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Care For A Riot?

There is one certainty in life, allow a day or so of silence in the Republican war for a nominee to become president and Donald Trump will capture the headline. Donald is concerned the will of the American people will be thwarted by THE ESTABLISHMENT!  And, when Donald speaks about THE ESTABLISHMENT, he is referring to those member of the Republican Party who are scared shit that he will represent the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt as their candidate for president.

In case those evil people do anything to halt his march, “I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous many, many, of people. I think that would be an absolute disaster.” Most probably Donald is absolutely correct, HE will become the nominee of the Republican party. The only disaster confronting America is  if he won the election.

Kim Jong Un On Donald Trump

We decided to request the advice on how to deal with Donald Trump from the Great Leader of North Korea–Kim Jong-un. Following is what the Great Leader told us about the Donald Man.

“I am a Great Leader so,who but me, would be able to discuss a Great Leader? You Americans continue to criticize my nation for beating up bad people, so, in this case, if we do, we are only doing what your Donald Trump wants All Americans to do with bad people. Donald wants to build a wall, have him visit my nation if he wants advice on securing the border. I can teach Mr. Trump how to secure any border.

Donald Trump  hates the media, why doesn’t he copy how we handle the media– say the wrong thing, and POW in the mouth. Then again, has Trump considered creating labor camps where members of the media and illegal immigrants learn the meaning of hard labor.

Frankly,I would welcome an encounter with the Trump man. We can swap stories as to who can build the biggest wall, who can boast about who  is the smartest person or who can fuck the most women. Sorry, Donald, I win that one hands down!

Now, if Donald would visit my country we can provide him an experience in being an immigrant by sending him off to a nice pleasant labor camp.

So Long Marco, We Will Miss You

Well Marco sort of got clobbered by the Donald man in his native state of Florida. Yes, he is the Senator from that state but the people who elected him for one reason or another decided it was time for Marco to seek elsewhere for his path to the presidency. Marco gave the same speech that he has been uttering for several months.

My folks fled from evil Castro Cuba

My dad was a bartender and my mom was a maid.

My folks love America.

I am the living symbol of how a poor boy whose dad was a  bartender could seek the presidency.

Now,let me get this straight. Marco boasts about  how immigrants are hard workers who love America and bust their balls raising kids who go to college. So,Marco,why the hell are you  not supporting the right  of those immigrants to remain in America and bust their balls raising hard working kids who might run for the presidency?? He uses the story of immigrants who worked hard and became good American citizens to justify why they should be deported!!

So long, Marco and tell this inspiring tale to audiences who hate and fear immigrants!

With God In His Mind

Ayanne Hassan Ali is nice young Muslim man who decided to enter a recruitment center in Canada and proceed to blast away. When captured, he explained the reason for his actions: “Allah told me to come here and kill people.” Now, this sounds like a logical rationale for his action. After all:

Sarah Palin has a direct line to God who halts anything He is doing to engage in conversations about why illegal immigrants should be terrorized.

Mike Huckabee essentially controls any  phone calls to the Big Guy up in the sky, and Mike is clear that God spends His waking hours worrying about whether or not a bakery should be allowed to use His name not to sell to queers.

Ben Carson was urged by God to get in this election race and defend religious rights. I assume God told Ben not to speak in the same tone as GOD uses and softly  and quietly say words that no one has the faintest idea as to what they mean. But, I do understand that when Ben speaks it is based upon his conversations with God Himself. So,if Ben is sort of confusing, it merely means that ordinary humans such as me simply do not grasp the profound ideas of the Big Guy up in the sky.


Who Is In The Working Class?

A recent poll revealed that 56% of those in the age bracket of 18-35 regard themselves as part of the working class. Ordinarily,most Americans believe they are in the middle class. Unfortunately, those who have this viewpoint do not  understand the only way to ensure a decent wage for those in the working class is–UNIONS. Ironically, most of these young people do not believe in unions nor do they grasp that unless working class people stand together, they simply lack the power to compel bosses to pay decent wages.

