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Its Xmas,So Why Not Guns For Presents?

I live in a country in which anyone can wander around with a gun so long as he or she is not dark skinned. After all, it is the Constitutional right of we white folks to carry our gun into stores, into libraries, into classrooms and even into churches. But, when your skin is sort of dark, the same rules do not apply. The New York Daily News conducted a study about police shooting of bad people over the past fifteen years. The result is rather fascinating.

Over the past fifteen years in the city of New York, 179 people were killed by police officers on duty.

Over the past fifteen years 44 people were killed by police officers who were not on duty.

Twenty seven of those killed were NOT armed.

86% of these deaths consisted of people who were black or Hispanic.



I leave it to the reader to make sense of these figures. Most probably they would be the same in any large city in America.

Let’s Learn Ottoman Language!

There are times when Turkey’s President reminds me of the American Republican Party. Recep Erdogan inhabits the world of the past which he insists belongs in the present. Republicans want to return religion to schools in order to ensure that all American children understand the Earth is only 12,000 years old. And, all that talk about science is full of crap. Of course, I am not a scientist, but I feel confident in discussing science. President Recep Erdogan is determined to restore the Muslim religion to its dominant place in Turkish society even though about half the population is sort of secular in terms of their belief in religion. So, what is the first step to return Turkey to its heritage–Make Compulsory The Teaching Of The Ottoman Language In Schools! If only people could speak Ottoman, then any and all problems would disappear from his nation.

As far as Erdogan is concerned, “whether they want it or not, the Ottoman language will be learned and taught in this country. If we can do our best for religion, then sectarian conflict will end.” Spoken like a man who belongs to the Tea Party! So, if you are interested in doing business in Turkey, brush up on your Ottoman. How do we get this guy into America and have him run for President in 2016?

Special Forces Can Be Not Special

Given the aftermath of deaths in Benghazi that resulted in ongoing investigations whose purpose was to prove one and for all that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the death of her friend, America’s Ambassador to Libya, it is now a certainty that we will soon witness one investigation after another about the failed raid in Yemen. Special Forces was convinced that Luke Somers, being held by al-Qaida was about to execute the man. So a Special Force operation attempted to free him. Unfortunately, unlike the world of Fox News and Republicans, Special Forces inhabits the world of reality. Wars are invariably connected with the unexpected. Perhaps, it was dogs barking, perhaps a militant heard a noise, but in the end one militant killed Luke Somers and the operation did not free him. Just imagine how many investigations will now be forthcoming with the object of proving the failure was the fault of President Obama?

There was another unexpected situation during the raid. Special Forces did not know there was another prisoner, a South African teacher for whom his government was negotiating release. The government claims they had worked out an agreement with a tribe to serve as a middleman in releasing the man. He is now dead. It is time of Republicans to understand that war is sloppy, things rarely go as planned. In any war, the innocent all too often wind up dead. Such is life.

Lock Them Up And End Demonstrations

A “war”has broken out on the streets of American cities in which police feel they are under attack and must respond with firm actions. Desiree Mathurn is a graduate student at CUNY and was offered an opportunity by her journalism teacher to report on demonstrations in the city after the death of Eric Garner. Like a good young student she headed for a scene of action. Prior to going, she did obtain a press pass from the New York City Police department. She arrived at the scene of some people protesting on a bridge. Desiree began taking pictures and interviewing people. Naturally, among the most serious challenges confronting police officers arrives from the presence of reporters taking pictures. She soon encountered police who did not believe that college student reporters had the right to a press pass.

She told them “I was a student of the press but they wouldn’t listen. They took my camera, and grabbed my arm. I was told that my student press pass was not official.” She shortly found herself in a jail cell and was held for several hours. Score another triumph for police whose main goal in life is to anger the innocent. How about welcoming the press, speaking with them, and encouraging the taking of pictures?

Days Of Sorrow, Days Of Pain

Each murder of a young man whose crime was to have a black skin results in the same Kabuki drama. Fox News immediately has pundits who will explain that if we do not support our police, then crimes will spread like wild fire across the nation. Pert cute blond haired young women who read what is printed pretend they know something about crime and its sources. Hundreds, if not thousands will pour into the streets shouting demands for change in handling black men by the police. Authorities will announce a new study or formation of a new Commission that will produce a long detailed document which depicts the need for changes in training of police. The document will be discussed for a few days or weeks, and then disappear into the black hole of such reports only to be brought back to life twenty years from now when another tragedy occurs.

Perhaps, it is time to approach the entire process of policing a new way.

1. End the failed idea of “broken windows.” Minor crimes should be handled as minor crimes, not as the source of major ones.

2. Decriminalize many laws. OK, someone is selling single cigarettes, it is NOT a major crime. A police comment from cops to “move along” can handle such “crimes.’

3. Each policeman must understand that resort to a gun is the LAST action to be considered.

4. Allow the criminal to initiate action, not the cop.

Such steps will AVOID contact that leads to murder.

