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Poor Days For Wealthy Folks

These are not the best of times for those who possess a few billion dollars. OK, so these are not exactly the worse of times for the beleaguered wealthy men and women. Bernie Sanders day after day attacks them as selfish. Donald Trump promises to end their rule of money and replace it with his rule of money,and heck, even Hillary Clinton has joined in the assault on those who are the job creators for humankind. Imagine the conversations these people must have with their children who  come home with tears in their eyes having to endure taunts from classmates?

To make matters worse, latest figures indicate the wealthy elite are getting poorer and poorer.  The world’s 20  richest people are now SEVENTY BILLION DOLLARS POORER than they were the year before! They fell from having $899 billion to only $827 billion. For God’s sake, how can they make it with only $827 billion? Just think, Carlos Slim of Mexico a telecom tycoon went from $77 billion to only $50 billion! We definitely need a government relief program to aid these afflicted and attacked minority.

Ben Carson Still In Race

There were over a dozen Republican primaries yesterday and Dr. Ben Carson got his allowed 4%. Oh,to be honest, in a few states he actually got 6%. So, the question on the minds of many Republicans is why does the doctor continue in this pursuit of something he can never obtain? Let us explain:

1. This race, for Ben, is a race to sell books. As long as he runs, the more books he sells.

2. Who in God’s name would either listen to the mumbler who utters nonsense unless he was on a stage with a group of fellow idiots?

3. God Himself, called Ben and told him that he had to continue this pursuit of preaching the gospel of Christianity.

4. He does get all expenses paid while seeking the Republican candidacy.

5. OH, he also travels First Class.

Then again, if he said the campaign was over, who would even know he said this?NO one can hear a word he utters!!

We Need A Republican Candidate

There is no doubt that Donald Trump will sweep the famous March primaries and head on to the Republican convention as the man who has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of millions of Americans. He is the voice shouting, “Bring America Back Again” from wherever it has gone. We offer our Republican friends some possible alternatives:

1. Dick Cheney has been a Secretary of Defense, a Vice President, but never a President. When is comes to dirty tricks, he makes Donald look like a good fairy.

2. Donald Trump has never run for President. He, more than anyone, knows how to create a mess in Iraq, so who else would know how to end a mess in Syria?

3. Jeb Bush might be damaged, but he is still a BUSH. How about a ticket of Jeb for President and George for Vice President??

4. Let’s not forget Chris Christie. He is the only Republican who can out -bully the bully.

5. O f course, there is always David Duke. Or, how about a Trump-Duke ticket??


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if Christie can take Donald’s place on the stage and rip poor Marco to pieces?

I guess the eyes of Texas are upon Ted Cruz, and am confident the other blind Americans can not look in his direction.

There are moments when I want to put Marco Rubio in a  play pen with the other kids.

I guess we can cease referring to modern Republicans as the party of Lincoln.

I wonder if Donald Trump was in Nazi Germany exactly which job he would have under Hitler?

I sometimes think modern America is covered by a huge cloud of hate.

I wonder these days what Republicans mean when they recite the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Oops, sorry Republicans, the Pledge was the creation of an American Socialist!

Another Shooting In America

All we have to report is some old boring news–another shooting, this time in Kansas. An employee at Excel Industries, became upset at something or other, or whatever, and took out his assault rifle–perfectly legal in America– and blasted away. After all, in America  any and all guns are legal. Just read the 2nd Amendment which refers to MILITIA, not people. The shooter–we will not mention his name because he is simply a symptom of all shooters–wandered around the place shooting and shooting. He killed at least three and wounded over a dozen.

This story is absolutely boring, absolutely meaningless because the crazy American people somehow believe anyone –or everyone– should have a gun. I assume there will be a new law that mandates placing a small gun in the crib so little tikes can get used to blasting away. I have reached the breaking point about gun deaths, They will occur tomorrow and the day after and the week after and the month after and no one has the guts to stop this madness.

Hell, Justice Scalia was on  a hunting trip when he died!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Ah, for the glorious days of another Donald, Rumsfeld, that is.

