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On Voter Fraud

There are rumors concerning an alleged recession in the United States of America which for some reason has aroused concern among some members of the Republican party. There are rumors concerning high unemployment rates, but as far as we can ascertain this problem is NOT impacting those earning a million of more dollars a year, so why bother about such unimportant issues. The real issue which Republicans are focusing on is: VOTER FRAUD! Think about it, people who are not eligible are voting!

Latest figures indicate that during the past ten years at least ONE THOUSAND votes were cast by those who were not eligible to vote. Imagine if those one thousand had not voted, wouldn’t it have altered the election in which one hundred million voted?

We should thank God that Mitt Romney will NOT allow voter fraud once in the presidency. It is time to end voting by students, black folk, Hispanic immigrants and all those Muslims who want to elect members of al-Qaeda!

Bigotry Leads To Death In Czech Republic

The world is quite aware of the Holocaust which resulted in death of six million Jews in Europe, but few know that Nazi forces also killed thousands of Roma people. In many cases, killing Roma did not arouse anger in certain parts of eastern Europe anymore than did killing Jews. Most Jews have left eastern Europe, but the Roma remain. Prejudice, hatred, and violence are still found in many areas of Eastern Europe which ends with brutality and death to Romas.

Milan Juhasz, a policeman, did not report for duty. He want to a Roma house and proceeded to kill the father, his son, his son-in-law and wound other members of the family. In the Czech Republic, violence toward Roma is not unusual.  Human rights activist, Irena Biharova, warned the public response would most probably lead to “mass glorification of the murderer and hateful responses to the victims.”

I think we in America are familiar with blaming the victim and making George Zimmerman a hero for murdering a defenseless boy.


Future historians will be completely confused when reading how the American media led by Fox News portrays the  current president of the United States. Republicans insist a  president who saved the automobile industry, who bailed out banks, who has many friends and supporters on Wall Street is somehow portrayed as a Socialist or Communist. He put forth a health care plan, that originally was proposed by Republicans, which supports a free enterprise health system, but somehow this law which brings untold wealth to capitalists is described as Socialist!!

Barack Obama is a nice middle of the road person who loves the American capitalist system. He has done everything in his power to protect its survival. There is absolutely not a single example of Barack Obama supporting a Socialist idea. Heck, even the Conservative run England has a national health care system and they are conservatives. Obama has continued Bush policies in Afghanistan, he has continued Bush policies in regard to human rights, he has continued Bush policies of never acting tough with Israel so how is this man a radical or Socialist??

The tragedy of Barack Obama is his failure to challenge Wall Street. The tragedy of Barack Obama is his failure to explain clearly the intent of his health plan and make certain all know it once was proposed by Republicans. His tragedy is failure to confront issues of civil rights stemming from the so-called “war on terrorism.” His failure is an inability to hold  press conferences where he openly would  respond to questions by the media.

If Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST then so is: Conservative David Cameron in England, Angela Merkel in Germany and just about every other conservative leader in Europe.

Frankly, the real issue is who is this man and what exactly are his basic principles?

The Exceptional America No Longer NO. 1!

Once upon a time in America we sent s;pace ships hurtling through the skies to land on other planets in the sky. Once upon a time in America we built giant bridges and tunnels and highways and fast railroads, but that was then and today we have Tea Party leaders who shout to the world, “America is an exceptional nation, there is none like us, we are Number 1 in the world.” A few years ago Republican Governor Christie of New Jersey vetoed building a new tunnel under the Hudson River. Yes, he also shouted, “America is Number 1, we are an Exceptional nation!”

China just launched a space ship with a female and two males in it. Most probably in the years to come China will send humans to other planets. But, damn it, we lack money for such ventures, after all, our wealthy folk need more money.

I finally figured out what Republicans mean when they denounce LIBERALS  for failing to believe in American “EXCEPTIONALISM.”

1. We are Number ONE in obesity.

2.  We are Number ONE in a health care system that does not protect those lacking money.

3.We  are Number ONE in not building high speed trains or new tunnels and bridges.

4. We are Number ONE in having one third of students not complete high school.



I was shocked that Eugene Delguadi in the Weekly Standard found out about the plot to transform American schools into playgrounds for homosexual acts. How did this man find out about the secret plan. Our plan arose from an international meeting of gay lovers which took place in a dingy apartment in Harlem, New York. Among those present were Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and, of course, Sarah Palin. They had a good time laughing at how they have fooled right wingers with rants about evil gays and lesbians even while they are leaders of these perverted folk.

