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On July 4th! A Day For Immigrants To Affirm!

This year marks my 83rd July 4th since I arrived in August of 1930 and thus missed July 4th of that year. July 4th always had meaning during my early years of life since I was a fanatic baseball fan and so loved having a double header(for the price of one game) played by all major league baseball teams. I could listen on my radio to the exploits of the New York Yankees in an era when they won world series after world series. Baseball players were giants in my life, they represented the end result of my dreams. Of course, my initial eleven July 4th came at a time when we had poverty, but no war. Then came World War II and July 4th was a day when we honored those who fought against Nazism and the Japanese. At least we knew very clearly who were the good and who were the bad guys in our lives. On July 4th we stood as a nation united, we felt as one in the struggle against evil. There was no ambiguity, the Nazis and “Japs” were the enemies.

As the child of immigrants, in those days no one differentiated between “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, we were simply immigrants blessed to be in a land where we all worked to defeat evil doers. I always felt a certain moment of patriotism standing at Yankee Stadium as the sang our nation’s song. Years later when I served in the armed forces, July 4th made me feel part of America. I was not the son of “foreigners,” I was an American. We understood that if one lived and worked in America it was simply a matter of time before they began to think and behave as an American. Who cared from whence you came, who cared if you were a recent arrival, the only important thing was–did you want to become an American!

I once wrote a history of America. I felt proud in so doing. It enabled me to bring together all memories of July 4th into one story. We Americans are ALL IMMIGRANTS! The issue for Americans has never been –how did you get here! No, the issue for Americans has always been–do you love America and will you fight for its continued existence!!

“We Will Deport The Children”

I was a young boy living in America during the 1930s when children in Germany whose crime was to be Jewish were confronting the horror of hatred and violence. The United States of America,k basically, refused to allow thousands of Jews to escape death by coming to our nation as immigrants–this was the era of Depression. The American government even refused to allow children to enter our sacred shores. Fortunately, England did agree to accept hundreds of German Jewish children which enabled them to escape the Holocaust. There is no Holocaust in Central America, but the lives of children in Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador is filled with daily fear of beatings, rape or death at the hands of rival drug gangs that believe in the cult of death. Thousands of children from these lands have fled to the border of America in hope of asylum from the horror that awaits them at home. They have arrived in response to rumors that if they reach the US border, they will be allowed to enter and then sent to relatives in America.

Naturally, since the children do not have a million dollars, Republicans do not want them in THEIR country. Naturally, President Obama continues believing that if he is tough on the border, then Republicans will cooperate with him on immigration reform. To believe such nonsense is to believe the Tooth Fairy exists. US Secretary of State John Kerry told Central American leaders the children will not be allowed to enter. “We obviously understand people who want to do better and who look for a better life. But at the same time there are rules and laws, and there is a process, and there is false information that is being spread about benefits that might be available to the young people.”

Have we not learned anything from the Holocaust? How about allowing children with relatives in America who are willing to allow the children to live with them to enter? The fact that children would have a home and food and education without requiring federal dollars does not impact the survival of this nation. However, it does impact the survival of these children.

The Original Intention Of Our Founding Fathers

I have spent my life in the study of American history, and at one point even wrote a history of the United States of America. I have read the words of our Founding Fathers, James Madison or Alexander Hamilton or George Washington, and definitely what Thomas Jefferson wrote about religious freedom. The First Amendment to the Constitution dealt with FREEDOM. Our Founding Fathers were concerned about Freedom of speech, of thought, and definitely of religion. I am not a legal scholar in any way,shape or form compared to the knowledge of Justice Scalia or Justice Roberts or any of the so-called Original Intention judges claiming to know what was in the minds of our Founding Fathers. Unfortunately, for this group of “legal scholars” it is quite clear they are not “scholars” when it comes to history nor when it comes to our Founding Fathers. The Hobby Lobby most probably has our Founding Fathers up in Heaven shaking their heads in confusion and bewilderment that any so-called, “scholar” would believe it was their intention that one’s religious views were more important than the views of our political leaders.

Most important for our Founding Fathers was: SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. They wanted an end to government having links to churches and imposing a “government view” upon the inhabitants of America. They wanted a world in which all could pray as they desired, and that no religion could be linked to operations of the government. Jefferson once said he wanted his fight to separate church and state to be mentioned on his tomb stone. Allowing a corporation to insist their religious views allowed them to refuse to obey the government would have shocked Jefferson.

And, by the way, Justice Scalia, our Founding Fathers differed and argued throughout the Constitutional Convention, there was no ONE INTENTION. However, it is clear that all agreed on separation of church and state. It would be patriotic if Catholic Supreme Court Justices separated THEIR RELIGIOUS VIEWS from their role as judges who do not represent the Catholic Church on matters of legality. Their responsibility is to represent the views of Americans in 2014.

