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The Art Of Political Selling

There is one pattern that has existed throughout the Obama administration, and that is his inept political ability to sell a good idea. Obama always behaves like a college professor who lectures and then assumes his “students” understand what was presented. Compared to Theodore or Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy or Abe Lincoln, Obama has completely failed to SELL his ideas. Sorry Barack, but a great president is a great salesperson.

1. Lincoln was a master of presenting complex ideas along with a joke or a demand that Americans display their greatness as people.

2. John Kennedy on day one of his presidency told the American people “what can you do for America?”

3. In 1940, England faced Nazi Germany alone and had run out of guns and ammunition. Most Americans did not want to go to war. So, in one of his fireside chats with Americans, Franklin Roosevelt used this metaphor: “if your neighbor’s house catches fire, and he comes to you asking to borrow a fire hose, surely, you would give him one. We are going to lend England destroyers and rifles and other equipment.” And, so England got military supplies that enabled it to continue fighting Germany. I have never heard a single metaphor from Obama that enables people to grasp an issue.

4. One night after America was at war, Franklin Roosevelt asked the American people to listen to him as he reviewed where American soldiers were fighting. By late evening, one out of two Americans had listened and followed his analysis of where fighting was going on. How many Americans today even know where Syria or Iraq are? Obama has never discussed these areas of fighting with Americans following with a map.

5. To this day I am shocked that we Americans never received an explanation about Obamacare from the government.

If Obama wants to sell this accord with Iran, he must become a president who talks WITH AMERICANS!

Donald Offers Nazi Salute!

Latest polls indicate that Donald Trump is on a roll. He is now leading Republican candidates and has surged ahead of Jeb Bush. According to Donald, Jeb is just another one of those spoiled brats who depended upon his wealthy family to get ahead. Of course, Donald was born to a millionaire real estate tycoon, and guess which occupation the red headed Trump entered? Polls are tricky. We are just at the beginning of a roller coaster that will take candidates up and down like a merry go-round.

The one certainty we know about Donald Trump is that he is bound to commit some idiotic comment or make a fool of himself. Yesterday, his staff released a photo of an American flag with him in the photo. Oh,there were soldiers marching. Sorry Donald, but photos of Nazi German soldiers marching will not collect the idiot vote among Republicans.

Oh The Glory Of God!

These days the easiest way to explain away any act of murder is simply to say: “This is for the glory of God!” ISIS just blew up a parked car in front of the Italian consulate in Cairo for the glory of God. ISIS blows up statues that have been around for a few thousand years for the glory of God. People get their heads chopped off for the glory of God. Kill a few kids today who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and simply note this was for the glory of God.

I guess in the future when someone desires to rob a bank, all they have to shout at the teller, “this is for the glory of God, not for me.” I assume this means God has run out of cash and needs it right now. I wonder if God goes around blowing up planets for the glory of God??

Religion And Law

It is fascinating how American Republicans have re-interpreted the original meaning of separation of church and state. The Founding Fathers were quite clear in their desire to make certain that no religion had the power to compel people to adhere to their views. Separation of church and state meant that government was free from interference by any religion in the enforcement of law. In Osbourne County, Alabama, there is an official of the government, Ryan Robertson, who argues that HIS RELIGIOUS views take precedence over the Supreme Court when it comes to issuing marriage licenses. In order to prevent same-sex marriage he will not issue ANY marriage licenses.

This is a blatant violation of church and state. If Mr.Robertson can not or will not enforce the laws of the land due to his religious views, then he has no other alternative but to resign. He certainly can not blame Sharia law for this one!

So, What’s With Ayatollah Khamenei?

Here in America the Jewish lobby and right wing adherents of war with Iran exert tremendous power in deciding US relationships with Iran. Over in Iran the Ayatollah Khamenei plays power games with the Revolutionary Guards in demonstrating who can stand up taller to America. His decision to cater to extremists in Iran has made any effort to forge a nuclear weapon treaty be achieved. The Ayatollah shouted to Iranians that the US “is an example of global arrogance.” Perhaps, it is, but the issue right now is attaining an agreement that enables Iran to have sanctions lifted and its people be allowed to prosper.

