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Jeb–Send In The Troops

There is one thing to be said about the Bush boys, when it comes to war, they are ready and willing to send in the troops. Of course, neither of the Bush boys has ever actually been to war, but they are not adverse to sending American troops into action. Jeb recently informed the world, “I love my father and brother,” but he does have his own ideas. According to this military genius, if the United Staes of America can make certain the world knows that we have the greatest armed force in the world, “it is less likely that we will need to put our men and women in uniform in “harms way.” Let me get his ideas clear:

1. Increase the military budget.

2. Create a powerful armed force.

And then, there will be an end to Muslim terrorism.

As I recall, in 2003 the United States HAD the world’s most powerful armed force. As I recall, there was not a nation in the world that could compete with American troops. And, yes, and the result was the fiasco of the Iraq war. When will the Bush boys ever learn, the military is not the way to win wars that entail fighting bands of men who are connected to local populations? Everything Jeb is calling for has already been in place. More guns are not the solution. How about more ideas?

Fruits Of War Linger On In Minds Of Veterans

I, along with millions can not forget what happened to millions of young Americans who were sent off to war by the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. They were asked to fight, get wounded or die in a war that had no plan, no purpose, and no conclusion. Yes, “American Sniper” is making millions pretending the war was a glorious moment for at least some people. But, the millions of veterans will not cash in on a Hollywood moment, they must spend their days and nights reflecting on the horror of combat and loss of their friends. Why them and not me is THE question in so many minds? A new bill has finally been passed in Congress called the Clay Hunt Suicide prevention act. Its focus is upon dealing with Post Traumatic Disorder.

1. It creates new peer support systems for those in psychological need.

2. It establishes a comprehensive VA suicide prevention program.

3. It provides for hiring additional mental health specialists.

4. It even provides student loan assistance to psychologists who will work with these veterans.

Of course, nothing can wipe from minds what happened. Then again, nothing has been done to punish those responsible for what did HAPPEN!

Iraq–Send Help!

The Foreign Minister of Iraq just sent out a plea to the world for help. Ibrahim al Ja’afari wants the world to rally around the cause of Iraq and help his gallant government drive out the bad guys. He denounced ISIS for its brutality, its disregard for human life and wants the world to join in the battle to rid the Middle East of these beasts. OK,so the Iraq diplomat does admit there is a bit of “corruption” in his government and the world should ignore this minor problems and work to end the existence of ISIS. Who can disagree with his desire? Of course:

1. There would not be an ISIS if the government of Iraq Prime Minister Maliki had not attacked and imprisoned thousands of Sunni Iraqis.

2. Maliki had promised to allow Sunni warriors who had helped to destroy al-Qaeda to be incorporated into the Iraq armed forces, he did not carry out his promise.

3. The Shiite Iraq government has allowed Muslim militants to attack, murder and drive out of the country its Christian population.

Frankly, it is difficult to believe any statement from the Iraq government about its desire for democracy.

General John Boehner Demands Action!

I expect any moment to hear John Boehner break into song singing a chorus “Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war.” John, who has never served in the military is angry and wants some sort of war. According to the man who knows nothing about war, “I want to give our military Commanders the flexibility and the authority to defeat the enemy. If we are going to win this fight, we need a strong robust strategy and strong robust authority.” Wow! This dude sure wants some action. Of course, at this very moment there are American planes bombing ISIS along with planes from our allies, including those from Muslim nations like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. I though that was the “strategy.” Of course, it is a bit confusing as to whether Republicans in Congress want boots on the ground, American boots, that is. As I recall, a Republican id send boots on the ground to Iraq and we have yet to get over that exhibit of stupidity.

I wonder if John Boehner understands that under the US Constitution, the President of the United States is commander-in-chief of our armed forces. He calls the shot about strategy, not members of Congress. The president can NOT allow political leaders to determine our military strategy. That is insane. Of course, nothing prevents John from joining our armed forces and going off to battle.

Obama Modern Anarchist

The expression, “Anarchist” in American history was usually applied to those who believed the capitalist system was evil and desired to create a society in which there was no central government, and people were left to function at without worrying about laws. They were able to inhabit a paradise in which government had disappeared and rule of “the people” was now established. Anarchists endeavored to achieve their goals by use of force which meant blowing up leaders of government. Congressman John Boehner never bothers his mind with reading history since history is written by “intellectuals.” John Boehner wants a law passed that would allow construction of the Keystone pipe line from Canada. He is rather upset at President Obama–so what else is new.

