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Idiots In Government Foster Death

Death took the lives of seven people in Santa Barbara. Once again, the media is filled with stories of anger and rage by those whose children died because this nation has become paralyzed by the National Rifle Association. Richard Martinez lost his son, Christopher when Elliot Rodger, a mentally ill young man was allowed by American society to purchase weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Martinez spoke the truth of reality because his son is dead. “But, what kind of message does it send to the world when we have such a rudderless bunch of idiots in government.” One frequently is left speechless by those who represent the American people in Congress. They tremble in fear because the National Rifle Association will list their name as one who cares about human life. Mr. Martinez noted that at least he had a son for twenty years while the parents of murdered children in Connecticut only saw them for six.

OK, I write words of anger. A million such words will be written today and during the coming weeks. After that, one of the idiots in Congress will rise in defense of guns and boast that was the goal of our Founding Fathers. As I recall, they referred to weapons that were a one shot rifle. How about returning to those days. No one allowed to possess more than a one shot rifle–one that had to be reloaded in ten seconds?

Chairman Donald Speaks -Again

If there is one person I do understand in this world it is Donald Sterling. He boasts of being a nice Jewish man, heck, he even claims to pray for the soul of Magic Johnson. I was raised with men like Donald Sterling in a Jewish ghetto. Mr. Sterling is a natural born bigot who believes there are superior and inferior races in the world. In my youth, men like Sterling spoke with disdain about the “schvartzes”–black people. Although Jews confronted bigotry, prejudice and hatred in American society, hating blacks gave the Donald Sterlings of this world a sense of power and entitlement. Regardless of how much prejudice they encountered, it was nice to know YOU could look down on someone else!

Donald Sterling is like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. Men seeking power, not to improve the lives of humans, but to impose their power on those without any other than maintaining their own dignity as humans. These men wallow in self pity, they insist THEY are the VICTIMS, not those they victimize. Donald told the media he wants to keep the team. He insisted that players would not boycott playing if he returned to ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. “That’s talk the media preaches. Why would they do that? If they get their salaries, they are going to play.”

Donald, you forget that Jewish workers in the Depression gave up their meager salaries to go on strike with fellow Italian and Irish workers, because the boss had to be challenged into paying decent salaries. Mr. Sterling, you do not have the faintest idea what it means to be a Jew!

America, The Used To Be Great??

Just about every day there appears another story concerning the decline of America’s middle class, the fact we Americans live fewer years than people in twenty other nations in this world, the concentration of wealth in the top one percent, and the crumbling of our infrastructure. The other day I discovered that members of the Walton family who own Walmart possess more money than 35% of Americans. Naturally, Fox News and Republicans will insist that was the goal of our beloved Founding Fathers. Yep, they wanted one percent to have more than 35%. Read the Constitution, it is all in there.

At this present moment, a twenty year old European or Canadian stands greater chance of ending up in the middle class than a twenty year old American. A baby born in the good old USA has a life expectancy of about 78, same baby born in Japan lives eight more years. The other day Russian announced their space station would be off limits to American astronauts. HECK, we began the space program, we landed men on the Moon,now we can’t even build a bridge under the Hudson River!

This is a nation without dreams. This is a nation pretending there is no global warming. This is a nation pretending that an economy can boom when one percent have more money than forty percent. This is crazy thinking and the end result is further and further decline of this nation. So, Republicans gain control of the US Senate in November, and it is a guarantee that not another bridge or tunnel or road will be built.

Republicans will not be happy until the 1% own 99%.

Just Detainees In Guantanamo

It is traditional in waging wars to take “prisoners,” but since the launch of wars in Asia and the Middle East by American leaders such as George Bush, Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama, we have invented a new term–Detainees. The men now in a prison, or should we say, a Prisoner of War camp, are not prisoners, they are Detainees. I do not recall anything in the Geneva Convention protocols(those who entered the Army, at least during the Korean War received lectures on respecting this international code of military justice) that refers to -Detainees. There currently are 154 human beings still at Guantanamo Bay prison who are – Detainees. Questions:

1. Are there war crime charges against these men?

2. Is there proof they actually engaged in fighting against American forces, either in Afghanistan or in Iraq?

3. Or, should one ask if anyone has gotten around to investigating these charges?

4. If they are guilty, why have they not been placed on trial?

Instead, these human beings are subject to forced feeding and ongoing brutality. I do not know of any prior example in American history in which prisoners in a war were denied basic human rights to be tried in a court of law–civilian or military!!

Investigate The Pope Communist!

There are unconfirmed reports sweeping through Washington D.C. that the Republican Party has decided to close down the Benghazi investigation in order to direct their attention to the Catholic Menace posed by the Communist Pope Francis. Yes, Benghazi is among the great tragedies of the 21st century but it is nothing compared to the horror which the demented Pope Francis seeks to impose upon our job creators. Many are comparing his calls for redistribution of the wealth to Nazi policies of gassing to death Jews during the Holocaust. Pope Francis is simply a modern Hitler bent on destroying the lives and fortunes of those who seek to follow the ideas of Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis said the UN should support “the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits of the state.” He regards the centralization of wealth in the hands of a small group to be a form of “injustice.” First, they came for the wealth of our beloved wealthy people, next they came for their homes and property, next they came for their wives and daughters to be sold into sexual slavery, and finally, they came for Wall Street men!!

