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New Debate Rules For Republicans

Members of the Republican party who are running for the office of president are very upset. They simply do not like the manner in which moderators pose questions. They do not want any pictures of any of them sweating. They want the room temperature to be set at 67 degrees.They insist on the right to censor graphics shown during the debate. They are really upset when the camera shows no one at his or her podium. And, most of all they do not like any “gotcha questions”

In the interest of fairness, we suggest some new rules:

1. Ben Carson should only be posed questions dealing with heart surgery. After all, he lacks any knowledge of anything other than that topic.

2. Jeb Bush should be allowed to have brother George take his place using the name,Jeb.

3. Carly should only be asked questions dealing with how one goes about laying off people. Allow her to play to her strength.

4. Donald should be allowed to discuss his ventures into the world of real estate.

5. Ted Cruz should be allowed to discuss his childhood in Canada.

6. I think Marco Rubio should be allowed to discuss why Cuban refugees were worthy immigrants unlike those from Mexico.

7. John Kasich should only be posed questions dealing with his life in Ohio.

And, at the beginning and end of the debate they all should be allowed to sing: “Onward Christian Soldiers.”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if there are Republican debates in Heaven?

Then again, I know for sure there are Republican debates in Hell.

Ben Carson is living proof the town idiot can also become president of the United States.

I wonder if Jeb will endorse Marco for President?

Donald Trump has reached a lull moment in his quest for the presidency.

If shrillness was a virtue, Carly would lead all Republicans.

I do miss Rick Santorum and his sweaters.

The Mets Are Went Down To Defeat

I do realize this blog is supposed to focus upon world events and issues of importance to humankind. Well, for some of us,baseball and football and basketball are a lot more important than who ISIS killed today.The New York Mets were killed, no, murdered, by their incompetence and the pitchers of the Kansas City Royals. These are not joyous days in the city of New York. First,we had to deal with idiots from Texas or the states of the South who continue electing men and women who would fail getting through elementary school, and now we have to endure a bunch of hicks from Kansas City doing harm to our lives.

Let me explain the reasons for the Mets losing the World Series:

1, Barack Obama caused the Ebola scare and since he finished with that one he decided to scare New Yorkers. Remember, he comes from Hawaii, wherever that place is.

2. Ted Cruz never got a chance to filibuster the umps and that’s why the Mets lost.

3. John Boehner cried for the Kansas City Royals,but not one tear for the Mets!

4. Met players were forced to listen to Ben Carson explaining his tax program and they just fell asleep. Unfortunately,they kept on sleeping on the baseball field.

5. Donald Trump is from New York.The Met Hispanic players were afraid he would send them back to the Dominican Republic or Mexico or wherever and they were afraid to get hits against the gringoes.

The Plane That Blew Up

As you recall, last year the pro-Russian Ukrainians shot down a passenger plane and insisted the plane just sort of broke up in the air. Well,two days ago a Russian plane flying from Egypt somehow broke up in mid-air and came crashing to the ground with 222 passengers. ISIS now insists that it was the one responsible for the tragedy. Perhaps, they are piggy backing on a tragedy, perhaps, they were responsible, what are the implications?

1. Just about every group in the Middle East now has weapons,not necessarily to create mass destruction,but they sure as heck can shoot down planes.

2. Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu insists a firm fist will crush the spirit of Palestinians. Sorry, Bibi, it is simply a matter of time before just about any Palestinian group can gain possession of such weapons and shoot down Israel passenger planes. NO strong fist can prevent soft fists from gaining control of weapons to down planes.

3. We are entering a new era in which such weapons can appear in any nation and be used for destructive purposes.

4. Peace is the ONLY solution to this potential nightmare.

Republican Junior Varsity

Everyone is discussing performances by Trump or Carson or Rubio and the disappearing Jeb Bush, but no one talks about the junior varsity of Republicans who performed prior to the main event. So, in tribute to these valiant fellows who seek, somehow, and in some way, to gain your attention, here goes.

There is a candidate named George Pataki. Actually, if you asked ten New Yorkers who is George Pataki not a single one could remember he once was governor of the state of New York. He is sort of the disappearing type of person. Once seen, forever forgotten. Frankly, it is difficult to recall any words from him, although I DO know he was present.

For some reason, Rick Santorum has abandoned those wonderful sweaters he wore the last time around. He now wears a suit and tie. I do know that the is a Catholic and dislikes anything gay in his life. Frankly, it is difficult to recall anything that he says other than he is against taxes. Then again, which Republican is for them?

