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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


So, do we deport the well known Canadian, Ted Cruz?

Perhaps it is time to build a wall on the border with Canada to prevent immigrants from entering our nation?

Don’t mess with the Donald Man by getting a lot of votes. He will retaliate.

An entire week went by without a single comment from that profound thinker, Ben Carson.

Barack Obama committed a heinous crime, he cried in public!

I was never more shocked when two major football games were played on New Year’s eve. The result now shows few watched those games.

Is Carly Fiorina still alive?




Muslim Jerks

It was New Year’s eve and thousands were celebrating in the streets of Cologne and Hamburg in Germany when groups of men from Muslim countries in the Middle East decided to surround women and grope and steal their wallets of cell phones and even assault them in public. It is clear these offensive males were from Middle Eastern countries and they were engaged in public criminal acts. The result is damage to the prospects for refuge in Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has stood solidly with the rights of refugees is shocked and now notes there might be a conflict between the “coexistence of cultures.” The pressure has now risen on her to take action. Those who suffer will be refugees seeking safety from the horror of war. Unfortunately, they must now confront the horror of their sons who decided to endanger the lives of Muslim refugees.




We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


If anyone could figure out who are the good guys in Syria give them the Nobel Peace Prize.

Its Monday, who now is leaving the Republican presidential race?

Marco Rubio so loves to pretend he is a poor boy. This is one poor boy with millionaire allies.

I guess Ben Carson can go back to carving up bodies.

Donald figures attacking Bill Clinton will get him votes, dream on.

Ted Cruz is the poor man’s Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Is Carly Fiorina still running for something?

Terrorist Government Beheads!

The American government  for years has been fighting a war against Muslim terrorists. Among our key allies in this struggle is none other than the nation which has done more than any other group in the world to arm, assist, and defend terrorists–none other than our  wonderful friend, Saudi Arabia. A few days ago the Saudi government murdered 46 people using methods such  as hanging, cutting off heads and swords.

Among the dead is Sheikh Nimr al Nimr whose crime was to preach a form of fundamentalist Islam. Ironically, the nation which not only preaches this form of fundamentalism, but funds Islamic terrorists and teaches  hatred of the United States and other western powers is –none other than Saudi Arabia. These deaths have aroused anger throughout the Middle East and we can expect some form of terrorism to be the result. Hopefully, if there is terrorism, hopefully, why not at the source of this hatred?

Watch Them Tomatoes!

There are moments when one wonders how those claiming to be religious leaders discover arcane and unbelievable ideas concerning God, religion, and daily life.  A group of Salafi Muslim clerics in Egypt have raised a new theological issue that simply makes me alter my daily life.  These clerics note that if one “cuts in half a tomato the half part displays a shape that resembles a cross. Eating tomatoes is forbidden  because they are Christian. The tomato praises the cross instead of Allah.”

To be fair to the  Popular Egyptian Islamic Association, there is no doubt hat Mohammed never saw a tomato since this fruit came from the Western Hemisphere in the 1500s. OK, you guys are right on one point, the tomato definitely was a Christian product that came to America in order to ensure we had pizza.

I just can’t wait until Donald Trump gets into this issue!

Israel Takes High Moral Ground

The state of Israel has deliberately taken land away from Palestinians,it has created a apartheid society in which if you are Jewish, you get to the head of the line, and if you are Palestinian, then  get behind. The West Bank was designated by the United Nations in 1948 as land set aside for Palestinians. It is not surprising that many nations in the world regard West Bank settlers as in violation of international law.  Brazil has made clear that it would not accept  Dani Dayan as the Ambassador from Israel because he is a prominent West Bank settler. The Israel government is upset and insists that he be appointed or else they will not regard Brazil as an important diplomatic site.

Let me see:

1. The Israel Ambassador to the US met secretly with Republicans in Congress to organize anti-Obama actions. That violates diplomatic behavior.

2. The Prime Minister of Israel accepted an invitation from Congressional Republicans  and campaigned for their views in his speech to Congress.

