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Where Is Turkey?

There is one Middle Eastern nation which has a strong army that is equipped for war and whose government opposes terrorism. The name of this land is Turkey. However, President Recep Erdogan believes that Kurdish forces represent the greatest threat to peace in the region. He refuses to close his nation’s border with Syria to cut off new recruits for ISIS. In fact, Erdogan regards the ISIS nut cases as a good force for peace since they battle Kurds, along with a few other groups.

Erdogan hates President Assad and he will support any and all groups involved in the war in Syria. A problem is that no one today even knows who are the bad or good guys in Syria. Turkey is allegedly a member of NATO but it refuses to cooperate in the immediate task of ending terror groups in the region. KURDS for Erdogan will always be THE enemy.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


Now that we are getting rid of Rebel relics, how about taking on English ones?

It is Thursday, I wonder who will announce that he/she is running for president?

I await IT announcing that IT is running for president.

I would welcome an announcement that someone is NOT running for president.

The great mystery of life is how Republicans can differentiate themselves from Republicans.

George H.W.Bush only served one term, I wonder if he will decide to run again?

How about a mile race to get rid of some Republican candidates?

Bobby Jindal Is Here

I have a hunch that about 85% of Americans do not have the slightest idea as to who or what Bobby Jindal is. For the uninformed, he is governor of the state of Louisiana. At this very moment, no economist can figure out how this guy raised taxes but made it appear that he reduced taxes. That is another story. Anyway,having nothing bette to do and being rather upset that just about everyone has announced they are running for president, Bobby joined the crowd

“I am running for president without permission from headquarters in Washington D.C. We have a bunch of great talkers running for president. We’ve had enough talkers. It is time for a doer.”

1. Who the hell is the “headquarters” in Washington? Obama?

2. Here is a man who just RAISED taxes in Louisiana and somehow made this action come across as LOWERING taxes. I guess this is an example of being a “doer.”

Earl Holt Stands For Freedom

Frankly, until yesterday I had never heard of Mr. Earl Holt. He runs an organization that is named Council of Conservative Citizens. Any reader can readily grasp what he seeks to accomplish. Mr. Hold gives away some money, not a lot, five thousand here or five thousand there. He gave money to Rand Paul, to Rick Santorum,to Scott Walker, and naturally to Ted Cruz. I assume these Republicans were a bit upset to discover the money came from one who thinks Dyann Roof’s ideas represent the right thing to say.

OK, Mr. Holt now makes clear that he does not agree with murdering people. but he does want the world to know that the shootings “do not detract in the slightest from the legitimacy of some of the positions expressed by Dyann Roof.”

Gee, I wonder if Republicans would return money from the Koch Brothers if they agreed with Roof?

Dylan Roof Is Us

Imagine being a young boy raised in some Southern state who can walk by a Confederate flag and hear people praise the good old days when “darkies knew their place?” Imagine watching Fox News rant and rave about “criminal blacks” who refuse to behave like good white people? Imagine being raised in a nation which refuses to enforce basic controls over use of guns? Dylann Roof was raised in a land of hate and verbal violence by those in the Republican Party whose ongoing non-stop refrain is that a man from Africa heads our nation and “he hates America?” Dylann was raised with hate spewing from the mouths of Fox News pundits,and he was raised in a state that refuses to control the use of guns of terrorism.

I hate to put it so blunt but Dylann was simply an ordinary American who was taught that guns are OK and that blacks are not. He was TAUGHT TO HATE. So, what is the surprise when he turned out to be an A student in hate. He had excellent teachers including a few dozen men seeking to become president of this nation. He is just an ordinary God-fearing American young man.


I tuned in to Fox News in order to learn about their handling of the horrific news from Charleston, South Carolina where a 21 year old man entered a Black church and murdered nine people. As he blasted away, Dylan Roof shouted,”you rape our women, you’re taking over our country. You have to go.” So, he shot six black women and there black men. I was informed by Fox News commentators that we should not get into any talk about–RACISM- since this young man was engaged in a war against Christians. Race had nothing to do with the shootings.

Let me get this straight, Dylan Roof drove past a few dozen white churches and halted at the famous BLACK African Methodist Episcopalian Church because he hated Christians. According to Fox News, this shooting is simply part of the war against Christianity which we all know was begun by the Muslim in the White House. How do these people on Fox News sleep at night? What exactly do they tell their children? Yes, Dylan Roof is sick, but his sickness is not as serious as the one suffered by those on Fox News.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia,Canberra Times: “Dirty Deals In Legislature”

Are there any other kinds?

Israel,Haaretz: “Life Is Crap”

More like a crap shoot in my view.

France, Connexion: “Tap Water Gets Thumbs Up”

In California they will even take water that gets a thumb down.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “What You Can Do About Mosquitoes”

Slap them hard?

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “You Still Here?”

The question posed to our Congress?

Dark Secrets Remain Hidden

These days stories emerge every so often about the good old days under the regime of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld when Muslim men were taken as prisoners and wound up in some hell hole far away from the good old USA. These “dark prisons” were simply an opportunity for members of the CIA to torture men, and since this brutality did not occur on American soil, who would know anything about it? The Polish government is admitting there were “black sites” where men were tortured.

Part of the problem of this campaign is that X number of prisoners were turned into American authorities for the reward or to get even with an enemy. Since these men were not allowed the semblance of a trial, how could they deny their guilt. The other aspect of this programs that it set in motion policies that encouraged government, whether under a Republican or a Democratic president to abuse the Constitution. Crying “wolf” is not a policy, it is an excuse to violate American law.

Rick Wows Iowa Folk

I understand that at this moment, Rick Santorum lacks the numbers to be on the stage when Fox News unveils the winning person who will sweep t victory in 2016. Well, those, like me, who want the right Rick as our president now have some good news. Rick Santorum was met by a single person the other day and can now boast he has at least one vote in his corner. Figure it out, if Rick can double the number of people each day for fifty days who are ready to vote for him, then he will have untold millions in his corner.

Name another Republican who can get 220 million votes! Rick is on a roll. Flash, just in. Yesterday, Rick was greeted by TWO people! The ball is rolling. Just another fifty or so days and the man who wears a sweater will be wearing a top hat at the inauguration!

Jeb One Tough Texan

Jeb Bush was raised in the great state of Texas and the Alamo is fixed in his mind how a brave group of men fought for freedom and died in the effort. Of course, one of the factors that led Texans to rebel against the government of Mexico which originally had allowed them to enter the country was the decision by those heathen backward people to end slavery in the country. So, Texas rebelled in the name of freedom.

Well, Jeb is now in Europe where he is making clear to Europeans that if elected, he will clean up the mess because no God-fearing Texan would allow Vladimir Putin to bully him. He also blasted President Obama for not standing up to Putin. When asked about his own plans, Jeb was direct: “Look, I’m here to learn, to listen and to learn and get a better sense of all this.” I assume he will learn that President Obama and EU leaders have implemented sanctions. In other words, Jeb now agrees with Obama!