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We ofer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Humans so frequently refer to God’s Wrath, is it themselves who are filled with anger?

I wonder if celibacy arose because there is no Mrs. God?

At age 84, I so like the word, “rebirth.”

One does not gain wisdom from age, it comes from an inquiring mind.

People at computers reach point where they lean back and gaze.

Since computers think, do they ever think about other computers?

There are sounds from my youth which never again will be heard.

Two lonely iPads met for lunch.

There is no doubt one must speak exiting the coffee shop on that damn cell phone!

Tea Party folk hate God’s work-people– but insist they like God!

Same Sex Marriage Is Here To Stay

There are moments when a great change in history occurs, and few recognize the importance of change. The Supreme Court of the United States of America refused to discuss decisions by Appeals Courts throughout the land which made invalid state laws preventing marriage between same sex couples. There was no comment by the Supreme Court, there was no historic landmark decision, the Court simply remained silent and allowed lower courts to decide the change. Within days Nevada and Utah, two conservative states, have admitted that same sex couple can marry. At this moment, 35 states allow same sex marriage, and it is simply a mater of time before the remaining states come along.

This is a moment of joy and triumph. The Supreme Court recognized change. However, this same Supreme Court refuses to recognize change when it comes to wealth in America. Its ridiculous decisions that corporations are people is without precedent in judicial history. America will become a better place when the Supreme Court admits reality in our society about the growing power of money to decide elections.

Something Amiss In North Korea?

Where Oh where has the pudgy little man have gone, oh where Oh where can he be? Since September 3 no one has seen a picture or heard the words of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. He has literally disappeared from the scene. The last photo we have is the little man walking with a limp and looking as chubby as ever. Since that, not a sign of the man who so enjoys murdering people. To make things more mysterious, there is now a North Korean team discussing issues with South Korean officials. North Korea’s deputy UN Ambassador, Ri Tong-il became the first official from his country to admit there are “reform through labor “camps in North Korea. He admitted there was need to discuss this issue.

Meanwhile, a North Korean official has visited European Union headquarters and uttered the following words: “we are expecting end of the year tho open political dialogue between both sides.” Who knows, perhaps the armed forces of North Korea finally got tired of the Kim dynasty and decided it was time for a change?

Turkey Plays Turkey With Kurds

ISIS murderers are on the outskirts of the city of Kobane which lies on the border between Turkey and Syria. A large Turkish army is in the vicinity. However, as ISIS thugs and terrorists swarm through the streets of this town, the guns of Turkey remain silent. Thousands of Kurds are fleeing, and the Turkish army remains passive. Turkish President Recep Erdogan is offering advice to Americans and European nations that are bombing the thugs of ISIS. He wanted them to know that air strikes alone will not halt this band of killers. He insists the solution is to provide military aid to those fighting President Assad in Syria.

The bottom line is that Erdogan enjoys the sight of Kurds being murdered. He regards Kurds as a greater threat to Turkey than those who seek to impose their brand of the Wahabbi Muslim religion and make people enjoy a 12th century life. At this point in time, Recep Erodgan is a passive supporter to ISIS even while he mouths words of how to solve the problem. How about sending in Turkish troops who would end this massacre within hours??

It is time for the European Union to make clear such behavior will result in denying Turkey entry to this organization!

Secret Service Head Jumps The Fence!

Every so often when I have nothing better to do in my life, I just turn on the TV and watch someone interacting with members of Congress. Secret Service head, Julia Pierson spent a pleasant afternoon talking with members of Congress about recent — and past events in which the Secret Service displayed an ability to shoot itself in its foot. Hopefully, this does not come across as sexist, but this person simply does not come across on TV as a leader. Neither words nor body language display forceful thinking or creative ideas. OK, so the Secret Service allowed the President of the United States to get on an elevator with an armed man. Is it their fault that men in America wander the streets and elevators with guns? Just imagine if they had taken the gun away from the man– the NRA would be running ads this election denouncing the arrival of a dictatorship!

Anyway, Julia has decided to resign. However, she should be proud of her performance as head of the Secret Service. Due to her outstanding work, Republicans and Democrats in Congress are now UNITED! She accomplished what President Obama never could. She brought together members of both parties who now agree on something. The Secret Service is a mess. Who knows, perhaps, this unity could wind up getting Congress to pass a law!!

