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Nikki Haley Got Donald Angry

These days  if one is a leader in the Republican party there is a rule that is not to be broken. Under no conditions are you allowed to make any negative remarks that might be construed by Donald Trump as a reference to him. After all, he does represent forces in America which seek to return this nation to its former glory and prosperity. I assume that refers to the last Republican president, one George Bush. Ah, those were the days, our guys fighting in Afghanistan, our guys fighting in Iraq. The economy collapsing, and millions unemployed.

Governor Haley decided to urge Americans to ignore divisive voices that spread fear and hatred. Naturally, who else but Donald would assume she was referring to him? He made clear to CNN that Nikki Haley had come seeking money from him for her  political campaign and this sort of talk is an example of lack of gratitude since he alone was responsible for her election.

Oh well, from now on Nikki Haley will be constantly  on the lips of Donald Trump as an example of how he helped Republicans to win elections and these same folks now attack him!

Iranian Revolutionary Guards And Peace

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have just handed Donald Trump a few hundred thousand votes. There are now pictures of US sailors on their knees with hands behind their heads. Two naval boats had technical problems and drifted into Iranian waters. Now that America has this sight, it will infuriate the religious and conservative forces in America. It simply adds fuel to the Trump rant that America has lost prestige in the world because we allow petty tyrants to push us around.


1. The Revolutionary Guards dislike the recent nuclear deal. They have used sanctions to control vast markets in Iran and make millions since they can deliver goods from nations that support their economic plans to control the Iranian economy.

2. President Rouhani is seeking to open trade and commerce in an effort to reduce the power of Revolutionary Guard leaders.

This incident was deliberate –get Americans angry, end the  nuclear agreement, and allow the Revolutionary Guards to continue their economic exploitation of Iran.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Can Marco Rubio prove he was born in the USA rather than in Cuba?

Donald Trump was born in New York which for conservatives is a foreign nation.

Given the collection of weird Republicans seeking the presidency, perhaps it would help to solicit a foreign born candidate.

Oc course, there is always Vladimir Putin to be our president and restore world respect.

I miss the days of strong unions when people earned a good salary.

Gee, an entire day in Chicago and no one got shot by gangsters!

Then again, an entire day in Chicago and no one got murdered by the police!

Union Rights Not Right With Conservatives

I was raised in the Depression when one out of three working people belonged to a union. I remember when due to the presence of unions, a man or woman could earn enough money to purchase a home and send children to college. That was before the current attitude among young people and old white people who claim the presence of unions is unfair to the interests of job creators -those with money.

The Supreme Court is currently discussing a challenge to unions. It was filed by a  teacher, Ms. Fredrich who claimed she was losing her rights to free speech because her union dues were being used to support political candidates. Of course, those of us who invest in business lack any control over business leaders who use company money  to support political candidates. Ironically, conservative Justice Scalia years ago defended the right of unions to use its money to support political candidates. “Where the State imposes upon the union a duty to deliver services, it may permit the union to demand reimbursement for them.” I doubt if Justice Scalia these days would support the rights of job destroyers–unions, that is.

Off To Kid’s Table!

As you may or may not recall when the Republican ship, Lollipop set sail from the stage of Fox News there were twelve or fifteen or seventeen passengers headed for the poor of Iowa. Alas,some of the passengers encountered accidents along the way and either left the ship or were banished to the  children’s table during meal times. Among those who were designated to spend their voyage in the company  of children were:

Rick Perry who had problems with his glasses as well as his memory.

Mike Huckabee became unable to speak words such as God, Christian or guns.

George Pataki who actually just stumbled into the studio and was sent by an ignorant employee to appear on the stage.

Rick Santorum who not only lost his sweater but had a mind loss.

Scott what’s his name who decided he preferred walk off for Wisconsin cheese instead of the red meat of Donald Trump.

Alas, the only sane person, Rand Paul, has been told to spend the night with the kids, but he prefers venturing into New Hampshire for something, which currently escapes me.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


New Republican debate issue–who has nicer shoes?

I sure will miss Ben Carson and his observations on life.

Ted Cruz would divorce his wife if it got him votes.

I have never figured out why so many Americans without health insurance oppose getting it.

I have never figured out why so many working class white Americans support a wealthy guy who wants to improve life of wealthy guys.

