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Texas Rangers Get Bad People

Texas is not only a state but it is also a state of mind. The folks who live in the great state of Texas so enjoy electing men and women to public office who are real AMERICANS! There is a lot of wealth floating around this state and the right folks have most of it. To be a Texan is to live on the right side of our Lord up in the sky. OK, so our Founding Fathers wanted to end the practice of sending to jail those who were not able to pay their debts, but this is modern Texas where no government body out side the borders of the state dare to tell Texans how to run their lives. As of this date, at least six people are in jail for the non-existent crime of not paying off loans on time, and about 1500 face criminal charges for the horrible crime of not paying back money that was borrowed. I do not know if students who owe money to the Federal government will be sent to jail.

Actually, there is a law in Texas which forbids sending to prison those unable to pay debts, but, what the heck, this is Texas and when it comes to matters of money, those with it, are in control. Of course, there is a Federal law which does not allow sending to jail debtors, but how dare that dude from Africa tell Texans who goes or does not go to jail! Next thing the black dude will tell the great state of Texas that it can not kill prisoners. After all, Texas leads the nation in killing prisoners!

Bye Bye Ruble

I am writing in order to assure the people of Russia not to become upset at the prospect that their noble ruble is sort of heading downward. I want to make certain they realize this business with the ruble has nothing to do with our Great and noble leader, God’s gift to the nation of Russia- the one and only Vladimir Putin. Take a deep breath and get a smile on your face, people of Russia. Why?

1. You now have the Crimea. It has been restored to Mother Russia. Which is more important, having the Crimea or a ruble that is worth more?

2. Gays and lesbians no longer wander your streets threatening your children. I assume this problem kept you up at nights.

3. The world is angry at Putin over Ukraine. Isn’t it great to have the world angry and fearful of the Russian people? Back to the good old days of the Cold War!

4. Since the ruble is not worth as much, this means you will cease purchasing things that you do not need. Chalk up another gift from Putin!

Bye bye Ruble, hello Putin and his dictatorship. Just like the days of Joseph Stalin when Russians were feared!!

Republicans Turn Back On Pope Francis

These are the best of times for members of the Republican party but these are the worse of times for those who are members of the Catholic Church. After devoting years arguing against the existence of the liberal idea that there is some sort of climate change, along comes a Pope who insist hat humans are changing the climate! I assume the next thing this Pope Francis will tell Catholics is that the planet Earth has been around for billions of years? Oh, my God, does this Pope Francis actually believe that Barney Rubble and the Flintstones are not a true picture of the past! I have been told that Senator Ted Cruz is planning a week long marathon discussion in which he will inform the American people about human history. After all, he attended an Ivy League college and must be smart.

To add to Republican woes this Pope Francis is preparing to hold a conference with members of other religions in which the prime topic will be POVERTY! I know that Republican congressmen are shocked that the most important issue confronting Americans will not be discussed at this meeting–how to aid those the struggling lives of millionaires! Where did this Pope get these crazy ideas that people are poor due to actions of those who are wealthy? Just ask Ted, he will offer you a five hour discussion on the origin of poverty– all caused by laziness!

It is time for those who love true Catholic church to turn their backs on Pope Francis!

I assume this Pope will now claim that Jesus worried about the poor when everyone knows his main concern was for those who work on Wall Street.

Things Not To Do Next Year

We offer some free advice to those who expect to be alive in 2015.

1. Under no conditions book a flight from a nation in southeast Asia.

2. Under no conditions fly into Singapore unless you desire to swim in the ocean.

3. Under no condition vote for anyone who belongs to the Republican Party.

4. Under no condition take a vacation in the Middle East.

5. Under no condition place money in a Russian bank.

6. Under no condition breathe too much air in China.

7. Under no condition see the movie, “The Interview.” It stinks.

8. Under no condition if you have a black skin walk city streets after sunset.

9. Under no condition take the offer of a free trip to North Korea.

10. Under no condition accept any “facts” uttered by Fox News commentators.

I’m Not In The Working Class

I was raised in the South Bronx in a congressional district that contained thousands who regarded themselves as members of the working class. We carried the expression, “working class” with honor and we honored all those who worked as fellow comrades. Today, few Americans regard themselves as members of the working class because it makes them feel inferior. They believe themselves to members of the “middle class.” So, what do they enjoy in 2014 was members of this working class?

1. They have to pay off student loans while we members of the Depression working class received free college attendance.

2. They can not afford to purchase a home while we members of the working class belonged to unions which ensured we received wages that allowed purchasing a home.

3. They can not afford a vacation while we members of the working class took vacations.

4. They struggle to pay for their retirement while we working class people worked to create Social Security. Unfortunately, these “middle Class” people voted for members of Congress that seek to end Social Security rather than for political leaders who would have increased payments.

So, be happy that you are in the modern “middle Class.” On the other hand, how about joining the working class and elect congressmen who will increase jobs and pay??

Vladimir Is Upset!

