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We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

USA, aol: “Carly Florina: I Am Running For President”

Of which country?

Kenya, Nation: “Town House Turned Into Morgue”

So, what is new in Kenya these days?

UK,Guardian: “Teach Right From Wrong”

In the US Congress the slogan is teach wrong ideas as right ones.

France, Connexion: “Marriage For All”

Regardless of sex or being human?

Canada, Toronto Star: “American Bully”

His name is Ted Cruz!

Gaza Stories Are Not Pleasant

The Israel invasion of Gaza several months ago resulted in the deaths of over 2200 humans as well as under a hundred Israelis. Naturally, the Netanyahu government insisted that all care had been taken to avoid civilian casualties even though the vast majority of those who died were civilians lacking any form of weapons. Naturally, to question the word of Bibi Netanyahu is to display one form or another of hatred toward Jews and the state of Israel. If one is a Jew in America the expected behavior is to accept without any question any and all statements by the government of Israel as simply the word of God. After all,God promised the people of Israel possession of the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and God knows what other lands in the Middle East. God wanders the universe with but one thought– how to ensure one little tribe of people land and wealth. The Guardian newspaper reported interview with about sixty Israel soldiers in which they claim their orders were to blast away and blast away without any regards for civilian life.

They were told: “we don’t take risks. We do not spare ammo. We unload and anything in Gaza is a threat.” I am certain the propaganda machine from AIPAC will prove that these statements were never expressed and that if they were it is clear some damn “liberals” who hate Jews and hate Israel were responsible for the comments. Israel is NEVER wrong. Just check with God.

Oh Well, It’s Just Texas!

Each passing day the state of Texas is witness to one form of bizarre behavior after another. It is a state in which the right to bring weapons of mass destruction into a church or school is depicted as one that our Founding Fathers fought for in their quest to break away from England. The US Army was conducting maneuvers only to discover the Governor of Texas warned the National Guard and state police to be on guard against an attempt by a foreign military to take over Texas and impose a dictatorship under the rule of one, Barack Obama. For some strange reason a group known as the American Freedom Defense Initiative decided to hold contest in which people drew cartoons about the prophet Muhammad! Huh?

Two men drove up to the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, and began firing at a security guard. Within a few moments they were dead and the guard wounded. This is yet another of the bizarre ways in which people who live in Texas behave. The strange thing is no one is surprised that people in Texas have nothing better to do with their time than to draw cartoons. There is always a new opportunity in Texas to use your gun in order to kill.

Death In Kabul

A young Afghan woman named Farkhundra was not the first Muslim female who died at the hand of some mob of fanatics who are ready to murder at the drop of a Koran. She was a university student and somehow in some way wound up being accused by some fanatics that she had burned a copy of the Koran. There is not a shred of evidence that she had anything to do with burning a copy of the Koran let alone evidence that any Koran was burned by anyone. Somehow, the cry was sounded that she had burned a Koran and within moments a crowd gathered and beat her, ran a car over her body, burned her and then threw her body into the Kabul River. This atrocity did not occur in some obscure village in Afghanistan, but in the heart of Kabul, the nation’s capital. So, where were the police? Oh, they either helped with the murder or simply observed events.

The government of Afghanistan has finally decided to put on trial those in the gang as well as 19 policemen. OK, there will be a trial, but what will be the outcome? The central issue facing women in Afghanistan is that if some agreement is reached with the Taliban, it will not include protecting the rights of women. They will continue facing the prospect of “honor killing” and lack of protection in their daily lives. Such is the outcome of the Bush war in Afghanistan.

Where Have All The Clergy Gone?

America is currently celebrating anniversaries related to the civil rights movement of the sixties. If you gaze at pictures of the Reverend Martin Luther King marching as part of protests against abuse of human rights marching alongside him are Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis. These days when I witness one protest or another I do not see any pictures of ministers –other than black or Hispanic– in the crowd of protesters. I daily see pictures of demonstrations in the Middle East but it is rare to see an imam in the group. When was the last time a group of rabbis marched to support the right of Palestinians whose land is being seized by the Israel government? Where are rabbis protesting the wild ideas emanating from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Here in America the Christian clergy fears defending the rights of Muslims because that might be interpreted as “hating Jews” and these days no one wants to be accused of “hating Jews.”

The Muslim clergy are not assuming any leadership in the Middle East, the Jewish clergy are not assuming leadership to bring about peace in the Middle East and in America, it is right wing fanatical clergy who shout to the world that there is no such thing as “global changes.” Where have all the clergy gone? They have abandoned their parishioners and fled the scene of battle for human rights. And, I do mean ALL CLERGY!

Bombs Away–Who Cares?

