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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if Donald would hump Carly Fiorina?

Modern times– forest fires in Canada just forced 80,000 to evacuate an entire city!

Hillary – ask Bernie to run with you!

Donald Trump is the logical result of 8 years of Republican obstruction in Congress.

I wonder what ISIS leaders think about the American presidential election?

So, how come the EU is breaking up while the new American colonies agreed to come together?

Miracle in Chicago –the Cubs headed for a World Series win for the first time in a hundred years?


Trump Plays ISIS Card

There are moments these days when I wonder if the entire ISIS creation was a Republican plan to help its party win an election. After the debacle of Iraq and the failures in Afghanistan, Republicans simply had to find some way to come across as having any idea how to deal with the Middle East. So, what else could they do but hire a few thousand extras to play Islamic bad guys? Now, they can blame    Islamic terrorism on something that happened during the Obama watch.

Donald Trump continues insisting that  he has a PLAN to wipe our ISIS. We do know that he has a PLAN. What we didn’t know is the plan is simply to cease paying those extras who are playing being Muslim terrorists to pack up and go home. Oh, I forgot. First Donald is going to place the  biggest carpet  all  over the Middle East and call it “Carpet  Bombing” and emerge as  great, great military commander. Folks, there is NO ISIS, it is simply a group of Arab actors playing at pretend chopping off heads.

How About A Palestine?

It has now become part of the Republican mantra that anyone seeking the presidency must get on his knees, lick the boots of Sheldon Adelson and promise never,k ever to mention the word, Palestine. Israel Prime Minister inhabits his own special area of the Twilight zone where there is a nation called, Israel, which covers the entire planet and all who are Jews own every part of the planet. For Bibi Netanyahu under no condition can anyone who claims to be a friend of Israel support the idea of an independent Palestine.

Recent polls in Palestine reveal that over 67% of young people believe that stabbing an Israel Jew is in accordance with the Koran. Who are these young people? They have virtually no prospect for  decent job. They must go through one check point after another to get anywhere. They can be arrested for whatever the Israel police claims is evidence of “terrorism.” Yes, many want to commit some form of violence. That is the norm for people without hope. If Israel wants to end stabbing the first step is to agree on the establishment of an independent state of Palestine.

The details of how to reach such an agreement will take time. But, step one must be an official statement from the Israel government that it accepts this concept.

Hillary Comes Out Fighting

Once again Hillary Clinton had to defend her mistake in voting for the Iraq war, and once again she  had to defend herself against taking money from those with wealth. Yes, she  is guilty as charged. Of course, Barack Obama collected a few hundred million from those with wealth, of course, just about every president since Lincoln has  taken money from those with wealth. Of course, John Kennedy just had to ask dad for the money, but, of course, he made certain that dad had absolutely nothing to do with his administration. The question is, and this is a question that Bernie Sanders refuses to answer: “name one example where I voted to support Wall Street during the economic crisis?”

Reality check: Hillary Clinton said she was willing to accept $12 an hour if that was the only way to get toward the ultimate goal of $15 and hour. Bernie insists that he will guarantee $15 an hour. How in God’s name will a President “demand” that a Republican Congress will  do what he “orders?” At some point a Democratic candidate must speak with reality. It is doubtful if Democrats will control Congress in 2017 so a Democratic President must proceed in increments. Sorry, this is reality. Hillary Clinton recognizes this is reality and this is what she is willing to fight for.

Where Is Leadership?

I was raised when Franklin Roosevelt was President, and then witnessed the remarkable successful leadership of plain-speaking Harry Truman. Dwight Eisenhower became a calm, effective leader who would not give in to demagogues such as Senator Joseph McCarthy–think Donald Trump or Ted Cruz–and then came John Kennedy. Heck, Richard Nixon did a remarkable leadership role in foreign policy. Compared to the latest group of so-called leaders of Republicans, Ronald Reagan comes across as a voice of reason.

What does an effective leader accomplish? He brings together all factions within society in order to accomplish tasks needed by ALL members of society. Republican Dwight Eisenhower never repealed a single law from the New Deal  because those laws made America a more peaceful and caring society. John Kennedy asked “what can  you do for America”rather than what can you get from America. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz seek to turn Americans against one another. They NEVER propose anything that would address the needs of poor or middle class Americans. A great leader such as Abraham Lincoln refused to urge hatred toward the South even though over 400,000 Union soldiers were killed by those from the South.

