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We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Cows Hit Train”

We are pleased to announce there were no serious injuries to the train.

Canada,Toronto Star: “A Terrible Decade”

Would you believe a terrible year?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Dog Kills Owner With Rifle”

I gather the dog belonged to the NRA so it is OK.

China, China Daily: “Purpose Of Tests”

To make kids fail?

Japan, Japan Times: “Return To Peace Talks”

In the Middle East, a story without an end.

Donald Ready For Action

As I dimly recall during the war in Vietnam a young man whose name was Trump of something like that just did not see why a budding entrepreneur should waste time and money off in the jungles of that Asian land. So, he found some physical problem that enabled him to make gobs of money while young Americans were making gobs of wounds. I am not saying that Donald Trump was a coward, after all young Dick Cheney informed the draft board that he had better things to do than fight in some God forsaken foreign land.

Donald was on the Matt Lauer program when asked by the host about his thoughts of sending US troops into Syria to fight ISIS or into Iraq to restore peace and prosperity. Donald insisted that “now” he is ready to fight–of course,now he will not be fighting since young men will, once again do his fighting. Matt asked the audience their reaction to what Trump said about sending US troops into Iraq and Syria. There was complete silence and not a person shouted out a “YES” response.d

Donald shifted the focus onto Ben Carson and away from fighting. If there is one thing that Trump knows is–how to get the other guy fighting for his country. Anyway, you will be pleased to know that Donald is confused how this black dude is now ahead of him in Iowa.OH, he thinks Ben is a “nice person.”

So, What’s With Gun Control?

This has been another normal month in the United States of America, a few shoot outs, a drunken woman in Oklahoma who murdered(not killed)several people when driving her car into a crowd, including children, because she was dead drunk. Ooops, her lawyer insists there was no evidence of her being drunk, more like a black out.The ironic aspect of life in America is there is either people blasting away or people engaged in road rage or people who just happen to leave a loaded weapon where a child can get it and blast away. Of course,you do realize that guns do not kill people, just the five year olds who somehow get possession of one.

Ben Carson,Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush,and whoever else is running for the presidency insist people need protection when they enter an elementary or secondary school. After all, that snotty fifth grader looks as though he has a mean streak so every fifth grader should be given the protection of having a gun at all times. Who knows when the teacher makes advances!

The best way to gun violence is to arm each and every American and allow a ‘shoot-out” time at high noon for those with guns to challenge another person and meet at high noon at the OK corral for a contest as to who is the best shot. Winner takes possession of the corral.

Did You Murder Someone Today?

Ben Carson speaks in a low soft tone which to the uninformed makes him come across as a reasonable person filled with care and concern for all humans. He is the opposite of the bombastic Trump shouting to the world what a fantastic guy he is, and who is ready to handle one and all world problems. Carson speaks softly, the tones of his voice come across as someone who is sincere and concerned. It is difficult to become angry at a man who does not shout hatred and revenge against evil doers in the Democratic Party.

The other day he once again, while speaking in a gentle tone of voice, revealed he is a vicious, angry man who has absolutely NO concern about women or their issues of life–and death. “I’m a reasonable person, and if people can come up with a reasonable explanation of why they would like to kill a baby” please explain it to me. He went on and on describing women who seek an abortion as “killers of babies.” At no point did he even consider the issues confronting a woman who wanted an abortion.

Trump– the bombastic hater.

Carson– the quiet hater.

The Refugees Are With Us.

Throughout the history of the United States refugees have flocked to these shores seeking a place in which to work, to pray, to find a better life for their children. Eventually, those immigrants became citizens, and eventually some of those immigrants, and most of their children, became opponents of refugees. In other words, OK for we immigrants to find refuge in this land, but we don’t want you foreigners to enter this land built by immigrants.

So, here is reality about Middle Eastern immigrants:

1. The German population of about80,000,000 will decline in thirty years to about 60,000,000 meaning fewer workers to pay taxes to pay people a pension.

2. Those who are born in a nation simply do not doing the dirty jobs associated with modern life. That is why we have immigrants.

3. Immigrants to a nation purchase food, clothes, cars, gadgets, etc..which means JOBS for those working in such occupations. They are JOB CREATORS!

