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Rodrigo Donald Duterte

There is no question that millions of Americans just love a tough talking man of action who tells it like it is. Rodrigo Détente is the new president the Philippines. Since taking office two months ago, his police and soldiers have murdered over one thousand drug dealers.  OK, they  have murdered over one thousand people they CLAIM were drug dealers. Rodrigo is the Donald Trump of his nation.

In case you would like to hear what a REAL political leader says, read the following:

On being stuck in traffic jam during the visit of the Pope: “Pope, son of a whore, go home. Don’t visit any more.”

Singapore executed a Filipino maid: “Fuck you.  You are a garrison pretending to be a state.”

When learning President Obama did no agree with his policies: “You are the son of a whore.”

On complaints about his drug policies: “Fuck you,UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage…shut up all of you.”

On killing of a Filipino journalist: “Just because you’re a journalist,you are not exempted from assassination if you’re a son of a bitch.”

If this guy ran for president of the US, he would begin with twenty million votes!!

Justice In America

I am quite aware that Donald Trump wants to make America, Great Again. I am quite aware that millions of followers of this brilliant leader want to make America Great Again. I am somewhat confused. Don’t these people realize our nation is the Greatest country in the world with people in prison?  Name a nation that beats us in the jail time for folks without money. Not only do we have over two million in prison, we have made certain those in jail will not get a Get-Out-Of-Jail pass for freedom.

Ms.Rhonda Covington is a fascinating person. She is the ONLY public defender in  the 20th Judicial district north of Baton Rouge. This means that thousands of those in jail who desire having their conviction re-examined, have no opportunity to do so. We all know of cases in which DNA  evidence proves a person in jail never committed the crime. However,no Public Defender to prepare a review means there never will be a review. Ms. Covington is a wonderful, courageous fighter to  human rights, but ONLY ONE PUBLIC DEFENDER! Are judges and parole boards serious??

On Being Politically Correct

As someone who taught high school for ten years and college for forty years, I find the current vogue in many American colleges to protect students against ideas that hurt their feelings and make them mentally fearful of hearing bad words like, nigger, or homo or Negro to be a step in the direction of ending intellectual discourse within our schools. I  was raised in a poor Jewish neighborhood where we were continually confronted with anti-semitism. For some strange reason, our response was to intellectually challenge anti-semites and to verbally beat the hell out  of them.

I gather some current students want professors to provide a “trigger” that alerts them about the horrible possibility some words or ideas might soon be encountered that require use of one’s intellectual abilities. As a teen ager I would enter book stores in Manhattan and ask a clerk: “Excuse me, but could you recommend some books that I should read that would help me develop my intellectual abilities? Naturally, I received a smile, and on more than one occasion, a free book.

Gee, not a single trigger as to what I should avoid reading. Since no one told me not to read, I read, and read, and read. This is how a boy from a family  in which neither parent had ever gone to school, slowly  developed his intellectual thinking. I read strange words, I encountered new ideas, I was forced to think, to question, and to mature in my thinking. Only intellectual fearful thinkers want to avoid tough thinking.


We offer observations on the human condition from an 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year  old body.


These days I even feel sad for Paul Ryan who constantly has to refute his party’s candidate.

I wonder if Hillary and Bill feel a twinge of regret for selling the name of the president for money.

Jimmy Carter has raised money for  one thing–to help poor  people.

I suspect Vladimir Putin must be happy these days,  not only running Russia, he even may run America.

Old expression, “idiot’s delight” always makes me think about our  current idiot’s delight.

Day one Donald says he knows more than “our generals.” Day two, he says he wants their plan to end ISIS. And, day three…..

Face it -the current group seeking the presidency, are not the best of our society.

Or, are they???

Math And Race

As  one who spends hours watching TV shows dealing with crime and gangsters and cops, my mind has been shaped in strange ways by these episodes of life–and death. It is normal to see detectives consulting crime analysts to create a profile of the alleged killer or figuring out where the next murder will occur, with some insights as to the type of person who would commit them. During the past twenty years Chief of Police after Chief of Police has supported the  idea of “broken windows.” This theory states by cracking down on minor offenses, one prevents the growth of major crimes.

Cathy O’Neill has been studying this process, and her conclusion is going along this path of analysis inevitably  results in blacks and Hispanics being depicted as criminals.”I worried about the separation between technical models and real people, and the moral repercussions of that separation.” IN other words, if your math model states that crime will occur in a black neighborhood, the end result is that more black males wind up in jail. Of course, fewer white criminals will be captured.

If all resources are devoted in certain areas of the city, guess who winds up in jail?

