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“Right To Work” Aint!

Many years ago Republicans and their slave masters–business men invented a scam that continues to be used in order to depress wages and working conditions. It is the infamous “Right To Work” concept. Under this business friendly approach to those who work, if a union negotiates a contract, any worker  can opt out of the union and receive the benefits of the negotiation. This ploy is simply an effort by Republicans to destroy unions and lower wages. Throughout American history, it is the union which has been the driving engine to higher wages,more money for workers and less for business interests.

Wisconsin Dade County Judge William Foust ruled the “right to work” law in the sate was unconstitutional because it meant unions obtained higher wages and some workers would get this while refusing to pay union dues. Naturally, Governor Scott Walker is upset. Just remember, when America had strong unions, a worker earned enough to buy a house and sent his children to college. End unions and one rewards business to lower wages!

Republicans On Foreign Policy

We have now been treated to several months of Republican candidates pontificating on how they would handle foreign policy. Let me sum up their “ideas.”

1. Bomb whatever is moving. Who the hell knows how or why bombing guys who are hiding will result in their deaths.

2. Restore the American military to what it once was. The US military  budget is nearly $60o billion. That is greater than the next six nations. Oh, we have 12 Carrier groups and the Chinese navy has ONE old aircraft carrier.

3. Ted insists that he even knows where the Middle East is, but the only one that he surpasses in knowledge is Donald Trump.

4. Let’s build a wall on our southern border. I assume that is an example of foreign policy.

5. Let’s NOT build a wall on our northern border. Gee, do you think terrorists might figure out it is OK to get in by the northern border?

6. Be tough with China. Whatever that means.

7. Fuck NATO. Now that is a great example of foreign policy.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 854 year old body.


I await a Trump promise to nuke the entire Middle East and end the Islamic threat.

I spend hours attempting to identify SOME Republican who would make a good president–just a blank.

John Kasich tries so hard, so very hard to come across as someone who could lead something.

Ted Cruz  could easily  get a movie role as the evil guy in the flick.

Baseball, and finally SOMETHING that has a beginning and an end!

I await a Trump claim that he could hit the GREATEST home run in history.

We Americans can learn something from Europe and have a campaign season that runs a month.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


So, who is the fool who created April Fool’s day?

Given, the Republican candidates, every day is April Fool’s day.

No question, Donald Trump is the Greatest–fool, that is.

Choice-Ted Cruz or Donald Trump hand on the atomic bomb?

In Chicago, there is NO day of rest from gang murders!

Modern day Republicans never mention the names of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower-wonder why?

Never can figure out how or why someone wants to blow self up for God?

Then again, given the current state of humans, maybe God wants to blow himself up?

I always become angry checking my Mega millions numbers because for some reason, they never match up!

I would so appreciate one presidential candidate who spoke in quiet tones of voice.

Perhaps,  it is time to ask dinosaurs to return and take over.

I continue to be shocked at the indifference to the world for Syrian children who die daily.

When did the religion of Jesus become one of hate and violence?


Trials And Tribulations Of Donald Trump

These are not the best of days for Donald Trump, more like the worse of days–and weeks–and months. OK, so the Donald man made  a few slips of the tongue  when discussing a rather unimportant topic such as abortion. For God’s sake, is Donald to be held responsible for every minor slip of the tongue! As his aide, Katrina Presson noted–and she is a WOMAN– “we shouldn’t make this a twenty four hour headline when we have things like terrorism going on in the world.” Absolutely right. Heck, even God made a mistake when he created Cain, so why all this commotion about a simple honest speech mistake.

Donald has always believed in women, heck, he has even been  married a few times. So, what he really meant to say was that if a woman has an abortion, she should be punished by only being able to go to the hair salon once a month. OK, so Mike Huckabee, the expert on women and abortion says “it was a terrible answer.” So, when did Mike Huckabee ever make a right answer?

The bottom line is  we Americans need Donald Trump. Who but Donald can get people who  become lazy about voting to get to the polls?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


In these dire times,have Republicans considered Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld?After all, Rumsfeld does  have a Donald in his name.

Then again, Jeb is still around and ready to serve.

Here in Illinois we  have a governor who refuses to allow money for colleges until the legislature ends unions. How about Rauner for president?

