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Kim Jong Un On Donald Trump

We decided to request the advice on how to deal with Donald Trump from the Great Leader of North Korea–Kim Jong-un. Following is what the Great Leader told us about the Donald Man.

“I am a Great Leader so,who but me, would be able to discuss a Great Leader? You Americans continue to criticize my nation for beating up bad people, so, in this case, if we do, we are only doing what your Donald Trump wants All Americans to do with bad people. Donald wants to build a wall, have him visit my nation if he wants advice on securing the border. I can teach Mr. Trump how to secure any border.

Donald Trump  hates the media, why doesn’t he copy how we handle the media– say the wrong thing, and POW in the mouth. Then again, has Trump considered creating labor camps where members of the media and illegal immigrants learn the meaning of hard labor.

Frankly,I would welcome an encounter with the Trump man. We can swap stories as to who can build the biggest wall, who can boast about who  is the smartest person or who can fuck the most women. Sorry, Donald, I win that one hands down!

Now, if Donald would visit my country we can provide him an experience in being an immigrant by sending him off to a nice pleasant labor camp.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


A  high percent of Americans have more fear about their job than terrorists.

ANGER is the name of the 2016 game of politics.

Donald Trump, Vietnam War draft dodger wants to punch someone out. He sure didn’t want to punch out Vietcong terrorists.

Every time Marco Rubio speaks, I hear a whimper of fear.

Poor Hillary, twice now beaten by a  slick politician.

We live in fear in a nation with so much wealth. Why?

Not a single candidate raises the issue of Automation! Why?


It’s Your Fault, Obama!

The moment that Barack Obama set off on the quest for the presidency, and since he obtained that office, fiery words of anger have never ceased from Republicans. Marco Rubio believes the current anger and threatening words of violence are caused by President Obama.

I agree, and  here are some other examples of how Barack Obama has created problems:

1. The Chicago Bulls are having a bad year. Why?  BARACK OBAMA is a Chicago Bull fan!

2. Only  a handful of black actors at the Academy Awards. Why? BARACK OBAMA!

3. There were 709 earthquakes in Oklahoma. Why? BARACK OBAMA!

4. A cop shot a black man in Chicago.  Why? BARACK OBAMA!

5.  Barack Obama was born in the 1960s. Now you know why there was a Vietnam War!

6. Marco Rubio sweats on the stage. Why? His mind is always thinking about Barack Obama!

7. Marco Rubio is having a tough time. Why? Donald Trump gave  a campaign donation to Barack Obama!

At least Marco doesn’t blame Obama for the outbreak of World War II.

Inside The Mind Of Marco Rubio

Since I do enjoy embarking on voyages into the unknown, the thought of seeing the inside of Marco Rubio was an experience that I could not turn down.

There were a lot of dollar bills floating around when I finally got to the center of the Rubio brain. “Fred, I want you to know that I will not cease my campaign even if I lose the primary in Florida. Fred, do you understand how much dough I take in each day from frightened Republicans who fear the very idea of a Trump presidency? I get free plane trips, I get great meals, and I do not have to pay a penny. A big difference from the days of my youth.

I have been working on my latest Trump attack. OK, I went for the  penis, and made him look sort of foolish. Then again, when Donald looks foolish,he believes that he just got more votes. Now,Fred, I am of Cuban heritage, but that does not mean I love Hispanics. We Cubans start from the bottom and get to the top, those wetbacks from Mexico, never leave the fields. OK, so once I was for them before I came out agains them.Fred, this is the ear of Trump politics, just say anything that comes into your mind. There are always idiots out in the audience who will applaud.

Anyway,I am in this race to the end of the dollars. Then, again, maybe Donald needs a VP who sweats and makes him look cool?”


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days the new norm for politicians is to wave off your opponents with your arms.

These days one feels nostalgia for the  good old days of Carly Fiorina.

These days politicians are hoarse from so much shouting.

These are not the best of days for American politicians.

These certainly are not the best of days for the American people.

These are now the days for modern Mussolini and Hitler when it comes to fooling people.

These days I miss so much a John Kennedy debate with Richard Nixon.

These days I wish we were in the old days of American politicians.

Whatever Happened To Technology?