Ah,Lindsay Graham, the poor man’s John McCain. He wants ACTION. He wants boots on the ground in Syria, American boots that is. He wants to blast away at those evil ISIS fellows. I believe he is akin to a man leading a crowd only to discover that when he turns around, the crowd has disappeared.

I have a hunch that unless Jeb gets his act together, he might wind up on the junior varsity.

Say, how about Dick Cheney for President!

Republican Debate– Ted Cruz

“OK, those out in the audience, just to get you prepared for the Storm Troopers that a President Hillary Clinton will use to establish a dictatorship– there is a fire in this place, run for your damn lives! Look, I don’t give a damn about government, politics, all I give a damn about is ME and my desire to become President. So, how does one get power in a democracy– very easy and every demagogue has used this ploy since this nation was founded. Cry ‘WOLF, WOLF” at the top of your lungs till everybody is scared shitless.

So, what are my ideas about government? Simple: eliminate each and every government body in this nation, and when I say, EACH that means from local government to Washington D.C. Yes,my friends, I am the only honest voice on this stage. We need some chaos to get things calmed down and the Koch Brothers running the country. I will not be satisfied until the Pledge of Allegiance says: “I pledge allegiance to the Koch brothers and promise not to allow them to be taxed. So,guys, do I come across as the most loyal person to the Koch brothers dynasty??”

Republican Debate–Rand Paul

“OK, so I’m on the end, think about that word, the ‘end,’ it simply means I am at the end of being a non-person and soon will be a shining light to the Republican party. OK, so Donald does not want to look in my direction, that is because I HAVE a direction and it is to the right of any right winger. So, what do I want? I have a plan, a real right plan in which everyone fills in one card and sends it to the IRS. No more government in Syria or Iraq or wherever. We bring all the boys –and girls–home to an America in which we have low taxes and high incomes.

I am against GOVERNMENT and I am against any compromise with those who believe in GOVERNMENT. I want an America in which the PEOPLE build highways and hospitals and schools and each person decides how he- or she- wants to do in life. Just imagine an America without ANY GOVERNMENT! Wow!

Now please do not bother me about police or doctors– I am a doctor– just let FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE ring!

Anyone For Debt Fiasco?

There are members of the Republican Party who inhabit a world in which the rules of finance and expenditures simply do not exist. They are ready to cut, cut taxes without a single thought regarding the simple economic fact that if less money comes in the debt rises and rises. They are committed to the economic principle that if wealthy people have more money they will use that money in order to create more and more high paying jobs. Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio have attended top universities,and have studied under intelligent economic professors. But, when it comes to the reality of economic theory,they react more like a first grader than a first grade mind.

Republican and Democratic leaders have come together to avoid a debt crisis. This has infuriated some folks. Rand Paul: “I will do everything I can to stop it. I will filibuster.” Marco Rubio: “severely flawed.” Ted Cruz: “complete and utter surrender.” In their world, just don’t pay your debts, so what? Who cares?

Jeb And George Or George And Jeb

If I was Ben Carson or Donald Trump, I would be terrified at the latest news from the political battle front. It now appears that George Bush is riding to the rescue of his brother. George and Jeb, or if you prefer, Jeb and George were at a political rally in Houston,Texas. This was the first time the Bush brothers were at a political rally. Well,Americans, here is a message from former President George Bush. “I am absolutely certain given his background, and his steadiness that he’d be able to deal with the unexpected.” So there, Ben and Donald–can you guys deal with the unexpected??

1. Jeb began his campaign with words of praise for his brother.

2. Jeb then made clear he was not going to follow the paths of his brother.

3. Jeb then said he was tired of people complaining about his brother.

4. Now Jeb, has brought his brother into the political arena.

The only wonder left the American people is– are there any other Bushs anywhere who want to enter the political arena? Then Jeb and George can aid their quest for victory.

Rowdy Students And Rowdy Cops

During my education career, I have taught gang members in Harlem, I have taught in rural California and confronted dozens of students who did not wish to be in school. For some strange reason, at no time did I have to physically assault any student. But, Ben Fields, a South Carolina cop, has a different approach to handling high school kids. My approach was talk, care and concern, and an emphasis of seeking to ensure that students knew I cared about their lives. Mr.Fields in addition to being a cop, also works as school security officer. He was told about something a student did and went to the classroom.

The entire episode is available on Youtube. One sees Fields demanding that a female black student rise from her chair. She refuses. “I’ll make you” is his challenge. Then, he grabs her arm around her neck, flips the desk backward and then drags her body across the floor as other children look on in horror. It appears that Mr. Field has a reputation for fingering black kids. There is no record of him assaulting white kids. As one black parent noted:”It’s crazy, man.”