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Conservatives Triumph And Conservatives Lose!

This is a story about two Conservative parties and two liberal parties. In England, the Labor party was crushed by Conservatives led by Prime Minister David Cameron. Most polls predicted that Labor and the Conservatives would both secure about 270 seats in Parliament. Cameron has imposed a bitter austerity package upon the British people and made it difficult for young people to even attend college. But, he and the majority of media outlets have been boasting for years that merry England is on the way to recovery. David Miliband, leader of the Labor Party is, most probably, the most inept speaker to run for the position of Prime Minister. He never made clear why Labor should be elected. And, in Scotland the Scottish National Party simply swept to victory gaining over 50 seats. The election was a Conservative victory and a liberal defeat.

Meanwhile in Alberta Province in Canda, Conservatives went from having 51 seats to eleven while the New Democratic Party went from 4 seats to 53 seats and assumed power. They had a program which attracted voters. So, what is the lesson for Hillary Clinton?


1. Interest rates on all college loans will be need.

2. The nation needs a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

3. We must rebuild our infrastructure and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

4. We must create a path to citizenship.

5. We must work through diplomatics sources to assist Muslim nations to defeat terrorism.

Keep it simple, keep it clear and Conservatives will not win.

Black Helicopters In The Sky!!

Decent hard working Christian Americans for years have been warning about a take-over of our nation by evil forces pretending to be on the side of democracy and our Constitution. But, since the election of a black dude from the African nation of Kenya, this nation has been going down and down. The reason each household has to possess several weapons including rocket launchers and grenades is that every night there is the possibility of black clad storm troopers knocking down our door, rapine our wife, daughter or niece while we are forced to watch this horror. Finally, the truth is emerging. The US armed forces are conducting military exercises they term, Jade Helm 15 in the state of Texas. It is clear this so called, “exercise” is simply a ploy to allow these black clad storm troopers to take over the government of Texas, and then enter each and every house in order to strip us of our guns? Listen to the bull-shit coming from the US Army: “Jade Helm is simply a challenging eight week training exercise for unconventional warfare.” The only goal of this “exercise” is to gain control of Texas –the state that leads America in protecting our gun rights.

First they conducted a “training exercise.”

Then they entered our homes and took possession of our guns.

Then they ripped up our Constitution and made Barack Obama dictator for life.

Then they gave power to Michelle Obama to control which foods we ate.

Then they made being a Christian a crime against the state.

Then they made being gay or lesbian mandatory for all men and women.

Then, they instituted Shariah law.

Please, please, Jesus destroy these evil creatures!!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “A Successful Invasion of Russia”


Japan, Japan Times: “Mike Huckabee Candidate”

Designated by God?

Kenya, Nation: “Mom, Leave Me Alone”

The cry of every teenager, everywhere!

France, Connexion: “American School Bully”

I believe his name is Ted Cruz.

India, Times Of India: “Government Makes Contradictory Statement”

So, what exactly are you concerned about, this is just normal.

Oh, Am I Tough!

It has has now become the accepted approach by all Republican candidates for president to display a verbal toughness to any and all evil forces in the world. Mike Huckabee promised that Iran would never get an atomic bomb and he is ready to do something about that future event. His words of defiance, promise of military action, are simply what each and every person seeking the presidency as a Republican is promising the American people. This is one group of really tough warriors who are ready to dispatch Americans into dangerous combat at the drop of a hat. As I recall, a few years ago there was a Republican president who was gung ho for war and destruction. Remember how he stood on an aircraft carrier with the announcement: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Not a single one of these Republicans has ever tested the horror of war. Rick Perry did serve in the military but never got close to anyone firing back at him. Yes, Mike, you are one tough dude. However, if you desire to bomb Iran, the people doing the bombing will not be named, Mike Huckabee. Some will die but you will be the one who talks about war and death. It is time for Republicans to send their own children into harm’s way before sending other young people to their deaths.

The main issue today is: Jaw, Jaw, Not War, War!

Does America Have Moral Responsibilities?

There is fighting in Iraq, there is fighting in Yemen, there is fighting in Syria, there is fighting in Somalia there is fighting in Nigeria, three are hundreds of immigrants drowning in the sea as they desperately seek peace in some European nation. Once again, the United States of America has been drawn into fights and wars around the world. So, the question must be posed: “Does America have moral responsibilities to people of the world?” Examine the record of the 20th century

1. We came late to World War I and did play a role in the Allied victory. Most historians today agree that Imperial Germany did initiate the war. But, was the only solution to send American troops into combat? What would have happened if those fresh American soldiers had not arrived? Most likely both sides would have worked out a peace agreement.

2. The US was attacked by Japan in 1941 and entered World War II. Russian troops carried the main burden in the war along with British and American forces. There is no doubt we had to fight and end the threat of Nazi Germany winning.

