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Ferguson Nut Case Cop

As one who spent years working with teachers in Ferguson, Missouri, I am well aware of the rural, Southern bent of some of the inhabitants of the city. Ferguson contains many whites who came from rural areas in which blacks were not seen in public after the sun went down.Apparently officer Todd J. Bakula is this type of bigoted white man. He apparently received overtime pay during the violent days, and is quite proud of this accomplishment. He noted on his Facebook account: “I decided to spend my annual Michael Brown bonus on a nice relaxing bicycle trip to Defiance, Missouri.”

Todd has every right to spend the overtime money any damn well he desires, but this idiot had to tell the world that he did not regard events in Ferguson as of any importance. His words reveal the indifference and disregard for black lives held by many white officers in Ferguson. They reveal why Michael Brown died.

Blame It On George

Let me get straight the current Republican version as to what happened in Iraq:

After some blunders by President George Bush, he got things straight with the famous “surge” and al-Qaeda was ready to surrender. Then, this black dude assumed the presidency, and refused to support George’s successful ideas. The result was the current chaos.

General Ray Odierno, who was part of the Surge, but is now Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has a slightly different version. According to the General, “I remind everybody that us leaving at the end of 2011 was negotiated by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. That was always the plan. We promised them(Iraq government) that we would respect their sovereignty.” The Maliki government insisted that American troops would be subject to Iraq law. When, they refused to back down on this point, President Obama had troops leave.

I can just imagine the reaction of Republicans to President Obama allowing American troops to be subject to Sharia law!

A Jewish View Of Iran

Larry Cohler-Esses, correspondent for the Jewish newspaper, Forward, spent seven days in Iran. He talked with officials as well as ordinary Iranians. “Far from the stereotype of a Fascist Islamic State, I found a dynamic push and pull between a theocratic government and its often resisting and reluctant people.” Most Iranians distinguished between the policies of Israel and the issue of Jews. They did not display hatred of Jews, but like many people who love Israel, but disagree with its government, they want peace, not war.

He also noted the fact there are somewhere between 9,000 to 20,000 Jews in Iran.They can walk the streets of Tehran wearing a Yarmulka.just about the only safe city for Americans in the Middle East is -Tehran!

Uncle Tom Now Is Uncle Ben!

As one who was born in poverty I am very familiar with those who want the world to know and honor them for escaping the life of poverty. Dr.Ben Carson is the ultimate Uncle Tom, ready and willing to hand out advice to any black skinned person-hell, if he could escape poverty, why not you lazy bums? Dr.Ben is now on a crusade to end the Black Lives Matter movement. “I feel instead of people pointing fingers at each other, and creating strife, we need to be talking about how to solve problems in the black community.” The first step is “Return To Family and Faith.”
Very moving comment.

1. Black Lives Matter is not blacks talking to blacks, it is about blacks getting wiped out by whites.

2. I assure the good doctor that all the family and faith in the world will not halt bullets fired into one’s body.

3. If Ben really cares about poor folk, how about programs to establish businesses in poor neighborhoods.

4. How about rebuilding our infrastructure and providing good paying jobs to blacks and whites?

5. I just await the day Dr. Ben is halted by cops who make him lie down in the dirt while they check his car for drugs. Or, how about being frisked for no reason?

Advise To Republicans

I thought it might be neighborly of me to offer a few words of friendly advice to those running for president as Republicans.

Mike Huckabee: Mike,there is job opening at Tucker’s Used Car Dealership in Hope,Arkansas. They need a fast talking man who can spout bullshit as long as cars are sold.

Rudy Giuliani: Rudy, you are the only man in America who can stand up to Donald Trump. The sound of two hot air specialists would warm the hearts of all Republicans. Just imagine you and Donald on the stage all by yourselves!

Marco Rubio: You continue insisting that “I am not a scientist.” Since I am your buddy, I have purchased a place in a college course in science so you can, at least argue, I have yet to complete my science course.

Jeb Bush: How about promising that if you get the nomination you will go to Mexico and face down the drug lords?

Scott Walker: Scott,we now know that you are a Catholic. From now on have by your side a Rabbi and a Priest.

Rick Perry: Rick, I just don’t think the glasses make you come across as wise. How about a clown face?

