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Jeb Bush Speaks Quietly

The Donald man was not on the stage so Jeb felt very comfortable in actually expressing his ideas to an audience.

“As you know,my  dad was a great president, and my loving brother was a president, and I intend to be a president. As for my other qualifications, you can read all about my  ideas by checking my  web site. I love all people, and that includes hard working Hispanic immigrants. If elected I will tear down the Trump wall just as Ronald Reagan tore down the wall in Berlin. I will get his nation moving again, just check my  web site for the specific ways to accomplish this task.  Unlike Marco who speaks one way on Monday  and another on Tuesday, I will always speak the same way seven days a week. Just check my web site for the things that I will say. God, its great being on a stage without that guy who takes over whenever I try to speak. If you wan to know what I think about that guy, just go to my web site.”

Ted Cruz Cruises Into Battle

There is no doubt if Republicans want a candidate who is ready for war, then simply gaze in the direction of Ted Cruz. He is the 2016 version of Dick Cheney Rumsfeld, raring for a good fight and ready to send Americans into battle while he remains behind at headquarters to direct battles. He wants to carpet bomb ISIS into hell. Of course, ISIS in Syria is embedded cities where there are civilians, but Ted is a Christian who cares about saving the lives of unborn children, as far as born people, then blast them into hell.

“I am the only person on this stage who truly believes in Jesus Christ. I am the only one who adheres to his teaching –kill the bastards and send those illegal immigrants back to Mexico. If elected, on my first day, Hillary Clinton will be headed to jail, on my second day, Bill Clinton will join her there. I am from Texas. God bless Texas, God bless guns. God bless me.”

Rand Paul Not So Bored

Ordinarily in these debates Rand Paul is over at the end and appears to be gazing at the ceiling in despair as to how in hell he got stuck on this stage with these weird guys.

“Ted, Marco, I was there when both of you on the Senate floor were supporting a bill to allow illegal immigrants to become citizens. Of course, these days such ideas do not play well in this nation, particularly in Iowa. And Ted, you voted to reduce military expenditures and now you are going to dramatically increase the size of the US military. I wonder why. You also wanted to allow the government to check our phones. Not exactly an example of the 4th Amendment. Then again, Marco I have lost track as to the number of times you change your mind when  there is realization voting for bill X might lead to loss of votes.

Anyway, it has been a nice quiet evening without the guy at center stage bullying one and all.”

Donald Wins Again

Donald Trump has decided that to win an election in 2016 the best strategy is to do the unexpected. He refuses to adhere to traditional approaches since the American people are just fed up with the world in which they live. Many, not all, believe their nation is in dire straits and it is all the fault of those who have been in charge of the nation’s political leadership. So, Donald does the reverse. If the norm is to make certain one is in a debate, Trump uses the ploy of not coming to the debate and taking over the news for a few days.

Give the devil his due. He just refuses to behave like a politician and the result is he gains more and more support from a large section of the nation. So, tonight, Donald will be talking about veterans, and tomorrow he will be talking non-stop about what happened at the debate because he was not present. ON to the convention and God knows what he will do there!

Who Gets Center Podium?

At this moment in time it  appears that Donald Trump will not appear at the center podium for tonight’s debate. The issue of the hour is who then goes to center stage? We posed this issue to several Republicans:

Marco Rubio– I believe that I am the youngest candidate and the one Trump has  bashed the most. It belongs to me!

Jeb Bush: Hey, wait a second dude, if I open my mouth to breathe Donald shoves his fist down it. My brother was the last Republican president so I deserve center stage.

Rand Paul: Who the fuck cares?

Ben Carson: Does being in the center podium mean I get to answer more questions? Is so, let me remain where I usually stand.

John Kasich: I am the most qualified since I served in Congress, and I am a governor. That places me ahead of anyone else on the stage.

Chris Christie: Folks, I am the center stage since I am the heaviest  person in this group. I need something strong to lean on.