Rich Santorum never ceases complaining about gays destroying the institution of marriage by getting married. Isn’t it nefarious for gays and lesbians to marry in order to destroy the concept of family? The Weekly Standard email to subscribers accurately described the “homosexual lobby”program to “indoctrinate students with a perverted vision for a homosexual America.”

Rick and Rick and Newt and Mitt and Sarah and Michele and Herman know that by attacking gays and lesbians they are able to disguise their own sexual orientations. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying either of those people are gay or lesbian, but they certainly come across as gay about attacking gays.

Anyway, once we end the gay nightmare, it means there will be jobs for all–all except for gays and lesbians.

Five Easy Ways To Make Certain Of Suicide

At this time of the year when suicide rates are among the highest for the year, we thought it would be very Christian or Jewish or Muslim to offer advice on how to encourage people to decide they prefer committing suicide to enduring another moment on this planet.

1. Lock a person in a room tied to a chair and have the TV set playing Republican debates and their replays for a solid 31 days without stop.

2. Arrange a lunch date with Michele Bachmann who spends the time explaining why she should be president of the USA– or president of the Girl Scouts.

3. Arrange a dinner date with Donald Trump and listen to him talk about any subject for 1 minute before going into a verbal essay on why he should be president of the United States.

4. Be compelled to read the speeches of Newt Gingrich for a twenty hour time period.

5.  Listen to Herman Cain explaining how firing people creates more jobs.

Oh, if none of the above work, spend a year in Iraq or Afghanistan saving Muslims from terrorists.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 21 year old mind trapped in an 81 year old body.


He swaggers into coffee shop with attractive woman on arm. Stranger,  she does not swagger.

In my youth, we gazed at breasts, today men gaze at butts.

Man on cell phone informs other person  of his ideas via hand signals.

Some talk to God, I talk to my heart.

Republicans denounce European “socialism” while copying European “austerity!”

Children love pointing at anything and anyone.

The longest journey we can take is the one on the road to our heart.

To dwell on and on about past injuries is never to leave the hospital.

I alone decide what hurts me, you can not.

Some have obesity of mind as well as of body.

One can lie to others, but never to self.

March only to the drummer in your heart.

Cheer leader of yesterday is chubby leader of today.

Haunting poem from elementary school. “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” Joyce Kilmer

Romney would  shake hands with the Devil if it got him a vote.

Republican Hot Air Threatens Planet!!

Recent scientific studies dealing with the age of dinosaurs pose serious issues to the United States of America. Huge plant eating dinosaurs produced enough greenhouse gas by breaking wind to generate enormous quantities of methane. Scientists believe “microbes living in Sauropod dinosaurs could have produced enough methane to have an important effect on Mesozoic climate. An estimated 472 million tons of hot air were generated by dinosaurs.

We are concerned since the United States has millions of Republicans and members of the Tea Party. If you think dinosaurs produced a lot of hot air, just imagine the enormous quantities produced by Republicans and Tea Party folk? Imagine the daily out put of Newt Gingrich alone! We believe there is need for new legislation that will limit hot air comments by any Republican seeking office.


Bully To You! And Bully To Rudy!

Charges and claims are being uttered  by supporters of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney that their opponent was once a bully. Stories have emerged from an old Romney boyhood chum concerning an incident in which Mitt held down a boy and cut off hair. Barack is charged with all sorts of bullying, after all, his skin is black, and we all know that black boys are criminals and bullies.

However, if being a bully is the key to winning the election, we strongly suggest to Republicans that they drop Mitt and take Rudy Giuliani. He definitely should be given the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism on behalf of bullying the weak and defenseless. Who else but Rudy would go after homeless men who wipe window shields!!

Rupert Murdoch-Unfit Leader?

I the world of Rupert Murdoch his media folk are allowed to smear the names of any opponent and a supposed TV station has permission to suppress information that is not in accord with Republican party efforts to gain power. Rupert appeared before committees of the UK Parliament and offered anything but the truth concerning his News of The World smear sheet. The House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee  concluded “he was not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company.”

They believe he presented a “misleading account of his involvement and influence with his newspapers.” In  simple English Rupert turned a blind eye” to what was going on and then blamed subordinates for his own misconduct.

In theory, there is  a concept termed “contempt of Parliament” and it could be used against him. The last time it was used was in 1666. Well, Fox News economic ideas are closer to 1666 than to 2012.