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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if there are Republican debates in Heaven?

Then again, I know for sure there are Republican debates in Hell.

Ben Carson is living proof the town idiot can also become president of the United States.

I wonder if Jeb will endorse Marco for President?

Donald Trump has reached a lull moment in his quest for the presidency.

If shrillness was a virtue, Carly would lead all Republicans.

I do miss Rick Santorum and his sweaters.

Republican Junior Varsity

Everyone is discussing performances by Trump or Carson or Rubio and the disappearing Jeb Bush, but no one talks about the junior varsity of Republicans who performed prior to the main event. So, in tribute to these valiant fellows who seek, somehow, and in some way, to gain your attention, here goes.

There is a candidate named George Pataki. Actually, if you asked ten New Yorkers who is George Pataki not a single one could remember he once was governor of the state of New York. He is sort of the disappearing type of person. Once seen, forever forgotten. Frankly, it is difficult to recall any words from him, although I DO know he was present.

For some reason, Rick Santorum has abandoned those wonderful sweaters he wore the last time around. He now wears a suit and tie. I do know that the is a Catholic and dislikes anything gay in his life. Frankly, it is difficult to recall anything that he says other than he is against taxes. Then again, which Republican is for them?

Ah,Lindsay Graham, the poor man’s John McCain. He wants ACTION. He wants boots on the ground in Syria, American boots that is. He wants to blast away at those evil ISIS fellows. I believe he is akin to a man leading a crowd only to discover that when he turns around, the crowd has disappeared.

I have a hunch that unless Jeb gets his act together, he might wind up on the junior varsity.

Say, how about Dick Cheney for President!

Republican Debate –Chris Christie

“I’m the governor of the state of New Jersey, not some hick state like this Iowa where their idea of a good time is watching cows moo. I’m one important man, I am a fucking GOVERNOR! OK, so there was this stuff about some fucking bridge, who gives a hoot about bridges,the Republican Congress sure doesn’t. Now, I am the most bombastic person on this stage. Just let me get on a stage with Hillary, she will learn not to mess with a New Jersey boy who is connected, and when I say, connected, watch out for the bullets.

Sorry, Donald, I was the one who made Atlantic City a spot on the map. What’s that you say, it used to be important and now is a spot. Bullshit, no one talks to someone from New Jersey like that. Now, if you want to wipe out Hillary, just send me in. Not a fucking one of you knows how to play dirty, New Jersey style.

So, what’s my program? Blast away at Hillary and let a few bodies drop. Let me put it this way, if I said the idiotic things you people spout on this platform, they would send me to the nearest nut house in Jersey City!

Jeb And George Or George And Jeb

If I was Ben Carson or Donald Trump, I would be terrified at the latest news from the political battle front. It now appears that George Bush is riding to the rescue of his brother. George and Jeb, or if you prefer, Jeb and George were at a political rally in Houston,Texas. This was the first time the Bush brothers were at a political rally. Well,Americans, here is a message from former President George Bush. “I am absolutely certain given his background, and his steadiness that he’d be able to deal with the unexpected.” So there, Ben and Donald–can you guys deal with the unexpected??

1. Jeb began his campaign with words of praise for his brother.

2. Jeb then made clear he was not going to follow the paths of his brother.

3. Jeb then said he was tired of people complaining about his brother.

4. Now Jeb, has brought his brother into the political arena.

The only wonder left the American people is– are there any other Bushs anywhere who want to enter the political arena? Then Jeb and George can aid their quest for victory.

Finally, An Apology

Once upon a time, Tony Blair was prime minister of England. He was also the close friend of a man from Texas whose name was George Bush. Well, one day, the President of the United States told his buddy in England there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in a place known as Iraq.Well,Tony Blair asked members of British intelligence if this report was valid. Naturally, they said there was not a shred of evidence that Saddam had any such weapons. So, what did Tony Blair do” Naturally, he sent British troops to join in the invasion of something that did not exist.

Unlike the United States, the British government set up the Chilcot Inquiry to find out what did happen as the Iraq war began. A few days before the report has been issued, Tony decided to beat them to the punch. “I also apologize for some of the mistakes in planning and, certainly our mistake of what would happen as you removed the Saddam regime.”

