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Israel Silliness Continues

It is apparent that many American Jews support efforts of the Israel government to construct illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank. In 1948, the UN created the state of Israel and set aside land, including the West Bank, for a future Palestinian state. In the Six Day War of 1967, Israel conquered the West Bank. Within a few years Jewish settlers entered the West Bank, seized land from Palestinians and gradually  extended their power so by 2016 there are now over 400,000 Jewish settlers on land set aside for Palestinians.

Israel, like the US and over a hundred nations, signed the Geneva Convention. This makes it illegal for a conquering army to seize land in conquered nations. Any such action if illegal, period. The UN has continually made clear that Israel can not seize land owned by Palestinians. An Israel Ambassador argued telling Israel it could not build on the West Bank is equivalent to telling France it could not build in Paris. Huh?

France can build in Paris to its heart’s content, but it cannot build homes in Algeria because this country once belonged to France.Try it and there will be war!

Bad News Obama

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset at President Obama. The UN Security Council passed a resolution very critical of Israel occupation of the West Bank, and the US refused to veto the resolution,and it passed. Bibi Netanyahu yelled at the world: “We have no doubt the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated its versions and insisted upon its passage.” So, there, you hater of Jews and you damn anti-Semite!!

Here is the record of the Obama administration:

1. Israel received $19 billion worth of military equipment from the Obama administration which is more than ever sent by any other US president.

2. The Obama administration paid for the Dome, an anti-missile project that destroys missiles headed toward Israel.

3. Secretary of State John Kerry spent two  years desperately seeking to assist Israel and Palestinians to reach a compromise that would end any disputes on the West Bank.

4. Obama just sent to Congress ten year military package for Israel worth over $30 billion.

Yes, Barack Obama is a hater of Jews and hater of Israel.


We  offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


If Israel insists other nations term it a “Jewish state,”does this mean the US is a “Christian state?”

Prior to actually becoming  president, Trump has created conflicts over nuclear weapons, China policy, Philippine policy, Obama, Clinton, health care, etc.. what is the encore–blowing up the world?

At some point Trump supporters will  conclude, –did I really vote for this idiot?

There must be some group in America that is angry because Trump did not denounce it.

One never hears anything from Melania Trump, is she still his wife or has Ivanka taken on that role as well?

Israel is the only nation that if one makes critical remarks about its leaders, the conclusion is that one hates ALL Jews.

Was Putin aware that Russia backed the UN Security Council resolution on Israel settlements, I thought PM Netanyahu was his buddy.

I wonder how folks get one of those fantastic high paying  jobs coming back from China?


Is Donald Trump A War Hero?

Once Donald Trump becomes president, he finally will be able to recognize the outstanding, the fantastic accomplishments of one, Donald Trump on the battlefields of the world. Mr. Trump has repeatedly noted those suffering from PTSD are ‘weak,” just can’t handle stress, and not really worthy of our respect. Of course, Mr. Trump has refused to publicize his own terrific war record,unmatched by any prior president. Mr. Trump received FIVE DRAFT DEFERMENTS DURING THE VIETNAM WAR! OK, some may scoff at this record, but, consider the dangers that Trump faced while cowardly American soldiers were fighting in Vietnam.

1. Donald Trump could have gotten VD from any of the dozens of women he fucked. How many soldiers faced such fears?

2. It is one thing to get tired walking through jungles, but, what about night after night having to fuck one woman after another without any rest!

3. Do soldiers understand that Donald Trump had to return time after time to take physical after physical in order to remain at home fighting the TIT battles of Park Avenue bedrooms!

This blog believes that Donald Trump deserves the Congressional Medal Of Honor!!

Israel Government Is Upset

For the past 66 years every American president has supported the idea that peace between Israel and Palestinians depends upon creation of a state of Palestine that includes the West Bank. This area was seized by  the Israel army during the 1967 Six Day War.  It was the assumption of American presidents since that date this area would become part of a new state of Palestine. However, as the years went by Jewish settlers entered the West Bank and build housing developments in area that belonged to Palestinians. For decades, the UN has been urging Israel to leave the West Bank.

