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Mad Times In Iran Negotiations

Negotiations between major powers in the world and Iran have run into a roadblock. The infamous letter sent to the Iranian government by 47 Republican senators has created tension in the negotiation process. After all, if one is negotiating for the government of Iran certainly a question in your mind is whether or not an agreement that would be reached would some day be broken by the United States of America. Iranian
Foreign Minister Javad Zarif wants to know what the hell is going on. There is no question that our new brilliant foreign policy expert, Senator Tom Cotton of the great state of Arkansas knows all about the issues confronting nations in the Middle East.

1. No agreement means that Iran will double down on supplying terrorist organizations in the region.

2. Iran will continue with its nuclear program regardless of sanctions. After all, they have been working for years under sanctions.

3. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if returned to power might just send Israel planes to bomb Iran!

4. Hezbollah has thirty thousand missiles which would be sent toward Israel.

5. Assume 90% are shot down by the famous dome–that still means three thousand will hit Jews in Israel.

6. This will result in a Republican letter to the president demanding an American air assault in Iran.

We live in an era in which nut cases run the asylum!

Ideas Of March Madness

Within the coming days the United States of America will initiate the wars of March. NO, there will not be any dead bodies and no one will warn about ISIS or Muslim terrorists. We are now into a basketball tournament in which 64 basketball teams will vie for which is the fairest in the land. Young men will fling their bodies around in athletic wonder and most probably some team that was projected to exit the tournament will survive for a few more games. We will enjoy the fruits of capitalism in its most blatant example of capitalism. The NCAA which organizes this tournament will receive about ONE BILLION DOLLARS Ffor putting on this example of perfect capitalism.

Those who play the game will receive for their work–ZERO MONEY.

Those who are in charge of colleges or the organization of the NCAA will receive –ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Isnit this the ultimate in capitalism? Workers do not get a single penny and the bosses get all the money??

Now, if only the Republican party can translate this model to the world of work. Wow! I imagine if this model works in all aspects of the American economy capitalists might even be willing to pay some taxes.

NFL And Common Sense

I have been in love with football since my early years and this interest translated into devoting countless hours of my life watching and thinking about the National Football League. In my youth, professional football players did not wear extensive equipment, they simply ran out on the field and played football. There is no question these football players were not men who weighed over 300 pounds, simply a group of men who enjoyed being on the field. Many simply did not have any protective gear, why worry when your main goal was to catch the ball or tackle another player. Since that era we have evolved into football teams whose players seek to hurt those on the other team. Player after player winds up with traumatic damage to their brains or body.

Chris Borland is a player for the San Francisco Forty-Niners and is in his second year in the NFL. Mr. Borland informed his coach that enough was enough. He decided to end his career because the danger to his body and brain was too great. So, he gave up wealth for health. l have a hunch this young man will grow into a healthy old man while his teammates will become wealthy and ill. So, which is the wise choice, healthy or wealthy?

Please Elect Me!

I have decided to run for public office and thus am willing to share my views with those who vote.

Question: How do you stand on the issue of large deficits in government?

Response: I assure voters that once in office I will appoint a body of experts to study this issue and then will carry out their recommendations.

Question: How do you stand on the issue of global warming?

Response: Once elected I promise to go to Greenland and Iceland to personally confront this issue.

Question: Where do you stand on the issue of taxes?

Response: I oppose any and all taxes.

Question: Where do you stand on the issue of healthcare?

I promise to take care of my health.

Question: Where do you stand on the issue of gay rights?

Response: You have my promise that I will begin every day in a gay and happy attitude.

Question: Where do you stand on the issue of gun rights?

Response: I intend to spend each morning at the rifle range.

Question: What are your views about Iran?

Response: I once ran and thus am certain I can run rings around Iran.

So, are you gong to vote for me?

Lies And Tribulations Of Bib Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu legally did not have to call for an election since he had a few more years to remain in power. Bibi decided to call a special election and obtain a huge mandate from the people of Israel for his policies. He also decided to go to America and gain the support of the Republican party on the assumption that if American Republicans love him so will the people of Israel. He shouted, he screamed, he warned Congress that the sky would fall if an agreement was reached with Iran. Of course, he had made the same speech back in 1998, but he clearly knew that members of the Republican party only knew about guns in the Constitution and anything else had long left their minds.

