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Republicans Stand For Individual Rights

Anyone who reads material from the Republican party or who watches Fox News quickly understands that the party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt believes strongly in the right of an individual to control her destiny–and certainly her body. Florida Governor Rick Scott just signed into law HB1047 which now makes it a crime for women to abort a fetus is a doctor believes the fetus can survive. The new bill replaces the existing law which prevents an abortion if the woman is 24 weeks into her pregnancy. I assume the new law places the decision as to whether or not an abortion occurs in the hands of your friendly doctor. Oh, the new law makes clear if the doctor provides the wrong answer to a pregnant woman and says the fetus can not survive, that doctor can wind up in jail!!

Republicans believe each person has a right to carry a weapon.
Republicans believe each businessman has the right to determine if a worker has health insurance.
Republicans believe each wealthy person has the right to spend and spend in order to get his candidate elected.
BUT Republicans do NOT believe each woman has a right to decide what is done to HER body!!

Let’s Defrock Republicans!

A story out of Thailand reports growing evidence of improper behavior on the part of Buddhist monks. A new National Hotline will allow any person to report activities on the part of monks that are not exactly kosher. In May, five monks were defrocked for sexual abuse of young boys. You know, the sort of thing that Does occur in the Christian or Jewish religions. How about:

1. A National Hotline in America to report gun nut cases who wander around with loaded weapons?

2. A National Hotline that leads to the defrocking of any Republican who dares to work with a Democrat. Double defrock, if they work with LIBERALS!

3. A National Hotline that reports every penny spent by the Koch Brothers to gain victory in elections with their money?

4. A National Hotline that reports each teary statement by John Boehner?

5. A National Hotline which keeps the American people informed, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days of week, about anything anyone found out about the truth at Benghazi!

China Aids US Poor

The United States of America has the world’s most inept Congress when it comes to passing any laws dealing with the plight of poor people. Of course, if the issue concerns those with millions or billions, no need to stand in line for a handout. A Chinese billionaire, Chen Guangbiao has decided to do something about poverty in the USA. He is inviting 1,000 poor people to have lunch with him in the exclusive Central Park Loeb Boathouse Restaurant. Each person will receive a wonderful meal along with a $300 check that can be spent for “occupational training.” Heck, in the old days American missionaries went to China to feed the starving people so I guess we are owed something in return.

According to Chen, “I want to send the message in the U.S. that there are good philanthropists in China.” Gee, thanks. I assume the Koch Brothers will reciprocate with a lunch in China for the poor. They will receive chicken soup along with a dollar bill to send to their local political leader.

Redskins Scalped By Government

The United States government has launched an attack on those damn Washington Redskins for daring to use the word, Redskin. According to our Federal government, the use of this word is “disparaging to Native Americans.” In other words, one can use the expression, Native Americans, and honor those who were living in North America when Europeans initially arrived, but, under no conditions, dare to use the insult of, Redskin.

Those living in North America prior to the arrival of Europeans conquerers were NOT AMERICANS. They were Sioux or Apache or Delaware or Iroquois and so on. They had tribal names and NONE of them was, Native American. The name, American, derives from Amerigo Vespuci. He worked for the powerful Medici family, and after returning from his voyages to the New World, wrote descriptions of his trip. A Medici sent the description to some monks in Germany who just bought a printing press. They printed the letter and in a forward noted that since Amerigo Vespuci had discovered this land, they would refer to it as America.

In other words, American refers to an ITALIAN.

So, who cares if Redskin or American is used. Both are incorrect.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Getting Naked In Sweden”


Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Government Helps Children Of Alcoholics”

To get drunk along with dad?

USA, aol: “Priest Slain In Church”

Now, do you believe there is a Devil?

China, China Daily: “Space Ticket Sales Skyrocket”

People hear the Tea Party will gain control of Congress?

France, Connexion: “Police Fine Bad Pedestrians”

So, do they also fine bad police?

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “World’s Best Gay City”‘

It certainly is not Baghdad!

UK, Guardian: “Gun Collection Banned”

Not in the state of Texas! They ban sanity.

Modern American Capitalism

I recently came across an editorial written in Life Magazine by its Conservative publisher, Henry Luce. Mr. Luce hated liberals,he hated Socialists,and he loved American capitalism. In the editorial, Luce argued that modern capitalism was based on the principle that a businessman had a responsibility to “redistribute” income so that workers were paid good wages. Luce argued that if workers had a good income, they would purchase goods and every capitalist would benefit. In his view, a selfish businessman who gathered higher and higher income without also sharing profits with workers, was damaging the economy, and violating the principles of modern capitalism.

