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We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Sweden,Local: “Serial Rapist Released From Jail”

At least he can cease raping in jail.

Norway,Norway Post: “Need A New Direction”

Name the problem in America, this fits!

France, Connexion: “Protests By Tobacconists”

Let me smoke on this one.

China, China Daily: “Allow Dialects On Air”

Everyone has a dialect!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Road Sign Makes A Point”

I prefer curving away from this one.

When God Speaks….

I am a member of the Jewish faith, but there are members of the Jewish faith who simply have no connection to the historic mission of Jews. A group of West Bank settlers decided to attack Palestinian farmers by throwing firebombs into their homes. The result is one dead toddler and his parents and sister are injured. West Bank settlers are convinced that God took a few days off from His work around the universe to ensure that Jews, and only Jews, lived on the West Bank. When not attacking Palestinian farms and ripping up olive trees or just taking over land from Palestinians, these TERRORISTS are praying and pretending to be Jews.

Naturally, anyone who makes negative remarks about JEWISH TERRORISTS is simply a Jew hating Jew. In Israel these days, one can attack innocent people as long as they are not Jewish. There will be no peace in the Israel-Palestinian conflict until West Bank settlers are confronted and forced to end their TERRORIST attacks on the innocent.

Let’s Get Planned Parenthood

like most Americans I was raised with the idea that an organization such as Planned Parenthood was sort of one of the nice,pleasant groups that offered services to women. You know, like the Girl Scouts which provided nice opportunities for young girls. But,the current group of Republicans have only one thought in their minds,–war on any and all women groups that have anything to do with medical services to women. An organization named the Center for Medical Progress has absolutely nothing to do with medicine, but it has a lot to do with catching employees of Planned Parenthood saying the wrong things. Members of this group trapped a Planned Parenthood official making “callous remarks” about fetal remains. It was a “gotcha”moment.

Now, Republicans in Congress are ready to end any funding of Planned Parenthood. They have no interest in services provided to women, the only thing on their agenda is “gotcha” making an ill advised remark. If one seeks to obtain “gotcha” remarks from anyone, just edit whatever anybody says until the “gotcha” is exposed. Republicans are simply a group of sick white men.

So, What’s New? Nothing Much

There are moments in my life when I would enjoy watching the news without encountering another story about some cop who halted someone for a minor traffic violation and then had to kill them because he feared for his life. The latest case occurred on the campus of the University of ?Cincinnati when a college cop halted someone for something. In the end, as it always happens, the motorist –who usually is of black skin–winds up dead. So, what now happens”?

1. The cop will be temporarily suspended –with pay.

2. The two cops who lied to defend him will be placed on temporary leave–with pay.

3. The family of the dead man will be tormented and angry demanding justice.

4. The media will report the story. Fox News will prove the cop was being threatened by a man without a weapon.

5. The Justice Department will launch an investigation.

6. A Grand Jury will find for the cop. It always does.

Life will go on and on as will dead motorists.

A Glorious Day

I frequently wonder what exactly would be a wonderful day in my life:

1. A cop who talked rather than shot

2. A cop who gave out traffic tickets, and nothing else.

3. A cop who helped a drunk to stand up and go home.

4. Silence from the Donald man.

5. Mike Huckabee just preaching in some church.

6. Marco Rubio going on a vacation to Cuba.

7. Sarah Palin throwing her gun in the race for president.

8. George Bush saying, “I’m sorry.”

9. Ben Carson just doing surgery on people, not the nation.

10. Chris Christie announcing he will not get a job working on bridges.

Not So Gay Jews!

American Republicans so enjoy about their desire to save Israel from terrorists. Yesterday, an ultra-Orthodox Jew in Israel decided the sight of males with males and females with females violates the Torah and what God wants. Yiahai Schlissel, one of those West Bank settlers who were commanded by God Himself to drive evil Muslims from the West Bank and only allow Jews to inhabit this area, decided that God had also informed him the sight of gay men with gay men and female lesbians with female lesbians had to end. So, he grabbed a knife and went after those in the gay parade celebrating gays. He wounded six while shouting, “I hate you.”

I asked Republicans who so love Israel to comment on this event>

1. Ted Cruz:Yishai was provoked. He had every right to defend himself.

2. Rick Santorum:One must obey the commandments of God.

3. Marco Rubio: The arrest of Yishai is simply another example of anti-Semitism.

5. Mike Huckabee: First they came for the Jews and sent them to the ovens, now when a Jew stands up for Jews,he is persecuted. This arrest was ordered by Barack Obama.

Cecil The Tiger

I confess to not being one of those guys who enjoys proving his manhood by blasting away with guns. Me, I was taught by the United States Army that intelligent soldiers avoid combat if it is possible. Heck, once they start shooting in your direction, someone could get hurt. Dr. Walter Palmer is one of those macho macho men who enjoy shooting animals with either a gun or an arrow. He so rises to the sound of combat and is ready and able to take on any unarmed animal in the forest. He claims that it was all a mistake when he initially wounded Cecil the tiger with an arrow and later finished off this terrifying beast with his gun.

How about:

1. NRA sponsored shooting contests in which guys with guns face off at one another and blast away. I will guarantee there is no outpouring of concern for the guy who just got shot. We Americans worry about lions,not people.

2. How about a shoot out between Texans who fear the recent Army maneuvers in Texas was the prelude for a takeover. OK, so Texans, how about taking on the US army and let us find out just how good you Texans are when handling people who can shoot back.

3.Question: when humans confront an animal in battle, on which side is God?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our observations.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Greatest Gift We Have”

For Democrats, it is none other than Donald Trump

Norway, Norway Post: “Pee Repellant”

Piss on this story.

Sweden, Local: “Is Jesus A Myth”

He sure ain’t a Christian these days.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Need A New Direction”

Boy, do Republicans need this!

Hillary For Climate Change

It is now official–Hillary Clinton believes there is climate change. “I personally believe that climate change is a challenge of such magnitude that we need a president who will set ambitious goals.” She is for solar panels. She is for dealing with the need to shift away from coal and other such bad things. OK,this is good news. But, she will confront Republicans who do not buy into this liberal fantasy that anything is occurring to our climate. She will have to debate this issue with men and women who have incredible knowledge about this topic. Frankly, this is going to be a challenge for Hillary when she is faced on a stage with Republican knowledge leaders.

For example, Ted Cruz was in New Hampshire the other day and guess what he discovered: “there was ice and snow everywhere!” So, tell me Hillary, how would you respond to such thinking and observation??

Immigrants From Africa

Just about every day there is a story from Europe about people fleeing Africa in search of some form of work that allows children to go to school and escape a life of poverty. The response to this outpouring of people is angry violence and hate. Those in opposition to refugees complain this influx of people has never before been faced. Well, look at the facts:


2. Make a list of how Africans are depicted by those opposed to immigrants, and every word was said about my immigrant parents from Europe.

3. The prevailing wisdom at the turn of the twentieth century was that Italian and Jewish immigrants were criminals who threatened the lives of decent Americans.

So, why did this immigration finally end? Simple. Europe had an economic boom so why head for the Western Hemisphere? The solution is to aid African nations create viable economies so people will NOT flee.