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Another Gun Nut On Loose

Eric Frein was a student at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. He portrayed himself in a high school yearbook as a boy with a gun ready to blast away at something. Along the way, he joined the Eastern Wolves which are part of something termed the Red Alliance. This group holds war simulations in which young men pretend they are soldiers some place in eastern Europe where they fight some bad people. At this point they have decided that Serbians are the bad people so they dress like someone in east Europe and pretend to have a Slavic accent. These games are conducted by the Red Alliance which believes that Americans must learn how to fight against bad people, and what better way then to go into forests and pretend they are engaged in fighting the bad folks?

Eric Frein was confronted by two local cops and then proceeded to murder one and wound the other. I don’t know, perhaps the police had an “east European accent?” Eric is part of the survivalist enterprise which consists of men and women who await some terrible moment when the Communists, oops, those people are gone, so there must be another invading army approaching and we must be prepared. I know, it is ISIS, a bunch of guys who have guns and speak with east Middle Eastern accents!

Public Hatred OK

It has becomes an accepted idea in the Unites States of America as well as throughout the Western world that Muslims are terrorists who enjoy murdering the innocent. At this point in time, Americans fear for their lives at the prospect of ISIS coming to this nation and beheading all of us. Pamela Geller is a blogger who hates Muslims because they kill. She is a Jew who believes that Jews in the Middle East are confronted to the greatest threat in the history of Judaism. She has begun a campaign in New York City’s subways and buses to make clear to one and all that the Muslim religion is based on hatred. She has taken out ads that will soon appear in the Subway:

According to Ms. Geller the Muslim Holy Book contains passages about hating people.

Let me get this straight. The Jewish Old Testament and the Christian New Testament contain words of hate. Most religious books are filled with hatred toward “bad people.”

Oh, Ms. Geller, if you added up the number of Jews killed since the birth of Israel in 1948 that figure would not surpass the number of Jews murdered by Christian Germans on a single day of the Holocaust!

Muslims kill thousands, Christians killed millions. And, all killed because God was on their side!

Death Again By Guns

People died in a southern town, and they were not killed by any Muslim terrorist. A family is no more because a grandfather decided to take out his weapons of mass destruction and aim them at his daughter and her six children. Dan Spirit was apparently upset at something or somebody, and since he lives in the United States of America, there was always a handy gun ready to be fired. Mr.Spirit in 2003 was convicted of killing his 8 year old son during a hunting accident in 2001. Naturally, in America when someone kills another during a hunting accident, it is classified as an “accident.” The individual admits to being sorry, and goes back home. Just imagine if the individual shot someone during a robbery by “accident?” Head to prison for years because this individual was not on a hunting “trip.”

Dan Spirit shot six of his grandchildren and his daughter. They ranged in age from 10 months to ten years. He was still alive when the sheriff arrived. He mumbled some words about “injuring someone,” and then killed himself. We will never know why he murdered those he supposedly loved. But, we do know that someone who kills another during a “hunting trip” does not face punishment nor does he face the prospect of being denied access to weapons of death!

Hey Mars, Here We Come!

The NASA space craft MAVEN will descend upon Mars some time this weekend. Its task is to check the Martian environment and atmosphere for any signs that at some point in the evolution of this planet that life existed. We Earth folk are interested in other planets because they just might possess the materials of life. Of course, this is important. After all, how certain are we that humans will be able to continue life on the planet named, Earth? Given our propensity for violence, death, destruction of one another, is there any guarantee that life will continue on this planet? I do understand that Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are voyaging among planets in the universe in order to decide which should join with Earth and create conditions for other Earth style planets.

Perhaps, the best thing we Earthians can do for Mars is to keep off their planet. Imagine the NRA on Mars? Can you just conceive a Ted Cruz and the Republican party in charge of an entire planet? On the other hand, since there currently are no life forms on Mars, how about sending this planet ISIS and other allied groups. They can enforce Sharia law, and live in a perfect old fashioned Muslim world without being pestered by all that modernity stuff! I say, MARS FOR ISIS! At least then they will be happy.

Why Are People Sent To Jail?

It would be difficult for modern Americans to realize that during the 18th and 19th centuries American ideas on handling criminals impacted the thinking of Europeans. Once upon a time we Americans were regarded as leaders in the handling of criminal system. The original idea propagated in America was that jail served as an opportunity to rehabilitate those who engaged in crime. Of course, this concept is now the purpose of prisons in many nations such as Sweden or Norway. The American idea that criminals can be rehabilitated has long fell out of favor. Instead, people are sent to jail as punishment and the purpose of prison time is to make them experience the horror of being under control of guards whose only thought is keeping prisoners under control.

