Reading

Confession–it is difficult for my mind to concentrate on what is being stated during Republican debates so I wander into strange places. Much to my shock it now appears there is at least one Republican who shares my interest in the comics. Frankly, with the decline in reading newspapers fewer and fewer people are like Ben and I — we go to the comics for relief from the comical crazy world in which we live. At least Dick Tracy DOES solve mysteries and the bad guys always lose.

Ben told the  Republican audience that “when I look at the comic page, and run down several comic strips I am shocked at the language being used! Of course the good news is that we now know where Ben gets his information about the world outside the place where debates are held. Ben does NOT waste his time reading the New York Communist Times, in fact, he does not read anything from the godless city of New York.

Let me put it this way–if you wanted to find out what was happening in the  world, you certainly would prefer the comic page over newspapers which printed big long  words one had never encountered.


There are moments after seeing the latest figures which indicate that one percent of people in the world possess more than 50% of the rest of the world that I wonder what was life like back in the days  of Cro-Magnon folk. Did one family own more than the entire group? When an animal was killed, did one family eat nine-tenths of the animal while the rest were OK getting what was left? Did one family live in this really great stone house while the  others made do with some tents?

I am confused how in the course of human history we evolved into a system in which one percent sort of runs the show and consumes more than the other 99%.  So, it sort of is logical that this system began thousands of years ago before we civilized modern folk arrived on the scene. Or, are you telling me the Cro-magnons and Neanderthals were more emotionally evolved than modern humans?

Then again, did the best hunter sort of get control of the slain animals and decided who got what and who did not unless they did his bidding? Anyway, I’m sort of confused how we got into this weird modern situation in which one percent own so much. Got me!

Then again, what was the Wall Street equivalent for my  ancestors back then?

Love Hating Fest About Hillary

There was one consisted theme throughout the debate which focused on which one of these men hated Hillary Clinton the most. Heck,Chris promised that if he was the presidential candidate that Hillary Clinton would not get within a mile of the White House. Marco said she was a disaster and Ted insisted that he would out do making her a disaster. Jeb wanted to get in a point about his dislike of Hillary who definitely would be a presidential disaster unlike the wonderful record of his brother.

If not for the presence of Hillary Clinton the guys on the stage would have no one they could come together on as to be hated. So, in one sense, Hillary is the most important person in this Republican race for the presidency. Oh well, there is always Bill to discuss and Monica Lewinsky.

Marco Goes For Jugular

Marco has decided to stay away from Donald since he fears getting the big bully angry at him could result in some heated exchanges that make him out to be the next little boy sent to eat at the kid’s table. So, he went after Chris Christie and Ted Cruz. Just some encounters with the junior bully and the little chubby boy who used to be left out of playing on the playground.

Marco and Chris.  He charged that Chris Christie in his earlier life was a fervent liberal who supported all those terrible things that no decent person in Iowa would ever accept. He charged Chris with being a supporter of abortion rights, gun control, and being a close friend and ally of Barack Obama. Naturally, Chris wanted one and all to understand that his heart has always been in Iowa and he was thinner then so his mind was thinner also when it came to issues that get one popular in the Republican party.

Marco charged that Ted Cruz was for more immigrants arriving carrying Green Cards, he supported the Constitution which says anyone born in America was a citizen,and he opposed raising the military budget. Ted wants everyone to know he opposes any kind of immigrant– except his dad, that is– and he  loves the US military and will vote to give them more and more guns and other weapons. Ted also pointed out that Marco worked with the evil Democrats on immigration reform. Marco can not recall any such discussions.

I trust this clears up what each man believes.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Strange times create strange political leaders.

Has anyone checked out exactly where Donald Trump was really born?

Oh well, at least no one wonders where Jeb Bush was born, then again, no one cares.

Paul Ryan during the State of the Union message never cracked a smile, nor used his hands to applaud.

I still await Dick Cheney to enter the presidential race, he never did run for President.

I wonder when the expression, “boots-on-the-ground” first appeared and by whom?

I wonder if we still had the Draft would political leaders change their tune about being tough guys ready to fight?



We Miss You Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul appeared on the Trevor Noah program and reminded one and all what we will miss at the next Republican debate. He has been removed from main stage and sent to the children’s table. However, Senator Paul is not that desperate -as are Huckabee or Santorum–for a few minutes on the political stage talking to no one. He has refused a place at the kid’s table and is heading for New Hampshire.

On the Trevor Noah show Rand Paul displayed a calm ironic tone, a few sensible remarks, and a vivid example of what the anti-Trump would sound like. Rand Paul is the only Republican who can mock himself as he mocks others. He does not believe each word he speaks is the word of God. In fact, he spent several minutes discussing issues without once referring to his belief in God or that he was sent to Earth by the  Lord Himself to save us all–from OBAMA!

I disagree with most Rand Paul ideas such as ending regulation of people. He wants to give people freedom from government. Unfortunately, Senator Paul we used to have state governments and cities in the South that segregated humans based on skin color. We needed Federal laws to prevent such violation of human dignity. Remember, Senator, giving the “People” all power all too often means bad people can control events.