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Let Me Explain Yemen

Once upon a time there was this tiny, tiny little country that was called–YEMEN. It is on the tip of the Arabian peninsula so it takes a good careful look to find out where it is. Well,our CIA decided a few years ago to support a man whose name is: President Saleh. He was a nice man who stole from the people and gave to his people. Well, after some time, the CIA decided they did not like this president so they made sure there was a new man who is called: President Hadi.

Well, this president also stole from the people and gave to the people so along came some folks known as the Houthis and they drove Hadi from power and that really upset the CIA. Although the Houthis never received any aid from Iran, the CIA decided they did and encouraged Saudi Arabia to bomb, bomb, bomb.

At this point it is unclear exactly who the CIA wants as president: Saleh or Hadi. Anyway,the US sends drones to kill, the Saudis send bombs to kill, and a lot of killing is going on. It might help if the CIA decided to support the Houthis and then they might actually back a winner.

American Backed Rebels In Syria

Republicans have been clamoring for the Obama administration to send military advisors into Syria and arm the good guys. Actually, there has been an American military program in Syria run by American advisors which is geared to train nice, moderate Muslims and send them off to fight ISIS. The US spent FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS AND THE END RESULT WAS ABOUT TWENTY FIVE MEN SENT OFF TO FIGHT! Yes,this gallant band of warriors went off to battle, virtually all were killed, wounded or captured with minor losses to the bad Muslims. Why?

1. To fight in a successful guerrilla war there is need for soldiers who are devoted to certain ideas and values. At this moment in time, ISIS attracts thousands of Muslims because they offer a vision of the future.

2. Neither money nor weapons without belief will succeed.

Reality: 99.9% of Muslims do NOT believe in the ideas of ISIS. Unfortunately,there is not a powerful charismatic Muslim from among these Muslims who offers a vision of a democratic peaceful society.

Scot,We Knew Ye Well

Well, Scot Walker will no longer be with us, he has departed the campaign trail in order to return to Wisconsin and deal with issues that he does know about– cheese and cutting pensions. I gather that Scott tried very, very hard to persuade Sheldon Adelson and his billions of dollars to give him a few hundred million. After all, this is Yom Kippur night,and the least Sheldon could have done was to be generous to this nice Catholic boy who adores, worships, loves Israel, or at least, the Israel of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anyway,the good news is that since Scott no longer has to be on the campaign trail he can devote his energies to dealing with Wisconsin home-grown terrorists like teachers, social workers and firemen. After all, if he could stand up to social workers, imagine how President Walker would have dealt with ISIS!

Politics Of Appearance

The Republican Party has introduced a new phenomenon in American politics.It is no longer of any importance what a politician says or does, the most important quality of a leader is their appearance. Carly has demonstrated that she has: poise, confidence, firmness, and an ability to provide a one line response to questions. Examine what she actually said in the debate:

1. “I want to rebuild the American navy.” The US Navy is the greatest navy in the world. It has twelve battle groups which includes 12 modern aircraft carriers. Opposed to that is: ONE CHINESE AIRCRAFT CARRIER. How does one “rebuild” something that is outstanding?

2. She wants to place missiles on the border of Russia. Carly, Russia has ATOMIC BOMBS. So, you want to mess with Putin and risk a possible incident with a nation that has atomic weapons!!

This is an ignorant person with NO knowledge of the world. But, she does look “firm.”

Oh Dem Muslims!

Critics may attack and defame Donald Trump for being boorish or loud or insulting, but there is one issue on which Donald Trump is the leading expert in this nation–MUSLIMS. Donald understands that Muslims are continually taking over this nation, and they are aided by the Number One Muslim in America–BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! After all, it was Donald who challenged this Muslim president to produce his birth certificate, and to this day there are serious questions about the document he produced. A man asked Donald about the Muslim problem in New Hampshire, and he responded: “We have a problem in this country. It’s called MUSLIMS”

Why else would the “President wage a war against Christianity?” Huh? “Christians need support in this country. There is a war being waged against them.”

Did you know that black shirted troops are at this very moment being trained to enter the home of EACH AND EVERY CHRISTIAN IN THIS NATION AND TAKE THEM TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS ALREADY BUILT IN NEVADA??

Thank God He has sent a savior to save this nation–DONALD TRUMP!

The Carly Fiorina Story

Carly Florin came out swinging at the men on the stage because she was definitely the most beautiful woman on that stage.

1. She wants to create a great American armed force and make it number one in the world. Of course,right now it is Number One.

2. She deeply loves America and deeply dislikes Barack Obama.

3. She was fired from Hewlitt Packard by friends of Donald Trump, or some bad people who hated her.

4. She gave it to Donald for insulting her beauty.

5. Carly wants to make America great again.

6. If she cited a specific idea, I just missed it.

Rand Paul Story

The initial comment directed at Rand Paul came from Donald Trump who wanted to know how this guy got on the platform and he was wasting time that Donald could use. Rand, as usual,was calm and somewhat bored to be on the platform with people who never ceased speaking.

1. Rand wants drugs to be legal.

2. Rand wants to cease arresting young black and Hispanic people and sending them to jail.

3. Rand wants the US to cease getting involved in wars that will only result in increasing the number of jihadists.

4. Rand blames the mess in the Middle East on George W. Bush and his terrible decision to invade Iraq.

5. Rand believes the US cannot defeat Islamic terrorism with guns, only with ideas.

Naturally, not a single other Republican agreed with his ideas.

Marco Rubio Story

There was a debate on Wednesday evening and eleven stalwart Republicans informed the American people as to their views on the future of their country and the world.


Marco was a stern faced individual throughout the debate. Not a smile, not a smirk, just stiff determination that would make clear to the country and world that no one had better mess with the son of a Cuban immigrant–legal one, that is.

1. Marco will not talk with Vladimir Putin, he will not talk with any and all Ayatollahs. They must first indicate a desire to do what he wants before any negotiation.

2. Marco will make this country strong again. Once again people will speak with respect about America.

3. Marco has some sort of immigration plan, but to be honest, I never could quite figure it out. Oh, he does want a wall built.

4. He believes in life, and I trust any fetus is now smiling with happiness.

5. Marco will create jobs, gobs of jobs. The specifics will come after the election.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is only fair to allow Dick Cheney on the platform tonight. So far, he is 100% wrong on everything.

So,this has to be Jeb’s finest hour or —?

If Carly can make it tonight, why not other business executives who got fired for incompetence?

Is Marco Rubio still alive?

Gee,another chance for Scott Walker to boast about defeating ISIS folk in America–Unions!

Has anyone seen Rand Paul? There is a debate tonight.

I trust Ben Carson will dissect the hearts of fellow Republicans.

Uncle Tom Still Lives

From all reports Ben Carson is an excellent surgeon and beloved by patients and fellow doctors. His is the story of a poor black kid who got an education, worked his butt off, and wound up as among the top heart surgeons in the United States of America. This story of success does not mean that he will succeed in the business world,he will not make any NBA team,and he sure would become a tech entrepreneur. He’s a freaking doctor. The man who wants to become president was in Ferguson on a “drive through.” I guess that means he rides rather than walks through the town.

Naturally, the darling of Fox News and their token black candidate for president did declaim and pontificate about the plight of black folk. They have to cease complaining and get back to good old jobs–perhaps down south in cotton fields. He is upset at Black Lives Matter who,in is opinion are “outsiders creating strife.” Gosh,things were great in Ferguson until those angry black folks showed up. Why the hell don’t they learn a lesson from Ben Carson and get into a medical school and become surgeons??