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Believe It Or Not But Rick Does Have Point

I never thought the day would arrive when Rick Santorum actually could offer an interesting idea. After listening to him and observing those sweaters, it was doubtful if I would ever encountered an idea that does raise questions. Rick raised the issue was to whether or not a gay printer has the right to refuse printing posters for the nut case Westboro Baptist Church if they desired posters that said: “God Hates Fags.” There is a constitutional issue when a business person is compelled to make a product that is desired by someone who hates them or their religion. According to Rick, “tolerance is a two way street. If you own a print shop and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print, “God Hates Fags.” Fair enough question.

1. It is one thing for me to refuse to cut your hair because you are gay or lesbian, and another if I refuses to print something that goes against my political,social or religious views. I struggle with this dilemma. IS there a difference between refusing to bake a cake and refusing to print something? My argument would be that the cake is for an individual while the poster could be read by thousands. Seems to me that does raise the issue as to whether or not there are limits about what I must do as a businessman and to whom I must do business.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 y ear old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Always jaw, jaw rather than war, war.

Ted Cruz should volunteer to fight against ISIS. Put his body where his mouth is.

The path to peace is strewn with potholes.

Always remember that tomorrow is yesterday, eventually.

There are times to just forget.

There are times to always remember.

The eighth wonder of the world is when Republicans say President Obama did something right.


It is the first night of Passover and Jews who love Bibi Netanyahu and John Boehner are crying in their matzo soup. The evil one who goes by the name of Barack Obama has pulled off the impossible. Together with five other nations an agreement has been reached with Iran to end the immediate threat of a nuclear bomb race. According to Obama,”we have reached solutions monkey parameters on a joint comprehensive plan of action” I assume this means that Ted Cruz will not be leading US bombers on their flight of destruction and war. Iran has agreed to retain only one enrich meant facility and the nuclear site known as Fardo will be transformed into a scientific research lab. Naturally, this agreement to preclude an Iranian nuclear bomb upsets Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu. What now to scare Israelis with and provide Fox News with snhty heads shouting for war!

The “executive agreement between two heads of state is not a treaty and thus does not require Senate approval. It is a start. It enables the people of Iran several years in which to move toward a more democratic society. Who knows where Iran will be ten years from now. However, we can say that, for the moment, threat of war is not in the immediate present.

Rich Gays Attack We Americans!

The ware against we straight folk has no end. Those gay guys who run all the important corporations in America have launched an attack on decent God fearing Americans who want to protect their right to be a God fearing decent law abiding red blooded American citizen. Tim Cook,the you know what sexual orientation head of Apple has lined up a bunch of fags who also run corporations and they are out to destroy the very fabric of our American society. A bunch of these guys or gals, or whatever, have issued an ultimatum to those who believe in a two sex family. They point out: “a lotos companies are very risk averse and want to be on the right side of history. They also know the political views of their customers as users…Any state that enacts legislation that does not specifically protect LBGT persons” will face the wrath of those who run these corporations.

I believe it is time for God fearing Americans to commit suicide, get to Heaven and let the Big Guy up in the sky know what the heck is going on down here. I am certain he will send some thunderbolts to wipe out these evil men and women.

First they demanded that black folk who were contented as hell to get angry.

Then they insisted we had to elect come Catholic who reported to the Vatican as our president.

Then they insisted that women who were happy in the home had to work and leave their children.

What is happening to the America we used to know??


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Japan, Japan Times: “Kids Weak On Drawing Conclusions”

Have you checked the adults in Congress?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Prison For Silicone Buttock Injections”

I shit on this story!

Norway, Norway Post: “Used Car Dealers Break Promises”

For God sake, they are used car dealers, what else?

France, Connexion: “Good Samaritan Injured”

Hopefully, not by a good samaritan.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Push For Same Sex Laws”

This did not occur in the state of Indiana!

Rob Ford Still Around? !

I was shocked to learn that my dear old friend, Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto is still around and talking. Rob is the media’s most popular politician still he is a guarantee to make some stupid remark when he is under the influence of alcohol. The city of Toronto was the scene of one wild drunken scenario after another when he was the mayor. Rob is a combination of Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani and your local drunk all put together. Ted and Rudy so love to shout and rant, Rob so loves to utter remarks while in a state being out of the world due to alcohol. He appeared at the Toronto City Council in order to utter some words of apology. He had made a few remarks that had upset some folks.

