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Bombs Away–Who Cares?

During the past eighty years it has been a fundamental belief of American military leaders that bombing from the air will result in victory. At one point in 1943, General Chennault who led US fighter groups for the Chinese government insisted that if given more fighter planes he could bomb Japan into surrender. Today, we bomb and we bomb and we send drones to bomb all over Syria. Rami Abdel Ralman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is very upset about US air strikes. “Air strikes by coalition forces on Friday killed at least 52 civilians in a village in northern Syria located in the province of Aleppo. There was absolutely no evidence that any ISIS forces were in the area.

We bomb because there is no opposing air force to halt our bombing. Oh, there might be one or two American pilots whose plane will crash, but that increasingly is a remote possibility. So, if we bomb from the air then no US soldiers will die and we can claim the bombs are destroying al-Qaeda and ISIS. Funny, but before the bombing al-Qaeda had fewer followers. Then again, kill innocent civilians and their children or relatives will join the bad guys who they would consider to be the good guys while American good guys are considered to be the bad guys.

It all depends on who dies and who lives!

Wolves Have Returned

Thousands of years ago wolves roamed the area we now know as Europe. They scavenged for food, they killed smaller animals and even on some few occasions they did kill a human. For some reason the myth of a wolf seeking human game has persisted for these thousands of years. Actually, as long as humans remain out of sight, the wolf will not disturb this form of animal. There are now reports that wolves have returned to parts of Germany causing many to urge organizing soldiers to get rid of this creature of prey. The last human murdered by a wolf in Germany occurred about 400 years ago, but there is still fear in Germany. Actually, there are wolves which should be hunted down and gotten rid of:

Donald Trump is a wolf on prey seeking the money of people. He robs them in his gambling casinos.

Ted Cruz is the number one wolf who seeks to kill those daring to cross the Rio Grande and enter his territory.

Sarah Palin gazes out of her window and sees the wolves seeking to cross the Bering Strait and enter her domain of Alaska.

Then again, the entire Republican party are merely members of a wolf pack which seeks the bidding of rich wolves who are hungry for the blood of poor people!

I’m For Kim Jong-un

I am quite aware that many Americans do not like the leader of North Korea. For some reason,this pudgy little guy upsets leaders of the world nor does he please those who pontificate on Fox News. So, how about a few words in defense of our Great Leader, the Wise man of our times?

1. There are no street riots in North Korea.

2. There is no ISIS gang wandering around and killing folks.

3. No one gets beheaded in North Korea. OK, so a few have malnutrition, but no one is obese.

4. No millionaires can buy an election in North Korea.

5. No one has to suffer listening to blond haired idiot women on Fox News.

6. Kim Jong-un loves basketball.

7. People drink tea in North Korea but they do not have to listen to the Tea Party.

8. No black dude from Africa is head of North Korea–just good old yellow skinned leaders.

9. There is no draft of football players, just a draft of any and all young men and women.

10. AND,it is against the law to walk around with a gun in your possession!!

Supreme Court Mumbo Jumbo

Chief Justice John Roberts is a graduate of a distinguished Ivy League Law School so it is certain that his comments on the current case before the court dealing with gay rights will be an artful and legal analysis of the issues being examined. I can not dare to even attempt offering any words of wisdom when confronted with a legal mind of this stature. But, let me give it a shot. First, let me offer the brilliant workings of this mind for the century as he offers a legal analysis:

“If Mary loves Joe they can be married. But, if George loves Joe, they cannot. This is an interesting point to consider.”

However, let me offer a more complex issue:

“Wood loves his master, Bill, but he cannot marry Bill. However, Mike loves his sadomasochist master, Bill, but he can marry Bill.” Is that constitutional?

Then again: “Sue the cat loves Julie the cat and they can mate, but Sam the dog who loves Julie cannot.” Is that constitutional?

Gee, I wish that I could have afforded to attend Harvard Law School!

Republicans Confuse Me!

There are moments when it is difficult to understand what drives members of the Republican party. At present, Republicans are offering one nutty idea after another in order to prove they will not allow Iran to develop nuclear power for war. Marco and Rand and mike, and Jeb shout about the fear we Americans must have about Iran securing an atomic bomb. The current plan being negotiated would prevent Iran from getting an atomic bomb for at least ten years. But, for some strange reason, these Republicans never utter a word about nations that POSSESS AN ATOMIC BOMB! For the record:

1. Israel has at least 80 atomic bombs.

2. India and Pakistan have atomic bombs.

3. Saudi Arabia is mumbling about getting an atomic bomb

But worse of all, there is one nation whose leaders hate America and have boasted their desire to destroy it, but no Republican is demanding that country should renounce atomic development. NORTH KOREA HAS THE CAPABILITY TO FIRE AN ATOMIS WARHEAD ACROSS THE OCEAN. So, who do Republicans focus upon–IRAN! I have yet to hear a single Republican demand that North Korea recognize the state of Israel? I think Sheldon Adelson should insist that unless North Korea recognizes Israel, then the only course left to the United States is to launch an atomic war against those barbarians!!

