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We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Some believe in God, some do not. Me, I have patience, eventually I will discover.

Rick Perry is a born again Christian, I wonder if he checked with Christ.

I wonder if one has to be “gifted” to teach “gifted children?”

Some order food with a look of awe on face.

Big butts do not necessarily result in big minds.

Little boy places arms on legs waiting for mom to speak.

Fox News needs to correct something, it might be more accurate to say, Fox since News rarely is presented.

I always compare noses of children with those of parents.

To emphasize point, people move their hands.

Some fear Muslims, I fear those who fear Muslims.

Children so enjoy showing parents something, anything.

Rarely does an article in a newspaper cause me to reflect.

Social Media Socialises The Mind

I was raised in a world in which people read newspapers and magazines as well as listen to the radio. New York City had 11 daily newspapers and most people read at least one or two. Obviously, most American cities rarely had more than two newspapers. Thus, for the vast majority of Americans it was common to read the same newspaper as a person who had differing political viewpoints. The 6:00 clock news was seen by the majority of Americans once television appeared in our lives. In other words, a majority of Americans were familiar with world issues. Of course, during World War II there were daily maps and stories in every newspaper. We shared a common base of knowledge even though we differed as to its meaning.

Social media, in theory, offers an incredible opportunity for people to engage with differing ideas. However, reality is the vast majority of Americans on social media only read those which agree with their particular views on life. It becomes less and less possible for Americans to have the same base of knowledge. We are fragmented intellectually into small sectors of information. Social media has been most successful in narrowing the base of knowledge rather than extending it. Today, the average person using social media has LESS knowledge than previously in history. Sorry, they do know more about what they already know!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Egypt, al Ahram: “Gay Imam”

I suspect that such behavior in Saudi Arabia would result in a headless imam.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Woman Bites Cop And Dies”

What does this say about cops?

USA, aol: “Creepy Old Men”

I assume this is another story about our House of Representatives?

UK,Guardian: “Illegal Lemonade Stand”

I’ll drink to it!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Doctor Forgot To Diagnose Cancer”

No one is perfect!

Pistorious And Justice

It now appears that Oscar Pistorious will spend time in jail for “negligent and unreasonable” behavior. According to Judge Mesipe “I am not persuaded that as reasonable person would have fired four shots into a toilet cubicle. I am of the view that the accused acted hastily.” A fair point. If a person who kills another person without premeditation does that mean this individual is not guilty of murder? This concept raises many questions concerning the act of murder. Can one argue that most murders are examples of “unreasonable behavior?. For example, could one argue that being raised in poverty produces people who behave unreasonably when confronted with potential violence to them?

Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri was raised in a culture that believed black skinned teenagers were potential threats, and thus his behavior in shooting was an example of “unreasonable behavior?” Frankly, the vast majority of murders could fit into her definition of murder. What then?

Rhetoric Of Hate And Anger Goes Nowhere!

Israel was founded upon the proposition that Jews were ready to discuss any and all issues. Over the decades all too many Jews have slipped into an anger that prevents intelligent discussion regarding problems. The South African Jewish Report produced a story that shocked most people in South Africa. A reporter named Reich compared Archbishop Desmond Tutu to HITLER! In fact, the newspaper had a picture of the famous as though he was Adolf Hitler! Tutu was accused of “preying on Jews together with Hamas” One wonders what is the intention of such rhetoric? Desmond Tutu fought for civil rights in South Africa, not with weapons of war, but with words of peace.

It is time for Jews throughout the world to recognize that opponents do not hate Jews, they dislike Israel foreign policy. Attacking Desmond Tutu only garners enemies, not friends. End rhetoric, and invite Tutu to discuss his views!

Hordes Of Immigrants Are Coming!

