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Just A Shot In The Dark

I assume those reading this blog are becoming tired of continual stories about shooting. I assume those who are in touch with the social media are now mentally fatigued reading about innocent people shot by those armed with guns. The story has become boring because there is nothing new in these events. It is always the same, some idiot reaches for a gun rather than taking a moment to investigate a situation. Sgt. Easton McDaniels who works in the Loudon County police department in Virginia heard a sound in his garage. It was nighttime, and there was no reason for any noises in his garage. The policeman saw a figure in the darkness.

1. Did he say anything to the figure?

2. Did he issue a warning?

3. Did he fire his gun up in the air?

None of the above. The figure was that of his sixteen year old daughter. She has slipped out of the house to see a friend. So, the policeman blasted away. His daughter is now in a hospital with serious gun shot wounds.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Mr. McDaniels was Standing His Ground!

Michael Brown Saga Continues

There are still fires in Ferguson, Missouri, there are still people wandering its streets with anger and fury at police who have treated American citizens as though they were enemies of the government. Police armed with weapons of war, clad in armor as though going into battle to confront Islamic terrorists are out in force in Ferguson. IN reality, Ferguson has become a war zone right here in the good old USA. There is something horrible at the sight of American police pointing assault weapons at citizens. There is something wrong at the sight of armored cars with machine guns driving around Ferguson with the same attitude held by soldiers who fought in the streets of Baghdad. American police no longer are the friendly guy in blue who places a loving hand on the head of children and offers a pleasant hello to businessmen and mothers. They have become warriors ready for combat.

I recall as a boy in the Bronx, New York being caught stealing comic books. A policeman grabbed me, took me outside, and gave me a hard whack on the head with words of warning” “Do that again you little bastard and I’ll send you up the river to a reformatory.” That was the end of my criminal career. What does Ferguson need?

1. Police dressed in blue, not in armor.

2. Police armed with a pistol and club.

3. Neighborhood police who know all the merchants, visit local schools and are friendly with people in the streets.

4. It would also help if instead of only 3 black cops of the 53 officers, the number was closer to thirty.

Strange But Close Buddies

As we all recall, the United States of America in 1979 decided that Iran, which had just driven out its Shah, was now an enemy state. During the 1980s, America supported the freedom loving nation of Iraq which was ruled by that fighter for freedom, Saddam Hussein. After all, he had invaded Iran which made him now an official member of the club of democracies. A few years have passed and now that Sunni controlled ISIL has gained control over northern Iraq, the idea of working with Iran to halt this terrorist group has become an attractive possibility for America. Both the US and Iran are united in opposing spread of Sunni Islamist terrorism, so what else to do but become allies.

I realize this poses ideological problems for Fox News or Tea Party supporters. After all, Iran is one of the bad guys so how can we ally with these folks? Let me note to those opposing an alliance with Iran that during World War II the US and England were allies of Communist Russia, then led by dictator Joseph Stalin who had murdered at least five million people. As English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, among the most fervent haters of communism put it: “I would form an alliance with the devil if it meant saving my nation!”

Good advice to follow.

High School Bureaucracy Gone Mad!

There was a student who was on the Arapahoe HS debate team and had a conflict with the coach. She demoted Karl Pierson which made the boy rather angry and he publicly made clear that he intended to murder the coach. Naturally, after a brief detention, the principal allowed the boy to return to class. After all, schools receive state money for each student who is listed as attending school that day. Last December 13, Karl returned –along with a shotgun, a machete and blood in his eyes since he intended to murder the debate coach. Alas, he could not carry out the threat and wound up murdering a 17 year old girl. He then committed suicide.

Attempts to contact the principal and other school authorities about the decision to allow Karl getting back in class have met with “no comment.” School officials note they are not allowed to discuss any disciplinary case. This is simply another example in which a suburban youth decided to enter a school and begin blasting away. The boy needed psychological aid, not going back to class. When will school authorities ever learn that some children should be under medical care rather in classrooms?

We Need A New War On Crime

Perhaps, a wise member of a police department can explain why acts of crime have declined to historic low rates while at the same time the number of people in jail has risen to over two million. Just about each day there appears in our media another story about some person who engaged in an act of crime, and the result was death–not to police, but to the “criminal.” We need a new war on crime:

1. Shift use of police from worrying about who is smoking marijuana to those who are financial criminals.

2. Shift use of police from worrying about non-violent criminal behavior to those who are engaged in non-violent fiscal crime.

3. Fill the prisons with those wearing white collars rather than those wearing hoods.

4. How about shifting police to examining members of Congress who engage in the crime of selling their vote?

5. Just imagine an America in which agencies of law and order focused on government crime!

6. Imagine an America in which police supervised the health and safety of products being sold that threaten the health of our citizens?

I have a hunch the new War on Crime would result in greater safety for people in this country.

“Them Or Me!”

