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Words Of Wisdom From The Chairman Of Truth

During the past decade of his life, President Vladimir Putin has not been contradicted by anyone, even when he was prime minister and his stooge, Medevedev was standing in for him as the president. He has known only flunkies who rush to nod their heads in agreement or laugh at his humor attempts or simply lick his boots when he points to them. Thus, the tradgedy of the Malaysian plane ic creating new problems for the Russian leader. Frankly, his flunkies made a blunder by shooting down a civilian plane carrying 298 people headed fro Malaysia. There simply is no way the chairman can brush off this tragedy by blaming “THE WEST” or the east or any nation in the world. This was a 100% Russian made blunder. So, the man who never apologizes, the man who always blames someone for his mistakes, is now compelled to hesitate, to seek compromise, and to avoid bluster and threats.

Puitin informed the world “we must do everything possible to provide seurity for the internationl experts on teh site of the tragedy. In the meantime, nobody should and has no right to use tthis tragedy to achieve their ‘narrowly selfish’ political goals.” I wonder if that applies to what US Secretary of State John Kerry was describing, ‘drunken separatist soldiers unceremoniously piloing bodies into trucks, removing both the bodies, as well as evidendce from the site.”

I have a hunch, the Chairman of Truth is ready to blast some sense into the separatist Ukrainians who made the Boss come across as incompetent.

Gerry Manders In Our States

Among the American virtues was the invention of “gerrymandering” back in the 19th century when the nation was young, and our congressional leaders were still learning the fine art of politics. And, so, in order to ensure that once elected, none of our beloved leaders should ever again be compelled to confront an electorate in which there might be people who voted the wrong way, state legislators developed intricate maps which twisted and wound their way through a state in order to guarantee the elected only were confronted by voters who had voted for them. Thus, the fine art of gerrymandering now results in over 80% of our beloved congressmen virtually assured of re-election. For some strange reason, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis in Florida decided there was something wrong with this system. He wrote a 41 page decision which declares invalid most congressional seats in the state.

He offered proof that Republican legislators relied upon the advice and map skills of political consultants in drawing up safe congressional seats. Naturally, Republicans wound up with most of the seats. Heck, in the last presidential election, Democratic candidates for Congress received a million more votes than Republicans, but Republicans won a 25 seat majority in the House of Representatives. Lewis argues consultants “engaged in a conspiracy to influence and manipulate the legislature.”

It is about time in America to turn over to an impartial agency the task of drawing up congressional seat boundaries. How about entrusting the American Bar Association with that task?

Once We Dreamed Of Moon, Today Of Wealthy

There once was a United States of America in which we were not liberals or conservatives, not Republicans or Democrats, but Americans who had dreams of greatness. Thomas Jefferson began construction of the first great highway to the West, Highway 40, and no one in Congress refused to pay for it because of fear that wealthy folk might have to pay tax money. Republican Abraham Lincoln had the federal government fund the Intercontinental railroad, the greatest railroad at that point on the entire planet. No one worried about,”SOCIALISM.” We needed an intercontinental railroad to become a great nation. Republican Theodore Roosevelt literally invented conservation of national resource by creating vast national forests, no one shouted, ‘SOCIALISM.” During the Depression we built roads, bridges, tunnels, great dams, we led the world in road construction and no one yelled, SOCIALISM. Under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, we built Highway 70 which spanned the nation and no one shouted, SOCIALISM. Under President Kennedy and President Nixon we sent a man to the moon, and no one yelled, SOCIALISM.

Once we were a nation with dreams of greatness. Today, under reign of Republicans and the Tea Party our only and most important dream is LOWER TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY. Our Highway Fund is just about empty. This means no new highways, no new bridges, no new railroad systems. President Obama is frustrated at Republican refusal to allocate money for construction. “It’s not crazy, it’s not Socialism. It is not an imperial presidency-no laws are broken. We’re just building roads, a bridge like we’ve been doing for 50, a hundred years.”

Once we had giants in the land, today we have pygmies.

Pope Asks For World Time Out

The World Cup involves nations throughout the world in competition to determine which is in possession of the best soccer(sorry for the American name) team in the world. There is no doubt if your nation’s team wins the cup, it will result in jobs, free health care, new housing for the poor, and wonderful schools for children. Now, how did I ever connect the World Cup to these events? Perhaps, I am still in a state of shock that King Lebron James has decided to hold his court in the Cleveland Cavalier court. Anyway, millions are focused on the World Cup so along comes that man of peace, Pope Francis with an outrageous idea. He is asking all nations of the world, for one minute, yes, just one damn minute to cease and desist from killing someone. The Pope is asking “for a moment of silence around the July 17th match to remember those stricken by war and unrest.” In other words, just for a fucking moment, could you guys just put down your weapons of destruction and avoid killing for A MOMENT!