Rine lima-Marin at age 20 was criminal. Together with friends he robbed video stores, engaged in kidnapping of people and was caught. He was sentenced to life in prison. By mistake, he was released on parole in 2008. He returned home, married his girl friend, got a job and had two children. There are no reports that he did anything wrong during this time period. In other words, he was rehabilitated. But, the error was discovered and back in prison he went. His family and church supporters are asking that he be allowed to return home and continue his successful process of rehabilitation.

Just remember it cost society about $30,000 year to keep someone in jail. Multiply that figure by 70 and you will learn the cost of returning a rehabilitated man to jail!

Republicans Support Equal Pay For Wealthy Folk

There are few certainties in life, but when it comes to anything to do with equal pay for women, one can bet the Republican party will take a strong stand in favor of fairness. Of course, when Republicans mention the word, “fairness,” they mean we should be fair to those who run corporations. Democrats in the US Senate introduced a bill that called for fairness in pay and “lost”because they were only to persuade 52 to vote for it while 40 opposed. The proposed law would prevent corporations from paying women less than men when both were doing the same job. Rushing to the rescue of women from this horrible idea was Senator Mitch McConnell. He is terribly concerned for women, and once they can earn as much as men, there is only one outcome–they will lose their jobs!

Let the wise man speak: “At the time when the Obama economy is already hurting women so much, this legislation would double down on the problem while lining the pockets of trial lawyers.” If women have the right to sue to obtain equal pay this means the law only benefits trial lawyers. If there is one group Republicans hate it is trial lawyers. Of course, they love trial lawyers who ensure that businessmen never pay high taxes.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Friendship is a gift, not an obligation.

There are friends of heart and friends of convenience.

Prejudice has a thousand fathers.

Some talk to self aloud, others only within.

The past dwells forever in our mind.

People enjoy boasting of their skin color.

Our choice is always to love or to hate.

I enjoy being is silence enjoying my mind.

Some grasp the pizza proudly as though won a prize.

Some dig into pocket seeking to grasp a treasure.

“So Help Me God”

A member of the United States Air Force has been informed that he must depart unless on his re-enlistment process he takes an oath of allegiance to the United States that includes the words, “so help me God.” It turns out the Air Force is the only branch of our armed forces that insists someone who does not believe in God must pledge allegiance to God or forsake belonging to the armed forces. A few years ago, there were reports from the Air Force Academy of efforts by religious folk to propagate their ideas among those in the Academy. What exactly does God have to do with being a loyal American is a mystery of life. Most reports indicate at the minimum about 10% of Americans are atheists in one way or another. Heck, at least thirty percent of Americans don’t belong to any religious group!

We insist that “God Is ON Our Side” when we go off to kill the “enemy.” We insist that God helped us win the bet or ensured that we had the winning hand in a poker game. Frankly, “so help me God” should only mean that I love my fellow humans, so help me God!

By the way, those who lead the US Air Force, ISIS believes that God is on their side, so help me God!


We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Politician Is Hot Thinker”

I would wait until he cools off a bit.

Canada, Toronto Star: “One Mean Bunch”

Congressional Republicans are NEVER mean to the wealthy!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Global Mission”

Vladimir wants the world to see him bare chested!

USA, aol: “Woman Bites Cop And Dies”

At least she wasn’t beaten to death!

Australia, Canberra Times: “Doctor Forgot To Diagnose Cancer”

No one is perfect. Isn’t it about time patients did some thinking?

Barack On Offense!

President Barack Obama is going to give a speech this Wednesday evening in which American foreign policy toward terrorist groups will be discussed. Believe it or not, but Barack finally has decided to invite Republican leaders, and a wide variety of foreign policy experts to the White House so that he can hear differing views. This blog has been urging such gathering for years, but whoever Barack Obama relies on for foreign policy advice, the idea of coming across as aggressive in world affairs has not been characteristic of this administration. Instead, we have been treated to comments about “I have yet to work out a strategy.” There are many good things to be said about the Obama administration, but forceful thinking about foreign affairs is not one of them.

Ed Royce, Republican Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, praised the president’s action. Boy, this must be a first, a Republican with nice things to be said about Obama! However, Royce made clear he “wants a plan that brings our allies on board.” I assume that is the new plan. Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein praised the President for “going on the offense.” I assume that five years into a presidency is just about the right time to go on the offense.