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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


After twenty five years of Clintons, we need a rest from their escapades.

Republicans are masters of branding Hillary Clinton when she makes a boo-boo.

Oh, if only Elizabeth Warren had run for president!

Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump ticket means they lead all candidates with their six wives.

Say, whatever happened to Ted Cruz, I miss his love of Christ and God.

An NBA center just received $15 million a year for averaging SIX POINTS!

Americans are ANGRY, unfortunately, anger is an emotion, not a policy.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I do miss the eloquent words of Ben Carson even though I never understood one of them.

Donald Trump has a great career awaiting as a salesman of medicine that cures all illnesses.

Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump, between them at least six wives.

Just think, in 1952 many Americans would not vote for Adlai Stevenson because he was–DIVORCED!

Bill Clinton has an incredible propensity to create problems for his wife.

This is not the worst of times, but it sure heck is not the best of times.

We learn that all humans are flawed, the question is which flaw is the worst one?


Things We Could Use

In order to assist Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we offer some things that might assist their candidacy.

1.  A self destructive computer that blows up at the first email sent.

2. A collection of Jewish stars that self destruct when placed on any Trump email.

3. A trophy of an elephant’s head for Hillary to hang on her wall.

4. A mask that can reflect your current views on any subject. For example, the Devil mask which accompanies any attack on Hillary Clinton.

5. A Bernie Sanders white haired wig for Hillary to wear when addressing youth. Of course, she has to wave her arms.

6. A strip tease by Ivanka as Donald goes into one of his rants of anger.

7. A picture of Hillary kneeling before the Pope promising never again to send an email.

8. Donald stripping to underwear when addressing Jews to prove he was circumcised.

9. LeBron James assuring America he will join the Clinton team if she is elected.

10. A picture of Donald having sex with an Hispanic illegal immigrant.

Elie Wiesel Is Dead

There are individuals in our lives who  offer an opportunity to believe in the decency of the human spirit Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust, he devoted his life fighting for the rights of humans throughout the world. There are those who suffer persecution and  hatred, and learn from that experience to hate and persecute others.  Ironically, Jews on the West Bank in Palestine never learned from the words of Elie Wiesel that those who experience the horror of hate, must never resort to that emotion towards those who are weak.

I once heard Elie Wiesel say in a speech, the wise man poses questions, the ignorant man provides answers. I wonder how those in  Israel fail to heed those wise words by raising questions pertaining to their actions against Palestinians?  How many Israelis are posing questions as to whether there are other options than those presently being followed by their government to attain peace. NO, those supporting Palestinians, are not perfect humans, yes, some have resorted to hate and violence. BUT, the fact there are evil Palestinians only makes it more important to support the mass of Palestinians who seek to have a homeland and live in peace with Israel. That would be the lesson one gains from the life of Elie Wiesel.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


This is the Age of Nonsense when it comes to politics.

Now, if Donald was smart, he would ask Bernie to be his running mate.

ISIS is on the run, but Americans believe it is growing stronger, why?

Barack Obama has never learned the American President is the Chief Educator of the nation.

Somehow, waterboarding is going to get guys confessing, guys who are ready to blow themselves up!

Americans believe there is a great organized plot by ISIS, it is more like small cells of angry people ready to die.

The NBA is giving salaries of $20,000,000 to guys who can’t shoot a foul shot!

No two trees are alike so why should two people be?

Twice a week I become angry because I do not win Mega Millions.

My great dilemma is whether to spend two dollars for one Power Ball or two dollars for two Mega Millions.

Always follow what your guts tell you to do.

I would so love to have a talk with Jeb Bush and feel his anger and frustration.

Life is pleasant these days, no Ted Cruz stories of why God loves him alone.

Why or when did thirteen become an unlucky number?

Merry Great Britain will soon be unhappy Little England



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Bernie Sanders behaves like the angry uncle who is upset because no one listens to his stories of life.

Each day the polls change as to who is ahead, wonder why?

I never could understand why we have Black Lives Matter rather than All Lives Matter-guess which Martine Luther King would desire.

