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As you recall, in the spring of 2003, President Bush announced MISSION ACCOMPLISHED which meant the war in Iraq was over and Saddam Hussein had been defeated. As you recall, it was two years later that President Bush dispatched General David Petraeus to Baghdad in order to ensure that when he says, Mission Accomplished, it is ended. General Petraeus initiated the famous, “Surge” and within a few months announced, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. It is now nearly a decade since the Mission was accomplished and war rages in Iraq. Prime Minister Maliki refused the Obama offer of military advisers because he would not guarantee that Americans would be tried in military courts if charged with crimes.

The situation in Iraq has now reached the stage of chaos. Al Qaeda style Islamic State of Iraq in Syria is now roaming undisputed in the country. Yesterday, they gained control of the second largest city in Iraq, Mosul, freed over a thousand prisoners, and are wandering the streets firing bullets in the air because the Iraq army has fled. I have no doubt John Boehner, Ted Cruz, and John McCain will blame the dude from Africa for this fiasco. President Obama urged Maliki to form a coalition government, and include Sunni leaders with important roles. He refused and now terrorists are gaining control of the country.

Reality, Prime Minister Maliki must resign and allow a coalition government including Sunni leaders to assume control of the nation.

Then again, perhaps Fox News personnel would volunteer their military expertise in order to save Iraq.

Never Forget D-Day

The speeches have been made. The dignitaries have gotten their pictures taken as though any of them had anything to do with the June 6, 1944 landings in Normandy. Hand over heart in remembrance is now compulsory for anyone who wants to pose as a “leader.” Unfortunately, not a single one of world “leaders” who was in Normandy a few days ago has the intelligence, the mental toughness, and the desire to work with other nations to ensure peace in the world. June 6, 1944 was a different time, a different place, and it certainly had different leaders. Imagine the United States of America, the Soviet Union, England, and French exiles working together for a common purpose–the end of tyranny in the world? Heck, President Obama can’t even gain cooperation of Republicans in Congress whose only dream is more money for the wealthy. In 1944, the top tax rate was 90%! And, thousands of wealthy businessmen came to Washington to work as “Dollar a Year” men whose love of nation far surpassed their love of money.

Sorry, Congressman Boehner, but the 90% WWII tax rate never got below 70% until the 1980s and WE HAD PROSPERITY! Believe it or not, but the wealthy paid and paid, but the jobs kept on getting created. D-Day was another time and place when we were ALL AMERICANS. Just remember, those who fought received the G.I.Bill of Rights which guaranteed free education plus money to live on. And, PROSPERITY grew!

An American–British Tragedy

There is an old expression that each and every person, at one time or another in life, has stated: we all make mistakes. Yes, we all do. But, for most humans, the “mistake” we made impacted our lives more than any innocent bystander. For several years the British government has allowed the Chilcot Inquiry to dig into the record of why the war in Iraq. It has examined thousands of documents and had people like former Prime Minister Tony Blair appear and explain their actions. For some strange reason, their conclusions are not yet completely available to the public. However, it now appears at least some of the documents will be made public along with conversations between President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. We, of course, can expect many important documents will remain secret and many comments made by former President Bush will not be revealed. But, at least, we can gain access to some.

Among the mistakes made by President Obama was failure to appoint a bipartisan group to dig into the Iraq war and issue a conclusion. Five thousand Americans died and over 40,000 were wounded. They deserve to have their families know why this happened.

I assume, as far as Fox News is concerned, the real issue is Benghazi and the death of FOUR people.

Once We Were A Nation Together

Those born after the United States sent a man to the moon have never experienced the sense of pride that once upon a time was felt by ALL Americans. Regardless of whether one was a Democrat, a Republican, had white or black skin or opposed the president of the United States, there was a burst of pride in being part of a society which had just sent a man to the moon. The man on the Moon represented each and every single person in the United States of America. There was a sense that we could accomplish great tasks and change the entire world.

