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No Conversations –Action!

Once again another American shooting tragedy and leaders in both parties urge the need for conversations which result in people of all backgrounds coming together as friends. In other words, the apparent problem is that somehow white and black people in this nation are not communicating with one another. President Obama urged the need to “bridge the gap” between people of color. Inherent in this argument is that problems we confront in this nation between those with black skins and those with white skins would cease and desist if only we went out and had a cup of coffee with one another.

1. Most members of police forces are hard working decent people.

2. Yes, there are black criminals who actually spend their days and nights shooting  other blacks.

3. There ARE BAD COPS. They shoot quick and for no reason.

4. How about placing on trial for murder the next cop who shoots without reason? THAT ACTION WILL GO A LONG WAY TO ENDING DEMONSTRATIONS.



We offer  observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I would welcome, for once, someone on these days of grief actually proposing ways to end violence.

Ben Carson speaks softly and utters nonsense.

Chris Christie can not avoid his ponderous heavy set presence.

So how come, we now have a record number of home runs in baseball?

Every speaker urges we  should come together–and do what?

End the Internet if you want to end violence, it is the educator of violence.

Perhaps, if we came together and had sex, it might reduce violence.


Let’s Shoot Ourselves!

I watched an interview with a supporter of Bernie Sanders who made clear that she would NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. She is now considering voting for Donald Trump. So, who the hell are these supporters of Bernie Sanders? As I recall, Bernie is for free college for students, he is for a national health care system, he is for ending wars in the Middle East, he is for higher taxes on the wealthy, and so on and so on. So, who is Donald Trump?

He is for deporting 11 million Hispanic immigrants.

He is for LOWER taxes on the wealthy.

He is for MORE wars in the Middle East.

He doesn’t give a shit about student loans or lower college tuition.

Yet, idiot Sanders supporters would rather have Trump than Clinton! It is the Sanders supporters who in their righteous anger will allow the despicable Trump to become president!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Surprise! Donald is running on a ticket promising LAW AND ORDER!

These past few nights have witnessed one cliche after another cliche about the issue of cops shooting black males.

I would appreciate, although it will never happen,hearing the specific Laws that Donald wants and what does he mean by –ORDER?

Once I become dictator, my first edict will ban any discussions of emails –from whomever to whoever!

I suspect most Americans are more bored than angry.

Gee, I wish we had a presidential candidate who represented the high qualifications of President Millard Fillmore. He wanted to ban immigration of Catholics! He never said a word about Muslim immigrants.

There are moments I wish Donald and Hillary would just disappear and I had the opportunity to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

So, Where Is Crime In America?

CNN always has someone on its panel who represents the “police” version of what is transpiring in our nation. This individual invariably notes that crime is rampant in black and Hispanic areas so it is only natural that most halted by police are black or Hispanic. They argue it is not the fault of police for  halting blacks, it is a normal outcome from the fact that if police have to enter black crime areas, it means they will have to confront more blacks and Hispanics during the course of a day.

This rationale comes across as logical, and provides reasons for cops to halt those with dark skins or those who speak Spanish. HOWEVER, where exactly are the centers of crime in America?

1. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people lost their homes, their life savings due to criminal behavior of Wall Street bankers and salesmen.

2. Untold thousands of people lost thousands and thousands of dollars because lying college salesmen got them to enroll  in fly-by-night “colleges”which were really sham outfits ripping off people who did not know much about  colleges. Talk about places with high crime rates!

3. Check out those friendly stores that offer to cash checks for those without savings accounts, or loan someone in need of a few hundred dollars who now pays back a few thousand to loan sharks. Has ANY COP entered those centers of nonstop crime??

4. Each year a few thousand people are subject to the Nigerian promise of millions for a few thousand from you. Has any cop investigated these crimes?

A visit to Wall street will enable any cop in this land to encounter criminals  who do not steal a few hundred dollars, but millions and millions and no COP ever halts these crimes!

An Angry Voter

We decided to conduct a phony interview with a phony person who is angry, and I mean,ANGRY!

M: So, Tom, why are you so angry?

T: We have to take this country back again, back again. We have to return to those wonderful days when we whites last had some power. Now,let me make one thing clear, I got nothing against coons or niggers or anyone who speaks with funny words like this Spanish stuff. If you want to live in the United States, then it is time you got a white skin, and spoke English.

M: Between 1880 to 1924 over twenty four million people came to America from Europe,the vast majority were poor, and the vast majority could not speak English, let alone read or write in English.

T: But,they had white skin. Any person with a white skin soon learns how to speak English, and work their way  up from poverty. Remember, these people were law abiding citizens, not like  black criminals that have taken over our cities.

M: Gee, as I recall the Mafia arose from Italian and Jewish immigrants from this group. The most densely populated area in the entire world in 1906 was the lower East side of Manhattan, and people living in these slums were white skinned immigrants who worked for low wages.

