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“Reform” A Word Shouted By All

There is one word that is shouted by any and all those engaged in the public arena–REFORM. If I want to change a school curriculum to ensure students learn about the beauty of Capitalism, just say, ‘REFORM.” If I seek to reduce Food Stamps for those in need, just argue this is a REFORM that will benefit them. If I want to make difficult the right to vote, make clear that you are simply engaged in a fight to REFORM voting procedures.

One constantly hears this word expressed when the topic of wha to to do with education is being discussed. REALITY: If Rip van Winkle awoke from his two hundred year sleep and entered a classroom all would be familiar–an adult in front of a blackboard, children copying what the adult says, and a test to repeat back what they heard.

REFORM of government is simply an expression to reduce services to those in need. It justifies less money for the poor,and fewer services for our veterans.

I DO long for the day when REFORM actually entails creating NEW approaches to dealing with our problems. Anyway, how about engaging in REFORM to rebuild our infrastructure?

On Flags

There are moments in America when our supposed leaders become caught up in arguing about unimportant issues in order to ignore what is important. The issue of the hour in South Carolina has become that of the Confederate flag. Governor Niki Haley has announced that she now favors getting rid of this flag of infamy and thus things can get back to being OK in the state. Frankly, she will not suffer any political consequences for this act of bravery. She has now proved that she is on the side of the fight for equality in South Carolina.

1. She now does not have to address issues of police misbehavior to African Americans.

2. She can now ignore issues related to health care.

3. She can now ignore issues related to voting laws that impact the right of Blacks to vote.

Niki is now a hero who has done something. Something of scant importance to the lives of African Americans.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I wonder if there is a large enough stage in America to handle the Republican clown act?

Dylann Roof is not an “abnormal” person, simply a more active Fox News viewer.

Some day Americans will wake up to realize — we in this land are ALL immigrants.

Jon Stewart must be rethinking the decision to end and miss the Clown action.

Each day another angry young man murders.

Republicans should admit that no one can trump Donald Trump in stupidity.

I wonder if I can join the Clown act?

Things Not To Say About Israel

There are certain things that must never be expressed when discussing the nation of Israel. OH,it is OK to express joy and support for its government, but dare to mention any mistake leads to but one conclusion– the comment must and will be classified as an example of ANTI-SEMITISM! A UN report on last year’s Israel invasion of Gaza has sent Israel, and its supporters of the Israel government in America,into a fury of anger. The UN report simply noted that during that invasion, 2,256 humans died.It argued that figure included 1,563 civilians. Naturally, this figure must be wrong, for how could innocent civilians be killed during a war?

Netanyahu supporters in America, they are NOT Israel supporters, rush to the defense of Bibi. They argue that Israel is always cited by the UN Human Rights Council for killing the innocent, while other nations that murder are not. This is correct. There is no doubt that Israel is being singled out. BUT, there is another truth–the Israel Defense Force DID kill civilians. Face up to that fact and demonstrate to Sudan or Zimbabwe, Myanmar, or other nations that kill, at least one nation is ready to confront its errors.

Refugees Continue Walking And Sailing

There are those who continually complain about the massive numbers of refugees who are seeking new homes in more economically advanced nations. People like Dylann Roof believe that the United States of America is being overwhelmed by the hordes of people heading for our shores. Europe believe their very existence is threatened by African or Muslim “invaders” seeking to “take over their nations.” A brief examination of history makes clear this is not the first such “invasion,” and those of the past were much more severe.

1. Thousands of years ago Neanderthals were invaded by Cro-Magnons who soon took over their lands and sent them into extinction.

2. Invaders from England and other European nations not only invaded the New World, but wiped out untold millions in the process.

3. MY parents were among the horde of dirty, poor, desperate invaders who came to America seeking a new life. Between 1890-1925 about TWENTY FIVE MILLION IMMIGRANTS FROM EUROPE arrived in America. Just about everything being said concerning Africans or Muslims was said about this group.

Newcomers have been wandering from one place to another for about 50,000 years, Calm down, one day the newcomers will be the oldcomers and saying the same things about the newcomers!

