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Trump transition people are now talking about internment camps for Muslims, which America is that?

Trump supporters are fueled by hate and fear.

I so fear for the mental health of Hispanic children, fear is not conducive to being healthy.

Hillary Clinton allowed Trump to lie and lie, and all she talked about what his attitude toward women.

Christians these days describe a God of Hate, not Love.

I think Jesus would not be allowed in America these days since he came from the  Middle East, a place of terror.

Ford months ago signed an agreement with its union to remain in Kentucky, naturally, Donald Trump claimed it was due to him.

On Open Borders

I continually encounter on Facebook numerous sites that demand our government protect our borders and send back all the illegal immigrants to where they came from. Of course, EVERYONE is an illegal immigrant in the Western Hemisphere  because there were no original human life forms on it until illegal immigrants came from Asia. So, what about Open Borders in American history?

There always were Open Borders. Anyone could come to America, there were no officials here waiting to check you out. In fact, there were very few records of who actually entered the country until 1891. Until the 1840s when Castle Garden opened in New York there wasn’t even a specific place for immigrants to be processed. People just arrived, got off the ship, and went someplace to live and work. Our borders were Wide Open For One And All. NO records were kept on the Canadian border, even today, that three thousand mile stretch of land is barely supervised.

On New Year’s day, 1891, eleven year old Annie Moore stepped off a ship and set foot on Ellis Island to be the first person registered as an immigrant. Between 1880 to 1924 about  TWENTY FIVE MILLION IMMIGRANTS ARRIVED. And, believe it or not, America prospered. We are ALL illegal immigrants who took the land away from the owners of America.

Trumpian Reality

Welcome to the world of Donald Trump where reality is a another word for whatever Donald terms reality. This is a man who spent the past year and a half lying just about every day, and no one, particularly Hillary Clinton ever challenged the lies he told since she was too busy denouncing his personal behavior. So, today, Donald invented a new reality. He informed America that after talking with Ford executives, they have decided to keep their auto plant in Kentucky, and not move it to Mexico. Fantastic. Wonderful. Now, we know why  we need Donald Trump as our president so he can keep jobs here at home. OH, it turned out that Ford months ago signed a contract with the UAW union which promised to retain the plant in Kentucky.

How About:

Trump runs and wins the race for president and the Chicago Cubs finally win the World Series. Chicago fans thank Donald Trump for the victory.

Not a single American soldier was wounded or killed in Afghanistan yesterday, thank you so much Donald Trump.

I have been informed by X, the representative of the  planet Xul, that ALL aliens are departing from planet Earth. They have concluded there are no intelligent life forms on this planet. Thanks, Donald, for getting them to leave!

Happy Days For Bigots

After reading white supremacist materials and viewing videos of these white anglo Saxon men and women, it made me aware of why they are smiling these days. For the first time in ninety years these bigots actually have access to the national government. Steve Bannon is now a top advisor to Donald Trump. He headed Breitbart news which is a favorite of any and all right wing, white supremacist, anti-semites, haters blacks, women rights, and supporters of any cop who shoots a black person.

Liberals and decent people might be upset, but, many of them voted for a man who openly said that he hated Muslims, that Hispanics were rapist and murderers who were out to get your wife, girl friend or mother–and, also your sister. If you lie down in the mud, you  rise covered by mud, and you smell of mud. This will be a wonderful Christmas for those who hate, and hate, and hate!

Trump Family Matters

Without question this new president is creating a completely new approach to selecting people who will surround himself. He announced that his children will handle the Blind Trust to be established. A Blind Trust is when a political leader places his money in a special trust that is headed by someone who has no connection with this person in order to prevent undo influence related to government  financial decisions. In other words, the head of the Trust can not have any daily interaction with the president. So, his children will handle the Trust which violates the concept of separation of money from the president. Oh well, he is Donald Trump, and HE decides things!

He also wants his children to have Top Secret clearance so they can have access to any and all secret government documents! HUH? So, what do his daughters, his sons, his son-in-law have to do with official government business? These are indeed strange times for America.

Radical Terrorist Politicians

This blog has decided to cease referring to the Republican party since that organization no longer exists. It has been taken over by a group which we term to  be Radical Terrorist Politicians.  The  other day a person who voted for Trump informed me that he admired great Republicans such as Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. These two leaders in thought and action were the exact  opposite of Donald Trump.

Lincoln: He is responsible for the first income tax in American history. He funded the initial Land Grant Colleges to provide free college education. He was responsible for the Homestead Act which gave anyone who desired to farm, FREE 160 acres of land.He opposed the Know Nothing Party which wanted to prevent immigration of Catholics into America–sound familiar. He welcomed ALL immigrants, no thought of deporting any. And, he wanted the Federal government to financially support  the building of the first intercontinental railroad.