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is very upset with a whole lot of people in this world. It is very difficult being a dictator and growing accustomed to speaking without anyone daring to contradict your words of wisdom. I doubt if Vladimir can recall the last time any person in Russia expressed a contradiction to what he uttered which makes difficult being in a world in which there are human beings who hold opposing views to the man who knows all. At this point in time, Vladimir is very upset at those who belong to the notorious NATO alliance. As far as Vladimir is concerned its real name is– NAZI ALLIANCE! He charged the “build up of ATO military potential and its empowerment with global functions implemented by violation of international law” is a threat to humankind.

In many respects Vladimir, formerly of the notorious Soviet Union KGB only understands a world in which the threat of nuclear war requires non-stop adherence to defending Mother Russia against evil forces who inhabit western Europe. Here is the reality he refuses to confront:

1.The last time Russian troops were actually engaged in a war against those with air forces of artillery or tanks was in 1945.

2. Talk is cheap but action would be a disaster for the Russian people.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I feel cheated when my pen runs out of ink.

She sits gazing at screen, mom arrives to gaze at screen, another lunch by daughter and mother.

I wonder if they celebrate Christmas on other planets.

I wonder if there was ever a day without a human murder.

I adjust to any and all situations in life.

Doctor told me no more coffee. Such is life.

I so enjoy hot soup on cold days.

As we grow older we seek restaurants closer to where we live.

I have always been a short gait walker.

In the end there will be a new beginning.

A Chat With Santa

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Santa in the North Pole. He had asked what I want for Xmas, and my reply was to chat with the man who is actually beloved by members of the Tea Party and Barack Obama.

M: So, Santa, is there anything different about this Christmas from previous ones?

S: Well, to tell the truth it has been a rough one. Can you imagine what it is like getting this sleigh across open water when in the old days we had gobs of snow?

M: I hope you are not like those Socialist Liberals always complaining about the sol-called global warming?

S: Santa cares about all folks, whether or not they be liberals, socialists, or wealthy.

M: So, what did you bring to those working on Wall Street?

S: Actually,nothing. They already got their Xmas present in November. Bonuses and new laws to prevent them from paying any taxes.

M: Are you against those job creators?

S: Well, it would sort of help if we Santas got some health benefits, carrying those loads is mighty tough on my back.

M: I have always wondered if Santa ever got angry at anyone?

S: Have you ever dealt with little Teddie Cruz, he gets so angry if I leave some presents at the homeless shelter. He claims I am encouraging laziness and giving the money of those with wealth to a bunch of bums who live off the work of others. A real gem is little Teddie.

M: How do you feel about President Obama?

S: That is one curious dude. He could use a present of a good speech writer. I call him the Great Miscommunicator.

M: Anything for Vladimir Putin?

S: Vodka and a muzzle for his mouth is the best I can do.

M: Anything for Sarah Palin or Ms. Bachmann?

S: A bear to wrestle for Sarah and a history book for the woman who could use a bit of knowledge.

M: What can I get for you?

S: Snow would help.

Pope Francis Frankness Angers US Cubans

About half a century ago, thousands of Cubans fled their native land when Fidel Castro overthrew a dictator and established a communist government. Today, Cuba is among the few “communist” societies that is still based upon communist economic concepts and political ideas conceding which freedom should be allowed the people. A high percent of those who initially left Cuba were from the middle or upper classes of society. They departed with anger at loss of property, of business, of power. Today, many in Florida have not forgotten what they lost and continue hating the Castro boys. There is growing anger within this group of Catholic without a Pope.” Miguel Saavedia now believes “the church is contaminated” because Pope Francis worked to end isolation of Catholics in Cuba. Antonio Suarez-Ramos is ready to hear an announcement from Pope Francis that gays can become priests.

Reality check: Most polls reveal that those under the age of 35 in Florida who are Catholics tracing their ancestors to Cuba refugees now believe it is time for diplomatic relations with Cuba. They understand that those living in Cuba now just might, and I mean, “just might” have a chance to witness relaxation of communist ideas and growth of free enterprise opportunities. It is all well and good for those in Florida to insist continue present policies, but they do not have to live with them each day of their lives. After all, after sixty years of the same, what is the problem in at least attempting something new. Thank God for Pope Francis whose only concern is the welfare of fellow Catholics!

There is no question that being a police officer is a stressful and dangerous position in life. There is also no question that our police departments have bought into the incorrect idea of “broken windows.” There is no evidence that transforming petty actions into major crimes does anything other than foster violence. The death of Eric Garner, a man who had been peddling cigarettes for years stemmed from the broken window concept and the need for police to produce evidence of crime in order to please their superiors. A few days ago a sick young African American named, Brimsley decided to take out his anger on innocent police and murdered two officers who were sitting in their patrol car. His action has unleashed anger from the Fox News crowd and folks like Rudy Giuiliani who insist that protecting the safety of police officers is the real problem in America. Many in the New York City police department are furious at Mayor Bill de Blasio who they claim displayed disrespect to all police officers when he condemned the murder of Eric Garner.

There are TWO ISSUES: safety of police and excessive use of force by police. The murder of two innocent police officers who were doing their duty has NOTHING to do with the need to address violence on the part of some police officers. Police should not be angry at the Mayor, their anger should be directed at the false policy of Broken Windows!