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A Bush In Hand

The American people have experienced three men whose last name is BUSH. The father George H.W.Bush, unlike his sons, joined the military in World War II and fought with honor and courage in combat. He alone of those with the name of Bush can look in the mirror of time and feel proud for his accomplishments. He supported civil rights,he refused to allow Israel to push the United States around, and he did urge his son, George to think twice about going to war

George H.W. to son. “You know how tough war is son, you’ve got to try everything to avoid it.” Sorry, the son did NOT know anything about war, he avoided it during the Vietnam war.
George H.W. on Rumsfeld: “An arrogant fellow. I think he served the president badly. There’s a lack of humility, a lack of seeing what the other fellow thinks. He is more of kick ass man.”

George H.W. on Dick Cheney: “Just an iron-ass.

But, in the end, dad made clear to son, “it’s not Cheney’s fault, it’s the President’s fault. The buck stops there.

Wither Bernie?

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, I’m a Socialist. Bernie Sanders wants to do something about income inequality, so do I. Bernie Sanders believes ALL Lives Matter, so do I. So,what is the future of this nice guy?

1. If nominated, he would lose a presidential election. White haired, Socialist, loud booming voice, for guns, decent guy who should know better than to waste his time seeking the presidency.

2. His task at this point is to get young people angry about American society and ready to head off Republican victory.

3. His task is to shove Hillary Clinton further and further into fighting Wall Street and income inequality.

4. His task is to provide young voters with the image of a man who will not be bought off. This alone ensures more will vote in the next election.

5. His task is to die so that Hillary Clinton can live to triumph.

U. Of Missouri Students Take Stand

These days I tend to get confused as to who are the bad or the good guys in life. Athletes on the University Of Missouri football team are taking a stand for something. Exactly what they are protesting is somewhat vague. “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team believe injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere. We will no longer participate in football related action until President Tim Wolfe resigns or removed due to his negligence towards marginalized student experiences.”

As one who distrusts most college presidents because they rip off gobs of money without stimulating critical thinking, I’m all for getting rid of an incompetent college president. But, as of this moment,these athletes have yet to explain what exactly is “negligence” of “marginalized students.” What in God’s name is a “marginalized student?” The protesters claim to represent athletes of “color.” Last time I checked, “white” is a color. No specifics, no acts other than there are examples on the campus of derogatory statements about black skinned people. If we fired every boss because someone insulted a black person, there would not be a boss left anywhere.

Let’s Have An Auction

Someone, somewhere decided to purchase the last remaining firs class menu for the Titanic voyage and the going rate for this precious piece of knowledge was $118,750. We thought there are other items that might be auctioned off.

1. The bullet that killed the American Ambassador in Benghazi. Definitely worth at least two more years of Congressional investigations of the bullet.

2. The entire bank account of Marco Rubio which is worth at least 100,000 votes.

3. A picture of Chris Christie all naked taking a shower. Would you pay $2 for this photo?

4. The tape of a conversation between Jeb and George Bush in which they discuss the best policy to handle Islamic terrorists. How about a $1.50?

5. The tape of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz discussing handling Hispanic immigrants. A jump of 1% in the polls.

6. Dick Cheney hunting when he shoots a friend instead of the deer. This is worth a free trip for him to Iran–all expenses paid.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I expect that at any moment,Rudy Giuliani will enter the presidential election. After all, he single-handedly saved America in 2001.

I so wish to give Ben Carson a simple quiz on American history.

Not in his wildest nightmares did Donald think he would be behind Carson in a poll.

Dick Cheney is eligible to become president. I would so love to see him on the stage of clowns.

I bet Carly is on a strict diet. She looks so trim.

I wonder if Donald Trump can have his wife run for vice president with him.

Jeb Bush has become the poor man’s Bush in hand.

So, What About Those Refugees?

By the end of this year nearly two million refugees will have somehow made the journey from war and destruction to some place in Europe. Reality is that European nations can not nor will they accept millions of refugees every year.Germany has been wonderful in its efforts to allow refugees into their nation. However, in every other European nation any political leader who is ready to accept refugees confronts the reality the average citizen will become furious and turn to right wing political parties which gain voters by hating refugees.

So, what can be done?

1. Obviously, ending the war in Syria will be a powerful incentive for reducing refugees to voyage.

2. There is need for vast European economic investment in Africa to create vibrant economies. Get people working and they will not undertake dangerous voyages for jobs.

3. There is need to work with Vladimir Putin and Iran in order to end violence in the Middle East. That is reality!

Americans Hate Americans

The pattern of Americans voting for people who dislike laws that ensure a good life for Americans continues and continues. The state of Kentucky has an excellent record with its Affordable Care Act and every poll indicates most people in that state want the law to continue. So, there is an election for governor and guess who they elect as their next chief executive? They elect Matt Bevin who has pledged to get rid of the Affordable Care Act which they support. This continues the ongoing saga of how and why Americans prefer during an off presidential election to put in office those who disregard what is good for the average citizen.

Sorry, but Barack Obama must take some blame for this situation. He has to rank as among the most inept presidents in history when it comes to issues of politics. He has failed to create a Democratic party election powerhouse. He has failed to communicate his successful endeavors to the American people.

“Death To America” Means–?

Iran’s super supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants to clear up a few points. For some reason,the folks in America become upset when he shouts, “Death To America.” So, the super,super,supreme ruler decided to clear things up. “It goes without saying that the slogan,’Death to America’ does not mean death of the American nation.This slogan means death to US policies and death to arrogance.” I trust that clears things up.

Now, how about a few words from:

1.Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who constantly talks about wiping out the Iran government.

2.The entire Republican party which promises to destroy the Iranian nation and reduce it to a desert.

I forgot, when WE say wipe out Iran it simply means we do not want war but a shouting match.

New Debate Rules For Republicans

Members of the Republican party who are running for the office of president are very upset. They simply do not like the manner in which moderators pose questions. They do not want any pictures of any of them sweating. They want the room temperature to be set at 67 degrees.They insist on the right to censor graphics shown during the debate. They are really upset when the camera shows no one at his or her podium. And, most of all they do not like any “gotcha questions”

In the interest of fairness, we suggest some new rules:

1. Ben Carson should only be posed questions dealing with heart surgery. After all, he lacks any knowledge of anything other than that topic.

2. Jeb Bush should be allowed to have brother George take his place using the name,Jeb.

3. Carly should only be asked questions dealing with how one goes about laying off people. Allow her to play to her strength.

4. Donald should be allowed to discuss his ventures into the world of real estate.

5. Ted Cruz should be allowed to discuss his childhood in Canada.

6. I think Marco Rubio should be allowed to discuss why Cuban refugees were worthy immigrants unlike those from Mexico.

7. John Kasich should only be posed questions dealing with his life in Ohio.

And, at the beginning and end of the debate they all should be allowed to sing: “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia,Moscow Times: “Bike Season Closed”

This is Putin Russia, hunting season open for gays and lesbians!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Carson Leads Trump”

In stupidity?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Are You Danish Enough?”

Well, I do eat a Danish each day.

China, China Daily: “Purpose Of Tests”

To fail kids?

Sweden, Local: “Limit Of Capacity”

Sorry, there is no limit of the capacity of Republican candidates to prove their ignorance.