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We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


People with guns kill people.

These days children with guns kill other children.

Since we all came out of Africa, we all are refugees in which ever land we currently reside.

I have yet to hear any alternative to the Iranian agreement other than bomb the hell out of them.

Why do so many Christians fail to turn the other cheek?

Why do baseball games take three hours to play?

I await the entry into the presidential race by a clown. Any clown will do.

Speaking of clowns how about Rudy Giulini or Dick Cheney?

Boat People Doomed

As I write these words somewhere in the Mediterranean a boat load of people are huddled together as their piece of junk that passes as a boat slowly, and I mean, slowly meanders across the water headed to some island off the coast of Italy or even the mainland of that nation. They are escaping poverty, they are escaping mad civil wars, they are escaping the nut cases known as Boko Haram, they are escaping death and rape and brutality because their so-called, “nation” lacks any semblance of a nation that can provide for its inhabitants. These are the BOAT PEOPLE who can only wander away from their native land in hope that somewhere out in the world a sanctuary exists which enables them to live in peace.

Europeans, like Americans, do not want strangers in their land unless they have lots of money to invest. If you have a million and will bring it to Italy, their are open arms waiting for your arrival. But, it you are poor or sick or frightened, stay away. Once upon a time my father and mother had to wander from Russia and Poland seeking refuge. Fortunately, they were able to find safety in America. Today, their children and grandchildren turn their backs on refugees. In reality, all we humans once lived in Africa until we left and became refugees in Europe or Asia.

Today, boat people can only find hate. Such is modern life.

Shooting The Innocent Continues In America!

There is a hard core of Americans who insist that police are the endangered species within our nation. This hard core simply ignores the evidence of daily life and death because if a cop shoots a black person it MUST be a justified act of God. In Tulsa, they employ 73 year old reserve police officers for some reason. Some Tulsa cops halted Eric Harris for some reason or another. NO, he was not a criminal engaged in stealing or threatening any innocent person. He was black, he had to be halted before committing some act of breaking the law. The video shows him on the ground and then 73 year old reserve officer Bob Bates blasts away. “I shot him, I’m sorry.” Apparently he was reaching for his stun gun and got the wrong gun.

Mr. Harris is heard saying, “he shot me, oh my God, I’m losing my breath.” Another officer is heard saying, “fuck your breath.” Just another encounter in modern America between a black skinned citizen and our guardians of the law. Why does it require several police to subdue an man is beyond comprehension. Don’t they train police in techniques of subduing people without resort to arms? Heck, in the US Army we were trained in hand to hand combat! Mr. Bates told the media: “It was me. my attorney had advised me not to comments as much as I would.”

Just another day in America. Just another dead black person. Just another police officer who shot when he should not have shot.

Obama Meets Bad Guy!

Once again, Barack Obama is doing something very bad. First, he worked with Iran in order to help them get an atomic bomb, and now this weekend he will be talking with Cuban leader, Raul Castro at the summit meeting of western hemisphere leaders that is being held in Panama. Imagine, an American president who sits down and talks with bad people who murder their own people!!

1. Republican President Richard Nixon opened diplomatic relations with Communist China whose leader, Mao Tse-tung had murdered at least TWENTY MILLION Chinese as well as klling 20,000 US soldiers during theKorean war.

2. St. Ronald Reagan met with leaders of the Soviet Union and worked out agreements.

3. Today, the US has diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, a nation which lacks religious freedom and yearly chops off the head of a few dozen people.

4. Actually, during the 1980s,St.Ronald worked with Saddam Hussein when he murdered thousands with gas attacks.

5. The US has had diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka in which a few hundred thousand Tamils were murdered during a civil war.

6.Then again, we had diplomatic relations with President Assad of Syria.

Name any evil leader in this world and we have worked with that person.

So, Barack, go ahead and talk, it is better than going ahead with war and violence.

Oh, it is legal in Communist Cuba to practice the Catholic religion although not legal in our ally, Saudi Arabia.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


There are those who will compromise and those who will not.

Jaw,jaw, never war, war.

Some speak out of both sides of mouth, some never speak.