Even President Hassan Rouhani got into the game of proofing he is one tough guy. “Even if the nuclear talks fail, our diplomacy showed the world that are logical. We never left the negotiation table and always provided the best example.” I agree that such talk is popular among those who oppose ending sanctions, but it sure does not lead to an agreement!

The Gun Factor

Lost in the hysteria to end flying of Confederate flags is the larger issue of GUNS. Dylann Roof did not use a Confederate flag to murder innocent people. Although he had been arrested for possession of drugs, and was, in theory, not allowed to purchase a gun, he did so. The bottom line is not Confederate flags, it is dealing with the more important issue of ending the madness surrounding the issue of allowing 200 million guns to be in the hands of Americans. And, that includes thousands of potential Dylann Roof sort of nut cases.

I am happy that Confederate flags are being removed. But, those flags were merely a symbol, and taking them down will NOT end violence against black skinned people in this land. America needs strict gun control laws and strict training of our police. Those actions, not taking down a flag, will make African Americans-and other Americans– safe!

The Donald Factor

After almost eight years of demonizing Barack Obama and working hard to prevent solutions to problems confronting America, the Republican party is now enduring the consequences of fostering hate and hate in the land. The leading hate character is one, Donald Trump, and he has Republican by the balls. Just dare make a critical remark about his nonsensical remarks and the Donald man will come down hard on you. Make a comment that addresses issues of immigration reform, and the Donald man will shout on Fox News that you support rapists and drug lords. He will NOT shut up and he will go after any Republican who dares challenge his message of hate.

In reality, Donald Trump was the logical outcome of years of hate, of years refusing to address issues, and certainly, years of refusing to develop a program that enabled illegal immigrants and their children to remain in America.

Dung Of The Devil!

There is good news for Catholics, and there is bad news for Catholic Republicans seeking the nomination for President. Pope Francis came out swinging against unbridled capitalism which he termed to be the “dung of the devil.” He made clear that Catholics cannot be only concerned with the “mentality of profit at any price.” He also connected the attitudes of modern capitalists as reflecting a “new colonialism” which ignores the rights of those who labor for basic needs. Workers have “sacred rights of labor, lodging and land.”

One knows that Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum and Jeb Bush, who are Catholics, will challenge the right of unbridled capitalism on the ground that gathering wealth in the long run benefits those who are poor. OH, what can these Catholics make of the Pope Francis claim that “Mother Earth” must be respected. I don’t think our coal companies will be pleased with the argument our Mother Earth should not be abused, anymore than poor people should be.

Solving Syrian Refugee Issue

The latest count indicates there are about 4,000,000 refugees living in countries that border on Syria. At current, about 20% of the population of Jordan is composed of Syrians. It is time for the Muslims of this world to resolve this issue.

1. Saudi Arabia has money and it has plenty of open space to handle a few hundred thousand Muslim refugees.

2. Algeria could allow Syrians into their land.

3. Morocco could handle a few hundred thousand Syrians.

4. Turkey has nearly a million and could offer them citizenship.

5. Syrian refugees could really help Sudan to become a prosperous nation.

6. Heck,even we Americans can allow in at least one hundred thousand. After all, they are not raping Mexicans.

7. I assume Malaysia could handle a hundred thousand.

In simple English, how about Muslim nations caring for their fellow Muslims??

The Redskin Wars Continue

I confess that among the great sins of my childhood was a fierce love of the US Cavalry when it set forth to get rid of the Redskins. OOPs, I should have written, the Native Americans. Of course, these people did not call themselves, Native Americans, but Apache or Iroquois or Delaware of Sioux and so forth. A US District judge,Gerald Lee agreed with the Patent Office that the expression, “Washington Redskins” “may disparage Native Americans”

1. The word, “American”comes from America Vespucci, an Italian. Actually, he never set foot in any part of North America.

2. Let me understand the problem. I should not use the word, Redskin, but should term Redskins by an Italian name.

How about the Redskins using the following: Washington Iroquois? Or Washington Sioux?

At least their name would be that of people who originally lived in the United States of America!