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Where Is Muslim Outrage At ISIS?

The Israel invasion of Gaza which led to the death of over two thousand people led to mass demonstrations around the Muslim world including marches in major European cities. Leaders of Muslim communities in England or France or Germany or in America denounced the government of Israel for its behavior. But, for some reason the world has not witnessed any Muslim marches denouncing ISIS which has been brutally murdering not only Christians and Yazidis, but thousands of Muslims! Yasmine Bahrani, professor of Journalism at the American University in Dubai wants to know where are Muslims for peace and justice, and where are Muslims who hate the brutality of ISIS and Boko Haram? “As long as our condemnations remain tepid, we give the impression that we accept the murderers” who have swept through the Middle East with hatred and brutality.

Professor Bahrani raises an important point. The vast majority of Muslims in this world do NOT believe in beheading innocent people, they do not believe in Boko Haram massacres of MUSLIMS, nor do they believe in murdering thousands of Muslims in Iraq. But, only silence is heard from Muslim leaders when these events transpire. Where are the voices of protest? Where are Imams marching for peace? It is time for Muslims to become vocal about their beliefs in democracy and peace.

Same Sex Marriage Not Democratic

In the great state of Louisiana there is a great judge by the name of Martin LC Feldman who intends to protect the children of his state from the horror of being a child in a same sex marriage. He upheld the law in his beloved state which forbids those of the same sex to marry, and especially to have children to care and love. According to the Feldman thesis, Louisiana had a “legitimate interest under a rational bias for address the meaning of marriage through the democratic process.” In other words, if a majority of folks in Louisiana don’t want same-sex marriages they have the right to vote such laws. Of course, the democratic process a few years back forbid those with black skins from marrying folks with white skins, and the democratic process forbid those with black skins from being in schools with those in possession of white skins. It was simply an example of the democratic process.

Judge Feldman went on to warn that allowing same-sex marriages would produce “unintended consequences” such as family incest. I assume he means that two guys or two gals would seduce their children. A rather fascinating piece of logic. Frankly, the thinking process of this judge will become a source of humor when a higher court reviews his decision. Just a matter of time before democracy is replaced with social justice.

France Says No To Russia

During the past few years the French government has been engaged in working cooperatively with Russian attempts to improve the quality of their naval forces. After being urged for nearly a year by the United States, France has finally informed the Russian government it would not deliver a Mistral class amphibious vessel which originally was sold to them for about $1.7 billion. Naturally, the Russian government shrugged off the comment and insisted this refusal would not impact their naval plans. Hogwash! Neither China nor any other nation in the world aside from those in the West has the technical knowledge to build such vessels. There is not much to the Russian navy, and now there is even less.

The message from this refusal is one that every member of the European Union should heed. End ALL relations with Russia. Ban flights to and from Russia. Ban exports or imports to and from Russia. Hit Russia in the economic belly in order to finally get across to Putin that Russia is not economically capable of standing alone in the world!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Why Hurt Our Own People?”

Because they are there?

USA, NY Post: “Leading Like A True American”

With his assault rifle, I assume?

Egypt, al Ahram: “Terror Training Illegal”

Not in the Middle East!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Therapy For Homeless”

Exposure to cold weather gets them ready for winter months.

UK, ‘Guardian: “Pilot’s False Alarm”

Just getting you people ready for the landing in the sea.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Creepy Old Men”

Led by the most creepy man-Vladimir Putin!

Say, Whatever Happened To?

The normal pattern of American media is to become tremendously engaged in some sort of civil rights issue, expend thousands of hours explaining or denouncing this or that person and group, and finally, without uttering a sound disappear into oblivion. Our media has a one month capacity to become concerned. At some point after the month concludes, the media drifts off to another “incident.” Michael Brown is dead. Eric Garner is dead. We have seen, read and heard countless “experts” declaiming and proclaiming their opinions about what happened along with assurances this type of murder must end in America. Alas, within another month a similar murder occurs. And, the cycle of “experts” informing the public either what just happened or the importance of DOING SOMETHING must occur.

As far as I know, not a single change has occurred in Ferguson, Missouri nor has a single change occurred in New York City about police choking people to death. OOPS, Sorry, I forgot these events are being STUDIED by EXPERTS. The month has drawn to an end. We must now shift attention to the next shooting or choking. I can assure one and all by October few in America will even remember the name- MICHAEL BROWN. The only certainty in America when the topic of racism is introduced is that not much will be done -for the long term solution of these ideas.

What Might A Middle Eastern Program Be?

President Obama has been criticized for lack of a Middle Eastern program. There is no question since becoming president he has failed to outline a logical course of action in the Middle East. Aside from being clear that American forces would no longer fight in Iraq, and that America would not get involved in the horror of Syria, Barack Obama has never laid out a strategy for the Middle East. Sorry, Barack, but being clear about what you will NOT do is not a strategy. So, what might be a strategy?

1. Have John Kerry meet with Iranian leaders in order to form a new Middle East alliance centered on Iran, the US, and Turkey working together.

