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Selling Al Qaeda Franchises

Military forces in Yemen stormed a house and freed seven hostages. The hostages had been seized by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, an outgrowth of the main organization which is fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and any other place that will allow them to engage in acts of terrorism. Yemen soldiers insist they freed an American officer who was engaged in training Yemen soldiers. The United States government denies that any US soldier was freed because there are no American forces in that nation. This incident has led me to explore other franchises that might be of benefit to anyone reading this blog.

1. We have a franchise for any terrorist group for the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Plenty of opportunities to engage in mayhem and violence.

2. How about the al-Qaeda franchise to attack McDonald’s establishments in Texas?

3. Then again, how about a franchise to sell Wendy hamburgers to those going on a suicide mission. At least their tummy should be full prior to ceasing to be a tummy.

4. As of this point there is no al-Qaeda branch on Wall Street. Then again, it might be too dangerous for al-Qaeda when they encounter our Wall Street sharp shooters.

5. By the way there is no al-Qaeda organization for pre-schoolers. Care to set one up?

Rudy, The Mouth, Guiliani

Confession. I have never been a fan of the infamous former Mayor of New York City, the one and only Rudy Giuliani. He was a creation of the media. His so-called tough actions allegedly led to the decline of crime in New York City. Actually, crime in EVERY MAJOR AMERICAN CITY declined during the 1990s, regardless of what the police did or who was mayor of the city. The decline took place due to the smaller number of young men in the age bracket, 17-28. It is in this age cohort that most crime occurs, and when there are fewer in this age cohort, crime, automatically goes down.

Rudy, the mouth, was on Meet The Press, in order to provide his keen insights into the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Naturally, he had to shout and scream his well known dislike of those with dark skins. IN his analysis of the Michael Brown shooting, the only person at fault was the young man who was shot dead. He lunged at the panel and declared: “Why don’t you cut it down so many white officers didn’t have to be in black areas? The white officers wouldn’t be there if you(black folks) weren’t killing one another! I find it disappointing that you’re not talking about the fact that 93% of blacks in streets are killed by other blacks.”

This keen analysis demonstrates clearly that Rudy is a bigot. Reality, most whites in this nation are killed by OTHER WHITES. The 30,000 who die each year due to gun incidents are killed by white and black people who know the victim. If police stopped and searched white youth for possession of guns and knives our jails would be filled with white youth. This creature is a disgrace to America!

Amnesty International On Second Class Nation

I confess to having been born at a different time and a different place. I was raised in the slums of south Bronx in New York City when gangs inhabited our world. Murder Incorporated still existed in Brooklyn, and criminals did not think twice about shooting people they did not like. Yes, we had police who patrolled our neighborhood. But, police in those days walked the beat. They knew most of the people, and it was common if they encountered a boy who committed a crime that was not serious to deliver the boy, not to the police station, but to his parents where it was made clear the next time meant jail. There was no war between neighborhood folk and the police. Amnesty International usually issues reports about violence in third world countries. These days AI is issuing reports about the third world nation known as the United States of America. After all, how many nations in this world arm the police with military equipment that ordinarily is found on battlefields of war?

Amnesty International noted that police in Ferguson, Missouri, site of among the great battles of the 21st century, employed “less lethal ammunition that can hurt people.” It pointed out the in Ferguson,Missouri, they were “equip;ing officers in a manner more appropriate for a battlefield.” How did we Americans evolve from neighborhood cops who knew people to soldiers equipped to do battle with the folks we, allegedly, police were to protect. These days, neighborhood folk have to be protected against their own police!

Go, Leave, Stay, Which Direction To Pursue?

The success of the Islamic State of Iraq And Syria(ISIS) has awakened a warlike attitude among those on Fox News as well as a few diehards in Congress. They endeavor to blame President Obama for whatever problems are present in the Middle East. In turn, the president wonders whether he should initiate action in Iraq, provide aid to anti-Assad Syrians, or simply pack up our bags and head home. Let u sort out this mess:

1. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 by President George Bush and an enthusiastic Congress is THE cause of most current problems in Iraq and Syria. George Bush broke the plates in the shop and is responsible for all damage.

2. There is scant evidence providing military aid to “secular and moderate” groups in Syria would have altered what subsequently occurred regarding the rise of Islamist terror groups. They were being funded by our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

3. George Bush left Obama with an incompetent Iraq government which transformed Sunni Iraqi groups into fervent enemies willing to embrace any terror group that sought the end of Iraq’s government.

4. President Obama inherited a “lose-lose scenario leading to defeat, regardless to which direction he turned.

5. The present Obama program of air strikes makes sense. OK, to send in a few hundred American “advisers” but leave it at that level. Success or failure depends upon actions or lack of action on the part of Iraq’s new government. The new prime minister will decide if ISIS emerges victorious or Iraq’s Sunni groups rally around the flag.

Sorry, Barack, you cannot change the outcome of this game.

Cruz Out Of Control

Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas is among the most fervent defenders of the American way of life. Oh, he was born in Canada, but who cares when it comes to allowing immigrants into our nation who have so much to contribute to our safety. His father, Rafael Cruz was born in Cuba and fled the tyranny of Fidel Castro which automatically confers upon him an expertise in understanding communism that few college professors who waste their time reading books could ever attain. Although there is no evidence he ever studied American history, the fact that he lived under the regime of Fidel Castro automatically confers a degree in US history. Rafael now devotes his time as head of the Purifying Ministries talking with Tea Party folk about how to end the tyranny of Obamism. “He’s no different than that bearded guy I left behind in Cuba.” Obama, the guy who saved Wall Street is nothing other than a secret Marxist!

