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Donald Given Summer Present

I do not have a doubt in the world that each night when little Donald gets on his knees to pray his prayer is always the  hope that some nut case who is of the Muslim religion massacres some people in America. Actually, he has no concern if those who are slaughtered are in the Middle East. When such killings occur, as far as Donald is concerned, ‘good riddance to bad rubbish.” His only hope is that Muslim terrorists are on his side.

We know that Omar Marteen purchased weapons of mass slaughter in a legal manner, after all this is the United States of America where any deranged person can invoke his Second Amendment right to shoot and kill. We know that he is or was a Muslim. According to his father, Omar was also very upset that he saw two men kissing. We now have a great debate that will rage for months to come. Was this a HATE CRIME? Was this a crime committed by a MUSLIM TERRORIST?

Regardless, this is THE event that Donald Trump prayed would occur in order to divert attention from his crude racist statements. Well,thanks to ISIS, he received a summer present.

Gingrich On Words Of Wisdom

Onc upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a leader of the Republican party in Congress by the name of Newt Gingrich. Now, unlike the current leaders of the  Republican party, this man had high standards as to upholding values and  respect for human dignity. He blasted Bill Clinton for lacking  respect for women. He wanted Bill to display the  same values as he upheld. So, when his wife was in the hospital for cancer treatment, Newt thought it was the perfect time to inform her that he wanted a divorce.  We will not review other such episodes with women.

So, Newt has a new dream. Oh God, he so desires to run for vice president with that red headed man who sometimes speaks with the wrong words. Newt made clear that Donald’s comments about Judge Curiel were “inexcusable.” BUT, Newt added: “He has learned from the  past two days and he has taken very significant steps away from that and moved toward a more controlled manner.” Gee, Newt, hopefully one day Donald will reach your level of high minded behavior!

Let’s Excuse Donnie

Just about every other hour some member of the Republican party makes a firm and solid statement that, while he may not actually completely endorse Donald Trump, he will vote for him this November. Among the excuses posed by these solid citizens are:

Donald is an  outsider and new to this thing called, politics.

Donald may not always be perfect, but then, who is?

If not Donald, then the wicked witch from New York.

Donald is a fresh new voice, and it may not be easy to quickly hear his comment.

Donald is breaking old way of doing things, give him some time to make them clear to all.

Look, Fred, it is the world of politics which means, I want to win.

He may be brash, he may be loud, but he does attract new voters.

Fred, it is either him or no job in Washington.

At least he does not use a teleprompter!

Oh heck, he is just the Republican Bernie Sanders!

His daughter married a Jew which means we got the Jewish vote!

Stanford University Shining Light

Once again liberals in America are on the warpath over a decision by Judge Aaron Persky in the trial of Brock Turner. For  some reason which escapes me, there are people who,for some reason, are critical of this judge. Brock Turner raped a woman who was unconscious and even tried to dump her outside by the trash. Seems like a  decent thing to do-get the woman raped out of the bed where she was raped.

This caring Judge Persky noted: “I take him at his word about his version of events. I am not convinced that his lack of compete acquiescence to the verdict should count against him.” So, six months in county jail.

Reflect on what this compassionate judge is saying. OK, this nice decent college boy from STANFORD sort of did something to a dead drunk girl. He says it was the liquor and the college culture of drinking and partying and raping females that caused him to behave in a normal manner. How can anyone severely punish this nice boy and send him to a jail with criminal perverts??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25year  old mind trapped in an 85year old body.


Whatever happened to Rick Perry, never hear from him these days?

Muhammad Ali is dead, at least he made 74 years, how many boxers can say that?

Theoretically, if ISIS continues blowing self up, they eventually will disappear.

A modern miracle, Donald Trump does not send a twitter about why he dislikes someone.

By the Trump logic, since I am Jewish, this disqualifies me from being on any jury related to a case involving a Muslim–or a Christian, for that matter.

New York Yankees, dead last in batting, no longer the Bronx Bombers!

I really wonder what Paul Ryan thinks about his decision to support Donald Trump?

Silence of the Powerful–not a word from any Bush family member about this election.

Pray tell, is a Kardashian, animal, vegetable or mineral?

So, what does Bernie Sanders do for an encore?

Just once, Hillary, say, “fuck you Donald!”

Its Golden State Warriors all the way, sorry, LeBron.





So, What Went Wrong?

It  is several days prior to the California primary and most evidence is the result is still up in the air. So, what went wrong with Hillary’s campaign?