2. Make clear to Iran they can have a non-lethal nuclear program.

3. Make clear to Israel it MUST recognize the independent state of Palestine.

4. Make clear to Israel it MUST accept a compromise which allows current Jewish settlers to remain in the West Bank, but turns remaining land over to the Palestinian Authority.

5. Establish, together with the European Union, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab leaders, a new Middle East Economic Union which initially includes Turkey, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria and Morocco. The purpose of this Economic Union is stimulating economies and providing jobs for young Arabs. Get people into productive work rather than unproductive killings.

In other words, there must be a two pronged Middle Eastern strategy, one focusing on jobs and economic development, the other on creation of a Middle Eastern armed force to confront ISIS. The United States could provide equipment for this force which contains men from: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco. It should be led by an Iranian general.


We are pleased to announce the formation of an Arm America For Freedom organization which is dedicated to the proposition that if every American was armed, violence in the world would end. Just imagine if President Obama appeared on TV with two guns on his belt and an Uzi machine gun pointing at members of the media. Finally, ISIS would recognize that America is out to get them. Imagine if EVERY American had a BAR or a assault rifle with him at work or at home. Does anyone really think that ISIS would dare launch an attack upon such well armed people? I propose the following steps to prevent terrorists from gaining a foothold in our land:

1. It is obvious that ISIS members wear beards. Solution-lock up every tan skinned man who wears a beard.

2. Blow up every plane flying in the Middle East. OH, a few innocent people might get killed, but we would prevent ISIS from taking over planes.

3. That great American, Governor Rick Perry, has pointed out that terrorists are crossing over from Mexico. Why not man the walls along the border with machine guns and blast away at anyone approaching our borders. Rick is never wrong, so go along with his police of prevention.

4. America needs some dramatic event to put ISIS on the defense. We propose that President Obama along with Senator John McCain should lead a cavalry charge in Iraq against ISIS forces. Can you just see the sword in the hand of President Obama as he raises it, points toward ISIS defenses, and shouts, CHARGE! They will scatter to the winds!

ISIS Wants US Troops

In addition to its land war in Iraq, leaders of ISIS are conducting a verbal, a media, and a dare you attack upon the United States. A recent video from ISIS challenges the Americans to send in their troops. “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead,send your troops, the ones we humiliated in Iraq.” ISIS goes on to predict that one day, “we will raise the flag of Allah over the White House.” I am certain that Senator John McCain is ready to join a Republican division of Fox News and Tea Party heroes who are willing to meet Islamic militants macho man with macho man. How can we God fearing Americans turn down this challenge?

America has come a long way from the days when President Roosevelt said, “build 50,000 airplanes” and they were built. We have a nation that is confused, angry, hurt, but the last thing on its mind is to fight anyone about anything. Americans prefer to wage a verbal/written war on Facebook. Reality is the American people simply do not wish to fight anyone with other than their mouths of hands. And, our president is a personification of the new American spirit!

Believe It Or Not!

Every so often a story captures my attention that pertains to discrimination in the United States of America. I am now 84 years of age, and lived through the fight for equality that, we thought in the Supreme Court decision in 1954, Brown vs Board of Education would witness the end this separation of Americans. Alas, the evidence just is not there to support any belief discrimination is on the way out in America. A report from New York City reveals that NOT A SINGLE BLACK OR HISPANIC STUDENT IN NINETY SCHOOLS PASSED STATE EXAMS IN MATH OR READING! Wow! I have been engaged in the field of education for over fifty years and taught over 10,000 teachers. I am flabbergasted at this figure. I simply do not understand how this could occur.

Something is wrong in schools. Something is amiss. There are only two explanations for this figure: either black and Hispanic students are intellectually backward or the New York School system is incompetent! Perhaps, New York City schools have to go back to square one: focus on creating a learning environment in each and every classroom. Make each and every student feel a sense of accomplishment. This begins with ending testing and concentrating on making the act of learning enjoyable to each student.

“I Have No Strategy”

Every so often President Barack Obama utters words that reveal his lack of understanding of leadership. In a recent quote, the leader of our nation uttered the comment, “I have no strategy” on how to deal with ISIS. OK, handling a terror group which has arisen due to ineptness and stupidity on the part of Iraq’s leadership is NOT the fault of President Obama. But, why would he inform the world and ISIS that he lacks a strategy of how to proceed? His words were an honest statement that he lacks a strategy, but for God’s sake don’t tell the world or your enemy! A leader has to convey a forceful presence to enemies. A leader warns the enemy that a response will destroy them once and for all. He could threaten a powerful air campaign, he could threaten to send enormous amounts of weapons and material to the government of Iraq, he could at least make ISIS leaders fear that SOMETHING is going to occur that just might pose a threat to their survival.

Throughout World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt, even in the dark days when America was still reeling from the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor made clear the United States was a powerful nation that WOULD win. Barack Obama, in his honesty, conveys a sense of “I don’t know what the heck to do.” I agree that IS his feeling. How about keeping it to yourself? His comment strengthened ISIS.