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Jeb VS Pope Francis

Jeb Bush wants to make it clear to the voters of America,”I am no scientist.” Jeb Bush wants to make it perfectly clear to any Catholics that he is a devout Catholic, unlike that dude in the Vatican. In response to the encyclical that Pope Francis is issuing pertaining to climate change, Jeb Bush is issuing his own statement to Catholics all over the world. “I hope I’m not going to get castigated for saying this by my priest back home,butI don’t get economic advice from bishops or cardinals or my Pope. I think religion ought to be about making us better as people endless about things that end up getting into the political realm.”

Jeb, if climate changes impacts the world, it does impact those who are Catholic. I trust you understand that Jesus devoted his life to issues concerning economics. Just read his statement about the rich and the poor. Believe it or not,the guy who founded Catholicism, was on the side of poor people!

The Houthi Saga Continues

Few, if any Americans, are familiar with the Houthi group in Yemen. Most people in Yemen are of the Sunni Moslem religion, but the Southis are a branch of the Shiite Muslim religion. They constitute about one-third of the population of Yemen and originally took up arms against the government due to its corruption and inefficiency. Along the way of seeking to reform the Yemen government the group turned into a revolutinary force seeking gain control of a nation in which they were a minority.

Let me explain:

1. Originally, the Houthis had no connection with Iran.

2. The US supported the corrupt Yemen government of President Saleh.

3. Then the US decided they did not like Saleh and backed another guy.

4. A main enemy of the Houthis is al Qaeda. The US is also an enemy of al-Qaeda.

5. Iran,being Shiite, is opposed to al-Qaeda.

6. So, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Houthi forces which now have formed an alliance with the ousted President Saleh.

If you can explain this situation, then you belong in Congress since not a single one of those jokers can explain this situation!

Dark Secrets Remain Hidden

These days stories emerge every so often about the good old days under the regime of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld when Muslim men were taken as prisoners and wound up in some hell hole far away from the good old USA. These “dark prisons” were simply an opportunity for members of the CIA to torture men, and since this brutality did not occur on American soil, who would know anything about it? The Polish government is admitting there were “black sites” where men were tortured.

Part of the problem of this campaign is that X number of prisoners were turned into American authorities for the reward or to get even with an enemy. Since these men were not allowed the semblance of a trial, how could they deny their guilt. The other aspect of this programs that it set in motion policies that encouraged government, whether under a Republican or a Democratic president to abuse the Constitution. Crying “wolf” is not a policy, it is an excuse to violate American law.

Jeb Jabs At Obama

Jeb Bush, although not exactly an official candidate for president is making the traditional tour of Europe in order to prove to Americans that he does know the location of Germany and France. We assume he knows where England is because he studied the American Revolution and heard all about the bad Kings who ruled England and their colonies. Anyway, Jeb was in Berlin so he had to make a dramatic speech. The former Governor of Florida spoke strongly about the need to abandon Obama policies that allowed Russia to do whatever it desired. He promised if he was elected President, but at this moment he can not say such words because he would then be subject to restrictions on raising money, anyway, he did assure Germans that he would institute sanctions against Putin to let him know who is the real boss man.

I wonder if anyone told Jeb that the Obama administration already has instituted sanctions against Russia. Perhaps Jeb, being from Texas might challenge Vladimir to a shoot out at high noon? Winner take all. I mean that if Putin wins he gets Texas.

Let’s Buddy UP With Al-Qeada

Once upon a time, a long,long time ago in the 1980s, the Republican President Reagan and the Republican President George H.W.Bush decided that a man named Osama bin Laden was a real neat guy. He had come to Afghanistan in order to fight the terrible Russian communists. Naturally our CIA gave him millions and millions of dollars and weapons to beat the bad Commies. OK, so a few things have changed. But, how about?

1. Forming an alliance with al-Qaeda to fight ISIS? This group of terrorists used to fight for al-Qaeda until they decided to form their own organization.

2. The US hates ISIS. Al-Qaeda hates ISIS. This seems like a marriage made in heaven.

3. Then again, the Houthis in Yemen hate Al-Qaeda.

The real foreign policy issue confronting America is how to ally both with al-Qaeda and the Houthis. Now, if Barack Obama can work out this small problem, he can solve all issues in the Middle East without sending US troops or using Drones.

