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So, What’s With Gun Control?

This has been another normal month in the United States of America, a few shoot outs, a drunken woman in Oklahoma who murdered(not killed)several people when driving her car into a crowd, including children, because she was dead drunk. Ooops, her lawyer insists there was no evidence of her being drunk, more like a black out.The ironic aspect of life in America is there is either people blasting away or people engaged in road rage or people who just happen to leave a loaded weapon where a child can get it and blast away. Of course,you do realize that guns do not kill people, just the five year olds who somehow get possession of one.

Ben Carson,Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush,and whoever else is running for the presidency insist people need protection when they enter an elementary or secondary school. After all, that snotty fifth grader looks as though he has a mean streak so every fifth grader should be given the protection of having a gun at all times. Who knows when the teacher makes advances!

The best way to gun violence is to arm each and every American and allow a ‘shoot-out” time at high noon for those with guns to challenge another person and meet at high noon at the OK corral for a contest as to who is the best shot. Winner takes possession of the corral.

Blah, blah, blah,blah

This is not the best of times, and increasingly it is the worst of times for Jeb Bush. Each day he sinks further and further behind in the race for president.Jeb has fired many of his workers–he asked them to continue aiding him as -volunteers. There is a deep sense of anger within Jeb that he hides behind words of confusion. When asked by reporters what he is feeling, Jeb responded: “Blah, blah, blah, blah. That’s my answer. I hope you can see that I have the heart of a servant.” Then came the anger. “I’ve got a lot of really cool things I can do other than sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me compelled to demonize them.

There is no question that Donald Trump has gotten to him. There is no question he feels angry at refusal of Republican voters to give him support, after all, he just wants to be their ‘servant.’ Or, whatever that means. It most probably means he expects, no, he insists, that each and every Republican be his supporter. Why? His dad was president, his brother was president, and damn it–he SHOULD be the next president!

So Bernie, What Next?

Millions of dollars are pouring into the coffers of Bernie Sanders, and the “Socialist” from Vermont is making a real show for winning the Democratic nomination for president. Bernie is right on about income inequality, about the need to tax the wealthy, the lousy job we Americans do about providing inexpensive higher education to our youth. So, what is reality for Bernie?

1. He will NOT win a presidential race.The country might like some of his ideas, but they do not want some creature who calls himself, a “Socialist” to become their president.

2.Bernie has stirred the hearts of many young people, but this group simply does not go to the polls in large numbers.

3. Bernie’s personna is that of an angry old man. With Trump in the race, we already have our quota filled for angry old men.

4. Sorry Bernie, but appearances ARE a factor in how people vote, most of those over 40 do not regard you as a President.

Bernie, lead the fight in America for higher taxes on the wealthy and free college education.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “It Makes Sense”

Eight investigations of the same topic.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Hypocrites Everywhere”

Certainly on the Republican debate stage.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Nursing Cuts Hurt Hospital””

They sure do bleed the nurses.

UK,Guardian: “Carson Heads Trump”

Not in bullshit!

USA, NY Post: “Purpose Of Tests”

To make money for test making companies?

Strange Tale Of Turkey

There is no question that the nation of Turkey is a democracy, but it is one in which the iron hand of President Erdogan punches anyone who dares to make critical remarks about his performance. Several months ago his Justice and Development Party, AKP, lost its majority in the legislature. He dodged and shifted away from asking the coalition which DID have a majority to submit their proposals for a coalition government. Last week suicide bombers murdered over a hundred people, most of whom were Kurds. Police hampered relief efforts because Kurds do not support Erdogan.

Latest polls indicate that 68.5% of Turks do not trust Erdogan and blame him for the violent attack.So, what was the response of President Erdogan? Naturally, he arrested a correspondent of NOKTA magazine which does not like him. As of this date, the Erdogan government has arrested more correspondents than any other nation in the world. Now, you know why most Turks do not trust their president.

A Ben Carson Presidency

Give the madness within the United States we now confront the crazy possibility that Ben Carson might actually become President. We reflected upon how he would function in that role.

1. First day. “Could someone explain exactly what the President does?”

2. Meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff: “I want you guys to take out this Putin fellow and his guys in Syria. Post haste.”

3. Meeting with any economist: “End all taxes and just get rid of that Internal Revenue group.”

4. Meeting with Environment officials: “Sorry guys, you are all fired. Just keep our hands off the environment. NO reason to get it angry.”

5. Meeting with Secretary of Education: “You’re fired.”

6. Meeting with Attorney General: “Our first order of business must be getting justice to our job creators.”

Is It Legal To Hate?

The people of France endured the horrors of World War II first hand since they were under Nazi occupation for nearly four years. Like many European nations they witnessed the Holocaust first hand since thousands of French Jews died in death camps. France today, has several laws which touch on the topic of hate speech. It is a crime to engage in the “incitement to discrimination.” At this point, the law mainly focuses upon hatred toward Muslim citizens. Marinne Le Pen, daughter of a man who was noted for hate speech against Jews, now heads the National Front whose main enemy are Muslims residing in France.

She is now being charged with hate speech. She was angry because Muslims, who lack sufficient mosques, sometimes pray in public. According to Ms. Le Pen,”this is an occupation of territory.” I always thought if one really believed in God one could pray to him anywhere and at any time. I do not think the Big Guy up in the sky worries if you pray to Him it must be inside a building.

Fear Consumes Germany

The fires of hate once again are ablaze in Germany after a half century of calm and peace. Pegida-Patriotic Europeans–wants the rabble from the Middle East to bypass their beloved Germany. I await their leaders quoting from Adolf about the pure Aryan race which is the best in the world. I hate to inform these folks but the Aryans lived quite close to Syria in the Middle East. They sure did not come from the Motherland of Germany. So, now Pegida followers are fire bombing refugee camps to burn out the lower life that comes into their pure land from the Middle East.

Chancellor Angela Merkel deserves some sort of medal for enabling Germany to become the leader in fighting for the rights of Syrians just seeking a place of refuge.Most probably she will get politically damaged by the fight for democracy and humanity that she is waging. Who knows if a German Donald Trump will emerge? Then again,perhaps, Donald will head across the ocean to rescue Germany from those illegal immigrants??

Joe –Don’t–Go

There are reports that Vice President Joe Biden is considering a run for the presidency. Joe Biden is a decent man, he is an intelligent man, he is a brave man, he is a wonderful father to his children who witnessed horrible deaths in their family. Perhaps,perhaps, a month ago or several weeks ago his hat in the ring might have aroused joyful shouts of welcome. Sorry, Joe, that moment is past. If Biden runs it will simply hurt him and his family.

Joe, every great entertainer knows when to depart the stage, even if the audience is still applauding. Go with your dignity intact, announce support for Hillary Clinton and then move on to newer ventures. At least one good book is waiting for an author.

A Gun Lawsuit That Fired Shots Against NRA

Finally, finally, a law suit that fires a shot into the hearts of NRA lovers. Two police officers were severely wounded by a young gunmen and they decided to sue the gun shop that allowed this youth to get a gun. The 18 year old persuaded an older friend to purchase the gun. The clerk in the store knew the 18 year old was the real customer, but he assisted the twenty-two year old to get the gun. He was aware the 18 year old was the person selecting the weapon of death. This type of “straw purchase” is illegal.

Finally, a jury has decided that police who are shot are entitled to compensation if guns are illegally sold by gun shops. It is a landmark success in Wisconsin, and hopefully, similar law suits can be successful in other states. Make those who sell murder pay for their misdeeds. Hit them in the pocketbook. That works in America!