Bibi went back to Israel and continued shouting and LYING. He charge that in 2006 a government led by his Israel opponents, Kadima had decided to evacuate the Gaza area and allow Hamas to take over. It turns out that his Likud government had three times voted to evacuate Gaza and he had voted along with his fellow members of Likud. Israel opponent Ron Mendior put it clearly, “Bib is the biggest phony in the world, it is clear that his words are simply hot air.”

Oh sorry Bibi, but American Republicans do not vote in Israel. If they did, you would capture any and all votes!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I would so enjoy the look on the face of a Republican president in 2017 who says, “now what do we do?”

Republicans are number one in anger.

An intelligent political leader would return to the world of paper.

Hillary should relax and smile.

Perhaps Hillary should buy the new wristwatch and fuck that up.

How about a new book: “Emails For Dummies?”

Another Ferguson Shooting

The only surprise about the latest shooting in Ferguson, Missouri is why it took so long to happen. Some nut cases decided to blast away at police in this troubled town. The shooting occurred a few days after release of a report by the Justice Department which proved the courts and police of Ferguson deliberately and systematically abuse the rights of those with dark skins. This town runs on money obtained from fines imposed by the police upon African Americans. I thought our Constitution forbid the imprisonment of those who had debts, but in Ferguson they throw in jail anyone with a black skin who can not pay a traffic ticket. After decades of such behavior what is so surprising that some men decided to take the law into their own hands” After all, the cops have not paid any attention to the Constitution so why should ordinary citizens?

President Obama has denounced the shooting. Who can defend such behavior? However, who can be surprised at such behavior? Allow violence to become the norm and eventually the violence will enter your life. Such is the way of life.

Iraq Wars Go On

Anyone under the age of 26 has spent half her or his life in a world in which there is a war in Iraq that somehow effects the lives of Americans. The closest analogy in American history was the war in Vietnam. Of course there was a Cold War for half a century, but this conflict dealt more with political issues than with armies engaged in killing one another. The latest chapter in the Iraq wars is now taking place on the outskirts of Tikrit which is the first step on the road to Mosul. As you recall it was several months ago that ISIS forces attacked Mosul only to discover that four divisions of Iraq soldiers simply put down their weapons and fled for their lives even though they outnumbered ISIS at least four to one.

At this moment, an Iraq army led by Iranian officers is attacking Tikrit and will soon take this city. For the first time Iraq soldiers believe their leaders represent something important to the lives of Iraq people. Sorry, American military personnel were never able to convey this concept. They always represented the non-Muslim West. Let’s see how the Iranian officers run this war. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body


A Republican is to ignorance as a camel is to water.

“Trampling the Constitution” is an inborn expression to Republicans when they do it.

I have lost all respect for Senator John McCain who was raised to serve the commander-in-chief.

Some Muslim children flee to death in Syria.

Some black American children meet death on the streets of America.

I so long wait for a Spring of Peace.

Crazy Times In Congress

I suspect that the infamous letter from 47 members of the Republican party that was sent to Iran is the first time in American history that a freshman Senator, led the way in American foreign policy.This stunt was the brainchild of Senator Cotton of the great state of Arkansas. The essential argument of these Republicans is that President Obama, once again is “trampling the Constitution” by making executive decisions. Republican congressmen insist the actions of Barack Obama have never previously been employed by any real American president. Look at the record:

In 1975 Republican President Ford signed an executive agreement known as the Helsinki Accords without consent of the Senate.

In 1982 Republican President, St.Ronald Reagan signed the US-USSR Strategic Arms Reduction agreement.

In 1984, St. Ronald signed a Nuclear Agreement with COMMUNIST CHINA!

And so on and so on. Thousands of such presidential executive agreements have been made. Senator Rand Paul told Secretary of State John Kerry that President Obama was “trampling the Constitution”and we “want you to obey the law.”

If one is ignorant of history than one is simply ignorant.