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Bibi -Stay Home!

Things are getting rather bad for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when the Anti-Defamation League of the US, which always regards any and all actions of Israel to be the word of God, suddenly comes out against the actions of Israel’s leader. Abraham Foxman who heads the ADL offered some words of advice to the Israel leader. Bibi had accepted and invitation from Republican leader John Boehner to address the American Congress on the foreign policy of the USA. This is sort of not done by countries in the world. Ordinarily, an Israel leader does not interfere with the political process of another land. But, then again, when Bibi desires something, who can deny him the right to butt into the lives of any nation in the world?

Foxman made clear to Bibi: “one needs to restart, and if needs a mature adult statement” on the part of the Israel leader. He pointed out that accepting the Republican invitation “has been hijacked by politics.” Gee, when did politics of the US get in the way of what Bibi wants or desires? The father of Benjamin Netanyahu was a Republican follower, his ambassador to the US was a Republican, and there is no doubt that Bibi is one. Stay home and keep your nose out of American politics! STAY HOME!

Iraqis Celebrate -Why?

As an American it is difficult for me to offer words of advice to any other people on this planet. I inhabit a nation in which many people do not wish to vaccinate their children against measles. However, over in Iraq, there is celebration over the end of curfew conditions. Baghdad was the scene of thousands cheering and dancing in the streets because for the first time since 2003, the government announced that people were no longer bound by curfew. Sara Adams, 22, said: “maybe it’s a little dangerous, but I just want to live my life for a moment.” Just think, for the first time since we Americans entered her land, people can actually go out at night and visit friends and family.

1. I am pleased to announce that George Bush is out chopping wood on his ranch and is not bothered by any Texas curfew.

2. Dick Cheney goes out at night to visit Fox News to announce doom and gloom.

3. Don Rumsfeld will be somewhere tonight, but sure as hell, it will not be in Baghdad.

Oh, as Iraqis celebrated there were three bombs going off.

What ToDo In Ukraine?

As you recall it was just over a decade ago when the American government led by the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided that our very survival as a country was threatened by the presence of
Weapons of Mass Destruction and the only road to peace was the road to war. This nation is now confronted by another possible war, and it has nothing to do with Muslims, and everything to do with terrorists. However, these terrorists are Christians, and they do sort of possess weapons of mass destruction. Separatists in Ukraine are moving into new areas, and behaving as an arm of Russian foreign policy. Senator John McCain and many members of Congress urge President Obama to send in weapons and get this war escalated. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is urging caution and now allowing the conflict to escalate. Most probably, President Obama is sort of confused about what to do.

Whether we like it or not, Soviet (oops, I mean, Russian) leader, Vladimir Putin wants a war. He has no idea how his Ukraine adventure could escalate into a war that might threaten peace in the world. Sorry, Ukraine might have to lose some land. However, the long term prospect is that Putin cannot continue allowing sanctions to be imposed without damaging the lives of Russians. Caution is the best policy. It might not get approval from Fox News, but such is life-and peace!

Brian We Love You

Poor Brian Williams is in trouble for telling fibs in class. He has been telling the tale of how while in a helicopter in Iraq in 2003, his plane was hit and he survived. It turns out the helicopter that was hit was not the one in which he rode. OK, so a TV person told lies. How about:

1. Fox News Lies about WMD in Iraq

2. Fox News fibs about “job destruction” caused by Obamacare?

3. Fox News stories about the Ebola scare?

4. Fox News stories about those immigrants taking jobs away from Americans?

And, so on, and so on….

Make A Nuclear Deal-NOW!

The Israel lobby and its cohorts in the Republican party fear the arrival of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Bibi Netanyahu will soon be in America to assure members of Congress that the worst nightmare in the Middle East would be having any nation possess an atomic bomb. OH, the ONLY nation in the Middle East that currently has atomic weapons is–ISRAEL. The only three nations in the Middle East that refuse to allow inspections by the United Nations are–Israel, Iran and Syria. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has something to offer the Republican party–gobs of money from Sheldon Alderson and Jewish voters who believe any scare story from the Middle East. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javaad Zarif warned the west that failure to work out a nuclear compromise with Iran will doom the Rouhani presidency and bring to power conservatives who WILL develop atomic weapons.

A story from the past unknown to Americans. In 2001 when US troops swept into Afghanistan the Iran reform President, Khatami offered assistance, he shut the border to Taliban soldiers who were fleeing capture and he offered the following deal:

1. Iran would allow UN inspection of nuclear facilities.

2. Iran would cease arming terrorist groups.

3. Iran would recognize the state of Israel.

In return, he wanted an end to sanctions, recognition of his government and trade.


