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GOP Analysts Declare Donald Unfit

A group of about  55 Republican foreign policy experts signed a letter that states Donald Trump is not temperamentally fit to become president of the nation. They were more focused upon his temperament,his inability to discuss issues with experts,listen to advice, balance conflicting  proposals, and reach a conclusion. Naturally, Trump supporters argued these so called “experts”were the ones who got us into the Iraq War, so why listen to their advice about anything? Of course, these “experts” ranged from those who served Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush to George Bush.

They have identified a key issue in this election–the temperament of the President. During the Cuba Missile crisis of 1962,the world was very, very close to a  nuclear war that could have ended civilization as we know it. President Kennedy spent two days listening to the ideas of members of the military, foreign policy experts,before he reached a decision to avoid nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union. Every single action of his plan was carefully designed, members of the military were told they could NOT fire any weapon without the consent of the president.

There is absolutely no way that Donald Trump could have handled the Cuba Missile Crisis. I believe Hillary Clinton would have listened, obtained multiple plans,and work to avoid military conflict. Her experience has trained her mind to think in this manner.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind,trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder why Don Rumsfeld is  silent about his party’s nominee?

Short sure is great when engaged in gymnastics.

I spend my nights thinking about which Cabinet position, Ivanka will fill.

If only Hillary would just say, “I was wrong,” the topic of emails would disappear.

These days Mitt Romney comes across a great statesman.

God, would I welcome one HONEST comment from Paul Ryan!

John Boehner sleeps peacefully these nights.

It apparently is OK for men to hug and kiss in the Olympics.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Chris Christie said he was upset about the Khan issue, he must have realized Donald will not win.

Donald Trump is the only man in American history to earn a Purple Heart for making money.

I expect a Trump Cabinet consisting of Trump children.

Hillary should learn the art of an apology.

I await a Trump rally in which all his Muslim friends cheer him on.

If John McCain loses his primary, expect an explosion of anger against Trump.

Only in a Trump campaign is the Republican candidate attacking Republicans,  not Democrats.

Turns out Melania is an illegal immigrant, send her to Mexico!

I await Donald citing his grandson as Secretary of Education, after all he knows about schools.

Strange silence from Donald’s other wives, wonder why?

I  wonder what Ted Cruz is thinking these days.

I still think Donald made a mistake in not having Ben Carson as his running mate, a white-black  ticket would  have been powerful.


Donald On Cabinet

Many mock Donald Trump for failure to conduct himself in a presidential manner. He was asked by Angela Davis as to who he would place in his Cabinet. Donald responded: “There are so many different ones  to choose. I can tell you everybody would say, ‘place Ivanka in it. Put Ivanka in it. You know that!” I assume there are other noteworthy people  he is considering:

Sarah Palin: Who else but Sarah could be the Secretary of the Interior than a fast shooting person who loves the outdoors?

There is always Chris Christie as Attorney General, he has experience dealing with the law.

Anyone of the Kardashians can handle the job of Secretary of Commerce, they know a lot about making money.

Newt Gingrich could be Secretary of Education, he knows a lot about how to marry women and educate children.

Donald Trump Jr. can handle the job of Secretary of State, he knows how to negotiate with dad.

Rudy Giuliani is perfect for Secretary of Defense, he already saved America after 9/11.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Why is it that Republicans who never served in the armed forces are now the super patriots?

Donald Trump wants to punch out guys, but during the Vietnam war, he sure did not want to punch out any Communist Viet Cong guys.

Saudi Arabia, our  ally, chops off heads, but we never say a word about those executions.

Clint Eastwood is a Hollywood  tough guy, but never fought anyone in war time.

The Internet created these non-stop emails about donating money, but none that donate money to you.

It is Friday, so who did Donald insult today?

The concept of an “apology” is  no longer used in the modern political world.

Football has returned, and so have our dreams of Super Bowls.