I wonder how many Americans would head north to Canada if Trump becomes president?

Many Americans seek a rendevous with disaster.

I wonder how I got stuck on this planet with these creatures of hate?

Oh well, it is time for football preseason, at least something interesting to watch.

So, Is It Chris Christie?

Rumors are building that Chris Christie will become the vice president nominee running with the Donald guy. There are reports that Chris has already discarded his valet uniform and is raring and ready to run for the vice presidency. So, we took a short trip through the brain of Chris in an endeavor to discover what he now intends to do.

1. “God, it will be great, no more shining his shoes, now something important to do in my life.”

2. “After all, I single-handedly saved America during 9/11 by prosecuting some people, I think they were Muslims.”

3. “My approval rating in New Jersey is now about 19%. It just has to get higher once I leave New Jersey where they know all about my incompetence.”

4. “I am still not completely certain what a vice president running with Donald actually does. I do know it is important to stand behind him with a blank smile and then applaud when he finishes the tirade.”

5. “Imagine having to confront Elizabeth Warren in a vice president debate? I think it is only fair that Donald handles her and I handle Hillary.”

6. “I now have memorized the tale of “thousands of Muslims on rooftops cheering on 9/11. I must repeat that story at least once a week.”

7. “The good news is no longer having to be in New Jersey and deal with those mob bosses. I wonder if one would knock off Donald so I could become president?”


What If Republicans Triumph?

There are continual dire predictions that if Donald Trump became president of the United States of America the end of civilization as we know it, would soon arrive. So, let’s exam a Trump presidency:

1. Donald would ask Congress to appropriate $50 billion to build a Great Wall only to discover the bill never made it out of the Appropriations Committee. Donald,  your guys don’t  like spending money.

2. Donald would gather military leaders and propose bombing the shit out of ISIS. They would inform him about air campaigns for over three years aimed at bombing the shit out of ISIS. Trump would announce it was his words that set in motion the bombing three years ago!

3. Donald would get Congress to pass tax reductions only to discover there was not enough money to run the federal government. Donald would propose reductions in military spending which would create months and months of gridlock.

4. Donald would order roundup of 11,000,000 illegal immigrants which would negatively impact the economy. Donald, these people BUY goods made in America and when they depart, so does their money! Oh,and the shit and garbage would pile up because there are not enough folks to shovel it!

5. Oh, Donald, those damn immigrants care for children so what happens when they are gone?

6. Within seven months, the hair of Donald would turn white once he has to actually  run a government.  OH, Donald, you can’t declare America bankrupt!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is time for Hillary Clinton to inform Americans about the success in defeating ISIS.

I wonder if some Leave England folks have a hangover.

NBA free agents will make more this week than any of us will make in two lifetimes.

Elizabeth Warren has mojo— balls, in your language.

Silence from Bernie, how about entering the war against Trump?

Barack Obama sometimes speaks in short clipped expressions.

David Cameron must now know, shut up about referendums!

Experts Discuss Benghazi

We decided to obtain the ideas of important people regarding the latest Bemgjazi report.

Unemployed auto worker: “Thank God for Donald Trump. Finally, we will have someone in leadership who personally will carpet bomb those damn people in Benghazi. Just imagine, four Americans killed right on our border–by those damn Mexican rapists and murderers. We have to protect our border to stop these damn Benghazi attacks.”

Paul Ryan: “Yes, we do need at least eight Congressional investigations this great American tragedy. Just think about it–FOUR PEOPLE DEAD! Now, as to this so-called Zika problem, we need a Zika bill which closes down Planned Parenthood facilities. How else to stop the Zika problem?”

Sarah Palin: “Well, my son and I are ready to go to this Benghazi place and wipe out ISIS or any other group that kills Americans. I have my trusty shot gun, and my son has his AR-15. Come on you Muslim bastards, get some American lead in your damn faces!”

Donald Trump: “I told you, I  predicted the Benghazi horror, just check my emails. I said they were coming after us. I told the State Department, I told the NYC police, but no one listened to the only man who can make this country great again