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We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some never chase a dream.

Sometimes the right turn is the wrong turn.

To do joy for others do joy for self.

Never forget from whence one comes.

In every end lurks another end.

Some Jews carry Judaism on their nose, not their heart.

Long time since I heard, ‘Jewboy” comment.

Most fast food workers are friendly, but not their boss.

Some gaze at page with curiosity.

I will never fathom how God thinks.

These are times when jeans are OK for a date.

I no longer know any childhood friends.

I do not understand smart students who do not enjoy learning.

I never thought I was smart, just different.

Some days I feel guilty for being alive when others are dead.

Few women at forty have a slim figure.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Missing Murder Suspect Does Not Appear In Court”

Now, we know why he is missing.

France, Connexion: “Reasons To Be Cheerful In France”

Women, love, the Seine, love, Paris, love, ….

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Be On Time”

Or, we will say you are late?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Things I Have Learned About Money”

It’s good to have lots of it?

USA, aol: “None of The Above”

My attitude these days voting.

Norway, Norway Post: “Three Days In Hell”

Trapped at a Tea Party Rally!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Romney Says Sochi Games Safe”

If Mitt makes a prediction, bet on the opposite of what he says!

Tunisia Model For Middle East

There is something ironic that Tunisia, in which the so-called “Arab Spring” initially emerged should now be the scene in which a blueprint for restoring a sense of democracy in the Middle East can emerge. It was in Tunisia a few years ago that a despondent young man set himself on fire in frustration at not being able to find meaningful work or life. It was in Tunisia, among the most secular Muslim nations of the Middle East, that a dictator, Ben Ali, was removed an an election resulted in victory for the Islamist Ennahada party. Unfortunately, as in other Middle Eastern nations such as Egypt, this party failed to respect the rights of secular Tunisians. This resulted in violence including the murder of secular MPs such as Mohamed Brahmi and chaos. Fortunately, both secular and Islamists decided to cooperate rather than continue violence. A new government led by Mehdi Jomaa will be installed and his Cabinet will consist of technocrats, men and women with skills rather than men and women representing political viewpoints.

This should be the model for Egypt. Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood government of Prime Minister Morsi refused to be inclusive and imposed strict Muslim ideas upon a divided nation in which most did not share a Sharia life. In Tunisia, the new Constitution requires a 50-50 sharing of government jobs between men and women. It will seek to develop an inclusive government in which power is shared. And, there will be a free election.

Goodbye Armed forces. Inclusive power sharing is THE MODEL for the Middle East!!

Christmas In Cairo

Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas in January unlike other Christians in the world who insist Jesus was born in December. Coptic Christians represent about 10% of the population of Egypt and predate Muslims by at least seven hundred years. Somehow, they have continued practicing their Christian religions over the past 1,300 years in the predominant Christian nation of Egypt. There has always been prejudice, Christians have always endured a second class position in Egyptian society, but until the arrival of fundamentalist Muslim Morsi, things were not OK, but not this not OK. Once in office, the Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi went wild attacking Christian establishments, churches and homes. The US State Department claims that at least two hundred Christian business establishments have been attacked along with 43 churches. Christians have witnessed attacks by their Muslim neighbors who somehow claim that Christians were responsible for the overthrow of President Morsi by the armed forces along with the support of a majority of Egyptians. Yes, Coptic Christians were in Tahrir Square-along with Muslim Christians.

The State Department warned American tourists to be careful this week since MB mobs will be out to get Christians. One gets the feeling that Santa Claus will not be coming down chimneys in Egyptian homes this Xmas. Oh well, just another example of how the spirit of good will emerges when people of ANY religion come together to celebrate peace and love to all.

Then again, is Egypt on the visiting schedule of Santa?

Oppress Now, Pay Later In Violence

There is a fundamental military belief that any and all situations can be solved with the proper use of force and violence. If one is, or desires to become a general, then it is imperative to have some form of warfare going on. The path to higher ranks grows longer and the speed along which one proceeds becomes much slower if there are no wars along which to travel. American Secretary of State John Kerry made a phone call to his Egyptian counterpart, Nabil Fahmy in order to urge calm and reduction of violence against the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of placing in jail leaders of that organization, he urged a return to the political process. Kerry urged “an inclusive political process across the political spectrum that respects fundamental human rights of all Egyptians in order to achieve political stability and democratic change.”

OK, so those are words that can be termed cliches spoken by those seeking to avoid violence. Yes, they are. Tough guys seeking promotion to general or super general speak with words demanding death. One can kill now, but in the end there will be countless other deaths and, who knows those who eventually wind up dead. Egypt still maintains the ability to resolve its issues without initiating a civil war of death and destruction of society.

Fight Death With Death?