We could use fresh blood for any aspect of our society.

So Bernie, What Next?

Millions of dollars are pouring into the coffers of Bernie Sanders, and the “Socialist” from Vermont is making a real show for winning the Democratic nomination for president. Bernie is right on about income inequality, about the need to tax the wealthy, the lousy job we Americans do about providing inexpensive higher education to our youth. So, what is reality for Bernie?

1. He will NOT win a presidential race.The country might like some of his ideas, but they do not want some creature who calls himself, a “Socialist” to become their president.

2.Bernie has stirred the hearts of many young people, but this group simply does not go to the polls in large numbers.

3. Bernie’s personna is that of an angry old man. With Trump in the race, we already have our quota filled for angry old men.

4. Sorry Bernie, but appearances ARE a factor in how people vote, most of those over 40 do not regard you as a President.

Bernie, lead the fight in America for higher taxes on the wealthy and free college education.

Finally, An Apology

Once upon a time, Tony Blair was prime minister of England. He was also the close friend of a man from Texas whose name was George Bush. Well, one day, the President of the United States told his buddy in England there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in a place known as Iraq.Well,Tony Blair asked members of British intelligence if this report was valid. Naturally, they said there was not a shred of evidence that Saddam had any such weapons. So, what did Tony Blair do” Naturally, he sent British troops to join in the invasion of something that did not exist.

Unlike the United States, the British government set up the Chilcot Inquiry to find out what did happen as the Iraq war began. A few days before the report has been issued, Tony decided to beat them to the punch. “I also apologize for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly our mistake of what would happen as you removed the Saddam regime.”

After the apology,Tony could not hold back his final observation: Getting rid of Saddam in 2003 “had no responsibility for the situation in 2015.” I guess one out of two is not a bad average.

Trump—Carson Ticket?

We are almost up to November and the two leading Republicans are Donald Trump and Ben Carson. If you combine their votes it would result in two men who almost have enough to secure the nominations for President and Vice President. Think about it–Trump and Carson leading our nation. Wow. What a combination of talent, talk, and trivia.Examine their strengths.

1. Donald can out talk anyone.

2. When Carson talks one must listen intently since his voice is low.

3. Donald has plans.

4. Carson has no plans which might be good for the nation.

5. Both want to end taxes. Fantastic. We now have a nation without money for its government. Wow!

6. Since Donald is going to single-handedly end the war in Syria there is a possibility of him getting killed. That would enable the most ignorant man who ever ran for president to take over. Wow!

7. Once both are in office, each and every American will be issued a gun. From the time one is five years old, each American citizen will have a gun to protect him or herself. Wow!

8. Then again, when a killer is trapped by police, all they have to do is contact Vice President Carson who will run to the scene and lead a charge to get the killer. Wow!

9.Imagine the exodus to Canada with these two in charge. Wow!

Let’s Investigate

The Republican Party wants to have investigations. Well, let me suggest some topics that would lend themselves to an investigation.

1. Mitt Romney once tied his dog to the top of the car. I believe we must investigate how to prevent such cruelty to dogs.

2. Republicans have spent twenty million dollars and eight investigations on Benghazi. How about investigating the 1985 Hezbollah bombing in Beirut that resulted in the death of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY AMERICAN SOLDIERS! Of course, we can not recall President Reagan to explain why he ALLOWED this to occur.

3. Well, we could always go back to the Watergate investigation. It NEVER got eight investigations. Only ONE.

4. Shouldn’t we find out why Benedict Arnold turned traitor during the American Revolution?

5. As I recall, four thousand Americans have died as a result of the invasion of Iraq. How about an investigation to prevent such tragedies?

6. Carly Fiorina was fired as head of Hewlett Packard. I want to investigate WHY!

7. As of this point there has not been an investigation of the Benghazi investigations!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “It Makes Sense”

Eight investigations of the same topic.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Hypocrites Everywhere”

Certainly on the Republican debate stage.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Nursing Cuts Hurt Hospital””

They sure do bleed the nurses.

UK,Guardian: “Carson Heads Trump”

Not in bullshit!

USA, NY Post: “Purpose Of Tests”

To make money for test making companies?