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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


These days political leaders so enjoy pretending they are the tough sheriff in town.

Me thinks Ben Carson has shot his wad.

Me thinks Mike Huckabee is  heading back to talk  shows and selling his books.

Say, is Carly still in this race? She has become rather quiet.

Barack Obama should spend time reading and learning from American history.

I can not wait until next year at the Republican convention-what a show awaits the American people!

Oh well, Chris Christie is back in the lineup, all 300 pounds of his bullshit.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald is worried about secret business meetings, for God’s sake, that is what he has been involved in throughout his life!

Ben Carson threatens to run as an independent–by November he would be lucky to have one million followers.

Ted Cruz is God’s gift to Ted Cruz.

How about Cruz and Rubio as a ticket- an Hispanic immigrant’s delight!

A drone just killed another terrorist, I assume this ends terrorism.

Barack Obama has never learned that talking from the Oval office adds to the importance of what is said.

The reason bad folks carry guns is because the good folks carry guns.

The 25% Modern Dilemma

The world is currently living in the 21st century, but in nation after nation there remains a solid 25% of people who prefer the good old days of nineteenth century living. Here in America, a solid 25% do not believe in climate change,they do not believe in “science” which is regarded as some sort of “liberal”plot to destroy the nation, and they DO believe our President was born in Kenya and is a Muslim.

Unfortunately, this 25% is found in France where the National Front, a right wing party  led by Marine Le Pen, won 28% of the vote, but was unable to gain control over any region. This same 25% is in England, in Turkey, in India, and every nation of the modern world. They simply can not adjust to life in the modern world. We in America will be voting in November, the real question is whether or not we elect one of the 25% as our next president.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I sort of like John Kasich, there are moments of sanity in the man.

Poor Ben Carson is getting ready to sell his books and get over this nonsense of becoming a President.

Jeb Bush will go down in history as a footnote.

Just remember, Republicans, Dick Cheney is still eligible to run for president.

Mystery of life, why does President Obama fear talking from the Oval Office?

Then again, why did he refuse to explain anything to Americans?

Ted Cruz as President would result in mass exodus of people to Canada–his original homeland.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


It is now obvious that Trump has found a model in Adolf Hitler, just say something hateful.

I wonder if ISIS can figure out when asked if they are Muslims, just say NO!

There are moments when I want to become a Canadian citizen.

Donald Trump is not the problem, the problem is those who adore him.

Funny, these days I never hear anything from Jeb Bush.

Then again, I never hear anything from George Bush.

Oh well, there is always Mitt Romney to become the candidate of the people.

Blame It On Muslims!

President Obama in his speech about Muslim extremists called upon American Muslims to “root out extremists” among those who attend mosques.  I was in the US Army in 1951 when McCarthyism was a dominant force in society. Senator McCarthy charged thousands with being “fellow travelers” aiding Communist Soviet Union. I was constantly asked by fellow soldiers, “why do Jews allow so many Communists in their religion?” The assumption was that since noted spies, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Jews somehow this meant Jews had some sort of responsibility if any Jew became a Muslim.

The President was absolutely wrong in challenging Muslims to take responsibility for a Muslim who winds up as a terrorist. Each individual is responsible for his or her actions, they are not responsible for other members of their families or what neighbors do or what someone of their religion does. Reality: I have NO power to alter behavior of strangers who happen to also be Jewish.


We offer observations on the human condition  from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Donald Trump told an audience that he has ‘friends’ who are Muslim.

Donald continues referring to ‘stupid people.’ I wonder if that is a reference for the stupid people who invaded Iraq and created the current problems.

We don’t hear much these days from silent Ben Carson–good or bad news?

Americans so enjoy fearing non-threats.

Modern Americans have never had to fear a real enemy such as Nazi Germany or the Japanese empire.

Barack Obama has never grasped the importance of a President to educate Americans.

A 5% unemployment rate, banks solid once again, and guess who is to blame for this horrible situation?


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Yesterday Republicans hated Hispanic people, today they hate Muslim people.

Donald Trump wants to bomb the hell out of ISIS. We ARE bombing the hell out of ISIS.

Nightmare-Imagine “President” Carly Fiorina leading this nation.

I assume Jeb Bush is seeking advice on dealing with ISIS from George.

Reality- no quick  fix to the ISIS problem.

There are moments when I want to go to Canada and live with intelligent English speaking people.

We need to create a new group to hate in this country. How about those Redskins, after all, we have feared them for over three hundred years!

Barack Obama As Leader

This blog has been arguing for over six years that Barack Obama has never studied the meaning of being President and this has been a source of his problems. The President in America is the symbolic as well as the political leader of the nation. Most countries in the world divide these functions between two functions – a monarch  and a political leader or a President and a Prime Minister. Obama constantly ignores his role as the Chief Educator of American  society. He never comes before the American people to explain his goals.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 when Americans feared atomic war, President Kennedy appeared on TV to calm the nation. During WWII Franklin Roosevelt constantly appeared on the radio to discuss war events. At one point in 1943 he told Americans to listen to his radio discussion armed with a  map.He then proceeded to discuss how our military was functioning in the world. This is the meaning of leadership. Theodore Roosevelt often cited the “Bully Pulpit” of the presidency which means discussing, explaining  and ensuring that Americans understood the issues of the day.

At no point did President Obama discuss the new Affordable Care Act with the American people. Thus, he allowed Fox News and right wing nut cases to explain HIS law. Yesterday, he finally got on TV to discuss fears about terrorism. Unfortunately, this talk came to late since for a week Fox News and right wing nut cases have been framing the discussion. Barack Obama is a nice man and a well meaning man–he has failed in his role as Chief Educator for America.

Dealing With ISIS

Michael Flynn, director of  the Defense Intelligence Agency has offered some practical advice on dealing with ISIS. He points out there “were all kinds of reporting and strategic warnings  and even the guys in the Islamic State said they were going to attack overseas.” ISIS leaders told their followers “go forth and do good on behalf of our ideology.” So, there was no surprise that someplace and somewhere in Europe or the United States some sort of ISIS inspired attack would occur. That was the good news, but the bad news was that no one could possibly know the exact spot of the attack. So, what does he recommend for curbing the power of ISIS?

1. Cut off the sources of its wealth. That means Gulf State leaders have to crack down on Gulf State wealthy people who furnish ISIS with money.

2. Arab nations have to come together in some sort of an alliance and create a new Arab army.

3. Killing leaders via drone attacks only means another leader will emerge from he pack. Cease boasting about killing leaders since that will NOT end ISIS.