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Politics Of Appearance

The Republican Party has introduced a new phenomenon in American politics.It is no longer of any importance what a politician says or does, the most important quality of a leader is their appearance. Carly has demonstrated that she has: poise, confidence, firmness, and an ability to provide a one line response to questions. Examine what she actually said in the debate:

1. “I want to rebuild the American navy.” The US Navy is the greatest navy in the world. It has twelve battle groups which includes 12 modern aircraft carriers. Opposed to that is: ONE CHINESE AIRCRAFT CARRIER. How does one “rebuild” something that is outstanding?

2. She wants to place missiles on the border of Russia. Carly, Russia has ATOMIC BOMBS. So, you want to mess with Putin and risk a possible incident with a nation that has atomic weapons!!

This is an ignorant person with NO knowledge of the world. But, she does look “firm.”

Socialist Pope Is Coming To Town!

As we Americans know only too well, the past six years under the regime of Barack Obama has taken this nation down the road of Socialism! Now, to make matters worse, the SOCIALIST POPE is arriving to spread his Socialist doctrines of taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor.We all know, you can check this in the Bible, God wants the poor to give unto the rich in order that the poor can enter the doors of heaven. Pope Francis is preaching the doctrine of redistribution of the wealth. Of course, this has been going on for decades with the poor and middle class giving unto the wealthy.

To make matters worse for Republican Catholics, this so-called prelate informed the world while in Cuba that relaxation of conflict between he US and Cuba “is an example of reconciliation for the entire world.”

Marco Rubio: No real Pope would step foot in Cuba until the Castro boys were dead!

John Boehner: As a Catholic I really wanted to listen to my Pope,but this guy is some sort of SOCIALIST!

Ted Cruz: I want Catholics to unite to hate, to hate.

Pope Francis Vs American Catholics

Pope Francis will shortly arrive in America. It is the land which in the nineteenth century welcomed millions of Catholics from Europe seeking to find a new life. I hate to remind Donald Trump but his ancestors arrived in an America in which the Know Nothing Party was attaining 20% of the vote based on its promise to ban the immigration of Catholics. Millard Fillmore was the Donald Trump of the 1850s. Now, Pope Francis will be confronting American Catholics who do do not want Hispanic Catholics to arrive and take away their jobs picking fruit, working in meat packing plants, hauling garbage of taking care of children.

The Pope will meet John Boehner who denies the reality of global warming, who denies the Pope’s plea for decent wages and medical coverage. Heck, whatever Pope Francis says, John simply does not believe. So, what happens when the Pope discovers that many,many American Catholics simply are not on the same page?

I go it, why don’t Republican Catholics just shut down the Catholic Church!

The Rick Santorum Story

The last time we saw Rick Santorum he was wearing sweaters, but has now decided to dress like the grown-up do–suit and tie.

1. Rick is the ONLY candidate with a direct line to the Big Guy up in the sky.

2. Rick loves children, no one can match this love of those born or unborn.

4. Rick does not want illegal immigrants here, the main problem he will soon solve is who picks the fruit and works as nannies.

5. Rick is ready to get rid of ISIS, they will never withstand speeches from him directed at the Middle East.

6. No candidate can match his love of wife and children, in fact, they will vote for him. So, he does have a foundation to win the nomination.

7. Oh, he is a Christian and is ready to fight Muslims in an arena any time, anywhere.

8. Rick wants every child born or unborn to have human rights, it’s just the illegal immigrants who should not get them!

The Donald Trump Story

What can one say to introduce Donald Trump other than he definitely is a Donald Trump.

1. Donald is the best deal maker in the Republican party.

2. Donald can handle Vladimir Putin, he will look him in the face while stealing his wallet.

3. Donald has plans to end wars, everywhere.

4. Donald will create millions and millions of jobs as he has always done.

5. Donald is really a doctor in his spare time, just ask Ben Carson.

6. Donald is proud of his hair.

7. Donald will be the greatest wall builder since the Great Wall in China.

The Rand Paul Story

There is no question that Rand Paul has the most interesting hair cut of any man on the stage. He was also the first attacked by the Donald man.

1. Rand Paul is against any and all wars.

2. Rand Paul believes the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a mistake.

3. Rand Paul does not want to increase the size of the armed forces.

4. Rand Paul wants Muslims in the Middle East to solve their own problems.

5. Rand does love America and wants it to become less involved in wars.

6. Rand Paul is the number one enemy of Donald Trump.

The Chris Christie Story

There was one blaring fact as the viewer gazed at eleven people on the stage, when it came to sheer weight, Chris Christie was the outstanding personage among this group of people.

1. Chris Christie wants the group to quit attacking one another.

2. Chris has vetoed more laws than all the others put together.

3. Chris and his family were directly challenged by Muslim terrorists on 9/11 and are alive today.

4. Chris cares about working people.

5. Chris knows how to work with Democrats, but did not mention specific Democrats who like him.

6. Chris wants to get America moving again like the state of New Jersey.

Mike Huckabee Story

The Reverend Mike Huckabee was at the debate and he is one angry southern dude. He is sick and tired of the war against Christians in America led by you-know-who.

1. Mike is the greatest defender of unborn babies and wants to ensure they get born.

2. Mike believes that once the baby is born, it is up to this creature to make his/her way through life without any aid from THE GOVERNMENT.

3. Mike supports Kim Davis and her right not to obey laws. He regards her as the modern version of Martin Luther King. Or, Ross Parks.

4. Mike wants to get Christians back in leadership roles in this nation.

5. Mike does not like evil Muslims, only evil Christians.

6. Mike believes any law that he likes is a law that is Constitutional.

Marco Rubio Story

There was a debate on Wednesday evening and eleven stalwart Republicans informed the American people as to their views on the future of their country and the world.


Marco was a stern faced individual throughout the debate. Not a smile, not a smirk, just stiff determination that would make clear to the country and world that no one had better mess with the son of a Cuban immigrant–legal one, that is.

1. Marco will not talk with Vladimir Putin, he will not talk with any and all Ayatollahs. They must first indicate a desire to do what he wants before any negotiation.

2. Marco will make this country strong again. Once again people will speak with respect about America.

3. Marco has some sort of immigration plan, but to be honest, I never could quite figure it out. Oh, he does want a wall built.

4. He believes in life, and I trust any fetus is now smiling with happiness.

5. Marco will create jobs, gobs of jobs. The specifics will come after the election.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press and our comments.

Iran,Tehran Times: “Support Food Sanctions”

I assume Republicans want to starve out the Iranians.

Australia, Canberra Times: “My Worst Nightmare”

I don’t know yours, mine is President Trump.

France, Connexion: “McDonald’s Gunman Dies”

I assume he consumed a Happy Meal.

UK,Guardian: “Secret To Longevity”

Never watch Fox News?

China, China Daily: “China Economy OK”

It’s just that stock market that is not!