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Just Another Day In Cincinnati

It was just another day in the life of bus driver Rickey Wagner as he drove through the streets of his town. For one who drives a bus, the most interesting occurrences are people who board drunk or someone trying to hustle a free ride. Suddenly, Rickey heard his engine make a funny sound so he halted and went outside to check on things. As he pondered the problem three young men approached and one said loudly: “if you want to be all the way in the club, you have to kill the polar bear.” This apparently indicated the boys were in a macho club and wanted to hurt some poor white dude who wandered into the wrong side of town.

They pointed a gun at Rickey, hit him and he felt one slug go into his chest. Fortunately, he carried a Bible and it took the force of the bullet. Rickey fought back and finally grabbed the gun and blasted away as the boys fled for their lives. He stabbed one with is fountain pen.

Just another day in Cincinnati and there is now proof that God works in mysterious ways.


In the coming months we will offer a series of articles dealing with the future of 21st Century America.


A century ago when Kodak company was formed to deliver pictures to Americans at the peak of its success over 100,000 people worked in this industry. Today, corporations like Google or Facebook employ a few hundred and are multi billion organizations. What happened? About sixty years ago in the aftermath of World War II, technology was introduced to the OFFICE much as it had been introduced a hundred years prior to the productive components of modern industrialization. At the origin of the Industrial Revolution there were jobs requiring physical strength, but slowly and gradually technology entered and it began to assume the task of physical labor not only in the factory but on the farm. Today, a million fewer automobile workers produce more cars than were required fifty years ago.

Computers are developing greater and greater ability to do work that previously was done by humans. Nothing can prevent this trend. Whether it is a hundred, or five hundred or a thousand years from now, robots will do the work that is now being done by humans. It is simply a matter of time. What exactly cannot be accomplished in 3000 that is currently being done by a human in 2014?

The future is clear. The human race will either do the following:

1. Restrict which jobs that can only be done by humans.
2. Place a quota in each occupation as to which jobs are done by humans and which by technology.
3. Identify only human type jobs.
4. Recognize that leisure is the logical outcome of technology driven societies.
5. Establish leisure driven societies in which humans engage in labor that best is done by humans.

We will continue this discussion.

Repeal Of Obama Careless Act Not Possible

Republicans leaders insist they intend to repeal the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. There is evidence of widespread dislike of the law, mainly due to the incompetence of how it has been presented to the public and start up problems. Latest figures indicate that at least three million already have signed up to be covered by the Affordable Care Act. The main reason that millions are registering is there IS a problem in this country due to lack of medical insurance for millions. America is the LAST country in the post industrial world to finally agree that people NEED a health insurance system. So, the Republican Party promises that if they are elected that is the end of the Affordable Care Act.

Let us assume that Republicans wind up this fall in control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. They pass bills to repeal the law or they refuse to fund the law. What then? At least six million people would then lack health insurance. Hundreds of thousands of college students living with parents would lack health insurance. Thousands who now are covered because the law makes it illegal to deny coverage due to pre-existing coverage would then lack health insurance.

The bottom line is that Republicans lack ANY HEALTH PLAN TO REPLACE THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!

Walmart For Higher Wages! Wow!

This may come as a shock to members of the Republican party, but the conservative anti-union Henry Ford had this quaint idea that if you paid your workers a decent wage they would be able to purchase the product they were producing. He introduced the $5 day for all workers which meant they now had the money to place a down payment on purchasing a Ford car. Walmart executives informed the media they are now sympathetic to having the minimum wage raised to $10 an hour as proposed by President Obama. The Congressional Budget Office claims this move would result in 600,000 thousand being able to escape poverty while overt 16,000,000 would have more money to spend on products.

Yes, Mr.Boehner, if Walmart employees earned more money they would actually be able to purchase goods from Walmart. Last Christmas some Walmart stores ran Xmas drives to gather money for their own employees who could not buy Xmas presents!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some wipe mouth with napkin, me, with hand.

There is always a moment in life when a life altering decision is made.

I assume one day there will no longer be cars.

If three women walk together, one is slightly ahead.

I wonder if some Gods alter their creation?

All too often modern Jews behave like olden peoples.

We can only describe what we see or feel.

I never regret what I have done.

I miss the noise of the 5 cent Dover theater.

To study the past is to understand the present.

We must bear witness to oppression.

Old French expression, “Je crois, alors, je suis.”

Some must sip drink as they walk.

At age 83, I must press down on table to rise.

One can never underestimate stupidity of generals.

One old man with 8 ladies-WOW!

Shock Of Day! Italy To Have New Government!

