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Donald Still The Man

All America knows by know that Donald Trump will not adhere to any normal process in his quest for the presidency. He has coined a new approach to politics that has never previously been attempted. However, there is a certain implication that few Republicans realize is the logical outcome of this man whose ego is the most important aspect of his life. Yes, Donald Trump promised that he would support any Republican who gains the nomination. But, that promise was given prior to his current status. This is the nightmare for the Republican party:

Donald Trump WILL run for president. Donald Trump will run as an independent if he fails to gain the Republican  nomination. He believes devoutly that he alone knows how to be a successful candidate. This man’s ego simply will not allow him to walk quietly into the darkness. He IS going to run for president, as a Republican or an a Trump independent. So, Marco, win the nomination, just remember that one day you will see your nemesis on a platform along with Hillary Clinton.

Republicans And Safe Water

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party is that we have to get rid of politicians and turn control of our society over to hard fisted businessmen. After all, just like Donald Trump they know how to run an organization and make MONEY! Voters in the state of Michigan voted into office Rick Snyder, a successful businessman. He promised to rely upon his business acumen and restore Michigan to its former greatness.

The people of Flint, Michigan, due to the honest, business like government of Rick Snyder now possess water that comes in various shades of color. They cannot use their water to take a bath or to clean dishes and they certainly can’t drink it. His cost-cutting programs allowed business to dump their junk into the water and now no one can use it.

Elect a Republican businessman and get rewarded with multi-colored water!

Future Of 2016 Politics

In order to assist readers seeking information concerning life in 2016, we offer a synopsis of what will occur in the race for the presidency.

1.  Marco Rubio will shock voters by actually casting a vote in the US Senate, it will be the 101st repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

2.  Ted Cruz will renounce his US citizenship and enter the race for leadership of Canada. OH, he will bring his six guns with him.

3.  Ben Carson will make a trip to New Hampshire in order to investigate refugee problems.

4.  Jeb Bush will concede New Hampshire and move on to Texas.

5. Chris Christie will stumble at the next debate and crush Rand Paul.

6. Mike Huckabee will promise if elected to produce the real Jesus Christ who has been hiding in Brooklyn.

7.  George Pataki will re-enter the race for president. He misses being on a stage with people listening –or pretending to listen–to his words of wisdom.

8. Donald Trump will promise to give each and every American a bonus of a recording of his 2016 speeches –free of charge!

9. Dick Cheney will throw his cane into the race for president.

10. Carly Fiorina will perform a strip-tease, what else would get anyone to listen to her words?

Oh Dem God Fearing Americans!

Latest news out of Oregon is that a bunch of strange looking dudes carrying weapons are wandering around  Haney County and threatening to overthrow the American government. The so called Militia Men are demanding that the American government turn over a few million acres of land to some guys or it will be lights out for the black dude in the White House. NO,NO, these are not them damn MUSLIMS, but real, genuine, red-blooded guys who claim  they simply want to do what our Founding Fathers did when they rebelled against the tyrannical English government.

David Ward, Sheriff of Haney County has sent his wife out of town after she was followed by these God loving man, and threatened and had the tires of her car slit. Ward says he receives death threats. Now, if those threats came from them MUSLIMS, he would not be afraid, but they are from God-fearing hate-loving lunatics who love the NRA more than they love the United States of America!

Again The Gun Battles

I am 85 years old. I was raised at a time in America when most places in this land had strict gun control laws. I was raised in an America in which the Supreme Court supported the government’s right to restrict who could obtain a weapon that shoots bullets. Somewhere along the way of my life came Supreme Courts which concluded the Second Amendment which referred to “Militias” really meant individuals. The rest is history. Since 9/11 over 350,000 Americans have died as a result of guns, and of those who died, about 50 were killed by Muslims.

President Obama once again urged Americans to support his new effort to restrict the right of those who are  mentally ill from obtaining a gun. Naturally, this has aroused the anger of Republicans seeking public office. Once again the cries that HE IS TAKING AWAY OUR GUNS! Yes, indeed, he would like to take guns away from criminals, from the mentally ill, and even from Muslim terrorists. There were tears in the eyes of President Obama because he knew making sense about guns is the most certain way to be termed a Dictator.

