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Republicans On Foreign Policy

We have now been treated to several months of Republican candidates pontificating on how they would handle foreign policy. Let me sum up their “ideas.”

1. Bomb whatever is moving. Who the hell knows how or why bombing guys who are hiding will result in their deaths.

2. Restore the American military to what it once was. The US military  budget is nearly $60o billion. That is greater than the next six nations. Oh, we have 12 Carrier groups and the Chinese navy has ONE old aircraft carrier.

3. Ted insists that he even knows where the Middle East is, but the only one that he surpasses in knowledge is Donald Trump.

4. Let’s build a wall on our southern border. I assume that is an example of foreign policy.

5. Let’s NOT build a wall on our northern border. Gee, do you think terrorists might figure out it is OK to get in by the northern border?

6. Be tough with China. Whatever that means.

7. Fuck NATO. Now that is a great example of foreign policy.

Democrats For Brain Washing!

There is no question that the election of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is the first step toward the end of Constitutional government in America and the establishment of a totalitarian state. Republican Congressman Don Young is a fearless fighter for the truth and a man who will not cease exposing the plots and plans of Democrats to end democracy. According to Don Young, if either Hillary or Bernie gets elected”everyone will be under some government mandate to do this, this and this–including went to get  up,what to eat, what you are thinking, what school you  are going to go to–and what you  are going to believe.”

I can provide evidence to support this statement. When Ronald Reagan was president,– a former DEMOCRAT–my children were assigned an elementary school by the government! They either had to eat food that was prepared in the school cafeteria if they wanted to buy food. NO choice was allowed. And, believe it or not but the GOVERNMENT forced me to drive at the speed they desired.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


In these dire times,have Republicans considered Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld?After all, Rumsfeld does  have a Donald in his name.

Then again, Jeb is still around and ready to serve.

Here in Illinois we  have a governor who refuses to allow money for colleges until the legislature ends unions. How about Rauner for president?

By the law of probability there MUST be someone in the Republican party who actually has one intelligent economic or foreign policy idea.

Since we have no Republican political leaders who took a course in science, how about making taking a course in science compulsory for new congressmen?

I just am unable to conceive how or why I would blow myself up, can you?

At age 85, I am in love with life, I guess those who are age 25 are in love with death.

War Of The Wives

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there was a nation whose name was the United States of America which every four years conducted something termed an  election for a new President. Believe it or not, in those olden, olden days, two candidates argued about such mundane issues as how to create a vibrant economy or how to integrate newly arrived immigrants into the fabric of the nation or even–how to conduct an intelligent foreign policy. Alas, those were the olden days, and today, we have something called -the REPUBLICAN PARTY>

The current MAIN issue between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is the topic of their wives. Somehow, someone in the Cruz camp found a photo of Trump’s wife in a semi-nude pose. Naturally, this aroused the Donald man found an unflattering photo of the wife of Ted Cruz and the battle began. Ted now is rather upset: “Donald, you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi alone.”

Such are the issues confronting American society. After all, Donald and Ted have been yelling for months about the “unguarded border.” For some strange reason 140,000 more Hispanics LEFT AMERICA THAN ENTERED!

I assume the next issue will be the grandparents of the Trump or Cruz families.

Who Is In The Working Class?

A recent poll revealed that 56% of those in the age bracket of 18-35 regard themselves as part of the working class. Ordinarily,most Americans believe they are in the middle class. Unfortunately, those who have this viewpoint do not  understand the only way to ensure a decent wage for those in the working class is–UNIONS. Ironically, most of these young people do not believe in unions nor do they grasp that unless working class people stand together, they simply lack the power to compel bosses to pay decent wages.

Perhaps, it is time for unions to recognize a new form of “worker,” one who has been to college but can not get a decent job and has to endure a life of part time or fast food work. Of course, the new “working class”people have to support the right of workers to organize into unions and finally get decent wages for their work!

Tyrannosaur Reptile Did Live

I realize that many people actually believe we live in a modern era in which those  who attend school are smart. But, it was delightful to learn that millions of years ago, a distant life form roamed this planet who had greater intelligence than any person who attends Trump rallies. Ninety million years ago a horse like Tyrannosaur had an impressive sensory system. There is no doubt this animal could listen carefully and know when a noise in the distant was really a life  form shouting nonsense.

It appears this horse evolved into the dinosaur which grew  to a gigantic size and dominated the world. Today,  we have a  dinosaur  who roars and shouts and threatens the very existence of humanity. Imagine a President Trump with access to atomic weapons of mass destruction. Heck, this guy is ready to fight if someone shouts anger toward him, so how would he handle the Russian bully known as Vladimir Putin? Bombs Away!!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


A  high percent of Americans have more fear about their job than terrorists.

ANGER is the name of the 2016 game of politics.

Donald Trump, Vietnam War draft dodger wants to punch someone out. He sure didn’t want to punch out Vietcong terrorists.

Every time Marco Rubio speaks, I hear a whimper of fear.

Poor Hillary, twice now beaten by a  slick politician.

We live in fear in a nation with so much wealth. Why?

Not a single candidate raises the issue of Automation! Why?


Oh Them Gun-Toting Todlers

I understand that Donald Trump is worried about Islamic terrorists. I understand he goes to sleep with a gun underneath his pillow in case one of those Muslim bad people enters his house seeking his wealth or life.  Jamie Gilt, a nice attractive mom who so loves guns and shooting and such, left a loaded .45 caliber handgun on the back seat of her car. Her four year old took the gun and shot mom.

Actually, this event is not unique in America.  In 2015 more people were shot and killed by kids in America than were murdered by Islamic terrorists since 9/11. In other words, an American is safer being in the company of a Muslim than being with his young child. Such is life in modern America!

Wither Republicans?

There are riots in Chicago, there are scenes of people throwing punches and threatening to inflict harm. Just another day on the Trump carnival of joy. His antics are suddenly raising fears among Republicans as to whether the con man has just played one too many cons. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have issued statements denouncing inflammatory remarks by Donald as A cause of violence along the campaign trail.

Donald Trump has one never changing weakness–he simply does not know when to shut his big mouth.  He JUST had to tweet: “Bernie is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events.  Be careful Bernie or my supporters  will go to yours.” Despite seven months on the road to the presidency, Donald still insists that 6th grade words of war must be expressed. There MUST be millions of Americans who simply could not accept such behavior in any candidate for president–at least, I hope so.


We  offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days Mitt Romney comes across as presidential,consider the Republican options.

The real dark horse in the fight to select a Republican candidate is–DICK CHENEY!

There is just something about the way Carly Fiorina speaks that makes me intensely dislike her.

OK, let’s be honest, Carly is a bitch!

Not a  single candidate has mentioned AUTOMATION  as a reason jobs are being lost–WHY Not?

I just know most Americans would so love to have those jobs making clothes return to our shores-heck, they might pay $15 an hour.

Republicans are united on one issue– there is no such thing as climate change. They believe there are seasons of the year.

I often wonder what God thinks about the current campaign to select a candidate.