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Round Up The Terrorists!

For the past seven years there has been a non-stop ranting by Republicans about a border out of control, and Hispanic immigrants pouring over it to rape and pillage in America. As usual, President Obama remains silent about this nonsense. He continued operating on the principle that when Republicans lie about what he does, it is undignified to respond.

The fact is that under the Obama administration Twice the number of illegal immigrants have been returned to Mexico than were deported by President George Bush. So, now to demonstrate that he is really tough, President Obama is allowing Homeland Security to round up hundreds Hispanic immigrants and sending mothers, fathers and children back to the hell hole of mob violence.

Once again Barack Obama fails to stand with humanitarian principles,let alone educating Americans about the truth of immigrants.

Christmas Gifts

Here are my Xmas gifts to one and all.

Barack Obama — finally learn how to function as the Chief Educator  of America and EXPLAIN issues!

Paul Ryan — a bottle of aspirins for the headaches that come with leading Republicans.

Donald Trump– a conversation with an expert on the Middle East.

Lindsay Graham — a forceful voice that inspires confidence.

Hillary Clinton — I will personally destroy her email.

Marco Rubio — personal escort to the US Senate so you can actually vote in it.

Ted Cruz — a week being homeless in America.

Carly Fiorina — a steel plated underwear.

Rick Santorum — a visit to the Vatican where he can  actually learn Catholic doctrine.

Jeb Bush — one hour of forceful clear thinking and talking.

Rand Paul — an hour at the bar getting drunk to escape the idiots.

John Kasich –being able to speak softly when getting your views to the public.

Santa– a day in a country  like Denmark where most people are sane.

George Bush — a pill that wipes out memory from the past fifteen years.

Dick Cheney– a pill that restores memory about what you did the past fifteen  years.

Good News From Iraq

After listening to Republicans talk about “the greatest threat to the survival in the history of America” one is so happy to have been alive during the minor war such as World War II. According to Republicans we all will wake up one day and discover that ISIS now rules the USA. Latest reports indicate that a major city under control of ISIS-Ramadi is witnessing the defeat of these Islamic terrorists even as Trump declares the sky is falling.

A combination of air strikes, Sunni tribes involved in the struggle, and Iraq armed forces ISIS is being pushed back in Ramadi. Estimates are that only 300 ISIS troops are still in the city. It is believed they will be wiped out within the coming week.

Gee whiz-the sky did NOT fall!

I’m Black And I Got Blackened by Republicans

Seven years ago a black dude from Chicago won the nomination to run for president, and since that moment, there has been a non-stop effort by Fox News, Rush, Bill O’Reilly and sundry Republican politicians to charge the Christian, first that he was close to a radical black minister,and when that did  not work, to claim he was a Muslim from Kenya. Obama raised the question: “Are there certain circumstances around being the first African American president? Absolutely.”

However, in fairness to Republicans, just about every stupid charge that he was born in Africa was also cited by opponents of Abraham Lincoln,. They also claimed he was an escaped gorilla from Africa. Franklin D.Roosevelt was accused of hiding his real name–Roosenvelt. There is no question Barack Obama was non-stop charged with one crime, one scandal, one religious challenge, and he definitely was the first president who lied about his birth certificate–he was really born in Kenya, just ask Donald Trump!

The Iraqi Army In Combat

TedCruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and sundry others in the Republican party are furious that President Obama is not working closely with the Iraq army in order to defeat ISIS. They insist if only more time was spent training this group that is supposedly termed an “army” the ISIS threat would have been wiped out. Oh, if only George Bush was still president, and if only George Bush was still around to send more boots on the ground, ISIS would no longer exist.