Last week the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israel for violation of its requests to evacuate. For years the Obama administration has vetoed such resolutions, but several days ago it abstained and allowed passage of the resolution. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu blasted Obama for allowing this “crime” and accused him of hating the state of Israel.

For the record:

Under the Obama administration Israel has received $19 billion worth of arms, more money than received by any other nation.

The US funded the Dome, a shield that protects Israel from foreign missiles.

Secretary of State John Kerry spent two years seeking a COMPROMISE solution between Israel and Palestinians.

Donald Ready For Nuclear War

Most will not recall that during the Clinton -Trump debates, Hillary did raise the issue of whether Americans wanted Donald Trump’s fingers on the nuclear devices of our nation. Somehow, this minor point never received any attention since the media and the public were more interested in very important issues such as emails, past and present. More Americans paid attention to the words of warning from the FBI Director than who should be responsible for control, for development or  use of nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump suddenly has introduced a topic that every American president since Harry Truman in 1952 agued for control and disarmament as keys to peace in the  world. But,  Donald wants to investigate new paths towards peace. “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until the time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” As of this point only about seven nations have a nuclear device. So, the world would like to know what  President Trump means by “coming to its senses.”

White Man Mad

Any story in the news which entails a problem, a crime, an act of murder that somehow was the result of actions by a black, an Hispanic or a Muslim usually  is preceded with MUSLIM  or HISPANIC or BLACK man, woman or person, committed the act. Gary Eugene Holmes, age 33, was behind a woman when their cars hit a Stop Sign. He immediately honked his horn, then began to shout insults and then stepped out of his car and blasted away with his revolver. Gary was MAD, he was FURIOUS that some woman did not move her car more swiftly.

So, this headline will NOT appear in the American media: WHITE TERRORIST murders small boy who was sitting in the back of his mom’s car at a Stop Sign. Mr. Holmes was captured by armed police.

No Way Or My Way?

Once again Donald Trump is upset at the President of the United States of America. President Obama was interviewed by his long time friend, David Axelrod when asked if he could have defeated Donald Trump this fall.President Obama believed that the could have organized a coalition that included many of the disaffected white voters who did not vote for Hillary Clinton. He also thought the Clinton campaign took too many voters for granted and allowed them to slip away to the Trump bandwagon.

Naturally, those are fighting words to Donald Trump. Then again, anything or anyone who does not praise Donald Trump as the GREATEST, the most FANTASTIC  person is incorrect. Most probably, an Obama-Trump contest would have focused more upon ISSUES rather than emails. Issues and concrete proposals are the Trump weakness for the simple reason he lacks any ideas or any program other than ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. How or why or what that means is another subject.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Perhaps, first order of business for Congress is to authorize amputation of the new president’s right hand.

We are now entering the Tweetacracy of Donald Trump.

I assume when the new Trump education plan comes into action, tweets will replace writing  essays.

Trump tweeted that discussing Russian interference with his election was”an affront to his dignity.” What the hell does “dignity”even mean?

Then again, what does NOT affront his dignity?

These days I even wish Silent Ben Carson was president.

For some Americans supporting the Israel government takes precedence over being an American.

For some Americans supporting the Israel government takes precedence over being a Jew.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has never won more than 40% of the vote in Israel, but he claims to “speak for all Jews.”

How about a  ticket in 2020 of Netanyahu and Trump to ruin America?

I wonder  if Americans who voted for Trump have buyer’s remorse?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


I assume, if  there are any historians still left, they will refer to WWIII as the TWEET WAR.

I must admit the nonstop, all night tweets of Donald Trump leave me envious at his energy.

There are unconfirmed reports that Ben Carson,by mistake went to  the Washington D.C, metro because he though he was now in charge of all transportation.

In fairness, as of this date, no one has actually ever explained to Ben what HUD stands for.

I sometimes think Donald wants to go to war simultaneously with Russia and China to prove he is a fantastic war leader.

Has anyone explained to Trump that when the US raises tariffs on foreign goods, those nations raise tariffs on American goods?