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“Dictator”Donald Trump?

Stephen Colbert on his show last night presented a woman who was the ‘outreach’ person responsible for dealing with African Americans. She presented in a firm voice a warning to all those who made critical remarks about Donald Trump making clear he does not forget those who display anger toward him. Her exact word were these people had better learn to “bow down” to the man who is now the most powerful person on this planet. I am 86, I have studied and written about American history, but I have never, never, heard any political leader in America warn opponents they had better “bow down” to them–OR ELSE face the consequences.

I assume this is the ‘new’ face of Donald Trump, our new LEADER!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


So, is America today,  Great Again?

Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General is akin to a Mafia boss as chief of police.

I suspect Donald Trump does not have a clue as to what to do as President.

Who actually believes that Great Jobs are coming back to America?

I wonder what Jeb Bush is thinking today?

Question as to whether Paul Ryan will still be Majority leader.

So, which job for Chris Christie, Attorney General for a crook?

Anyway, we are still alive two days after the idiot became president.

World Cries Over Donald

World leader are even in a greater state of shock than are Americans over the impossible becoming the reality  of “President Donald Trump. Following are some comments from periodicals.

Guardian, UK:  “The unthinkable is only unthinkable if it happens. The Trump  triumph has echoes of the increasing alarming right ward shift in politics of other post industrial democracies to which  progressives have produced inadequate responses. It will be cheered in Moscow and Damascus which will feel embolded. But this is primarily an American tragedy.”

Der Spiegel, Germany: “Crude populism has triumphed over reason. Trump’s success is a shock for all those who had counted on the political wisdom of America. For Trump’s islamophobic, nationalistic, hateful statements only one thing can be said for it,  it won’t be good.”

Gerard Araud, French Ambassador to the US: “This is the end of an epoch. After this vote, anything is possible.”

Why Did Trump Win? Part One

Well, the unimaginable happened, the idiot is now our president. Why did over fifty million Americans vote for this man who lacks knowledge or even the faintest idea about economics?

1. He created a new coalition. It contains people whose jobs are disappearing due  to technology, and he convinced them it was due to the Chinese. The coalition included those furious at personal changes such as gay marriage or transgender rights, and racists, and those fearful of immigrants, or those fearful of Muslims, or those who are just fearful.

2.  He resorted to the lowest level of racism unheard of in our history, and some enjoyed being told that blacks or Hispanics were the source of their problems.

3.  In the  first time in our history, a foreign government –Russia– was openly allowed to influence the outcome.

4. Ignorance led many to believe that we are threatened by terrorists. Since 9/11 fewer than 200 Americans have died in this country due to terrorists. Each year 30,000 die due to guns.

5. Hillary Clinton carried too much baggage from the past.

6. Americans refused to understand that Congressional gridlock was created by Republicans, instead they blamed Congress and the president.

7. Hillary Clinton won the debates, Trump won by hating everyone who was connected to Washington D.C.

8. He was probably  the first bully to win an election in American history.

For Hillary Clinton -Domestic Policy

I endeavor my best to make sense about the domestic policies of Donald Trump. As far as I can tell, his ‘PROGRAM” consists of WORDS, not policies. He wants to bring great jobs back to America–which ones, how, how many,how much will they pay in wages, and who in America wants those jobs? As of this date, he has never once explained how he will create jobs, but, in honesty,he has repeatedly spoken words. He wants to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with -a fantastic health program, one that will be affordable and help twenty million Americans. Apparently, details will follow –eventually.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has specific programs. Provide free colleges which would enable youth to become educated for higher paying jobs. Create  an infrastructure program which would  provide a few million jobs at good pay. She wants to raise the minimum wage so those at the bottom of the  wage scale have more money which translates into more goods sold,and more jobs. She wants to improve the Affordable Care Act which could benefit millions of people. It needs fixing, not destruction. She wants further control over business. Clinton is ready to handle needed changes in Social Security. We need to raise the top level from $116,000 to at least $250,000. This would make Social Security solvent and allow for raises in Social Security payments.

She has specific ideas, rather than just words.

Silence Of Hillary

Despite the fact that FBI head James Comey just announced there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton did anything wrong, other than placing thousands of emails on her personal sever. As of this date not a single email uncovered has any relationship to matters of ‘national security.’ So, Hillary is playing this one very smart, just a stony silence of ignoring that FBI head:

1. Broke Justice Department protocols to remain silent while an investigation is in process.

2.  Broke FBI rules when he commented that Hillary Clinton was guilty of bad judgement in having emails on her  personal server. The FBI head, states facts, NOT judgments on the character of a person under investigation, and certainly not on a person who was never convicted of a crime.

