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Iraq Wars Go On

Anyone under the age of 26 has spent half her or his life in a world in which there is a war in Iraq that somehow effects the lives of Americans. The closest analogy in American history was the war in Vietnam. Of course there was a Cold War for half a century, but this conflict dealt more with political issues than with armies engaged in killing one another. The latest chapter in the Iraq wars is now taking place on the outskirts of Tikrit which is the first step on the road to Mosul. As you recall it was several months ago that ISIS forces attacked Mosul only to discover that four divisions of Iraq soldiers simply put down their weapons and fled for their lives even though they outnumbered ISIS at least four to one.

At this moment, an Iraq army led by Iranian officers is attacking Tikrit and will soon take this city. For the first time Iraq soldiers believe their leaders represent something important to the lives of Iraq people. Sorry, American military personnel were never able to convey this concept. They always represented the non-Muslim West. Let’s see how the Iranian officers run this war. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body


A Republican is to ignorance as a camel is to water.

“Trampling the Constitution” is an inborn expression to Republicans when they do it.

I have lost all respect for Senator John McCain who was raised to serve the commander-in-chief.

Some Muslim children flee to death in Syria.

Some black American children meet death on the streets of America.

I so long wait for a Spring of Peace.

Children Headed To Death

There is increasing controversy over the issue as to why many young people in European nations decide the world in which they live simply does not meet their needs for-something. Three young teen girls fled from the United Kingdom, got to Turkey, and somehow made their way across that nation to the safety of Syria where they hoped to find some meaning to their lives. There is no doubt they received assistance in England and they certainly got help in Turkey. After all, three English speaking girls had to make their way across a foreign land and get across the border into Syria. The issue that western people refuse to confront is-why do some young people who were raised in democratic societies flee to the arms of violence and hate? It is quite clear they discover in the words of hatred a missing aspect of their society.

The quest in modernity is for a sense of meaning. We provide youth with technology and money and propaganda that extols the importance of material things only to discover that some young people hunger for a sense they are doing something that transcends their material existence and provides a sense of self worth. Consumerism does not provide that emotion. So, in their ignorance, they embrace death. They hurry towards hate and fear and brutality from which they can obtain a sense of meaning. Ironically, in the age of technology, primitive thinking attracts some young people. Never forget that we are only a few hundred years from our violent ancestors.

Ignorance Is Bliss To Republicans

The Republican ongoing mantra is that any and all problems in Iraq are the fault of Barack Obama who failed to support the Iraq army and thus led to the rise of ISIS or ISIL or IS, whatever you desire to term that group of murderers. Lost in Republican arguments is any sense of what happened in the Middle East ever since George Bush created a mess that will last for decades. The invasion of Iraq was the greatest foreign policy blunder in American history and it came under the administration of the Republican party. Examine the current situation in Iraq:

1. ISIS took power when four divisions of the Iraq army simply dropped their weapons and fled the battle ground.

2. The Iraq government led by Prime Minister Maliki-who was placed in power by George Bush– attacked Sunnis and created ISIS.

3. President Obama fought to create a new Iraq government.

5. This government, like all Iraq governments since the end of Saddam Hussein, gazes to Iran for help.

6. An Iranian trained Iraq army is now poised to recapture Tikrit and head for Mosul.

According to General Dempsey “There is no doubt that the combination of Popular Mobilisation Forces and the Iraq Security Forces are going to run ISIS out of Tikrit.”

George Bush won another victory in Iraq. His enemy, Iran, just got more power in that land.

So, blame the situation on Barack Obama.


We offer observation on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Members of Congress must pass a test on American history before taking their seats.

I am 84 years old, but have never encountered such hate as exists in Congress against the president.

To love America is to adhere to our traditions.

I wonder if this current world of hatred in America is the future or just the present?

Ah , for the days when Republicans and Democrats played softball with one another.

Ah, for the days when Republican President Reagan had Democrats over for a game of poker.

There are moments when I do not recognize this America.

International Women’s Day

Well, it is that time of the year when we decide to devote an entire day focused upon the world of women and their struggle for being regarded on an equal basis with men. I believe we males should be proud that we are willing one day of the year to recognize that women in the workplace do encounter a few issues. A young woman who works in England described her encounters with those of the male sex. “The male friends I have at work are the same as me. They occasionally think being funny is more important than being nice. They’re neurotic, forceful when they think they’e right and not afraid to say ‘this is wrong, fix it’ and sometimes get things wrong. But, at the end of the day I’m still the bitch.” In other words, they will interact with women, joke with them, tease them, but it must always be clear that she is a woman and they are men. On International Women’s Day this professional woman had to make these comments but also made clear that she could not use her name. After all, her buddies at work want the world to know that some of their best friends are women.

