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Another Clown On Political Stage

Well, he is back on the political stage, all eye glasses and all. Once again he is charging President Obama for any and all problems in the world. If the Texas Ranger baseball team loses a game, blame it on the black dude from Africa. So, here is the latest take from Rick on the situation in the Middle East. ” No decision, no decision has down more havoc then the president’s withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Back in January, 2009 when Barack Obama became the Commander-n-Chief, Iraq had been largely pacified. America has won the war.” It is now clear that Rick has decided to become an historian. So, Iraq was largely pacified, now that is an interesting take on what happened.

The so-called “Surge” under leadership of General Petraeus was, in reality, a joint effort by American and Sunni soldiers against al-Qaeda. But, George Bush had done a few things along the way toward destruction.

1. He disbanded the Iraq army which resulted in over 500,000 Iraq men to lose their jobs. And, he allowed them to return home with their weapons.

2. He installed Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite fanatic whose main friend was Iran as the prime minister of Iraq. It was MALIKI who disbanded Sunni Awakening Councils which led the fight against al-Qaeda.

3. So, why did Obama withdraw US troops? President Bush has arranged for an agreement with Maliki about retention of American forces. President Obama agreed to that idea, but the sticking point was refusal to Maliki to withdraw his demand that US troops in Iraq who committed a crime would be tried in a Sharia court. Just imagine what Rick Perry would say about Americans being tried in a Muslim court of justice!

It was Maliki who instituted a vicious attack on Sunnis which led to the arrival of ISIS. Oh, Rick, many of the leaders of ISIS are former Iraq officers who were fired on orders of George Bush!


We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty four year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I wonder if there is a stage large enough to hold all those seeking the Republican nomination?

Rick and Rick are now in the race, just guess their last names.

I wonder if Republicans could just give a test on American history to see if anyone of these clowns could pass it.

So, whatever happened to Sarah? How come she is not running? Think of book sales!

I have a hunch that Republicans would be better to wander down to Skid Row and select one of the drunks.

I so long for John McCain, at least he could complete a sentence without insulting someone.

What would happen to this country i f a clown was president?

Rick Is In Race

There is good news for America because former Governor Rick Perry is going to run for the presidency of our great land. “I am running for president because I know that our country’s best days are ahead of us. We need a president who has done the right thing.” Of course, it would help if the next president actually knew who was in his Cabinet, let alone knowing how many people he had to appoint to those positions. This is a man who has governed a state which has the most people without health insurance. This is the man who governed a state in which thousands were denied the right to vote due to his machinations in deciding who could or could not vote.

Oh, and Rick was indicted by a Grand Jury because he threatened to withhold funds from an anti-corruption unit unless its head resigned due to charges of drunk driving. She refused and no funds were allocated. Yup, we need this man who knows how to run a state. Anyway, it is just one more comedian on the stage of Republican comics seeking the nomination for president.

The Mouth That Roars Nonstop

Senator Ted Cruz is a man who fervently believes that he is intelligent and wise. Never a doubt enters his mind about any topic of issue. He KNOWS and thus inhabits a world whenever he utters words, they reflect the mind of a brilliant young man. After all, he did attend Harvard although these days Ted believes those who teach at that institution are nothing other than people who hate America and give aid and comfort to terrorists. Anyone who actually believes they possess THE TRUTH is undoubtedly a very ignorant individual.

Ted was at a gathering and decided to demonstrate that he was one funny fellow. “Joe Biden, you know the vice president thing? You don’t need a punch line. I promise you if works the next party you’re at. Just walk up to someone and say, Vice President Joe Biden and just close your mouth. They will crack up laughing.” Vice President Joseph Biden just lost his son to cancer four days ago. Those in the Republican party have no respect for anyone who disagrees with their ideas. This behavior has now become normal. Oh, Ted did say he was sorry. I doubt it.

All Quit On Middle Eastern Front?

In November, 1918 the guns of war fell silent because those fighting finally agreed it was time to put away the violence that had destroyed the lives of over twenty million humans and destroyed vast areas of land. In May, 1945 those fighting in Europe allowed the guns of war to become silent. It would take until August for all guns to cease blasting away in Asia, at least for the moment. The tragedy of modern life is that we will NEVER have a day when weapons grow silent and peace, at least for the moment arrives. Our young men, and these days, our young women, will never know what it is like to live in peace, at least for the moment. Heck, little Corporal Adolf Hitler went home in November, 1918 and, at least enjoyed a few years of peace and quiet.

