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Shoot And Kill If You Are A Christian

During the past thirty years there have been one after another mass shooting in schools. From Columbine to children in an elementary school a white person who was of the Christian faith walked into a school and blasted away. As far as I know, NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE MEDIA IDENTIFIED THE KILLERS AS CHRISTIANS! There have been mass shootings in American schools during the entire 20th century. FACT: the killers in every single case were white Christians. Actually the worse bombing of a school occurred during the 1920s when a janitor exploded a bomb.

I  realize during the coming days and weeks and months, Republicans will insist there is something violent about the Muslim religion. For some reason, Muslims lack the peaceful feelings, attitudes and behavior of those who practice the Christiaan religion. Well, examine the record:

World War I– about twenty million Christians killed by Christians.

World War II: Over thirty million Christians and Jews murdered by Christians.

World War II — over seven million people killed by the Japanese Army which was did not contain a single Muslim.

The Vietnam War–Over four million killed by Americans, Vietnamese and not a single Muslim in the armed forces.

Statistically, the Christian religion holds the record for the  most mass killings of any religious group in history.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Hate has become the food of Republicans, against anyone, at any time.

I feel sorry for Paul Ryan, each day he has to figure out how to resolve his anger toward Donald Trump.

The American people do not suffer from the Zika virus, but the hating virus.

There ARE days when I want to go to Canada.

Frankly, there is no Democrat who would not be hated by Republicans, even Thomas Jefferson.

I have been around for presidential campaigns for 76 years and do not recall anyone referring to their opponent as “Crooked.”

These days ISIS comes across as reasonable folks.

I see pictures of Syrian people fleeing and realize many in America do not regard them as humans fleeing.

Hillary Clinton has aroused incredible hate as one who is crooked, but she has never been charged with any crime.

Poor Bill Clinton, he is losing his once mellow voice.

Bernie one day must wave his arms for the final salute.

I await a miracle, Donald Trump will actually specify what he will do as president.

Whatever happened to Secretary of State John Kerry?



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The silence of the Bushes is very loud.

Then again, the silence of Ted Cruz is a welcome sound.

I confess to really missing the wise Christian observations of Mike Huckabee.

Vladimir Putin issued a statement defending freedom of the press!

I just wish Bernie would pick up his marbles and go home.

Suddenly, everyone loves Muhammad Ali- not so when he was living.

Those who burn women as a sign of “Honor” lack any sense of Honor.

Whatever Happened To?

Just in case you missed out on where some folks are and what they are doing, we offer some information.

Ben Carson: He is selling lots of books and making lots of money.

Newt Gingrich: He might have had the VP slot with Donald Trump, but  he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the American Hispanic Judge who was insulted by Donald

George and George and Jeb Bush are far far away from any Republican convention and will make certain they do not attend one until 2020.

Carly Fiorina is seeking to get an invite to the Tump place so she can show off her wares–sorry,Carly, he likes the GREATEST BOOBS and you just don’t rate.

Rand Paul is downing drinks to fight the depression he has for endorsing Donald Trump.

The third guy in the early Democratic debates.Heck, I forgot his name and so has America.

Ted Cruz  is visiting shoe stores to find the most exciting cowboy boots so he can pretend to be a Texas Ranger.

John Kasich is visiting ice cream parlors in order to win the contest as to who was the  best Republican ice cream candidate.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Another day, another outrageous Trump twitter.

These days I feel sorry for Paul Ryan, trying to be a decent human and trying to help Republicans win this November.

I wonder if in future years, June will introduce warm weather?

Gee, if only I had enrolled at Trump University, I would today be a multi-millionaire!

ISIS will fight until the last bomb in order to ensure a path to heaven.

If England exits the EU, then Scotland will exit England.

Since so many Cubans are headed to the US, will Trump construct a giant wall in the water?

The New American Hero!

In an age in which most Americans now distrust just about any established famous  person, it is no wonder they have identified a new hero who has nothing to do with the “Establishment.” His name is Harambee, a 450k pound gorilla. He has absolutely NO connection to Wall Street, he has never ever been in Congress, and he has no student debt. But, he has become the hero of the hour for millions.

