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Supreme Court Violates The Constitution!!

The United States Supreme Court which has five Catholic judges has rendered a decision which threatens to undo the First Amendment to the Constitution which provides for separation of religion from government. By a 5-4 vote the Court allowed Hobby Lobby corporation to be exempt from obeying a law because its religious principles did not allow them to grant health care for female employees seeking access to contraceptives. This is the greatest attack on the principle of separation of state and church in the history of the United States of America. According to Catholic Justice Samuel Alioto, a corporation which is headed by a few people does not have to follow federal laws if its religious principles are “violated.” He argues the decision only applies to oral contraceptives in the Affordable Care Act, and only applies to a privately owned firm which lacks a difference between their business responsibilities and their personal religious views!

Jewish Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is shocked. She terms this decision “potentially sweeping” with the potential to alter fundamental American Constitutional law. What next, my religious views do not allow me to pay income tax? If corporations can use “religious views” to determine their behavior, we can expect to witness the rise of hundreds of such corporations demanding not to pay or adhere to any government law. In which law school did the four CATHOLIC judges attend? Sorry, this is the most blatant example of Supreme Court judges allowing their religious views to intrude into constitutional issues.

If you believe in the US Constitution, vote this November, and vote for each and every Democratic candidate in order to prevent the Senate from getting under the control of Republicans.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “NO Remorse For Me”

Unfortunately, what Americans say who voted for the current collection in Congress.

China, China Daily: “World’s Oldest Cat”

What else if you have nine lives?

Sweden, Local: “How I Got Swedes And Immigrants Eating Together”

Free food?

Russia, Moscow Times: “No Illusions Left”

Putin Will NOT change!

France, Connexion: “Cultural Committee Bans Foreign Words”

You mean no more “oy vets” for me when discussing Republicans?

USA, NY Times: “Truth Be Known”

Not to anyone working for Fox News!

Sweden, Local: “Teen Girls Steal Stolen Car”

They might be better off stealing hearts.

NRA Upholds Freedom For All!

I realize there are LIBERALS who seek to deny the right of real Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to own a gun. If not for the National Rifle Association, who would stand for individual rights in this nation? Some member of Congress seeks to end our Constitutional rights by urging passage of a law that would take away my Constitutional right to carry a weapon for defense just because I beat the hell out of my girl friend. Could you believe that! The NRA sent a clear message of its opposition to the new law that would bar ownership of a gun to those convicted of stalking or having been engaged in domestic violence. According to the NRA this bill is an attempt to “turn disputes between family members and social acquaintances into lifetime firearm prohibition.” The NRA is “strongly opposed.”

For example, suppose Jesus Christ got involved in a shoving match, suppose Jesus Christ was a stalker, is that reason to bar Jesus Christ from owning a weapon? Once you deny stalkers and those who beat up on girl friends the right to own a gun, who next is on your list to take away their 2nd Amendment rights!!

Recommendations For Republicans

Recent primary contests and victors and losers should offer Republicans some ideas regarding how to go about winning the presidency. At a time when the vast majority of American people simply not only do not like most politicians, they really don’t respect those who serve in our Congress. I suspect this is among the first times in history in which both Democrats and Republicans would prefer if every member of Congress took a vacation from serving in that institution, and allowed a new set of men and women to be our leaders. Then again, Barack Obama has not come across as a shining example of inspiring leadership. Does anyone know if he ever had a foreign policy regarding Syria? Anyway, since I am nice liberal guy whose heart seeks to assist Republicans, here are some suggestions for these confused, bewildered folk who lack a single clue how to gain support from most Americans:

1. Try the Thad Cochran approach. Senator Thad Cochran of the great state of Mississippi was facing defeat in the second round of the primary. So, he got this brilliant idea: what if I reached out to black folk and promised to do things for them?? Wow, that is an original political idea, offering constituents something in return for their vote. Believe it or not, black voters returned right wing conservative Thad to the US Senate!

2. Propose a health care plan that Americans would welcome. How about proposing that all Americans would be covered by Medicare? A sure winner. And, you come out being the party of average Americans.

3. Propose that tax rates can go up by 1% for the wealthy. I realize this would be a revolutionary idea, but honestly, one percent is really not the end of the world. You can then boast of being the party for the 99% of Americans!

4. Now, as for those Hispanic immigrants. How about a massive research project which produces robots that pick peaches, clean the streets, work in meat plants, and care for your baby? To make this an even more attractive idea, why not grant voting rights to these robots? After all, they are 100% Americans, born and bred in our great country!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Gay Dad Banned From Police Force”

I assume that means there are no happy cops in this police force.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Bus Driver Beats Woman”

Boy, I promise to pay the fare next time!

Sweden, Local: “Teen Steals Beggar’s Money”

This act of bravado beggars the mind!

Russia, Moscow Times: “We’ve Come A Long Way”

From Russia’s attempt at democracy.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Still Breaking Teen Girls’ Hearts”

Not me at 83!

Japan, Japan Times: “Goldilocks Meets Godzilla”

Only in a Japanese movie!

Egypt: al-Ahram: “Guard Egypt Constitution”

From President Sisi??

Oh Dem Corporate Dollars!

