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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “How To Build Connections At Work?”

More money would sure help to connect with me.

USA, NY Daily News: “Judge’s Job Listed In Classified”

I am certain lobbyists have their own Classified pages.

Denmark,Copenhagen Post: “Sheep Roaming Free”

Baa bas to all.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Spanish Town Named ‘Kill The Jews’ Renamed.”

Courtesy of the state of Texas it will now be called, “Kill The Black Dude President”

USA, aol: “Defendant Shot In Courtroom”

That is one way to reduce the cost of trials!

Sweden, Local: “Am I Going To Die?”


Turkey, Hurriyet: “Twitter Toes The Line In Turkey”

Prime Minister Erdogan is all a twitter about graft stories!

An ‘Incident” To Occur!

The world watches in horror as armed masked men dressed in Russian uniforms, speaking Russian and behaving just like Russians do under the regime of Vladimir Putin. They resort to violence in order to create a situation which simply awaits the moment when an “incident” will occur in which someone dressed in the Russian uniform is shot or killed. This will provide the moment for President Putin to order in the Russian army in order to “protect” Russians from the horror of a free Ukraine. Vladimir Rybak was a councillor in the east Ukraine city of Rybak. He attempted to get into city hall only to be pushed away by supporters of Mother Russia. Suddenly, a car pulled up and four masked men grabbed him. The next day his body was found sixty miles away in a pro-Russian stronghold, he had been tortured and his body drowned. Naturally, the Russian government insists this is simply another CIA plot to smear its wonderful reputation.

Several other people who seek to remain part of the Ukraine are now dead. Putin insists their death were the result of a plot by the CIA and are examples of attempting to force him to send in troops to protect people. God forbid that Vladimir Putin would ever use force in order to get his way. Just ask gays or those who oppose his rule in Russia how this man of peace, law and order simply wants to make the law in order to ensure those against him understand, agree with Putin or risk death!

Missouri Days And Nights

It is nearly fifty years since I made a great mistake in my life, I decided to live in the state of Missouri. Missouri is a state of mind. People in St. Louis judge individuals by the high school they attended, and if it was not the right one, then forget about entering my house! The state of Missouri has rural areas which still believe the Civil War is in full swing and they simply have to protect themselves from evil creatures who do not go to church on Sunday or believe the world is about 10,000 years in history. Several years ago the yahoos gained control of the State Legislature and devote their energies to passing bills that allow people to carry guns or reduce taxes on job creators or insist we all have to say, “under God” in the Pledge.

Seven Republicans now want to impeach Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat because he committed three terrible crimes:

1. He ordered the State Department of Revenue to accept FEDERAL TAX RETURNS filed by same sex couples, in Missouri, we only believe in men and women getting a divorce.
2. He was not fast enough in filling vacant legislative seats.
3. He did not punish severely those in the Public Safety Department who allowed names of people to be revealed who had permits for gun permits.

Of course, Governor Nixon has the same last name as Richard Nixon which does raise questions as to whether this nation can long endure another Nixon.

Hamas And Fatah Sign Agreement

There is no question that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas which controls Gaza have signed an agreement providing for the end of their dispute and holding of a peaceful election between Fatah and Hamas within a few months. So, why is Netanyahu angry? One might think he would be pleased that Palestinians are united which would ensure that any agreement signed by President Abbas and himself would be carried out by all Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu simply does NOT want peace. His supporters on the West Bank and among Orthodox Jews thrive as long as their is conflict and discord. Each passing day witnesses the extension of Jewish settlements on the West Bank even though that area was part of the original United Nations accord for two states in the old mandate of Palestine.

Israel has a powerful armed forces. It is in possession of atomic weapons. It can use its military force to take land away from Palestinians. But, each passing day means that it simply is a matter of time before miniature weapons of mass destruction will be developed. The growing population of Palestinians means it is simply a matter of time before Israel confronts the reality there are more Palestinians than Jews. Oh, Israel can create a unified apartheid state and become the most hated nation in the world.

PEACE is the ONLY hope for Israel. NOW is the time!

Knock, Knock, No Knock

Those who fought the Revolutionary War were deeply concerned about the issue of the privacy of one’s home. They were angry when compelled to house British soldiers in time of strife and this attitude carried over to the writing of the Constitution which protects Americans in the right of deciding who enters their home. I stand corrected, that used to be an American right, but these days the doctrine of “suspicion of having illegal products” or “suspicion of posing a threat to national security’ allows any policeman to enter your home. These days they will be supported by SWAT teams armed for conflict. In 2004, the police in America had about 3,000 examples of summoning the SWAT team to assist in storming a home. Today, the figure was 50,000 such entries last year. It is doubtful if any real threat to national security was ever discovered by a SWAT team.