3. After the end of WWII, the famous Cold War began. The theory of Containment was NOT to engage in war against the Soviet Union but to wait until internal forces within that nation ended communism. The
Vietnam war violated this theory. And, what happened? Internal forces changed the Soviet Union.

In other words, a nation can be a moral leader without engaging in war. We have never focused upon economic development in the Middle East. Perhaps, if we assisted the economic growth of Muslim societies there would not be wars now raging in the Middle East. Perhaps, peace and jobs is a the right moral stand for the US?


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

France, Connexion: “Patient Gets Artificial Heart”

I trust his name was Ted Cruz!

Sweden, Local: “Let Kids Be Kids”

No kidding!

Norway, Norway Post: “Mr. Irrelevant”

Ah, that his name was Sheldon Adelson!

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Don’t Lose Sight Of Big Picture”

What our attitude should be in negotiating with Iran.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Sex Crazed Chicken Terrifies Family”

I award three clucks to this story!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Hungary, Budapest Times: “Banks Abandoned”

Yep, the wealthy took out all the money!

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Police, Army Raid House”

And, a good time was had by one and all with the women in the house.

Norway,Norway Post: “New Gas Discovery”

And, new earth quakes along with it.

USA, aol: “Hottest City”

It used to be Ferguson, but guess which city today is the hottest spot?

UK, Guardian: “Mr. Irrelevance”

Today in America, the title goes to –TED CRUZ!

It’s Bombing Time

Ever since the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld began wars in the Middle East it has become fashionable for other nations to get into the act of war. How can a nation earn respect in this area of the world unless it is launching planes into the air or dispatching war experts to train and arm soldiers? At this moment in time a whole lot of nations are headed toward Yemen in order to screw up those people. Of course in reality, what used to be termed the nation of YEMEN no longer exists. Just about every group from al-Qaeda to ISIS to Shiites or Sunnis or Saudi Arabia now vying to prove their ability to bomb, kill, destroy and devastate at least one big chunk of Yemen. Here is the scorecard:

1. The Houthis began as an independent Shiite group but their good work attracted the big league Iran team who decided to to make them part of the Iranian network.

2. President Selah who was supported by the USA is no longer on the team.

3. President Hadi who followed Saleh is now the rookie of the year and heading for the big leagues.

4. Saudi Arabia felt left out of sporting events and decided to enter their team. This team can mainly bomb and bomb and bomb. Of course, they have no idea who the hell they are killing except is certain hat hundreds of innocent civilians are dead.

5. The Houthi team hates al-Qaeda. The Saudi team hates al-Qaeda, but for some strange reason the old Yemen government and the new Saudi Arabian bombing team would rather fight one another than go after al-Qaeda which both hate.

Guerrillas In American History!

Wolf Blitzer and others on fox News have been yelling and ranting about riots in Baltimore which they claim depict scenes never before seen in this nation. Once again, living proof that those who speak the news know little about the history of America.

1. In the 1770s a group of terrorists dressed up like Indians and destroyed property of those who were living in England. The so-called Boston Tea Party was a scene of destruction and pushed the British government to send in the troops in order to restore law and order.

2. During the 1830s in various cities in America riots erupted against Catholics which led to militia armed with cannon in Philadelphia blast away at terrorists who had burned down a nunnery and a few churches.

3. In 1861 terrorists in Baltimore took over the city in an effort to prevent newly elected President Lincoln from getting to Washington D.C. Oh, the Southern terrorists who began the Civil War wound up murdering over 300,000 loyal American citizens.

4. During World War II, the famous ‘Zoot Suit Riots” in Los Angeles resulted in the rape of a few dozen Hispanic women by soldiers and sailors. Not a single one was charged with any crime. Naturally, Hispanic men who tried protecting the women wound up in prison.

5. Check the newspapers from the Depression and just abut every day there was a violent strike in America.

Sorry, Wolf, it is time you actually read a history of America!

An Election Was Held

Every few years the people of Sudan are allowed to hold an election. It is a three day event in which people are encouraged to go to a building, enter a booth, and cast a ballot. I assume they at least get some refreshments or perhaps a drink. The President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir gets elected. This year the vote was only 94.5% of those who cast a ballot. Let me explain the difference between an election in the Sudan and one held in the United States of America.

1. About 46% of the people of Sudan voted, in America we get at least 47% who vote.

2. In the Sudan, those with guns make certain people vote the right way. In the USA, we make certain those with gobs of money make certain who wins.

3. In the Sudan, they use weapons to make certain people vote the right way. In the US we use television like Fox News to get information to voters explaining how and who to vote for.

4. In the Sudan imams get out the vote. In America, Christian preachers and rabbis get out the vote.

In the end, someone gets elected, but life goes on much as it did before the election.