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Dealing With “Criminals”

There is no question that we Americans are Number One in the world in–criminals. Or, at least, in people who have spent some time in a jail. President Obama has indicated a desire to make illegal allowing prospective employers to inquire if someone has a criminal record. Of course, since Wall Street folk daily commit crimes against ordinary people, they never have to bother with responding a “no” to that question. When was

There are some other steps that would help people who are in prison:

1. Bring back educational programs to prisons.Allow individuals to get their high school equivalency as well as college credits.

2. Institute a modern vocational training program in prison. Let them spend time LEARNING a trade.

3. Make certain each prisoner learns about psychology of who they are.

4. Institute physical training to improve their bodies as well as minds.

A Cop In Action

A woman was stopped by a policeman in the quaint city of Oklahoma City. She was about fifty years old and certainly not in the prime of her life or beauty, but examine the facts:

1. She was a woman alone in a car.

2. It was nighttime.

3. Just these two facts were sufficient to raise suspicions.

4. Was she possibly linked to a Mexican drug carteL.

5. Naturally,the cop had to check things out. So what did he do?

She had to lay down in her car. She had to open her shirt. She had to pull down her pants. She had to watch him unzip his fly. She was given an order by the cop: “Come on, I don’t have all night, so suck away.”

Such is life for cops frightened by demands for non-violence. Why not beat them to the punch!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if there are Republican debates in Heaven?

Then again, I know for sure there are Republican debates in Hell.

Ben Carson is living proof the town idiot can also become president of the United States.

I wonder if Jeb will endorse Marco for President?

Donald Trump has reached a lull moment in his quest for the presidency.

If shrillness was a virtue, Carly would lead all Republicans.

I do miss Rick Santorum and his sweaters.

Care To Murder Someone And NOT Go To Jail?

Charles Kleinart is a deputy sheriff in the state of Texas who had an encounter with a man named, Larry Jackson, and once again in the act of arresting a man whose skin was the color of black, the deputy was compelled to kill him and thus save the county any expense of feeding this man. Normally, this action would result in some form of reprimand for the sheriff. However, it turns out that Kleinert had been deputized by the FBI for some work that he was doing for them. He was working for a Federal task force on a bank robbery issue.

Judge Lee Yeakal ruled that since Kleinert was a deputized official he could not be charged with any action by local authorities since federal law took precedence over local law. As the judge ruled, “federal law shall be the supreme law of the land.”

Conclusion: Get assigned to a federal group and go ahead and kill anyone you want.

The Mets Are Went Down To Defeat

I do realize this blog is supposed to focus upon world events and issues of importance to humankind. Well, for some of us,baseball and football and basketball are a lot more important than who ISIS killed today.The New York Mets were killed, no, murdered, by their incompetence and the pitchers of the Kansas City Royals. These are not joyous days in the city of New York. First,we had to deal with idiots from Texas or the states of the South who continue electing men and women who would fail getting through elementary school, and now we have to endure a bunch of hicks from Kansas City doing harm to our lives.

Let me explain the reasons for the Mets losing the World Series:

1, Barack Obama caused the Ebola scare and since he finished with that one he decided to scare New Yorkers. Remember, he comes from Hawaii, wherever that place is.

2. Ted Cruz never got a chance to filibuster the umps and that’s why the Mets lost.

3. John Boehner cried for the Kansas City Royals,but not one tear for the Mets!

4. Met players were forced to listen to Ben Carson explaining his tax program and they just fell asleep. Unfortunately,they kept on sleeping on the baseball field.

5. Donald Trump is from New York.The Met Hispanic players were afraid he would send them back to the Dominican Republic or Mexico or wherever and they were afraid to get hits against the gringoes.

Republican Debate Rules

The dozen or so folks who make up what constitutes the Republican “debate”are very angry at the questions posed to them. Donald Trump was furious at questions posed by the Fox News crew and now is even angrier at those other guys from those other networks. In an effort to be fair and impartial we offer some guidelines for future questioning.

1. Each participant must initially be given the following question: “Why is Hillary Clinton a danger to America?”

2. The follow up question which should be posed to Ben Carson is: “Explain to the American people why life under slavery was much happier than life under Obamacare?”

3. The Donald man must always be given the center position. After all, he IS the center of attention.

4. Carly, being a woman, or at least, pretending to be one, should be asked: “Given your prominence in the fight for women rights, why is electing Hillary a triumph for those who hate women?”

