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Right To Be Nude

I confess to never having shared a picture of myself online, I confess never to have shared a picture of my penis, I confess never to have shared any pictures of nude women. Frankly, at age 85, I simply do not associate with those who are young, nubile and buxom. A sixteen year old boy decided to display naked pictures of himself for all in order to make friends and non-friends jealous of his body. Naturally, showing nude pictures of myself is now a crime.

1. Do nude pictures of a new born baby constitute a crime these days?

2. Do pictures of nude statues constitute a crime against humanity?

3. Do pictures of nude women in paintings hung in an art establishment constitute a crime?

If you want to show it, if you want to display it, hopefully, you have something to show that might interest the rest of the world.

The Rick Santorum Story

The last time we saw Rick Santorum he was wearing sweaters, but has now decided to dress like the grown-up do–suit and tie.

1. Rick is the ONLY candidate with a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky.

2. Rick loves children, no one can match this love of those born or unborn.

4. Rick does not want illegal immigrants here, the main problem he will soon solve is who picks the fruit and works as nannies.

5. Rick is ready to get rid of ISIS, they will never withstand speeches from him directed at the Middle East.

6. No candidate can match his love of wife and children, in fact, they will vote for him. So, he does have a foundation to win the nomination.

7. Oh, he is a Christian and is ready to fight Muslims in an arena any time, anywhere.

8. Rick wants every child born or unborn to have human rights, it’s just the illegal immigrants who should not get them!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


At least the Muslim problem has diverted Republicans from the Black problem.

Some seek to unravel the mystery of life, me, I just want to unravel they mystery of Trump’s PLAN.

Good to know that Jeb Bush is still alive.

Rand Paul is the only candidate who makes any common sense.

Carly Florina is ready to challenge Atomic Bomb Russia to prove she got balls!

Then again, each Republican wants to assure Americans that he got balls!

Not a single word on Wednesday night about problems facing young Americans.

Oh Dem Muslims!

Critics may attack and defame Donald Trump for being boorish or loud or insulting, but there is one issue on which Donald Trump is the leading expert in this nation–MUSLIMS. Donald understands that Muslims are continually taking over this nation, and they are aided by the Number One Muslim in America–BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! After all, it was Donald who challenged this Muslim president to produce his birth certificate, and to this day there are serious questions about the document he produced. A man asked Donald about the Muslim problem in New Hampshire, and he responded: “We have a problem in this country. It’s called MUSLIMS”

Why else would the “President wage a war against Christianity?” Huh? “Christians need support in this country. There is a war being waged against them.”

Did you know that black shirted troops are at this very moment being trained to enter the home of EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN IN THIS NATION AND TAKE THEM TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS ALREADY BUILT IN NEVADA??

Thank God He has sent a savior to save this nation–DONALD TRUMP!

Don’t Come To Science Fair!

I taught high school for over a decade and during that time attended many science fairs. We encouraged kids to invent some weird thing in order to demonstrate their creative thinking. Ahmed Mohamed is a student at MacArthur high school in the state of Texas. As you know, the federal government has been planning to take over the state of Texas and send its population into concentration camps. Ahmed decided to create an alarm clock. He took it to school Naturally, with a name like Mohamed, how could any Principal rest comfortably. Naturally, he called the cops. Think about it–a MUSLIM came to school with a thing he had created!

The cops arrived, placed handcuffs on the hands of a 140 pound fourteen year old boy. They naturally rushed the bomb squad to the school. Alas, it was just an alarm clock. Anyway, President Obama welcomed the boy to the White House. Another example of how Obama refuses to support our police!!

The John Kasich Story

For some strange reason there was actually a person on the stage who made some sense. How did he wind up with those people?

1. John wants to work with Democrats to solve problems.

2. John wants officials to obey the law.

3. John refuses to send 11 million immigrants home.

4. John has worked with federal officials to deal with poverty.

5. John had no comment to Donald Trump.

6. John had no comment to Carly Florina.

Again, how did he wind up with these weirdos??

The Ted Cruz Story

If you want a heart warming story of a young boy who had a father born in Cuba, but rose to high heights of verbosity, then just look in the direction of Ted Cruz.

1. Ted voted to confirm Justice Roberts, but really didn’t want him in that high office.

2. Ted is against all those damn immigrants, but, please ignore his own dad.

3. Ted will rip up the Obamacare law on his first day in office. Now, as to the ten million who lose health insurance, tune in.

4. Ted is ready to wrestle Vladimir Putin anytime, anywhere.

5. Ted is a Christian and wants to get rid of the Muslim in the president’s office.

6. Let me repeat, Ted is a CHRISTIAN! And, YOU are not!

7. Ted is against death of a fetus, but as to death of Muslims…

The Donald Trump Story

What can one say to introduce Donald Trump other than he definitely is a Donald Trump.

1. Donald is the best deal maker in the Republican party.

2. Donald can handle Vladimir Putin, he will look him in the face while stealing his wallet.

3. Donald has plans to end wars, everywhere.

4. Donald will create millions and millions of jobs as he has always done.

5. Donald is really a doctor in his spare time, just ask Ben Carson.

6. Donald is proud of his hair.

7. Donald will be the greatest wall builder since the Great Wall in China.

The Rand Paul Story

There is no question that Rand Paul has the most interesting hair cut of any man on the stage. He was also the first attacked by the Donald man.

1. Rand Paul is against any and all wars.

2. Rand Paul believes the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a mistake.

3. Rand Paul does not want to increase the size of the armed forces.

4. Rand Paul wants Muslims in the Middle East to solve their own problems.

5. Rand does love America and wants it to become less involved in wars.

6. Rand Paul is the number one enemy of Donald Trump.

The Chris Christie Story

There was one blaring fact as the viewer gazed at eleven people on the stage, when it came to sheer weight, Chris Christie was the outstanding personage among this group of people.

1. Chris Christie wants the group to quit attacking one another.

2. Chris has vetoed more laws than all the others put together.

3. Chris and his family were directly challenged by Muslim terrorists on 9/11 and are alive today.

4. Chris cares about working people.

5. Chris knows how to work with Democrats, but did not mention specific Democrats who like him.

6. Chris wants to get America moving again like the state of New Jersey.