Rand Paul definitely wins the cup for a sense of humor among this group of humorless characters.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?

Let’s Ignore The Law

There are moments when one is left baffled by those who are candidates for the presidency of the United States of America. They engage in non-stop complaints that President Obama refuses to adhere to the Constitution while praising a group of nut cases in Oregon who seized FEDERAL PROPERTY in defiance of the law. Under the Obama administration twice the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico have been returned to that land than was accomplished under the administration of President George Bush — but who REFUSES to guard our borders and fails to adhere to laws about immigration–Barack Obama!

The Republican defiance of law and order is a disease that is sweeping the country.  Alabama Chief Justice  Roy Moore has ordered probate judges in the state to refuse issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Most judges  prefer to obey the Supreme Court which has created some problems for Moore. They’re’s a great confusion out there as to what orders to obey. I’m not causing the confusion. I’m trying to clarify it.”

How did this person become  judge??

P.S.  I do not have a  doubt if Donald Trump became president that Judge Moore would be headed to the Supreme Court!

To My Heroes In Oregon

After many years wandering in the political wilderness that is American politics, I finally have met some brave men who deserve the support of the American people–the guys in Oregon who stand for freedom! After all, how many guys would occupy an empty building in the wilderness of Oregon and set up headquarters in order to protect our land. This land is My Land, and this Land will be protected by God-fearing Christian gentlemen.

These are men ready  to freeze their balls off in order to prove they have balls. These are intrepid soldiers who set up camp without bringing along clothes for the winter or enough food to eat. Talk about bravery! Here are my suggestions on how those who love liberty and freedom in America can support those who live in zero degree places arguing for zero degree ideas:

1. These guys should build a wall, and I mean, a HIGH wall in order to keep out Muslim terrorists or Obama agents of death.

2. These guys should set fire to the forest and show the GOVERNMENT that if they mess with OUR land, we will simply use fire to transform it into a desert.

3. We urge one and all who support the Second Amendment to head to Oregon and remain there until the Obama Nazis leave Washington D.C.

4. Lets create a new America and it begins in Oregon and in this America no Muslims or colored folk or LIBERALS are allowed to partake of our land of the free and home of the brave.

5. Just think, first we got a piece of Oregon, and next we will get a piece of downtown Los Angeles where those Muslims live– if they want to behead folks, we will make certain that Muslim heads are rolling.

No More Obama–NO More Liberals–NO more rag heads–NO more females who display their breasts– NO More Atheists–

Just God fearing Americans!

P.S. If one of you illegals tries to cross our border, we will introduce you tot eh American way of hanging.

Shoot Out At Not OK Corral!

The gun slingers of the Clinton family and the gun slingers of the Trump crown are limbering up  their six guns for a shoot out to end all shoot outs. Donald has been in training the past few months getting his mouth ready to take on the Number One Clinton gun– Billy the Kid Clinton. Let me list the crimes these guys will be blasting away at.

1. Who can fuck the most women without getting caught?

2. Who hates women the most?

3. Who is the best friend of women?

4. Who can out blow the other?

5. Who is the best quoter of interesting expressions?

6. Who is the best friend of healthy white males between the ages of 20-50?

7. Of course, neutral experts will have to determine which of these two men has the longest and most powerful penis?

8. At lest Bill has fucked Hillary from an on top position, Donald wants to get her from the backside.

We Miss Ben Carson

We admit our growing concern that Ben Carson will soon be gone from the famous debates over nonsense. Let us  list our reasons for grieving the loss of this man of peace, quiet and ignorance.

1. His slow quiet voice which says something that has absolutely nothing to do with any issue is the only voice that addresses key non-issues.

2. He will be missed by Muslims refugees. He was the only Republican candidate who actually traveled to the  Middle East. OK, so he had absolutely not idea where he was or what the issues was, but at least, he DID go to the place others talk about.

3. In his absence from the medical profession countless patients were deprived of his wondrous hands, thank God he has returned to save lives.!

4. Ben Carson is living proof that in America each and every person, regardless of knowledge, insights,  political ability or capability of solving problems  can become the president of this nation.

5. Once Ben leaves the stage what then occurs– does someone at the kid’s table be allowed to come to the parent table? Is so, we want Rick Santorum!

6. On the  other hand, now that Ben will be departing, has anyone thought of inviting Rick Perry to take his place??