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Beware Solar Power!

There are some folks living in Woodland, North Carolina who have a warning to all Americans –beware the  evil effects of solar power. Have you considered exactly what solar power does to the  lives of people? If you build implements that can attract power from the sun it means only one thing– these wind machines are taking away the sun from ordinary people. After all, there is only so much sun around, and if machines take OUR SUN there is less for the rest of us!

Several residents are now refusing to allow wind power on their farms because –as you should know–it causes CANCER! Yes, by God, allow solar power on your roof and you are allowing cancer to ruin the lives of all members of your family. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw are warning –“You’re killing the town!”

However, I have learned on good authority  the forces behind these wind machines are really Martian spies seeking to destroy  our planet. Just wait until Donald Trump learns about this evil attack by LIBERALS!

Just remember that if God had wanted us to take sun from the sun, he would have made that a Commandment.

Second Team Heads To Bench

Senator Lindsay Graham has decided to cash in his chips and quietly retire from the gambling table. He now joins Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker and the ever popular  Rick Perry as those who decided seeking the role of presidential candidate. “I’m going to suspend my campaign. I’m not going to suspend my  desire to help the country.”

Ironically, Graham was the only candidate who actually served in the military and the only Republican-aside from his buddy, John McCain to urge placing boots on the ground. Ten and Donald and Carly rant and rave about boots on the ground, but not one of them will tell the American people, when one uses the expression, ‘boots on the ground’  it refers to American boots.

From Putin With Love

I understand there are millions of LIBERALS who hate and detest the only American running for the presidency who really loves AMERICA– Donald Trump. Well, there is at least one foreign leader who respects and adores the Donald man–Vladimir Putin. Donald is thrilled that a tough guy believes that he is an outstanding leader.

“When people call you brilliant, it’s always good. Especially when the  person heads Russia. Well, he’s running his country,and at least he’s a leader. Unlike wha we have in this country.”

About the killing that Putin does -you know murder political opponents and encourage killing of gays and lesbians- “I think our country does a lot of killing.”

So, millions of Americans want this character as their president!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


My dream moment-Carly Fiorina arm wrestling Vladimir Putin.

My dream moment-Jeb Bush punching Donald in the mouth.

My dream moment, Chris Christie sitting down with the dead King Hussein of Jordan.

My dream moment, Ted Cruz actually displaying his Harvard education.

My dream moment, Vladimir Putin standing with Republicans to debate.

My dream moment, Marco Rubio just letting out  his frustration to Ted with a punch.

My dream moment, Donald finally explaining how the WALL will be built and how much it will cost.

On Sgt. Bowe Berdahl

As you recall or don’t recall, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was on guard duty in Afghanistan when he decided to just walk away into then night and wound up as a prisoner of the Taliban for a few years. He was exchanged for Taliban  prisoners and now faces charges that he deserted his post and his actions threatened the lives of other soldiers. He now insists the reason for leaving was to make the American public aware of terrible safety conditions on Army outposts in Afghanistan.

The bottom line is that he deserted, not only his post, but his comrades in arms. Several soldiers sent to find him wound up wounded. I have no feelings of concern about this man. He was and is a deserter,and his actions threatened the safety of his comrades. He deserved what he got from the  Taliban which was a few years being treated with contempt. Now,  he belongs in prison. Period.

Jewish Republicans Gather

Among the top comedy shows of this month is the appearance of Republican candidates for the presidency who met with leading Jewish Republicans. Let provide a sample of the significant interactions between these men and rich Jews:

1. One Republican candidate made clear that he had seen the ENTIRE  ‘Schindler’s List film!

2. Jews were assured that President Obama hates Israel. I guess that is why during  his seven years as president, Israel received about $18 billion in military assistance and in addition, the US funded the Dome program which protects Israel against missiles. This is the kind of enemy I would love to meet.

3. Ben Carson read from a script about Hamas or humus or something. His face never  left the paper that someone had given him  to read.

4. Ted Cruz promised to wipe out ISIS if elected. He has come up with a new idea–bomb ISIS from planes. WoW! This is an exciting new idea.

5. Donald Trump wanted Jewish businessmen to know that he had never before been in a room with so many men who knew how to make a great deal. You know, we Jews are great with making money.

To sum up: Republicans want Jewish settlers to live on the West Bank. They promise to kill any and all bad Muslims.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is now obvious that Trump has found a model in Adolf Hitler, just say something hateful.

I wonder if ISIS can figure out when asked if they are Muslims, just say NO!

There are moments when I want to become a Canadian citizen.

Donald Trump is not the problem, the problem is those who adore him.

Funny, these days I never hear anything from Jeb Bush.

Then again, I never hear anything from George Bush.

Oh well, there is always Mitt Romney to become the candidate of the people.

Do You Have A Jewish Friend?

These days out of the mouths of Republican presidential candidates come words of wisdom that makes all decent people reflect upon their own daily behavior. How many of us have good friends? How many of us are caring and loving people? John Kasich explained to Americans what his blessed mother told him when he was a little boy. “John,” she said, “if you want to have a good friend, find  some nice Jewish boy who could be your buddy for life.”

As a nice Jewish boy, I am proud to learn that Christians have finally gotten over their attitudes that  we Jews killed Christ and spend our days figuring out schemes to rob Christians of their hard-earned money. Mrs. Kasich is a modern Joan of Arc, of course, the original Joan of Arc wanted to kill Jews, but what the heck, we love you Mrs. Kasich.

Now, Mom, do you have any words of wisdom for your son about hanging around with them Muslims??

Chicago Deaths Mysteries

Then Chicago area does contain a few people of Muslim background but when issues of killing are concerned this is one 100% certified town where those who are Christians are leaders in death. The  current uproar is over the excellent work of a police officer who fired SIXTEEN bullets in to  the body of sixteen year old Laquan McDonald. Here is the  official police report as reported by several cops who were also at the scene of death.

Mr. McDonald had a knife–all six  inches of one.

Mr. McDonald was slashing tires with the knife.

Police arrived at the scene of this terrorist action and felt their lives were in danger.

Their official report is after Mr. McDonald had sixteen bullets in his body, he arose, walked toward the police waving  his knife.

So, what else could these brave men do but kill the terrorist?

This is only on of dozen such reports about terrorists–none of whom were Muslim-threatening the lives of police.

Finally, the Justice Department will conduct some investigations. Just another example of how LIBERALS  are conducting a war against the police!!

Jesus Supports Guns Rather Than Peace!

Jerry Falwell Jr. is President of Liberty University. Those attending this outstanding bastion of learning are taught that Jesus was a fighting man who had but one mission in this world–to bring to each and every American a  gun-preferably an assault weapon so they could defend their homes against–?? Now Jerry is one tough hombre and he sent a warning to any  of those Muslim terrorists.  “Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here!”

Jerry does have solutions  to mass attacks on the innocent.  “I’ve always thought if more good people had a concealed weapon permit, we could end those Muslims before they  walked in.”

Just one question to Jerry: How do we know which person is the GOOD Person?