Homeland Security has poured nearly $35 billion into the budgets of local police stations which enables them to purchase the same equipment as used by soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. One police department in Vermont purchased an armored vehicle to handle security issues at the forthcoming Pumpkin Festival. It is time to utilize a SWAT team for a real problem, not because someone is playing poker at home.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some read with intense look.

Some read with intense mind.

Some fear love, some enjoy hate.

As one grows older, scratches linger.

I know that God takes vacations, how come Death does not?

What is valuable to one generation may not be to another.

Oh, to be able to take a trip through time!

Never forsake a friend.

We can not trick our heart.

Some pollute the planet, some our minds.

Many old people continue wearing jackets of younger days.

I believe cops deserve free food and drink.

Old adage: a fool and his money are soon parted.

Where have all the old adages gone?


I was raised in the slums of south Bronx in New York City during the Depression. These are the lessons we were taught as poor people lacking any sense of power or connection to those who possessed the power of authority:

1. Never carry a gun. It can go off with terrible results.

2. Never pick a fight with a stranger, one never knows.

3. Always be loyal to those who are your friends.

4. Always repay a favor of kindness.

5. Never pick a fight with someone who can beat the hell out of you.

6. The cops protect those who have power.

7. Trust the Irish political bosses, they are your friends.

8. Republicans simply protect those with wealth.

9. Share what you have with those who lack. One never knows when you will be in that position.

10. Work your butt off whenever you get a job.

11. Vote for Franklin D. Roosevelt, he is your friend.

12. Adore Eleanor Roosevelt, she cares for you because you are poor.

13. Never steal in your neighborhood.

14. When walking in a strange neighborhood, walk gently

15. And, above all, fuck the wealthy!!

Court Does Not Affirm Affirmative Action

The United States Supreme Court voted to uphold the right of voters in a state to pass a constitutional amendment which prevents state colleges from using the concept of “race” as A factor in the admission of students. The vote barely passed in Michigan, but to the Justices the issue is whether or not citizens of a state have the right to decide issues of equality. Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer voted with Conservatives and argued, “the Constitution foresees the ballot box, not the courts” as the key factor in resolving “differences” between members of society. Of course, this is the exact OPPOSITE of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision which said Courts had to uphold the rights of citizens, particularly when States denied them their constitutional rights.

Sorry, Justice Breyer, we lived through the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy when individual rights were daily abused by the majority. The Constitution is there to protect people against the acts of the majority when those acts threaten freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Western Shoot Outs In Albuquerque

It is increasingly clear the city of Albuquerque is determined to win the best city of the nation award offered by the National Rifle Association. The police in this city do not waste time with words when their guns can speak with greater authority and deadliness. Since 2010, according to the Justice Department, its police have shot 38 people and 24 are now dead. I assume the police do not want a shoot out at the OK Corral unless they do the shooting and you do the dying. The Justice Department has repeatedly warned police in this city to cease rushing into shoot outs and utilize force as the LAST resort, not the first!

This time the victim was a 19 year old woman, completely unarmed. Mary Hawkes is the daughter of a local judge and has encountered problems in her life since childhood. She has been charged with drinking in public, with shoplifting and was currently on probation for assault.The crime that led to death was stealing a truck. Albuquerque police do not take gently to such crimes, steal one truck and who knows, the next thing is to rob a bank and then get an assault weapon and blast away. The US Justice Department has repeatedly warned Albuquerque police to use force as the last resort.

The unarmed 19 year old is dead.

India-Land Of Rapists

The people of India contain millions of wonderful human beings who work for the cause of human justice, but this nation is also home to some men who would be welcomed with open arms by those in our Tea Party. Some Indian leaders make statements that simply lack any sense of reality or interest in the lives of women. Mulayan Ssingh Yardev of the Socialist party in the state of Uttar Pradesh just had to inform the people of India that he must rank as the Number One woman hater in the world. He is very upset because two men in a recent Mumbai court decision were sentenced to jail for participating in a brutal gang rape of a woman. According to Yardev, if he is elected prime minister any law that sentences a man to jail for rape will be repealed because “boys will be boys.” After all, “following a girl-boy fight, the girl complains she was raped.” In the Mumbai rape the boys shoved a broom handle up her rear end.

One of his buddies, Abu Azmi went further. “Rape is punishable by hanging in India. But here noting happens to women, only to men, but women are also guilty.” Huh? How can one even respond to such stupidity. Oh, his son denounced dad and is furious at any and all rapists. I suggest we shove a broom handle up the butt of Abu!!