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Each week we award a Laurel to a person or group who has brought joy to the world. We will also award Darts to the schmucks that bring us down.

Laurel of the Week – 5/25/2007

To Rudy G., for going an entire week without making a claim he saved New York City from this or that peril. It is truly a wonder anything can go right in New York City without the presence of our former beloved Leader.

Dart of the Week – 5/25/2007

To the people in charge of the U.S. government’s Arabic-language satellite TV network, who broadcast an anti-Israel commentary by a Hezbollah leader because no one at the station was fluent in Arabic.

Laurel of the Week – 5/4/2007

To the nameless 86-year-old woman in Stockholm who was found driving under the influence of alcohol. I think it’s wonderful an 86 year old is still driving, and to be pulled over and judged to be drunk just makes we senior citizens giddy with delight.

P.S. I’m a 77 year-old geezer and I’m looking forward to being pulled over for drinking by the police on my 86th birthday!

Dart of the Week – 5/4/2007

To the Archdiocese of St. Louis which refused to allow Senator Claire McCaskill from speaking at the St. Joseph Academy’s graduation ceremonies because the senator supports abortion rights and stem cell research. Her daughter was in the graduation class and the girls at St. Joseph wanted McCaskill to speak.

Dart of the Week – 4/13/2007

To the Church of Sweden, which pays female pastors less than male pastors.

Dart of the Week – 4/6/2007

To the Danish Parliament after several MPs urged adoption of a law preventing women older than 45 from having artificial insemination. It’s not the business of government to decide who should have a baby or when they should have one.