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Donald Goes Wild

Last year when Donald Trump insulted fellow Republicans we all sort of smiled and thought this guy is a bit weird, but he must  have some sort of plan. Frankly, I doubt if many took him seriously, and believed the nutty things he said, would really be stated once an election campaign began. You have to admit that Donald Trump is a man who tells the truth. One must conclude the crazy wild ranting is an expression of his thinking and beliefs. This is a man who lacks any, and I mean, any knowledge of the world, of economic concepts, of how to deal with violence and war. Nonsense pours out of his mouth nonstop, and the reality is that from his perspective, nonsense is sense.

Once again, he ranted about  the Wall and illegal immigrants;

1. On day one of his presidency, they will begin rounding up eleven million illegal immigrants.

2. No explanation as to who does the rounding up, where they are held, just round up eleven million.

3. Will the eleven million carry baggage, how will babies be handled,where in Mexico will they be sent, what if the Mexican government refuses to allow their entry, and so on, and so on.

4. If suddenly, eleven million customers leave your town, how many business operations will go bankrupt? Minor detail.

5. Schools suddenly will be emptied of students, so, will teachers be fired? Minor detail.

6. Thousands of workers in hospitals or business operations will suddenly vanish, so who cares for the patients or customers?

His entire idea makes absolutely no sense.

Republican Food Fight

This strange election season is now witnessing members of the Republican party fighting with one another more than they fight with Democrats. It is incredible to believe that Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are insulting a Republican candidate for president. Conservative writer,  Bill Kristol is shocked by the thought of Donald Trump as president, he hates Hillary Clinton, and has concluded the only hope is to vote for anyone other than the two twins of incompetence.

However, Sean Hannity is convinced that Donald Trump must be elected. OK, Donald insulted Fox News correspondents, and continues to insult Hispanics, and gays and women, but, what the heck, his name is not Hillary Clinton. Frankly, this is a new development in modern conservatism. Hate and anger, insults and barbs go back and forth between Republicans while Hillary stands off  to the side with a smirk on her face. Rush did make one interesting comment: “I never took him seriously.” That sums up the attitude of many Republicans, how could the idiot guy actually win the nomination?

He did.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The day after a birthday is usually a let down.

Then again, these mad days, no one knows what will happen today or tomorrow.

Which immigration plan is operational–today??

I sure miss the calm ignorance of Ben Carson.

Strange, Donald has ceased talking about ISIS, only about the Hispanic rapists.

We used to discuss who won the football game, today, who stood for the anthem.

Do you ever get the feeling that God has taken a long vacation from this planet?

I attempt to imagine eleven million people walking toward the Mexican border.

Donald’s Anti-Semitic Friends

As all know by now, the beloved daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka, married a nice Jewish boy and converted to the Jewish religion. We all know by now the new campaign manager for Donald Trump is one, Steve Bannon. For some strange reason the campaign manager of Trump runs a website that has nonstop anti-Semitic comments and images. In fairness, Steve is only the campaign manager, and has no other significant role in the Trump campaign.

The ex-wife of Steve Bannon made clear  to the media that he was strongly against allowing his daughters to attend an elite school because he did not want his daughters hanging around with JEWS! He did not like the way Jewish parents raised “whiney Jewish brats.”

Again, this is NOT Donald Trump speaking. It is only HIS CAMPAIGN MANAGER. So, please do not jump to conclusions. Some of Donald Trump’s best friends are Jews, in fact, so is his daughter.

Colin Kaepernick Statement

For those who do not know, Colin Kaepernick is a quarterback who plays with the San Francisco football team. He has decided to make an important statement. Colin will not stand for the national anthem. I assume it is a statement against American racism, and to prove his point,,Colin will remain seated.

The assumption of Colin Kaekpernick is that everything in the present or  past of American history is related to racism and bigotry. However, Martin Luther King or fighters for human rights such  as Elizabeth Gurley Flynn or Emma Goldman or Rosa Parks somehow  do not belong in the American past or present. Mr. Kaepernick falls into the racist trap of assuming that only whites, and they naturally were all bigots, represent the story of America. By the way, Colin, of the 5,000 who were lynched in America, 1,000 were not black skinned.