I can just hear leaders of violence bellowing that if they don’t kill at this very moment, then those who murder will get ahead in the race to see who can murder more people! What would it do to our national prestige if we fell behind in the murder race? Oh, my God, imagine coming up second in the murder cup!

Most probably if they halt for a moment, our leaders of Death will undoubtedly make certain the next moment is twice as violent!!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand,New Zealand Herald: “Demand Return Of $539 million”

Just a plaintive plea by job creators so they can create jobs–for themselves, that is.

Italy,Local: “Catholics Can Ignore Sex Teaching”

What a loving directive.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Summer Returns To Moscow”

Too bad, it also returns Vladimir Putin.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Senator AWOl In Inquiry”

Hell, in America they are AWOL from the American people!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “More Money For Danish Cows”

Good lord, the cows in Denmark make more than McDonald’s workers!

USA, aol: “Governor Perry Dresses Like West Coast Metrosexual”

So, that accounts for his loss of memory about history?

UK,Guardian: “Dead US Soldier On Sixth Afghan Tour”

This leaves me speechless, but George/Dick/Don hail him for dying to halt WMD.

God Of National Security!

For most Americans it may seem light years ago when we lived in a nation in which words such as National Security were rarely uttered. During WWII we were warned that a “slip of the lip” might result in some German spy learning when ships were sailing so he could contact submarines in the Atlantic Ocean. The worst moment in WWII was sending Japanese Americans to camps in the name of National Security. Of course, no case of spying by Japanese Americans was ever uncovered, and Japanese American soldiers became the highest decorated battalion during the entire war. Oh, the American government in the 1980s did apologize. However, these days the new State Religion is–NATIONAL SECURITY. If you seek to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, very easy, gather together thousands and thousands of haystacks and spend billions of dollars going through them because– you just might discover a needle. One simply does not know if a bad person left a needle in a haystack. I do understand that if I dare opposing study of haystacks the American government will classify me as a suspicious person, and, who knows, maybe a terrorist!

Several months ago, former NSA director Keith Alexander claimed his agency had prevented at least 54 terrorist attacks on America. He was called before the Senate Judiciary Committee and finally admitted, would you believe ONE terrorist attack–MAYBE! So, let me tap your phone, read your emails, make note of all your phone calls, and please remember I only do this in the name of OUR BLESSED GOD -NATIONAL SECURITY. Questions:

1. Did the NSA or the CIA predict the Arab Spring?

2. Did the NSA or the CIA predict the coming to power of Vladimir Putin?

3. Did the CIA predict what would happen in Vietnam?

I DO understand that successful CIA and NSA predictions are classified so no one knows what they did get right. Has anyone considered the possibility of making NATIONAL SECURITY our new God of life?

Growing Up In 2014 America

I was having a cup of coffee the other day when my mind wandered onto the question as to what would it be like growing up in 2014 America? Next month marks my 84th birthday since I was grew up in Depression America. But, what would it be like being age 18 in the current world of America?

1. In my childhood, Republicans and Democratic congressmen clashed, but for some strange reason they also ate lunch together and even played a softball game with one another in the summer. Think of it, opposing political opponents who joke, played cards at night over a beer, and still were friends!

2. The president was Franklin D. Roosevelt, cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican. Imagine two cousins who were on opposite sides of the political spectrum? Heck Franklin even married Teddy’s niece, Eleanor. Today, people within families vote and think together, a thought that would fill me with dread. I was raised to think, to think and decide, based on what I thought, not what neighbors or relatives wanted me to think.

3. Imagine growing up with two presidents who lacked any sense of global policy. Both stumble from one disaster to another. Quite a difference with Franklin Roosevelt who had a comprehensive policy to rebuild America from ground zero, and a policy to halt terrorism in the world. It must be confusing to young Americans growing up with presidents lacking policies, let alone being able to explain them to the American people.

4. I spent my childhood in the Depression,and then was a teenager during WWII. How do I explain that even during the Depression, I had hope the future would be better. I wonder how it would be to grow up in 2014 America in which one worries that there will be no future?

5. I wonder what it would be like growing up with machines in my hand that were the focus of my life, rather than people?

6. I spent my growing up time playing ball with friends or wandering the streets of New York City without the company of parents, I was free to wander and wonder. I wonder what it would be like to always have a parent driving me to play or not allowing me to be me?

