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Some Dems Warn Of Radical Hillary

A new myth is arising about Hillary Clinton. The latest crazy story is that she is swinging to the left in order to hold off Socialist Bernie Sanders. In modern America if a politician supports the formation of unions then she is on the road leading to socialism. If a politician supports higher minimum wages then she is against capitalism. Even supposed liberals like Bill Maher refer to Social Security as an example of SOCIALISM! Sorry Bill, Social Security in America is the OPPOSITE of Socialism. The American style Social Security was based on ideas of German arch conservative Otto von Bismarck who had employees and employers contribute to the fund.Examine the following:

I earn $116,000 and I pay no more than six percent into Social Security.

I earn $1,000,000 and only pay the initial $116,000 into Social Security which means I pay less than one-half percent of my salary into Social Security. Hardly an example of SOCIALISM!

Hillary Clinton is campaigning as a believer in capitalism just like so-called Socialist Bernie Sanders has never even hinted at any Socialist ideas.

Who Built The Pyramids Of Egypt

I understand there are people who were taught in school about how ancient Egyptians build the pyramids as a place where they could buy leaders of the nation. Unfortunately, the so called “scholars” never consulted the world’s leading expert on pyramids, one Ben Carson. OK, so some believe he is a surgeon, but few understand that he also is THE leading scholar on ancient Egyptian history. It is easy to understand why he has this background:

1. Egypt is located on the African continent.

2. Ben Carson’s ancestors came from the African continent.

3. It only stands to reason that he knows more than the so called, “scholars” whose ancestors came from European societies.

As he told an audience: “Now, all the archeologists think they (pyramids) were made for the pharoahs. My personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain”

Sounds very scholarly to me.

ISIS Bombs Away

There is increasing evidence that an ISIS bomb was responsible for the downing of a Russian plane in Egypt. The plane departed from a small airport and we can assume those in charge of checking bags did not perform up to high standards of security. So, ISIS, has responded to President Putin and his entry into the war in Syria. I am surprised that Putin just forgot the Russian fiasco in Afghanistan which resulted in the death of thousands of Russian soldiers and played a role in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

There are reports that Iranian generals in Syria are furious that Iran has entered the war. They are witnessing Iranian soldiers die and some general either have “retired” or have faced a court martial for refusing to carry out war orders. In other words, ISIS is winning the battle because it contains soldiers who BELIEVE in the fight.

Vladimir, you ain’t seen anything yet!

Israel Lives By The Sword

Benny Grantz, and Israel official uttered some words of advice to the world, “we will always live by our sword.” No question, this is the operating mode of the current Israel government. Always show them Palestinians and the world that if you mess with an Israeli, you are fooling around with some person who is ready to blast away. Why Israel sense of toughness? If a people for over 2,000 years have resided among Gentiles in a position of powerlessness, there is an intense need to make certain those Gentiles and those Muslims know the old days are gone, and in the new days, we Jews don’t take anything from anybody!

This attitude meets emotional needs for Jews, but as an operating political or diplomatic approach, it fits the attitude of Vladimir Putin,not that of a peacemaker. The time has now come when Jews no longer have to prove they are the toughest guys on the block. How about a little bit of Martin Luther King?

Democracy In Egypt

As you may recall, the nation of Egypt is an ally of the United States of America in its quest to end terrorism in the Middle East. The country of Egypt is ruled, yes, that is the word, ruled, by a man named General Sisi. The general was a friend of the previous ruler of Egypt, General Mubarak who was a friend of the prior ruler of Egypt, General Sadat, who was a friend of the prior ruler of Egypt, General Nasser, who was a friend of the prior ruler of Egypt who was General Naguib.

Ahmed Naji is an editor of a literary magazine in Egypt and he is some sort of terrorist. Well, actually, he published some pictures and words about some sort of sexual issues in life. Naturally, the government of General Sisi does not believe such words or pictures is anything other than an act to ruin the morals of Egyptians. So, off to jail go those who offend the sensibilities of General Sisi.

Just another example of democracy in the fight against terrorism.

The Mets Are Went Down To Defeat

I do realize this blog is supposed to focus upon world events and issues of importance to humankind. Well, for some of us,baseball and football and basketball are a lot more important than who ISIS killed today.The New York Mets were killed, no, murdered, by their incompetence and the pitchers of the Kansas City Royals. These are not joyous days in the city of New York. First,we had to deal with idiots from Texas or the states of the South who continue electing men and women who would fail getting through elementary school, and now we have to endure a bunch of hicks from Kansas City doing harm to our lives.

