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Safety In Guns

As readers of this blog know well, the greatest problem confronting America is lack of guns in the hands of people.  Last week in Fort Myers, Florida, two people were murdered and nearly a dozen were wounded when a conflict between gangs resulted in blasting away at the Club Blu. Fortunately, for the people of Fort Myers, local businessmen are working hard to ensure their protection. Gun shop owners have signs indicating: “We welcome your business, concealed weapons permit folks.”

In addition public schools in Fort Myers offer a county-wide program that teaches kids how to blast away with guns. In fact, local churches assist in the effort to ensure that each and every person in Fort Myers is proficient with a gun. How about?

1. Provide each new born child with a toy gun to play with in the crib.

2. Organize pre-schoolers into gangs and have them conduct mock shoot-outs.

3. Then again, it would be beneficial if parents  practiced with their  children a mock shoot-out so everyone knows what to do when a gun toting person enters their home.

Inside Trump Mind

Instead of spending time talking with Donald Trump, I decided to go right to the head of the man. I embarked on a  voyage into his mind.

M: So,Donald, what was your reaction to the Warren speech?

D: The Indian girl really put on her war paint and came after me. Of course,my taste in women means bean poles like Warren who have NO great boobs, are simply not on my agenda.

M:Any other reason you personally  dislike the woman?

D: I don’t pay attention to women who fail to get the little guy  down below aroused.Now,this broad would never get near my bed, if somehow, she got in it, just the sight of this flat chested plain faced Indian would make me sick.

M: What about her ideas?

D:  Ideas? Frankly, the sight of her so disgusts me that I never listen to a word that she says. When you see a pig, when you see a rat, just turn and go the other direction.

M: I’m referring to her political ideas.

D: OH, you mean she wants to tax the heck out of job creators! Look, this broad doesn’t know the first thing how declaring being bankrupt can make you very, very wealthy. OK, maybe sometimes I’m a little hard on this slut, but, to show you the kind of wonderful guy I am, she can suck my prick.

M: Is there anything that you like about her?

D: Yes, it would please me to see some nice guy fuck her to hell! Preferably, some  Mexican drug lord.



We offer observations on the human condition from a25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Dick Cheney is for Trump, what better reason to vote for Hillary?

I assume the Trump children are auditioning to run for public office.

Donald missed a career as a salesman pitching medicine that cures all ills.

In fairness to Donald, he definitely believes America is a white nation, and he loves it.

At least Ted Cruz has the balls to refuse licking boots.

Some day Chris Christie is actually going to spend some time in New Jersey, the state of which he is governor. At this moment, all road construction has ceased in the state–no allocation of money.

Sorry, I  apologize to Chris, it is all the fault of Hillary for halt in road construction.

Description of the audience– a sea of white faces.

Gee, these days I really miss the happy administration of George Bush.

According to Donald, it is midnight in an America enduring storms and hurricanes.

Courts Prevent Denial Of Voting

One must admit the Republican party is great at creating a scenario of violation of laws when no such crimes ever happened. Among the great myths propagated by the Republican party is that elections are being stolen due to people registering to vote who are not valid American citizens. Over a hundred million people voted in the 2012 election, and there were reports of voter fraud in about 200 cases. There is no record of any election in which voter fraud led to the victory of the minority candidate.

Federal judges in Wisconsin and Texas have struck down state requirements that a voter produce a state issued identify card. Many elderly people cease driving a car which means they no longer have a driving license. Then, again, millions of people do NOT own cars. I  have been voting since 1952, in New York, in Missouri, in California and in Illinois, no one asked me for an ID. The voter ID laws are simply a trick to deny poor people the  right to vote. Thank God we have intelligent judges to protect our right to vote.

Rudy Giuliani–Voice Of Strength

Today, we offer the words of those at the Republican convention who had the power, the right, the intelligence, the voice of America, and why this great nation should elect Donald Trump. We give you former Mayor Of New York City, the one and invincible Rudy Giuliani.

“Im here to speak for the American people, and why they do not want continuation of an African Socialist model of government. Who am I? I’m the man single-handedly saved the city of New York from Muslim terrorists. Without me, the toll of dead would have risen to thousands upon thousands. I’m the  man who ran into those crumbling building, dashed up the stairs, and single handedly saved dozens of firemen and innocent people.

Oh, why am I speaking at the Republican convention? To tell you the truth, this convention would be more certain of producing a winning candidate if they only selected the man who single-handedly saved the city of New York. OH, Donald, I really like the red headed guy, he is wonderful contributor to campaigns of real Americans, that, in itself, is reason why I completely support his candidacy.

Enough of the red headed guy, now, about me, I’m a freaking hero, millions love me, and I urge those millions to vote for the guy who did NOT save New York from Muslim terrorists!

Baton Rouge Again

At least three policeman are dead, three are wounded, an a black man is dead. Once again, some furious person, who happened to be Black skinned, went wild with anger and blasted away at cops. President Obama expressed his grief, Donald Trump made clear the president “does not have a clue” concerning the recent outbreak of violence by whites and blacks. Then again, we await any suggestion, any proposal, any words of common sense, from Donald Trump concerning how to reduce violence between blacks and whites.

Sorry, there is NO quick solution, there is NO one thing that can be done. We as a nation have struggled for nearly FOUR HUNDRED YEARS to resolve the divide between those with white skins who possessed power and those with black skins who wanted to enter the power arena, or at least, cease being the targets of bullets and death.

The real question is two parts: “When, and how we begin to end the Great Divide?”

France Under Siege–Why?

Last night in Nice, France a mad man went on a rampage and drove a truck through thousands of people celebrating Bastille Day. Yes, he was a Muslim. Actually, it appears he was of Tunisian heritage. The question arises as to why are so many attacks by ISIS conducted by those who have lived and worked in France? Answers to that  question in no way justify the actions of this deranged young man. Reality: Over 95% of Muslims born in the United States are assimilated and many earn excellent salaries. They are American Muslims.