5. Marco Rubio should be allowed to answer at least one question in Spanish with Jeb translating for him into English.

6. Please allow John Kasich at least ten minutes to complain how he got stuck with this crew of idiots.

7. As for Jeb, why not allow his brother to stand in for him?

8. Oh, Chris Christie should be allowed to discuss bridges.

Republican Junior Varsity

Everyone is discussing performances by Trump or Carson or Rubio and the disappearing Jeb Bush, but no one talks about the junior varsity of Republicans who performed prior to the main event. So, in tribute to these valiant fellows who seek, somehow, and in some way, to gain your attention, here goes.

There is a candidate named George Pataki. Actually, if you asked ten New Yorkers who is George Pataki not a single one could remember he once was governor of the state of New York. He is sort of the disappearing type of person. Once seen, forever forgotten. Frankly, it is difficult to recall any words from him, although I DO know he was present.

For some reason, Rick Santorum has abandoned those wonderful sweaters he wore the last time around. He now wears a suit and tie. I do know that the is a Catholic and dislikes anything gay in his life. Frankly, it is difficult to recall anything that he says other than he is against taxes. Then again, which Republican is for them?

Ah,Lindsay Graham, the poor man’s John McCain. He wants ACTION. He wants boots on the ground in Syria, American boots that is. He wants to blast away at those evil ISIS fellows. I believe he is akin to a man leading a crowd only to discover that when he turns around, the crowd has disappeared.

I have a hunch that unless Jeb gets his act together, he might wind up on the junior varsity.

Say, how about Dick Cheney for President!

Republican Debate –John Kasich

“How in good God’s name did I get stuck on this platform with these ignorant idiots? Tell me, how did I –who HAS balanced budgets, who HAS lowered taxes, who HAS made certain there were jobs and prosperity become involved with these people who believe budgets are prepared by Santa Claus. These imposters for political leaders believe all we have to do is get rid of the IRS and peace and prosperity arrives shortly after. Not a one of these people has actually BALANCED A BUDGET!

I listent to the head nut case with red hair who has never even been in a government leadership position mouthing off about sending 10,000,000 people back to Mexico. Doesn’t the moron understand you just got rid of 10,000,000 customers who purchase goods and those who do the dirty jobs of society. Who the hell is going to pick fruit–Donald Trump’s kids!

We have become a party of low brained morons and we really think we can beat Hillary Clinton. Of course, no taxes, no government, no highways, no hospitals, no nothing!”

Republican Debate–Ben Carson

“You want to know about my tax plan? OK, it is a tax plan. Let me explain this is not just a tax plan, this is a tax plan that works. Let me explain. Everyone from now on only pays !0% of their income. The same for someone making $40,000 as the person making $40,000,000. See, everyone is equal under my plan. No more loopholes, no more deductions, everyone is equal. That is what America is always about.Since the end of slavery every person is this country is equal. Look at me, a poor black boy who became a famous doctor and now a famous political leader.So, since we are all equal,why should we force those with wealth to pay more? That is income inequality!

Now, you ask me about the Middle East. To prove I have knowledge about the Middle East, let me make clear it is IN the Middle East.There are people who live in the Middle East who are something called, Muslims. As you know this means they are not Christians and have not accepted our savior Jesus Christ. Unlike we Christians, these Muslim people are always killing and torturing people. It is in their religion. It is too bad they are not Christians who hate war and violence.

I pray every day. I love God. I go to church, all the qualifications that are needed to become President of the United States. And, I promise on the first day in office to end the worst horror since slavery-Obamacare!!”

Syria Always Syria

Today is October 28, 2015 and we are only able to report that it was NOT all quiet on the Syrian front. Russian planes blasted away at villages that had previously not been dramatically impacted by the civil war causing thousands to flee and you can guess where they are headed. ISIS blew up some ancient columns while making certain about a dozen prisoners were part of the blast. President Assad returned from his visit to Moscow,but there is no evidence he got President Putin to provide Russian troops to aid in his battle.

President Obama confirmed that after spending $500,000,000 to train moderate Muslim warriors we did succeed in forming a battle force of five men. After all, no plan is perfect. Syrians can only find peace and a little bit of quiet if they head for Greece or Hungary or some place where there are no planes blasting away.

Another day in Syria. Nothing was quiet on the Western Front.