Let me explain the reasons for the Mets losing the World Series:

1, Barack Obama caused the Ebola scare and since he finished with that one he decided to scare New Yorkers. Remember, he comes from Hawaii, wherever that place is.

2. Ted Cruz never got a chance to filibuster the umps and that’s why the Mets lost.

3. John Boehner cried for the Kansas City Royals,but not one tear for the Mets!

4. Met players were forced to listen to Ben Carson explaining his tax program and they just fell asleep. Unfortunately,they kept on sleeping on the baseball field.

5. Donald Trump is from New York.The Met Hispanic players were afraid he would send them back to the Dominican Republic or Mexico or wherever and they were afraid to get hits against the gringoes.

Bibi The Historian–Sort Of

I realize that some readers actually believe Adolf Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now revealed previously unknown conversations between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. It so of went like this.

Adolf did not have any idea how to handle the Jewish question other than expelling the whole lot. Then, along came the Mufti:

Mufti: “Adolf, if you expel them the whole damned lot will wind up in Palestine.”

Adolf: “So, Mufti, my main advisor on the Jewish question, what should I do?”

Mufti: “Burn them”

And,that is how and why six million Jews died, it was not the idea of Adolf Hitler it was the idea of the Mufti.

OH, the Mufti did leave Jerusalem and he did wind up in Berlin in 1942. Of course, before he ever met Adolf, over one million Jews were dead. Oh well, Bibi, so glad to learn that Adolf had no ideas to kill Jews until the Mufti came along!

An Individual Jihad

The nation of Israel has been occupying land that originally was awarded to the Palestinian people. For nearly half a century, Israel has exerted a strong presence in Palestine, including the West Bank which was a UN delegation of land to Palestinians. In the years 2000-2003,there was an organized Palestinian Jihad against Israel that included suicide bombers and other forms of destruction aimed at Jews in Israel. Of course, 20% of Israelis are Muslim or Christian.

The refusal to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work with US Secretary of State, John Kerry, on a plan to create two nations meant that it was simply a matter of time before some form of new Jihad emerged.The latest manifestation of Jihad comprises young Palestinians using knives to stab Jewish Israelis. Yesterday, a Jewish Israeli decided to engage in revenge and stabbed a man who looked like a Palestinian. He wound up stabbing Uri Rezken. “We are all human beings, we are all equal. It does not matter if an Arab stabbed me or a Jew stabbed me, a religious or a secular person.” The Jew who stabbed him shouted: “You deserve it. You deserve it. You are a bastard Arab.”

NO further comment is required.

Afghan Mess As Always

The Afghan story continues to reveal that blunders are just a normal event for the US military. American bombers bombed the city of Kunduz because Afghan soldiers were scared shit to go into battle, as always. They informed American military that the bad guys were in front of them and they needed a few bombs. According to US sources: “On 3 October we have now learned that Afghan forces advised they were taking fire and asked that for air support. An air strike was called in to eliminate the Taliban threat.” So,US planes bombed and they killed a dozen people in a hospital including several doctors and staff members.”‘

According to the US military it is not their fault for the killing of Doctors without borders because “the Taliban have purposely chosen to fight from within a heavily urbanized site.” It is the fault of the bad guys that we killed innocent doctors and nurses.

When will this horror end??

Why Bibi Netanyahu Will Fail

Israel Prime Minister is no boasting that he alone knows how to work with regional Arab leaders in defeating the forces of evil led by terrorists in Iran and ISIS. “Common dangers are clearly bringing Israel and its Arab neighbors together as we confront the dangers of Iran and ISIS.” In other words, Bibi believes there is some form of coalition between the Shiite Iranians and the Sunni ISIS. So, he wants the governments of Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Jordan to link together and beat the bad guys.

1. Saudi Arabia leaders are the enemy of most Islamic groups fighting in the region. Saudi leaders represent the forces of corruption and lack of concern for poor people. They are the elite, not the common people in the region.

2. Iran has absolutely NO connection to ISIS. Iran is aiding Iraq TO FIGHT ISIS.

3. Let me see,Bibi, do you actually believe being an ally of Jews will resonate with most Muslims in the region!

4. Let me see,Bibi, do you actually believe Muslims are going to ally with a nation that persecutes Muslims on the West Bank and in Israel!

5. Why would any Muslim in the region ally with Israel which refuses to allow Muslims to have their own nation!

Bibi, your talk goes great with Republicans in the US, but these folks have nothing to do with the Middle East.