General Motors Has Rights!

There are times when decent people have to take an unpopular stand when it entails actions by our oppressive government which seeks to destroy our basic American rights! We offer a defense of the General Motors corporation which has spent its history in a fight for the right of Americans to drive what they desire, where they desire, and without any interference on the part of the American government. It is also now clear since the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case, that GM leaders will invoke their religious belief views to prevent the Federal government from imposing laws requiring car safety. The issue of car safety is one that is decided by those who design, manufacture and sell cars. Once GOVERNMENT can order businessmen to adhere to safety rules, what follows–taking over the companies and ending free enterprise in our great land??

OK, so GM has recalled a mere 29 million cars, OK, so GM has recalled this year about 5.23 million car due to some exaggerated charge about faulty ignition switches. So what. This is America! This is the land of FREE ENTERPRISE. This is the land in which those who run a business do NOT have to adhere to the rules of GOVERNMENT–just check with the US Supreme Court. All the leaders of GM have to do is invoke their religious freedom rights and ignore safety as defined by the GOVERNMENT. As GM points out, “the fatal crashes occurred in older made full-size sedans being recalled for inadvertent ignition key rotation. There is no conclusive evidence that the defect condition caused these crashes.”

Please note this was an “inadvertent” problem. There was no Original Intention to make a mistake. According to Justice Scalia, if the Original Intention was OK then you must adhere to the Original Intention. Anyway, these are Christian men and women so they are not bound by any GOVERNMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS. GOD BLESS GM!!

Next time, purchase a car that is safe. If you decide to purchase a car with defects, then it is YOUR fault for dying!

The Forgotten Iraq People

Among the most under reported stories about the Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld invasion of Iraq is how this blunder impacted the lives of Christians. Iraq Christians are among the oldest branch of this religion since they descend from Arabs who converted to the new religion hundreds of years prior to the arrival of the Muslim religion. Iraq Christians lived in peace under the regime of Saddam Hussein who regarded this group as loyal to him since they feared that if he left power, militant Islamics would seize power. Of course, this is exactly what happened due to the Bush invasion of Iraq. No one in his administration gave a single thought to the impact of ending Saddam and bringing in Islamic militants like Shiite Nouri Maliki. Of the estimated 1,000,000 Christians who were in Iraq when American troops entered in 2003, about 500,000 are still in the country. Most have fled to avoid persecution from the Islamic government installed by the “born again Christian” George Bush!

As Islamic terrorists head for Mosul and other areas in north Iraq, Christians are terrified. The city of Qaraqosh lies about forty miles from Mosul which is now controlled by ISIS. Fortunately, a Kurdish force of about 1,500 Peshmerga soldiers are now in the town and ready to defend Christians from slaughter by Muslim terrorists. I wonder how Fox News will report how the invasion they supported led to the deaths of thousands of Christians?

American Conservatism That Once Was And Can Be

I currently am in the process of writing the history of America in the year, 1953 so my mind each day returns to olden days when life was somewhat different in this blessed land. The year begins with the election of the first Republican president in twenty years –Dwight Eisenhower. Ike, as he was affectionally known, had been a great general during World War II, and decided that he was a Republican. Believe it or not in those days the Republican Party had a conservative, a moderate, and a liberal wing. Conservative Henry Luce, owner of Time, Life and Fortune magazines wrote an editorial boasting that the Republican party was the champion of workers and the middle class. He believed that capitalism was based on the principle of redistribution of wealth in order to ensure the middle class and workers had good jobs and incomes so they could purchase goods and keep the economy vibrant. For modern Republicans, a somewhat novel concept of “conservatism.” The essence of moderate, liberal, and many conservative Republicans was the importance of free enterprise as personified with rising income for both the wealthy and middle class.

President Eisenhower also had the weird conservative notion that national debts were best handled by imposing high taxes on the wealthy. He continued the Franklin Roosevelt World War II top tax level of 90%. When challenged by head of U.S. Steel corporation who insisted on lower taxes for the wealthy, he informed the rich man that as an American he was responsible for paying a higher tax. Most Republicans in Congress, supported the president. Would you believe that CONSERVATIVES regarded paying off the national debt as important and the responsibility of the wealthy?? Henry Luce urged in a Life editorial the goal of conservatives in America was to ensure that the top 5% of wealthy controlled only 17% of our national income, not the 42% currently supported by Republicans! Such was the state of CONSERVATIVES.