Yes, we have come a long way, but, in reality we are closer to the starting line than to the end of this race for equality. The quest for equality is over when a person is a colleague, not a female colleague. One must alter minds to recognize that all at work are simply fellow workers and their sex is completely unimportant–AT WORK! Sex is for after work.

Come Home To Israel!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Jews living in Denmark to return home to the safety of Israel after ONE Jew in that nation was killed by Muslim extremists. Bibi is concerned that those who have fellow people in his land are safer within the confines of Israel than in nations in which they are subject to violence. About one in five people living in Israel is a Muslim, and, I assume being a citizen of Israel means that your government is concerned with your safety. Yesterday in the violent nation of the United States of America still another Muslim was murdered by those who hate Muslims. Ahmad al-Jumaili was taking pictures of the snow fall when a couple of American violent haters decided to shoot him. He was in the supposedly quiet city of Dallas, but that did not prevent his murder. Of course a week ago Muslims were subject to having their Islamic center burned in the peaceful city of Houston.

Of course, two Muslims were brutally murdered in North Carolina. I therefore urge Bibi Netanyahu to offer safety to one and all Muslims in America who are in threat of their life in America. Come home to the safety of Israel!

Israel Rally For Peace

The Republican party of Israel, oops, I mean the Israel equivalent of the Republican party, insists that ISRAEL stands with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and that when he speaks, he speaks for ALL JEWS throughout the world. A mass rally was held in Israel and the estimates of how many attended range from 40,000 to 80,000. It is quite clear that these citizens of Israel do NOT believe Bibi is their leader. Among the speakers a the rally was Meir Dagan, former head of Mossad. “I’m not a politician or a public servant,and I’m not here out of personal aspirations or in search of appointments, the only party to which I belong is the state of Israel.” He went on to emphasize that Israel is a nation that is surrounded by enemies, but the only real enemy is “our leadership.”

The main threat to the existence of Israel is and has always been, one, Benjamin Netanyahu. He has failed:

to resolve issues with Palestinians.
he has over reacted to the death of three Israel children by murdering 1500 innocent civilians in Gaza.
he has absolutely NO alternative plan to deal with Iran other than shout for ware!

Watch Your Language!

Since the dawn of the 21st century, members of the Republican party have somehow connected use of the English language with ensuring that America remains a fee and safe land. As you recall, back in 2003, George Bush warned that there were weapons of Mass Destruction inside Iraq and he simply had to send in the troops to end that terror. Now, in the state of Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection wants every state employee to watch their language when discussing any aspect of what allegedly is viewed as climate change. The new directive intends to set the record straight, there has never been nor will there ever be any such thing as changes in the environment. As one state employee noted: ‘we were instructed by our regional administrator that we no longer were allowed to use the terms, ‘global warming,’ or ‘climate change’ or even sea level rise.” In order to assist these employees, we offer the following:

Adjusting of sea level.
Modifications in our climate
A joyous day for our climate.
Avoid getting your feet wet.
Global chills.
I wonder what the Republican party will do about such things as a hurricane?


Members of the Republican party went wild with enthusiasm for the worlds of Bibi Netanyahu who demanded military action against Iran and an end to the weak and ineffective policies of Barack Obama. Meier Dagan is the ex-headof Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, and he does have a slightly different take on the Bibi speech. One can sum up his perspective in a single word: BULLSHIT. Of course, this man actually has studied the situation, both in the Middle East and in Iran. Dagan was particularly infuriated when Bibi told Congress: “Israel’s soldiers have boundless courage and Israel is ready to defend itself.” Dagan felt these words were defiant and almost challenging Iran to attack Israel.

Dagan pointed out that the missiles of Iran pose no threat to the United States since they could never reach its shores. Bibi is great on rhetoric but somewhat confused about geography. Dagan, and most members of Mossad fear that Netanyahu’s policies.”on the matter of the Palestinian state are leading to a binational state or an apartheid state.” Benjamin Netanyahu is akin to white leaders of South Africa who promised that blacks would never attain equality in their land. Just continue to support apartheid and the end result would be peace. So, it is with Israel.