Dylan Roof Is Us

Imagine being a young boy raised in some Southern state who can walk by a Confederate flag and hear people praise the good old days when “darkies knew their place?” Imagine watching Fox News rant and rave about “criminal blacks” who refuse to behave like good white people? Imagine being raised in a nation which refuses to enforce basic controls over use of guns? Dylann Roof was raised in a land of hate and verbal violence by those in the Republican Party whose ongoing non-stop refrain is that a man from Africa heads our nation and “he hates America?” Dylann was raised with hate spewing from the mouths of Fox News pundits,and he was raised in a state that refuses to control the use of guns of terrorism.

I hate to put it so blunt but Dylann was simply an ordinary American who was taught that guns are OK and that blacks are not. He was TAUGHT TO HATE. So, what is the surprise when he turned out to be an A student in hate. He had excellent teachers including a few dozen men seeking to become president of this nation. He is just an ordinary God-fearing American young man.

Hillary Comes Out Swinging

Many political pundits are praising Hillary Clinton for “moving to the left.” These days making any intelligent comment about the political issues within America comes across as “moving to the left.” So, Hillary wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. Under Republican President Dwight Eisenhower the top tax rate was NINETY PERCENT. And, he was considered to be a CONSERVATIVE. Heck, even under Saint Ronald Reagan the top tax rate was 40%. Yes, this Clinton has to argue for higher taxes on those with wealth.

All she has to do is simply seek basic human rights for women, and naturally, this will be construed as “moving to the left.” Under Richard Nixon, the one-time Conservative Republican, the first laws dealing with environment control were passed, so fighting against climate change used to be a CONSERVATIVE idea. I hate to inform Republicans but the initial income tax was an idea of leftist Abraham Lincoln, and the current income tax came from Republicans like Theodore Roosevelt.

So,Hillary,keep on “moving to the left” and one day you will meet up with those on the right who have a brain in their head.

Trans Pacific Partnership

After living 84 years there area few things that one has learned. Among them is the continual human movement towards international trade. Reality is that one decade jobs from America headed to Europe, the next decade they headed to China and then Vietnam and then Bangladesh. The new Trans Pacific Trade(TPP) has aroused anger among Democratic congressmen who insist they must protect “jobs” here in America from the low cost ones that are present in Asia.I continually hear comments about “protecting good solid blue collar jobs right here in the good old USA.” Reality, those jobs face greater threat from technology than they do from places in Asia. Within fifty years they will all be handled by some wonderful thinking robots. So, what are the alternatives:

1. Create new no-cost training centers to provide technology jobs for those who currently are in factories.

2. Redistribute the wealth and guarantee each American a guaranteed income.

3. Vastly raise the number of jobs in human relations such as education or social welfare.

4. Invent new jobs that could not be handled by robots.

Sound bizarre, but this is modern reality.

Geert Gets Going Hatefully

Geert Wilders has been around for over a decade in the Netherlands with his fight to preserve the purity of his nation from the influx of those Muslims. His approach is to draw pictures of Muhammad or to use cartoons in order to arouse hate and anger from Muslims.For one reason or another Muslim leaders play into his hate drama. Geert now has turned to the idea of freedom of speech as the center of his desire to get Muslim leaders going bonkers about some silly cartoon.

Muslim leaders have yet to grasp that Geert is the Ted Cruz of Holland. Pay attention to his hate and he loses making the 6:00 o’clock news. There are times to ignore those whose desire is arousing the hate that may lurk in human hearts. Let him draw and draw and eventually he will not draw any attention.


We offer observations on the human condition from a24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I am sick to my heart at the shooting in Charleston.

But, the commentary by Fox News people is even sicker than the shooter.

South Carolina displays Confederate flags on public buildings. Honor traitors!

I wonder if there is an antidote to the sickness that pervades many in the South?

Where did this love of guns begin? With the assassination of John KennedY?

In my New York City youth we had the Sullivan Act which regulated gun use.

In my New York City slum youth anyone with a gun was termed, CRAZY!