Theodore Roosevelt:He ended segregation in the Federal government. He created the National Park system to PREVENT BUSINESS FROM USING THAT LAND. He pushed for busting up monopolies to prevent Business from controlling the economy. He wanted government regulation of food products, of work conditions, etc.. He forced the San Francisco School Board from creating separate schools for Japanese American youth. And, he wanted the Federal government to regulate business.

So, in which ways did these two great REPUBLICAN presidents agree with anything currently believed by Radical Terrorist Politicians who support Donald Trump??

Hidden Fears Of Life

Each day brings stories of prejudice and hatred, once hidden from public view, but now out in the open. In a Michigan school at lunch, a group of children shouted with glee ‘Build A Wall, Build A Wall,’ while Hispanic children heard the voices, and some cried in fear. A teacher, John Sousa, in Florida, warned his black students, “Don’t   make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa,” ha, ha.

This is a new phenomenon in American history. Once upon a time, teachers and students would cite with pride the name of the president. Today, his name is shouted with hate and anger against the defenseless. Once upon a time, the president was a model of caring and love, today, he is the epitome of hatred and violence directed against those lacking the means to defend themselves.Welcome to life in Trump America.

All Politicians Are Crooks?

I continually encounter on social media statements by individuals that all political parties are the same, that all politicians are crooks, that it makes no difference in the lives of Americans if a Republican is president or a Democrat is president, because the outcome is always the same. At this point the person claims the system is ‘rigged,’ Wall Street controls everything, and why waste your vote, let alone,  your time  for bothering vote. My initial reaction to such statements is– this person has a decent job, this person has medical insurance, this person, most probably, owns their own home, and, definitely, this  person is not worried about student debts.

The real sadness in such comments is the complete lack of care and concern for Hispanic children who might be deported,along with their parents, the inability to recognize the prejudice, the fears of Muslim children in America as they confront open hatred. A ‘President’ Clinton would not deport Hispanics, nor end efforts to deal with climate change, nor ignore the need for higher minimum wages, nor fight for women rights. POLITICAL PARTIES DIFFER! And, POLITICIANS DIFFER. Wake up to reality.

Honest Ben Carson

As you recall or do not recall, Ben Carson was a candidate of the Republican party seeking the nomination for president.  Mr. Carson’s name has been mentioned for  positions in the Trump Cabinet, including Secretary of Education. He declined to accept any Cabinet position because “he did not consider himself qualified to be in charge of a Federal agency.” Let me get this straight, Ben Carson believed himself qualified to be president of the United States,  but did not consider himself qualified to run a single government agency!

Ben, let me write very slowly, very slowly, but, believe it or not, if you had become president, that job entails running ALL FEDERAL AGENCIES! The real humor in this crazy Carson statement is that MILLIONS OF REPUBLICANS WANTED THIS IGNORANT MAN, THIS  UNQUALIFIED MAN AS THIER PRESIDENT!!

To Sanders Supporters

I write these words as Donald Trump announced his plans to deport two million Hispanics who have ‘criminal records.’ Of course, in the world of Donald Trump a ‘criminal record’ includes receiving a speeding ticket or parking illegally. Those who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton because, ‘all politicians are the same,’ or because Hillary Clinton was a ‘tool of Wall Street bankers,’ or because you simply were not ‘enthused’ about her candidacy, must now confront the reality that TWO MILLION HISPANICS, including children born in America, but who must go to a land where they do not speak the language, nor understand its culture.

Any Bernie Sanders supporter who did not vote for Hillary Clinton must now confront the reality  that those children and the suffering they will endure is because, you were not ‘enthused.’ Women who will lose needed health care because Planned Parenthood has been defunded, can thank Bernie Sanders supporters who did not vote for Clinton, for their situation. I think of people in need of Food Stamps will go hungry because Bernie Sanders supporters were not ‘enthused.’ I think of poor people living in slums, desperately in need of clothes or food who will lack those necessities because Bernie Sanders supporters believed ‘BOTH ARE EVIL.”

How does anyone who failed to vote for Hillary Clinton look themselves in the eye without feeling guilt and anger at their stupidity? There was only ONE progressive candidate in this election, and the name was not Trump nor Stein nor Johnson–only HILLARY CLINTON. So, the horror of neo-fascism is now present in America. This situation is the fault of supporters of Bernie Sanders who failed to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Oh, Bernie Sanders IS a POLITICIAN.  He is a US Senator, I believe that makes him a POLITICIAN.