3. The Israel government has consistently spread false information about the President of the USA.

And, Israel is now angry because Brazil will not allow an Israeli to be the ambassador to THEIR nation!

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton got into a debate during the Democratic debate that virtually no one saw. After all, if your goal is to attract viewers what exactly do you expect by holding a debate on Saturday evening?  Bernie blasted Hillary Clinton for being in favor of  ‘regime change.’  “I see that Secretary Clinton is too much into regime  change  and far too aggressive  without knowing wha the consequences can be.” Bernie, you are absolutely right,  but you also don’t confront the issue of what happens when people rebel against their government.

Hillary Clinton was wrong to vote for the invasion of Iraq. I have a hunch these days this is one time she wished she had been sick in bed. Secretary Clinton doe raise an interesting issue –if the US does not become engaged in foreign affairs, then who will assume that role? The problem is that America for over decades has interpreted being involved in foreign issues as synonymous with  regime change. America DOES have to be engaged in the world, the issue is HOW to be involved?

A Nation Fearing Fear

I was born in the great Depression when one out of four people lacked a job. It was a time before Social Security, before unemployment insurance, before minimum wage laws and before the government provided assistance to children. I was a teen during World War II when in 1942 the Japanese navy had nine aircraft carriers and we had three. I lived when Germany had an army of eight million and they were the first to develop guided missiles and jet planes.

But, for some strange reason we did not have political leaders who nonstop warned us of dire things to occur. According to Republicans, America is “facing the worst threat to its survival in history.” ISIS has about sixty thousand fighters,  no planes, no aircraft carriers, no artillery, no guided missiles and certainly, no atomic bombs.

What has become of the American people who fought a terrible civil war and its leaders were convinced of victory? FACTS: Since 9/11  fewer than 200 Americans have been killed in this nation. Oh, over 300,000 have been killed by guns wielded by native born Christian Americans.

As President Franklin Roosevelt calmly told us: “You have nothing to fear but unreasonable fear.” There is NO threat to America –other than the one posed b God-fearing Christians who want to kill and kill–themselves!

Ted Cruz, Poor Man’s Donald Trump

It is now quite clear that while Ted Cruz was at Harvard  he spent considerable time in the library reading books about war and bombing an so on. As his poll numbers rise, Ted is moving closer and closer to center stage and he hopes one day  to be right next to the Donald man. At this point he is reduced to verbal battles with fellow Cuban, Marco Rubio. This leads to fantastic one liners:

1. Marco, you know that is not true.

2. There you go again, Marco not telling the truth.

When Ted is not dazzling the world with his erudite Harvard education, Ted explains how to defeat ISIS

1. Carpet bomb the hell out of ISIS.

2. When asked if this might lead to civilian deaths, General Cruz  noted: Only carpet bomb areas where there are terrorists and don’t  bomb civilians.

My hunch is that Ted never actually read a book about war. If he studied WWII the brilliant mind would have learned that during the day 1000 US bombers hit German cities and at night, 1000 British bombers blasted away. Without Russian, British and American  boots on the ground Germany would still be fighting.

Jeb Jabs Donald

Jeb Bush came out fighting for the first time and he went after the great and wonderful Donald Trump.

“Donald, I have a plan, and the only thing you possess is a lot of hot air. Come on man, you want to prevent Muslim from entering the country? Really. So, the head of Egypt, the King of Jordan, and God knows who else can’t come here. I got a plan. Remember,what my dad did during the Gulf War? Oh, I  forgot, you never even heard of the Gulf War. But, dad organized a coalition of Arab nations and they took out Saddam.

Think about it Donald, dad took out Saddam, and  my brother followed up and he took out Saddam. What does this mean? I am the only candidate with  family background of taking out terrorist leaders. OK,so there were a few minor problems with taking out Saddam. Now, if the black dude had kept thousands of American soldiers in Iraq my brother’s brilliant take out of Saddam would have been successful.

Donald, it is always Obama, HE is the one who messed up  the Middle East. And,  if you get power the Middle East would become even messier than it is under Obama.”