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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Phone Bill Scandal”

Dial, “P” for pay up.

France, Connexion: “Government Slams Booze Tax”

I think some entity is drunk with power.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Cops Shoot Naked Man”

I assume he hid the gun in his rear.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Most Powerful Three Words”

I won Lottery? Certainly, the most wealthy three words.

China, China Daily: “Icebreaker Heads For Indian Ocean”

Finally, something to break the ice about silence over missing plane!

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Issue Of The Day”

For Fox News, issue for the day, week, month or year is -Obama failures!

UK, Guardian: “Nothing As Bad As It Seems”

Have you recently been in the US House of Representatives??

Is Israel The Modern South Africa

First, let me make clear the overwhelming number of Jews in Israel are caring people who seek to live in harmony and peace with all people. Few Jews seek to terrorize the weak, and few seek to implement laws that are similar to what their ancestors endured in other nations for a few thousand years. However, fear and propaganda have frightened all too many Jews in Israel to accept the belief their lives are in danger from the 15% of the people in their land who are Muslim or Christian Arabs. Instead of reaching out to these fellow Israelis forces of hate and fear installed in the hearts of many Jews that only separation from their comrades in the land of Israel would safeguard their lives.

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who migrated to Israel from Russia has a plan to handle the 15% of non-Jews in the land even though their ancestors lived and worked in what is now called Israel. Under the Lieberman Plan, Arab Israelis would be forced from their homes and transferred into special Arab areas of Israel which currently possess large numbers of Jews. Jewish settlers living on the West Bank would have their land incorporated within Israel. This would constitute a forced migration of people. It would subject the state of Israel to international condemnation and undoubtedly result in sanctions and hatred toward Jews.

However, the real danger is what this does to the soul and hearts of Jews in Israel. Do they seek to become the center of hatred as was white South Africa when it moved black skinned people into special areas. Oh, the origin of the word, ghetto is from Italy. A ghetto was a special area set aside for Jews. Fast forward to the 21st century and Jews are proposing special areas for minorities!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


To help others is to help self.

Humans originally depended upon visual memory.

Nonstop learning leads to nonstop health.

To ensure living is to live actively in the mind and body.

We recall what is important in our lives.

Sun brings warmth, sun brings life.

The story of One human life is the story of humanity.

Eustress reduces stress.

A man introduced himself to me and talked about the Gulf war.

If you take the low road it always leads you down.

I await the winds of change in America.

Today, the cries of hunger become objects of derision.

These days we ignore those who fought for the nation.

I wonder how life would change if we did not use money.

38 cent coffee attracts the elderly. So does 38 cent anything.

Some can not look beyond the edge of their nose.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Woman Spots Missing Airplane”

It landed in her back yard in Brooklyn.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Theatre Of Absurd”

Any day in the House of Representatives.

Sweden, Local: “Cop Shoots Spear Wielding Man”

I assume he shot him with a bow and arrow.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Out Of Pandora’s Box”

A sober Rob Ford?

USA, NY Post: “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Talk will not produce any children.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Customs Seizes Cocaine Condoms Headed For Vatican”

This is not a surprising headline,but it will bring happiness to some men I don’t know.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Airline Pilot Got Mystery Call”

The only mystery is why every phone call he took prior to flight is now a “mystery call.”

What We Never See

It was just another killing, and killing is not unusual in the human condition. Some people living in Kenya went to church on Sunday morning and four of them did not leave the church alive while seventeen left with wounds on their bodies. A group of young men burst into the church and began to blast away. Naturally, being humans, they killed and wounded in the name of some God or some book or some belief that killing is what God desires in our lives. Most probably, the killers were a group of Muslim youth who had come from Somalia and since Kenya soldiers were fighting their al Shabaab, it was only normal for them to kill some Christians in the name of God. It is quite clear that God does not like Christians just as Christians believe God does not like Muslims.

In the midst of these killings one wonders where are the voices of clerics? I have not witnessed evidence of Muslim and Christian clerics coming together seeking to end violence. I find it even more troubling that clerics do not even speak out when their own supporters are murdered. The silence of clerics in the Middle East and Asia is very troubling to one who believes in God.

Who Are These Creatures Of Night??

