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Jeb Bush On Something Or Other

At each Republican debate my heart goes out to little Jebbie Bush the kid in the middle with a forlorn look on his face that shouts –how in hell did I get stuck with this group of nut cases! Let me offer a sample of how Jeb confronted the bullies who he had to respond to during the evening. After all, Jeb is not the strongest person on the stage and since Carly left for the kiddie’s table he has no one who he could beat in a wrestling match.

“People ask about student loans and Social Security and ISIS.  The solutions are there, but you are not going to  do a work-a-thon in  90 seconds.I try to purge all of that from my mind before the debate.”

Give Donald Trump some credit–he has stopped going after the weak little kid and now focuses on the big bully from Texas. NO, I do not mean George Bush but the refugee from Canada.  Give Jeb some credit, at least he is open about lacking any ideas how to solve any problems.

God Bless Donald Trump

Once again while the Obama administration was trying to figure out how to handle Iran, our beloved leader and sage, Donald Trump beat him to the draw. Yes, Iran has agreed to exchange people held in prison, and guess who was the man who made this happen? No, it was not John Kerry. No, it was not Barack Obama, Yes, it was Donald Trump!

“I have been going wild for years about the prisoners(in Iran). I call them ‘hostages’. So, I have been hitting them hard.  I might have had something  to do with it(exchange of the  prisoners) if you want to know the truth.” Somewhere in Iran some religious leaders at this moment are on their knees praying that Donald Trump will not come after them. Thank God they did his bidding and released the four prisoners.

I trust Ted Cruz is  paying attention how a REAL LEADER functions in dealing with them Muslim terrorists!


There are moments after seeing the latest figures which indicate that one percent of people in the world possess more than 50% of the rest of the world that I wonder what was life like back in the days  of Cro-Magnon folk. Did one family own more than the entire group? When an animal was killed, did one family eat nine-tenths of the animal while the rest were OK getting what was left? Did one family live in this really great stone house while the  others made do with some tents?

I am confused how in the course of human history we evolved into a system in which one percent sort of runs the show and consumes more than the other 99%.  So, it sort of is logical that this system began thousands of years ago before we civilized modern folk arrived on the scene. Or, are you telling me the Cro-magnons and Neanderthals were more emotionally evolved than modern humans?

Then again, did the best hunter sort of get control of the slain animals and decided who got what and who did not unless they did his bidding? Anyway, I’m sort of confused how we got into this weird modern situation in which one percent own so much. Got me!

Then again, what was the Wall Street equivalent for my  ancestors back then?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Jeb Bush comes across as a little boy lost in memories of better times in his life.

Ted Cruz just cannot lose that Harvard arrogance.

Ben Carson should examine any offer from a hospital to go back to cutting open bodies and leave healthy bodies alone.

Republican debates miss the calm voice of Rand Paul.

Donald Trump continues insisting that a President will tell business where to conduct their business.

John Kasich  comes across as a man who repeats his resume time after time.

Is Carly Firorina still alive?

Jeb, We Knew Yee Well

There were moments during the Republican debate when Jeb Bush came across as a little boy who had wandered into a poker game being played by the older boys. He attempted to come across as one of the tough guys only  to be dismissed by the Donald man as a child who did not belong in any event with the older guys. After Trump expressed one of his outlandish ideas such as imposing high tariffs on Chinese goods, Jeb noted in his soft voice that such an act could not be done. Naturally, Donald insisted, “we need a tough leader, not some wimp.”

Jeb sort of mumbled something about the idiocy of Trump and simply lacked the voice or anger to match nastiness with nastiness.  There is always a forlorn look on the face of Jeb and it is simply a matter of time before he is dispatched to the kiddie’s table before the grown ups take over.

Marco Goes For Jugular

Marco has decided to stay away from Donald since he fears getting the big bully angry at him could result in some heated exchanges that make him out to be the next little boy sent to eat at the kid’s table. So, he went after Chris Christie and Ted Cruz. Just some encounters with the junior bully and the little chubby boy who used to be left out of playing on the playground.