“Nobody sticks up for people like I do, every fucking like, nigger, fucking woo, sago, whatever the race. Nobody does. I’m the most racist guy around, I’m the mayor of Toronto.” Ok, so he called some guy from Pakistan a “pakie.” At least Rob, unlike members of the Republican party has always been upfront about his prejudices. And, he really does not give a fuck for the wealthy either. A man for all seasons, a sman for all bigotry, but an honest man. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those in the Republican party openly expressed their hatred??

More Chaos In Turkey

These days the only certainty is that someplace and somewhere in the Middle East some militants will do something horrific. I hate to inform the Republican party or Fox News, but the United States of America is unable to control the multitude of terrorists, gangsters and nut cases who wander the streets of some Middle Eastern city. The latest episode occurred in Turkey. Ironically, this act of terrorism had absolutely not connection to al-Qaeda or to the H out his or to ISIS or to any other Muslim group in the area. It was an old fashioned Turkish example of terrorism. The Turkish government has refused to institute reforms that would benefit its 20% Kurdish minority and with each passing day insists that all must obey the Great Leader named Recep Erdogan. Believe it or not but there are still some old fashioned Marxists still alive in Turkey!

Members of the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Force entered a court room and captured a prosecutor. He was held as a hostage until Special Forces charged into the room which led to his murder. IN Turkey they do not believe in negotiation, they just blast ahead and the hell with a hostage who is now dead. The prosecutor was investigating a case in which an eleven year old boy was killed by Turkish police because he was at the scene of a demonstration. Frankly, it was amazing that in the world of Recep Erdogan anyone is placed on trial for killing an innocent protester.

I must admit surprise there are still some Marxists left in this world.

Republicans On Middle East

The attack upon Barack Obama continues as members of the Republican party and their media source, Fox News, continue to insist that whatever has happened in the Middle East is the result of blunders on the part of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Examine the record:

1. ISIS was created due to mistakes by President Obama. He refused to recognize this organization as an important development.

Reality: Actually, some truth to this charge, when ISIS arose, Obama did not recognize what it represented. He thought it was simply another version of al-Qaeda.

2. Obama failed to maintain US troops in Iraq.

Reality: He refused to allow US troops because the government of Prime Minister Maliki really did not want them to remain and refused to accept a condition that Americans would not be tried in Iraq courts. Imagine what Fox News would do if US troops could be placed on trial in an Iraq court?

3. Fox News and SOME REPUBLICANS insist we need “troops on the ground.”

Reality: Every poll reveals the American people oppose this action. And, this feeling is shared by Republicans such as Rand Paul.

Reality: We are living in the aftermath of the blunder of invading Iraq. We will live with this action for several more years.

Killing Bill O’Reilly?

In all honesty I have lost track as to the number of Killing books written by Bill O’Reilly. He churns out these pieces of crap just about every six months. In reality they are not an exercise in historical veracity, but something put together by his assistants for the believing masses. Bill is now ready to come out with “Killing Jesus.” I gather the new book will inform the world that Jesus was a born again Christian rather than a born again Jew. I gather that Bill will make clear that Jesus so loved the wealthy of his time and hated all and any efforts to give those without anything. I gather that Bill believes that Jesus regarded that his mission in life was to ensure that those with wealth did not pay taxes since if you take from the poor and give to the rich then you adhere to the ideas of Jesus.

Anyway, I await with anticipation:

Bill’s new book, “Killing God.” This missive depicts how God created this world in order to prove that if the rich have all the power then life is one of joy for those who are poor. I believe there is a section of the book in which God cleans the feet of wealthy men and women.

By the way when Bill refers to Killing Jesus, he really means killing this radical guy who was on the side of the poor!

StandFor Religious Freedom

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party and its mouthpiece, Fox News is that our Founding Fathers believed this or that. Justice Scalia continues to insist our Founding Fathers had clear ideas about freedom for the individual and they definitely did not want the government to regulate business, of course, there were no such business establishments in those days. But, it is very clear that our beloved FoundingFathers had clear ideas concerning separation of church and state. The First Amendment stated that religion had no place in our government. They would have been aghast at laws that have been passed such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Our Founding Fathers were Deists who did not believe ANY organized religion should be able to control ANY aspect of government.

Indiana, along with other states, has passed this ridiculous unconstitutional law. According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, it is akin to a ‘whites only” sign in the good old days when whites could keep black skinned folk out of their neighborhoods. Governor Spence now insists the law was passed because it was concerned about rights of gays. Huh? It is time to return to the ideas of our Founding Fathers. Keep government out of the religious aspects of our lives, George Washington disliked any form of religion in our government. I assume it he was alive today, Fox News would declare that he hated our Constitution!