Bernie preaches anger and hate–yes, I agree the top one percent are bastards, but if the only message is hate, that merely tears society into pieces. An issue is challenging  the top one  percent to conduct their affairs with recognition that ALLl Americans must succeed if there is to be an American Nation. Where is an American leader who challenges each and every American to work for the prosperity of All AMERICANS?

The Panama Papers

The world is being rocked by the release of the Panama Papers. This collection  of information contains 11.5 million files collected by the law firm of Mossack Foreseen in conjunction with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists(ICIJ). Among the revelations is:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has  $2 billion trail of money which he did not obtain from just the President’s salary.

Some of his key assistants have offshore billion dollar funds

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has at least a billion.

Ukraine President Petro Porshenko has gobs of money.

Alaa Mubarak, son of the former President of Egypt has a few hundred million.

Heck, even the father of British PM David Cameron has gobs of money stashed in the Bahamas and never pays taxes.

Did you ever get the feeling the wealthy lead lives that are somewhat different from ours?

Africa’s Tragedy

During the past fifty years each and every nation in Africa has become an independent society. The era of colonialism has disappeared from the continent. However, in place of white Europeans who controlled not only the government, but the economic life of the country, Africans have witnessed the replacement of a white oppressor with the oppression of a black oppressor In country after country on the African continent, the “Boss” is now a black skinned man who has ruled for over two decades.

Check out Zimbabwe where 92 year old Robert Mugabe has been in charge longer than the life of most reading these words. In Kenya, in Tanzania, the old folks run the place. Of course, there are other African nations in which some strong man runs the country as his personal piggy bank. This is the tragedy of Africa. South Africa was blessed by the wonderful Nelson Mandela,  but  his successors are incompetent men who somehow wind up being rather wealthy after a term or so as president.

Since 1952 every leader of Egypt has been a former general. Have you guys considered a woman as Leader?

Kim Jong Un On Donald Trump

We decided to request the advice on how to deal with Donald Trump from the Great Leader of North Korea–Kim Jong-un. Following is what the Great Leader told us about the Donald Man.

“I am a Great Leader so,who but me, would be able to discuss a Great Leader? You Americans continue to criticize my nation for beating up bad people, so, in this case, if we do, we are only doing what your Donald Trump wants All Americans to do with bad people. Donald wants to build a wall, have him visit my nation if he wants advice on securing the border. I can teach Mr. Trump how to secure any border.

Donald Trump  hates the media, why doesn’t he copy how we handle the media– say the wrong thing, and POW in the mouth. Then again, has Trump considered creating labor camps where members of the media and illegal immigrants learn the meaning of hard labor.

Frankly,I would welcome an encounter with the Trump man. We can swap stories as to who can build the biggest wall, who can boast about who  is the smartest person or who can fuck the most women. Sorry, Donald, I win that one hands down!

Now, if Donald would visit my country we can provide him an experience in being an immigrant by sending him off to a nice pleasant labor camp.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


A  high percent of Americans have more fear about their job than terrorists.

ANGER is the name of the 2016 game of politics.

Donald Trump, Vietnam War draft dodger wants to punch someone out. He sure didn’t want to punch out Vietcong terrorists.

Every time Marco Rubio speaks, I hear a whimper of fear.

Poor Hillary, twice now beaten by a  slick politician.

We live in fear in a nation with so much wealth. Why?

Not a single candidate raises the issue of Automation! Why?


It’s Your Fault, Obama!

The moment that Barack Obama set off on the quest for the presidency, and since he obtained that office, fiery words of anger have never ceased from Republicans. Marco Rubio believes the current anger and threatening words of violence are caused by President Obama.

I agree, and  here are some other examples of how Barack Obama has created problems:

1. The Chicago Bulls are having a bad year. Why?  BARACK OBAMA is a Chicago Bull fan!

2. Only  a handful of black actors at the Academy Awards. Why? BARACK OBAMA!

3. There were 709 earthquakes in Oklahoma. Why? BARACK OBAMA!

4. A cop shot a black man in Chicago.  Why? BARACK OBAMA!

5.  Barack Obama was born in the 1960s. Now you know why there was a Vietnam War!

6. Marco Rubio sweats on the stage. Why? His mind is always thinking about Barack Obama!

7. Marco Rubio is having a tough time. Why? Donald Trump gave  a campaign donation to Barack Obama!

At least Marco doesn’t blame Obama for the outbreak of World War II.