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Jesus Supports Guns Rather Than Peace!

Jerry Falwell Jr. is President of Liberty University. Those attending this outstanding bastion of learning are taught that Jesus was a fighting man who had but one mission in this world–to bring to each and every American a  gun-preferably an assault weapon so they could defend their homes against–?? Now Jerry is one tough hombre and he sent a warning to any  of those Muslim terrorists.  “Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here!”

Jerry does have solutions  to mass attacks on the innocent.  “I’ve always thought if more good people had a concealed weapon permit, we could end those Muslims before they  walked in.”

Just one question to Jerry: How do we know which person is the GOOD Person?

No Background Checks For Terrorists

Members of the Republican Party are confronted with an ethical and moral dilemma. Which comes first-gun rights or the rights of terrorists? After all:

1. Every God-fearing American is entitled to the ownership of a gun.

2. Muslim Terrorists are God-fearing Americans. OK, so they fear the wrong God, but they are Americans and they do fear some sort of God.

3. God has decreed that NO American can be deprived of his right to a weapon.

4. Only four Republican Senators voted for a bill that would apply gun checks  to the unregulated sale of guns  sold online.

5. This means any and ALL Terrorists in America can purchase guns online.

Thank God that Terrorists can still purchase guns in America.

Oh Them Warlike Muslims!

Tony Abbbott was the former prime minister of Australia and he has some strong feelings about Muslims. “I’ve often  heard western leaders describe Islam as a religion of peace. I wish  more Muslim leaders would say that more often and mean it.” He definitely believes if Australia would only ban Muslim women from wearing the burqa peace would reign.

I wonder if he also wants nuns to cease wearing their head coverings or Jews who wear the yarmulka? Yes, there has been wars caused by Muslims. Then again:

Christian Nazi Germany murdered over 35,000,000 people during WWII.

Catholic Italy murdered hundreds of thousands of Africans in their wars in Africa. They, like their German friends, raped and pillaged at will.

Then again, hundreds of thousands in Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews, and these people were Christians.

Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler were born as Catholics and died as Catholics.

So, what about the Christian religion??

Chris Christie On Bravery

As Chris Christie wanders the roads of New Hampshire in quest of votes he is now selling the line that it was he, not Rudy Giuliani who saved New York City in the dark days of 9/11. His story goes something like this:

“I was there on 9/11. I saw the towers coming down and I was furious. I was determined to wipe out those terrorists with my own hands. My best friend, Mike, or maybe it was Phil or whoever, was murdered by those Muslim terrorists and I swore vengeance. I talked with his widow and little children and promised that if I ever became president, those killers would all be killed. My mother died of cancer about this time, she was killed by this terrorist cancer and I promised revenge, and I will get revenge on those murderers.
So, if you want someone who knows all about terrorists, someone who is ready and willing and able to destroy terrorists, just cast your vote for Chris Christie.
Remember I may be slightly overweight but this weight gives me strength to single-handedly wipe out terrorism just as I wiped out terror on the George Washington Bridge!”

Rudy Giuliani On Republicans, ISIS And Wetbacks

My name is Rudy Giuliani and I am the only Republican with a proven record of beating up terrorists. In case you forgot, I single-handedly wiped out the Muslim terrorists after 9/11 happened. I walked the streets of New York City,I strode into the stock market and after I rang the bell so people could at least make some money out of tragedy. I am the ONLY Republican who knows how to talk tough,never fight anyone unless they are people on relief and make a fortune out of pretending to be a hero.

So, here’s the deal,ISIS, I promise not to come to Syria and wipe you guys off the face of the Earth,and you guys promise to accept my invitation to become members of the New York City Police Department and walk the streets of New York in safety.Think about the offer, safety,security,and an opportunity to get into my security business and make gobs of money.

ISIS,join the Giuliani business empire and make some loot and–even get some good girls to make life enjoyable. My friends, I promise to help each and everyone a millionaire without doing any work!!

OH,I even promise you guys to meet some red hot Italian girls–talk about Heaven!