Ted Cruz: It would help if the lot of you just left and allowed me to go man vs man with Donald. I won many debates at Harvard and am the smartest person in this group. If intelligence counts, and being able to insult is important, just give me center stage!

North Korean Wants To Bomb

The Republican party and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu insist the greatest threat to the safety of America is posed by the Iranian government. Of course, in reality, the greatest actual threat to our survival is posed by a lunatic in North Korea who has transformed his nation into a giant military machine. Kim Jong-un not only issues verbal threats, but has focused the entire nation to the task of creating missiles and nuclear weapons.

Japanese reports indicate that North Korea is in the process of developing  long range missiles and even working to miniature nuclear weapons into the missiles. So, where is the threat– from ISIS with its 30,000 troops or Iran which now allows inspection of its nuclear facilities or from North Korea??

Oh, by the way, Israel has at least 60 nuclear bombs and does NOT allow UN inspectors into its facilities.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump is a modern Machiavelli.

By the way, is Jeb Bush still in the race for president?

Chris Christie makes a ponderous impression when he speaks.

I so miss Carly Fiorina spouting her tough talk.

Just think, a nation founded by immigrants does not like immigrants!

Vladimir Putin has been very quiet this past month. I wonder why?

The more Republicans shout and scream, the more Barack Obama comes across as an excellent president.

Republicans And Safe Water

The ongoing mantra of the Republican party is that we have to get rid of politicians and turn control of our society over to hard fisted businessmen. After all, just like Donald Trump they know how to run an organization and make MONEY! Voters in the state of Michigan voted into office Rick Snyder, a successful businessman. He promised to rely upon his business acumen and restore Michigan to its former greatness.

The people of Flint, Michigan, due to the honest, business like government of Rick Snyder now possess water that comes in various shades of color. They cannot use their water to take a bath or to clean dishes and they certainly can’t drink it. His cost-cutting programs allowed business to dump their junk into the water and now no one can use it.

Elect a Republican businessman and get rewarded with multi-colored water!

Sarah Palin On Life

We offer an exclusive presentation of Sarah Palin discussing everything.

“You see guys out there in this wonderful land of Iowa, you moms and dads and kids and brothers and sisters who want America to once again be great, and I mean great. Isn’t it great, isn’t it so terrific that we have guys and gals out in the audience who are here with their own guns? So, you black dude in the White House keep your hands off our guns which were given to us by our Founding Fathers who just loved to hunt and kill and their wives made such wonderful apple pies because in this great land, and yes, we are going to make America great once again once we take America back from those people in New York who seek to have sex and orgies and all such other things instead of going to church like we here in Iowa do, not only on Sunday, but on Monday, and Tuesday, and I so love to be here with real Americans. Now you look over there and see the big man with the big smile and that is the next president of this great, great, land, and his name is Donald Trump. Hey, out there who is  for Jesus and who is for taking this great land back again from the guys on Wall Street who just want to take our money and stop our guys and gals from having great jobs, so if you love America, and I know that each and every person in the great state of Iowa DOES love America, and they love a good beer in the evening after taking care of their   land away from them because they are real Americans  so  vote for the   real man and  you know that his name is Donald Trump and love America  once again!

Who Gets Killed Today?

Each day we pick up a newspaper to discover how many  people got killed in Syria. Each day, some commentator in Syria shows pictures of dead bodies, and it is absolutely certain at least three of four will be children.  Latest figures indicate that since Russia began its bombing offense a few  months ago, at least 1,000 civilians have been killed. The Russians insist they also killed  893 Islamic militants. Most probably the dead bad guys are those who oppose President Assad.

My questions are:

How does a pilot know exactly which guy down below is a bad guy?

Who collects this data– the pilots or some people in some office, somewhere?

Is there any possibility, even a slim one, that innocent people also die during these attacks?

P.S. The other guys killed over 4,000 bad guys.