I would be more impressed with Colin if he promised to give  up football until after the November election and devote all of his time to registering voters and getting them to the polls. Of course, this would mean no millions for Mr. Kaepernick.

Turkey Twirls

During the past four years, the nation of Turkey has played a key role in conflicts raging in the Middle East. It supported the overthrow of President Assad, and opposed the entry of Iranian or Russian troops into the conflict. Ironically, just as it opposed the strong man regime of Assad, its then Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was endeavoring to become the all powerful ruler of Turkey.

On one hand, Erdogan wanted Assad removed, on the other hand, he opposed some of the groups fighting to get rid of Assad. In fact, Erdogan did nothing to prevent thousands of ISIS followers from entering his country and making their way to Syria. Ironically, it was simply a matter of time before ISIS began to target his government. There have been several suicide bomb attacks in Turkey. So,now,Erdogan is sending troops and tanks to fight ISIS. But, he opposes other anti-Assad groups.

One needs a score card to figure out who or what President Erdogan opposes. However, it is clear that he overwhelmingly supports getting more and more power to become the dictator of Turkey!

The Clothes Police

The people of Iran, particularly young people, are confronted every day  by the “moral police” whose job is to prevent anyone from displaying too much skin. I understand that many conservatives in America hate Iran because it seeks to control what individuals, particularly women, can or cannot wear in public. However, those who oppose Iranian efforts to control what can be worn, have no hesitation in imposing clothing bans on Muslim females. Nations such as Germany or France make wearing the burqa in government offices a crime, as well as wearing one in public.

There is now a huge outcry against the burkini which some Muslim wear while going swimming. Of course, throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in America the vast majority of women who went swimming were completely covered with clothes. Don’t people have better things to do with their time than worry about how a female is dressed while swimming. Of course, as a sexual freak, I want to see the entire  body naked, oh to gaze at the boobs!!

So, Muslim women stay out of my dreams!

Medicine And Rights

Several Catholic health care providers have launched a lawsuit agains the federal government because their rights –as Catholics, I assume– have been violated because the EVIL GOVERNMENT insists they treat transgender patients. Somehow, they have reached the conclusion that if transgender patients are  provided medical care, this translates into the EVIL GOVERNMENT forcing them to operate in order to transform a boy into a girl or vice versa.

As I read this story the image of Pope Francis entered my mind. Can anyone, and that anyone includes Catholics, imagine Pope Francis denying medical care to a transgender person? One can imagine an Orthodox Jewish doctor arguing he cannot work at a hospital because they do not serve kosher food.

Hillary –Just Shut UP!

These days the two most boring, the two most obnoxious stories about life in modern times is the tale of emails and the words of Ryan Lochte. Mr. Lochte can not cease repeating the word, “exaggerate” which somehow explains away his drunken episode that he and his buddies carried out in a Brazilian gas station. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton just cannot cease talking about her infamous emails. She now claims Colin Powell urged her to have a private server, he denies the story. Back to the merry-go-round of person A says X, while person B says Y.

Advice to Hillary Clinton:

1. Quietly, and loudly say: “I made a terrible mistake in having a private server. To tell the truth, I really did not know why I should have one,  but I went and got one.
2. As of this date, despite the constant clamor about emails, not a single email has emerged that indicated it was something important.

3. I repeat, I made a serious mistake.That is the bad news, the good news is there is no evidence any secret was obtained by foreign sources.

I learned my lesson. Never again any private server.

Trump Spells Out His Plan

The “new” Donald Trump made a speech. OK, he continued to wave his tiny arms in order to make a point. But, Donald wanted one and all to know that he had a plan to make America Great Again. We offer the specifics of his plan:

I am going to bring back high paying jobs from China.

I am going to make certain that coal miners have high paying jobs.

I am going to wipe out ISIS, frankly, it will be easy.

I am going to end the Death tax and make certain those with over a few million do not have to pay a Death Tax.

I am going to build a Great Wall.

I am going to ensure that each American young person can attend college.

I am going to cut taxes.

I am going to balance the budget.

Trust me,trust me, I am a Great Businessman who has created thousands and thousands of jobs. Just ask the maids in my hotels about the high salaries they earn!

OH, please, let’s not get into details.