Jeb Bushed By Events

During the recent Great Debate, Jeb Bush stood out by not standing out. He had all the impact of one who already has his $100,000,000 and believes that God in His wisdom believes the Bush family is entitled to become a President. In reality, since announcing his candidacy,Jeb has not caused any impact on the race, but stands on the stage with a look akin to the deer caught in the headlight of an oncoming car. He DOES look serious, he Does come across as someone who has no idea why these other people are on HIS stage. Frankly,he does not give a damn about Donald Trump nor does he even know that Marco Rubio is also from the state of Florida.

The only reaction from members of the media is his inability to confront the War in Iraq. OH, sorry, he now admits it was a MISTAKE. Jeb is the only Republican candidate who makes Hillary Clinton come across as a fighter for something. Let me summarize his platform:

1. We have to do something about the Middle East.

2. We spend too much money on women. How about a few bucks for the Koch brother?

3. I do not like the Affordable Care Act. I will eventually inform America about health care.

4. Student Debt? Never heard of this.

5. Hispanics? I married one.

Anyway,Mom and Dad are on my side.

Ferguson Forever

If there is one city that I know a lot about it is Ferguson, Missouri. For many years I taught teachers from the Ferguson school district. As long as I could remember, teachers were complaining about inadequate funding, discrimination against black children, and a total disregard for those whose skin was not white.The shooting of Michael Brown was not a shock, but in true honesty it was a shock that this murder took so long to happen. Here is the reality of St.Louis,Missouri:

1. The business community years ago left the city of St.Louis and relocated to the suburbs to escape blacks. This was told me by a Vice President of Monsanto Corporation who bluntly said, “business people just did not want to be in a city where most people were Negroes.”

2. Corruption has been the norm in St.Louis. On this point there is no discrimination, whites and blacks share in the corruption.

3. There are still suburbs in which black skins are not seen.

So, why any surprise for death and violence in Ferguson?

Marco Stands For Life!

Marco Rubio is a nice young man with a wife and kids. He is also a Catholic and feels the need to behave according to the dictates of his religion. “I personally and deeply believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of the laws. I believe irrespective of the conditions under which that life was conceived or anything else.”In other words, Senator Rubio does NOT believe in the laws of the United States of America because the US Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is a right of a woman. When it comes to issues of rape or incest, the Senator does not believe in exceptions.

I hate to inform Senator Rubio but our FOUNDING FATHERS did NOT believe that your personal religious belief took precedent over the laws of the land They wanted complete separation of state and religion. Actually, most of our Founding Fathers were Deists who did not want any religion to impose its ideas upon the people of America.

Marco you always boast about how your ancestors came from Cuba, but this is NOT a Catholic nation.

Talk About Nothing

There was a “debate” a few nights ago between ten men in which the great issues confronting America were discussed. Let me list the key issues confronting the United States of America:

1. Illegal immigrants taking jobs away from Americans. Naturally,most college graduates these days are dying to pick peaches, apples and lettuce.

2. I hate Hillary,more than you.

3. Who supports the Republican Party the most.

4. Who hates the dude from Africa the most?

5. Who likes or dislikes Megyn Kelly the most?

6. Who wants to save women from making a mistake the most?

7. The guy named Donald.

Of course, a few minor issues were not discussed.

1. Student debt.

2. Our crumbling infrastructure.

3. Income inequality.

4. Health care for women.

5. Something about that thing about RACE!

Advice To Donald Trump

Donald, I realize that Rudolf Murdoch and the wealthy big shots in the Republican party are out to get you,so let me offer some advice on how to beat these guys.

1. Be a real Populist. Attack, attack, the wealthy in America.

2. Promise if elected to raise taxes on those with wealth in order to pay for rebuilding America.

3. At the next, so called, Debate, look the Murdoch people in the eye and say: “How about asking this group to raise their hand if they are willing to pledge not to take any money from the Koch brothers or any of the other people who will give money if you do their bidding?

4. Promise if elected to end all Student Debt, if we can bail out banks,why not students?

5. Promise if nominated not to run with a vice president in order to show how from day one, you will reduce government expenses.

6. Promise if elected that you will do without a Cabinet, who needs a bunch of ignorant people giving you advice? Are they kidding, someone giving DONALD TRUMP advice!!

7. Promise on day one of your presidency, you will go to Syria and Iraq to personally supervise wiping out these Muslim terrorists.

8. And that wall, instead of a wall you will build a moat five miles deep and supervised by motor boats.

Donald -give them HELL!