They ARE Listening To You!

We inhabit a world in which the average person devotes his or her time during the day using a piece of technology in order to communicate with another person. The average person in America or England can not even eat a bite of food without grasping technology in hand and talking with someone else. On the other hand, governments now make certain that when you speak, they must know to whom you communicate and what is said during the conversation. The Investigating Powers Tribunal in London, is now charged with sharing data about what people in England say with US agencies. The English government is now charged with making certain that any and all conversations are known, not only to powers in the English government, but to those in the USA.

It is charged that the English government “contravened privacy and free speech provisions in the European Convention on Human Rights.” It acted illegally by sharing with the US government data and conversations in England. There is hope these charges will be presented to the European Court of Human Rights. Gee whiz, wouldn’t it be great if we Americans had a Court that dealt with our Rights. Oh, we do have the Supreme Court, but a majority on that body owe allegiance to the wealthy of America!

Obama Speaks Freely

As the leader of a nation, President Barack Obama has to be mindful about what he says in public. He just returned from a trip to India where his goal was to persuade the government of that nation to cooperate with the United States in creating a coalition of Asian nations that can restrict the drive south of China. The government of China desires to establish itself as the power in southeast Asia in order to dominate potential oil fields in the South China Sea. So, what does President Obama express in public: After expressing the idea that India is a beautiful country, he went on to say that “acts of intolerance (in India) that could have shocked Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi” have been common in that nation. He was referring to attacks upon Muslims in India.

Yes, there are attacks upon Muslims in India, yes, there is religious intolerance, but leaders of India are attempting to control such outbursts. India has numerous religions including Christians and Muslims, but it will take time for our concepts of religious freedom to become part of the laws of India. Have some patience.

ISIS Miscalculations

If one watches Fox News or listens to the rants of Republicans the group known as ISIS has simply out classed the Obama administration when it comes to taking over the Middle East. The American media has created an image of an all powerful, and all efficient terrorist group that is bound to succeed in become THE power in the Middle East. They captured a Jordanian pilot, pretended they were interested in a prisoner swap, and initially caused extensive dislike among Jordanians for the fight against ISIS. An intelligent group would have rushed forward to return the pilot and thus caused confusion and opposition within Jordan to the war against ISIS. So, what did these super terrorists do? They burned alive the pilot!

At this moment, once divided Jordan is now furious and anxious for revenge. Death to ISIS is now the slogan. ISIS is doomed to failure in the Middle East because it lacks a political arm that can divide and conquer in the region.

An Exorcism In Your Future?

We Americans are quite prepared to discuss the weird ideas of those who believe in the Muslim religion. We are confident that our Christian-Jewish heritage makes we good guys the only ones who really believe in God. There is a Baptist minister, Wayne Martin Jones, who heads the United Spiritual Baptist church in the Toronto area who has a special gift from God that allows him to get rid of the Devils that reside in your body. Of course, I have never heard of a Muslim imam who is in t he exorcist business, but what the heck, the outing of the devil from human bodies is simply a manifestation that we Christians and Jews enjoy a close relationship with God.

Anyway, Pastor Jones is now being charged with raping those who he was assisting to get rid of the Devil. Oh, he also robs people of their money while engaging in the exorcism. As a resident described the church, “weird things arfe going on over there in the church.” Now, about Muslim imams……

Enough With Measles Madness!

The American people have endured several years of Republican nonsense and destructive policies, but the current war against vaccination has reached the ultimate in stupidity. Five children in a Chicago day care have just been diagnosed with the measles. I realize that Chris Christie is now against vaccination and DOCTOR Rand Paul insists that those who are vaccinated may wind up dead. In all honesty, Senator Paul does have a point:

1. Over 97% of those who died this year had been vaccinated!

With evidence such as the above, how can any reasonable person deny that vaccination is the road to death? OK, enough with this nonsensical manner of thinking. So far this year we have had more children stuck with the disease than in the past few years. A disease that once was regarded as over, is now appearing all over the county. Surely, there MUST come a moment when Republicans cease supporting crazy ideas? Oh, for the record:

1. Under Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, the first federal laws were passed requiring inspections for safety violations in factories.

2. Under Teddy Roosevelt the first laws dealing with impure foods were passed.

3. Under Theodore Roosevelt, the federal government began its policies to protect our forests.

Yes indeed, there was a time when Republicans actually believed in science!