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Turn Off The Loudspeaker!

World War I began when some young guy shot an important Austrian member of the royal family, and Austria-Hungary and Serbia argued about who should look for the killer. They never could agree so in the end about 20,000,000 people died. For about two weeks the government of South Korea has been blasting away with loudspeakers aimed at North Korean soldiers. We are now faced with an issue that best belongs on the Jon Stewart show about the madness of the world.

Kim Jong-Un announced “our military and people are prepared to risk all-out war,not just to simply respond or to retaliate, but to defend the system our people chose. The situation has reached the verge of war.”

OK,children, time to simmer down. Remove the loudspeakers and end this nonsense. There are NO principles involved.

Let me get this straight, Republicans are furious at Iran which has never invaded another country, but the silence of Republican candidates about North Korea is deafening.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, Newsday: “Woman Hospitalized After Stabbing”

Why not before the stabbing?

Australia, Canberra Times: “I Don’t Think I Lied”

Donald, just open your mouth and you lie!

Egypt, al-ahram: “Fry Eggs On Highway”

Sorry, that activity is restricted to California.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Russia Bans US Wines”

I’ll drink to that one.

UK, Guardian: “Stop Topless Show”

The naked truth in action!

Erdogan-I Demand Power!

For many years President Recep Erdogan was the prime minister of Turkey, and he did a few good things about assisting the economy to become more modern. He did a few good things about checking the power of the military. He did assist Turkey on its march to become a modern society. But,alas, POWER soon became the name of his game. He wants POWER and he wants to crush any and all factors in Turkey that prevent him from having POWER. Just last year he was working to have Kurds become an integral part of Turkish society. But, alas, his desire for POWER led to an election that resulted in his political party losing its majority. So, what has he done since that event?

He launched attacks on Kurdish military units fighting in Syria and Iraq against ISIS. Beating ISIS will not gain him any votes, so the hell with that game. However, there are Turks who do not like the Kurds-a minority in Turkey–so fight them and call a quick election in hope of gaining COMPLETE POWER!

Too bad Erdogan is not head of North Korea -now that is one country in which the ruler does have COMPLETE POWER!

Kim Jong Un-ADVANCE!

Kim Jong-un is very upset. Perhaps, he gazed in the mirror and saw his haircut, one must say that when it comes to having an interesting haircut, the pudgy guy from North Korea is among the most powerful leaders in the world. After all, when one inhabits a world in which your kick of the day is having an uncle or a general or whoever shot is the highlight of power, there must be moments when the little guy wants to strut the world stage as someone important. So, he issued an order>

“The supreme commander(that’s me)of the Korean People’s Army will enter a wartime state to be fully ready to launch surprise actions.” Now, let me get this right, you want to “launch surprise actions” so you inform the world that you want to launch surprise actions! Perhaps, it is time to spend the day maneuvering your toy soldiers.

Scott, Poor Man’s Donald

There is something rather pathetic about Scott Walker. After his great triumph saying terrorist teachers, firemen and cops in Wisconsin, the boy who never completed college felt that he could take on the world and win. During the famous debate, he came across as a little boy who somehow wandered into this place with all sorts of guys ranting and yelling. Two months ago, Scott was for some form allowing illegal immigrants to become legal. Now, he wants to end the 14th Amendment which states anyone born in America is a citizen. After all, Donald said that and it Donald says anything, Scott will follow along.

One wonders if Scott is aiming to be the Vice President candidate with the Donald man. I assume if a paper blew in through his window and it had the name of Donald Trump on it, he would sign the proposed bill without a glance.

Blame Drought Upon US

To repeat what Marco Rubio responds to any question concerning global warming,”I am no scientist.” But, unlike Marco, I am intelligent enough to listen to scientists. Honest,Marco, if you are not one, please listen to what they say. You know, when the doctor asks your opinion on an operation, I assume you say, “I’m not doctor.” Scientists, not Republican politicians, now report there is conclusive evidence that global warming is a key factor in the drought impacting California. They estimate that global warming has intensified drought by a factor of between 8 to 27% in California.

OK,I do realize that Dr. Joe Schumuck who dwells in a cabin in the mountains does not agree with these so-called,”scientists.” After all,he has a degree in science, astronomy,nuclear physics and biology from the University of Columbia which is located down the road from his cabin. When will this era of stupidity end!!

Hillary Debates Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter groups, or should I say, two or three individuals, have confronted Hillary Clinton demanding that she do—-? The problem with Black Lives Matter is beyond insisting that Black Lives Matter and seeking to discuss the topic, it is not quite clear exactly how anyone could address issues pertaining to black lives other than talking about the subject. Any survey of the media, print, online, TV reveals endless DISCUSSIONS about the issue of Black Lives.

Hillary was right on target. If anyone is interested in the improvement of Black Lives,then they should focus upon:


2. Diversify police forces.

3. Establish new guidelines for police when halting people.

4. Make college free for ALL students.

5. Rebuild our cities and include affordable housing.

These steps would not only save black lives, but lead to healthy and prosperousness.

Prostitutes Attacked

There is no doubt that among the oldest jobs in the world is that of being a prostitute. It brings cash into the house of poor women,it enables them to feed their children, and it allows many to at least control their own destiny. Prostitutes in the town of Amansea in Nigeria were confronted by armed men bent on destroying their homes, and ending their occupations. The Prostitutes became furious and fought back. “How can they destroy our homes without notice? They are very wicked.”

Prostitution is not an occupation that enables a women to feel dignified. However, for many women in this world, it is work, it is funds for the children or he family. Of course,there would not be a single prostitute in the world if men ceased to use their bodies in exchange for money. Blame it on the men, not the victims!

Every day women sell their bodies.Every day on Wall Street and in corporation headquarters, men and women are selling their souls for money,but no one describes them as-PROSTITUTES!

Top Places To See In Life

As a boy I would often sit on Coney Island gazing out to sea wishing that some day I would cross it to see the origin of my parents. Many of us had some places we wanted to see in our lives.

1. Rocky Mountains at dawn.

2. Sailing into New York harbor to see the Old Lady with arm outstretched.

3. Walking the banks of the Seine.

4. Watching dawn beak in San Francisco.

5. Walking the streets of London.

6. The Grand Canyon.

7. The Pyramids of Egypt.

8. Just being in Rome.

10. Kissing the ground of Israel.

So, what are the places you desire to see or experience?

Lets Blow Things Up

Among the common myths of our era is that Muslims are the only religion group that engages in suicide bombing. Actually, modern suicide bombing began in Sri Lanka during the 1980s, decades before the first suicide bombing by a Muslim. Of course,during WWII, Japanese Kamikaze suicide bombers died by the thousands as they blew their planes up into US ships.And,these guys had no affiliation with the Muslim religion. There are dozens of stories of soldiers who deliberately die in order to enable their comrades to survive.

Well,Thailand is now experiencing a new wave of suicide bombers and, frankly, no one knows exactly who these people are and what they seek other than murdering innocent people. Most probably it is linked to political disputes because the culprits make certain they survive. I do understand why someone wants to blow something up, but why does this person insist they must also go boom-boom??