Strange Stories In America

Every so  often we encounter an interesting story about life in America which gets our brain thinking. Ivan Ceron was arrested on Long Island for being drunk and driving the wrong way on the Long Island Expressway. It got me thinking:

1. How about getting Donald Trump drunk and sending him in a  truck filled with illegals back to Mexico?

2. How about Donald Trump really getting plastered prior to the debates–most probably, he will be coherent for the first time since he began to run for president.

3. How about Hillary Clinton getting drunk and finally explaining in English the good work being done by the Clinton Foundation to save lives.

4. Why not get everyone at a Trump rally dead drunk. Finally, they will be speaking sense about issue of the day.

5. Could you imagine what a drunk Ted Cruz would say?

6.Gee,I would so love to hear a drunken Bernie Sanders expressing what is in his heart at this moment.

7. The only way to get a Trump surrogate speaking on CNN to express a coherent idea is to get them drunk, and, I mean DRUNK !

8. Of course, getting Bill Clinton drunk would just get the lower part of his body rising to a new sexual occasion.

Trump Scores Weak Obama!

Once again Donald Trump scored big points agains the weak, the ineffective, the cowardly regime of  President Barack Obama.  The president flew in his plane and landed in China. And, guess what happened? Donald Trump is furious at the disrespect displayed to the president of the United States of  America. When Trump identifies a key issue, he shows Americans how a real,  a tough leader, would handle important international issues.

The Chinese government did NOT have a red carpet so when the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA descended, he had to step on a  STELL STAIRCASE! How can any nation avoid sending an atomic bomb to another nation which insults, which demeans, our president? Here is how Donald Trump would have handled the crisis: “”I’d say, you know what folks, I respect you a lot. Let’s close the door, let’s get out of here.”

Isn’t that what any red-blooded, patriotic American would insist their president do if insulted? My only complaint is that Donald should have gone further, “look, you chinks, when you don’t have a red carpet, maybe you need a red bloody nose. Maybe  you need a few  bombs to get some red glow in the air. Goodbye, and good luck. Just remember, no one, and I mean,no one, fucks with Donald Trump or the United States of America!!”

We offer observations on the human condition by a 26 year  old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


It is Tuesday, another day, another Trump plan to save America.

Trump is right, President Obama, no, America, was insulted when the Chinese only allowed a metal staircase for our president to walk on as he left the plane!

Why does America export goods, why don’t we keep those goods here in America?

So nice to focus my mind on important issues-will the New York Giants win football games?

Finally, a library in Alabama is going to send people to jail who do not pay library fines!

God, I miss the calm, the quiet ignorance of Ben Carson.

Did you ever get the feeling as to why we have the current people seeking the presidency?

These days Ted Cruz comes across as a quiet, dignified leader.


Colin Kaepernick Forever

Every so often many liberals become enthused, enchanted, adoring of some person who really “takes a stand.” The latest icon of these people is Colin Kaepernick who plays football for the San Francisco forty-niners. Colin wanted to take a stand for human rights.

1. Did he help to register people to vote?

2. Did he provide funding for voter registration?

3. Is he organizing protests against police brutality?

4. Is he actively supporting candidates who will urge passage of legislation to protect the undefended?

5. Is he going to cease playing football this season and concentrate on the defeat of Donald Trump?

6. Is he going into gang neighborhoods and seeking to work with gang leaders to defuse violence against black and Hispanic people?

The answer to these questions is: NO. Colin will not stand for the national anthem. Now, THAT is a great blow for civill rights for those denied such rights. What next,Colin, an argument with a biased official on the field?

What I’m Tired Of

The past few weeks have been rather strange with stories concerning God knows what about God knows why events. So, here is my list of stories that belong in a space probe to outer limits of the universe.

1. Emails, we all use them, we all delete them, we all have no idea which email we deleted last month, last week, or one hour ago.

2. Trump and illegal immigrants. We have now heard just about every conceivable position by Donald Trump concerning this issue.

3. Naturally, Benghazi, no one knows where the hell this place is, no one knows, what the hell went on, all they know is somehow Hillary Clinton killed four people, although it is uncertain whether or not she actually pulled the trigger.

4. Muslims, Syrians, Egyptians, Turks, Iraqis, Kurds, Libyans, and any other person from the Middle East who has dark features. You are ALL bad, bad, people.

5. Kardashians, frankly, I have no idea who they are, what they do, but for some reason they are important. OH, throw Beyonce into this boring topic.

6. Obamacare. For some reason providing people without health insurance, some form of health insurance will lead to their deaths. Beats me how or why.

7. Ted Cruz, he crops up on boring days for the media, oh hum, I wonder why he is still around.

8. Who Paul Ryan supports, the story of the ages for Republicans.