Then again, Barack Obama could make friends with his Muslim brothers in ISIS and take over America.

Santorum Sage Lives On And On

I have a confession to make, although I am a fervent Democrat there is something about the Rick Santorum sage that captures my imagination. Rick often holds up a lump of coal that his grandfather dug while being a coal miner. Having a grand pa who actually dug coal is certainly an important factor in seeking the office of president. I do not believe any other Republican candidate has a grandpa who was a coal miner. Then, add in the fact that Rick so enjoys wearing a sweater, how many Republicans are sweater people?

Well, the good news from Iowa is that each day Rick is doubling the number of people who come to hear him explain economic issues of the day. Two days ago, it was one guy, yesterday it was two guys. At this rate by the time Rick hits 80 who knows how many millions will gather in diners to listen to this man whose grandpa dug coal??

P.S.Rick has personally assured me that he can name at least one nation in the Middle East–Israel. I hope that Sheldon Adelson will back the coal miner’s grandson.

Send In The Troops–Again!

As I recall it was a few years ago that we sent in the troops to Iraq and, as George Bush promised, a democracy was born in that land of sorrow. As I recall, Don Rumsfeld promised that Iraq folk would welcome us with open arms since we had gotten rid of the bad guy. I forget his name,something about Saddam. Well, guess what? We are sending in hundreds, thank God not thousands, of fresh American troops to help train the Iraq army. According to the Pentagon, “”We’ve determined it is better to train more Iraq security forces. We are now working through a new strategy on how to do it”

Let me get this straight. We have been sort of in Iraq for over a decade, and are working on a new strategy of training Iraq soldiers. Let me save the Pentagon some money. You cannot train men who do not want to fight! They need Iraq leadership, they need to believe they are fighting for their land rather than being robbed by their own officers.

How about hiring some guys from ISIS? They sort of know how to inspire men!

The Bush Legacy Lives On And On

I realize that according to Fox News the war in Iraq was just about won until that black dude from Africa assumed the presidency and turn victory into defeat. Sgt. Robert Bales is one of those who fought in our wars and the legacy of what he did lives on as he spends his days in jail. Sgt. Bales murdered 16 Afghans one day while in combat in 2012. He has now used his time in prison to reflect on what happened to him.

“I planted war and hate for the better part of ten years and harvested violence. After being in prison for two years, I understand what I thought was normal was the furthest thing for being normal. Over my past two years of incarceration, I have come to understand there isn’t a why, there is only pain. I became callous to them even being human, they were the enemy. Now I know it made me paranoid and ineffective.”

No comment except it would be beneficial for America if Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld could do some reflection.

Rick Is For Veterans

Former Governor Rick Perry has promised that the old days of stumbling and bumbling are no longer part of his political approach. He has promised to present the new Perry, a man of action, a man of ideas, a man who has studied politics and economics in order to make certain that he will no longer lose track as to who is in the Cabinet, let alone exactly where the Middle East is on a map. Unlike Ted Cruz who can only shout and rant, Rick is a man of ideas.

He is in Iowa for some strange reason. I assume he is seeking votes. So, Rick went on a bike ride to raise money for our veterans. After all, what does a veteran need who is suffering from PTSD? Rick knows. HOT DOGS! Rick has been raising money to provide our veterans with free hot dogs. If you want to forget the days of horror, just eat a hot dog and give some thanks to Rick Perry. One veteran, Kim Crow, said “Rick is the only Republican who can unite the party.” From now on to all you who seek jobs, vote Republican and get some hot dogs!

On Goodwin’s Law

There is a law which recently has come to my attention. According to Goodwin’s Law, “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving the Nazis or Hitler approached one.”

How about a few other laws?

1. If Rick Santorum speaks longer than five minutes, he invariably will make a nasty comment about Pope Francis and bad scientists.

2. If Jeb Bush makes a speech, he will, at some moment, refer to his brother, George, and get in hot water.

3. If Ted Cruz opens his mouth for more than two minutes the issue of what exactly did he learn at Harvard enters the picture.

4. If Sarah Palin makes any comment, at some point someone will wonder why John McCain ever selected her in 2008 will arise.

5. If Rick Perry appears wearing glasses, someone will make a comment about his “new approach.”

Stopsky’s Final Law, allow any candidate for the Republican Party to speak, and within one minute there is a reference to Barack Obama as the blame for Iraq problems.