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Koch Brothers Concerned

During the past forty years the Koch Brothers have been supporting every right wing crazy idea in their effort to restore the good old days when those with money could purchase state legislatures and get someone in the White House who was white, Christian and devoted to the principle that this nation was founded  by the wealthy to support whatever the wealthy wanted, and when wealthy folks rule so does democracy rule. There are reports the Koch Brothers are gathering together a war chest to ensure that Republicans  win this November.

So, shock of shock. Charles Koch blasted the candidacy of Donald Trump charging the Donald man ‘s words are ” reminiscent of Nazi Germany.” He even uttered the incredible comment that Hillary Clinton might be looking into. Perhaps, her rhetoric  might be different “from her actions!”

Imagine going from Cruz to Clinton!


We  offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Has anyone considered bringing back Rudy Giuliani as the Republican candidate?

Then again, there is always Dick Cheney who is still eligible.

Bill Maher is consumed about white people who act like schmucks. No,Bill, they do not speak for “white people.”

I become so tired of expressions such as “blacks” or “whites” or “Asians”but never “idiot Republicans.”

Gee, when was the last time we Americans actually built a great new highway??

I await arrival of the “new” Trump, I assume he  now says “broads” rather than “bimbos.”

Of course, there is always the old Cruz, defender of all that is RIGHT.

We need a new law compelling anyone who votes this year for the Republican candidate to hold his or her nose as they cast the ballot.

Gee, I so wish it was possible to talk with Abraham Lincoln and get his take on the Republican party today.

By the way, what is “white people?”

I would so like to know who George H.W. Bush will vote for this November.

Solution for Republicans —select from wives of candidates the nominee.

End of April and time for something important–the NFL Draft!



Will Donald Make Nice?

These are the April days in which Donald  Trump has to begin deciding how he will conduct his campaign in the fall. Many of his supporters are asking him to behave “more presidential.” So, here is the new Donald Trump:

“I will not call women sluts or bimbos, those terms are now reserved for men.”

“I will build the smallest, the world’s smallest WALL.”

“Ted Cruz is  not a liar, he is more like a schmuck.”

“I got nothing against Hispanics, for all I am concerned they have the right to live in Mexico.”

“Don’t look at Hillary’s face, just look at that dumpy figure!”

“I now second everything Bernie is saying about Wall Street crooks.”

“NO, I do not wish to screw my daughter, just my wife!”

“John Kasich is just a northern version of Jeb Bush.”

“I REALLY love Israel and who the fuck cares about Palestinians, they got no votes in America”

“Megyn, I will even screw you.”





We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


From Ted Cruz: “America is always at  her best when she is flat on  her back on the mat.”

From my three month old grandson: “America is always at her back when she is flat on her back and peeing in her diaper.”

From a Trump supporter: “America is always at her best when she is flat other back as long as she buys American made goods.”

From the NRA: “American babies in cribs are always at their best when flat on their backs in cribs when they have a gun to protect themselves.”

From Donald: “America is always at her best when she is flat on her back gazing up at the Greatest Wall ever built.”

From John Kasich:  “America is always at her best when she is flat on her back figuring out how to balance the budget–as I single-handedly did!”

From Ben Carson: “America is always at there best when she is flat on her back getting ready for me to cut open her body and save her.”

Harriet Tubman Makes The Twenty

OK, I admit to nor being the most Politically Correct person that writes on the Internet. I ordinarily find most political correct positions rather funny, if not boring. So the Treasury Department has decided to place the picture of Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill and send Andrew Jackson into oblivion. Quick, without consulting any other source, exactly what did Harriet Tubman do to make her so famous? She did tireless work saving many slaves by guiding them north. She was brave, she took risks and she deserves the gratitude of society.

On the other hand, Eleanor Roosevelt was a tireless fighter for human rights as the wife of President Franklin Roosevelt. So, what did she do?

1. She personally was responsible for ensuring that thousands of migrants had decent living conditions.

2. She  established the first group of Negroes who would provide information and present ideas for the President. Without her “unofficial Cabinet,” the voices of Negroes would never have been heard.

3. She is responsible for the Air Force creating the Tuskeegee Airmen.

4. She was advisor to countless young women seeking to enhance civil rights including Pauli Murray a Negro fighter for human rights.

