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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Surprised Donald did not take Rudy Giuliani, after all, he single-handedly saved New York after 9/11.

I await entrance of women who Donald sort of fucked around with.

So, evangelicals await the return of Jesus with one of America’s best fornicators!

The question Donald will never answer–HOW?

We believe in the right of everyone to have a gun, and then become shocked when they use the gun.

Ivanka loves her dad, but for some reason, not a word about her mom.

I am still concerned there were no words from the valet who works for Donald. How come?

We have shifted from worry about atomic bombs  to worry about one armed guy.

I wonder how many emails the average American deletes every day.

Someone should inform Chris Christie that he is still governor of New Jersey. All construction has stopped in the state, Chris, they need money!

Many Americans hate Wall Street powerful men, but for some reason, adore one of them for president.

I wonder if Donald purchases Power Ball tickets?

Three men mad about power: President Erdogan of Turkey, President Putin of Russia, and yet to be president Trump.

Elect Me! I Will Solve ALL Problems!!

I have pondered this issue for many months,and reluctantly, very reluctantly, decided that my country needs me. So, I am going to run for president. So, what are my qualifications?

I, alone, without any help from anyone, will wipe out ISIS for once and all. Once ISIS leaders realize they are up against a nice Jewish boy from the south Bronx, they will surrender.

I, promise free college education for each and every person in America. Details are funding for t his project, will follow shortly.

I promise to end ALL terrorist attacks in Europe, in America, in Turkey, and any other country that now endures these terrorist attacks. I have already contacted Superman and have his cooperation.

Want a good paying job for at least $55,000, just vote for the Bronx kid.

I promise to end violence against cops, and  violence by cops against people. All it takes is some warm hugs and plenty of guns and ammunition for one and all.

Want to go back to mining coal? I promise to erect coal sites in every American city,  and anyone can go to the pile and get all the coal they want.

Apology, I do not have blond daughters or any junior to give a speech in my favor. However, I have read all Trump speeches and understand one must promise the moon, and deliver frozen Neptune.

P.S. To all Chicago folks, I promise the Cubs will win the World Series this year!

P.P.S. To all New York Knick fans, I promise the Knicks will win the NBA title!

Oh, I promise to appoint Ted Cruz to head a study on reducing the output of garbage in America.


We offer observations on the human condition from a25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Dick Cheney is for Trump, what better reason to vote for Hillary?

I assume the Trump children are auditioning to run for public office.

Donald missed a career as a salesman pitching medicine that cures all ills.

In fairness to Donald, he definitely believes America is a white nation, and he loves it.

At least Ted Cruz has the balls to refuse licking boots.

Some day Chris Christie is actually going to spend some time in New Jersey, the state of which he is governor. At this moment, all road construction has ceased in the state–no allocation of money.

Sorry, I  apologize to Chris, it is all the fault of Hillary for halt in road construction.

Description of the audience– a sea of white faces.

Gee, these days I really miss the happy administration of George Bush.

According to Donald, it is midnight in an America enduring storms and hurricanes.

Carson Exposes Hillary!

Americans can sleep well tonight knowing that Ben Carson is on guard to protect the nation against terrorists,and the evil Hillary Clinton. Finally, we have someone in the political arena who is able to keep careful watch on the lady who poses the greatest threat to our security. Ben, in one of his normal low key talks pointed out that Hillary Clinton,not only read the works of Sol Alinsky, but she wrote about this notorious evil creature. If you are not familiar with Alinsky, he spent his life working on community organization in places like Chicago.

Did you know that Hillary Clinton wrote her Wellesley thesis on the works of Alinsky? Did you know that Alinsky made reference to his admiration of LUCIFER!! “So, are we going to select as president one who has read the books of someone who admires LUCIFER!

Just remember this woman READS BOOKS!

First, Benghazi, then emails, and now LUCIFER!

Democracy Dying Daily In Turkey

I confess to mixed feelings about the recent failed coup in Turkey. One one hand, thee is need to end the rule of  President Erdogan who has stifled democracy in Turkey. As a result of the failed coup he has already fired  25,000 teachers, 1,500 Deans of colleges, 20,000 government officials, and arrested one third of generals and admirals in the armed forces. Not a single one of these people was presented with any criminal charges, they will not have a fair trial–that is, if they actually have a trial.