Perhaps, it is time for unions to recognize a new form of “worker,” one who has been to college but can not get a decent job and has to endure a life of part time or fast food work. Of course, the new “working class”people have to support the right of workers to organize into unions and finally get decent wages for their work!

Were Progressives Wrong?

Bernie Sanders nonstop denounces Wall Street rich who  have gained enormous control over our economy. But, a review of how this process occurred reveals that both liberals and conservatives were to blame. Bill Clinton as much as Ronald Reagan of the Bush family loosened controls over business and allowed them free reign to gain enormous control over the economy. The assumption was that freeing wealthy businessmen from Government “controls” would unleash an era of ever expanding wealth for society.

Alas, the opposite happened. The greater the freedom from Government control the greater were the risks with YOUR money made by our business elite. They knew that Government would always bail out business stupidity while punishing mistakes made by the average citizen. After all,not a single Wall Street thief ever went to prison for his fraud while each day a young man who steals $5 can spend a few  years in jail. This era proves society needs stringent control over investment firms and banks and the consequence for fraud should be a jail cell!!

Tyrannosaur Reptile Did Live

I realize that many people actually believe we live in a modern era in which those  who attend school are smart. But, it was delightful to learn that millions of years ago, a distant life form roamed this planet who had greater intelligence than any person who attends Trump rallies. Ninety million years ago a horse like Tyrannosaur had an impressive sensory system. There is no doubt this animal could listen carefully and know when a noise in the distant was really a life  form shouting nonsense.

It appears this horse evolved into the dinosaur which grew  to a gigantic size and dominated the world. Today,  we have a  dinosaur  who roars and shouts and threatens the very existence of humanity. Imagine a President Trump with access to atomic weapons of mass destruction. Heck, this guy is ready to fight if someone shouts anger toward him, so how would he handle the Russian bully known as Vladimir Putin? Bombs Away!!

Trump Audience Insurance Plan

I do understand that Donald Trump is a world class business man so he might be interested in a new insurance plan that would bring him millions–in cash, that is. Here are some features of the Trump Audience Insurance Plan:

1. As you enter a Trump rally, please fill out the form which ensures that if you punch someone in the face, your insurance plan covers all legal costs.

2. We also  offer a special at each  rally, if Donald Trump points to you and says, “take care of that bastard,” you win the $50,000 punch award!

3. We offer a family special insurance plan that covers any costs arising from any member of your family accidentally  discharging a weapon that wounds or kills someone in the audience. A special feature  of the plan is that you receive an additional $50,000 if the victim is holding a Bernie Sanders sign.

4. We also offer a free entry to each and every person in the LARGEST SHOUT FOR DONALD CONTEST. Winners receive an introductory lecture from a distinguished member of Trump University.

5. We also sell bottled TRUMP BOTTLED WATER which contains hot air ingredients that were taken from a real speech from Donald Trump!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


A  high percent of Americans have more fear about their job than terrorists.

ANGER is the name of the 2016 game of politics.

Donald Trump, Vietnam War draft dodger wants to punch someone out. He sure didn’t want to punch out Vietcong terrorists.

Every time Marco Rubio speaks, I hear a whimper of fear.

Poor Hillary, twice now beaten by a  slick politician.

We live in fear in a nation with so much wealth. Why?

Not a single candidate raises the issue of Automation! Why?


Oh Them Gun-Toting Todlers

I understand that Donald Trump is worried about Islamic terrorists. I understand he goes to sleep with a gun underneath his pillow in case one of those Muslim bad people enters his house seeking his wealth or life.  Jamie Gilt, a nice attractive mom who so loves guns and shooting and such, left a loaded .45 caliber handgun on the back seat of her car. Her four year old took the gun and shot mom.

Actually, this event is not unique in America.  In 2015 more people were shot and killed by kids in America than were murdered by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. In other words, an American is safer being in the company of a Muslim than being with his young child. Such is life in modern America!