Believe it or Not, but we have such a modern believer in capitalism and his name is Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. Starbucks already provides health insurance to those who work twenty hours a week. He now is offering all workers, an opportunity to pursue an online college degree with Arizona State University. Starbucks will pick up the check. And, after completion of the degree, a worker can go where he desires.

This type of talk will get one on the list of Socialists. It makes one wonder what they put in the coffee at Starbucks!

On Teacher Tenure

I have been engaged in the world of teaching for over fifty years. It was about seventy years ago when American teachers finally got the right to have protection by passage of laws that guaranteed tenure. Tenure rights simply meant that Boards of Education or administrators could not arbitrarily fire a teacher because they disagreed with his views. During the nightmare of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s when teachers who taught controversial ideas such as that people were innocent until proven guilty, dozens of teachers in America were protected by right wing assaults. Tenure is the only real protection for teachers who are controversial. It was never meant to be a protection against failing to fire incompetent teachers.

Los Angeles Superior Court Justice Rolf Treu has ruled that tenure is unconstitutional because it prevents firing incompetent teachers and thus puts at risk the right of students to be taught by competent teachers. This is ridiculous. Any teacher during his initial three years can be fired for incompetence. The problem is NOT tenure, it is the incompetence of school administrators to supervise teachers and fire those who fail to do their job of teaching. As a Department Chairperson in a high school, I fired incompetent teachers.

To end tenure is to take away the only legal right possessed by teachers to speak freely in the classroom. This means a science teacher who teaches evolution can now be fired by right wing nut cases! Justice Treu has provided creation minded ignorant people with a weapon to end the teaching of science in our schools!

Dancing With The Devil

In the fall of 2001 as American forces entered Afghanistan in order to demolish the Taliban government that had aided the 9/11 attack, then Iran President Khatami offered to provide assistance to President Bush. Iranian border guards prevented Taliban soldiers from leaving Afghanistan and provided US intelligence with information. President Khatami offered to negotiate all problems with the US in exchange for an end to the embargo. President Bush responded to the offer with a tirade against Iran as one of the “axis of evil” out to harm the United States of America. In effect, George Bush ended the opportunity to resolve differences with Iran and halt their efforts to construct nuclear weapons.

As Iraq collapses due to the incompetence of Prime Minister Maliki, fellow Shiite leader President Hassan Rouhani has dispatched Iranian soldiers to assist the effort against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. (ISIS. Secretary of State John Kerry indicated a willingness to cooperate with Iran. “We’re open to discussions if there is something constructive that can be contributed by Iran.” In turn, President Rouhani has made clear, “We can think about it if we see America starts confronting terrorist groups.”

When Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England was asked why a leading anti-Communist would ally with the Soviet Union, he replied: “I would work with the Devil if it meant saving the British empire.”

Tea Party Pot Boils Over

There is good news in America, the evil Eric Cantor has fallen from grace, and been replaced by a real God fearing, 100%, blue blooded Christian by the name of David Brat. Finally, we will have men and women in Congress who will protect us from the terrorism of Catholics pouring across our borders in order to sweep our streets, pick up our garbage, cut out mean, and baby sit our children. Just imagine if we Americans had to do those tasks! Tea Party folk want to get someone in charge of Congress who will finally refuse to work with Barack Obama. Pet Sessions from the great state of Texas issued a warning to members of Congress. “I think this administration needs to be prodded and reminded that the entire sovereignty of the United States is at risk if we do not secure our border, north, south, east and west.”

I believe that under the administration of the dude from Africa TWICE AS MANY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE BEEN DEPORTED THAN WERE UNDER THE PRIOR PRESIDENT FROM THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS! The pot has boiled over and Tea Party activists want to change leadership of the Republican party from the Boehners and Cantors who have devoted the past five years doing whatever Barack Obama desires. After all, this Congress has passed fewer laws than any prior in fifty years. That is what happens when Republican leaders become stooges of the president.

Automatic Weapons Kill More People

Among the non-stop assertions of the National Rifle Association is that people kill people, not guns. How many times have we heard the comment: “you can get killed just as easily by a knife as a gun so don’t blame guns.” A shooting incident at Seattle Pacific University proves this is a false assumption. A gunman entered one of the buildings and began to shoot people with his shotgun. He ran out of ammunition and had to reload. As he was reloading a female student hit him with pepper spray and a boy jumped on him and got him to the ground. If Mr. Aaron P Ybarra was in possession of an automatic weapon which blasted away with hundreds of bullets many more students would be dead.

Only one student died. Yes, he could have been killed with a knife. But, what about the dozens who might have died if Mr. Ybarra was carrying around weapons such as displayed by NRA idiots in Texas? America needs sensible gun laws. But, that will never happen as long as we have crazy people in this nation who just love to blast away.