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Donald On Football

There is a tradition for presidents of the United States of America, and that has to do with each November attending the annual Army vs Navy football game. It is  unclear at this point as to whether or not Donald Trump, among his other fantastic achievements in life was a fantastic football player in high school or college. Anyway, our president was asked what he thought about the teams. Usually, of course, when one writes, usually, it refers to a president making some sort of compliment to the players.

But, this is the era of Trump. His response to the question was: “I loves the armed forces. I mean I don’t know if this game is necessarily the best football, but they have spirit.” Navy is ranked  25th in the nation as a football team. Both teams are going to bowl games. Yes, Donald, you ‘love the armed forces,” which  is the reason you got four draft deferments so you could fight the battle of TITS in Park Avenue bedrooms.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86  year old body.


Hatred now lives in the hearts  of too many Americans.

New qualification  for Cabinet position: be a billionaire if the job entails money.

We  once were a nation that believed in separation of the military from civilians, one were.

I am still confused because Donald insisted that generals were incompetent, compared to him, so why select them for the Cabinet?

John Glenn devoted his life to his nation, not to making money.

Trump not only welcomed support from the wealthy, but from the Russian government. First president elected with help from a foreign government.

Rudy Giuliani will have to form a new self help group with Chris Christie. The “I Was Fucked By Trump” folks.

Did Americans know they were electing Ivanka Trump to supervise their lives?

If you did not vote for Clinton, keep quiet about what is now happening in America, it is also YOUR FAULT!

Screwing Americans

I understand the frustrations, the fears, the anger, the uncertainty of so many  Americans,been there, known it. So, they voted for the greatest flim, flam man in American history. Yes, he PROMISED to bring jobs back from China, hell, the only jobs in China are low skilled, low paid, and not what most Americans desire in life. So, you folks voted for the con man, the carnival barker who promises that behind this curtain are such wonders as you have never before seen. And, out comes a bearded lady, rather plump, and after a sigh of wonder, any interest is gone.

Folks you got conned. His Cabinet appointments are just a bunch of men and women whose only thoughts, only concerns are for those who HAVE,  not for those who HAVE NOT. A Secretary of Labor who thinks $7.25 an hour is just about right, and $9 an hour would send businessmen into poverty. Sorry, you  got taken, and, sorry, you got four more years of this bullshit artist at work. Welcome to the songs, the sighs, the tears of life in Trump, America.

Beware The Dream Kids!

Thank God America has finally elected a man who has the support of those ready to protect our borders against the hordes of Hispanic rapists and murderers who are nonstop pouring over them.Rep. Steven King of Iowa is a fervent believer in the goals of Donald Trump to protect our women from rape by Hispanic immigrants. He is particularly concerned about Dream Children, those brought to America from Mexico while children. King finally is telling the truth about  these so-called, ‘Dreamers.”

According to King, “there are some awfully bad people among the Dreamers.I’ve spent a fair amount of  time down at the border. I’ve been down there to help arrest a lot of people down there. “I have watched the packs of marijuana on the backs of young men as they walk across the border.” Sounds ominous. I just wonder when he sees young men with packs of marijuana why the hell doesn’t he notify Border Patrol folks so they can arrest them? I also would be interested in how when he looks at these young men, he can determine which is or is not a DREAMER?

Wow! What A Fantastic Secretary of Labor

I admit to making negative comments about those Donald Trump has appointed to Cabinet  positions, but his latest selections makes it clear that I do not grasp the brilliance of our newly elected president. Our new Secretary of Labor will be Andrew Rizder who currently is CEO of Hardee’s. Consider the brilliance of this choice, who else but a business leader would you desire as head of  a Cabinet position that focuses upon the needs of  workers, BUT A BUSINESS CEO?

There is overwhelming evidence that Mr. Rizder only considers the needs of workers.  He opposes raising the minimum wage because how can any business make profit if workers are earning such exorbitant salaries of $8 an hour? For every  dollar that goes to workers, one less goes to the business owner. I thought the Labor Department was designed to protect the rights of business people. Was I wrong? OH, the Hardee guy also opposes extending overtime pay to millions of people.

Jews For Anti-Semites

Throughout the history of America, people of the Jewish faith, for the most part, have supported the fight for human justice. Admittedly, during the Civil War, most Jews living in the South, supported the Confederacy. But, from the days of Theodore Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt to John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama, Jews fought the good fight for human rights. Every time Martin Luther King marches, there were rabbis by his side.

Today, we have something termed, the Republican Jewish Coalition which fervently supports the racist, the anti-women, the hate Muslim views of Donald Trump. The latest example of these sick Jews is their support for Steve Bannon. Bannon and his Brietbart news has been supported by every anti-semitic group in this land. The KKK adores him. Bannon has even said, “I don’t want my daughter going to school with Jews.” This certainly expresses the views of someone who opposes anti-semitism.

American Jews have come a long way from the liberalism of Franklin Roosevelt to Donald Trump. I forgot, they want Trump to make America Great Again, let’s become a land in which Jews can not buy  homes in certain areas of get jobs because of their faith.

Death In The Desert

The Trump haters have spread continual fear concerning Hispanics seeking to become Americans. Of course, since the beginning of what we now term, the United States of America, hate and fear of immigrants has been part of our national story. A group who term themselves, “No More Death” has charged the  US Border Patrol of forcing immigrants into the deserts near the Mexican-US border. Thousands of people in their quest for safety from violence and poverty have been compelled to take desert routes in their quest to reach America.

“The known disappearance of thousands of people in the remote wilderness of the US-Mexican border marks one of the great historical crimes of our day.” Amen.

The Horror Of Aleppo

I was a child in America during World War II. I recall some short stories in the New York Times about some ‘killing of Jews’ by German soldiers. It was not until a major story was published in a newspaper named, PM, that it first entered my mind that the ‘killings’ were more widespread than I had imagined. Today, thousands have died in the Syrian city of Aleppo,and the stories appear, we read them, turn the page to sport news, and life goes on –as usual in America and most nations of the world.

World leaders like Italian Matteo Renzi, French President Hollande,and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,issued a statement of concern. “Aleppo is  being subjected to daily bombings and artillery attacks by the Syrian regime, supported by  Russia and Iran. Hospitals and schools are not being spared,they appear to being targets in an attempt to wear people down.”

Death does not take a holiday in Syria.

Sad Confused Young Man

A trial has begun in Charleston, South Carolina which involved a young man, Dylan Roof, who entered a church while people were praying and shot several of them. Mr. Roof is the product of countless stories, dozens of hate filled speeches, and daily disrespect for black Americans. The prosecution charges that Roof carried out an act with a “cold and hateful heart.” In the view of Dylan Roof, HE was the victim,and was merely seeking “racist retribution for perceived acts agains the white race.”

The sadness of this trial is that Dylan Roof actually believes that HE is the victim. Somehow, his mind has rewritten daily life to emerge with a scenario of whites as the subject of prejudice, and blacks as possessing power and wealth. Such is the world in which millions of white Americans live.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped i a 86 year old body.


Funny, no one yells and screams these days about the FOUR men killed at Benghazi.

I assume someone will show Ben Carson where the men’s toilets are in HUD.

Exactly what are the qualifications of Ivanka Trump for dealing with issues other than dad says she is a “good piece of ass?”

Some days I  ponder about creating some weird conspiracy event.

Ah, Pearl Harbor day, founder of Conspiracy Theories.

Is there anyone who has NOT been contacted by Trump about nothing?

Imagine if Hillary Clinton had challenged Trump about his crazy economic ideas!