There is one thing certain in life, at some moment in the country of Italy a government is preparing to vacate its offices in the government and allow a new group to take up residence as being capable of running the government and passing budgets and other suh thing. The people of Italy believe that if a new government comes into power then there is hope it will produce something new to go along with something old. Prime Minister Letta was informed by his own party there is a younger man in the line who is not only younger, but he is much louder in demanding that something, and he means, something be done to make the Italian economy and nation actually function. Matteo Renzi has a nice Italian name, that is the first ingredient in being able to jump start the economy.

Prime Minister Letta resigned in order to allow the Italian president, whatever his name is, to ask Mr. Renzi to become the next Italian prime minister. He has promised “something new.” Heck, with a program focusing on something new, what else can occur but something old. The game of musical chairs continues, Renzi just grabbed the seat of power and Italy will go on and on playing games rather than creating a modern economy.

End Of Unions In America

Among the great tragedies of American education for generations that grew up after 1970 was failure on the part of social studies teachers to make certain that youth understood the importance to the economic health of society of unions. Unions provide higher wages to workers who lack college degrees and impart a sense of solidarity between those who work with their hands and hearts for the betterment, not only of self, but of society as a whole. Unions have declined and wages have declined. Forty years ago a union worker earned enough to purchase a home, and send his children off to college where they learned to dislike the union that enabled them to attend college.

Workers at the Volkswagon plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, voted 712 to 626 to reject being represented by the United Automobile Workers(UAW) because Republican politicians and business people and VW warned that to be represented by an organization dedicated to high wages for workers would kill investments in the area. The UAW continues its decline and so do American workers continue their decline in wages and a middle class standard of living.\

Let’s Be Gay In Virginia

The Republican party is constantly concerned about wars that are being waged by President Obama against jobs or the rights of bigots or the war to get illegal immigrants citizenship,but for many members of the party, the real war is over the right to end discrimination against gays and lesbians. In 2006, the voters of Virginia voted to make illegal the right of gay marriage. It was an example of democracy in action, of course, in this case those in favor of “democracy” were the ones who wanted to forbid democracy for the minority. Of course, the state of Virginia for decades had decided it was illegal for people of different colored skin to marry one another. In the eyes of white Virginians, this was a fundamental issue since the “mixing of races” would lead, inevitably to “mongrelization” of the human(white) race.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen struck down the Virginia law that forbids gays and lesbians to marry one another. I assume for folk like Ted Cruz this is simply another example of “mixing of the races” and the result will be some form of mongrelization of the human race. Now, if we can vote Ted into the office of president, then we(white folk, that is who are man and woman) can sleep peacefully knowing that our grand kids will have a male dad and a female mom.

Cry For Venezuela

Let me make clear from the beginning that I support efforts in Venezuela to aid those living in poverty and those who are tired of men of wealth dominating the nation. Yes, Hugo Chavez did some important changes in the political structure of a society in which the wealthy dominated and most lived in poverty. But, with any change eventually becomes the reality that a new oligarchy will emerge, and that is the reality of modern day Venezuela. Those who portray themselves as “for the people” or “Socialists seeking freedom” have simply become a new regime whose only goal is POWER FOR THEMSELVES and give a few goodies to the poor to keep them happy. Venezuela is wracked by inflation, a shortage of goods and widespread crime which threatens the lives of both rich and poor. Oppositon to the regime of President Nicolas Maduro took to the streets in protest(Nick, remember the old days when you were in the streets protesting an oppressive government?). Naturally, the president sent in the police to break up protests led by “fascists.”

Rupert Colville, UN Commissionar of Human Rights sent a strong protest to President Maduro about his brutality against those who protested. “We are deeply concerned about the escalation of violence,and, in particular, the deaths of at least three people.” He wants those who committed these crimes to bye prosecuted. Sorry, Mr. Colville, the government is responsible for the deaths and how does a government prosecute itself??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “We Dodged A Bullet”

These days, that is a miracle in Syria.

Sweden, Local: “Rumania Must Pay For Beggars”"

I’mm glad that you are begging them to pay.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Courage, Common Sense, Cannabis”

Pot, pot luck, and pooh to you!

China, China Daily: “Kerry To Meet Israel Palestine Leaders”

Now, if only Israel and Palestine leaders can meet one another.

Japan, Japan Times: “Head Of Mother Support Group Beats Wife”

No one spelled out the exact duties so don’t blame me!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Wean Moms Off Bottle”

Put them on the breast!

France, Connexion: “Hail Hollande Speech”

OK, so a few women did not cheer it.