Flight Of Republicans

Just about every day one Republican or another declares their inability to support the candidacy of Donald Trump. Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for governor in California and executive at Hewlett Packard said she would not only refuse to support Trump, but would vote for Hillary Clinton. Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger served with the armed forces in Iraq,, and made clear: Donald Trump for me is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgettable in politics. ”

He can no longer support a candidate who “throws put all Republican principles. I am an American before I am a Republican.” I wonder when John McCain will utter such words of patriotism since we know he IS a patriot!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The real issue in America is whether Rudy  Giuliani or Donald Trump has the biggest ego?

I still await the Bush family announcing it will vote for Hillary Clinton.

To obtain a Purple Heart requires: one is in the Armed forces, one is in a combat zone, and one is wounded. For some reason, Florida is not a combat zone.

Donald Trump has gone from ignorance to stupidity.

Hillary Clinton should simply say, “I made a mistake.”

Some Sanders supporters would vote for Hitler because he is simply “another one of those politicians.”

The real problem in America is not Donald Trump, it is those who want him to be president.

One must admit that Donald Trump is loved by his children.

Crazier Than Trump!

Just about  any intelligent person in America is sick and tired of hearing Donald Trump yell and scream hatred toward Muslims, toward  parents of a dead hero, and rambling monologues that deal with HIM and who is out to get HIM. So, for a moment, forget the Donald man, and turn your attention to David Blomstrom, a former wildlife biologist. I assume you  are wondering why pay any attention to a former wildlife biologist? Good question. Then again, why are we paying nonstop attention to a businessman who has endured countless bankruptcies?

David has uncovered a serious threat, not only to America, but to the world. He has discovered that JEWS are the cause of our problems, NOT Hillary Clinton! According to David, the “inordinate power possessed by Jews, or more precisely,by certain groups of Jews” threatens our nation. He cites specific examples of Jewish power:  “Zionists control Hollywood, they control the global economy, and there are numerous Jews in powerful US government positions.”

Want some proof?

!. The real name of Barack Obama is Benjamin Obamafeld.

2. The real name of Vladimir Putin is: Moishe Petrofsky.

I could go  on and on…

A Plan For Republicans

I confess. I am a fervent Democrat, but do believe this nation needs two strong political parties offering Americans differing ideas.  The essence of democracy is that voters have reasonable choices from at least two political parties. Each day brings news that this or that Republican will not vote for Donald Trump. So, in the interest of having two political parties, we offer some suggestions to Republicans.

1. Immigration. Reality: if eleven million people suddenly left this country, they would take with them eleven million cartons of milk each week, food items that no longer would be sold. Such an exodus would be financially disastrous fro America. So, Republicans, how about: It is time to create  path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. In reality, this year MORE people of Mexican heritage LEFT America rather than entered. Work with Democrats to reach a compromise.

2. Gay Rights. There can be a compromise. Any Government facility must be open to ALL Americans. However, how about the “Rule of Convenience?” If a bakery does not want to sell to Gays or Jews or whomever, one can go down the street and buy cakes elsewhere. Allow a devout Christian to maintain his beliefs, and let him suffer economic consequences. There is no reason to compel any businessman to sell to people he does not wish to sell to.

3. Abortion Rights: It is clear that a majority of Americans accept the concept of Abortion. So, where is the middle ground? How about a National Commission to determine if there IS a middle ground.

4. Minimum Wages. Come on, Republicans. The top 1% DO benefit economically. How about Republicans returning to 1950 when their party urged greater income to middle class families in order to stimulate the economy. THAT was the Republican view!

5. Enough with America being the “highest taxed”nation. Heck, we are not even in the top ten highest. How about Republicans returning to 1954 when Republican President Dwight Eisenhower told the head of US Steel that he would NOT reduce taxes since the nation had to pay off its World War II debts!

Compromises on these points would enable Republicans to have a meaningful political party.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25y year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump has as much knowledge of Crimea as Donald Rumsfeld had about Iraq.

If anyone can make sense of what Trump says, they definitely SHOULD vote for him.

I am growing more comfortable with Tom Kaine, he is a nice guy.

Sanders supporters should understand that in 1932, German people like you guys said, “Hitler is no different than the other politicians!”

Anyone Donald Trump insults must be a “little guy.”

I wonder what the Bush family felt when Donald said we should get out of NATO!

These days I really miss the days of Richard Nixon.

Choice Nixon or Trump–Nixon hands down!