Oh, Eisenhower ended segregation in Washington D.C., he ended it in Navy shipyards, he continued the desegregation of the armed forces, and his Attorney General strongly backed the Brown vs Board of Education law suit to end segregation in our nation’s schools. That was CONSERVATIVE thinking in 1953. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Republican conservatives returned to the old true conservatism of their predecessors?

Supreme Court Violates The Constitution!!

The United States Supreme Court which has five Catholic judges has rendered a decision which threatens to undo the First Amendment to the Constitution which provides for separation of religion from government. By a 5-4 vote the Court allowed Hobby Lobby corporation to be exempt from obeying a law because its religious principles did not allow them to grant health care for female employees seeking access to contraceptives. This is the greatest attack on the principle of separation of state and church in the history of the United States of America. According to Catholic Justice Samuel Alioto, a corporation which is headed by a few people does not have to follow federal laws if its religious principles are “violated.” He argues the decision only applies to oral contraceptives in the Affordable Care Act, and only applies to a privately owned firm which lacks a difference between their business responsibilities and their personal religious views!

Jewish Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is shocked. She terms this decision “potentially sweeping” with the potential to alter fundamental American Constitutional law. What next, my religious views do not allow me to pay income tax? If corporations can use “religious views” to determine their behavior, we can expect to witness the rise of hundreds of such corporations demanding not to pay or adhere to any government law. In which law school did the four CATHOLIC judges attend? Sorry, this is the most blatant example of Supreme Court judges allowing their religious views to intrude into constitutional issues.

If you believe in the US Constitution, vote this November, and vote for each and every Democratic candidate in order to prevent the Senate from getting under the control of Republicans.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “NO Remorse For Me”

Unfortunately, what Americans say who voted for the current collection in Congress.

China, China Daily: “World’s Oldest Cat”

What else if you have nine lives?

Sweden, Local: “How I Got Swedes And Immigrants Eating Together”

Free food?

Russia, Moscow Times: “No Illusions Left”

Putin Will NOT change!

France, Connexion: “Cultural Committee Bans Foreign Words”

You mean no more “oy vets” for me when discussing Republicans?

USA, NY Times: “Truth Be Known”

Not to anyone working for Fox News!

Sweden, Local: “Teen Girls Steal Stolen Car”

They might be better off stealing hearts.

NRA Upholds Freedom For All!

I realize there are LIBERALS who seek to deny the right of real Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to own a gun. If not for the National Rifle Association, who would stand for individual rights in this nation? Some member of Congress seeks to end our Constitutional rights by urging passage of a law that would take away my Constitutional right to carry a weapon for defense just because I beat the hell out of my girl friend. Could you believe that! The NRA sent a clear message of its opposition to the new law that would bar ownership of a gun to those convicted of stalking or having been engaged in domestic violence. According to the NRA this bill is an attempt to “turn disputes between family members and social acquaintances into lifetime firearm prohibition.” The NRA is “strongly opposed.”

For example, suppose Jesus Christ got involved in a shoving match, suppose Jesus Christ was a stalker, is that reason to bar Jesus Christ from owning a weapon? Once you deny stalkers and those who beat up on girl friends the right to own a gun, who next is on your list to take away their 2nd Amendment rights!!

Recommendations For Republicans

Recent primary contests and victors and losers should offer Republicans some ideas regarding how to go about winning the presidency. At a time when the vast majority of American people simply not only do not like most politicians, they really don’t respect those who serve in our Congress. I suspect this is among the first times in history in which both Democrats and Republicans would prefer if every member of Congress took a vacation from serving in that institution, and allowed a new set of men and women to be our leaders. Then again, Barack Obama has not come across as a shining example of inspiring leadership. Does anyone know if he ever had a foreign policy regarding Syria? Anyway, since I am nice liberal guy whose heart seeks to assist Republicans, here are some suggestions for these confused, bewildered folk who lack a single clue how to gain support from most Americans:

1. Try the Thad Cochran approach. Senator Thad Cochran of the great state of Mississippi was facing defeat in the second round of the primary. So, he got this brilliant idea: what if I reached out to black folk and promised to do things for them?? Wow, that is an original political idea, offering constituents something in return for their vote. Believe it or not, black voters returned right wing conservative Thad to the US Senate!

2. Propose a health care plan that Americans would welcome. How about proposing that all Americans would be covered by Medicare? A sure winner. And, you come out being the party of average Americans.

3. Propose that tax rates can go up by 1% for the wealthy. I realize this would be a revolutionary idea, but honestly, one percent is really not the end of the world. You can then boast of being the party for the 99% of Americans!

4. Now, as for those Hispanic immigrants. How about a massive research project which produces robots that pick peaches, clean the streets, work in meat plants, and care for your baby? To make this an even more attractive idea, why not grant voting rights to these robots? After all, they are 100% Americans, born and bred in our great country!