Understanding Putin

In m any respects, Vladimir Putin is a riddle wrapped in a mystery whose every move may be confusing to those of the Western world. Putin was raised to be a good Communist, he spent his early years convinced that Karl Marx was correct in predicting that capitalism was a doomed method of economics that would be replaced by Communism. The decline and downfall of Communism was not merely a mental assault upon Putin’s mind, but it also meant the collapse of Mother Russia which he adores. He has spent the past twenty years seeking an intellectual replacement for the dreams of youth. He is an authoritarian ruler because that is the form of government that was his early intellectual foundation. Just as conservative Republicans can not shake off their early beliefs that “government is evil,” neither can Putin shake off his early beliefs that communism or some form of that economic system is the best form of government.

We in America fail to recognize that young Putin inhabited a nation which regarded itself as being surrounded by hostile enemies. Shortly after he became President of Russia, then President Bush pushed for sending missiles to be placed in Poland that were aimed at Russia. A deliberate threat to the Russian people. We must understand that NATO should not be moving eastward. President Obama should make clear there is a fundamental difference between the European Union and NATO. The Ukraine could enter the European Union, but it should give assurances to Russia that it will not be a member of NATO.

Many Russians ARE frightened by the fear of military action from the West. After all, over FORTY MILLION RUSSIANS WERE KILLED BY GERMANS DURNG WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II!!

Iraq War And Rice

Over a decade has passed but the consequences of what happened in the misguided war based on lies has yet to reach a conclusion. Former Presidential advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice played important roles during the course of the conflict. She remained silent when international law was violated by abuse of prisoners, she remained silent when lies were made by leading members of the Administration, and she sub sequentially never uttered a word o f apology or regret. Over five thousand young Americans died in the conflict along with hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, but she has no regrets. Over forty thousand Americans were wounded along with over a million Iraqis but she has no regrets.

Ms.Rice was invited to speak at the commencement program for Rutgers University when faculty and students protested having a person who COULD be classified as a war criminal be the one who bids students farewell. She agreed to forgo the $35,000 fee in order not to cast gloom upon the event. She did emphasize that she felt “honored to serve her country.” Naturally, President Robert Barchi of Rutgers raised the issue of “freedom of discourse.”

Sorry, Mr. Barchi, the dead will never be able to join in your discourse.

Benghazi Forever

I assume the last words uttered by Senator Lindsay Graham will be, “Benghazi, Benghazi,” Once again the Senator from the Carolinas had to make certain to the entire world that he will not forget the massacre at Benghazi in which four people died. He charged the “scumbags are the people in the White House who lied about Benghazi.” Yes, Senator Lindsay, you are right, four people died in this massacre. Of course,the Ambassador who died was a friend of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so we are to assume she did not care for a friend. The Graham rant raises several questions:

1. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham upset that FIVE THOUSAND AMERICANS DIED IN IRAQ AND OVER THIRTY THOUSAND WERE WOUNDED! He has NEVER asked for an investigation of the death of Five Thousand.

2. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham upset at the Bush fiasco in Afghanistan which has resulted in the death of over one thousand Americans and wounding of thousands?

3. Why isn’t Lindsay Graham upset that children go hungry in America and millions still lack health insurance coverage?

Yes, four people died in Benghazi. Four people die every single day in America due to poverty.

Senator Graham, we do know who is the scumbag!

Egyptian Justice Ain’t Justice

The nation of Egypt does enjoy the presence of a system of justice and courts and trials. This is true. The nation of Egypt is currently controlled by the military which seeks to make known that when a military leader makes a statement, then any contradiction of that comment constitutes a blatant example of terrorism. Last month, on the second day of trial, 529 men were sentenced to death on grounds they were terrorists who had rebelled against the government by engaging in demonstrations that disturbed the public order. Yesterday, 13 additional members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had supported the regime of former President Morsi were sentenced to jail from anything to five years to 88 years. Their crimes –as described in the TWO DAY TRIAL were: “rioting, sabotage and public order offenses.”

I was reflecting on demonstrators during the anti-Vietnam war period of the sixties. Thousands of Americans rioted, sabotaged and committed public order offenses. I guess if we had the Egyptian court system they just about would be ready to get out of jail in 2014.

Herr Palin On Handling Terrorists

Every so often Sarah Palin launches into one of her tirades that excite anyone over the age of two with brave words that portray her as a real American heroine. She attended the NRA ‘Stand And Fight” rally and sent the gun lovers into an organism of hatred. She charges the Obama administration with “coddling” adversaries. On the other hand, Sarah understands how to deal with barbarians. “Enemies who would utterly annihilate America, they who’d obviously have information on plots, to carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can’t offend them, they can not be made to feel uncomfortable, not even a smidgen. Well,if I was in charge, they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists.” Powerful words from a woman who has never been in combat, never confronted someone carrying a gun to fire at her.


1. Senator John McCain, who fought in Vietnam completely opposes water boarding.

2. There is no evidence using water boarding led to any useful information.

3. We won World War II against Nazi Germany, which makes Muslim terrorists come across as gentle souls, without use of torture.

She also said she wanted youth to have guns so they could say: “Yeah, I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy.” Huh??