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We offer observations from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Once Americans reached the Moon, today we can’t build a bridge across the Hudson River.

Elderly folk take time studying the check.

He devours food while she orders it. An American love story.

Mental paralysis is more crippling than physical.

For a child to clutch mom’s hand is to clutch God.

If Christ returned today, would he be for the 1%?

If one does not love self, one cannot love another.

Handouts for teacher represent security.

Girl purses grow smaller each year.

Age stiffens body, hopefully not the mind.

Dog’s should not be allowed in restaurants, sorry that is a dog’s life.

Child eats, mom fiddles with computer, and Rome burns.

I never go to see a film with a “warm story.” They chill my heart.

I have never seen a Mexican worker eating alone.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Women Make Porn Films In Church”

These days one wonders if they are for the guy up in the sky or the guy who runs the church?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Mayor Quits Over Dog Poop”

Mayors only take shit from Wall Street folk.

France, Connexcion: “No More Love”

These days in France that refers to the President.

Russia,Moscow Times: “Russians Attack Cheese”

There is no doubt the Russian army can handle an enemy like cheese.

Sweden, Local: “Dad Takes Kids To War Zone”

He got clearance from the NRA that it was his second amendment right!

UK< Guardian: “Drunk On Success”

Who else but the mayor of Toronto??

Western Hurricane Of Anger!

Cornell West, Harvard professor and writer was once a fervent supporter of Barack Obama, but western winds of anger now emanate from his body. He regards Obama as a fraud who has sold black people lies in the form of progressive beliefs. “He posed as if he was a kind of Lincoln, and we ended up with a brown faced Clinton. He posed as a progressive, and wound out to be a counterfeit.” Strong words coming from one who held presidential candidate Barack Obama in high regard. Apparently, what galls West very much is his hero appears to be “most comfortable with upper middle class whites and Jews who consider themselves to be very smart.”

Of course, teaching at Harvard, Mr. West spends most of his time with upper middle class whites and Jews who consider themselves to be very smart. The problems of Obama do not stem from hanging around with whites or Jews, they arise from his lack of knowledge regarding American history and his distaste for politics. Barack Obama has never realized the President of the United States of America is a POLITICIAN. He must be adept at the world of negotiating with Congress, persuading opponents he can get them “goodies” in exchange for votes. A recent figure indicated Obama had hit there golf course 170 times, and only twice with a member of Congress, one was a Republican! This is his problem of leadership, he never grasped how great presidents in history were great politicians.

Professor West, do you really believe Obama would have been better off with working blacks and whites? Hell, since he thought and acted like a Harvard professor, he would have been lost with these groups!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Yesterday I was, today I can be.

I am not a bleeding heart person, more like a bleeding nose guy.

Conditional love is a business arrangement.

One can not ‘forgive” another, only they can forgive their actions.

Dawn breaks, another million for a hedge fund guy.

Children play with food, adults play with obesity.

In all too many cases, “rationality” does not explain human behavior.

Children enjoy banging anything on a table.

Death means finally having a serious discussion about life and death.

I doubt if one in a hundred Americans could identify Iraq on a map.

To accept life does not mean one approves it.

I wear a suit once a year.

Age leads people to doubt the mind’s ability.

A Foreign Policy Gone Adrift

Another day, another bombing in Gaza. Two buildings happened to be twelve stories high which automatically makes them suspect of harboring terrorists who direct rocket attacks into Israel. Another day, another blasting of places which might harbor terrorists, but certainly are the homes of people residing in the hell known as, “Gaza.” The IDF sent a warning that “Israel is currently attacking and will continue to attack every area from which terror activities against Israel originate.” The current box score is about 17,000 houses are destroyed and at least 100,000 people are homeless.

We do not disagree that a nation has a right to strike back when rockets are sent into its territory. Of course, nations have the right of defense when attacked. BUT, what comes after the response? Is there a long range foreign policy present in the Israel government? Or, is the policy to never stop? The Israel government is perfectly clear about its policies of defense, but doe sit also have policies that seek to end violence in the future? What is the foreign policy of Israel regarding fostering of an independent Palestinian state that can assume responsibility for creating peace within its borders? THAT is the unanswered question in Gaza?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: Too Much Dirty Politics”

You mean there is really such a thing as “clean” politics?

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Woman’s Body In Suitcase”

Some pack clothes, some pack mom in her clothes!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Russia’s Brainstorming Strategy”

Figuring out what is in the mind of Vladimir Putin?

Egypt, Al-Ahramm: “Egypt Cabinet Genocide Law”

Wipe out all members of the Muslim Brotherhood?

USA, NY Daily Cops: “Dancing Cops”

In Ferguson, that means fleeing from responsibility.

