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We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


Not a single general in the world would ask for less money for the military.

Young American Jews do not have blind faith in the Israel government.

It is a given,the Clintons today  have another stupid story about their relation to money.

Trump was born to money, the Clintons worked hard to get money, the rest of us just survive as well as we can.

These days, my despair is no Bernie Sanders running for president.

Some day,someone will explain to me who the hell or what the hell is the Kardashians.

Do you ever get the feeling it would help Hillary to get drunk, and just tell it as it is?

We offer observations on the human condition by a 26 year  old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


It is Tuesday, another day, another Trump plan to save America.

Trump is right, President Obama, no, America, was insulted when the Chinese only allowed a metal staircase for our president to walk on as he left the plane!

Why does America export goods, why don’t we keep those goods here in America?

So nice to focus my mind on important issues-will the New York Giants win football games?

Finally, a library in Alabama is going to send people to jail who do not pay library fines!

God, I miss the calm, the quiet ignorance of Ben Carson.

Did you ever get the feeling as to why we have the current people seeking the presidency?

These days Ted Cruz comes across as a quiet, dignified leader.



We offer observations on the human condition from a 26 year old mind trapped in an 86 year old body.


The day after a birthday is usually a let down.

Then again, these mad days, no one knows what will happen today or tomorrow.

Which immigration plan is operational–today??

I sure miss the calm ignorance of Ben Carson.

Strange, Donald has ceased talking about ISIS, only about the Hispanic rapists.

We used to discuss who won the football game, today, who stood for the anthem.

Do you ever get the feeling that God has taken a long vacation from this planet?

I attempt to imagine eleven million people walking toward the Mexican border.

The Bully Within Is The Coward Outside

There is no question that Donald Trump is causing numerous Republicans to reconsider the meaning of what constitutes being a Republican. Frank Lavin was a Ronald Reagan aide and has always voted for Republicans. He described Donald Trump as failing in terms of “character, and behavior. Trump is a bully, and devoid of grace and magnanimity.” These words come up repeatedly from Republicans who desperately want to see a Republican in the  White House, but they do have children,and how do they look their children in the face,  is the question?

Actually,this issue has come up in past American history. During the Vietnam war, numerous political leaders witnessed their children active in the anti-war group. During the day,men like Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara had to discuss policy with President Johnson,only to go home to angry children who believed he was serving the devil. Anyone who votes for Donald Trump has to consider  explaining to their children a vote for a bully, an bigot, a coward,and a man whose main principle in life is–HIMSELF!

Just remember this “fighting man ready to punch out people,” had four draft deferments during the Vietnam war, and never served in the armed forces where  he could have punched out Communist guerrillas.

GOP Analysts Declare Donald Unfit

A group of about  55 Republican foreign policy experts signed a letter that states Donald Trump is not temperamentally fit to become president of the nation. They were more focused upon his temperament,his inability to discuss issues with experts,listen to advice, balance conflicting  proposals, and reach a conclusion. Naturally, Trump supporters argued these so called “experts”were the ones who got us into the Iraq War, so why listen to their advice about anything? Of course, these “experts” ranged from those who served Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush to George Bush.

They have identified a key issue in this election–the temperament of the President. During the Cuba Missile crisis of 1962,the world was very, very close to a  nuclear war that could have ended civilization as we know it. President Kennedy spent two days listening to the ideas of members of the military, foreign policy experts,before he reached a decision to avoid nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union. Every single action of his plan was carefully designed, members of the military were told they could NOT fire any weapon without the consent of the president.

There is absolutely no way that Donald Trump could have handled the Cuba Missile Crisis. I believe Hillary Clinton would have listened, obtained multiple plans,and work to avoid military conflict. Her experience has trained her mind to think in this manner.

Katrina Pierson On Life

I had never heard of Katrina Pierson until the past few months when this person   began to appear on CNN. She is designated as a “Spokesperson” for the great Donald Trump. Ms. Pierson always refers to Donald Trump as “Mister Trump” in order to prove that Mister Trump is someone important. If Mister Trump makes one of his daily idiotic remarks, then Ms. Pierson will explain the how and why of it. The other night Ms. Pierson explained the death of Captain Khan in order to prove that this tragedy, that occurred in 2004, was the fault of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He died because President Obama and Hillary Clinton “changed the rules of engagement.”

So, let me ge this straight. In 2004, George Bush was president, but somehow, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton had the power to alter how the United States military functioned in Iraq. If Senator Hillary Clinton could order the US military to alter its rules of engagement, then she certainly deserves be president of the United States of America. This is one fantastic person!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25  year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump is the greatest recruiter of Republicans to God since they  have to confront Him and still feel being a worthy Christian.

Is there any decent person that Donald has not insulted?

We await some form of violence from ISIS since they are being beaten on the battlefield.

If this keeps up we are going to run out of virgins in Heaven.

I have a hunch this is the last hurrah for John McCain in politics.

Take away his hands and Donald could not speak a single word.

Hillary should just cease speaking about emails. Period!

Who would  have thought the invention of emails  would influence who became our president?



John McCain On Guess Who?

John McCain is the son of a US Admiral, and the grandson of a US Admiral, and he has served in nation in time of war. I must confess my shock when McCain refused to confront the Trump attack on his patriotism by terming him a “loser” for being captured in combat. Well, John McCain finally came out fighting.

“I cannot emphasize how dearly, i disagree with the Trump words to soldiers’ parents.  In recent days Donald Trump disparaged a fallen soldier’s parents. He has suggested the like of them should  not be allowed in the United States, to say nothing of entering its service.”

Naturally,  draft dodger Donald Trump  who made certain that he would NOT serve in the US Armed forces during the Vietnam war, once again termed John McCain a failure for being captured.

My question: Since Republicans continually boast of being REAL AMERICANS, how can they support someone who mocks a REAL DEAD AMERICAN’s Parents?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25y year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump has as much knowledge of Crimea as Donald Rumsfeld had about Iraq.

If anyone can make sense of what Trump says, they definitely SHOULD vote for him.

I am growing more comfortable with Tom Kaine, he is a nice guy.

Sanders supporters should understand that in 1932, German people like you guys said, “Hitler is no different than the other politicians!”

Anyone Donald Trump insults must be a “little guy.”

I wonder what the Bush family felt when Donald said we should get out of NATO!

These days I really miss the days of Richard Nixon.

Choice Nixon or Trump–Nixon hands down!





We offer observations on the human condition from a25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Dick Cheney is for Trump, what better reason to vote for Hillary?

I assume the Trump children are auditioning to run for public office.

Donald missed a career as a salesman pitching medicine that cures all ills.

In fairness to Donald, he definitely believes America is a white nation, and he loves it.

At least Ted Cruz has the balls to refuse licking boots.

Some day Chris Christie is actually going to spend some time in New Jersey, the state of which he is governor. At this moment, all road construction has ceased in the state–no allocation of money.

Sorry, I  apologize to Chris, it is all the fault of Hillary for halt in road construction.

Description of the audience– a sea of white faces.

Gee, these days I really miss the happy administration of George Bush.

According to Donald, it is midnight in an America enduring storms and hurricanes.