However, in France, the vast majority of Muslims do NOT consider themselves to be French. Of course, many do, but there is a large number of Muslims who feel isolated from French culture and values. They never in school became proud of their French culture, nor do they share many French values. A high percent of young Muslims are unemployed or work at low pay occupations. Unlike, most American Muslims, they do not emphasize their French Muslim category.

A high percent live in slums without any prospect for a middle class life. France is a class based society in which those of the middle and upper classes ensure their children wind up with good jobs and a good life. The French people must:

1. Accept multiculturalism which allows groups to retain part of their culture while entering the national culture.

2. It must cease silly laws such as how a Muslim female can or cannot dress. In America, Jews can wear their yarmulke and still retain a job. Why can’t Muslim women wear the chador or hijab? How you dress does not alter your sense of nationalism unless society makes one feel that way.

Who Is Number Two?

It now appears certain that Donald Trump will announce on Friday who will be his running mate. We offer a preview as to which of the current three favorites will by the choice of the Donald man.

1. Chris Christie: He offers to Donald the only person seeking the office of vice president who cannot touch his toes without bending his knees. He definitely makes Donald come across as a physical fitness freak, another John F. Kennedy. No other contender can match Chris when it comes to serving at the valet of Trump, just observe his blank face listening intently to whatever Donald says or does not say.No other politician can close down the George Washington Bridge and cause chaos and disorder. Of course, the only problem with his candidacy is that if he ever tripped and fell on Trump, that would be a case of second degree murder.

2. Newt Gingrich: Newt offers Donald an unusual campaign strength that no other Republican can match. If Newt and Donald are the ticket, this will be the first time in the history of presidential politics when the the ticket has two men who have had SIX WIVES! Just remember, when it comes to closing down Washington, no one can surpass the record of Newt. And, just remember, Newt predicted that if he was elected president, the US would have a moon colony by 2020. We definitely will need one since Americans have to be offered and alternative to President Donald Trump.

3. Governor Pence of Indiana. When American become pensive about their future, it is wonderful to have a vice president with the name of pence. He is governor of the state you drive across to get to Chicago. Oh, he has white hair which goes well with the red hair of our hero. Beyond these factors, I, like most Americans doesn’t have the faintest idea as to who is Pence or what he has ever done.

Let’s Have A Dialogue

These days the normal event on CNN or other newscasts is to offer the ideas of people who allegedly represent views of people ranging from frustrated, angry whites, to blacks demanding Black Lives Matter.


Usually, this speaker was once a cop or is a recognized “expert”on cops. He (I have yet to hear, she)begins with assurances that he cares about blacks and Hispanics. At some point in the presentation he will emphasize: “Yes, we do see the policeman pointing and shooting his revolver. Yes, we do see the black man slumped on the seat apparently dead. BUT, we do not have the entire series of events. We don’t see the entire situation because certain angles are not shown. If we had those scenes, it would make clear the policeman was only trying to save his life. NO cop wants to kill innocent black people, but being a cop is a dangerous occupation,and sometimes one must fire before the criminal fires in order to save a life–that of the policeman.”

This “expert” always emphasizes in concluding his concern for all black folks,and makes clear it is the police who prevent black criminals from killing black people.


A spokes person for Black Lives Matter insists any dialogue concerning the murder of black people by white copes must focus on these murders, and any reference to how the majority of black Americans die as a result of  violence must  be halted. The belief is that any discussion as to how most African Americans die violently must only deal with white cops or evil white businessmen. If someone  uses the expression, ALL LIVES MATTER it is refuted as an attempt to lessen the murder of blacks by white cops. Of course, in numerous cases of such killings,the cop in question was a black cop.


The latest person to enter this debate is the calm, usually, black commentator who believes it is time for ALL Americans to confront THE problem of racism in America. Repeatedly, the listener hears that America has a PROBLEM. The answers are:

All Americans must come together.

All Americans must engage in a dialogue.

The nation is DIVIDED.

Cops must become more community centered.

Somehow, in some way, if we Americans will begin to discuss the issue of racism, we could see some light at the end of the tunnel.


Without law there can be no Order.

I would like to see presented some concrete new laws that address these issues.

Of course, what I would really welcome is One NEW idea!

Hillary–Yee Have Tarried Too Long

At some point in the career of every politician comes a moment when one must decide between their desires and what is best for America. Yes, Hillary Clinton is well “qualified”to become president, particularly when compared to Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. Bernie has emotion, Bernie has some interesting ideas that most probably will never become law. But, at this moment in time, Hillary Clinton has accumulated too much baggage of discord and anger. Yes, the emails are in reality a sideshow and never meant anything important. But, they are  present in the life of Hillary Clinton.

But, it is not merely the emails that are the problem. Bill and Hillary decided to accumulate gobs of money. Ostensibly to do good. Jimmy Carter is doing a heck of a lot more good than the Clintons, and he is doing it without seeking the money of businessmen, of sheiks, of unsavory characters. Bill and Hillary committed an incredible error–they sold the name of an ex-president for money. Harry Truman after leaving the presidency was approached by a businessman who offered a hundred thousand dollars for use of his name. He made clear to that man, and to everyone else that his name was not for hire.

The Clintons have been with us for nearly a quarter of century. We have grown accustomed to their problems,their escapades, their intelligence, and their essential good desires for aiding fellow Americans. But, the ONLY important issue today is -defeating Donald Trump. It is time for Hillary to depart and allow the Democratic convention to select from either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Either one could readily beat the hell out of Trump. It is time for Hillary to do what is best for America. Ensure the defeat of Donald Trump!!