After the apology,Tony could not hold back his final observation: Getting rid of Saddam in 2003 “had no responsibility for the situation in 2015.” I guess one out of two is not a bad average.

Let’s Investigate

The Republican Party wants to have investigations. Well, let me suggest some topics that would lend themselves to an investigation.

1. Mitt Romney once tied his dog to the top of the car. I believe we must investigate how to prevent such cruelty to dogs.

2. Republicans have spent twenty million dollars and eight investigations on Benghazi. How about investigating the 1985 Hezbollah bombing in Beirut that resulted in the death of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY AMERICAN SOLDIERS! Of course, we can not recall President Reagan to explain why he ALLOWED this to occur.

3. Well, we could always go back to the Watergate investigation. It NEVER got eight investigations. Only ONE.

4. Shouldn’t we find out why Benedict Arnold turned traitor during the American Revolution?

5. As I recall, four thousand Americans have died as a result of the invasion of Iraq. How about an investigation to prevent such tragedies?

6. Carly Fiorina was fired as head of Hewlett Packard. I want to investigate WHY!

7. As of this point there has not been an investigation of the Benghazi investigations!


We offer examples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

China, China Daily: “Becoming More Chinese”

We dress from China, we play with technology made in China, now we should learnt to speak Chinese.

Turkey,Hurriyet: Crime Against Humanity”

You got me, which of the hundreds are you referring to?

USA, NY Post: “Free Advice From Notary”

If a millionaire, don’t pay any taxes, that is for poor folk.

Sweden, Local: “Town Hall Set On Fire”

Was Ted Cruz in the neighborhood?

USA, Newsday: “I’m A Sane Gun Owner”

Finally, we found one!

Trump Seeks To Fire On Bush

These are not the best of times for any member of the Bush family. A great majority of Americans have finally reached the conclusion the invasion of Iraq under the administration of George Bush was an incredible foreign policy blunder. Jeb Bush is now trapped in a quandary, which comes first –gaining the Republican nomination or protecting the name and reputation of his brother. Donald Trump, as always, smells blood. He knows that coming after George Bush gains voting support. He is now attacking George Bush and casting blame upon him for 9/11 and the World Trade Center disaster. He blasted Jeb by saying: “you are pathetic for saying that nothing happened during your brother’s term when the World Trade Center was attacked and came down.”

Jeg is absolutely furious. “It looks as he is an actor playing the role of President.” Jeb insists that his brother “united the country and kept us safe.” Sorry, Jeb, that no longer is what most Americans believe. One awaits the next Republican debate when these two men are on the stage and each is ready to blast the other. I have a hunch,Donald will win any such encounter.

A Gun Lawsuit That Fired Shots Against NRA

Finally, finally, a law suit that fires a shot into the hearts of NRA lovers. Two police officers were severely wounded by a young gunmen and they decided to sue the gun shop that allowed this youth to get a gun. The 18 year old persuaded an older friend to purchase the gun. The clerk in the store knew the 18 year old was the real customer, but he assisted the twenty-two year old to get the gun. He was aware the 18 year old was the person selecting the weapon of death. This type of “straw purchase” is illegal.

Finally, a jury has decided that police who are shot are entitled to compensation if guns are illegally sold by gun shops. It is a landmark success in Wisconsin, and hopefully, similar law suits can be successful in other states. Make those who sell murder pay for their misdeeds. Hit them in the pocketbook. That works in America!

Ben Carson On Holocaust

I Do understand that Ben Carson is a wonderful surgeon and can really cut into a body. His basic problem is that every time he opens his mouth it is quite apparent this man running for president has absolutely no grasp of any aspect of American history, let alone of that dealing with foreign lands such as Germany. He offered an explanation about a man called Adolf Hitler.

“I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if people had been armed.” This man has absolutely no understanding that millions of Germans adored Hitler. Members of the SS fought to the last bullet defending their beloved leader. Ben, my little idiot, the Holocaust could not have happened without the support of millions of people who agreed with Hitler.

By the way,Ben, during the Warsaw Uprising Jews did have some guns, but, Bennie, guns against tanks and artillery only ensure your death.