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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


My heart is broken thinking about Hispanic children who will be forced to live in Mexico.

I now harbor HATE for any Bernie Sanders supporter who did not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is the nearest president we have ever had who is akin to Fascism.

How can anyone not feel sorrow for AMERICA?

Isn’t it wonderful that Sanders supporters have ‘high principles!

Thinking Americans have two years to prepare for ending the Trump rule. This time, VOTE IN OFF YEAR ELECTIONS!

I can not do anything but feel anger toward those who elected Donald Trump.

Hate In America

From day one of arrival of Europeans on the coast of what later became the United States of America, there has always been a group that regarded itself as different, actually, superior, than others. White skinned folks believed that dark skinned folks should be slaves. Our Founding Fathers, for the most part were Anglo Saxons and Protestant. The arrival of Irish Catholics  in the 1840s, raised fear the Catholic Church’s goal was to take power away from Protestants. The Know Nothing Party wanted to cease allowing Catholics into the country. Well, the years passed and soon the bad people were Italians or Poles, or Jews.

So, what is the surprise that the new bad people are Muslims/ Hate crime against Muslims has risen 67% this year over the past year. The one certain thing is this figure will  rise and rise in the coming four years. Guess who will be responsible? Oh, his name begins with “T.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Decent people worry about the fate of Hispanic children.

I wonder what Sanders supporters who believed there were TWO evil people seeking the presidency now think.

Donald Trump simply will NEVER grasp the meaning of American democracy.

Trumps means more money for the wealthy, and less for all others.

Trump is giddy with the thought of  power,  and his power over people.

Obama will have crushed ISIS in Iraq and Trump will take credit.

In the end American democracy will survive, but there will be a price that has been paid–by the defenseless.

Trump An

The word Fascism is not familiar to modern Americans,and most associate it with people like Hitler. It arose in Italy as the beginning of the 20th century and had nothing to do with the Holocaust or Jews. Italy was facing a dramatic change as a modern society was being created,the old world of small villages was being replaced by factories and old traditions were dying. A world of conflict between workers and employers, the aftermath of a  disastrous World War I resulted in riots and growing disdain for government unable to handle new conflicts. Many remembered with nostalgia the old days when the family was in control, and youth obeyed.

Benito Mussolini arose to power in 1922 by marching on Rome with promises to make Italy Great Again. His Fascist party promised to re-establish law and order.  Mussolini ended political parties,he enforced one man rule. So, what did he guarantee?

1. A powerful Leader who was wise and understood how to rule without any democracy that impeded his voice of assurance.

2. No more unions, business and the Leader would cooperate.

3. NO more divisive political parties,  law and order.

4. The prestige and glory of ancient Rome would return. Italy would once again be respected in the world.

5. No more divisive opponents to the Leader,he was always right.

6. Mussolini would rebuild the armed forces and  use its power to crush enemies of Italy.

These days one hears these same words, these same promises from Donald Trump.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in a 86 year old body.


Democrats win the popular vote and lose elections.

James Comey  altered this election.

An October surprise is Christmas come early for Republicans.

Fear now rules  the streets of America for Hispanics, Muslims, and  liberals.

Republicans have power, can  they use it wisely?

Clinton talked about Trump more than she talked about jobs.

We  have a divided America led by a president who is divisive.

Conservative Republicans want to end Obamacare, great news for Emergency Rooms.

No doubt within one  year there will be buyer’s remorse among Trump supporters.

We now have the first racist to become our president.

Hillary allowed Trump to define who she was.

Historians will define this as the first email election.

I have a hunch Donald Trump must be wondering–what the hell do I now do?

Pity the poor Hispanic children who now are in fear.




We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The idea of Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior is NOT a joke, but, actually, it is.

These are sad and frightening days for Hispanic children.

These are sad and frightening days for Muslim children in America.

Hell, these are sad and frightening days for critics of Donald Trump, he is a man who desires revenge.

Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General, wow, a man who seeks revenge on a former First Lady!

Now, many Americans can understand how people felt in the early days of Adolf Hitler.

Anger, Hate, Revenge, are the important words of the Republican party.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


So, is America today,  Great Again?

Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General is akin to a Mafia boss as chief of police.

I suspect Donald Trump does not have a clue as to what to do as President.

Who actually believes that Great Jobs are coming back to America?

I wonder what Jeb Bush is thinking today?

Question as to whether Paul Ryan will still be Majority leader.

So, which job for Chris Christie, Attorney General for a crook?

Anyway, we are still alive two days after the idiot became president.

I Just Wonder

I have encountered during the past days members of the Republican party who say nice things about “Crooked Hillary”because she has uttered words of conciliation to the newly elected president. Heck, Donald Trump who has been shouting to LOCK HER UP even praised the service to her country. So, what has changed? Donald Trump won and from now on there are NO RIGGED ELECTIONS!

One can only wonder how Donald Trump would have reacted if Hillary Clinton received fewer votes while  winning the election. I have a hunch it would have gone something like this:

Fellow Americans, the Establishment has stolen this election from we the people. Fellow Americans, it is time to grab your guns and march on Washington D.C. to restore power to the American people. The Establishment, the  Muslims, the gangsters have taken away our beloved country. TAKE BACK AMERICA. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

Do You Remember?

As you remember during the past year of so, Trump and his supporters have been warning the election is ‘rigged’ and Democrats, as well as The Establishment were determined not to allow Trump to win. Voices  promised the day after the results they would grab guns and march on Washington to hang Crooked Hillary. Not a speech of Trump failed to include the expression, “this election is rigged.” Actually, it was.

In numerous southern states there were fewer polling stations, the stations reduced the number of hours they were open, and, surprise, these events occurred more often in area which contained blacks and Hispanics. Texas specifically aimed the suppression of votes for blacks and Hispanics. As always, Trump lied and lied. The election was rigged, not to decrease Republican votes, but votes for Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

World Cries Over Donald

World leader are even in a greater state of shock than are Americans over the impossible becoming the reality  of “President Donald Trump. Following are some comments from periodicals.

Guardian, UK:  “The unthinkable is only unthinkable if it happens. The Trump  triumph has echoes of the increasing alarming right ward shift in politics of other post industrial democracies to which  progressives have produced inadequate responses. It will be cheered in Moscow and Damascus which will feel embolded. But this is primarily an American tragedy.”

Der Spiegel, Germany: “Crude populism has triumphed over reason. Trump’s success is a shock for all those who had counted on the political wisdom of America. For Trump’s islamophobic, nationalistic, hateful statements only one thing can be said for it,  it won’t be good.”

Gerard Araud, French Ambassador to the US: “This is the end of an epoch. After this vote, anything is possible.”