Political leaders in America continue insisting there is a problem with our borders. Of course, they mean our border with Mexico, not our border with Canada. I daily encounter people who are worried that hordes of immigrants are ready to pour over the border with Mexico and…. The “and” part is what fascinates me. And, do what? I gather they will take jobs away from Americans. They will take away those wonderful jobs picking peaches and lettuce that pay one at least $5 an hour. Or, they will throw you out of work in the meat packing plant, the job you went to college, and that was supposed to provide you an income that would purchase a house and send your kids to college. Yep, them immigrants, want to take away our jobs and…

1. The presence of 12,000,000 immigrants in America provides goods to seek them, services to sell them.

2. Illegal immigrants pay taxes which fund schools or highways.

3. Illegal immigrants provide jobs to teachers, doctors, and merchants.

4. The presence of illegal immigrants provide jobs to truck drivers who haul materials to sell these people.

In 1918 about one out of four Americans was an immigrant. For some reason, this nation did not collapse. Now their grandchildren want to get rid of immigrants. How times have changed!

Surprise?Oscar Pistorious Not Guilty Of Murder!

After months of deliberation and conflict a decision has finally been rendered in a court in Africa. Oscar Pistorious is cleared of the charge of premeditated murder, and might come off with being convicted of killing his girl friend by mistake. Reality: Oscar is too famous to be sent to prison. Oscar is a white man who killed a white woman because he thought that a black man was out to kill the white woman, and what else could he do but kill the girl so that she would not be raped or ravaged by the black man? There is not a jury in murder cases in South Africa so the decision was in the hands of a nice elderly black skinned woman.

I have previously reviewed this case. It makes no sense for a man to blast away into a bathroom because he heard “noises.” At no point did he check to see if Reeva was OK back in the bedroom. He just shot into a door. OK, he is now a free man. This case proves if you are famous, have money, regardless of skin color in South Africa, you will go free!

Mega Church Pastor Discusses Penis

It is not very often that I pick up my newspaper and discover that some minister of God explains God in ways that I never considered. Martin Driscoll is a minister of God, and decided to use the social media in order to make clear to we men how and why we should make use of the penis. You know, that piece of your body that hangs down in front. For some reason, Martin thought it necessary to employ the name of William Wallace in order to explain why God created the penis for men. In all honesty, I DO know that I possess a penis, I do know that this piece of my body exudes water throughout the day. I always thought the water was there to assist me in putting out fires. But, listen to the pastor explain this piece of my anatomy:

“The first thing about your penis is, despite the way it might seem, it is not your penis ultimately. God created you and it is his penis.” This penis needs a home, and Pastor Driscoll made me understand something that I never knew. Believe it or not, a woman’s body does NOT have a penis, but it has a place which would enable my penis to find a home. Gee, after all these years, I finally understand. Get the penis home!

Pastor Driscoll’s advice did not register with his congregation and dozens are leaving. I am shocked. How many pastors in American churches take the time to explain the penis?

Say, Whatever Happened To Oscar Pistorious?

It was about a month ago when attorneys in South Africa were arguing the case of Oscar Pistorious. As you most probably recall, he was charged with murdering his girl friend. Oscar claims that he heard a noise in the bathroom, took out his guns, and blasted away. He is sorry, shook, and mortified that his shots killed the girl. But, he is a man born without legs and thus prone to feeling helpless so what else could he do, but fire away? His defense is a wonderful defense. I am born without legs so it is normal for me to fear that any noise in the house can be a sign of danger.

Anyway, a month has gone by and no news from South Africa. Just checking. I wonder what are the odds on Oscar winding up in prison? I wonder what are the odds that Oscar winds up in a psychiatric institution for people born without legs who are prone to shoot when encountering noises??


Every so often I encounter the same story only it comes from a different location in the world. Invariably, the story describes how some teen age girl was murdered by relatives, and her parents most likely joined in the violence. There was a 15 year old girl living in a small village in Turkey, and one day her cousins got drunk, and having nothing better to do that day, raped her. Naturally, and I do mean, naturally, relatives were upset. OH, they were not upset at the rape, after all, boys must be boys. The grandmother, the grandfather, three aunts, four cousins, and dear old mom and dad, decided this girl lacked moral values. After all, she allowed herself to be brutalized by her male cousins. So, one of the boys got drunk, and then proceeded to strangle his female cousin.

After a few years, the story emerged and a Turkish court now is trying the case against the entire family structure. For some strange reason, the government does not agree that murdering a young girl is OK. There is no doubt in my mind, this same story will reappear, not in Turkey? Then in some other rural area in the Middle East, Africa or Asia.

I just do not understand these people. Does anyone?