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Ben Carson On Syria

Since Ben Carson is the Republican leader at this moment in time, I decided to interview him on the issue of ISIS in Syria. After all, this man was once a great surgeon and now is a great headcase.

M: So, Dr. Carson, what do you think about the situation in Syria?

C: I want everyone in America to know that I am very interested and want to see you all back my campaign.

M: Sorry, Dr. Carson, I was talking about the nation of Syria, not seeing people.

C: Syria? Is that the place in what they call the Middle East?

M: Yes.

C: I want those in the Republican party to know that I believe strongly in being in the middle of things, I am not the kind of person who insists on going overboard on anything. Stay in the middle is my motto.

M: So, what did you think about Paris?

C: I love Paris. My wife and I were there years ago on our honeymoon.

M: Sir, I was referring to the murders in Paris.

C: Let me recount one time a man who murdered two people was wounded and I did heart surgery to save his life. That’s the Christian that I am, help the afflicted said Jesus, and I always have.But, when the friends of the men he murdered came to the hospital, I held off three of them with a knife that I was holding, yes, all by myself!

M: Thank you, Dr. Carson

Paris The New 9/11

The people of France are angry, the political leaders of America are dying to prove they are ready to take out ISIS tomorrow,and there are dozens of people still suffering from the chaos of the attacks. There is no doubt that the people of France are experiencing the same shock that Americans felt on 9/11. One outcome of the Americans anger was the horrible mistake of George Bush to invade Iraq. If there is one lesson from 9/11 it is to be careful how to respond to terrorists. The worst mistake is to invade the WRONG place. So, what are objectives?

1. Form a coalition of Muslim nations.

2. Seek to create a new Muslim armed force.

3. Only an Arab led armed force can succeed in the desire to end ISIS.

4. Rally together imams committed to ending radical Islam.

5. Be clear that the US or France can only function as support, not those who fight ISIS directly.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


There is no question that a President Fiorina will engage in nuclear war to prove that she has balls.

The magic word at any Republican debate is OBAMA. Just say it and then say anything such is that he is the anti-Christ.

Poor Rand Paul is always at the end and always ends with a comment about no war that does not agree with the others.

Jeb wants the world to know that he knows something.

John Kasich wants the world to know that he has actually DONE something.

Ben Carson is the American nightmare candidate who just goes on and on mumbling nonsense.

One day Ted Cruz will make a statement without recalling his brave father who came to America with nothing.

U. Of Missouri Students Take Stand

These days I tend to get confused as to who are the bad or the good guys in life. Athletes on the University Of Missouri football team are taking a stand for something. Exactly what they are protesting is somewhat vague. “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team believe injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere. We will no longer participate in football related action until President Tim Wolfe resigns or removed due to his negligence towards marginalized student experiences.”

As one who distrusts most college presidents because they rip off gobs of money without stimulating critical thinking, I’m all for getting rid of an incompetent college president. But, as of this moment,these athletes have yet to explain what exactly is “negligence” of “marginalized students.” What in God’s name is a “marginalized student?” The protesters claim to represent athletes of “color.” Last time I checked, “white” is a color. No specifics, no acts other than there are examples on the campus of derogatory statements about black skinned people. If we fired every boss because someone insulted a black person, there would not be a boss left anywhere.

ISIS Bombs Away

There is increasing evidence that an ISIS bomb was responsible for the downing of a Russian plane in Egypt. The plane departed from a small airport and we can assume those in charge of checking bags did not perform up to high standards of security. So, ISIS, has responded to President Putin and his entry into the war in Syria. I am surprised that Putin just forgot the Russian fiasco in Afghanistan which resulted in the death of thousands of Russian soldiers and played a role in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

There are reports that Iranian generals in Syria are furious that Iran has entered the war. They are witnessing Iranian soldiers die and some general either have “retired” or have faced a court martial for refusing to carry out war orders. In other words, ISIS is winning the battle because it contains soldiers who BELIEVE in the fight.

Vladimir, you ain’t seen anything yet!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I expect that at any moment,Rudy Giuliani will enter the presidential election. After all, he single-handedly saved America in 2001.

I so wish to give Ben Carson a simple quiz on American history.

Not in his wildest nightmares did Donald think he would be behind Carson in a poll.

Dick Cheney is eligible to become president. I would so love to see him on the stage of clowns.

I bet Carly is on a strict diet. She looks so trim.

I wonder if Donald Trump can have his wife run for vice president with him.

Jeb Bush has become the poor man’s Bush in hand.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia,Moscow Times: “Bike Season Closed”

This is Putin Russia, hunting season open for gays and lesbians!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Carson Leads Trump”

In stupidity?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Are You Danish Enough?”

Well, I do eat a Danish each day.

China, China Daily: “Purpose Of Tests”

To fail kids?

Sweden, Local: “Limit Of Capacity”

Sorry, there is no limit of the capacity of Republican candidates to prove their ignorance.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ivy League colleges should check out their professors who produced students like,Cruz,Rubio and Rand.

I so wich in my personal life to tell creditors I refuse to pay my debts.

Hillary has learned to relax and give it to THEM!

Republican mantra: After me, the Deluge! Who the hell cares!

Carly comes across as a shrew.

Ben Carson is simply IGNORANT.

Donald has not uttered a rant in an entire week!

Ben Fields Redeux

Yesterday we printed a story about a policeman who was working in a school when he entered a classroom, yanked a kid from her chair, and then flung her on the floor and dragged her out of the room. His boss, Sheriff Leon Lott after seeing the video said he “wanted to throw up. When I say that I am disturbed, you can read between the lines. We asked key Republicans about their reaction after seeing the video.

Rush Limbaugh: “My only complaint is that Ben did not throw that impudent kid a bit further.”

Bill O’Reilly: “Once again Liberals who hate cops want to make their jobs more dangerous. What if that kid had a sharpened pencil ready to kill a cop? I bet none of you liberals would give a damn!”

Any Fox Reporter: “We present a video on the difficult job confronting our police due to Liberal pampering of gangs and drug lords. Here is a brave cop who dared enter into the murderous den of hardened drug criminals and now is faced with criticism for doing his job.”

Ben Carson: “I want Americans to know there are plenty of nice, well scrubbed Negro girls who do not cause trouble at school.”


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Cows Hit Train”

We are pleased to announce there were no serious injuries to the train.

Canada,Toronto Star: “A Terrible Decade”

Would you believe a terrible year?

Russia, Moscow Times: “Dog Kills Owner With Rifle”

I gather the dog belonged to the NRA so it is OK.

China, China Daily: “Purpose Of Tests”

To make kids fail?

Japan, Japan Times: “Return To Peace Talks”

In the Middle East, a story without an end.