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For American conservatives these used to be the best of times, but, alas, these have become the worst of times. There are unconfirmed reports that most Wall Street folk are packing their bags, gathering up their riches and headed for more friendly climes because terrorists are now loose in America and seeking to take away the riches of those who toil only to benefit the American worker. We know those with wealth have only but one thought in their mind, how to accumulate money because in accomplishing this task they bring untold wealth to each and every American who works for a living. The entire edifice of American capitalism is based on the proposition that wealthy folk take from the poor and give to themselves. How else can prosperity be reached in America?

Well, there is threatening news from the city of Los Angel! Just think about it. A hotel worker will now make about $2500 a month in wages. This means they will be purchasing goods with this money. This means they might even have a few dollars to deposit in banks which could then loan their money to business enterprises! This is the first step toward COMMUNISM! This event marks the end of American CAPITALISM! Yes, the sky has fallen in Los Angeles!

Are You Still Alive??

I do not know if any other human is still alive in Europe or the United States of America since we now know the appearance of terrorist groups threatens the very existence of our societies. American planes, Saudi Arabian planes and even some from Jordan or Qatar are blasting sites in Syria and Iraq currently under control of ISIS or one of the other dozen terror groups which daily display their power on the Internet. Just to make Americans feel fearful they chop off the heads of some innocent people. It is part of their campaign of terror– only the “terror” they display is on TV, which today has become a more powerful weapon than any machine gun or bomb on a battlefield. Recent surveys reveal that at least one out of three Americans fears they will be killed by “terrorists.” As of this day, after thirteen years of fighting in the Middle East about six thousand Americans lost their lives in the fight against terrorism. However:

1. During the battle of Antietam during the Civil War, over fifteen thousand died in that single fight in three days.

2. During the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, over ten thousand died in the course of a SINGLE WEEK!

3. During the War of 1812, the British set fire to Washington D.C.

No, terror groups are not going to kill you today or tomorrow. You face greater danger from AMERICANS with guns in their hands than from any terrorist. You face greater danger from any AMERICAN sitting in a car, that weapon of mass destruction than from any terrorist!

Modern Americans are the most fearful Americans in history! BOO!

Don’t Anger Money Groups In America!

These days the most important sports news comes from statements made –or not made– by those in charge of the National Football League. Believe it or not, but in those olden times one picked up a newspaper, turned to the Sport section and encountered stories about your favorite team and what it was doing on the playing field. Bill Simmons is a sports analyst for ESPN, and like most commentators he has become disgusted by refusal of NFL leaders to address issues of violence –of the playing fields- by athletes who prefer punching out a girl friend or wife or just slamming their children. Bill blasted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for pussy footing about the issue of domestic violence. Mr. Simmons dared to engage in profanity by terming Goodell’s comments as a “lie!” Imagine in modern America terming someone with power as uttering a “lie?”

Simmons was suspended by ESPN. Oh, ESPN makes gobs of money from the NFL and the last thing they desire is to anger those who pay them. After all, this is capitalist America and if one have money, then people had better accept whatever you state as the TRUTH! Bill Simmons has his own followers on the Internet and will continue speaking his mind. It is sad that the word, “lie” has now become a profanity in modern America!

Putin Pouts His Anger

There is one problem when ann individual creates a society in which HE is the decider. Over time, he grows unaccustomed to anyone contradicting his words of foolishness. Vladimir Putin has become the semi-dictator of Russia. He has crushed any and all opposing forces so when he speaks, there is silence from anyone who disagrees with his words of wisdom. Yes, he has succeeded in compelling the Ukraine government to accede to his demands in eastern Ukraine. He has empowered a group of local toughs to become a “government.” Of course, now they have power, but do any of these bums have the slightest idea how to govern a “nation?” Putin has accomplished this goal with use of Russian troops in Ukraine.

The Russian government is upset because a NATO officer issued a statement which describes how Russian troops imposed their power upon Ukraine. Colonel Janzen made clear that Russian troops were deployed in Ukraine while thousands of others were gathered on the border. The Russian government is angry because a “clerk” dared to make such outrageous comments! The “truth” today is an unknown word in Mother Russia!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 24 year old mind trapped in an 84 year old body.


New McDonalds, same old people.

In every end is a new beginning.

There are wars of necessity and wars of choice.

We fight terrorists and they fight us.

To understand one’s strengths is to understand one’s weaknesses.

For many, there is the slavery of the mind.

We all too often forget the importance of love.

Once I was poor, today I am not. Never forget who I once was.

There are days when I wish that I didn’t wish.

For some, their gun is their penis in action.

Never underestimate the importance of a free mind.