Eric Frein, New NRA Hero?

I recently had a conversation with a member of the National Rifle Association regarding Eric Frein, the man currently in the woods who shot two policemen.

M: So, what is your reaction to Eric Frein?

N: Eric Frein is a man who is simply exercising his rights to live in the forest and fend for himself.

M: But, he did kill a cop?

N: Any member of the NRA has the Constitutional right to defend himself against authority seeking to take his rights away.

M: But, he killed a policeman, is that a Constitutional right?

N: If you check the Second Amendment it clearly says any God fearing red blooded American has a right to defend himself.

M: Are you saying that criminals have a right to defend themselves against police?

N: It is one thing when some crazy black dude threatens a policeman, and another when a decent Christian white man simply wants to live in the forest.

M: So, Eric Frein is now a hero?

N: All we are saying is that the facts of this situation are still unclear. Did Police threaten an innocent man, and he defended himself is the question?

M: Oh well, another hero for the NRA against oppressive government!

Is There A UAV In Your Future?

Police in the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota are currently introducing new approaches to the science of criminology. A report is received about a possible crime on Maple Avenue, police rush to the scene, open the trunk of the car and pull out a 5.5 lb box. It contains four rotor blades, and is three feet long. Within moments the Drone is up in the air. This is an unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The UAV has arrived to fly over the criminals, take pictures and make clear to police what is happening. How about:

1. A Robot cop who then approaches the criminals and gently lifts them into his arms?

2. An unmanned tank which crushes the criminals?

3. A robot Superman who flies over the scene and then swoops down to get the bad guys?

Consider other possibilities.

1. An unmanned American Congress composed of robots who pass laws?

2. A robot President who, not only speaks about curbing violence, but flies to the Middle East and wipes out terrorists?

Just dreaming

Another High School Shooting

A few moments ago I read initial reports about a shooting at Albemarle High School in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Apparently one student shot another. Without any further information, I feel safe in reporting the following about the shooting:

1. Both students were white.

2. Both students are Christians.

3. One of the students felt bullied or considered himself to be alone.

4. No Muslim was in any way involved in this shooting.

5. The shooting occurred in a suburban high school-Not in an urban one.

6. School faculty are surprised at the shooting.

Sorry, this is the pattern of school shooting in America. They NEVER occur in an urban school and they NEVER involve black or Hispanic students.


I have spent most of my life working as a professor in colleges. Anyone who pay attention to the lives of female students soon becomes aware that a climate of sexual fear is all too common. They can be abused by males who believe they are God’s gift to females and when they desire sex, the answer had better be -YEs. The state of California has turned that word on its head. New legislation is designed to ensure that each and every female student deserves the right to be in a learning environment that is safe and healthy. From now on sexual activity on a college campus is based upon the principle there is “an affirmative conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.” In other words, unless a woman makes clear to the male that she DOES want to engage in sex, any actions on his part to have sex with her will be considered to be an act of rape.

Legislation makes clear “the state of California will not allow schools to sweep rape cases under the rug.” Lack of resistance to sexual desires by males does NOT mean consent. Either the female makes a conscious statement or males now can be charged with rape. About time!

Limits To Free Speech For Republican Politicians

Believe it or not but once upon a time the Republican party stood for freedom of speech for Republicans. Republican political leaders in the 1960s voted for civil rights, and Republicans were in the fight to end discrimination against black Americans. That was then, today is now. Senator Rand Paul has been making strange comments during the past few years. He opposes policies of war in the Middle East, talks about denial of rights to African Americans, and even warns about excessive use of force by police. Naturally, that got him in trouble with many Republicans. Then, he committed the worse crime of all. In some talks at college campuses Senator Paul said it was necessary to persuade most Americans to support restrictions on abortion prior to introducing anti-abortion legislation. Wow!

However, the good Senator finally realized making such statements could end his political career. Listen to the revised Paul idea about abortion. “I am one who will march for life and will continue to stand up in defense of life so long as I am privileged to be in office.” Oops, sorry about those comments regarding persuading Americans to support anti-abortion!