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Old Fears Die Slowly

There is no new news on the Middle Eastern front since Palestinians and Israelis are well dug in their trenches of anger, hate, and distrust. Neither side seeks to do anything other than bring in more machine guns, heavy artillery and stretch miles of barbed wire in front of the trenches. FRUSTRATION is definitely the word that best describes this conflict. Each side is committed to repeating what the other side did yesterday or last year in in 1948. Each side is going to dig the trench even deeper and arm it even more strongly. Israel leader Tzipi Livni wants peace to succeed and there are Palestinians who agree with her desire, but any movement in the so-called, “peace negotiations” have ceased. She argues a problem is: “part of what happened in the past few months was more negotiations between us and the United States and less with Palestinians. I believe we need to move to more meetings, more negotiations.”

I agree with the sentiment, but do not believe more negotiations will lead to other results. Let us be honest. Israel holds the trump cards, it is in the stronger position. It is time for a dramatic act on the part of Israel. For example:

1. Cease settlement building for one year.

2. Free the next batch of Palestinian prisoners.

After these two acts, Israel should then ask Palestinians to make at least one new act.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Uneasy Ride”

The story of America since Republicans gained control over the House of Representatives.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Pills Plus Booz”

Equals jail plus time.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Campaign Lie Detector”

Why bother with a detector, just allow a Fox News reporter to report.

Russia, Moscow Times: “An Awful Accident”

Vladimir Putin becoming president?

UK, Guardian: “Who Hates The Gym”

Sweden, Local: “Search For Biting Suspect In Brawl”


Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Classrooms At Bursting Point”

I’d prefer students bursting out with new ideas!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


Some lean with one hand on counter.

I wonder if other life forms have numbers.

We enter the world in ignorance and depart….?

Always allow the child to make choices.

Some sleep through life.

I learned young how to survive.

No one can speak for God but God.

Life is simply a fight to survive.

I am rarely surprised by human stupidity.

So enjoy witnessing an old man making out with old ladies.

One’s stomach often reveals one’s feelings.

We have become a nation waited down with pounds of flesh.

Some women follow a man with a forlorn look.

I have never worn black boots.

I accept disappointment as normal.

I eat less these days and think more.

In the end, we are simply some human beings.

Bombs Away In Cairo

There is scant doubt the people of Egypt currently are in the early stage of a bloody civil war that will erupt over the coming years. At least 30 percent of the people of Egypt are conservative followers of religious leaders and believe those to whom they have given allegiance are being persecuted by the military government which now rules the land. Bombs went off at Cairo University, a center of student action.A significant number of Cairo University students follow the Muslim Brotherhood and believe that former President Mursi is being persecuted for his religious beliefs. Actually, the only punishment he has received stems from his inept rule by the force of ignorance. Anmyway, initially two bombs exploded and then a few hours later came a third boom. At least one police officer is dead and several wounded.

Some students have seen too many movies and have concluded that being engaged in war and conflict is rather neat. Unfortunately, one day some of these men will be tortured and brutalized,even to the point of death. It is time to return to the initial Egyptian student plan of demonstrations and working without resorting to violence.

Hang Them All!

Ahmed Telb is a lawyer in the Egyptian town of Matai which is located in the southern part of the country. The town is composed of supporters of former President Mursi as well as large numbers os Coptic Christians. Mr. Telb has devoted his life to representing those charged with crimes and he has avoided becoming involved in political clashes of the day. He simply wants to be a lawyer and enjoy a good life with his wife who is a teacher. However, today he is Number 309 of the 529 Egyptians who were sentenced to death by a judge for participating in riots that resulted in the death of a police captain. There had been a pro-Mursi outbreak of violence in which the police station was stormed and Coptic Christian churches were burned. Police identified 529 men who they claim were involved in the raid.

There was a “trial.” It was composed of two half hour sessions. Defense lawyers were not allowed in the courtroom. No evidence was presented. Some of the 529 have yet to be arrested. However, the judge sentenced all to death. The father of Mr. Telb summed up the madness of his son’s life: “one minute he is representing clients, the next minute he is sentenced to death.”


We offer samples of headlines from the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Crimea Soon To Be Russian”

Let’s not rush into this solution.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Unemployment Hits Poor Hard”

Wow! I never knew this!

Sweden, Local: “Please Don’t Kill The Kids”

A few knock out pills will do for peace and quiet!

