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Schengen Plan May Go

A corner stone of the European Union is the Schengen plan which allows any people living in its member states to travel across borders and take up residence in another country. In essence this is the equivalent of any American being able to travel within the boundaries of the United States without encountering the need for a visa. The Schengen concept has created a sense that each person is s member of a “nation” which is called the European Union.

The influx of refugees now threatens the existence of the plan. Greece which is the point of entry for most refugees is furious if other member states refuse to allow refugees to depart from its border. At some point the entire European Union has to make a decision. Or, at some point there has to be a plan to keep refugees from leaving Turkey.

Or, of course, a plan to somehow end the violence in Syria. Good luck. Doubt if even Donald Trump has a Great Plan to solve this problem!


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ben Carson comes across as a little boy who has wandered onto the playing fields  where the older guys are playing.

Strange but it took Donald Trump to wipe out Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio just does not cut it as a potential president. He comes across as the kid brother.

Ask yourself this question: which of these candidates would John Kennedy select as his running mate?

Jeb looks so forlorn and lost, he brings out the father in me.

Bernie out to dye his hair.

Not a single candidate these days can utter a word without waving hands in the  air.

Donald Trump Discusses Everything

Donald Trump gave Wolf Blitzer an interview and discussed just about everything on his mind:

!. Megyn Kelly: “She hates me. She is not fair. Maybe I will show up Thursday for the Fox debate, maybe not. Of course, she can’t stop me.  I have no idea why she hates me. Everyone loves me but this woman!”

2. Sarah Palin. “Now, this is one smart woman. A real good woman, a woman who loves America–unlike a woman we all know who does not–and she is loved by the American people. Sure, I would put her in my Cabinet. She is one tough cookie, a real woman, a woman of the people. We need such women,not like that broad from Fox News.”

3. ISIS. “Do I have a great plan to handle ISIS. I sure do have a great plan and when I put it into action that will be the end of ISIS. What is the  plan? I am not like that stupid Obama who always told the enemy our plans. Keep them off balance, keep them guessing, that is part of my Great Plan. I will guarantee you, Wolf, I will guarantee the American people that MY great plan will end ISIS So, you Muslims, beware the Donald man is going to wipe you out!”

4. Obama. “He is stupid. The entire Obama government is stupid.We need some smart guys in government, and yours truly is the guy. I am a great business man, I am a great thinker, and I am NOT stupid!”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


How about a good food fight between Republican presidential candidates?

Too bad Bloomberg did not enter the Republican primary fight.

Is there anyone, anywhere in the Republican party who has a brain in his or her head?

I so wish John Kerry would seek the presidential nomination.

Martin O’Malley will always be known as “the other guy.”

Sarah Palin definitely needs psychiatric help.

There are moments these days when I wish we had George Bush as a presidential  candidate.

Chris Angry At Marco

There are moments during the ongoing conflict among Republican candidates that one is left with the impression it is akin to a food fight between quarreling kids. Marco Rubio made what he considered to be a joke by saying the current blizzard of 2016 had a happy consequence by closing down government agencies which would present the  issuing of new regulations. This enabled Governor Chris Christie to come to the defense of government agencies.

He charged Marco with  being immature to  crack jokes when “families were freezing in the cold. There is a real difference between U.S. Senators who have never been responsible for anything  and a governor who has been responsible  to everyone.”

Great point. Of course, the “Governor” of New Jersey has missed half the days since last summer of being a governor in order to campaign not to be a governor!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


No question the storm hitting the east coast was caused by President Obama.

Donald Trump standing next to Sarah Palin while she rants reminds me of the  little boy who is confused why the teacher asked him to stand before the class.

IF Donald did become President,the first day he would gaze off and wonder, “what exactly do I do now?”

We sit in wonder at the Great Wall of China and one day our descendants will sit in wonder a the Great Wall on the American border.

For some, no justice in this world.

For others, they control the justice in this world.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If t he word, “great” were stricken from the English language Donald would not be able to make a single speech.

If gibberish were a virtue then Sarah Palin would be a saint in heaven.

I increasingly miss Rand Paul from these debates.

Ben Carson reminds me of the little boy who just dropped his ice cream cone and is looking at it.

I continue hear the expression, “take America back again,” and did not realize it was taken someplace by someone or some thing.

WE really need Carly Fiorina these days to save our nation from something!

Sarah Palin On Life

We offer an exclusive presentation of Sarah Palin discussing everything.

“You see guys out there in this wonderful land of Iowa, you moms and dads and kids and brothers and sisters who want America to once again be great, and I mean great. Isn’t it great, isn’t it so terrific that we have guys and gals out in the audience who are here with their own guns? So, you black dude in the White House keep your hands off our guns which were given to us by our Founding Fathers who just loved to hunt and kill and their wives made such wonderful apple pies because in this great land, and yes, we are going to make America great once again once we take America back from those people in New York who seek to have sex and orgies and all such other things instead of going to church like we here in Iowa do, not only on Sunday, but on Monday, and Tuesday, and I so love to be here with real Americans. Now you look over there and see the big man with the big smile and that is the next president of this great, great, land, and his name is Donald Trump. Hey, out there who is  for Jesus and who is for taking this great land back again from the guys on Wall Street who just want to take our money and stop our guys and gals from having great jobs, so if you love America, and I know that each and every person in the great state of Iowa DOES love America, and they love a good beer in the evening after taking care of their   land away from them because they are real Americans  so  vote for the   real man and  you know that his name is Donald Trump and love America  once again!

Who Gets Killed Today?

Each day we pick up a newspaper to discover how many  people got killed in Syria. Each day, some commentator in Syria shows pictures of dead bodies, and it is absolutely certain at least three of four will be children.  Latest figures indicate that since Russia began its bombing offense a few  months ago, at least 1,000 civilians have been killed. The Russians insist they also killed  893 Islamic militants. Most probably the dead bad guys are those who oppose President Assad.

My questions are:

How does a pilot know exactly which guy down below is a bad guy?

Who collects this data– the pilots or some people in some office, somewhere?

Is there any possibility, even a slim one, that innocent people also die during these attacks?

P.S. The other guys killed over 4,000 bad guys.

Good Old Days Not So Good!

Those  of us alive in the year 2016 are convinced this is the worst of times, this is the bloodiest of times, and why can’t we be like our ancestors? You know the good old days. Scientists have uncovered a slaughter that occurred about ten thousand years ago in the northern part of Kenya in Africa. Apparently, a group of foragers ran into a tribe that most likely did not want their presence in local hunting grounds.

The foragers were slaughtered including women and children.  Skulls were crushed,  arrows still were in bodies, there were broken hands and legs, and many had their hands died and dumped into the lake.

1. Donald Trump: Elect me if you want these terrorists halted.  I will build a wall, and I mean a wall, that will surround this lake and prevent such massacres.

2. Ted Cruz: this is another example of allowing illegal immigrants to enter a country, what else could occur other than bashing in heads of these terrorists??

3. Ben Carson: Where exactly is this Kenya? And, how many electoral votes does it have?