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We offer observations on the human condition from a25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I wonder if there are any  groups of people to whom Donald Trump does NOT have fantastic relationships with?

There are moments when Marco Rubio does not have a clue as to what he should be saying.

Is Lindsay Graham still in the race for president?

Carly Fiorina has become the poor woman’s version of bombastic Trump.

Then again, Carly always comes across as determined that she is always right!

I would so enjoyed watching his advisors show Ben Carson the location of Jordan on a map.

Ted Cruz has a dream, being a sheriff in a western town and gunning down the bad guys.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Australia, Canberra Times:  “Cash Appointed Minister”

I assume this means there will always be money at hand.

France, Connexion: “Police Appeal For Bomber Identity”

The least the bomber can do is tell them, they DID say, Please!

Russia, Moscow Times: “Surge In Interest In Army”

Not from those running for office in America!

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Very Popular Discussion”

Among Republicans it is always the faults of President Obama.

USA, Newsday:  “Pleads Guilty Goes To Jail”

Not if he works on Wall Street!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


We need some brave explorers to venture into the dark recesses of the Trump mind.

I sure wonder what Abraham Lincoln is thinking about this collection of Republicans.

Marco Rubio is slowly disappearing into the west.

Ted Cruz should begin to wear two guns on his waist. I would advise not using them.

I continue wondering what kind of doctor Ben Carson was.

Barack Obama is among the most inept leaders in history. Silence is his concept of leadership.

Being a Muslim in Republican America is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany.Same fears.

On Defeating ISIS

There are no cameras rolling, I am not running for any public office so it is possible to discuss the situation in the Middle East with common sense.

1. ISIS is one outcome of the Iraq invasion of 2003.

2. ISIS is one outcome of the disastrous decision of President Bush to disband the Iraq army and send one million men home with gobs of weapons.

3. ISIS represents a portion of al Qaeda. Of course, the original al-Qaeda was formed during the war in Afghanistan against Russia. The CIA provided its weapons.

4. ISIS is an outcome of a Middle East that has languished behind other nations in terms of economic development. Anyone with education has to leave to get a good job–other than killing people.

Defeating ISIS will entail:

1. Vast economic development in the Middle East

2. A new form of the Muslim religion which marries modernity and faith.

3. Honest non-corrupt governments.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


Aside from speeches, exactly what do Republican want to do about ISIS?

Gee, I so wish we had Rudy Giuliani to lead us in this new crisis. After all, he single-handedly wiped out al-Qaeda.

Barack Obama is among the most inept leaders in a crisis. He never speaks with the American people.

Barack is cool when he should be hot.

Funny, no statements from George Bush on how to handle terrorists.

We ignore poverty and wonder why there are problems.

How about sending in Chicago gangs to handle ISIS?

Bibi Feels OK?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently in Washington D.C. visiting his arch enemy, Barack Obama and for the very briefest of moments, the man from Jerusalem is not upset. At the heart of this conflict between the Israel leader and the American leader is the reality that no intelligent American president can allow another nation to determine its foreign policy. Netanyahu has met with Republican leaders, he has made clear during an election in the United States that he would prefer the election of a Republican. From the perspective of Netanyahu this is normal behavior, but from the perspective of ANY American politician, this is a blatant interference in the political life of the United States.

The guiding principle of American foreign policy is that our leaders are motivated by the interests of the United States. America seeks to end conflict in the Middle East and that requires the cooperation of ALL nations, including Iran. As long as any Israel leader refuses to negotiate in good faith, there can not be peace in the region. As far as Israel is concerned, there is one basic fact. Unless there is a two-nation conclusion, by 2030 the Jewish people will be a MINORITY within their own nation. That is a piece of reality.

Some Dems Warn Of Radical Hillary

A new myth is arising about Hillary Clinton. The latest crazy story is that she is swinging to the left in order to hold off Socialist Bernie Sanders. In modern America if a politician supports the formation of unions then she is on the road leading to socialism. If a politician supports higher minimum wages then she is against capitalism. Even supposed liberals like Bill Maher refer to Social Security as an example of SOCIALISM! Sorry Bill, Social Security in America is the OPPOSITE of Socialism. The American style Social Security was based on ideas of German arch conservative Otto von Bismarck who had employees and employers contribute to the fund.Examine the following:

I earn $116,000 and I pay no more than six percent into Social Security.

I earn $1,000,000 and only pay the initial $116,000 into Social Security which means I pay less than one-half percent of my salary into Social Security. Hardly an example of SOCIALISM!

Hillary Clinton is campaigning as a believer in capitalism just like so-called Socialist Bernie Sanders has never even hinted at any Socialist ideas.

Who Built The Pyramids Of Egypt

I understand there are people who were taught in school about how ancient Egyptians build the pyramids as a place where they could buy leaders of the nation. Unfortunately, the so called “scholars” never consulted the world’s leading expert on pyramids, one Ben Carson. OK, so some believe he is a surgeon, but few understand that he also is THE leading scholar on ancient Egyptian history. It is easy to understand why he has this background:

1. Egypt is located on the African continent.

2. Ben Carson’s ancestors came from the African continent.

3. It only stands to reason that he knows more than the so called, “scholars” whose ancestors came from European societies.

As he told an audience: “Now, all the archeologists think they (pyramids) were made for the pharoahs. My personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain”

Sounds very scholarly to me.

ISIS Bombs Away

There is increasing evidence that an ISIS bomb was responsible for the downing of a Russian plane in Egypt. The plane departed from a small airport and we can assume those in charge of checking bags did not perform up to high standards of security. So, ISIS, has responded to President Putin and his entry into the war in Syria. I am surprised that Putin just forgot the Russian fiasco in Afghanistan which resulted in the death of thousands of Russian soldiers and played a role in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

There are reports that Iranian generals in Syria are furious that Iran has entered the war. They are witnessing Iranian soldiers die and some general either have “retired” or have faced a court martial for refusing to carry out war orders. In other words, ISIS is winning the battle because it contains soldiers who BELIEVE in the fight.

Vladimir, you ain’t seen anything yet!

Israel Lives By The Sword

Benny Grantz, and Israel official uttered some words of advice to the world, “we will always live by our sword.” No question, this is the operating mode of the current Israel government. Always show them Palestinians and the world that if you mess with an Israeli, you are fooling around with some person who is ready to blast away. Why Israel sense of toughness? If a people for over 2,000 years have resided among Gentiles in a position of powerlessness, there is an intense need to make certain those Gentiles and those Muslims know the old days are gone, and in the new days, we Jews don’t take anything from anybody!

This attitude meets emotional needs for Jews, but as an operating political or diplomatic approach, it fits the attitude of Vladimir Putin,not that of a peacemaker. The time has now come when Jews no longer have to prove they are the toughest guys on the block. How about a little bit of Martin Luther King?