Of course, those born in the 1920s and after had also shared such experiences when we were ALL Americans. The day after Pearl Harbor when President Franklin Roosevelt promised we would defeat Japan simply reflected the feeling of ALL Americans who were confident of victory even though just a few days earlier millions had demanded no war. We had this feeling on June 6, 1944 when British and American troops landed on the shores of France because we ALL knew it was simply another step on the road to meet the gallant Russian soldiers fighting against Nazism.

Of course we had the feeling on the day war ended against Nazi Germany and the day war ended against Japan. WE, together with our Allies had triumphed over great odds. Today, as I write these words my mind wonders why this feeling is no longer present in America. We now inhabit a land in which we can’t even build a new tunnel under the Hudson River. We have lost the spirit of adventure and become a divided people whose hearts are filled with hate and anger.

I do not know if President Barack Obama could have been able to reach out to Republicans in some sense of comradeship. Perhaps, their hearts are too filled with hate. But, I do know that Obama never understood the importance of speaking WITH Americans to explain the need to work together. He never understood the importance of explaining the Affordable Care Act. He failed to hold weekly Press conferences which Franklin Roosevelt always offered. Perhaps, the division had proceeded too far. I do not know.

Seeking The Lord

In 2003, President George Bush sent thousands of American soldiers to Iraq in the name of democracy and God and all that is wonderful in the United States. Bush termed the adventure a great crusade in the name of freedom. Well, we all know what happened. Today, in nations like Uganda or the Congo or South Sudan a man named Joseph Kony wanders these lands claiming to be the Lord’s disciple and he simply wants to help people. Of course, in the process of spreading his version of “Christianity,” children might be forced to kill their own parents and then become part of his Lord’s Resistance Army which wanders the land spreading death and rape and disorder. The LRA hides in jungles and emerges with violence and death along with kidnapping children. Latest estimate is the Army has now been reduced to about 250 people including the children and females who serve as sex slaves.

President Obama has dispatched Special Forces to Uganda in order to assist in tracking down this murderous group and freeing innocent children. This is not a great crusade for freedom, simply finding and destroying those who really employ weapons of mass destruction.

Ashamed To Be An American

I am the child of New Immigrants. Those who arrived from southern and eastern Europe between 1180-1924 when we were finally told that “real Americans” did not enjoy our presence. Our parents fled poverty, war and hatred to find a home in the “Promised Land” of America. As a small boy my pop and I would walk through the park on Sundays as men and women on soap boxes proclaimed their ideas and he would say: “America, America, here a man can walk the streets in safety and no one will kill him. Here a man can earn a living.” Yes, that was the American Dream. My mother on reaching Manhattan Island from Ellis Island, looked down on the streets and cried. She did not see gold that she could pick up and become wealthy. My people fought in World War I, we fought in World War II, and we fought in Korea. Most of us such as myself joined the armed forces because we thought it to be our patriotic duty to serve the land which had given us so much. I was proud to serve in the US Army.

Today, I feel ashamed to be an American. I voted against a president who sent thousands of men and women to their deaths or to suffer wounds because there were weapons of mass destruction that never existed.
I voted for a president who promised to clean up the mess in the Veterans Administration and five years later proclaimed that he was “mad as hell”about the mess which threatened the lives of those who had served.
I inhabit a land in which crazy men and women believe it is their “right” to wander the streets armed to the teeth.
I am ashamed that our Republicans in Congress can not even raise taxes a few percentage points in order to secure money for rebuilding our nation or paying off student debts. Oh, by the way, during World War II and the Korean War the top figure was 90% taxes on high wealth. And, believe it or not, millions of jobs were created.
I am ashamed of young men and women who lack any interest in creating a new America, they are too busy fiddling with their iPads or gazing at films of violence.
Millions go hungry in this land, and few care. It is shameful.
Millions are finally securing needed health care while millions yell their anger.

Who are these new Americans? There is one thing I do know about them–they will never be the generation that sent a man or woman to Mars, let alone to the Moon.

