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Ben Carson-One Dumb Guy!

Ben Carson once again was on a debate stage and sort of mumbled some thoughts about the world and his work cutting open skulls. He was asked if his skills and knowledge enabled him to order bombing attacks that would kill innocent children.

“I have spent my life cutting open skulls of children, and they are afraid for a moment, but when I am finished they love me. I have no problem ordering bombing attacks in Syria, of  course, I would need some further information as to where in the world is this place.”

He was asked his opinion about  ISIS. “From early childhood I have always loved ices. In particular, I really enjoy a cold raspberry ice. OH, you mean the terror group. As a Christian I love all people. I would so enjoy sitting down with these people and allowing them to get to know me. I am certain once they knew who Ben Carson was they would, not only buy my book, they would invite me into their home. It is very  important to talk slow so these people could understand my English. I will tonight ask Jesus to embrace them as brothers.”

Carly Fiorina, One Tough Broad

There was another Republican debate and Carly Fiorina once more made very clear why she regards herself as a great candidate.

My-name-is-Carly Fiorina-and-I-am- the toughest person on this-stage. I defeated cancer-I-buried-a-child, and I began as a secretary and wound up as president of a company. Yes, I-was-fired-because incompetent men in the company were afraid of Carly Fiorina. I picked myself up, ran for the-position-of-Senator-from California. OK, so I lost, but this did not deter me-from-plunging ahead and I decided to become President of the United States–of America, that is.

I am ready to challenge Vladimir Putin. Until he-meets-Carly-Fiorina, he has yet-to-come- face-to-face with one tough broad. So, he wants to challenge me, well, how about sending in a few bombers and dropping some atomic bombs! I do-not-take-shit-from-anyone!

Who Advises Donald Trump?

A question being posed these days is who, if anyone, actually offers advice to Donald Trump. We offer some possibilities:

!. Daffy Duck is a likely candidate.

2. Mexican Drug Lords so love this guy and must urge him to continue fighting their fight to control immigration.

3. The head of the NRA is certainly a key advisor.

4. ISIS leaders may have formed an alliance with Donald, each one of his harangues is worth a thousand new volunteers.

5. Any drunk stumbling out of the bar is a bosom buddy of Donald.

6. Certainly in the end, the key advisor to Donald Trump is his mind which is convinced everyone but it is stupid!

Iraq Is Always Iraq

There are moments when I believe that throughout my life American forces have been fighting in Iraq. Of course, they have been there for over a decade, but it feels like forever and a day. Michael Fallon, the UK Defense Minister expressed the frustration of many by noting: “The Iraqi Army   has taken far too long  to get going.” Amen.

Nothing will change in Iraq until the following steps are taken by the government:

1. Appoint leading Sunni Iraqis to key posts in the government and the Armed Forces.

2. Provide economic aid to Sunni Iraqis.

3.  Release from prison any Sunni Iraqis.

4.  Grant local autonomy to Sunni Iraqi villages and towns.

Do these steps and the Iraqi army will begin to function as a real army.

Not Me–YOU!

Young Americans today dislike government, they dislike spying, they dislike war, they dislike any American involvement in wars outside our borders.  The Washington Post conducted a survey of this generation of opponents of war and surprisingly, about  47% support sending boots-on-the- ground to Syria.

However, when asked if they would be willing to be among those boots on the ground, a solid 85 percent responded with a  thunderous NO!. In other words, let the poor, let Hispanics and blacks do the dirty work of America, me, I’m focused on a good job that pays well.

As for America–you are on your own.

Trump Trumps All In Hysteria

Donald Trump has discovered the perfect approach to conducting a political campaign in modern America. Make certain that each and every day one utters some outrageous nonsense and your words will be published in each and every newspaper as well as be discussed on each and every newscast. Heck, even political comedy shows will feature your words of anger and hate. Donald is not afraid of Democrats or Republicans. “A new poll indicates  that 68% of my  supporters  would vote for me if I departed  the GOP  and ran as an independent.” Got the message you Republicans?

Donald insists that he is not “politically correct.” Jeb Bush may term him to be unhinged,” or Paul Ryan may  insist he does not represent the views of the Republican party, but there are millions out there who believe in the Trump ideology. How many Republicans know that Paul Ryan even exists, but those millions know who Donald Trump represents–them and their hatred and anger!

Teach ThemTo Shoot!

Liberty University is a college which has somewhat different goals than most higher education institutions in America. It seeks to instill within your minds a fervent belief they live in a nation ruled by despots such as Barack Obama. They want young people to remain pure in spirit and body until marriage, they want young people to listen only to “good” music and vote the straight Republican ticket in each and every election.

Jerry Falwell is president of the institution as was his father. He is very, very concerned about the rise in violence and has now instituted a new academic policy. Students can obtain permission to bring concealed guns to class. If their professor says the wrong thing such as that he supports the Affordable Care Act, students now can silence him with the blast of a weapon.

Let us keep young minds pure and Christian. Above all, keep them away from the wrong ideas. Such is life in white Christian America.

Jewish Republicans Gather

Among the top comedy shows of this month is the appearance of Republican candidates for the presidency who met with leading Jewish Republicans. Let provide a sample of the significant interactions between these men and rich Jews:

1. One Republican candidate made clear that he had seen the ENTIRE  ‘Schindler’s List film!

2. Jews were assured that President Obama hates Israel. I guess that is why during  his seven years as president, Israel received about $18 billion in military assistance and in addition, the US funded the Dome program which protects Israel against missiles. This is the kind of enemy I would love to meet.

3. Ben Carson read from a script about Hamas or humus or something. His face never  left the paper that someone had given him  to read.

4. Ted Cruz promised to wipe out ISIS if elected. He has come up with a new idea–bomb ISIS from planes. WoW! This is an exciting new idea.

5. Donald Trump wanted Jewish businessmen to know that he had never before been in a room with so many men who knew how to make a great deal. You know, we Jews are great with making money.

To sum up: Republicans want Jewish settlers to live on the West Bank. They promise to kill any and all bad Muslims.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is now obvious that Trump has found a model in Adolf Hitler, just say something hateful.

I wonder if ISIS can figure out when asked if they are Muslims, just say NO!

There are moments when I want to become a Canadian citizen.

Donald Trump is not the problem, the problem is those who adore him.

Funny, these days I never hear anything from Jeb Bush.

Then again, I never hear anything from George Bush.

Oh well, there is always Mitt Romney to become the candidate of the people.

Just Say NO!

I never thought in a million years that I would express praise for the great Dick Cheney, but even he can’t take Donald Trump any more. The Donald man finally made certain that all candidates for president joined together to denounce his latest explosion of nonsense. “We used to be called the  quiet majority,but people are fed up–they are fed up with incompetents, they re fed up with stupid leaders, they are fed up with stupid people. We need a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the U.S. while we figure out what the hell is going on. By the way, I  have Muslim friends, they are great people.”

He is proposing that each person seeking to enter the United States be asked the following question: “Are you a Muslim?” If the answer is, “Yes,” then the person has to return from whence they came. I am still confused as to whether the question would be asked of Muslim American citizens. But, wha the heck, this is America, the land in which people enjoy religious freedom. Even Dick Cheney says this nonsense.