Among the ongoing myths propagated by the National Rifle Association is that Americans in 2014 confront serious threats by criminals in the course of their daily lives. In every mayor American city, the number of murders is now at a record low. Crime has drooped, and the reasons have nothing to do with carrying guns. Whenever the number of males in the age bracket, 18-27 drops, so does crime. This group constitutes the major age bracket from whence comes crime. Second, the growing use of security firms to protect homes means greater protection against crime. Finally, police are drawing upon improved use of technology to identify potential areas of crime.

Theodor Wafer, was in his home in suburban Detroit, when he heard banging on his door. He became frightened, grabbed his gun and headed toward the door. “It was them or me” according to Theodor. Actually, the “them” was Renisha McBride who had crashed her car, was dazed and seeking some assistance. For some reason, she had stumbled onto his porch hoping someone would provide assistance. But, if your mind is filled with tales of hordes of criminals banging away at your door, what else to do but blast away through the door with your shotgun and kill the woman?

The jury found Mr. Wafer guilty of manslaughter. The Prosecutor pointed out a simple fact–why didn’t he pick up the phone and call the police? No one had broken through the locked door, so why not wait for the cops? Of course, in gun crazy NRA land, shoot first and ask questions later!

Whatever Happened To?

These days I wonder about, Whatever Happened TO:

The end of the Cold War in Europe?

The balanced budget that President Clinton left newly elected President Bush?

The promise of Barack Obama to end secrecy in government?

Our failure to pay attention to the words of wisdom of Sarah Palin?

The agreement that in view of John Kennedy’s assassination something had to be done to control access to guns?

The concept that a business was just that, a business, not a person?

Michelle Bachmann who daily offered her thoughts which led to another column about nonsense?

Firing those in government who lied to the President and Americans?

When we called people, people, not folks?

The end of violence in the Middle East now that Saddam Hussein was dead?

The end of violence in the Middle East now that Muammar Gaddafi was dead?

Creation of the independent state of Palestine?

When people at lunch talked with one another rather than with a machine?

Open Arms Of Christ To Afflicted??

Members of the Tea Party are completely opposed to allowing immigrant children to enter the hallowed grounds of the United States of America. As I recall, the Tea Party stands for Christianity and Jesus and a whole lot of very religious sounding people and groups. Recent events connected with the breakdown of Iraq’s incompetent government have resulted in the Islamic State fanatics gaining control of large areas in northern Iraq. After entering the city of Mosul, which contains Christians who date back to the original days of Jesus, the Islamic government warned Christians to leave the city. Their churches were destroyed, and any remaining has to pay a tax for being a Christian. The French government is shocked by this mistreatment of Christians and has offered a helping hand.

Interior Minister Laurent Fabius, made clear, “we are ready, if they so desire to help facilitate asylum on our territory” for any Iraq Christian so desiring. My question to the Tea Party–and the Republican Party is: Should the United States of America open its borders and offer asylum to CHRISTIANS who are being persecuted by Islamic Muslims? If the answer is, “Yes,” then it stands to reason these same compassionate people are ready to offer asylum to Christian children from Central America. If not, why not??



The last President to have a balanced budget was Democrat Bill Clinton.

The last President who had a $200 billion surplus in his budget was Bill Clinton.

Two thirds of our National Debt came from Republican Presidents.

Under Barack Obama’s tenure twice as many illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than under George Bush.

Barack Obama has yet to fire any head of a secret service agency.

The Affordable Care Act has resulted in lowering medical costs.

Not one mass shooting of students occurred in an urban school.

The vast majority of those blasting away in schools are white, from middle class families, and live in the suburbs.

The top tax rate in World War II was 90%!

The top tax rate in the 1950s when Republican Dwight Eisenhower was president was –90%!

There is absolutely NO correlation between tax rates and job creation.

One third of American bridges are in danger of collapsing.


Reality is that President Barack Obama will confront a Congress in which Republicans control the House of Representatives, and perhaps the US Senate. In other words, he can not pass any meaningful legislation. Therefore, his reality is functioning as an American President who lacks power to alter the domestic lives of Americans. So, what is now possible?

1. Initiate a weekly press conference in which he makes clear which laws were proposed and which were ignored by Republicans.

2. The above information should weekly be spread on social media. Make clear what you are proposing and what Republicans are defeating.

3. Draw upon Executive power to completely revise our spy agencies, including firing some folks.

4. Sign “No Spy” agreements with all major American allies.

5. Initiate a weekly notification on Social Media as to which bridges and roads have become dangerous.

6. Make speeches in which the President talks “WITH” rather than “TO” people.

7. Make Congressional elections in 2016 as critical an issue as who becomes President.

8. Announce he will not accept pay as President since the government is now dysfunctional, challenge Congressmen to do the same.

9. Use the power of the Executive to allow children brought to America as children to remain.

10. Take out membership in the NRA and organize a group of its members to fight for sensible gun legislation.