Bloomberg Says No To Million

I am always fascinated how big money invariably drifts into the hands and pockets of those who possess big money. It makes one wonder if there really is a God. How come if you have a billion, then YOU win the million prize? It makes one wonder if God is really stand up comic who wants to tease the audience. Former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg won something called the “”Genesis Prize” and was given a check foe $1 million by the Genesis Foundation. The award goes to those who are into something termed, “Jewish values.” Anyway, Bloomie is returning the $1 million so it can be redistributed to ten people who will do something about poverty or thee environment or something.

I am Jewish. I am against poverty. I am for the environment. I do possess some Jewish values. And, I sure as hell will appreciate the money. So, how come the dough doesn’t head my way or that of some poor schmuck who is trying to exist on $7.40 an hour? I guess we lack the right Jewish value–having a billion dollars?

Chairman Donald Speaks -Again

If there is one person I do understand in this world it is Donald Sterling. He boasts of being a nice Jewish man, heck, he even claims to pray for the soul of Magic Johnson. I was raised with men like Donald Sterling in a Jewish ghetto. Mr. Sterling is a natural born bigot who believes there are superior and inferior races in the world. In my youth, men like Sterling spoke with disdain about the “schvartzes”–black people. Although Jews confronted bigotry, prejudice and hatred in American society, hating blacks gave the Donald Sterlings of this world a sense of power and entitlement. Regardless of how much prejudice they encountered, it was nice to know YOU could look down on someone else!

Donald Sterling is like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld. Men seeking power, not to improve the lives of humans, but to impose their power on those without any other than maintaining their own dignity as humans. These men wallow in self pity, they insist THEY are the VICTIMS, not those they victimize. Donald told the media he wants to keep the team. He insisted that players would not boycott playing if he returned to ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. “That’s talk the media preaches. Why would they do that? If they get their salaries, they are going to play.”

Donald, you forget that Jewish workers in the Depression gave up their meager salaries to go on strike with fellow Italian and Irish workers, because the boss had to be challenged into paying decent salaries. Mr. Sterling, you do not have the faintest idea what it means to be a Jew!

America, The Used To Be Great??

Just about every day there appears another story concerning the decline of America’s middle class, the fact we Americans live fewer years than people in twenty other nations in this world, the concentration of wealth in the top one percent, and the crumbling of our infrastructure. The other day I discovered that members of the Walton family who own Walmart possess more money than 35% of Americans. Naturally, Fox News and Republicans will insist that was the goal of our beloved Founding Fathers. Yep, they wanted one percent to have more than 35%. Read the Constitution, it is all in there.

At this present moment, a twenty year old European or Canadian stands greater chance of ending up in the middle class than a twenty year old American. A baby born in the good old USA has a life expectancy of about 78, same baby born in Japan lives eight more years. The other day Russian announced their space station would be off limits to American astronauts. HECK, we began the space program, we landed men on the Moon,now we can’t even build a bridge under the Hudson River!

This is a nation without dreams. This is a nation pretending there is no global warming. This is a nation pretending that an economy can boom when one percent have more money than forty percent. This is crazy thinking and the end result is further and further decline of this nation. So, Republicans gain control of the US Senate in November, and it is a guarantee that not another bridge or tunnel or road will be built.

Republicans will not be happy until the 1% own 99%.

Just Detainees In Guantanamo

It is traditional in waging wars to take “prisoners,” but since the launch of wars in Asia and the Middle East by American leaders such as George Bush, Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, and Barack Obama, we have invented a new term–Detainees. The men now in a prison, or should we say, a Prisoner of War camp, are not prisoners, they are Detainees. I do not recall anything in the Geneva Convention protocols(those who entered the Army, at least during the Korean War received lectures on respecting this international code of military justice) that refers to -Detainees. There currently are 154 human beings still at Guantanamo Bay prison who are – Detainees. Questions:

1. Are there war crime charges against these men?

2. Is there proof they actually engaged in fighting against American forces, either in Afghanistan or in Iraq?

3. Or, should one ask if anyone has gotten around to investigating these charges?

4. If they are guilty, why have they not been placed on trial?

Instead, these human beings are subject to forced feeding and ongoing brutality. I do not know of any prior example in American history in which prisoners in a war were denied basic human rights to be tried in a court of law–civilian or military!!