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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days I fondly recall the good old days with George Bush.

Who would have believed six months ago that John Kasich was the only logical thinking Republican??

Marco DOES try so hard to come across as a grown up.

Ted Cruz just has to be himself to play the villain in a movie.

Ben Carson is not giving up as long as he can sell  his books.

Say, what ever happened to Carly Fiorina?

How about this for the Republican ticket in 2020–Jeb Bush for president and George Bush for vice president?


Marco Win AGAIN!!

I  have devoted my life to sports and am a longtime lover of baseball, football, and basketball. I was raised to believe the goal of any sport was to win the game. Little did I understand that in the political world of 2016, the winner is the one who does NOT win the game. Of course, since there originally were seventeen players in a game designed for two or three, it is not amazing that no candidate in the Republican party has yet to gain a majority of votes in any election. There is a new game in town, and the winner in this competitive sport is to get some votes and shout, “I Won the Game!”

Marco Rubio came in third in Iowa and proclaimed, “I won a sweeping victory.” Marco Rubio came in fifth in New Hampshire and proclaimed that he again had won the election. Now, in the state of South Carolina Marco came in second   gaining 100 votes more than Ted Cruz and is joyous at this fantastic victory. Even as a I write these words, dozens of donors are rushing to support this front runner in the race for president. After all, a third, a fifth, and a second in any sport is victory! I assume if Marco runs for president against Sanders or Clinton, his goal will be to come in second and win the election!

Scalia Death Will Never Disappear

Little did Justice Antonin Scalia realize that in dying he was creating a new American business that will last for the next fifty years and produce hundreds of books and provide employment for thousands. Scratch an American and you will soon discovered a person who is dying for a new secret plot, a new plan by some evil government agency to take over the government. The Scalia death has now introduced material for each and every conspiracy nut case.

So, what is the present scenarios for the Scalia death?

1. It was a secret Obama plot to get access to control of the Supreme Court.

2. It was a plot by aliens to put one of their people on the Supreme Court.

3. It was a plot by the Clintons to give Hillary something to scare liberal voters about.

4. Or, it was a plot by Bernie Sanders to scare liberals into voting.

5. Or, it was a plot by book  publishers to get a best selling book on the market.

6. Or ,it was a plan by Ted Cruz to arouse right wingers to vote for him.

7. Or, it was a plot by rabbis to get another Jew on the Supreme Court.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Marco Rubio feels  very comfortable when the only one on the stage.

Ben Carson’s handlers should sit him down and have him read a history of the United States of America. He confuses the 1920s with the 1930s.

Then again, Ben Carson is living proof that any American who can breathe is qualified to become President.

Republicans are convinced that Barack Obama was responsible for the disaster in Iraq. I though it was the Kardashians.

Ted Cruz was most probably the smart kid in every class he attended.

We need a fact checker on stage with Republicans when they speak.

It’s February and every baseball fan believes his team will win the World Series.

Yes! I’m Part Neanderthal!!

There is now evidence coming from a Cro-magnon body about 40,000 years ago that we humans had sexual intercourse with Neanderthals. I decided to check with Republican candidates about this news:

Ted Cruz: “This is absolutely shocking. First, we allowed two males to marry or two females, and now we discover humans having sex with lower animals!”

Ben Carson: “As you know, I am a doctor. My initial concern is whether the Neanderthal had a penis that could enter the Cro-magnon body. We need more medical facts.”

Marco Rubio: “My immigrant parents made the long, difficult trip from Cuba to escape communism and poverty. I am certain they never, ever would have joined in sex games with lower animal species. And, by the way, this event happened while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State!”

Jeb Bush: “I just hope no one blames my brother for this tragedy. It was the fault of Barack Obama.”

Bernie Sanders: “I have a vision of an America in which the big corporate  Neanderthals are not running the government. We need higher taxes on Neanderthals to make America great again– and pay  off ALL student loans.”

Donald Trump: “I am not surprised.First,we allow in illegal Hispanic immigrants and now there is evidence these Neanderthals are impacting our women. I intend to build a great wall that will prevent Neanderthals from ever entering this great nation!”

The Murder Of Justice Scalia

We realize at this very  moment at least one hundred writers are pounding away with their “true story” about the strange death of Justice Scalia. Of course, at least 60% of Americans did not even know there was a Justice Scalia until the guy sort of died in –“mysterious circumstances.” We, as a public service have decided to present the true story as to what happened to the sort of heavy set guy who so loved to give it to workers, gays, and anyone who disliked wealthy people.

