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Refugees Continue Walking And Sailing

There are those who continually complain about the massive numbers of refugees who are seeking new homes in more economically advanced nations. People like Dylann Roof believe that the United States of America is being overwhelmed by the hordes of people heading for our shores. Europe believe their very existence is threatened by African or Muslim “invaders” seeking to “take over their nations.” A brief examination of history makes clear this is not the first such “invasion,” and those of the past were much more severe.

1. Thousands of years ago Neanderthals were invaded by Cro-Magnons who soon took over their lands and sent them into extinction.

2. Invaders from England and other European nations not only invaded the New World, but wiped out untold millions in the process.

3. MY parents were among the horde of dirty, poor, desperate invaders who came to America seeking a new life. Between 1890-1925 about TWENTY FIVE MILLION IMMIGRANTS FROM EUROPE arrived in America. Just about everything being said concerning Africans or Muslims was said about this group.

Newcomers have been wandering from one place to another for about 50,000 years, Calm down, one day the newcomers will be the oldcomers and saying the same things about the newcomers!

Who Is Enemy In Middle East?

It is now a common idea that there are Muslim fanatics who have taken over the religion and transformed it into an excuse for terrorism and destruction. But, American leaders rarely discuss the founder of such ideas for the simple reason Muslim terrorism was born in the land of our great ally-Saudi Arabia. Madrassa schools which educate young Muslim boys to hate the West have been funded for decades by Saudi Arabia. If one seeks a Muslim nation to emulate what better one than Saudi Arabia which denies women basic human rights or beheads and lashes those who disagree with the leaders of the nation. Saudi Arabia is the model for Muslim terrorism. They have funded terror groups such as al-Qaeda and many of those in ISIS did receive funding from Saudi sources.

At present,Saudi Arabia funds:
1. Egyptian generals who deny democracy to their people.
2. Rulers in Gulf states who deny democracy.
3. Terror groups in Syria and Iraq receive funding from Saudi sources.
4. Saudi planes are bombing Yemen and causing thousands to turn to the Houthis.

So, the number one enemy of the US in the Middle East is -SAUDI ARABIA


We offer observations on the human condition from a24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I am sick to my heart at the shooting in Charleston.

But, the commentary by Fox News people is even sicker than the shooter.

South Carolina displays Confederate flags on public buildings. Honor traitors!

I wonder if there is an antidote to the sickness that pervades many in the South?

Where did this love of guns begin? With the assassination of John KennedY?

In my New York City youth we had the Sullivan Act which regulated gun use.

In my New York City slum youth anyone with a gun was termed, CRAZY!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia,Canberra Times: “Dirty Deals In Legislature”

Are there any other kinds?

Israel,Haaretz: “Life Is Crap”

More like a crap shoot in my view.

France, Connexion: “Tap Water Gets Thumbs Up”

In California they will even take water that gets a thumb down.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “What You Can Do About Mosquitoes”

Slap them hard?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”

The question posed to our Congress?

Stars Of Yesterday

An entire new generation of telescopes are coming on the scene and we can now see back much further to the origin of our universe as well as the origin of all universes. We now can see the original stars that exploded and sent the elements of oxygen and carbon and iron into space where those elements finally led to the creation of life. I do understand that Republicans seeking the nomination for president are not scientists, but they might gaze into the past in order to grasp the enormity of our present. We were created billions of years ago. Our planet is merely a speck in space, we are, most probably an accident of creation.

We are the creatures of some distant event in time. Perhaps,we should recognize our responsibility to safeguard this mysterious creation and not destroy it with our stupidity. What is, is an accident, not a creation by a God with intent to create. This precious land, this precious piece of carbon and oxygen and iron needs to be gently cared for. We are the creation of a scientific accident,we are all scientists. We are all caretakers of this planet.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I assume the most important issue confronting the Republican party is finding a stage that can hold all candidates.

Abraham Lincoln told about his life in a log cabin, Donald Trump tells about his billions of dollars.

