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Down In Size, But Up In Ability?

It has been many years since an American president had the courage to confront our military leaders and demand they create a modern armed force that meets the needs of modern life. President Eisenhower was the last president who seriously reduced the military budget, he could get away with it having been a famous general. There is absolutely no need for more jet planes, huge tank forces and all those aircraft carriers. Those are weapons for a war against another modern military force, and no such animal exists in the Middle East. We now require mobile fast moving armed force in which soldiers are trained to fight a guerrilla style war in which jet planes will be of scant use. The proposed budget for out armed forces will 490,000 to about 440,000 the lowest level since 1940. Some proposed planes like the A-10 are being cancelled.

I am certain Republican members of Congress who want to cut out “waste” in Food Stamps will be up in arms at the cancellation of new jet planes that are not needed. We need our military leaders to devote the coming year studying what would constitute the best form of modern military force and cease worrying about weapons that please members of Congress seeking goodies for their districts.

Good Old Days?

The Republican party insists this nation must return to the “good old days” when real Americans were in charge of the country. You know, the period from 1890 to 1924 when twenty four million ( a million each year) came to America in search of riches and a life freed from daily brutality. In 1914 one out of four Americans was either an immigrant or the child of one. Yes, the good old days when those “furriers” spoke English and respected American culture by eating good old fashioned American foods such as spaghetti or bagels or tacos. Perhaps, the Tea Party wants to go further back into the Good Old Days when them furrin Catholics like the Irish arrived speaking a strange form of English, drinking themselves drunk with whiskey or perhaps they mean them furring Germans who brought beer and other such customs to the American scene. Arriving with Irish Catholics came the original urban slums and dirt and horse shit in the streets along with criminal gangs.

Of course, there were not any of our furrin Mooselems among these hordes of criminals and drunken bums, just good old American Catholics and drunks! We did not have Muslims among us, but we did have children working in coal mines, over a hundred thousand prostitutes in New York City and political bosses who persuaded poor folk to vote the “right” way. There has always been a group to be despised, always a group to pick up the shit most Americans would not touch. And, above all, there was always a new foreign born people to dig our ditches, die in our mines and beg on the streets of our city. THOSE were the GOOD OLDE DAYS OF OUR YOUTH

There has always been some group at the bottom, and, of course, some group at the top who enjoyed slandering the poor, who once were their parents. Stick around long enough, and there will be people to blame for your troubles!


In the coming months we will offer a series of articles dealing with the future of 21st Century America.


A century ago when Kodak company was formed to deliver pictures to Americans at the peak of its success over 100,000 people worked in this industry. Today, corporations like Google or Facebook employ a few hundred and are multi billion organizations. What happened? About sixty years ago in the aftermath of World War II, technology was introduced to the OFFICE much as it had been introduced a hundred years prior to the productive components of modern industrialization. At the origin of the Industrial Revolution there were jobs requiring physical strength, but slowly and gradually technology entered and it began to assume the task of physical labor not only in the factory but on the farm. Today, a million fewer automobile workers produce more cars than were required fifty years ago.

Computers are developing greater and greater ability to do work that previously was done by humans. Nothing can prevent this trend. Whether it is a hundred, or five hundred or a thousand years from now, robots will do the work that is now being done by humans. It is simply a matter of time. What exactly cannot be accomplished in 3000 that is currently being done by a human in 2014?

The future is clear. The human race will either do the following:

1. Restrict which jobs that can only be done by humans.
2. Place a quota in each occupation as to which jobs are done by humans and which by technology.
3. Identify only human type jobs.
4. Recognize that leisure is the logical outcome of technology driven societies.
5. Establish leisure driven societies in which humans engage in labor that best is done by humans.

We will continue this discussion.

Cry For Afghanistan

Afghanistan remans the great American experiment that went wrong. After the quick defeat of Taliban forces in the fall of 2001, the Bush administration decided to pay absolutely NO attention to the task of assisting Afghans in the process of creating a viable and democratic government. We can cry for the Åfghan people since there is no government in power that has the slightest interest in its own people. Hammid Karzai and his clique of money mad friends have but one interest-making gobs of money and maintaining their power. Yesterday, hundreds of Talibans attacked Army outposts in eastern Afghanistan, killed over twenty soldiers and demonstrated once again, they are the new power in this sad nation.

The Taliban made clear they have no interest in entering into negotiations with Hamid Karzai or the American government. They are confident that most of rural Afghanistan will shortly be under their control so why talk when their weapons are doing all the talking? Just another American attempt in nation building that went astray.

I guess President Obama will send in the Drones. We already have sent in the clowns.

Wither Afghanistan?

The situation in Afghanistan has shifted from a position of what will happen when NATO and American forces depart this year from the country to we now know what will occur when they are gone. President Hamid Karzai is the wrong leader at the wrong time and he intends to rid the country of the necessary forces that just might be able to create a degree of stability. It is now clear he will refuse to allow NATO and American soldiers or even a force of advisers to be around by the end of this year. There are about 373,000 Afghan soldiers but they still lack the necessary training in handling guerrilla forces, let alone the necessary equipment. The Afghan army lacks any air force, particularly attack helicopters which could quickly transport troops from one location to another.