France,Connexion: “Stolen Rembrandt Found”

But, has anyone found Rembrandt?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Strawberries Offer Prompts Outrage”

I clearly said: Blueberries!

Guardian, UK: “Ocean Keeps Its Secrets”

Does this mean no airplane debris?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Nudists Scare Kids”

Let’s not cover up this story!

Is Israel The Modern South Africa

First, let me make clear the overwhelming number of Jews in Israel are caring people who seek to live in harmony and peace with all people. Few Jews seek to terrorize the weak, and few seek to implement laws that are similar to what their ancestors endured in other nations for a few thousand years. However, fear and propaganda have frightened all too many Jews in Israel to accept the belief their lives are in danger from the 15% of the people in their land who are Muslim or Christian Arabs. Instead of reaching out to these fellow Israelis forces of hate and fear installed in the hearts of many Jews that only separation from their comrades in the land of Israel would safeguard their lives.

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who migrated to Israel from Russia has a plan to handle the 15% of non-Jews in the land even though their ancestors lived and worked in what is now called Israel. Under the Lieberman Plan, Arab Israelis would be forced from their homes and transferred into special Arab areas of Israel which currently possess large numbers of Jews. Jewish settlers living on the West Bank would have their land incorporated within Israel. This would constitute a forced migration of people. It would subject the state of Israel to international condemnation and undoubtedly result in sanctions and hatred toward Jews.

However, the real danger is what this does to the soul and hearts of Jews in Israel. Do they seek to become the center of hatred as was white South Africa when it moved black skinned people into special areas. Oh, the origin of the word, ghetto is from Italy. A ghetto was a special area set aside for Jews. Fast forward to the 21st century and Jews are proposing special areas for minorities!!

Egyptian Justice

There is no question under the administration of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi the rights of people were continually violated and violence was allowed to proceed against Coptic Christians. The evidence is clear that Morsi was an incompetent leader who simply allowed members of his Muslim Brotherhood to engage in violence against their opponents. Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian military in a process that witnessed disregard for the rights of Muslim Brotherhood members. Violence broke out as followers of the MB went to the streets and, in many cases, resorted to guns in order to make clear their displeasure for the overthrow of Morsi. In one horrid example over 900 MB members were killed in gun exchanges between the armed forces and Morsi supporters. Some police died in this scene of violence.

A “trial” is now taking place in south Egypt. A judge is deciding whether over 500 men are to be sent to jail for participating in the pro-Morsi riots. The “trial” lasted two court sessions. An accused man described the trial: “the trial lasted two sessions each about five minutes.” No lawyer spoke for a defendant, actually, no prosecutor even spoke. The judge made his decisions. Of the 520 accused, he acquitted 16 and condemned the rest to be executed.

Just another day of Egyptian justice under the rule of the armed forces.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Woman Spots Missing Airplane”

It landed in her back yard in Brooklyn.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Theatre Of Absurd”

Any day in the House of Representatives.

Sweden, Local: “Cop Shoots Spear Wielding Man”

I assume he shot him with a bow and arrow.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Out Of Pandora’s Box”

A sober Rob Ford?

USA, NY Post: “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Talk will not produce any children.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Customs Seizes Cocaine Condoms Headed For Vatican”

This is not a surprising headline,but it will bring happiness to some men I don’t know.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Airline Pilot Got Mystery Call”

The only mystery is why every phone call he took prior to flight is now a “mystery call.”

Foreign Policy Of Fight To Finish!

I do listen to words of advice from some members of the Republican party regarding what now to do about the situation in the Crimea and Ukraine. Of course, not a single one of them has the slightest idea as to the location of these areas in the world other than they are close to Russia. Fox News with its collection of well fed men who apparently have never fought anyone physically, are hot to trot about standing up to Vladimir Putin. They all want to make clear they are not some wussie like the black dude in the White House. Naturally, the pert cute blonds who pose as authorities on foreign policy are ready to fight to the last member of our armed forces is dead because beloved Crimea is first in their hearts and souls.

The voices of we need to do more and more to make clear to Russia that any attack on any nation will be met with the full force of the United States of America. I am a bit confused. When Russia invaded the country of Georgia–our then president George Bush did not send military forces and not a peep from Fox News or the Republican party.

Of course, if President Obama dispatched planes to Ukraine, the howl of anger from Fox News and the Republican party would be heard in the Crimea!! The Republican mantra is that Democrats should fight wars while Republicans should cut taxes and there will be peace in the world.