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We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Man Arrested For Kiling Bull”


France, Connexion: “Banner Cherry Season”

I assume we are talking about fruit,not women.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”

Our feelings about the American Congress?

Australia,Canberra Times: “Time To Sell Children”

I’ll take one blond and two black haired ones.

“Iran, Tehran Times: “Who Is Listening?”

When it comes to needs of the poor–no one.

“I’m Hurt, Help Me!”

It was Tuesday and this is in modern America. Walter Williams DeLeon, age 45, was waving a towel and apparently seeking aid and assistance from the police. As he approached a police car, the cops decided that he was “approaching them in an aggressive manner.” So, what else to do but blast away at this threatening man? They did shout before shooting, “drop the gun.” There is a problem, if one does NOT have a gun it is rather difficult to drop what one does not possess.

Some police now believe that he was injured and in distress. Oh,after the shooting they placed handcuffs on his hand as he lay there bleeding.

Only in America do police ASSUME that any act by a person represents a “THREAT” to their safety. The man must have been hurt and the towel was simply being used to halt some bleeding. The good news is that he was a white man which goes to prove that cops are an equal opportunity group.

Wal-Mart Takes A Stand

There is good news from Wal-Mart. It has decided to take a stand about the Confederate flag. “We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the Confederate flag.”Great, this will now end any and all problems confronting African Americans in this land. Now, how about:

1. Removing all weapons from Wal-Mart stores.

2. Paying African Americans-and other workers decent salaries.

3. Promoting African American workers to higher status jobs.

4. Providing economic support for its workers to obtain further education.

I have a hunch these steps would go a long way to making this land a safer and happier place for one and all-including African Americans.

WE Support Redskins!

The Washington Redskin football team is being assaulted by demands for it to end using the word,”Indian”and replace it with something like Native American. The Redskins insist their name is a trademark and do not wish to end its use. Let me get this straight:

1. Political correct police wish to substitute “Native American” for Redskin.

2. The word,”American”comes from an ITALIAN named Americo Vespucci who was involved in exploration a few hundred years ago. So, according to Politically Correct folk, those who lived on this continent when Europeans arrived should be named after an ITALIAN!

Those living here before Europeans arrived did have names: Apache, Iriquois, Delaware–English translations of the original name. So, why not call them: Washington Delaware Redskins?

Donald Trumps Republicans!

The Donald man had a few words of wisdom to offer other candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president. He made clear, “they are all dumb, dumb, I said, and they are all stupid,just dumb and stupid.” I have to admit that Donald finally made an intelligent comment about events in the world. He went on to explain his approach to handling world problems.

“I am a great general, a great one. I will handle ISIS. I will bomb them, then I will surround them and wipe them out. Wipe them out” When asked if he would use American troops,the Great General commented: “NO, I will surround ISIS and wipe them out.”

After wiping out ISIS,Donald intends to build a wall on our border with Mexico,and “I will make them pay the cost of this wall.” And, so on and so on.

My dream is to listen into a conversation between Donald and Vladimir Putin.

Obama Hates Israel!

Michael Oren used to be the Ambassador from Israel to the United States of America. He has now published a new book which exposes the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish feelings of the black dude from Africa who somehow became president of the USA. According to Oren, Barack Obama “imperiled Israel,” and was “soft on terrorism” and his advisers were “infected with neo-Marxist ideas.” Let me see:

1. Barack Obama pushed for a health care system that benefited Drug companies and private hospitals. Just what Marx wanted?

2. Barack Obama, after saving automobile companies, returned them to their owners. Just what Marx desired?

3. Under the Obama administration Israel has received EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY AID. Just what any enemy of Israel would desire!

4. Under the Obama administration Israel was provided money to construct its Dome to shoot down incoming missiles. Yep, this is what an enemy of Israel would seek.

5. Secretary of State John Kerry has visited Israel at least ten times seeking to help this nation achieve peace with Palestine.

I have a hunch that Michael Oren wants to sell books.

Putin Talks Of Peace

OK, the time has come to accept that Vladimir Putin has but one goal in mind-peace and prosperity for the people of Ukraine. Once again, in talks with French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel, the GREAt LEADER of the Russian people wanted all to understand that he has but one goal for Ukraine and that is peace and prosperity for all. So, what does Putin desire?

1. Ukraine government should lay down its arms to prove they want peace.

2. Ukraine government should give money to those living in eastern Ukraine.

3. Ukraine government should give political power to those living in eastern Ukraine.

Now, these are simply a demonstration the government of Ukraine really wants peace.

Sounds fair to me.

“Reform” A Word Shouted By All

There is one word that is shouted by any and all those engaged in the public arena–REFORM. If I want to change a school curriculum to ensure students learn about the beauty of Capitalism, just say, ‘REFORM.” If I seek to reduce Food Stamps for those in need, just argue this is a REFORM that will benefit them. If I want to make difficult the right to vote, make clear that you are simply engaged in a fight to REFORM voting procedures.

One constantly hears this word expressed when the topic of wha to to do with education is being discussed. REALITY: If Rip van Winkle awoke from his two hundred year sleep and entered a classroom all would be familiar–an adult in front of a blackboard, children copying what the adult says, and a test to repeat back what they heard.

REFORM of government is simply an expression to reduce services to those in need. It justifies less money for the poor,and fewer services for our veterans.

I DO long for the day when REFORM actually entails creating NEW approaches to dealing with our problems. Anyway, how about engaging in REFORM to rebuild our infrastructure?

On Flags

There are moments in America when our supposed leaders become caught up in arguing about unimportant issues in order to ignore what is important. The issue of the hour in South Carolina has become that of the Confederate flag. Governor Niki Haley has announced that she now favors getting rid of this flag of infamy and thus things can get back to being OK in the state. Frankly, she will not suffer any political consequences for this act of bravery. She has now proved that she is on the side of the fight for equality in South Carolina.

1. She now does not have to address issues of police misbehavior to African Americans.

2. She can now ignore issues related to health care.

3. She can now ignore issues related to voting laws that impact the right of Blacks to vote.

Niki is now a hero who has done something. Something of scant importance to the lives of African Americans.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I wonder if there is a large enough stage in America to handle the Republican clown act?

Dylann Roof is not an “abnormal” person, simply a more active Fox News viewer.

Some day Americans will wake up to realize — we in this land are ALL immigrants.

Jon Stewart must be rethinking the decision to end and miss the Clown action.

Each day another angry young man murders.

Republicans should admit that no one can trump Donald Trump in stupidity.

I wonder if I can join the Clown act?