John Kasich At Debate

There were moments at this debate when I wondered how this guy John Kasich got stuck with these weirdos Not that John is a fountain of knowledge or wisdom,but he does understand that if you abolish the IRS then one does have a minor problem collecting money for the government. Then again, the group on the stage wants to get rid of any and all government agencies.I was wondering if they wanted to end the Post Office or the FBI or the Treasury or the Education Department and so forth. Kasich describes the tax plans of Trump or Carson or Cruz as utter nonsense. AS a governor of a state he had to use tax money to keep the place going.

John wants everyone to know and he repeats this time after time–I am the only one who actually balanced a budget, I am the only one who served on congressional committees and actually understood something about budgets and how to conduct government. I am certain that anyone with actual experience has no place on this platform of ignorance.

Rand Paul In Debate

Rand Paul stands at the end of the group in more ways than physically. He is completely the opposite of others on the stage. Actually, Rand Paul is the only traditional conservative in the crowd. He opposes any military effort in the Middle East, he points out in a very quiet voice that if one does what Carly desires and creates a “No Fly” are in Syria, that means some Russian planes might get shot down. Has anyone informed Carly that Russia has in its possession a few hundred atomic bombs. Rand understands the consequence of doing something in the name of being tough that ends up destroying the world.

Rand is against regulations.Then again, so is every Republican on the stage against “regulations.” Listening to him and the others blast any and all regulations leads one to wonder would they allow regulations in sport activities? Rand mumbled something about returning power to the states. I hate to inform this group but we once did that–the Articles of Confederation–which worked exactly as Republicans desire –no federal government and power to the states.

The result of this fiasco was the Constitutional Convention which created a strong federal government.

Carly Fiorina At Debate

Carly Fiorina is on a crusade to “rebuild the American military” and use this powerful force to make certain that Vladimir Putin knows who can wipe out whom. She wants to destroy the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria and she willing to send in the boys from America to do the job. Gee, Carly, as I recall we sent in a hundred thousand into Iraq, had four thousand die and over thirty thousand wounded and it didn’t do one bit of good. She mumbled something about getting back the land we had in Iraq, but for the life of me, I don’t recall we ever had any land in Iraq. But, it is clear that she is ready to wipe out Caliphate.

I remain confused concerning her desire to “rebuild the American military.” The current count is the US Navy has TWELVE CARRIER GROUPS–that means a fews aircraft carriers accompanied by destroyers and other ships. At this moment, China has ONE AIRCRAFT carrier–they bought it from another nation. So, Carly, exactly who is the US Navy going to fight on the high seas?–North Korea or Andorra?

Bibi Feels OK?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently in Washington D.C. visiting his arch enemy, Barack Obama and for the very briefest of moments, the man from Jerusalem is not upset. At the heart of this conflict between the Israel leader and the American leader is the reality that no intelligent American president can allow another nation to determine its foreign policy. Netanyahu has met with Republican leaders, he has made clear during an election in the United States that he would prefer the election of a Republican. From the perspective of Netanyahu this is normal behavior, but from the perspective of ANY American politician, this is a blatant interference in the political life of the United States.

The guiding principle of American foreign policy is that our leaders are motivated by the interests of the United States. America seeks to end conflict in the Middle East and that requires the cooperation of ALL nations, including Iran. As long as any Israel leader refuses to negotiate in good faith, there can not be peace in the region. As far as Israel is concerned, there is one basic fact. Unless there is a two-nation conclusion, by 2030 the Jewish people will be a MINORITY within their own nation. That is a piece of reality.

Wither Bernie?

Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, I’m a Socialist. Bernie Sanders wants to do something about income inequality, so do I. Bernie Sanders believes ALL Lives Matter, so do I. So,what is the future of this nice guy?

1. If nominated, he would lose a presidential election. White haired, Socialist, loud booming voice, for guns, decent guy who should know better than to waste his time seeking the presidency.

2. His task at this point is to get young people angry about American society and ready to head off Republican victory.

3. His task is to shove Hillary Clinton further and further into fighting Wall Street and income inequality.

4. His task is to provide young voters with the image of a man who will not be bought off. This alone ensures more will vote in the next election.

5. His task is to die so that Hillary Clinton can live to triumph.