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The NON-Issues Election

The first presidential election I recall was in 1940 when Republican Wendell Wilkie and Democrat Franklin Roosevelt argued about what should be American policy toward the Hitler triumphs in Europe. The fate of the world was an issue to be discussed. They also clashed over how best to improve the health of our economy. John Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960 debated policy toward the Soviet Union, they discussed issues pertaining to civil rights. Of course in 1860 the issue of the future of slavery led to the Civil War. Fast forward to 2016, and what are the issues?

1. The  use of emails.

2. Can the nation trust someone to be president who does not know how to handle emails?

3. Four people died in Benghazi and somehow the Secretary of State is supposed to supervise the safety of 120 embassies every day of the year.

4. A candidate got pneumonia.

5.  We have a candidate who will NOT tell us his plans for the Middle East. They are a big SECRET.

6. We have a candidate who refuses to reveal information concerning his past. Now, this is a first.

7. We have a candidate who wants to build a WALL.

8. We have a candidate ranting about a non-issue, the presence of eleven million people who perform vital economic roles in our society, but he wants to get rid of them.

9. A candidate who wants to cut taxes, every time we cut taxes the economy is impacted.


Bad News For Republicans

Some very bad economic news was revealed that might upset some member of the Republican party. As Republicans do NOT recall, it was a Republican  president who presided over the collapse of our economy and created the Great Recession. Latest figures indicate the medical US household income rose 5.2%, which is the largest one year gain since 1967. Of course, in 1967. Of course, in 1967, Democrat Lyndon Johnson was president. The unemployment rate is now 5.3% which is much lower than when George Bush left office with an 11% unemployment rate.

Most important in these figures is that for the first time in decades the poorest Americans witnessed the larges percent rise in wages. The percent of Americans in poverty fell from 14.8% to 13.5%. For the first time in memory, the gap between the top 5% of wealthy and the middle class shrank.

Of course, Donald Trump has a PLAN, a great PLAN which will accomplish what already HAS been attained. Vote for Trump if you want another DEPRESSION!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


A certainty  in life today, someone will be killed by bombs in Syria, today.

Hillary Clinton will win the worst political campaign in history medal.

Trump lies, he lies,he lies, and the media focuses upon the fact Hillary has a cough.

Does anyone remember the last time the media posed questions about issues such as global change or unemployment?

Thank God NFL football is back so we can finally deal with REAL issues in America– who won the game?

It is quite clear that Donald Trump is somewhat over weight, how come no one is concerned?

If the world disappears in one great blast, just blame it on social media.




Rodrigo Donald Duterte

There is no question that millions of Americans just love a tough talking man of action who tells it like it is. Rodrigo Détente is the new president the Philippines. Since taking office two months ago, his police and soldiers have murdered over one thousand drug dealers.  OK, they  have murdered over one thousand people they CLAIM were drug dealers. Rodrigo is the Donald Trump of his nation.

In case you would like to hear what a REAL political leader says, read the following:

On being stuck in traffic jam during the visit of the Pope: “Pope, son of a whore, go home. Don’t visit any more.”

Singapore executed a Filipino maid: “Fuck you.  You are a garrison pretending to be a state.”

When learning President Obama did no agree with his policies: “You are the son of a whore.”

On complaints about his drug policies: “Fuck you,UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage…shut up all of you.”

On killing of a Filipino journalist: “Just because you’re a journalist,you are not exempted from assassination if you’re a son of a bitch.”

If this guy ran for president of the US, he would begin with twenty million votes!!

Nobody Asked Me But

We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty six year old mind trapped in an eighty six year old body.


What was that about Hillary Clinton being an outstanding politician?

Many Americans have a love affair with stupidity.

God, imagine a conservative Supreme Court for the next twenty years!

Oh, for Bernie Sanders at this moment in time!

Notice how Trump downplays his feelings about Hispanics.

Did you ever think a major political concern was who sat for the national anthem?

Face it, The Star Spangled Banner is a melancholy song, not one that stirs people to action.