Another US Threat To Al-Qaeda

Another innocent human being was murdered by al-Qaeda, and another American President issued the usual response of informing the world that he considers such actions as a violation of international norms of behavior. Since 9/11 when President George Bush promised the nation that he would get the evil leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, it has become a new custom that America (1) issues and angry statement about the act, (2) promises that all evil doers will be murdered, and (3) adopts a somber and threatening tone to utter these remarks. What is the reality

1. Such comments please al-Qaeda leaders because they provide evidence that their actions are hurting the enemy.

2. Nothing changes, people will be killed. Sorry, that is reality.

How about responding with silence? That response would, at least, confuse al-Qaeda.

Winter Of Our Discontent

Last month the streets of Feguson were filled with angry people, of both skin colors over the shooting of Michael Brown. There were many conflicting reports as to what actually happened between Officer Darren Wilson and Mr. Brown. Last night the streets of New York City were filled with thousands of people, again of both color skins. This time we know exactly what happened to Eric Garner. He was a rather large man weighing over 250 pounds. For months he had been selling illegal single cigarettes and police were very familiar with him and what he was doing. For the most part, they simply ignored the gentle giant and allowed him to earn a few bucks selling cigarettes. However, officer Daniel Pantelo decided to take aggressive action against Mr. Garner. It took FIVE COPS to bring him down. As he sank to the ground, Mr. Garner kept on saying, “I can’t breathe.” Finally, his comments became reality. He was dead.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is now the object of anger on the part of Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and many cops because as one put it, “he threw cops under the bus.” Actually, his administration allocated over $200 million to the police department to improve their functioning. But, if a cop kills a black man, then one must defend the cops since to do other is placating criminals. Such is the mantra of defenders of those who kill. Governor Andrew Cuomo put is clearly: “There’s a pattern. And, it’s a pattern that goes back a long time.” Yes indeed, at least four hundred years. Any uppity black man must be killed to prevent those men from raping wives and daughters!

Chairman Ditka Speaks

I am currently a resident of the Chicago area and thus must read the words of former Chicago Bears linebacker, Mike Ditka whose political comments were widely spread during the past race for governor of the state of Illinois. Most probably, seeing his words actually repeated in the daily press about politics and world affairs gave this former football player the desire to share his wisdom on just about every event in recent times. We will not make any comments, just print his words of wisdom.

On whether of not Michael Brown had his hands up: “That’s note what happened.l I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know that’s not what happened.”

On climate change: “Look,I don’t know th at first thing about climatology, but let me tell you one thing about climatology. It’s a bunch of nonsense and I know its nonsense despite knowing absolutely nothing whatsoever about it.”

Benghazi: “I’ll tell you this much,I wasn’t there and have no idea what actually happened.But what happened was entirely the fault of the Obama administration’s fault. I don’t know whose fault it was, but I know it was their fault.”

On pancakes: “Never had a pancake. Not once, I am a waffle man. But if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that pancakes are delicious.”

I believe that Mr. Ditka would make an excellent candidate for the Republican party in 2016. He can win on a platform based on the principle: I don’t Know but I do Know!

Another Day, Another Shooting

Oh well, it was just another day in the lives of Americans. It was just another day in a nation that each year endures 30,000 people being killed by guns. Jody Lee Hunt, who owns a towing company in the state of West Virginia, got angry about something or some people. It is not clear why he became furious. All we know is that he proceeded to murder four people including a woman who charged him with domestic violence. I realize that Americans are upset because there are bad people in various parts of the Middle East and Africa who enjoy cutting off heads or blowing folks up who are engaged in some form of prayer. I wonder if Americans would be less upset if those folks just shot people they do not like. I assume if we Americans have the right to bear arms, the same right must exist for everyone in the world.

I assume they will figure out the process by which Mr. Hunt shot down four people. At no point will anyone dare to raise the issue that enabling ordinary men and women with high powered rifles invariably results in some using those methods of death in order to kill. Anyone who has held a Browning Automatic Rifle in his hands understands the strange feeling of power that it conveys. Give a man power to kill and it follows that some will blast away for the joy of blasting away!

The Ferguson Five

Like Millions of Americans I spent the past few evenings watching mobs loot and burn the city of Ferguson, Missouri. Actually, to be more accurate, they were destroying those areas of Ferguson in which those with black skins lived and worked. I was shocked at the images of looters entering a market and running away with liquor and food. No police were in sight, not National Guards were in sight, it was first come and first served. I wondered at the absence of any armed force to prevent this looting. Five men are responsible for what occurred during this destruction of Ferguson, Missouri.

1. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. He issued his report at 8:00 p.m. when people were wandering the streets of Ferguson. He should have issued the report in the early morning when people were asleep. For the moment I will ignore his failure as a prosecutor to present the case to the Grand Jury, which is the norm.

2. Ferguson Mayor James Knowles who allowed the existence of a police force that did not represent the people of his city.

3. Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson who created a white force lacking training.

4. St. Louis County Police Chief James Bellow who should have rounded up a few hundred more cops.

5. Governor Jay Nixon who failed to send in two thousand National Guardsmen immediately.

The looting and burning could have been avoided!