According to Rafael, if the Republican party does not regain control of the Senate, “I don’t know if we have a country in 2016.” This one man leader of Christianity is the voice of America. As Ted says, “I love my dad, I’m glad to be his son.”

How about sending this alien back to Canada where he came from?

Tough Guys In New York History

There is something about the way of life in the New York, New Jersey area that generates the emergence of tough guys who do not stand for any nonsense, certainly when it comes to challenging their power. Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, boasted that any person or group that dared challenge his authority was in for a rough time. I assume this attitude of toughness comes from the history of dock bosses who ran the area, collected their fair share of money and beat the hell out of any worker who dared challenge their authority. Rudy Giuliani, who came from the middle class pretended he was one of the “guys.” So does Chris Christie pretend to be a tough guy. He takes no shit from anyone, assume that you have the right to your own opinions or political choices and he will come down hard on the likes of you.

Yes, these two men were and are bullies. They are the kid in school who shoved little boys and girls around. The bully who decided which boy played in pick up games. The bully who got your lunch although he might allow possession of some potato chips to help you get through the day. Hoboken Mayor Zimmer is simply the latest person to reveal bullying tactics of the Çhristie crowd. You either play by the Christie rules or your city does not get hurricane relief. Frankly, the Sopranos no longer are on TV and it is time to close down pseudo Soprano “bosses” and restore civility to the New York area.

Chris Christie has his moment in the sun of politics. Give him a run of four years as governor and then send him to the oblivion that he justly warrants. New Jersey no longer needs the Sopranos nor does it need the hefty bully who never ceases throwing his weight around–unfortunately, on top of the people of New Jersey!

Let Them Eat Dollars!

The Republican party is committed to the proposition that American society can not develop and expand unless the top one percent of its inhabitants receive 22% of the nation’s wealth. If the economy is not expanding, there can be only one explanation– the GOVERNMENT has angered the top one percent of our wealthy people and this has led them to cease creating jobs for the masses. Therefore, the solution is simple–reduce supervision, end taxation of the top 1% and Americans will witness a boom that is unparalleled in American history. Of course, during the boom years from 1947-1970, the top tax rate was double what it is today. Anyway, Republicans slashed the budget of the Securities Exchange Commission so they would not be able to closely supervise activities of our beloved top one percent. They also slashed funding for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. In other words, if the “government” seeks to end criminal behavior of our wealthy folk, then it must be halted.

OH, Republicans, to soothe the anger of liberals, did agree not to push for huge cuts in Food Stamps. However, they intend to weed out “waste” in nutrition programs. There are programs which enable poor folk to purchase quality foods! If you are “poor,” then eat the cheapest foods available and gain some weight. Think of it this way if you are poor, by eating cheap food, you enable the top one percent of our wealthy folk to eat high quality food. This should be an incentive to cease being poor!

A North Korean Mystery Unwrapped

It is common knowledge that North Korea is a mystery wrapped in a riddle that no human mind can unwrap. This intrepid reporter has received inside information regarding unfolding events in North Korea which will shock the American people.
Step One: There is a man in North Korea whose name is Jang Song-Thaek who is allegedly the uncle of Kim Jong-un, our beloved leader and guardian of purity.
Step Two: Mr. Thaek has disappeared from sight.
Step Three: Senator Ted Cruz, allegedly engaged in a secret rescue mission which brought Mr. Thaek to the United States.
Step Four: Our beloved senator who defends the American way of life will shortly engage in a filibuster in the US Senate.
Step Five: This blog can now reveal what Senator Cruz will reveal to the American people. This Thaek man is none other than the LONG LOST FATHER OF BARACK OBAMA! Senator Cruz will finally produce concrete information that Barack Obama was NOT born in Africa. No! He was born in a village in North Korea and his father was this Thaek man and his own long lost brother was KIM JONG-UN!!!

If you desire further proof of this remarkable story, please contact either Don Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney.

Who Wants War?

I have a hunch there are moments in life whn Mitt Romney heads to church to offer a prayer that he did not win the recent presidential election. Of course, I suspect that Rudy Giuliani wishes that he had become president so the world would know there was a tough guy in the White House who is ready to press any or all buttons leading to death and destruction for the United States or the entire world. Barack Obama admitted yesterday the fight for war was an uphill trail and he might not reach the summit in time to press a few buttons that send missiles headed for Syria.He admitted to the media that, I am not going to play parlor games about whether of not it’s(war resolution) is going to pass.” What happens if Congress says, “NO” to the future of war?

Barack Obama has never grasped the importance of leadership. That means alerting and educating Americans concerning issues of war and peace. This approach requires honesty and not pulling punches. Obama is not comfortable in the role of not being the supreme center of wisdom. He wants to call the shots. Unfortunately, edcated men of the Obama genertion never went to war, never understood the meaning of what actually is war nor did he ever grasp the problem in conducting a war over a long time period.

Why Debt Is OK

The never ceasing mantra of the Republican party is that  going into debt is a terrible, terrible thing and will  lead to the end of American prosperity. Of course, this is nonsense. Why?

I purchase a house for $300,000 and use life savings to  put down a $30,000 deposit. This leaves me with a $270,000 debt and I earn $40,000 per year. I am lucky after making mortgage payments and living expenses to break even. It will require at least 30 years at this rate to pay off my debt. Over 90% of Americans spend twenty or thirty years in debt and do not go bankrupt. Of course, in this case, the value of my home increases which means when the house is sold, I might even make a profit.

So, what do we learn from economics. If in going into debt, the overall value of society increases, the debt is a positive factor. For example, veterans of WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War received large amounts of money to pay for education and vocational training. Statistically, for each dollar received they eventually sent to the US Treasury about $20.