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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Tim Kaine played attack dog, growling is not the best offense.

Mike Pence played, hey, why not vote for me in 2020?

Face it, Pence and Trump, the two dumbest candidates heading a major party quest for the presidency.

If one is black, walk gently in town.

If one is white, strut around town.

Many Americans seek a bully who shouts about America being Great Again.

The “Again” is when blacks knew their place in society.

Once upon a time, one checked guns with sheriff when coming to town.

Whatever Happened To?

In the midst of this interesting and confusing political campaign my mind sometimes wanders back to the beginning of this political travesty. Ten months ago I was interested in the words, the ideas, the behavior of some people who no longer appear in the media. So, what ever happened to?

1. Carly Fiorina, the woman who shouted and insisted that she knew something about how to “fix”our economy. Of course,she got fired by her company for failing to fix it.

2. Rand Paul with his pithy, sometimes,insightful comments on his fellow Republicans.

3. Ben Carson, the poor man’s minister of peace with quiet words of nonsense? But, definitely profound nonsense.

4. Chris Christie, he of the ample girth, who shouted very loud and promised not to raise taxes, of course, these days he is now ready because a train in New Jersey failed to have proper equipment and plowed into a train station.

5. Jeb Bush, who looked so very, very, forlorn.

6. Rick Perry, who said something, but for the life of me, I cannot recall what. Anyway, these days he is dancing on TV.

7. Scott Walker who saved Wisconsin and was ready to show America how to destroy  unions.

8. Ah, dear old Lindsay Graham, he definitely disliked Donald Trump, but what did he desire for America?

9. Dear, dear, Ted Cruz, the man who daily spoke with God, and told Him what and how to do it.

10. Of course, John Kasich is still with us, but  sort of quiet in Ohio where he pretends not to know if Donald Trump ever lived.

The American In 2016

The other day I was thinking about key issues confronting America and realized that few speeches by Republicans ever mention these “minor”problems. For example:

1. Our Third World infrastructure which just got front page news when a commuter train in New Jersey slammed into a train station.

2. The ongoing story of Student Debt which prevents millions of young people from purchasing homes and stimulating the economy.

3. The denial of voting rights to a few million Americans who are blocked from voting by laws demanding voter ID even though the State Government does not issue this item to inhabitants of the state.

4. The need for an economic revival plan to provide meaningful decent paying jobs for those in poverty.

5. Retraining our police forces to ensure that shooting is only done as the LAST RESORT.

6. Developing a long term plan to confront the issue of automation ending jobs.

7. Rethinking the meaning of education in the  21st century.

8. The ever present issue of unequal pay for women.

9.The ever present issue of women being able to decide what is best for their bodies.

10. Oh, and there are a few items dealing with the world outside the US.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The essence of being an American is to accept defeat with grace.

Who slept with who is now the issue of Americans.

I feel pain every time seeing a photo of a child in Syria.

One day in this election contest BOTH candidates will discuss a key issue at stake.

I wake up each day wondering how I got stuck on this crazy violent planet.

Rudy Giuliani told his wife at a press conference the marriage was over, such the man of ethics.

Newt Gingrich told his wife lying in her hospital bed the marriage was over, another ethical Republican concerned about infidelity.

Many Americans are in a rage about the rage they feel over nothing.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The future of America lies with the key issue of emails.

Children at this very moment are dying in Syria and we in America argue over a woman’s weight.

One day in America we will focus on creating a modern railroad system.

Imagine coming home on a train and crashing into a railroad station!

Clinton female surrogates must be blond haired. Why?

Once upon a time in America candidates discussed issues like infrastructure  or jobs or human rights. Once upon.

Trump, Johnson, Stein, three imbeciles seeking the presidency.

Any complaints about our education system should begin with finding out who taught Donald Trump.

There is no question political polls are fixed to make Crooked Hillary appear to be in the lead.

Did you ever in your worst nightmare believe we would be discussing beauty queens in a race for the presidency?

Trump surrogates shout and shout to prevent others from speaking.

Sometimes, I think it is NOT morning in America, but midnight.

The 237 pound Trump is upset at over weight women!


