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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Has anyone asked Ivanka Trump if dad tried to make out with her?

Only in Syria does a “truce” result in deaths.

Americans seek a rendezvous with disaster.

So, will we ever learn what is in Trump’s mysterious tax returns?

I wonder if finally Social Security folks will get a raise this year?

Not a single presidential candidate utters a word about the future of Social Security. Wonder why?

These days young Americans live in today, rather than think about tomorrow.

Nightmare: A Trump appointed Supreme Court.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Americans have no interest in political, economic, or social issues, just emails.

It is now clear, the Clintons only are concerned about themselves.

Just once, I would so  love for Donald Trump to actually discuss an ISSUE other than how great he is.

Americans have lost faith in America.

The economy is beginning to boom, no one wants to discuss this success, only emails.

This is the firs time in my 86 years of life that I do not trust the American people to do the right thing.

HATE runs wild in America.

The NON-Issues Election

The first presidential election I recall was in 1940 when Republican Wendell Wilkie and Democrat Franklin Roosevelt argued about what should be American policy toward the Hitler triumphs in Europe. The fate of the world was an issue to be discussed. They also clashed over how best to improve the health of our economy. John Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960 debated policy toward the Soviet Union, they discussed issues pertaining to civil rights. Of course in 1860 the issue of the future of slavery led to the Civil War. Fast forward to 2016, and what are the issues?

1. The  use of emails.

2. Can the nation trust someone to be president who does not know how to handle emails?

3. Four people died in Benghazi and somehow the Secretary of State is supposed to supervise the safety of 120 embassies every day of the year.

4. A candidate got pneumonia.

5.  We have a candidate who will NOT tell us his plans for the Middle East. They are a big SECRET.

6. We have a candidate who refuses to reveal information concerning his past. Now, this is a first.

7. We have a candidate who wants to build a WALL.

8. We have a candidate ranting about a non-issue, the presence of eleven million people who perform vital economic roles in our society, but he wants to get rid of them.

9. A candidate who wants to cut taxes, every time we cut taxes the economy is impacted.


Stay Out Of South Africa!

For some reason the Protestant churches in America produce nut cases who harbor weird ideas regarding Christianity. The Westboro nuts hate military men and boycott their funerals. A few years ago Pastor Steven Anderson got on his knees and prayed for the death of President Obama. He just did not want some African Muslim as head of his country. I wonder why Donald Trump has not made him a campaign manager.

Anyway, Pastor Anderson decided to go to South Africa to pray for the end of gay rights and the death of transgender folks. After all, isn’t this what Jesus wanted–the death of people? The South African government informed the Holocaust denying Pastor Anderson that “neither he, nor members of his church able to enter South Africa. We have a duty to protect harm and hate in any form in our nation.”

OK, Pastor Steve will be down on  his knees praying for a few more deaths!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26  year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


A certainty  in life today, someone will be killed by bombs in Syria, today.

Hillary Clinton will win the worst political campaign in history medal.

Trump lies, he lies,he lies, and the media focuses upon the fact Hillary has a cough.

Does anyone remember the last time the media posed questions about issues such as global change or unemployment?

Thank God NFL football is back so we can finally deal with REAL issues in America– who won the game?

It is quite clear that Donald Trump is somewhat over weight, how come no one is concerned?

If the world disappears in one great blast, just blame it on social media.




Nobody Asked Me But

We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty six year old mind trapped in an eighty six year old body.


What was that about Hillary Clinton being an outstanding politician?

Many Americans have a love affair with stupidity.

God, imagine a conservative Supreme Court for the next twenty years!

Oh, for Bernie Sanders at this moment in time!

Notice how Trump downplays his feelings about Hispanics.

Did you ever think a major political concern was who sat for the national anthem?

Face it, The Star Spangled Banner is a melancholy song, not one that stirs people to action.


We offer observations on the human condition from an 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year  old body.


These days I even feel sad for Paul Ryan who constantly has to refute his party’s candidate.

I wonder if Hillary and Bill feel a twinge of regret for selling the name of the president for money.

Jimmy Carter has raised money for  one thing–to help poor  people.

I suspect Vladimir Putin must be happy these days,  not only running Russia, he even may run America.

Old expression, “idiot’s delight” always makes me think about our  current idiot’s delight.

Day one Donald says he knows more than “our generals.” Day two, he says he wants their plan to end ISIS. And, day three…..

Face it -the current group seeking the presidency, are not the best of our society.

Or, are they???

Libertarian Guy Sort Of Uncertain

Believe it or not, but there are a few other folks seeking the presidency, and all too often they are ignored by the media. One of them has the name of Gary Johnson and he is seeking the presidency as the candidate of the Libertarian party. In a recent interview, Johnson was asked by Mike Barnicle, “What would  you do if elected about Aleppo?” His response was fantastic, “What is Aleppo?” Mike: “Are you kidding?” Johnson, “no.”

OK, if you are about at the  same level of knowledge concerning the Middle East, we should note that Aleppo is a vital area in Syria, and has been the site of numerous battles as well as a center of refugees. To his credit, Johnson added: “I have to get smarter, and that’s part of the  process.”

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, people seeking the presidency got smart BEFORE seeing the presidency.

Donald Tump Plans

During the primary debates Donald Trump on more than one occasion said: “I know more than the generals about ISIS.” Last night he was asked about a recent statement in which he said: “I will ask our generals to submit a plan  within 30 days  on how to wipe out ISIS.” When asked which was it–did he have a plan to wipe out ISIS or did he need a plan from the generals”

His response: “I have a plan, its a great plan, and this plan will end ISIS, I will look at the plan of the generals, but I have a  plan, and it is simply a Great Plan, and it will wipe out ISIS.” Naturally, he cannot inform America about his great plan, because if he did so, then ISIS would know about his great plan, and they will…………….

Sometimes, things get confusing when Donald discusses his great plans.

I have received unconfirmed reports that Chris Christie is being asked to submit a  plan to wipe out ISIS. After all, he shut down the George Washington bridge, why can’t he shut down ISIS?

Math And Race

As  one who spends hours watching TV shows dealing with crime and gangsters and cops, my mind has been shaped in strange ways by these episodes of life–and death. It is normal to see detectives consulting crime analysts to create a profile of the alleged killer or figuring out where the next murder will occur, with some insights as to the type of person who would commit them. During the past twenty years Chief of Police after Chief of Police has supported the  idea of “broken windows.” This theory states by cracking down on minor offenses, one prevents the growth of major crimes.

Cathy O’Neill has been studying this process, and her conclusion is going along this path of analysis inevitably  results in blacks and Hispanics being depicted as criminals.”I worried about the separation between technical models and real people, and the moral repercussions of that separation.” IN other words, if your math model states that crime will occur in a black neighborhood, the end result is that more black males wind up in jail. Of course, fewer white criminals will be captured.

If all resources are devoted in certain areas of the city, guess who winds up in jail?