Justice In America

I am quite aware that Donald Trump wants to make America, Great Again. I am quite aware that millions of followers of this brilliant leader want to make America Great Again. I am somewhat confused. Don’t these people realize our nation is the Greatest country in the world with people in prison?  Name a nation that beats us in the jail time for folks without money. Not only do we have over two million in prison, we have made certain those in jail will not get a Get-Out-Of-Jail pass for freedom.

Ms.Rhonda Covington is a fascinating person. She is the ONLY public defender in  the 20th Judicial district north of Baton Rouge. This means that thousands of those in jail who desire having their conviction re-examined, have no opportunity to do so. We all know of cases in which DNA  evidence proves a person in jail never committed the crime. However,no Public Defender to prepare a review means there never will be a review. Ms. Covington is a wonderful, courageous fighter to  human rights, but ONLY ONE PUBLIC DEFENDER! Are judges and parole boards serious??

Trump Of Philippines

The President of the Philippines, one Rodrigo Duterte,has decided that anything Donald Trump can say or do or shout about, he can do better and louder. During his brief few  months as president of the Philippines, he has encouraged the murder –sorry, according to Mr. Duterte, the peaceful elimination of bad drug people– of over 1,600 people. They are guilty because he says they are guilty. Please, don’t talk about trials and evidence because the only ones who speak this way are –drug dealers.

Well, he is now real angry at the president of the United States. Obama raised the killing  of people who never were placed on trial. Duterte  responded with some choice words about Obama–“son of a whore” and  warned, “don’t fuck with me.” I challenge Donald Trump to match this leader when it comes to insults and threats.

What I’m Tired Of

The past few weeks have been rather strange with stories concerning God knows what about God knows why events. So, here is my list of stories that belong in a space probe to outer limits of the universe.

1. Emails, we all use them, we all delete them, we all have no idea which email we deleted last month, last week, or one hour ago.

2. Trump and illegal immigrants. We have now heard just about every conceivable position by Donald Trump concerning this issue.

3. Naturally, Benghazi, no one knows where the hell this place is, no one knows, what the hell went on, all they know is somehow Hillary Clinton killed four people, although it is uncertain whether or not she actually pulled the trigger.

4. Muslims, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks, Iraqis, Kurds, Libyans, and any other person from the Middle East who has dark features. You are ALL bad, bad, people.

5. Kardashians, frankly, I have no idea who they are, what they do, but for some reason they are important. OH, throw Beyonce into this boring topic.

6. Obamacare. For some reason providing people without health insurance, some form of health insurance will lead to their deaths. Beats me how or why.

7. Ted Cruz, he crops up on boring days for the media, oh hum, I wonder why he is still around.

8. Who Paul Ryan supports, the story of the ages for Republicans.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


These days Republicans offer NO  ideas for dealing with issues in society, only Benghazi.

Later historians will term this the email election.

I expect Colin Kaepernick to lie down for the national anthem in order to make a statement.

Finally, football and now we will have winners and losers based upon ability.

Israel Jews insist that God only cares about their needs, definitely, a Jewish God.

I think Mexican President Nieto wishes he had not offered invitations to see him.

Trump campaign head thinks women are “dykes from Seven Sisters Schools.”

These days Jeb Bush looks like a great candidate.

NO doubt in modern America, a sucker is born every minute.

Hillary Clinton so wishes she never heard of the word, server.

I so fear for the lives of children whose parents are illegal immigrants.

So,what is ‘do the Right Thing” for Hillary Clinton?

Sit Or Stand–Who Cares?

Every so often in the United States of America an important issue emerges that challenges the very essence of this nation. NO, it has nothing to do with ISIS or employment or the economy,  this time it concerns the most important concern of our nation–who stands  or sits for the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick did it again. NO, he did not murder his wife, NO, he did not drown his children, NO, he did not shoot anyone, this man refused to STAND UP.

Just imagine if no one had paid any attention to his first refusal to stand for the national anthem? Colin wanted to make a statement. Ironically, by making an issue of his silliness, he HAS created an issue. Colin hates prejudice, Colin hates discrimination against black people, Colin is ANGRY. This man makes millions of dollars, has he contributed a single dollar to assist the fight against murder and mayhem here in Chicago? Has he come to Chicago to work for those experiencing the terror of gang war? HELL NO. He just remains sitting down.