1. She has run as a candidate of the 1990s.

2. She hesitated coming out strong for the fight against Wall Street.

3. She portrays herself as the candidate for women–Hillary, half the voters are MEN!

4. She never began with a concrete program to address the needs of youth, particularly, college students.

5. She continue to do stupid things like the emails.

6. Hillary has a solid program at a time when people want dreams promised.

7. Hillary has a tendency to shout when a quiet tone would be more presidential.

8. Bill is always around when she needs to separate herself from Bill.

9. Like President Obama, Hillary NEVER explains our policy in the Middle East.

10. Hillary being Hillary for twenty years.



Memorial Day In Chicago

It was just another Memorial Day in the city of Chicago and there was some bad news and some good news. The good news is that ‘only’ four people died instead of the twelve who died last Memorial day. The bad news is that fifty were wounded. Of course, most of the dead were “only” inhabitants of south Chicago, the murder capital of America. So, what is the cause of so many shooting deaths in Chicago– a city with one fourth the population of New York but one in which there are four times more murders?

The south area of Chicago is the most segregated places in any city in America. There are blocks after blocks in which only black skinned people live. Perhaps, more important is the fracturing of gangs. The vast majority of gangs are small in size so a few guys constitute the entire organization. There are no ‘older’ experienced gang leaders who might offer advice or counseling to lay off blasting away at someone because they looked at you with the wrong glance. Everything has become personal, each young man becomes infuriated at an insult or comment about someone he cares about and the end result is using a gun to settle scores. It has reached the point where a five year old son is shot down because his dad is the enemy of someone.

Death does not take any holidays in south Chicago.

Gee Adl Is Upset

The Anti-Defmation League has operated in life with one guiding principle –whatever that Israel does  one must find some, any, reason to defend the action. To do other is simply to play into the hands of anti-Semites. The ADL is very sensitive about anti-Semites since, we all know, that most European nations hate Jews and one must defend Israel. Of course, there is Israel and there are Jews, they are not synonymous.

Well, finally, the ADL decided enough was enough.  They have now identified Israel conservative leader, Bentzi Gopstein as a  bigot, first  order.  The man’s Facebook contains hateful comments about Muslims, about the Palestinian government and, to throw in one other group, the man hates gays and lesbians. But, let’s not forget that Bentzi is a friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is never wrong for many Jews. Anyway, at least the ADL has come out against one bigot. A step forward.

Send Them To Jail With Baby

Finally, finally; we have a governor who is willing to stand up to those damn women who want to have a baby and then decide they don’t want to have a baby. Nikki Haley has signed into law a bill that makes it a crime to  obtain an abortion after the pregnancy has reached  twenty weeks. The bill is termed an attempt to prevent the fetus from undergoing pain and discomfort. Of course, there is no evidence that the fetus could feel pain until the third trimester. Another facet of this bill to protect women is there are NO exceptions, even for rape or incest.

What I find confusing is somewhere in my life I was taught that it requires both a man and a woman to create a baby. But, for some reason, NO one ever refers to the guy who did the impregnation. If Republicans are do determined to  prevent women from having an abortion, how about some laws that make it a crime to impregnate a woman who does not want to have a baby??

True Story Of Vince Foster

On July 20, 1993, shortly after the Clinton regime grabbed power in Washington D.C. a man was found shot to death next to a cannon in Washington D.C. The man’s name was Vice Foster, an alleged childhood friend of Bill Clinton. Naturally the Clinton gang immediately claimed the death was a suicide. However, this reporter intends to present the TRUE story of this –MURDER!

Fact One: The day previously, Vice Foster was seen secretly exiting the office of Hillary Clinton. Why the SECRET departure?

Fact Two: It is now well known that Hillary Clinton was having a secret affair with a well-known red headed New York businessman.

Fact Three: It is now established that Vince Foster saw Hillary and her red headed lover in a restaurant on 22nd street. Hillary caught a glimpse of Vince as he tried to quickly depart.

Fact Four: Vice Foster was a happy man, a man with a good job, and, allegedly, in the midst of this happiness, this nice, decent man suddenly decided to kill himself!!

Fact Five: The only question is WHO ordered the murder of Vince Foster? Was is liar, liar, Hillary, or Bill-trying-to-untangle-his-love=affairs? Or, was it the mysterious red headed man?

Thank God America now has a Blunt Speaking Bull-Shit candidate who wants to get to the bottom of this MURDER!