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Wither Republicans?

There are riots in Chicago, there are scenes of people throwing punches and threatening to inflict harm. Just another day on the Trump carnival of joy. His antics are suddenly raising fears among Republicans as to whether the con man has just played one too many cons. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have issued statements denouncing inflammatory remarks by Donald as A cause of violence along the campaign trail.

Donald Trump has one never changing weakness–he simply does not know when to shut his big mouth.  He JUST had to tweet: “Bernie is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events.  Be careful Bernie or my supporters  will go to yours.” Despite seven months on the road to the presidency, Donald still insists that 6th grade words of war must be expressed. There MUST be millions of Americans who simply could not accept such behavior in any candidate for president–at least, I hope so.

I Just Shot Mom!

Each year in peaceful America at least 30,000 people die due to one form or another of shooting. Usually, it is a person who decides to take his life. But,there are also stories of how allowing people to possess a gun ensures that someone winds up shot. Jamie Gilt believes in guns. She is so, so proud that her four year old son enjoys going with her out to target practice. After all, he is now four, and that is the time to become a shooter.

Jamie and her son were sitting in her car. He was in the back seat. Somehow, the little boy got possession of a gun. He fired the gun through the front seat and seriously wounded mom. I guess mom is real proud that her son knows how to hold a gun, aim a gun, and fire a gun.

Oh, and this shooter was not a Muslim, but a natural born Christian!!


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Sorry, Martin Luther King believed, ALL LIVES MATTER

We have come a long way from Dick Cheney to just Dick.

How come no Republican has urged the body of St. Ronald Reagan be taken from the grave and made running mate to whoever runs for president?

All too often, Noah Trevor just tries too hard.

Ben Carson is living proof of the expression, “silence is golden.”

Ah Jeb, we miss your stumbling and bumbling.

I sure wish Bernie and Hillary would get in a  few words about white folks who are suffering.

New Republican Candidates

Since this blog has consistently been against al Republican candidates we decided in the spirit of fairness to offer our enemy several ideas as to who might be their candidate.

!. Carly Fiorina is waiting in the wings and chomping at the bit to go after Hillary Clinton.

2. If you want someone who can out shout and out boast Donald Trump there is always Rudy Giuliani who single handedly saved New York City from Muslim terrorists. Beat that Donald.

3. Dick Cheney, although serving as vice president, never held the office of president. Who can excel this man when it comes to speaking,looking,and being evil???

4. How about, while blindfolded, selecting a name in the Atlanta telephone directory? Can’t be any worse than  what you guys now have?

5. There is always a Syrian refugee to prove that Republicans do have a heart.

6. Frankly, I still wish that Ben Carson was the nominee. A man with a big heart, who speaks softly but carries a Big Knife when the occasion warrants.

7. Has anyone considered dear old Newt Gingrich.He has multiple wives as does Donald and when it comes to being a con man, who can exceed this guy?

The Great Dick Fight

I was distressed that at the last Republican debate an important issue finally, finally, was being discussed by the panelists. I also was very, very sorry, that some men who could have brought some light and flesh to the debate were not present on the stage. Oh, for Chris Christie or the black dude who has a large you-know-what that all black men possess, or Don Rumsfeld or the greatest dick of the last century–Dick Cheney– was not around.

Finally, Republican candidates got down to an issue that is number one for Americans seeking jobs or health care or the money to purchase a home–the size of dicks! Marco insisted that Donald did not have one large Dick, but Donald noticed the bottom portion of his body and smiled. Finally, Republicans got down to REAL ISSUES! The man who has the largest Dick will have the balls to challenge ISIS and pee on them until they flee in terror.

This means there is only one Great DICK in the Republican party. Who else but a big, big, Dick could build a big, big wall?? Donald, come to center stage. As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned– he will just piss on her!

The Childrens Hour

Like millions of Americans I have now heard a dozen of what passes for a “debate.” As of this moment, these “debates” increasingly have deteriorated in to insults and wild claims and boasts as to who should be the leader of the free world. Last night, Donald responded to insults from Marco about his “small hands” with a ringing boast that he did possess a large you-know-what in the lower extremities of his body. This is perhaps the first time in American political history that an issue centers upon penis size.

