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Slippery Slopes

Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate arrived at a compromise agreement that would prevent the infamous “fiscal cliff” from becoming part of the geography of the United States. Donald Trump denounced this bill claiming the Republicans were “the worse negotiators in history.” Together with Congressman Eric Cantor, the renowned leader of finding birth certificates argued “Republicans got nothing.” This is  rather an interesting take on issues confronting the United States of America.

Republicans “got nothing” is the most vivid argument for never again voting for a Republican. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has a financial problem, not the Republican party. Republicans place their political party before the nation. This is the modern Republican party.

Death In The Afternoon

It was a beautiful day and Joseph Loughrey decided to spend some time with his son, Craig. No, he did not want to play with the boy, no, he did not want to take the boy to the library and engage him with books. No, he did not want to spend some time with the boy at an amusement park. Joseph wanted to engage his son with an important skill, playing with guns. They went to a store where Joseph wanted to sell two guns but was unable.

They returned to the car, Joseph placed the guns in it, put his son, Craig in a seat, turned and mistakenly touched the trigger finger. He had taken out all bullets. Unfortunately, he was mistaken, another bullet remained in the rifle. A shot rang out, Craig slumped over and was dead.

Just another example of the stupidity of guns and children.

Wall Street Bonus Drops!

This blog owes an apology to Mitt Romney for doubting the impact of President Obama’s critical words directed at job creators. Little did I know Xmas bonus payouts on Wall Street would dramatically drop due to the war on wealth by the Muslim Obama. Instead of last year’s $138,000 the underpaid Wall Street folk will only receive a meager $100,000. Oh my God, how can they afford summers in the Hamptons or trips to London when their meager $300,000 yearly salary must do with this reduced payment for the holidays.

I warn liberals who are engaged in this war against job creators. Reduce Wall Street bonus payments and fewer diamond rings will be sold, fewer drivers will be hired to drive cars and high class prostitutes will no longer be available to someone who only has a $100,000 bonus.

How about impeaching Barack Obama on grounds he harbors hatred toward job creators?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


A Dentist office next to McDonald’s, a match made in Heaven.

We need weighing stations at entrance to fast food shops.

Oh, to live in a city and never again drive a car!

Children possess incredible curiosity until they enter school.

Say, whatever happened to Rudy Giuliani after he saved America?

As butt sizes expand, do minds?

My body now  wobbles as I walk.

God made bodies wear out so there would be new customers.

She gazes out window as he gazes down. Lunch for the married.

I see a woman being wheeled in a wheelchair-my future?

Adage: what goes round comes around. Only if you decide it happens.

Some dream of riches in bank, some in mind.

My dream is to voyage beyond the stars.

I rarely place hand in pocket to check anything

Humans throughout time have always spoken with hands.

Age slows bending over process.

My real disaster is to misplace glasses.

To be human is to function as a detective.

Child gazes at me-what is he thinking?

To be alive is to think, to think is to be alive.

The noise of life can be overwhelming.

Lesson of life is we can always do without.

Some clean off table before sitting, I do not. I am Depression  born.

We possess an analytical mind but all too often do not use it.

Some rub wrist when speaking, I do not.

My strength in life- I readily detect  bullshit.

My mind is my most precious possession.

We arrive alone and thus will we depart.

Americans insist there is always a conspiracy.

Mars Discovery Explains Republicans

NASA is prepared to reveal information about a discovery on the Martian landscape that will be  important. We are pleased to be the first human source that can explain the meaning of the finding. It appears that NASA instruments picked up a document lying in the Martian soil whose content is breath taking. It is written in English and reportedly is a statement written by the Martian Republican party. Yes, there once was a Republican party on Mars, and, yes, it was led by one MITT ROMMNEY, the Martian one, that is.

The document informs Martians there is no problem with climate change, the document informs Martians that free enterprise built the Martian economy, the document informs Martians their planet began about 10,000 years before, and the document informs Martians there is  no need for the Martian government to worry about health care. So, since most Martians did not have health insurance, some got sick and spread a virus which killed them all off.