One must admit that Dick Cheney looks better and better these days.

The problem is not Donald Trump, it is that millions of Americans actually believe he has a single intelligent idea.

Sorry, the current mess is PARTLY the result of a president who never talks with the American people about issues.

Then again, who does Barack Obama talk with?

Sorry, Black Lives Matter folks, Martin Luther King was concerned about ALL LIVES.

I have no idea how people in Syria survive this madness.

We have become a nation of slogans rather than solutions.

What passes for religion these days is a bunch of old guys with old ideas that make no sense.

The most abused word in the English language is –racism.

I wonder what the Bush family talks about these days.

Marco Win AGAIN!!

I  have devoted my life to sports and am a longtime lover of baseball, football, and basketball. I was raised to believe the goal of any sport was to win the game. Little did I understand that in the political world of 2016, the winner is the one who does NOT win the game. Of course, since there originally were seventeen players in a game designed for two or three, it is not amazing that no candidate in the Republican party has yet to gain a majority of votes in any election. There is a new game in town, and the winner in this competitive sport is to get some votes and shout, “I Won the Game!”

Marco Rubio came in third in Iowa and proclaimed, “I won a sweeping victory.” Marco Rubio came in fifth in New Hampshire and proclaimed that he again had won the election. Now, in the state of South Carolina Marco came in second   gaining 100 votes more than Ted Cruz and is joyous at this fantastic victory. Even as a I write these words, dozens of donors are rushing to support this front runner in the race for president. After all, a third, a fifth, and a second in any sport is victory! I assume if Marco runs for president against Sanders or Clinton, his goal will be to come in second and win the election!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Marco Rubio feels  very comfortable when the only one on the stage.

Ben Carson’s handlers should sit him down and have him read a history of the United States of America. He confuses the 1920s with the 1930s.

Then again, Ben Carson is living proof that any American who can breathe is qualified to become President.

Republicans are convinced that Barack Obama was responsible for the disaster in Iraq. I though it was the Kardashians.

Ted Cruz was most probably the smart kid in every class he attended.

We need a fact checker on stage with Republicans when they speak.

It’s February and every baseball fan believes his team will win the World Series.

Jeb Has A Gun

These days if you want to play with the big boys running for president of the United States it is important that you prove to one and all that you have a gun. Jeb Bush is now circulating pictures of his gun. Yes indeed, Jeb is the owner of a real gun. In the US Army one quickly learns that using the expression, “gun” instead of “Weapon” results in the sergeant yelling as he points to your prick, “this is your gun,”and then turns to your weapon and says, “this is your weapon.” No member of the US Army would use the expression, “gun” since it leads to being ridiculed.

Republicans are so proud they have a GUN. Their possession of a GUN merely proves they are all a bunch of pricks. Being in possession of a weapon that can kill another human is not a joke. The goal of every soldier is to live in a world in which there are NO WEAPONS. But, not a single candidate for president in the Republican party has actually served in the US military. Not a single one has ever actually fired at an enemy soldier. If they are so interested in shooting weapons, how about joining the armed forces??

Jim No Longer With Us

I understand there are many Americans who do not know who Jim Gilmore is, but future historians will hail this man as a symbol of what is right about America. Jim Gilmore was among those who decided to run for president in the year 2016. OK, so Jim never made it to center stage, but the important thing is that he wanted to be president. Then again, so did Ben Carson who made it to center stage and there are few Americans who have any idea as to what he said or why he said what he said.

Jim Gilmore was once a governor of the state of Virginia. Of course, he never offered the nation a Great Plan to wipe out ISIS or build any walls. He just mumbled his way to infinity. Perhaps, if Jim had Great Plans and could shout  and scream and insult, he might still be in the running to become president. He simply did not understand this is  the year to SHOUT AND THUNDER!

So, alas, Jim has disappeared into oblivion. As he wanders into never land, Jim will be wandering with Ben and Carly and Mike and Rick, and Rick, and Chris, and Rand, and shortly Marco.

God Bless you Jim, we never knew you well!