Donald Always Upset

It is 3:00 am. and Donald Trump is angry. “The media has spread lies about me, the mike was fixed, the debate was fixed, the moderator hated me, the fucking world is against me. There was the fat bitch, this Latino obese gal, I really suspect she was some whore, who now spreads lies about me.If it wasn’t for me, this bitch would be a no body. And,that Holt guy, he most probably was getting paid by the Clinton crowd to get me with his unfair questions. How come, how come, there was not a single question about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky? How come? How come no question about the Clinton Foundation? Well, I’ll tell you why, the system is rigged. They are trying to steal this election from me. I know who is behind this. I know it is the Mexican drug lords who want Crooked Hillary to win. She is being financed by the drug lords. They want to send thousands, I mean thousands of rapists and criminals over our unguarded border to rape our women and kill our children. This Holt guy never asked one question about crime in Chicago which is caused by Crooked Hillary and her black gangster supporters. I am the  ONLY person who cares for black folks. I have been kind to Obama, even though we know he really was born in Africa, and he is  Muslim. Notice, not one question about how Obama has wrecked this nation. Crime, no jobs, I mean, no jobs for anyone. Thank God there is Donald Trump, the job creator. And, that Latino bitch, that fat pig, that over weight broad, spreading lies about me. And, what about the emails? Not a question. This fat woman is trying to destroy me. I am the calm one in this election. I am the only one who wants to make America Great again. I am the only one who wants to build a WALL a Great Wall to keep out the rapists, and to certainly keep  out the fat  pig Latino women!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Did you ever wonder how you got stuck in this world?

I would so love to spend a minute in the mind of Donald Trump.

In order to for a woman to serve as a Trump surrogate one must have blond hair.

Why  would any intelligent person support Gary Johnson for anything?

Oh, God, why didn’t Elizabeth Warren run for the nomination for president?

There is death in Syria, and there is intellectual death in America.

I await any story about any aspect of either candidate– how about one on sexual relations between Donald and Ivanka?

Be an American, UP Stupidity!



Madness Of Mexico

Mexico is the land to the south of the United States. Of course, many years ago states like California or New Mexico or Utah or Texas once were part of Mexico. It is a land in which criminal drug gangs run rampant, defying any police, any military unit, and simply decide who to kill and when to kill. Two years ago about fifty college students were taken off a bus and murdered. Their bodies burned, and still no one knows who or why this outrage occurred. During the past three weeks three priests were murdered.  Father Alfredo Lopez Guile was taken from a church and five bullets pounded into his body. Most probably he gave the wrong sermon about standing up to drug lords.

We Americans are a main cause of the drug horror that consumes Mexico. WE have created this crime monstrosity in which 97% of crimes are not solved. The first step to begin the road to peace in Mexico is to legalize drugs in the United States and end the concept of drug lords. Of course, most probably the drug lords will switch to prostitution of gambling or something else.

Gary Johnson, Our Next President

There is a man named Gary Johnson and he wants to become president of the United States. He runs as a Libertarian, a party that is against just about anything connected with government. End the IRS, end the military, end Social Security, if you want money in your old age, then, damn it, SAVE during your life time.  Oh, it does favor the legalization of drugs. Smoke pot and be happy is the Johnson motto. This man who aspires to be president was asked a few questions.

1. What do you think of the problem in Aleppo? Response: What is Aleppo? Response, ‘you must be kidding.’

2. He was asked about global warming. His response was that eventually the Sun would devour the Earth, so why worry? Excellent point.

3. He was asked to name a global leader he liked. Response: Silence.  Why in God’s name should one seeking the presidency have to know about world leaders? The only important issue is ending income tax or ending traffic laws, or ending……

Of course, the real issue is how or why any sane person would vote for him?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind, trapped in an 86 year old body.


We can expect open anger from Trump in the concluding weeks of this campaign.

There is nothing any Republican can do to deflect the fury of Donald at this moment.

Funny, no discussion in the past few weeks about the GREAT WALL.

I can never figure out how deporting eleven million customers makes economic sense.

Do you ever sit and wonder how we reached this level of political discourse?

Imagine President Donald Trump with his hand on the nuclear device!

In the end, the  problem is not Donald Trump, it  is we Americans!