5. There is a seemingly endless list of women she aided.

6. She was the first U.S. female ambassador to the UN when it began.

I could go on and on about her fight for human rights. So,who would you place on the twenty dollar bill?

Donald Trump Speaks

In case you missed it we will present the Trump speech that was given last night.

“Folks, it has been a great night, I mean a great, Great night for me. NO, not merely great, it has been stupendous for me and my family. Just gaze at the body and boobs of my wife and my daughter. You sure would love to fuck them, would’n’t you? Well,tonight we fucked the entire Republican party and made certain that I will be the nominee of this party. So, what lies ahead?

I am going to bring back jobs, I mean millions of jobs so Americans can work picking fruit and they will not be wearing $7.25 and hour but a good wage of $12 an hour. Yes, think of all those jobs in China making clothes,well, once in office President Trump will make certain that only native born Americans work in textile factories as did their parents. Oh, and that WALL, that fantastic WALL–who says we Americans can’t build anything anymore?

And, the deals that I will make, God, the deals that I will make! When I am finished with my deal making,Vladimir Putin and that Chink leader will be shining my shoes and thanking me for the job. We Americans will be great again, real great and we will have the greatest armed force in the world. I promise to personally smash this ISIS to hell! We will be great again and everyone will have free health care,and it will be great again in America!”


Free Things For Free People

There is one common denominator among those seeking to become the next president of this nation. Whether it is Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or John Kasich or Bernie Sanders, voters are promised that good times will soon arrive, just vote for me. Donald is bringing back “millions of jobs,” Ted is abolishing the IRS, John will balance the budget and end the 17 Trillion national debt, and Bernie is ending student debt, providing free college and, also, providing 13 million high paying jobs. OK, I understand there are those with negative attitudes who do not believe these things will happen. If one adopts a negative attitude, fairy tales never  really happen.

We need a new law. Anyone who runs for president must provide actual figures to support their promises. Just how or where or why will the 13 million high paying jobs arrive in America when we bring them back from China that Bernie insists will occur. I do not believe there are 13 million high paying jobs in China where people make clothes and machines. But, then again, I do not believe in fairy tales.

I apologize. On reflection, there is  no doubt when Hispanics go back to Mexico, we Americans can finally get those high paying jobs picking fruit!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25  year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The fight for America is between liberalism vs the Wealthy, not Sanders vs Clinton.

These days Bernie gets a high from being before a large crowd.

These days Hillary raises her voice when she should raise issues.

Americans finally are angry at Wall Street but Americans  elected people who are the servants of Wall Street.

Oh, for a political leader who had an intelligent vision of a 21st century America.

One gets who one elects to public office.

I wonder how a Trump/Cruz ticket would perform.

Catch The Muslim Terrorist!

After a few years of non-stop hysteria about Muslims and terrorists and be on guard because those Islamist terrorists are mighty clever. One must give Donald Trump and the other boys and girls who appeared on the stage in what was supposed to be a ‘debate’ some credit for creating hysteria and madness in our lovely land. From Hispanic ‘rapists’ to Muslims carrying suicide vests to close down the mosques, if one happens to be of the Muslim faith, beware every moment for another experience with madness.

Khairuideen Machzooni is a Muslim and he boarded a Southwest plane on a trip home. He decided to give an uncle who lived in Baghdad a call to let him know what was happening in his life. A woman became frightened and went to call the police. The soon arrived, detained the man who spoke in a funny language and saved the passengers from instant death. Southwest claims the entire incident arose because of “potentially threatening comments.”

Hi uncle, how’s  by you?

Protect America From Criminals

The United States of America was founded upon the concept of rule by law. We Americans believe deeply in the importance of laws,and the importance of ensuring that those who break the law suffer some consequence. Carrol Brooker is a man who served  his country in the armed forces, and is currently disabled due to several illnesses. Oh, thirty years ago,  he did get captured and sentenced to jail for an armed robbery,but since that event, he has been  law abiding individual.

Due to pain, Mr. Brooker has been raising marijuana in his back yard. He has never sold any of it, it is simply to help him endure pain. Well, the cops came one day and discovered that his crop was 2.88 pounds when the law very specifically says that any crop that is over 2.2 pounds means JAIL FOR LIFE since he had a prior conviction. So, Mr. Brooker faces a life sentence unless the Supreme Court rules this is an example of cruel and unusual punishment.

What is wrong with this country when it comes to drug laws??