1. His head was either covered by a pillow or the pillow was next to him. What was a pillow doing in his bead? That  is one question that must be answered.

2. Justice Scalia was killed in Texas. President John Kennedy was murdered in Texas, is this a coincidence or is there a connection?

3. There is evidence a transgender employee worked at the establishment in which he died. We know Scalia hated transgenders. Is this a coincidence that one was in close proximity to him the night he was murdered?

4. President Obama wants to appoint a gay or transgender Justice to the Supreme Court,  there is need to check out the connection of Obama to this murder.

5. The death of Justice Scalia has been used by Ted Cruz to boast about his legal background. Cruz is a Senator from Texas, Scalia was murdered in Texas, draw your own conclusion.

6. Has anyone checked out whether or not an Hispanic rapist and murderer was anywhere near where Scalia died?

7. Pope Francis has been attacking American capitalism and Justice Scalia has been defending them. Is it a coincidence Pope Francis was a few miles from the scene of the murder??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I have absolutely no idea as to what is or are the Kardashians.

Has anyone checked with Dick Cheney as to whether he wants to seek the presidency?

It is time for baseball and every fan has hopes and dreams of their team wining something.

I simply never thought I would ever have to listen to  another George Bush speech, ah, these are strange times.

Gee, a day went by without a story as to how some Hispanic rapists were raping away.

America needs a time out from shouts of anger and hate by those seeking to become president.

Marco Rubio can not utter a sentence in the English language without using the word, Benghazi.

Then again, Ben Carson can not express a single intelligent thought in the English language.

Voter’s Guide To A Republican Debate

The Debate season is still going on even though the winds of March are just around the corner. In order to assist readers, we are offering a short guide to any Republican debate. Why worry what is coming next when we can guarantee exactly what candidates will say.

1. We love Hispanics but want them to remain in Mexico.

2. We hate the wealthy but we can not raise their taxes since that would lead to a depression.

3. We will abolish Obamacare and guarantee those without health care complete health care without any government involvement. Tune in sometime in late November about the specific details.

4. We will end student debt. Each and every student who has loans is guaranteed they will repay those loans with the help of rich folks. Each student will contract with a wealthy person who will repay their loan in exchange for 10% of their salary from now on.

5. The days of ISIS are over after we carpet bomb them into oblivion!

6. We love women, in fact we all have moms and sisters and wives to prove it.

7. Send Hillary Clinton to prison and restore America’s honor.

8. Oh, we love Israel and we love Jews. Some of our best friends are Jews.

Rand Paul Drops Out–Or In

During Republican debates there was one guy at the end with  sort of funny looking hair who stood virtually alone with a bored look as the other candidates shouted and screamed how they hated Obama, how they would rip to pieces Hillary Clinton and how they would cut taxes, provide jobs for all with  great pay and along the way wipe out ISIS and a few other terrorist groups without using one American soldier.

Senator Rand Paul attempted in his quiet ironic manner to poke fun at the nonsense that was coming from his alleged colleagues. He opposed “carpet bombing” desserts and wiping out ISIS with more planes dropping bombs on deserted area of Syria or Iraq. Essentially, he was ignored by  the Donald man and scoffed at by Cruz and Rubio who wanted to build a greater armed force.

Rand Paul is going home and will eventually return to the Senate where he again will be ignored. Such is the fate of any Republican who speaks with honesty and logic.

Ted Cruz Gives Thanks

First, I want each and every person in this hall to get on your knees and give thanks to our Lord up above for giving us this great victory. Oh, and as you pray there will be some of my representatives picking up any loose change that fell from your pockets.  Now, I have some important news. Prior to coming to this group I received a call from our Lord and Creator. He wants to make clear that his son, Jesus, made sort of a mistake by making comment concerning the difficulty of wealthy folks getting into Heaven. We have first rate super deluxe apartments set aside for those with the bucks to pay for them.

Second, I want to make clear that as we head for New Hampshire, there is only one Republican who  our Lord has anointed with his blessing, and you are currently listening to him. God is on our side as we set off for war against the infidels led by Donald Trump and his secret mistress–Hillary Clinton! If you love God, remember to part with your money and give it to God’s messenger. NO! Not that Jesus guy–ME!