According to Boehner, the Obama opposition to the pipe line derives from bad people. “instead of listening to the people, the president is standing with a bunch of left fringe extremists and anarchists.” At the moment, oil prices are dropping because there is a surplus of oil in the world. So, the Republican solution to this problem is to get MORE oil!

1. Republicans claim Barack Obama wants more government.

2. John Boehner claims Barack Obama wants to end government.

Only in Republican AmericaQ!

Why Waste Time Watching Newscasters?

Confession. I very rarely watch any newscasters on any television program for the simple reason they lack a grasp of foreign policy and simply mouth words written on cards. I do not respect any political commentator on any program. I read newspapers, I read magazines, I even read BOOKS! But, why spend my precious time listening to ignorant men and women pontificate about something they THINK they know? So, the latest great debate about Brian Williams is simply another boring story. Bill O’Reilly came to the defense of his television colleague. “Every public person is this country is a target . These people delight in seeing famous people being taken apart.” Oh well, did Brain ride in a helicopter that had missiles coming close to it?

There is one thing that is clear, those who pretend to be involved in war, make certain they remain far from the scene of actually getting killed. Of course in Syria, many reporters have died, but rarely are these brave people working for major television networks. I doubt if Brian is as brave as those working for Fox News who pretend to know something about what happens in the world. So, who cares??

How To Make Money For Bullshit!

I do have a doctorate, and I did take a few psychology classes which apparently qualifies me for a few hundred thousand dollars from the Pentagon. Brenda Connoars is an analyst who works for the Naval War College and she apparently has taken some psychology courses. She was hired at a cost of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to provide a psychological analysis of Vladimir Putin. She concluded the Russian leader suffers from Asperger Syndrome which is “an autistic disorder that affects of of his decisions. It impacts his ability to socially interact.” He was also the object of bullies as a child. I trust that clearly explains his behavior as a bully.

Each person had problems growing up. We all have stories of being bullied and being a social outcast. Vladimir Putin worked for the KGB which undoubtedly was a greater influence on who he became than being the object of a childhood bully. See, I explained him. Let me tell you where to send the money.

What ToDo In Ukraine?

As you recall it was just over a decade ago when the American government led by the dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided that our very survival as a country was threatened by the presence of
Weapons of Mass Destruction and the only road to peace was the road to war. This nation is now confronted by another possible war, and it has nothing to do with Muslims, and everything to do with terrorists. However, these terrorists are Christians, and they do sort of possess weapons of mass destruction. Separatists in Ukraine are moving into new areas, and behaving as an arm of Russian foreign policy. Senator John McCain and many members of Congress urge President Obama to send in weapons and get this war escalated. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is urging caution and now allowing the conflict to escalate. Most probably, President Obama is sort of confused about what to do.

Whether we like it or not, Soviet (oops, I mean, Russian) leader, Vladimir Putin wants a war. He has no idea how his Ukraine adventure could escalate into a war that might threaten peace in the world. Sorry, Ukraine might have to lose some land. However, the long term prospect is that Putin cannot continue allowing sanctions to be imposed without damaging the lives of Russians. Caution is the best policy. It might not get approval from Fox News, but such is life-and peace!

Brian We Love You

Poor Brian Williams is in trouble for telling fibs in class. He has been telling the tale of how while in a helicopter in Iraq in 2003, his plane was hit and he survived. It turns out the helicopter that was hit was not the one in which he rode. OK, so a TV person told lies. How about:

1. Fox News Lies about WMD in Iraq

2. Fox News fibs about “job destruction” caused by Obamacare?

3. Fox News stories about the Ebola scare?

4. Fox News stories about those immigrants taking jobs away from Americans?

And, so on, and so on….

Enough With Measles Madness!

The American people have endured several years of Republican nonsense and destructive policies, but the current war against vaccination has reached the ultimate in stupidity. Five children in a Chicago day care have just been diagnosed with the measles. I realize that Chris Christie is now against vaccination and DOCTOR Rand Paul insists that those who are vaccinated may wind up dead. In all honesty, Senator Paul does have a point:

1. Over 97% of those who died this year had been vaccinated!

With evidence such as the above, how can any reasonable person deny that vaccination is the road to death? OK, enough with this nonsensical manner of thinking. So far this year we have had more children stuck with the disease than in the past few years. A disease that once was regarded as over, is now appearing all over the county. Surely, there MUST come a moment when Republicans cease supporting crazy ideas? Oh, for the record:

1. Under Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, the first federal laws were passed requiring inspections for safety violations in factories.

2. Under Teddy Roosevelt the first laws dealing with impure foods were passed.

3. Under Theodore Roosevelt, the federal government began its policies to protect our forests.

Yes indeed, there was a time when Republicans actually believed in science!