A three year old child somehow fell into his home space. Videos show Harambee sort of touching the three year old. Anyway, Zoo officials decided to MURDER Harambee in  order to save some lousy little kid who broke the law by entering the space of a gorilla. Social Media has now discovered a new hero–the dead gorilla. Millions are now demanding punishment for this lousy little kid whose mistakes led to the MURDER of an innocent gorilla.

Thank God we Americans have a new cause to set us on the path of salvation!

P.S.  As of this date, President Obama is not being blamed for this MURDER!

Trump Is Just Being Trump

It was just  a few months ago that Rand Paul or Lindsay Graham or John McCain were blasting the bombastic Donald Trump. But now, the specter of evil Hillary Clinton has united Republicans against the most ignorant person who ever ran for president. A Trump supporter, Congressman John LeBoutillier backed up the Trump man’s insult of  John McCain. “The comments that Donald Trump made about John McCain were totally justified.” Yes, John McCain was a coward because he was a prisoner of war.

Donald continues his assault on those  fighting ISIS. He wants to know why we aren’t blockading ISIS, why “aren’t we bombing the hell out of them” and  so on and so on. Of course, we ARE bombing ISIS and have destroyed hundreds of tank trucks  carrying oil, we have bombed ISIS controlled oil fields. But, of course, General Trump understands war. After all, he dodged the draft during the Vietnam war because he had  other things on  his mind such as broads and making money! While John McCain was daily being tortured, Donald was daily  fucking broads!


We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Hillary has to decide whether she wants to be the first women president or the first woman who placed her nation before her own goals.

Donald Trump is definitely a Great Persuader who sells nonsense as Sense.

Over 200 gun deaths in Chicago before June 1–how or why?

Within America exists a vast youth population whose life goal is –DEATH.

Some cops do not obey the law, the problem is those cops who do ignore those who don’t.

Millions of Americans seek a rendevous with disaster because they are angry about something.

We live in the era of flawed leaders and those not flawed do not  wish to be leaders.

Ah, it would have been wonderful seeing Trump debate Bernie!

LeBron James is a great basketball player but I always root for his opponents.

Gee, Alex Rodriguez hit a home run, sorry, he is a shell of the player he once was.

I have no idea who or what the Kardashians are, am I the only one?

The Social Media is destroying the fabric of politics, but we have no idea what it is creating.

A Texan Republican Intellectual!

Believe it or not, but experts have finally located a genuine, Texas born intellectual who is a member of the Republican party. Her name is Mary Lou Bruner and she has been attempting to win an election to the Texas State Board of Education. The state of Texas elects ordinary citizens to decide which textbooks are adopted by the state for  students. In  other words, in Texas your local garage owner or your dentist is considered an expert on which are the best math or science textbooks. OH, one must have at least obtained a high school diploma to sit on this prominent board.

Mary Lou just missed getting elected. Gosh, now Texas students will never know:

1. Karl Marx in the 19th century invented the global warming myth.

2. President Obama is really a gay prostitute who has hidden his real identity for either years.

3. Black skinned folks just loved slavery and there was no urban crime in those days.

4. Oh, the dinosaurs were NOT killed off by a meteor strike, but, believe it or not, according to Mary Lou, they were killed off by Noah’s Ark!

The Stopsky Law

We offer a new law to explain any discussion of American politics in which the name of Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton appears.

1. Within a sentence the following words will appear: sex maniac, Monica Lewinsky

2. Within a sentence the following words will appear: Liar, Hillary, Benghazi.

3. Within a sentence the following words will appear: not trustworthy, can’t be trusted.

4. Within a sentence the following words will appear: women hate her, allowed Bill to fuck women.

5. Within a sentence the following will appear: serial sex maniac, hates America.

6. Within a sentence the following will appear: Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, speeches.

It is impossible for American media to just report what Hillary Clinton actually says or believes.