The UK Guardian newspaper, having nothing else to do, conducted an investigation into the financial behavior of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. I understand there are some Americans who actually believe it is the responsibility of American newspapers and magazines to investigate possible corruption in AMERICAN government. The good news is the Guardian uncovered a rather messy rotten situation in the great state of New Jersey. But, then again, the great state of New Jersey gave us the Sopranos, so what is shocking that it also gave us the government of Chris Christie which is based upon the principle that whatever benefits the Republican party benefits the common folk of this state.

In reality, the same tale would emerge from study of any state government in the United States of America. The state of New Jersey has the New Jersey Economic Authority(EDA) which hands out billions of dollars to business folk in order to enhance the lives of ordinary citizens. Of the top thirty grants-worth $1.2 billion, guess who got most of the money? You are right- 21 went to Republicans, and one lonely grant went to a company led by a Democrat. Naturally, these companies are grateful and rewarded Republicans with millions of dollars for their campaign. To be honest, the EDA made clear it operates upon the principle of bipartisanship.

The good news is that none of the money went to rebuild the George Washington bridge.

Wither The Republican Party?

There was an interesting and sad television shot shown to the American people last night. On the anniversary of the fight for civil rights in the South, most members of Congress locked arms and sang the famous marching song of civil rights fighters, “We Shall Over Come.” However, neither John Boehner nor Senator Mitch McConnell moved their lips in order to display their opposition to anything that President Obama supported. A wonderful display of courage. If Jesus Christ appeared tomorrow and was walking with President Obama, the Republican party would come out against Christianity. A once great political party has become a negative, angry, hating group of men and women. Oops, sorry, I ignore the concern of Republicans for the oppressed minorities in our nation–the upper 5% of those with money and those who fight for the right to earn billions.

Let me review the history of this once great party:

1. Abraham Lincoln pushed through the first income tax. He gave away free land to all who desired in the Homestead Act. His government financed construction of the intercontinental railroad. He backed creation of colleges that were free to students. And, worst of all, he took property away–without compensation–from slave owners!
2. Theodore Roosevelt blasted the wealthy for their selfishness. He broke up monopolies and then had the Federal government supervise their operations. He advocated the Income Tax amendment. He ended segregation in the federal government. He also defended the rights of workers to have unions.
3. Wendell Wilkie lost the 1940 presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt. He then spent World War II as a special assistant for the president. Republicans in Congress worked with President Roosevelt to create a United Nations.
4. Dwight Eisenhower refused to lower the WWII top income tax level of NINETY PERCENT until debts were paid off. His administration fought for the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision that ended segregation. Eisenhower worked to ends segregation in the armed forces and ended it in Washington D.C.
5. Republicans worked with President Lyndon Johnson to pass the Civil Rights bill.
6. Heck, Richard Nixon supported Affirmative Action, came out for national health insurance, and even toyed with the idea of a guaranteed income for all Americans.

That used to be the Republican party!!

McDaniel Ready To Fight!

The second round of the Republican primary was held Tuesday and the loser, Chris McDaniel and most Tea Party followers are ready to fight. McDaniel had more votes than Thad Cochran in the first primary vote, but lacked fifty percent so there was a second round. Conservative Thad Cochran who had opposed just about any law that might benefit black voters in the state, decided it was time to become the hero of black folk. He campaigned for their votes by rounding up black minister to get out the message that Massa Thad just loved each and every black person. Thad won by about five thousand on Tuesday and it is clear that black voters were the deciding factor. Mississippi allows any person to vote in any primary as long as he has not voted in a different primary.

Chris refuses to concede defeat. “We are not prone to surrender. As you know, folks, there were literally dozens of irregularities reported across the state. You know why. Before this race ends, we have to be absolutely certain that the Republican primary is won by Republican voters.” One of his aides promised that Chris is not conceding defeat and the fight is “not over yet.”

Hey, Chris, why not run as an independent? Split the vote and let some Democrat represent Mississippi.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Teen Drowns In Graduation Parade”

I assume he was graduating from the Coast Guard.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Our Unluckiest Day”

The day Vladimir Putin was born?

USA, aol: “Georege H.W. Bush Jumps Out Of Plane”

Escaping modern Republican congressmen??

USA, Army Times: “Soldier Unites With Dog”

I give this three woofs.

UK, Guardian: “Spain King Sworn In”

I hope he escapes the swearing in of the Spanish people.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Surely, Common Sense”

Don’t let Mayor Rob Ford near any bar in town?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”

Prime Minister Maliki?

So, Who Is To Blame?

The virtual collapse of the Iraq government has not hit the American people with resulting confusion and anger. Many now demand to know why this collapse occurred and who is to blame?

1. Dick and Don want to make clear they had nothing to do with the wolf blowing down the pig’s house.
2. George is in Texas chopping wood so leave him out of this discussion.
3. Republicans who voted to invade Iraq want the world to know that things were great when George Bush left the presidency. Since then, you know who is to blame for what happened.
4. The Iraq government blames lack of American assistance. Of course, Prime Minister Maliki turned down US offers for advisers.
5. Fox News is in a bit confused. Who the hell should they blame? Certainly, Fox News which backed the invasion has nothing to do with the current situation in Iraq.
6. Hillary was against it before she voted for it, and now wants everyone to know the Bush folk lied about the situation.
7. How about the American people who overwhelmingly supported this invasion?