During the past eighty years it has been a fundamental belief of American military leaders that bombing from the air will result in victory. At one point in 1943, General Chennault who led US fighter groups for the Chinese government insisted that if given more fighter planes he could bomb Japan into surrender. Today, we bomb and we bomb and we send drones to bomb all over Syria. Rami Abdel Ralman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is very upset about US air strikes. “Air strikes by coalition forces on Friday killed at least 52 civilians in a village in northern Syria located in the province of Aleppo. There was absolutely no evidence that any ISIS forces were in the area.

We bomb because there is no opposing air force to halt our bombing. Oh, there might be one or two American pilots whose plane will crash, but that increasingly is a remote possibility. So, if we bomb from the air then no US soldiers will die and we can claim the bombs are destroying al-Qaeda and ISIS. Funny, but before the bombing al-Qaeda had fewer followers. Then again, kill innocent civilians and their children or relatives will join the bad guys who they would consider to be the good guys while American good guys are considered to be the bad guys.

It all depends on who dies and who lives!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body


We Americans know how to burn down cities, but struggle with making them a place for all citizens.

I never understand why charging some police with a crime means I am charging ALL police with a crime.

There is a report that Republicans will once again repeal Obamacare.

John Roberts is to being a Chief Justice as Alex Rodriguez is to being a model for American youth.

I await a Republican fight for protect our dogs against same sex behavior.

I have never understood how burning your neighborhood somehow makes it more successful.

We have forgotten that Martin Luther King stood for nonviolence

Trials And Tribulations Of Chris Christy

Poor Richard Nixon was undone when some Republicans decided to break into Democratic headquarters at the Westgate hotel and before this minor incident concluded the president has to resign. These days governor Chris Christie is confronted by his own Westgate problem. A few years ago, some members of his staff decided to punish a mayor whose city is at the other end of the George Washington bridge by sending workers to close down lanes and cause chaos. They hoped the ensuing problem would be blamed on a Democrat. Alas, it turned out the culprits were Republicans who worked for Christie including his own deputy Chief of Staff. So, we decided to ask the governor about this problem:

Sir, could you explain how your deputy chief of staff was involved in this scandal?

Christie: Never heard of this Bridget Kelly.

But, she works for you.

Oh, you mean that secretary in my office, I never pay any attention to the secretaries.

What about your boyhood chum, David Wildstein?

Wildstein? Sorry, I only hung around with Christian kids in high school Never had much to do with the Jews.

So, you have nothing to do with this bridge scandal?

I just drive across the GW and my driver handles all problems. To be frank, I don’t even know the location of the George Washington. Now, about my candidacy for president. If elected, I will ensure there are no problems on bridges in America. Oh, and some of my best friends are gay!

Sad Times In Turkey

The modern nation of Turkey was formed from the dying Ottoman empire about 89 years ago when a soldier named Ataturk decided to lead a movement that would end a world of corruption and create a modern society based upon secular principles. I am not arguing that he wanted to create a democratic nation, but he did desire to end religious power. His followers are known as Kemalists and they reject the concept that religion should be the basis of modern life. Turkey for decades was based upon this principle of secularism. But, with the advent of the Justice and Development Party-AKP-Turkey has taken a new turn-and it is not for the better. Instead of military leaders the people of Turkey are now confronted with President Erdogan who believes a modern society requires strong religious values. I am not arguing that he suppresses those of different religions, but his government slowly, but surely is instituting more and more religious values–Muslim that is–into all aspects of society. In addition, he is slowly, but surely, eroding the democratic desires of a high percent of the population.

It has reached the point when Kemalists seeking to honor Ataturk are now accused of fostering violence. All they want to do is celebrate the work of a great Turkish leader. Something is very wrong in Turkey these days and religious freedom is being threatened. Erdogan is to Turkey what the Tea Party and our religious right are to America.

Wolves Have Returned

Thousands of years ago wolves roamed the area we now know as Europe. They scavenged for food, they killed smaller animals and even on some few occasions they did kill a human. For some reason the myth of a wolf seeking human game has persisted for these thousands of years. Actually, as long as humans remain out of sight, the wolf will not disturb this form of animal. There are now reports that wolves have returned to parts of Germany causing many to urge organizing soldiers to get rid of this creature of prey. The last human murdered by a wolf in Germany occurred about 400 years ago, but there is still fear in Germany. Actually, there are wolves which should be hunted down and gotten rid of:

Donald Trump is a wolf on prey seeking the money of people. He robs them in his gambling casinos.

Ted Cruz is the number one wolf who seeks to kill those daring to cross the Rio Grande and enter his territory.

Sarah Palin gazes out of her window and sees the wolves seeking to cross the Bering Strait and enter her domain of Alaska.

Then again, the entire Republican party are merely members of a wolf pack which seeks the bidding of rich wolves who are hungry for the blood of poor people!