Marco and Chris.  He charged that Chris Christie in his earlier life was a fervent liberal who supported all those terrible things that no decent person in Iowa would ever accept. He charged Chris with being a supporter of abortion rights, gun control, and being a close friend and ally of Barack Obama. Naturally, Chris wanted one and all to understand that his heart has always been in Iowa and he was thinner then so his mind was thinner also when it came to issues that get one popular in the Republican party.

Marco charged that Ted Cruz was for more immigrants arriving carrying Green Cards, he supported the Constitution which says anyone born in America was a citizen,and he opposed raising the military budget. Ted wants everyone to know he opposes any kind of immigrant– except his dad, that is– and he  loves the US military and will vote to give them more and more guns and other weapons. Ted also pointed out that Marco worked with the evil Democrats on immigration reform. Marco can not recall any such discussions.

I trust this clears up what each man believes.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Strange times create strange political leaders.

Has anyone checked out exactly where Donald Trump was really born?

Oh well, at least no one wonders where Jeb Bush was born, then again, no one cares.

Paul Ryan during the State of the Union message never cracked a smile, nor used his hands to applaud.

I still await Dick Cheney to enter the presidential race, he never did run for President.

I wonder when the expression, “boots-on-the-ground” first appeared and by whom?

I wonder if we still had the Draft would political leaders change their tune about being tough guys ready to fight?



We Miss You Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul appeared on the Trevor Noah program and reminded one and all what we will miss at the next Republican debate. He has been removed from main stage and sent to the children’s table. However, Senator Paul is not that desperate -as are Huckabee or Santorum–for a few minutes on the political stage talking to no one. He has refused a place at the kid’s table and is heading for New Hampshire.

On the Trevor Noah show Rand Paul displayed a calm ironic tone, a few sensible remarks, and a vivid example of what the anti-Trump would sound like. Rand Paul is the only Republican who can mock himself as he mocks others. He does not believe each word he speaks is the word of God. In fact, he spent several minutes discussing issues without once referring to his belief in God or that he was sent to Earth by the  Lord Himself to save us all–from OBAMA!

I disagree with most Rand Paul ideas such as ending regulation of people. He wants to give people freedom from government. Unfortunately, Senator Paul we used to have state governments and cities in the South that segregated humans based on skin color. We needed Federal laws to prevent such violation of human dignity. Remember, Senator, giving the “People” all power all too often means bad people can control events.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards And Peace

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have just handed Donald Trump a few hundred thousand votes. There are now pictures of US sailors on their knees with hands behind their heads. Two naval boats had technical problems and drifted into Iranian waters. Now that America has this sight, it will infuriate the religious and conservative forces in America. It simply adds fuel to the Trump rant that America has lost prestige in the world because we allow petty tyrants to push us around.


1. The Revolutionary Guards dislike the recent nuclear deal. They have used sanctions to control vast markets in Iran and make millions since they can deliver goods from nations that support their economic plans to control the Iranian economy.

2. President Rouhani is seeking to open trade and commerce in an effort to reduce the power of Revolutionary Guard leaders.

This incident was deliberate –get Americans angry, end the  nuclear agreement, and allow the Revolutionary Guards to continue their economic exploitation of Iran.

Oscar Wants Enemies To Slow Down

Oscar Pistorious was born in South Africa without legs and had special artificial legs made so he could become an outstanding runner. He even appeared in the Olympics.  Oscar became famous in his native land and adored by gobs of women. One night when he was with a woman, Oscar claimed he heard a noise in the bathroom and assumed it was a murderer out to end his life. So, he blasted away with guns winding up killing his girl friend.

There was a trial for this famous person. As most trials of the famous conclude it is rare that any  such person is sent to the electric chair. Oscar spent a few months in jail and was released to home confinement in a luxurious place with its own swimming pool. The South African Supreme Court of Appeals  questioned the verdict and ordered a new trial.  Oscar’s lawyer denounced this action  because it “unfairly discriminated  against the applicant on the ground of his disability, vulnerability, and anxiety.”

In other words, Oscar was scared, he did not have real legs so what else could he do but fire away to protect his life? I wonder if he ever was concerned about the life of the woman?