T: But,they were white skinned,their children were white, and they were not Muslims and terrorists. Look at the drugs,look at the crime in black neighborhoods, it’s the blacks who cause crime.

M: Rampant crime, rampant city corruption, rampant prostitution, rampant drugs were the hallmark of Prohibition. And, blacks were minor players in this nonstop crime wave, more were murdered each year during Prohibition, than are murdered today. The killers were Christian, Jewish, with a host of other ethnic groups thrown in. OH, and the Ku Klux Klan was murdering dozens of blacks, and their method was lynching.

Ah, for the good old days when we whites killed, murdered, were criminals and transformed cities into dens of corruption.

P.S. Not a single Muslim in this group.

So, Is It Chris Christie?

Rumors are building that Chris Christie will become the vice president nominee running with the Donald guy. There are reports that Chris has already discarded his valet uniform and is raring and ready to run for the vice presidency. So, we took a short trip through the brain of Chris in an endeavor to discover what he now intends to do.

1. “God, it will be great, no more shining his shoes, now something important to do in my life.”

2. “After all, I single-handedly saved America during 9/11 by prosecuting some people, I think they were Muslims.”

3. “My approval rating in New Jersey is now about 19%. It just has to get higher once I leave New Jersey where they know all about my incompetence.”

4. “I am still not completely certain what a vice president running with Donald actually does. I do know it is important to stand behind him with a blank smile and then applaud when he finishes the tirade.”

5. “Imagine having to confront Elizabeth Warren in a vice president debate? I think it is only fair that Donald handles her and I handle Hillary.”

6. “I now have memorized the tale of “thousands of Muslims on rooftops cheering on 9/11. I must repeat that story at least once a week.”

7. “The good news is no longer having to be in New Jersey and deal with those mob bosses. I wonder if one would knock off Donald so I could become president?”


What If Republicans Triumph?

There are continual dire predictions that if Donald Trump became president of the United States of America the end of civilization as we know it, would soon arrive. So, let’s exam a Trump presidency:

1. Donald would ask Congress to appropriate $50 billion to build a Great Wall only to discover the bill never made it out of the Appropriations Committee. Donald,  your guys don’t  like spending money.

2. Donald would gather military leaders and propose bombing the shit out of ISIS. They would inform him about air campaigns for over three years aimed at bombing the shit out of ISIS. Trump would announce it was his words that set in motion the bombing three years ago!

3. Donald would get Congress to pass tax reductions only to discover there was not enough money to run the federal government. Donald would propose reductions in military spending which would create months and months of gridlock.

4. Donald would order roundup of 11,000,000 illegal immigrants which would negatively impact the economy. Donald, these people BUY goods made in America and when they depart, so does their money! Oh,and the shit and garbage would pile up because there are not enough folks to shovel it!

5. Oh, Donald, those damn immigrants care for children so what happens when they are gone?

6. Within seven months, the hair of Donald would turn white once he has to actually  run a government.  OH, Donald, you can’t declare America bankrupt!

Experts Discuss Benghazi

We decided to obtain the ideas of important people regarding the latest Bemgjazi report.

Unemployed auto worker: “Thank God for Donald Trump. Finally, we will have someone in leadership who personally will carpet bomb those damn people in Benghazi. Just imagine, four Americans killed right on our border–by those damn Mexican rapists and murderers. We have to protect our border to stop these damn Benghazi attacks.”

Paul Ryan: “Yes, we do need at least eight Congressional investigations this great American tragedy. Just think about it–FOUR PEOPLE DEAD! Now, as to this so-called Zika problem, we need a Zika bill which closes down Planned Parenthood facilities. How else to stop the Zika problem?”

Sarah Palin: “Well, my son and I are ready to go to this Benghazi place and wipe out ISIS or any other group that kills Americans. I have my trusty shot gun, and my son has his AR-15. Come on you Muslim bastards, get some American lead in your damn faces!”

Donald Trump: “I told you, I  predicted the Benghazi horror, just check my emails. I said they were coming after us. I told the State Department, I told the NYC police, but no one listened to the only man who can make this country great again


Supreme Court Acts Supreme

During the past thirty years conservatives have pursued a campaign that would deny women the right to control their bodies. Since they are unable to overthrow the Roe vs Wade Court decision, right wingers have resorted to state legislators for new rules, new laws that would make it virtually impossible for abortion facilities to function. The state of Texas is the latest state to pass a law that makes it extremely difficult for women to gain any access to abortion facilities.

The Supreme Court in a 5-3 decision ruled the Texas law which would have reduced the number of abortion facilities from 41 to 18 to be unconstitutional. Hopefully, young voters finally understand the election of Hillary Clinton is the only way  to prevent a Republican president and Congress from ending  abortion rights!