China, China Daily: “Lab Rats Get Reprieve”

Alive today, dead tomorrow?

On Negotiating With The Enemy

It is easy for someone whose family has not been impacted by acts of terrorists to urge a hard line on their demands for ransom. No one can feel the pain, fear, and torture currently being felt by members the James Foley family. No one can ask them to set aside those feelings. Of course, there is always a “but” or “however” to this tale of horror. Michael Foley expressed the family desire for negotiating with terrorism. He insists “there’s more that could have been done directly on James’ behalf. I really hope that in some ways Jim’s death pushes us to take another look at our approach, our policy to terrorist and hostage negotiations and rethink them.”

President Obama sent a Special Force group into Syria in order to free the hostages. That meant the lives of several young Americans were placed at risk. There was always the possibility Special Force members could be killed in the act of saving others. Yes, some urge paying ransoms. The basic problem with paying ransoms to terrorists is there will always be another and another ransom to pay. Naturally, those who believe in paying off terrorists are ready to pose: “suppose it was your son or daughter who was kidnapped?” My feelings would be similar to those of the Foley family. But, hopefully, I would also hope that others should not give up their lives in order to save the life of my son or daughter.

Ransom demands by terrorists is NEVER a once in a lifetime demand!

Putin Plunges Into The Line!

The mind of Vladimir Putin is that of the ever plotting manipulator seeking to push his adversary into a move that allows a response that is military. The so-called “humanitarian convoy” bringing food and supplies to the beleaguered citizens of fictional “countries” located in the eastern region of Ukraine. The last thing on the mind of Putin is providing assistance to any person, place or government that does not acknowledge he is the supreme boss. Ukraine’s government made clear they regard trucks crossing its border as an act of war. This is a normal reaction from any government.

However, responding with arms is exactly what Putin seeks. He wants an excuse to send in the troops to end a war–naturally, the war that he began. Ukraine’s government should simply step aside, allow the trucks to unload their “humanitarian” supplies, and bid them a fond farewell. How about a special “Thank You” note from the Ukraine government? DO NOT Allow PUTIN TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO INITIATE WAR!

Silence Of Syrians And World

The latest figures from Human Rights Watch and UN sources is that 191,367 people of Syria have died in the current civil war. It is unclear how many other hundreds of thousands are wounded or forced to live under miserable conditions, not only in Syria, but in other nations since they have lost homes and property. The ravages of war spare no one–but it is always true that innocent people bear the burden of this tragedy. For the past few years as civil war has engulfed Syria, one question is constantly in my mind:

1. Where are Muslim religious figures? Why haven’t religious leaders in the Muslim world organized to protest the tragedy?

2. If Israel kills 2,000, a furious outburst of anger is heard in every Muslim nation, but if Muslims kill 191,367 only silence is heard?

For me, the death of a single Muslim is horrible,but for some strange reason no such feelings are common in the world of Muslims? I am certain that 99% of Muslims care about fellow Muslims but for some reason they do not become public protesters. I am simply asking: WHY THE SILENCE?

Let’s Blame Obama For Foley Death!

A new myth is emerging on Fox News and among those commenting upon the Middle East that President Obama is somehow responsible for the beheading of James Foley. At the heart of this argument is a belief sufficient years have passed since the Bush invasion of Iraq so from now on, he is off the hook, and the dude in the White House is on it. OK, President Obama did dispatch Special Forces to rescue Foley, but why didn’t it succeed? If he didn’t send Special Forces, critics would be blasting him, if he does, they are critical of failure. Could President Obama have prevented the rise of ISIS?

1. Prior to 9/11, al-Qaeda under Osama bin Laden was comprised of fewer than five thousand men lacking heavy weapons.

2. The invasion allowed this small group to become an effective fighting force.

3. Bush mistakes were subsequently followed by Obama mistakes. Neither President created a Foreign Policy for the MIDDLE EAST! Neither clearly stated American foreign policy goals in the region. Even today, no American has any idea as to the nation’s foreign policy aspirations in this region of the world.

4. For some inexplicable reason, Barack Obama has emerged as a president lacking ability to lead the nation. Both liberals and conservatives have the same complaint– he appears to stand apart from the nation. During the dark days of 1940 when England stood alone confronting a powerful German Army, newly appointed Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “marshaled command of the English language and sent it into battle.” He inspired the English people and they defeated Germany’s air attack.

5. At no point in his presidency has Barack Obama been able to “marshall command of the English language” and send it into battle against Middle East terrorism. In order to gain national support one must lay out in clear and concise terms the goals of America.

So, is Barack Obama guilty of James Foley’s death? This horrible murder is simply another outfall–a decade later– of invading Iraq in 2003.