Oh, MITTT was found dead in his car which was parked at the top of his home. He was clutching a Martian flag in his hands. And, he had a piece of paper in one hand about some person called Smith.

Missing Link Explains Republicans

Researchers have discovered a new gene which may explain the difference between how humans evolved from chimpanzees. The gene, called, miR-941, appears to have played a critical role in how humans  learned to use tools and  langugage. This was a new gene that is only found in those we term to be, human. Finally, we are now able to understand the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

It is now clear that when Republicans argue, cut income, spend more, the the end result is to have more money available to pay for debts. We humans understand this does not make sense, but our Republican brothers and sisters simply lack the important human gene. Please do not get angry at them, they simply lack miR-941. I expect researchers will discover that those who vote Republican have -miR-942. One digit away from being an intelligent human.

My Ancestors Were Killers!

I am of Cro-Magnon heritage and therefore carry within my genes ancient ideas of my ancestors. I realize that my ancestors  somehow did away with those pesky Neanderthal folk but was not too clear how this came about. New evidendce reveals that about 71,000 years ago my ancestors had developed a new technology that used “bladelets” as sharp tips for arrows and spears. It appears that every time some ancient site is uncovered new evidence emerges that the old folk of my life were  lethal killers.

I want to offer a public apology to any and all descendants of Neanderthal for what my ancestors did to your ancestors. Then again, I have a suspicion that if  Neanderthals had bladelets they would have used them against the Cro-Magnons. Let us face reality–all life forms on this planet enjoy killing.

So, tell me, God, was that part of the original design?


Americans are upset at scenes of rioting Muslims burning flags and shouting for death to those who insult their religion. Frankly, I am more upset at LACK of Muslim mobs chanting death to President Bashar al-Assad. Over 25,000 innocent Muslims have been killed by a fellow Muslim and there is quiet and peace on the streets of large Muslim cities. There is no organized imam march on Syria and there is no attempt by Muslim nations to end relations with Syria.

Let’s be honest. ALL religions have murdered and killed. It was only twenty years ago that Serbian soldiers raped thousands of women and killed thousands of innocent men. Of course, they were smart enough to hide their massacres. And, they were good Christians. NO religion can claim innocence when it comes to the death game. Current riots arise from ignorant people who think their  religion justifies killing others who differ. I suspect in the history of humanity that has been true of just about every religion–at one time or another.

On Voter Fraud

There are rumors concerning an alleged recession in the United States of America which for some reason has aroused concern among some members of the Republican party. There are rumors concerning high unemployment rates, but as far as we can ascertain this problem is NOT impacting those earning a million of more dollars a year, so why bother about such unimportant issues. The real issue which Republicans are focusing on is: VOTER FRAUD! Think about it, people who are not eligible are voting!

Latest figures indicate that during the past ten years at least ONE THOUSAND votes were cast by those who were not eligible to vote. Imagine if those one thousand had not voted, wouldn’t it have altered the election in which one hundred million voted?

We should thank God that Mitt Romney will NOT allow voter fraud once in the presidency. It is time to end voting by students, black folk, Hispanic immigrants and all those Muslims who want to elect members of al-Qaeda!

Bigotry Leads To Death In Czech Republic

The world is quite aware of the Holocaust which resulted in death of six million Jews in Europe, but few know that Nazi forces also killed thousands of Roma people. In many cases, killing Roma did not arouse anger in certain parts of eastern Europe anymore than did killing Jews. Most Jews have left eastern Europe, but the Roma remain. Prejudice, hatred, and violence are still found in many areas of Eastern Europe which ends with brutality and death to Romas.

Milan Juhasz, a policeman, did not report for duty. He want to a Roma house and proceeded to kill the father, his son, his son-in-law and wound other members of the family. In the Czech Republic, violence toward Roma is not unusual.  Human rights activist, Irena Biharova, warned the public response would most probably lead to “mass glorification of the murderer and hateful responses to the victims.”

I think we in America are familiar with blaming the victim and making George Zimmerman a hero for murdering a defenseless boy.