What then are the possibilities for 2014:

1. Afghanistan becomes a nation divided into regional leaders and groups.

2. The Taliban assumes control of a large area of the rural nation.

3. The Afghan government controls the Kabul region and a few other areas.

4. The Afghan army collapses and chaos ensues.

Leave Us Alone Says Karzai

American forces entered Afghanistan about a dozen years ago in order to wipe out the Taliban which had imposed a world of brutality and hate upon its own people as well as providing assistance to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. They dynamic trio of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld were able to wipe out the Taliban, but lacked any comprehension as to what next to do in order to aid this nation develop an organized and coherent government. Hamid Karzai was their choice, oops, I forgot, the choice of the Afghan people. The result has been a dozen years of incompetence, corruption, and chaos for the people of Afghanistan.

Yes, there has also been incompetence upon the part of the United States with its ill conceived Drone program which kills both the good and bad guys. The bottom line is the inability of the Afghan government to create an armed force which believes their leaders are honest and care about the people of this impoverished land. The Obama administration has been attempting to negotiate an agreement with the Afghan government in order to retain some US and NATO soldiers as advisers. Hamid Karzai refuses to sign the agreement.

Hamid Karzai is releasing Taliban prisoners, and most probably entering into secret negotiations with the Taliban. He is tired of hearing Americans complain about his crooked rule which benefits his family rather than the people of the land. As he put it to America: Afghanistan is a sovereign country. If the Afghan authorities decide to release a prisoner, it is not the concern of the US. I hope that the US will stop harassing Afghanistan’s procedures and judicial authorities. I hope that the US will now begin to respect the sovereign Afghan rights.”

Amen. Let us depart.

Afghanistan And Women

The women of Afghanistan have now endured over thirty years of brutality and oppression from a variety of governments, particularly from those who support conservative ideas of the Taliban. President Bush argued in 2001 that not only was Afghanistan the source of 9/11 terrorists, but the oppression of Afghan women justified an invasion in order to protect them from further violence. There is no question the lives of women contains greater rights since that invasion, but the forces of conservative attitudes toward women remain strong in the country. A new law passed by the Afghan legislature would not allow women to testify against a member of her family even if he abused her as a person.

Finally, President Hamid Karzai has gotten the point this piece of legislation has infuriated people around the world. His spokesperson, Aimi Faizi told reporters “we are not going to allow such a law to come into force unless the necessary amendments are in place.” It appears a women will have the right to testify against a relative who violated her dignity. The mere presence of such a law, with or without amendments violates the rights of women. Imagine a woman being “asked” is she wants to testify against a relative who raped her??

Do Spy Agencies Really Protect Us?

After the end of World War II, the CIA was invented to replace the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) which operated as our spy agency during the war. Since that date following are examples in which the CIA or other spy … Continue reading

Afghanistan Continues War On Women

As I recall back in those distant times when a man named George Bush was president of the United States both he and his wife argued that invading Afghanistan to rid that nation of its Taliban backward leaders would provide safety to the women of that country whose rights had been taken away, even the right to education or medical care. Ah, that was then, and now is now. President Hamid Karzai, the man whose family became not only famous but fantastically wealthy as a result of the office he holds, used to proclaim his devotion to women rights. That was then, and now is now. A new bill passed by the Afghan legislature would make it a crime to allow a relative to testify against another relative. Sounds innocent, doesn’t it?

This would mean that if a woman was being battered by her husband or any other male relative, she would not be allowed to file charges against these men. Heck, the new law would not even allow police to pose questions to the woman as to whether someone was beating the hell out of her. Catherine Ashton, the EU policy leader on foreign affairs put it bluntly: “I am very concerned that this new law would restrict prosecutions for domestic violence and child abuse.”

Yes, we did enter Afghanistan to protect women. That was then and now is now!

US Repeats Mistakes In Iraq

As I recall, former President George Bush was happy when the famous “surge” in Iraq led by General David Petraeus “defeated insurgents” and restored peace and prosperity to the people of Iraq. After all, from day one of the Bush initiated invasion of Iraq prevailing wisdom was all one needed was a powerful armed force and terrorists would be driven into surrender. Almost a decade later, there are still terrorists in Iraq and they are growing more powerful than ever before. Why? Mr. Maliki was elected as Prime Minister and, instead of reaching out to the Sunni minority in Iraq, he initiated a campaign of terror against its leaders. Instead of focusing on economic development and offering the people of Iraq and honest and efficient government, all they received was the same old conflict over the spoils of office.

Iraq needs more than ever a government which comprises those of all political beliefs.(Just check with Tunisia which just has created such a government). Step two is ensuring that Sunni leaders possess power in government. Step three is allowing loyal Sunni leaders to create fighting groups which will clear out terrorists who belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant(ISIL).

So, how does the Obama administration respond? The US will provide new Boeing made Apache attack helicopters, hundreds more Lockheed Martin Hellfire missiles and fifty new Drones. The US did NOT receive any guarantee from the Maliki government that in exchange for these weapons of war, it would work for compromises and create a government that represents the entire Iraqi population.

Shades of George Bush!!