Latest figures are that ISIS ground forces in the city of Ramadi constitute somewhere between 300 to 500 men. Surrounding them is a force of about 10,000 Iraqi soldiers. For some reason the Iraqis do not wish to attack until they have gathered more troops. Such is the Iraqi “Army” that Republicans want to send in to wipe out ISIS.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton got into a debate during the Democratic debate that virtually no one saw. After all, if your goal is to attract viewers what exactly do you expect by holding a debate on Saturday evening?  Bernie blasted Hillary Clinton for being in favor of  ‘regime change.’  “I see that Secretary Clinton is too much into regime  change  and far too aggressive  without knowing wha the consequences can be.” Bernie, you are absolutely right,  but you also don’t confront the issue of what happens when people rebel against their government.

Hillary Clinton was wrong to vote for the invasion of Iraq. I have a hunch these days this is one time she wished she had been sick in bed. Secretary Clinton doe raise an interesting issue –if the US does not become engaged in foreign affairs, then who will assume that role? The problem is that America for over decades has interpreted being involved in foreign issues as synonymous with  regime change. America DOES have to be engaged in the world, the issue is HOW to be involved?

A Nation Fearing Fear

I was born in the great Depression when one out of four people lacked a job. It was a time before Social Security, before unemployment insurance, before minimum wage laws and before the government provided assistance to children. I was a teen during World War II when in 1942 the Japanese navy had nine aircraft carriers and we had three. I lived when Germany had an army of eight million and they were the first to develop guided missiles and jet planes.

But, for some strange reason we did not have political leaders who nonstop warned us of dire things to occur. According to Republicans, America is “facing the worst threat to its survival in history.” ISIS has about sixty thousand fighters,  no planes, no aircraft carriers, no artillery, no guided missiles and certainly, no atomic bombs.

What has become of the American people who fought a terrible civil war and its leaders were convinced of victory? FACTS: Since 9/11  fewer than 200 Americans have been killed in this nation. Oh, over 300,000 have been killed by guns wielded by native born Christian Americans.

As President Franklin Roosevelt calmly told us: “You have nothing to fear but unreasonable fear.” There is NO threat to America –other than the one posed b God-fearing Christians who want to kill and kill–themselves!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


My dream moment-Carly Fiorina arm wrestling Vladimir Putin.

My dream moment-Jeb Bush punching Donald in the mouth.

My dream moment, Chris Christie sitting down with the dead King Hussein of Jordan.

My dream moment, Ted Cruz actually displaying his Harvard education.

My dream moment, Vladimir Putin standing with Republicans to debate.

My dream moment, Marco Rubio just letting out  his frustration to Ted with a punch.

My dream moment, Donald finally explaining how the WALL will be built and how much it will cost.

Poor Rand Paul

Physically, Senator Rand Paul is always at the end spot when Republicans hold one of these debates. He stands with a look of disgust, annoyance, or plain boredom as leaders in polls go on and on about how they will wipe out ISIS. Christ Christie was boasting about how he would sit down with King Hussein, look him in the eye, and make certain the Jordan leader understood this American was going to beat the hell out Vladimir Putin and bomb ISIS into nothing.

A minor problem, King Hussein is dead, but what the hell, Chris is a fighter. Rand Paul just turned to his Republican colleague and silently said: “If you want a World War III candidate, here is your man.”

Ted Cruz, Poor Man’s Donald Trump

It is now quite clear that while Ted Cruz was at Harvard  he spent considerable time in the library reading books about war and bombing an so on. As his poll numbers rise, Ted is moving closer and closer to center stage and he hopes one day  to be right next to the Donald man. At this point he is reduced to verbal battles with fellow Cuban, Marco Rubio. This leads to fantastic one liners:

1. Marco, you know that is not true.

2. There you go again, Marco not telling the truth.

When Ted is not dazzling the world with his erudite Harvard education, Ted explains how to defeat ISIS

1. Carpet bomb the hell out of ISIS.

2. When asked if this might lead to civilian deaths, General Cruz  noted: Only carpet bomb areas where there are terrorists and don’t  bomb civilians.

My hunch is that Ted never actually read a book about war. If he studied WWII the brilliant mind would have learned that during the day 1000 US bombers hit German cities and at night, 1000 British bombers blasted away. Without Russian, British and American  boots on the ground Germany would still be fighting.