Modernity means there will never be ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. We are doomed to lives in which the guns of war go on and on and on. Does anyone in Syria have the faintest idea who is on their side, let alone knowing when peace will arrive? They just go on and on fighting and killing because they know there will never be an ALL QUIET ON THE SYRIAN FRONT moment.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Refuses Duel With Wolves”

Just another slander on Vladimir Putin. Show him the wolve for him to battle.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Masturbating Men”

Is this good or bad news?

UK,Guardian: “Auction Military Equipment”

Heck in Iraq, soldiers just give away their weapons for nothing to ISIS.

France, Connexion: “Goose Attacks Drone”

I am certain Republicans will blame Obama for this one.

Norway, Norway Post: “Goalie Gives Up Goal While Pissing”

Piss Off media!

Elizabeth Warren Is Angry!

It is clear that members of our government lack many people who have a backbone that is not composed of jelly. But, there is one person who refuses to back down when it comes to demanding the truth about how wealthy folks sort of run this nation. Senator Elizabeth Warren is again on the war track demanding that our government officials remember their task is to control those with wealth and power. She just went after the SEC for its failure to control those with wealth. She directed her anger at Mary Jo White, the chairperson of this group. “During your confirmation hearings two years ago I said the SEC needs a strong leader to suss meaningful rules under the Dodd-Frank Act, and to h old big banks and other powerful interests accountable when they break the law. I am disappointed that you have not been the strong leader many hoped for, and that you promised to be.”

Mary Jo White continues to believe that when those institutions with wealth break the law all they have to do is pay a small penalty, but they never have to publicly acknowledge they were guilty. We do not have a government which does make wealthy and powerful criminals admit to a crime.

Say, What About Edward Snowden?

During the past few days my mind continually returns to the saga of Edward Snowden, you know, the guy who is a “traitor” and gave important information to the “enemy.” Our government insists that whatever information that he made public was a threat to our national existence. Funny, he made the data available to the entire world and I have yet to come across any example of that data being used to kill or harm members of our armed forces. As one who once worked at an Army Headquarters it is clear that 99% of what is classified as SECRET or TOP SECRET is rarely so. People in the government just love stamping pieces of paper and it is doubtful if many of those pieces of paper have anything important on them.

Ironically, members of Congress have now pushed to make legal the ideas that Edward Snowden was urging years ago. NSA will no longer have access to our phone records and, guess what? There is no likelihood this action will ever damage the security of this nation. Then again, would NSA please give us examples of how gathering information about our phone records actually halted any attack on our nation? We are finally returning to common sense and believe it or not this is being done by our CONGRESS!

Guantanamo Forever

There are always some certainties in life and when it comes to the issue of the infamous 9/11 then Fox News and most Republicans are absolutely certain that torturing people, innocent of guilty was an absolute necessity. During World War II, when the US and its allies fought the German army and the Japanese army, they, for some strange reason, did not have to resort to torture. OK, there were incidents when members of our armed forces did torture the enemy, but such tactics were never part of the policies of our government. And, gee whiz, we defeated enemies which had combined forces of at least fifteen million men. Of course, when it comes to defeating an enemy which has, at best, about one hundred THOUSAND, the threat to our very existence is much greater.

Majid Khan was one of the two bit terrorists who was involved with Osama bin Laden and the CIA needed information so they sort of tortured the guy. He claims they poured ice water over this genitals, beat the hell out of him. A rule enforced by those who tortured during the Bush administration is that lawyers for the person being tortured were not allowed to tell anyone their client was being tortured. This was an example of how the American government got information. I hate to inform the Bush folks that interrogators during World War II obtained information without beating the hell out of anyone. Just ask Henry Kissinger who was an interrogator if he ever employed torture!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Has anyone considered a shoot out as to who will be the Republican candidate?

Perhaps, we need to build a new stage to hold all these people, you know, another example of building by Big Government.

Rand Paul has become the young John McCain and John is upset.

I am disappointed because I thought Donald Trump would have posted his entry statement by now.

Then again, so where is Herman Cain to add some more black color.

Ben Carson is the poor black version of Amos and Andy.

One female and the rest are men. Just another example of Republican attitudes toward women!