If the coup had succeeded then Turkey at this moment would have been the scene of another Syria. Conservative Muslims would have picked up arms and initiated a civil war that would make the Syrian a side show. A Turkish civil war would have sent over 2,000,000 Turks into the EU which would have created a disaster.We express our sorrow for the people of Turkey as they witness the end of democracy in their nation.


We offer observations on the human condition from a  25 year old mind trapped in an 85year old body.


Republicans want to save cops and cops want to end open gun laws, a contradiction?

Why would any policeman support gangsters being able to wander around with guns?

I wonder if Donald’s ten  year old grandson will make a speech addressed to kids?

Just too bad that Fred Trump will  not make an appearance at the convention after a trip from Heaven.

We certainly have an angry nation, most unclear what they are angry about.

Hillary Clinton should select Elizabeth Warren if she wants to win.

Or, Hillary can be bold and select Bernie!


We  offer observations on the human condition from a  25  year old mind, trapped in an 85 year old body.


Not a word from Donald these past months about the Hispanic rapists coming over the border.

I await Donald promising to build walls in every American city to separate blacks from whites.

We Americans live by the gun, and for some strange reason, we die from the gun.

Is there any Middle Eastern nation that has quiet and  peace these days?

I await Donald’s little grandson being appointed to run the Education Department.

Does any American know which law Donald will get passed to end  violence between blacks and cops?

Gee, the head of Israel’s Army praised the nuclear agreement with Iran. Any comment, Bibi?

Donald always boasts about his kids, but not a word about his wife? Just wondering.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sleep peacefully these nights knowing Republicans protect my toilet rights.

Since when does shit represent a right?

Every political leader over the past week has praised cops-now,how about giving them a raise?

The UK is torn to pieces by Brexit, soon Scotland will Brexit.

For some Sanders supporters, Donald Trump is the best ally in their fight for income equality in America?

On TV, cops aim for legs and arms, how come, not in real  life?

America will be Great Again, when Americans earn a living wage.

I think these days one can run on the Republican ticket if he weighs in at least 240 pounds.

Great Divide Widens

I turn on CNN and hear twenty four hours a day and night some expert explaining  why there was a shooting in Dallas. Of course, there was also shooting in St. Paul, in Baton Rouge, in Chicago, in Cleveland, and a dozen other places in America. At this moment, attention is upon the Dallas police who got killed by a man who clearly explained the reason for his anger was –the end of Black Lives by members of the police. We can debate this topic once again, we can offer platitudes about the need to protect police against violence.

1. Of course, we do not  want police murdered.

2. Of course, ALL LIVES MATTER and that includes cops.

3. We have 300,000,000 weapons of destruction in the hands of people, so what is surprising that one tenth of one percent of those people are gun crazy and angry?

4. Frankly, no political leader in America has the guts to address the real issue– we have to DISARM AMERICANS.

5. If you want to go hunting, let’s make this a fair fight, one shot rifles against deer with out weapons.

6. It is time to return to the originally meaning of the 2nd Amendment. It dealt with the issue of a “well armed militia.” If you want to fire a weapon, join a state militia.

7. More blacks with die, more Hispanics will die until we disarm Americans.

8. So, what about cops – the lesson from many countries is that police AVOID use of guns, it must be THE LAST OPTION.


We Need Guns In America

There is no question that after the shootings in Dallas, America has to wake up to the reality that until each and every American has a gun on their  possession twenty four hours  a day and seven days a week, no one is safe to wander our streets. I understand that LIBERALS and those seeking to take away our Constitutional rights will once again argue that Americans do not have the right to be armed. So, we propose a Constitutional program to ensure the safety of each American.

1. At birth, each American citizen will be given a real gun to have in the crib as a guarantee of safety and security. Any red blooded American child WANTS a gun in the crib.

2. Instead of spending all that time learning math, reading, arithmetic, writing, and Social Studies, every American elementary school will set aside one hour each day for target practice. Just let one of those Muslim terrorists take on an American elementary school!

3. A well armed teacher is a well armed teacher who can get  kids to pay attention when she speaks.

4. We propose that any two people seeking a marriage license must first demonstrate proficiency with a weapon.

5. We propose that each and every American member of Congress bring his or her weapon to work every day. When Ted Cruz says, “pay attention,” just remember that Ted can blast away with his guns!