It’s Bombing Time

Ever since the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld began wars in the Middle East it has become fashionable for other nations to get into the act of war. How can a nation earn respect in this area of the world unless it is launching planes into the air or dispatching war experts to train and arm soldiers? At this moment in time a whole lot of nations are headed toward Yemen in order to screw up those people. Of course in reality, what used to be termed the nation of YEMEN no longer exists. Just about every group from al-Qaeda to ISIS to Shiites or Sunnis or Saudi Arabia now vying to prove their ability to bomb, kill, destroy and devastate at least one big chunk of Yemen. Here is the scorecard:

1. The Houthis began as an independent Shiite group but their good work attracted the big league Iran team who decided to to make them part of the Iranian network.

2. President Selah who was supported by the USA is no longer on the team.

3. President Hadi who followed Saleh is now the rookie of the year and heading for the big leagues.

4. Saudi Arabia felt left out of sporting events and decided to enter their team. This team can mainly bomb and bomb and bomb. Of course, they have no idea who the hell they are killing except is certain hat hundreds of innocent civilians are dead.

5. The Houthi team hates al-Qaeda. The Saudi team hates al-Qaeda, but for some strange reason the old Yemen government and the new Saudi Arabian bombing team would rather fight one another than go after al-Qaeda which both hate.

How To End Riots

There is no question that thousands are in the streets of America demonstrating their anger at what is more than police incompetence. Protesters are simply the outcome of a society that has turned its back on those who lack higher education and the right credentials that earn one a good paying job. Today, there are blacks in the cities, tomorrow there will be blacks, whites, Hispanics and Asians rioting because society has left them in poverty. We are simply witnessing the end result of a Capitalist economy that rewards those who do not need rewards and punishes those who are left behind. So, how to end riots?

1. We meed new legislation that enables our workers to form unions that fight for decent wages.

2. We need a new form of the GI Bill of Rights which allowed anyone who had served in the military to receive a free college education along with money to live on. Actually, such a law would pay for itself over time as people get higher paying jobs and give more back in higher taxes. They also stimulate the economy by increasing the demand for housing.

3. WE need to train police in the methods of handling violence without using guns. Check with Steven Segal, he never uses a gun.

4. We need to invent a new form of education that educates our youth for 21st century life.

5. We must return to the old days when workers were respected.

6. We must recapture the Depression idea that poor people just need a good job.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


I assume there shortly will be a law in Texas requiring that each dead body be accompanied by a rifle. One never knows what awaits.

I assume that Republican candidates for president are required to kiss the ass of Sheldon Adelson.

I wonder if God demands each person who enters Heaven has a gun.

Ted Cruz is living proof why no one should send their child to Harvard.

I so await the arrival of Rick Perry with his interesting comments on events of the day.

I so miss Sarah Palin, each day a morsel of brilliance from her mind.

Then again, whatever happened to Michele Bachmann?

Bush On Iran

Former President George Bush decided to offer some observations on foreign policy toward Iran. He was speaking at a Jewish Republican meeting and made clear that if he was still president, there would be every tougher sanctions imposed upon Iran. So, let us examine how Republican presidents have handled Iran.

1.In 1953, the people of Iran were led by a secular man named Mossadegh. He had controlled Islamic imams and endeavored to create a modern secular Iran. He also had the crazy idea that England should be paying the nation of Iran higher royalties for developing their oil deposits. In stepped the CIA and the English M16 who organized a coup that resulted in the end of democracy in Iran.

2. During the 1980s, Republican President Ronald Reagan provided aid and support to guess who–Saddam Hussein. Saddam had invaded Iran in a war that led to the death of over one million Iranians. The war concluded with a stalemate.

3. In 2001 as American forces swept through Afghanistan, Iran reform President Khatami closed the border to prevent the Taliban from fleeing and provided the US with intelligence regarding the presence of the Taliban. He also offered to recognize Israel, end support for terrorism and allow UN inspection of nuclear facilities. Bush never responded to the offer.

So, what was that about imposing stricter sanctions??

Republican Candidates Galore

It is one year before the election of our next president which means the list of those seeking this position contains more and more names each passing day. At current, we have:

1. Jeb Bush who is a secret Hispanic, a devout Catholic and he has no connection to anyone carrying the last name of Bush. He is really related to Busch beer.

2. Chris Christy can never attend a meeting on time because he gets stuck in traffic jams on bridges.

3. Rich Perry is still working to memorize how many Cabinet members there are and what are the names of those Cabinets.

4. Rich Santorum is busy buying new sweaters so he can come across as just another Joe.

5. Rand Paul wants everyone to know that what he advocated yesterday has no relationship to what he stands for today.

6. Marco Rubio is young at heart and therefore this entitles him to become our next president.

7. Donald Trump is currently very busy in Africa tracing down the birth certificate of you know who.

8. Lindsay Graham is seeking to persuade anyone outside the state of South Carolina that he is running for president.

Oh, for the days of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. I so miss these two female clowns!