Each day reveals further evidence of how the Egyptian military government intends to deal with the issue of Islamist terrorists in their nation. A suicide bomber blows self up in a police station and kills fifteen or another bomber attempts to blow up a bus. The result is hate and hate being created within the Egyptian society and as anger increases so does the desire for revenge. At least one thousand Islamists already have been killed and thousands more rot in jail. The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization and anyone who protests against these actions faces the possibility of a five year prison sentence. So, what is the strategy:

1. For each act of violence, respond with more acts of violence.

2. Shut down organizations on some theory that doing so…….?

3. Arrest ANY protester, Islamist or secular and expand forces of violence.

4. Make Mohamed Morsi into a martyr. That definitely will end violence.

5. Ignore creation of a genuine democratic government.

Just remember Iraq!

Protest Without Permission A Crime

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the people of Egypt rose up in anger against their military government in order to create a new government that would be based upon democratic principles. After all, after five thousand years of life under a “government” it seemed logical to take a shot at this thing termed, “democracy.” This thing termed, “democracy” entailed something termed, “elections,” so one was held. A man named Mohamed Morsi gained the most votes, and since he had lived in the United States of America. When asked to select from the American or the Muslim Brotherhood model, Morsi abandoned democracy and choose the totalitarian norm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The end result was another rebellion by “protesters” and this time the military was on their side. Protests were held, the military regained power and they had learned the lesson or cracking down quickly at leaders of protests and sending them to jail-where they would meet Morsi and his followers.

Ahmed Maher, Ahmed Douman, and Mohamed Adil were just sentenced to three years in jail. Why? They were among the leaders who protested against Morsi and then against the military which seized power after Morsi. Heba MOrayet of the Human Rights Watch said” we haven’t seen such high profile activists actually sentenced to such lengthy sentences.” As the sentences were read, people in the courtroom shouted: “down with military rule.”

You can expect further trials of activists.

Museums Built By Slaves

Money does wonders for the human race. People, who once were poor Bedouins wandering the deserts of the Middle East today are now billionaires with untold wealth to display to the world. The United Arab Emirates have money galore to spend showing nations of the world that if one seeks to witness the wonders of art or antique treasures simply hop a plane and come wander through new museums built especially for people who inhabit the UAE. Of course, when employing words such as “people,” we mean the “right people,” not the people who work in the UAE. Thousands have been brought to this rather hot area of the world to build a new British Museum or a new Guggenheim Museum that will please those with wealth. But, what about those immigrant workers-who can never become a citizen of the UAE:

Many have their passports taken away the first day of work and can not leave without them.

If one strikes, then one does not have a job and one does not have a passport to leave.

Ten men to a room is just about right for those who engage in physical work.

Working men engage in fights while police let them batter it out.

A worker lost a leg and waited a year to get another one.

Workers work for seven months to pay off the recruiting fee.

Such is life for those who help create beauty!!

Hijab Clad Rapper For Women!!

Most Americans continue to believe in the claptrap that emanated from the Bush headquarters about “the Muslims” as though everyone of the Muslim faith shared exactly the same ideas as those of Osama bin Laden and any terrorist that wandered into the world arena. It is akin to say that “Americans” believe in killing babies or are all gun fanatics spending their days engaged in playing, not with their penis, but with its equivalent, one’s gun. Myam Mahmoud is an 18 year old Egyptian rap singer who wears a hijab and raps her way through the day fighting for women rights. She lives in Egypt, a nation in which the overwhelming majority of women report being sexually abused at one point or another in life. Myam listened to western and Middle Eastern rappers which led her, hijab and all, to fight for the rights of women in the Middle East.

“What got me started, what really angered me was Arab rap songs that constantly criticized the way women dress.” When posed questions about wearing the hijab, Myam calmly notes “I am not telling people what to do. I tell them they have the right to choose.” It is time to end the nonsense of the existence of a “Muslim civilization.” The world is different in Turkey than it is in Saudi Arabia!

Nudity In Defense Of Freedom!

The Arab Spring ushered in changes that have proceeded in some cases while being stifled in other situations. Aliaa Elmahdy, a young Egyptian girl dared the forces of religious rigidity during this moment in time and thus became a figure or courage to some while to others she represented all that is wrong among those refusing to adhere to voices of authority. She took a picture of herself while nude, and displayed it on the Internet to the consternation of her parents and religious forces in the Middle East. She was forced to flee Egypt and seek refuge in Sweden because to remain among religious folk meant brutality and, possibly death. Her father had spent years locking Aliaa inside the house to protect her virginity and to return home meant empowering her parents to set the destiny of her life.

She gave an interview to a German reporter from Der Spiegel in which this brave young woman made clear remaining in Egypt was not an option for anyone who might dear to reveal her body to the world. The Muslim world is still divided between those embracing the 21st century and those for whom the past is still their present. In one sense, the fight to free the human body to be in control of the individual is among the great conflicts for modern Islam. Sad, that a person’s decisions about body are the concern of clerics and parents and those who deny individual freedom to dress as one desires. We have not come a long way from the “hair wars” of the 1960s!