I have now heard a few dozen debates in which Republicans promise to bring back ‘millions of high paying jobs” from China or Mexico. Donald is going raise tariffs on Chinese imports and force American businessmen to bring back those wonderful textile and factory jobs. Of course, since unions have lost power what exactly will be the pay of those who work in American textile or manufacturing jobs? OH, I forgot that Republicans believe raising the minimum wage will result in the loss of “millions of jobs.”

I have yet to hear a single Republican mention the loss of jobs due to technology. Within ten years we will have the arrival of automobiles driven by machines rather than people. NO truck drivers, no taxi drivers, no deliverymen, etc.. Donald, machines do NOT receive wages. So, how will you create ‘millions of jobs” for those displaced by driverless cars? The robotization of work is the most powerful force leading to the loss of “millions of high paying jobs.”

OH, I forgot,under President Trump those working picking fruit or collecting garbage will have “millions of high paying jobs!!”

All Quiet On Syrian Front?

Believe it or not but we have now witnessed two entire days without massive fighting in Syria. I realize this sudden interlude is bothering Republican military heroes such as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz who want to carpet bomb someone to prove they understand how to win wars against terrorists. However, for the most part, rebels against Assad are enjoying the first quiet time in years. OK, so the cease fire agreement is not 100% satisfactory since Russia retains the right to bomb “terrorists.”

The real question is whether this strange interlude could result in something that is long term in Syria. So, what are the options for American leaders?

1. They must accept the reality that for the immediate future, there will be a President Assad in Syria.

2. They must accept the reality there will be areas set aside for various rebel groups.

3. The US must realize that Russian is now a power in the Middle East.

Any good news in sight?

1. It is now time for the US to work with Iran in order to get the Russians out of the Middle East. Sorry, Republicans, but Iran is the only hope right now to create some sort of quiet time.

2. It is time for Israel to shut up about the “Iranian menace.”

3. The people of Syria need PEACE AND QUIET so they will cease heading for Europe.

Such is reality. A concept that is foreign to the minds of those seeking to become president of the United States.

The Myth Of Evolution

For over a hundred years most intelligent humans on this planet have accepted the concept of evolution. Of course, there are always members of the Republican party who insist this planet began about 12,000 years ago when God, Himself, took out a week from his busy schedule around the universe to populate the planet. As I recall, there were Adam and Eve and then their sons, Cain and Abel. To prove what a wondrous God we have, two males were able to impregnate one of them and out came babies.

After watching the clowns cavort and shout and insult one another, it is damn clear this so called idea about, “evolution” makes absolutely no sense. Who in their right mind actually believes that Donald Trump is smarter than any gorilla in the jungle?? The modern Republican party is committed to the proposition that stupidity and ignorance are the goals  of the intelligent person. Let’s come to grip with reality– the Zik mosquito is really stinging each and every American with a stupidity bug.

And, the clowns danced and insulted on and on…

Solve Syrian And Border Issues!

I understand that Republicans like Donald Trump want to secure our border and  send Hispanics back to where they came from. This blog offers a perfect solution to the Syrian refugee and ensuring that our borders are safe from terrorists.

1. Deport the entire 12,000,000 Hispanics who presently are in OUR country and let them be nannies and fruit gatherers and garbage collectors back in Mexico.

2. Import 12,000,000 Syrian refugees who will be happy to work for $8 an hour regardless of which type of work is desired.

3. Place Syrian refugees in special apartment houses which will be guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Black Lives Matter folks. Sorry, Hispanics do not fit under the Black Lives Matter umbrella.

4. Hire Syrians to guard any and all Trump buildings– let’s make certain our next President is not harmed.

5. Why waste a lot of money building a high wall. Just place radioactive dust along our border with Mexico.

6. Or, we could negotiate a deal with Kim Jong-un whereby we send Hispanics to North Korea and they send their atomic bomb experts to America in order to teach us how to build bigger and better atomic bombs.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I have absolutely no idea as to what is or are the Kardashians.

Has anyone checked with Dick Cheney as to whether he wants to seek the presidency?

It is time for baseball and every fan has hopes and dreams of their team wining something.

I simply never thought I would ever have to listen to  another George Bush speech, ah, these are strange times.

Gee, a day went by without a story as to how some Hispanic rapists were raping away.

America needs a time out from shouts of anger and hate by those seeking to become president.

Marco Rubio can not utter a sentence in the English language without using the word, Benghazi.

Then again, Ben Carson can not express a single intelligent thought in the English language.