7. Frankly, I prefer a world in which I was working at age 8, but a world in which I was an independent person filled with the wonder of youth, and enjoying the freedom to dream the impossible dreams of life.

IRAQ –Send In NRA And Tea Party!!

It has become increasingly clear as events unroll in Iraq that the only hope for survival of this nation is to send in the NRA and members of the Tea Party. Just imagine how General Ted Cruz would handle the situation in that nation that has arisen due to actions of Islamic militants? Just imagine if red blooded God fearing decent Americans were allowed to use their guns, and actually shoot men who also had guns? Just imagine what men who readily take care of defenseless deer would do to those barbaric Muslim fanatics?? I believe it is time for the whimp President Obama to step aside and allow men who understand how to fight, and who are patriots in the fight against terrorism to have an opportunity to carry out their beliefs in violence.

OK,there are a few problems such as Iraq Prime Minister Maliki who is to fighting terrorism as the NRA and
Tea Party are to fighting against poverty and national security. Whatever makes sense, simply do the opposite. OK, so Maliki is corrupt, so is the NRA and Tea Party. OK, so Maliki wants to stir up sectarian division within the nation, so do the NRÅ and Tea Party. OK, when it comes to actually solving any problem, Maliki will do the opposite. I believe this also fits members of the NRÅ and Tea Party.

Read the words of a Sunni Iraq political leader who wants his nation to address problems and solve them. Sunni MP Hamed al-Mudlaq: “We are at a crossroads with Maliki. We need to forget about sectarian divisions that are currently in place. Mr. Maliki has torn this country apart with religious and political sectarianism and corruption.”

Response of Mr. Maliki supporters: “What we are against is formation of a government outside the Constitution.” Spoken like a true NRA or Tea Party member!

Once Again Monica Lewinsky In News!

For some strange reason my mind does not compute having to read stories about Monica Lewinsky. She remains in that part of my life associated with the 20th century, not the 21st. But, the dark haired woman is once more in our lives after an interview on the NBC TODAY show. Monica wants the world to know that she was a virgin to the blight of nastiness which became forever linked with her life. “I was the most humiliated woman in the world. To be called stupid and a slut and a bimbo and ditzy and to be taken out of context, it was excruciating. I was a virgin to humiliation of that level until that day. I mean it was just violation after violation.” In other words, she is upset. That point I get. She just wants this story to be blown away from the national scene and that is why she is on television reminding one and all about the story. That point I do not get.

Let me clarify this story for those who were not yet born when it occurred or were too young to grasp the meaning of this story. Once upon a time there was a President of the United States of America who did not spend his days worrying about terrorists and Muslims or people crossing our southern border. He was much more interested in his own anatomy. Sometimes, there is good news being worried about one’s prick. He just wanted to fuck A woman, not the entire nation as do our more current presidents. He was more interested in blowing away a mouth rather than blowing away our Constitution. This innocent woman just wanted to get close to our President, and of course, close to his lower half of body. I do not think she is a slut, when it comes to those who fuck, look in the direction of Wall Street. Frankly, when it comes to fucking, Wall Street types are the world’s leading sluts. Who else can surpass these guys and gals when it comes to fucking Americans??

Flight From Or Toward Mosul??

The American media is filled with horror stories from Iraq and Republican congressmen are daily reciting their outrage on Fox News how Barack Obama “lost Iraq to Muslim terrorists.” A new mantra is emerging within the Republican party that things were going great in Iraq until the dude from Africa took office, and began a campaign to transform peaceful Iraq into a divided nation. However, on the road leading from or to Mosul which is now under control of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq,(ISIS) a different story is emerging. Those traveling the road leading to or from Mosul now encounter Kurdish troops–”Last Peshmerga Checkpoint” which are manned by Kurdish troops ready and able to handle the ISIS. A driver told a reporter that he was headed back to Mosul. “Everything is normal there. The ISIS people do not interfere. Hospitals, municipal services, it’s business as usual. In other words, a city of nearly two million people was taken over without any opposition by a few thousand men.

A police officer who was headed back to Mosul explained to a reporter why he was going home. He bitterly discussed his Shiite superiors. “They don’t even consider we Sunnis to be human beings. Only Shiites got promoted to become officers. We were second class citizens.” Now he wants to return to a city run by Sunnis who intend to make Shiites second class citizens. So, those in cars headed south from Mosul are Shiites or any of the remaining Christians who fear death in a city run by Sunnis. In Baghdad, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has rejected any idea of forming a coalition government that includes Sunni and Shiites. That is why people are headed north to Mosul or south away from Mosul.