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$15 An Hour Threatens Prosperity!

It is now clear there is growing sentiment among more and more Americans for a $15 an hour  wage. California has passed such a state minimum wage to take full effect by 2022, and New York is headed that way. Of course, dear old San Francisco has passed a $15 an hour wage to take full effect by 2018. Naturally, business complains the sky will fall and hunger will haunt Wall Street offices as its owners will now be compelled to live on less than $20,000,000  a year.

There is something ironic in business complaining about a $15 an hour wage. There is also something ironic for supporters shouting with glee that people –by 2020 can earn $2,400 a month. Reality is this is much better than $8 an hour but it certainly is not going move folks into the middle class. A decent two bedroom apartment in Manhattan or San Francisco will cost $1,500  a month for rent and utilities. And, by the way, that is for a low rent  apartment. Something like $20 an hour would be more likely to move people into the lower middle class.

Just Bring Your Gun To The Convention

NRA crazies have now challenged the Republican party to adhere to its belief that guns should be in every aspect of society. We need guns in schools, in colleges, in our work place, in our churches –so why not in our political conventions? A petition claiming 25,000 signatures as of this date is furious that at the Quicken Arena,  there is some crazy  rule that no guns are allowed in it! Can you believe that at the most important Republican meeting, no guns will be allowed in the arena! Whatever happened to my 2nd Amendment right?

Some crazies are furious that a “venue so unfriendly to second amendment rights was chosen for the Republican convention.” How about each and every person in the arena to pack a gun. One person fires, and soon thousands of guns blast away. In the end, Sarah Palin appears on the stage holding a  rifle aloft as sign that she won the shoot-out at the Quicken corral.

God Bless these defenders of our Constitutional rights. This is one time those Islamic terrorists will know how God fearing Christians can out do them in any terrorist attack!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


The next Republican conflict will center around which candidate can piss the furthest.

Give it to ISIS, they sure know how to control the six o’clock news.

Where would CNN be without terrorists?

At this moment, America needs the calm, quiet, wise words of Ben Carson. Of course, that assumes one can actually hear what he says.

In my childhood, a “rat”was a guy who shafted you, these days, it is a guy seeking to become President.

How about the next Republican debate featuring wives displaying their bodies in a contest over beauty?

Republicans have gone from walls to rats

How come the wife of John Kasich is never mentioned or displayed?

Hillary has to speak much softer and cease yelling.

Ah, these days I so long for the  presidential demeanor of Richard Nixon.

The final humiliation of Jeb Bush will arrive when he gives an endorsement for Donald Trump to become president.

Who would have thought six months ago that Bernie Sanders would be the most presidential behaving candidate?

Dick Cheney is still eligible to become President. I await his nomination at a deadlocked convention. Talk about someone who can not only look evil, but behave evil!!

War Of The Wives

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nation whose name was the United States of America which every four years conducted something termed an  election for a new President. Believe it or not, in those olden, olden days, two candidates argued about such mundane issues as how to create a vibrant economy or how to integrate newly arrived immigrants into the fabric of the nation or even–how to conduct an intelligent foreign policy. Alas, those were the olden days, and today, we have something called -the REPUBLICAN PARTY>

The current MAIN issue between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is the topic of their wives. Somehow, someone in the Cruz camp found a photo of Trump’s wife in a semi-nude pose. Naturally, this aroused the Donald man found an unflattering photo of the wife of Ted Cruz and the battle began. Ted now is rather upset: “Donald, you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi alone.”

Such are the issues confronting American society. After all, Donald and Ted have been yelling for months about the “unguarded border.” For some strange reason 140,000 more Hispanics LEFT AMERICA THAN ENTERED!

I assume the next issue will be the grandparents of the Trump or Cruz families.


We offer observations on the  human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sure miss the mumblings and stumblings of Jeb Bush.

I sure miss not being able to hear a word that Ben Carson utters.

Each day Donald Trump reveals he is a poor man’s version of the boasting incompetent Benito Mussolini of Italy.

This year we have a new concept of who should be our president–the person who can punch out the most voters–physically, that is.

Ross Perot, where are you?

Hillary is simply not a natural born politician.

Bernie is getting better and better with his speech of hope.



Oh Them Gun-Toting Todlers

I understand that Donald Trump is worried about Islamic terrorists. I understand he goes to sleep with a gun underneath his pillow in case one of those Muslim bad people enters his house seeking his wealth or life.  Jamie Gilt, a nice attractive mom who so loves guns and shooting and such, left a loaded .45 caliber handgun on the back seat of her car. Her four year old took the gun and shot mom.

Actually, this event is not unique in America.  In 2015 more people were shot and killed by kids in America than were murdered by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. In other words, an American is safer being in the company of a Muslim than being with his young child. Such is life in modern America!

Wither Republicans?

There are riots in Chicago, there are scenes of people throwing punches and threatening to inflict harm. Just another day on the Trump carnival of joy. His antics are suddenly raising fears among Republicans as to whether the con man has just played one too many cons. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have issued statements denouncing inflammatory remarks by Donald as A cause of violence along the campaign trail.

Donald Trump has one never changing weakness–he simply does not know when to shut his big mouth.  He JUST had to tweet: “Bernie is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events.  Be careful Bernie or my supporters  will go to yours.” Despite seven months on the road to the presidency, Donald still insists that 6th grade words of war must be expressed. There MUST be millions of Americans who simply could not accept such behavior in any candidate for president–at least, I hope so.

I Just Shot Mom!

Each year in peaceful America at least 30,000 people die due to one form or another of shooting. Usually, it is a person who decides to take his life. But,there are also stories of how allowing people to possess a gun ensures that someone winds up shot. Jamie Gilt believes in guns. She is so, so proud that her four year old son enjoys going with her out to target practice. After all, he is now four, and that is the time to become a shooter.

Jamie and her son were sitting in her car. He was in the back seat. Somehow, the little boy got possession of a gun. He fired the gun through the front seat and seriously wounded mom. I guess mom is real proud that her son knows how to hold a gun, aim a gun, and fire a gun.

Oh, and this shooter was not a Muslim, but a natural born Christian!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Sorry, Martin Luther King believed, ALL LIVES MATTER

We have come a long way from Dick Cheney to just Dick.

How come no Republican has urged the body of St. Ronald Reagan be taken from the grave and made running mate to whoever runs for president?

All too often, Noah Trevor just tries too hard.

Ben Carson is living proof of the expression, “silence is golden.”

Ah Jeb, we miss your stumbling and bumbling.

I sure wish Bernie and Hillary would get in a  few words about white folks who are suffering.

New Republican Candidates

Since this blog has consistently been against al Republican candidates we decided in the spirit of fairness to offer our enemy several ideas as to who might be their candidate.

!. Carly Fiorina is waiting in the wings and chomping at the bit to go after Hillary Clinton.

2. If you want someone who can out shout and out boast Donald Trump there is always Rudy Giuliani who single handedly saved New York City from Muslim terrorists. Beat that Donald.

3. Dick Cheney, although serving as vice president, never held the office of president. Who can excel this man when it comes to speaking,looking,and being evil???

4. How about, while blindfolded, selecting a name in the Atlanta telephone directory? Can’t be any worse than  what you guys now have?

5. There is always a Syrian refugee to prove that Republicans do have a heart.

6. Frankly, I still wish that Ben Carson was the nominee. A man with a big heart, who speaks softly but carries a Big Knife when the occasion warrants.

7. Has anyone considered dear old Newt Gingrich.He has multiple wives as does Donald and when it comes to being a con man, who can exceed this guy?