3. Hillary Clinton is just remaining silent. Any word she utters to defend herself will be seized upon by Trump to ask: “if she is innocent,then why is she defending herself? What is she hiding?

There are moments when SILENCE IS THE BEST POLICY! Do not respond to anything Trump says, he wants you to get into an argument with him. Silence will devastate the bully  from New York!

Donald At Night

There are now new reports that Donald Trump is experiencing difficulty in sleeping at night. Jed Kushner, his son-in-law has become a frequent night time caller who spends many evenings  soothing the gentle red headed boy who is experiencing some nightmares.

‘Now, Donnie, the big bad Hillary witch is not going to get in your bed, and make  you do something that is naughty. Calm down, calm down, the people just love you, they spend their every day dreaming of the  Great Wall that you will build, bigger than any wall in China or Egypt, or anywhere. See, I just looked under the bed and there is not a single Hispanic rapist or murderer out to get you while asleep. They are still back in Mexico with all the terrorists and bad people who hate my darling, darling sweet red headed boy.

Now, Donnie, if you want someone to be in bed with you, should I call Ivanka, she still is one real hot piece of ass. You have to get to sleep, you need some rest for your arms, they are real tired being waved around ten or fifteen hours a day. The wicked witch of Washington is not going to put you in her big pot and boil you. She has gone away, she is back with Bill, and you have no interest in that boobless piece of garbage. Have a real nice dream, there she is on her knees just begging you to do it to her. Honest, Donnie, that’s why she hates you, one fuck and she will do whatever you want.

So, sleep tight my little boy and dream of white houses and cheering adoring crowds, the American people just love you.’


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The FBI has now become the FBIR- the Federal Bureau  of Investigation for Republicans.

Did you know Trump’s grandpa ran a whore house in Canada?

If Melania speaks a coherent sentence, the media goes wild with joy at her ‘brilliant’ talk.

For some reason our devout Christians are not interested in nude pictures of Melania.

In all honesty, the nude pictures reveal why Donald prefers his daughter’s boobs over those of his wife.

Whatever happened to the hordes of Hispanic rapists swarming over our borders?

In my youth, one was disqualified for running for president if divorced, today, it is a requirement to be a sexual predator.

These days Rudy Giuliani goes wild over any dirt he can find about Hillary Clinton. He becomes incoherently giddy with delight.

Does any Trump supporter actually know one thing their candidate will do as president other than saying, Make America Great Again?

Trump proves that you can con the American people very easily.

Donald Trump never utters a word of concern for dead Syrian children.

I wonder what Republican parents tell their children how to justify supporting Donald Trump

Democracy In Action

This undoubtedly is among the most bizarre elections in the history of America. I have been following elections for president over the past 86 years, but I do not  recall having federal government agencies playing such an active role in deciding who should become our president. Each day there is evidence that FBI agents, and the director of the organization are feeding information to the Republican party on the ‘evil activities’ of Hillary Clinton. Last night, Rudy Giuliani was besides himself with joy as he predicted “new email revelations” about Hillary Clinton.

It is clear that FBI agents in New York City are  providing the former mayor with information about emails written by Anthony Weiner or his wife or God knows who else. FBI director James Comey has become an active supporter of Donald Trump. So, what ever happened to the concept of government agencies being neutral in elections? These are indeed strange times,these are indeed the first time the FBI became involved in deciding an election. Somehow, this does not represent American democracy in action.

Madness Of Trump

This has been among the most confusing,bewildering, and dishonest campaigns in the history of American politics. Donald Trump for over a year has offered absolutely NO ideas as to what he would do if he became president. As of this point, this is the platform of a candidate for president:

1. I will make Great Deals with China. Which ones, I will let you know later.

2. I will end the Affordable Care Act, and replace it with a new one. Details, much, much later on.

3. I will build a Wall, Mexico will pay  for it. Details how or why, later on.

4. I will shake up Washington D.C. How,, details later on.

5. I will expel eleven million Hispanics from this nation. Who will handle the jobs they now do, details later on.

6. I have a Great Idea on how to wipe out ISIS, details, later on

7. I will bring back jobs to America, details, later on.

8. I will be great for college students, details, later on.

9. I will  be great for women, details, later on.

10. I will reduce taxes on the wealthy, THAT I am clear about!

11. I will end inheritance taxes, and save my family billions of dollars, THAT I am  clear about!

12. I will end immigration of Muslims, THAT I am clear about!