They prefer to attack villages and schools in the dead of night because they do not wish to encounter armed forces who have the capacity to engage them in gun battles. Their goal is simple-murder the innocent in the name of God. Once again the Boko Haram cowards struck at school children when they attacked the Federal Government College at Buni Yadi in the state of Yobe. These thugs locked the hostel doors and set the building on fire. As students attempted to flee they were shot or slaughtered like a sheep with having their throats slit. The Boko Harma killed and killed until at least 40 young people were dead. Boko Haram means-western education is forbidden. It is one thing to oppose education, it is another to murder the innocent.

President Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria must live in another world. He described this slaughter as “quite worrisome” but assured one and all that “we will get over it.”

Yes, who are these creatures of the night?

Yes, who is this creature who passes for a president??

President Who Never Was

The office of president of he United Stats of America is undoubtedly the most important leadership position in the world. However, in the American system of democracy which requires a president, not only to lead the nation, but to lead his party, whether a president likes it or not, he is also leader of the political party which made certain he was elected. Barack Obama has never grasped this concept. He views himself as above politics. He believes the only important object in power is being elected to the office of president. After five years with this attitude, Obama has witnessed Republicans of gaining control of most state governments and most state governors. They control the House of Representatives and that is why millions who witnessed the expiration of unemployment benefits will not be able to obtain such much needed money.

Every great American president has been a great political leader. Anyone who doubts this statement should see the new Lincoln film in which Åbraham Lincoln is the ultimate politician in order to secure the end of slavery. Obama is simply among the most inept political leaders in the history of this nation. His political failures have led to the failure of a decent life for millions and the rise of wealthy folk to power. They may not have the presidency, but they can halt any reform of our society.

Bring Home A Wife Tonight In Kenya

Member of the Kenya Parliament have added a new twist to a wife’s urging her husband to bring home something for dinner. According to new legislation, a man can have as many wives as he desires. Samuel Chepkinga, chair of the Justice and Legal Affairs committee made clear to female members of Parliament that “under customary law, women or wives you have married do not need to be told when you come home with a second or third wive.” Male members of Parliament want female members and their own wives to clearly understand that from now on, it is wives galore and you accept it or, whatever. They also eliminated a clause in another bill which would allow a woman you had proposed marriage and then backed off to sue. It just is not fair argued the men of Parliament since it would have allowed a woman to extort money from the innocent male who goes around proposing marriage in order to bed a woman.

MP Duale, a Muslim, supported the ideas of his Christian fellow members, had some words of advice: “I want my Christian brothers to read the Old Testament.” Filled with men who have many wives. This male chauvinist episode came shortly after these same men made homosexuality to be a crime punishable by death.

Death In Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s largest nation in terms of population and among its wealthiest nations. Of course, when one mentions “wealth” in association with Nigeria it means a small group of thugs and thieves who control oil production and use that oil to become even more wealthy. For the past few years Nigeria has been plagued by a band of nut cases who call themselves Boko Haram and whose desire in life is to kill, kill and kill in order to restore a perfect Muslim world. They enter villages and just murder at will in order to prove the Muslim religion is more powerful than any Christian one. They launched an attack on the Giwa Barracks which is also a detention center. It holds hundreds of ordinary citizens suspected of crimes as well as petty criminals. During the attack hundreds fled the detention center. That was probably their worse error in life.

A doctor told the media that as prisoners fled, army units were waiting outside and began to blast away. Up in the sky fighter planes swooped down and blasted away with machine guns. It soon became a massacre in which a few Boko Haram prisoners were murdered along with hundreds of those in jail for petty crimes or those awaiting a trial. The doctor estimated they sent about 500 bodies for mass burial. General Olukolade argued: “you can’t differentiate attackers from those who joined them.” Of course, there are previous reports of the Nigerian army blasting away in a village using the argument they can’t tell the good from the bad guys.

Guess who are the real bad guys?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Facebook Head Confused”

About having $30 billion or about trying to read what is posted?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Where To Spend St. Patrick’s Day”

Not in Copenhagen, that’s for sure, how about a tavern?

Sweden, Local: “Cops Badly Paid”

I guess they need an increase in bullets given them.

Russia, Moscow Times: “When In Ukraine, Don’t Say Ukraine”

Just say, Father Putin?

UK, Guardian: “We’re Not Lazy”

We are the billionaires who create lazy workers!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Clueless About Religion”

This certainly fits any religious person who preaches hatred toward other religions.

USA, aol.: “Cancer Patients Pay To Park Cars”

Look at the bright side, one day you will not have to park a car!