By the law of probability there MUST be someone in the Republican party who actually has one intelligent economic or foreign policy idea.

Since we have no Republican political leaders who took a course in science, how about making taking a course in science compulsory for new congressmen?

I just am unable to conceive how or why I would blow myself up, can you?

At age 85, I am in love with life, I guess those who are age 25 are in love with death.

John Kasich, The “I” Man

There is no question that John Kasich is an impassioned man, a man who shouts loud and clear about  his accomplishments in politics. “I balanced the  budget” is a continual refrain from the Ohio Governor. Actually, when Kasich was in Congress during the 1990s, the budget WAS balanced. However, the President at that time in history was Bill Clinton, a Democrat. So, how does A member of Congress “balance the budget” that was presented by the President? Frankly, I do not have a clue. John, historians usually, ordinarily credit the President for a balanced budget, but they, of course, never were candidates for president.

“I created 400,000 jobs here in Ohio.” Fantastic, a Governor who is a job creator. John  insists that he made Ohio a happier place for people to live. “I expanded Medicaid, even though many opposed my idea.” For  once, John, you are correct. You did challenge the norm for Republicans and supported expansion of Medicaid. Of course, the Democratic President, Barack Obama sor to had a few thing to do with this expansion.

I admit to enjoying the fervor,the humble thanks to God, the stories of desperate women he saved because he only thought of them in his actions. For  some strange reason, John never says a word about his union-busting actions which probably cost the average worker thousands in extra pay.

Just Bring Your Gun To The Convention

NRA crazies have now challenged the Republican party to adhere to its belief that guns should be in every aspect of society. We need guns in schools, in colleges, in our work place, in our churches –so why not in our political conventions? A petition claiming 25,000 signatures as of this date is furious that at the Quicken Arena,  there is some crazy  rule that no guns are allowed in it! Can you believe that at the most important Republican meeting, no guns will be allowed in the arena! Whatever happened to my 2nd Amendment right?

Some crazies are furious that a “venue so unfriendly to second amendment rights was chosen for the Republican convention.” How about each and every person in the arena to pack a gun. One person fires, and soon thousands of guns blast away. In the end, Sarah Palin appears on the stage holding a  rifle aloft as sign that she won the shoot-out at the Quicken corral.

God Bless these defenders of our Constitutional rights. This is one time those Islamic terrorists will know how God fearing Christians can out do them in any terrorist attack!

The Vaccine Madness

Actor Robert de Niro, who began the Tribeca film festival decided to include another of the conspiracy films about the “Vaccine Cover-up!” Andrew Wakefield has produced a film entitled: “Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe.” Yes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are part of a vast conspiracy to deny the truth of what vaccines really do to children. According to this conspiracy nut case, “vaccines were actually causing autism.”

The man who knows more than scientists has already been convicted of being “guilty of dishonesty.” We Americans have a propensity to believe that somewhere in our land there are aliens or those seeking to destroy our very lives. The “sky is falling” so head for the hills. Just allow your child to get a potentially life threatening disease because a man lacking any concept of the truth tells you not to do what science claims is true. After all, we have an entire political party which does not believe in climate change. I forgot, none of them is “a scientist” so naturally why believe those who ARE scientists??

War Of The Wives

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nation whose name was the United States of America which every four years conducted something termed an  election for a new President. Believe it or not, in those olden, olden days, two candidates argued about such mundane issues as how to create a vibrant economy or how to integrate newly arrived immigrants into the fabric of the nation or even–how to conduct an intelligent foreign policy. Alas, those were the olden days, and today, we have something called -the REPUBLICAN PARTY>

The current MAIN issue between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is the topic of their wives. Somehow, someone in the Cruz camp found a photo of Trump’s wife in a semi-nude pose. Naturally, this aroused the Donald man found an unflattering photo of the wife of Ted Cruz and the battle began. Ted now is rather upset: “Donald, you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi alone.”

Such are the issues confronting American society. After all, Donald and Ted have been yelling for months about the “unguarded border.” For some strange reason 140,000 more Hispanics LEFT AMERICA THAN ENTERED!

I assume the next issue will be the grandparents of the Trump or Cruz families.