He still does not accept the principal that our Gun Dictators go by the name of the NRA.

Let’s Have A Revolution

Deep in the heart of most Republicans is a desire to get rid of Barack Obama, not with an election victory, but with the overthrow of the evil man who resides in Washington D.C.  A group of armed militia has occupied Federal land in the state of Oregon because the evil men who dwell in our nation’s capital refuse to allow American citizens to take over land that belongs to the people.

As Sheriff  David Ward put it: These men came to Harny County to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers; when in reality these men had alternate motives  to attempt to overthrow  the federal government in hopes to spark a movement across the United States. Well, at least they  have the guns to fight with, and guess who they want to fight–not the damn Muslims, but the damn American government!

Rulles For Cops

After the ongoing shooting by Chicago police there is now discussion about the importance of some rules for cops when sent to a scene of possible crime. In the latest situation, a woman opened the front door for cops and she wound up getting killed. An “unfortunate accident.” Here are some suggestions:

1. Talk before shooting.

2. Practice hitting the legs or arms of people when firing a weapon.

3. Count to 60 before even considering firing a shot.

4. Double check with the 911 people about what was sent to them.

5. Make certain if the person has a black skin to take an extra five minutes before blasting away.

6. Make  certain the perp has a GUN!


Christmas Gifts

Here are my Xmas gifts to one and all.

Barack Obama — finally learn how to function as the Chief Educator  of America and EXPLAIN issues!

Paul Ryan — a bottle of aspirins for the headaches that come with leading Republicans.

Donald Trump– a conversation with an expert on the Middle East.

Lindsay Graham — a forceful voice that inspires confidence.

Hillary Clinton — I will personally destroy her email.

Marco Rubio — personal escort to the US Senate so you can actually vote in it.

Ted Cruz — a week being homeless in America.

Carly Fiorina — a steel plated underwear.

Rick Santorum — a visit to the Vatican where he can  actually learn Catholic doctrine.

Jeb Bush — one hour of forceful clear thinking and talking.

Rand Paul — an hour at the bar getting drunk to escape the idiots.

John Kasich –being able to speak softly when getting your views to the public.

Santa– a day in a country  like Denmark where most people are sane.

George Bush — a pill that wipes out memory from the past fifteen years.

Dick Cheney– a pill that restores memory about what you did the past fifteen  years.

Good News From Iraq

After listening to Republicans talk about “the greatest threat to the survival in the history of America” one is so happy to have been alive during the minor war such as World War II. According to Republicans we all will wake up one day and discover that ISIS now rules the USA. Latest reports indicate that a major city under control of ISIS-Ramadi is witnessing the defeat of these Islamic terrorists even as Trump declares the sky is falling.

A combination of air strikes, Sunni tribes involved in the struggle, and Iraq armed forces ISIS is being pushed back in Ramadi. Estimates are that only 300 ISIS troops are still in the city. It is believed they will be wiped out within the coming week.

Gee whiz-the sky did NOT fall!

Beware Solar Power!

There are some folks living in Woodland, North Carolina who have a warning to all Americans –beware the  evil effects of solar power. Have you considered exactly what solar power does to the  lives of people? If you build implements that can attract power from the sun it means only one thing– these wind machines are taking away the sun from ordinary people. After all, there is only so much sun around, and if machines take OUR SUN there is less for the rest of us!

Several residents are now refusing to allow wind power on their farms because –as you should know–it causes CANCER! Yes, by God, allow solar power on your roof and you are allowing cancer to ruin the lives of all members of your family. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw are warning –“You’re killing the town!”

However, I have learned on good authority  the forces behind these wind machines are really Martian spies seeking to destroy  our planet. Just wait until Donald Trump learns about this evil attack by LIBERALS!

Just remember that if God had wanted us to take sun from the sun, he would have made that a Commandment.