At another point while Donald refused to calm down, the adult in the room, Ted Cruz gently whispered, “now Donald, take a deep breath, breathe easy, relax” I do not recall during my 75 years watching political conflicts every having a candidate talk to an opponent as though he was a raving little boy who simply had lost control of his temper.

The sum total, as usual were promises to:

1. End Obamacare and bring back millions of jobs. Which jobs has never been made clear.

2. Make businessmen bring back jobs from China or Vietnam or Mexico. How a president in a free enterprise system does that is never made clear.

3. As always, “Make America Great Again.” In which way is never explained.

After all, this is a group of little kids who are boasting.

Poor Days For Wealthy Folks

These are not the best of times for those who possess a few billion dollars. OK, so these are not exactly the worse of times for the beleaguered wealthy men and women. Bernie Sanders day after day attacks them as selfish. Donald Trump promises to end their rule of money and replace it with his rule of money,and heck, even Hillary Clinton has joined in the assault on those who are the job creators for humankind. Imagine the conversations these people must have with their children who  come home with tears in their eyes having to endure taunts from classmates?

To make matters worse, latest figures indicate the wealthy elite are getting poorer and poorer.  The world’s 20  richest people are now SEVENTY BILLION DOLLARS POORER than they were the year before! They fell from having $899 billion to only $827 billion. For God’s sake, how can they make it with only $827 billion? Just think, Carlos Slim of Mexico a telecom tycoon went from $77 billion to only $50 billion! We definitely need a government relief program to aid these afflicted and attacked minority.

Ben Carson Still In Race

There were over a dozen Republican primaries yesterday and Dr. Ben Carson got his allowed 4%. Oh,to be honest, in a few states he actually got 6%. So, the question on the minds of many Republicans is why does the doctor continue in this pursuit of something he can never obtain? Let us explain:

1. This race, for Ben, is a race to sell books. As long as he runs, the more books he sells.

2. Who in God’s name would either listen to the mumbler who utters nonsense unless he was on a stage with a group of fellow idiots?

3. God Himself, called Ben and told him that he had to continue this pursuit of preaching the gospel of Christianity.

4. He does get all expenses paid while seeking the Republican candidacy.

5. OH, he also travels First Class.

Then again, if he said the campaign was over, who would even know he said this?NO one can hear a word he utters!!

We Need A Republican Candidate

There is no doubt that Donald Trump will sweep the famous March primaries and head on to the Republican convention as the man who has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of millions of Americans. He is the voice shouting, “Bring America Back Again” from wherever it has gone. We offer our Republican friends some possible alternatives:

1. Dick Cheney has been a Secretary of Defense, a Vice President, but never a President. When is comes to dirty tricks, he makes Donald look like a good fairy.

2. Donald Trump has never run for President. He, more than anyone, knows how to create a mess in Iraq, so who else would know how to end a mess in Syria?

3. Jeb Bush might be damaged, but he is still a BUSH. How about a ticket of Jeb for President and George for Vice President??

4. Let’s not forget Chris Christie. He is the only Republican who can out -bully the bully.

5. O f course, there is always David Duke. Or, how about a Trump-Duke ticket??

Another Shooting In America

All we have to report is some old boring news–another shooting, this time in Kansas. An employee at Excel Industries, became upset at something or other, or whatever, and took out his assault rifle–perfectly legal in America– and blasted away. After all, in America  any and all guns are legal. Just read the 2nd Amendment which refers to MILITIA, not people. The shooter–we will not mention his name because he is simply a symptom of all shooters–wandered around the place shooting and shooting. He killed at least three and wounded over a dozen.

This story is absolutely boring, absolutely meaningless because the crazy American people somehow believe anyone –or everyone– should have a gun. I assume there will be a new law that mandates placing a small gun in the crib so little tikes can get used to blasting away. I have reached the breaking point about gun deaths, They will occur tomorrow and the day after and the week after and the month after and no one has the guts to stop this madness.

Hell, Justice Scalia was on  a hunting trip when he died!