Clueless In Middle East

There is no question that President Barack Obama is rather upset about events in the Middle East. No, he is not angry at ISIS or terror groups as much as furious at refusal of Sunni leaders in the region to take a stand against terrorism. Leaders in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey, and a few minor places refuse to address the issue of terrorism in the region other than to demand that America do something about it. Oh, President Obama did get Saudi Arabia to send some planes to drop bombs. He did get a few Jordanian planes in the air and Egypt has promised their planes will shortly be in the air dropping bombs. Of course, this will come as a welcome relief to Egyptians since their armed forces ordinarily point weapons at them. So, the United States of America has compelled some Middle Eastern Sunni leaders to drop bombs.

The real issue is “troops on the ground.” Sorry, dropping bombs on ISIS or any terror group will result in some moments of terror, but within an hour they are all back to normal and will chop off some more heads. Only TROOPS ON THE GROUND will end terrorism in the Middle East. Of course, in addition to troops, there is need for economic reform to create jobs. Sorry, Republicans, President Obama is not at fault, how about directing your anger toward Sunni Middle Eastern leaders??

American Students Are Protesting!

The current group of teens in America ordinarily are most concerned about their iPad, their Face Book interactions or their “freedom” to behave as they desire. Apparently, students are gearing up for another cycle of protests against authority. NO, they are not protesting low wages for Americans, NO, they are not protesting growing wealth and power of the top 1% who currently have possession of 22% of the entire wealth of the nation. NO, they are not protesting wars in the Middle East. NO, they are not protesting denial of women rights to abortion in dozens of states. NO, they are not protesting shooting of innocent people. The new protest concerns dress codes in schools.

In Evanston, Illinois, students protested not being able to wear leggings. In Oklahoma a school superintendent told students they dressed like “Skanks.” In Bingham, Utah, students are protesting denial of girls to be admitted to a homecoming dance due to “inappropriate dress.” Are we witnessing another student protest movement? After all, during the 1960s students were furious at school denial of boys to wear long hair. OH, some students did protest the Vietnam War, and some marched for Civil Rights, but this generation simply has a rendezvous with fighting the good battle of how one dresses.

Ho Hum, Just Another Black Dude Dead!

There are few absolute certainties in life other than Death, but in the United States of America, even as I write these words, there is one definite certainty-today somewhere in this promised land a black skinned man will be shot by a policeman. A black skinned man will also be shot in such a manner as to result in death. James Crawford III was in a Walmart store which SELLS GUNS, and as like thousands of customers he lifted one of the rifles and aimed it at some shelf in the store. Check any gun store in America and you will see men lofting a gun and pointing it. Walmart footage reveals he was simply pointing the rifle at shelves. However, a customer called 911 and told police he was pointing a loaded rifle at customers. No such footage is seen in the video. Anyway, police arrived and pointed THEIR GUNS at him. He took the normal human reaction of attempting to flee and was then shot to death.

The Prosecutor told the Grand Jury that Crawford never did anything wrong. But, the Grand Jury, as usual, believed police claims their lives were at risk, and refused to indict the police. As I recall, Senator Mitch McConnell has a picture of himself holding aloft a rifle. As far as I know, he was never shot by any policeman. After all, he is white, he is a US Senator so how could he be a threat to anyone? Just image in if the customer has been a white man, the NRA would be descending armed to the teeth in that Ohio town!

Untold Story Of Sex In Schools!

I have educated over 12,000 teachers during my life in education. If one desires to create silence in a class of teachers, simply raise the topic of “how many of you during the course of the day have sexual feelings toward students?” Naturally, this emotion is most felt within those teaching secondary children from grades 7-12. I once interviewed teachers about stress in the classroom. Out of curiosity, I asked secondary teachers if they ever had a sexual feeling or encounter with students. Ten percent quietly admitted this emotion. Today, a news report from Garnet Valley Middle School in Pennsylvania revealed that teacher William Barber was charged with sexual relations with a fifteen year old female student.

The teacher claimed the girl sent him nude photos and kissed him while in his office. “Your body drives me crazy” he admits to telling the girl. Reality: A male or female teacher just entering the profession is in his or her twenties. They are teaching sixteen or seventeen or eighteen year old males and females. They would readily date these individuals if not in their classrooms. However, about ten percent may proceed with the dating.

The untold story about teachers and students!

Americans Believe Republicans Fight Terrorism!

Among the most incompetent of President Obama’s failures in leadership is his inability to make clear the origin of groups like ISIS. Perhaps, he might speak about the following:

1. In 2001, al-Qaeda consisted of about 5,000 followers. Today, in the thousands.

2. In 2001, Iran had two powerful enemies on its borders-Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks to President Bush, enemies of Iran were destroyed.

3. It was the war in Iraq which created terrorist groups. This was the legacy left to the next president.

4. It was President Bush who arranged for American troops to leave Iraq in 2011.

The Bush blunders created havoc and chaos in the Middle East. NO president could have eradicated what was the Bush legacy unless he simply packed up our troops and left!