Whatever happened to Sarah Palin?

There was the Holocaust and there were plans to raise taxes, which was worse?

Is there one thing Barack Obama has done that pleases Fox News?

I do not know what fate awaits me.

Oh Yemen, You Must Suffer

The situation in Yemen has gone from sad to ridiculous. There are so many conflicting groups shooting at one another it is simply impossible to know who is on which side of this madness.

1. The Houthi originally were opposed to their enemy, al-Qaeda. Today, the Shiite Houthi work with this group.

2. Former President Saleh once worked closely with the CIA. Today, he is working with al-Qaeda.

3. Former President Hadi is now against the former president and Houthi while years ago he worked with them.

4. Al Qaeda which was fighting the Houthi and Shiite Iran is now working with these groups.

5. Saudi Arabia which was on the sidelines is now leading the fight against the Houthi.

6. The Americans used to support Saleh and Hadi but now are unclear who to support.

The only thing that is clear is that thousands of innocent people are dead and thousands more will die.

The entire issue is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Oh, I forgot, blame this on Obama

Russia Hacks White House

President Obama and the American government are upset because Russia hacked the White House. For some reason, he believes that other nations have no right to hack into any American facility. This is an interesting approach given that America hacks into each and every nation’s facilities. Heck, we even hacked the emails of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel!! Name any nation that has escaped the attention of the NSA, the CIA and God knows which other American spy agency over the past two decades? What we need in the world is:

1. A day each year in which other nations can hack into your records. Just one day.

2. Or, we could just reveal all those secrets that really are not secrets. After all, there are over one million Americans who have access to Top Secret. Heck, when I was in the US Army I was cleared for NATO Secret!

3. How about a Share the Secret Holiday?

4. It would be wonderful if the US government actually shared with the American people some of the secrets they know about each and everyone of us.

5. Why not simply inform President Putin he can access any of the following twenty secrets in exchange for seeing twenty of his secrets?

Enough withe the secret game.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Ban Lifted On Delays”

Of course, no packages will be sent, so no delays.

Japan, Japan Times: “Shut Down Minstrel Show”

You mean, close Congress down?

France, Connexion: “Man Married Bride’s Twin”

One out of two is not a bad average.

UK, Guardian: “Stuck In Train Toilet”

A heck of a lot better than being stuck in Texas with Ted Cruz!

Russia, Moscow Times: “First President Transplant”

I assume they were placing a heart in Putin.

Bibi Never Gives UP

It is understandable that Bibi Netanyahu is upset because the good old days when American forces fought and died in Iraq is no longer possible. Bibi is a fighter who never gives up regardless of the fact the guy he is fighting wants to end violence and work for peace. Of course, Bibi and his buddies in Congress are convinced that Iranians can not be trusted and the only land in the Middle East which can is ISRAEL. So, examine the record:

Israel launched an attack in 1956 against Egypt until told to stand down by President Eisenhower–a Republican.

Israel launched an attack in 1967 and won the Six Day War.

Israel invaded Lebanon in the 1980s

Israel has four times invaded the Gaza Strip.


Anyway, Yuval Steinitz, Israel minister strategic affairs said that military action is possible against Iran. “It was on the table. It is still on the table. It’s going to remain on the table.”More words of peace from Israel.

Jaw, Kaw, Not War, War

The situation in the so-called nation of Yemen offers new opportunities in which either of the dozen sides to decide enough is enough. The Houthis who are at this point in time the guys who are on top are getting upset because the Saudis and Egyptians and God knows who else in the Middle East are angry at Houthis. The problem with this group is they are Shiites trapped in a Sunni world. After all, if your anger began a thousand years ago, why conclude it now. A bit of anger and hate goes a long way to get people donating money and their blood. Anyway, the Houthis have asked for a truce even as they prepare to seize yet another town.

They are upset at constant bombing raids–and this time do not blame the USA. Saudi planes are blasting away and it is resulting to death and destruction. Houthi officials believe is time for a “dialogue.” One can just imagine the dialogue between a group of Sunnis and Shiites in the midst of war and hate.