I still await the coming of Sarah Palin. At least she can handle bears. Look out Putin!

Say,whatever happened to Herman Cain,at least he was amusing.

I urge Republicans to seek the advice of NY Knicks leaders,they understand failure as good as anyone.

LeBron James just proved that one player can not win the NBA finals, it takes a team.

Chicago Cub and NY Knick fans always are assured, just wait to next year for a championship.

We Killed Another Bad Guy!

I do understand that Republicans believe that President Obama is a weakling. Well, this is one dude leader who knows how to kill the bad guys.R Just remember that he took out Osama bin Laden and look what happened after the bad leader got smoked! Well, the American air force was back fighting and killing the bad leaders in Yemen and Libya. Algerian militant bad leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar was killed in an air attack in Yemen. Nasir al-Wuhayshi was wiped out in another air strike in Libya. I now assume any fighting has ceased in those places. Al Qaeda just collapsed once Osama was dead. Really!

There is simply NO evidence from any guerrilla was that killing off leaders results in an end to conflict. Never happened in Algeria, never happened in Vietnam, never happened in China and it sure did not happen during the American Revolution. Heck, during the Civil War over twenty Confederate generals died and the war continued. Perhaps, it might help if President Obama actually read the history of guerrilla wars.

P.S. As I recall, we did kill Saddam Hussein. Just check who are among the key leaders of ISIS-former Saddam generals!

Recep The Great

Turkish President Recep Erdogan enjoys having conversations with the Great Leader of Russia, one Vladimir Putin. The other day he arranged to have Vladimir come over for a cup of coffee, and he waited, and he waited and he waited. Finally, Vladimir decided to head over to the hotel and meet with the man who so desires to run Turkey in the same manner as Vladimir runs Russia. Following was the conversation:

V: So, how goes it my friend?
E: I had an election and instead of gaining 95% of the vote, I wound up with 41%.
E: Yes, the opposition parties all together received 59%.
V: What kind of election was this? How can one only receive 41%? That has never occurred in Mother Russia.
E: So, how do you always win by such large margins?
V: Simple, decided BEFORE the election what you will receive and ensure that is the final vote?
E: But, what if the opposition receives votes?
V: Who ever heard of an opposition receiving votes that I had not planned?
E: You mean that you fix elections?
V: Of course, that is what we mean by a free election. All are able to vote. I decide the outcome.That is what we term a free election in Mother Russia.
E: Gee whiz, you are a Great Leader, I hope one day to be as wise and Great as you!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Japan, Japan Times: “Injured Robot Limps”

OK, so give one to we humans, we can avoid limping.

Norway, Norway Post: “Norwegian Troops To Iraq”

I assume they will be throwing snow balls at ISIS.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Man Mistakes Son For Deer”

Big deal, the Russian people mistake Putin for a leader of peace.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Deplorable Behavior”

Just a normal day in the US Congress.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Life Is Crap”

NO, more like a crap shoot.

Playing The Stage In Blackface?

When I was a child in the 1930s, there was still the vaudeville and white men would frequently color their face black in order to play t he role of a happy-go-lucky black man since it was proverbial that black folk loved to dance and be happy, even when they were in slavery. It was definitely OK to put on the black face if one wanted to portray the good lives of black folk. We now have the case of Rachel Dolezal who works for the NAACP who has been claiming for years that she was a black person. Unfortunately, mom and dad say she is a natural born, 100% white gal. So, examine her right to be black:

1. She definitely is a “person of color.” I do believe that white is a color.

2. She has the right on her census report to declare herself whoever she is.

3. She does present a happy face, that fits vaudeville presentation of blacks.

4. She enjoys being black. After all, all have a “black mood” at one point or another.

Frankly, who gives a damn as to how people portray themselves! Oh, when Rachel is walking the street please carry a sign that indicates she is a black woman in case she wants to get herself shot by some angry cop!