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Go South Or Further South

There used to be a country named Egypt which extended south and even further South until one day a few decades ago those living in the South decided they wanted to become the nation of Sudan. Those living in the northern part of the Sudan were light skinned and they conformed to the Muslim faith while most folk living even further south were of the Christian faith, and as we know from life experience when you mix up those who are light skinned with those who are dark skin things sort of get bothersome. Now, you add in differences of color and the pot will boil over and cause many to experience some pain. So, after a few years those who were dark skinned and Christian decided they did not wish to become part of any northern country which was also Muslim so they revolted and became South Sudan.

Naturally, since the south part of Sudan broke away it was only a matter of time before South
Sudan southern folk broke away and want to set up their own country. So, some of those in South Sudan support the president and those who want to go South support the vice president. I will not bother you with names and dates.

Anyway, South Sudan is now divided and Sudan is now divided and I am confused and, so are you!

Sands Of Egypt Covered With Blood

A few years from now when Islamic militants are killing dozens of people in Egypt and violence and torture and brutality have become the norm, you will shake your head and wonder why the people of
Egypt did not pursue a different path in 2014 when opportunities for peace were more possible. Egyptian soldiers clashed with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood which increasingly has resorted to violence in its opposition to military rule. Two Egyptian soldiers were shot and killed while about six Mursi dissidents were shot and 8 wounded. An estimated 500 women dressed in black from head to toe chanted their support for former president Morsi and hundreds of Morsi male student supporter did their chanting. It is not kosher for males and females who back the Muslim Brotherhood to chant together. We are now at the stage of raids and a few killed on either side. Just give us time and we can get into the major leagues of mass murder and suicide bombers who blast themselves and a few dozen bystanders to hell–or heaven?

What can be done?

1. The military should make clear that no Army officer will run for the presidency.

2. Former President Morsi should be freed from jail and given an opportunity to run for president–he will lose.

3. A civilian government should then be formed which can establish judicial procedures to punish any who have violated the laws of Egypt.

4. Allow a defeated Morsi to hang around. He is inept and can not gain popular support for anything he says.

Oh, Those Loose, Loose Women!

There are occasions in reading stories from the Middle East which concern the lives of women when a sigh of despair is the only logical response to yet another tale of oppressed Muslim males whose lives are violated by the actions of loose women. A female student at Cairo University was walking across the campus when she was assaulted by a gang of pseudo students who regarded her dress as unbecoming for a decent woman. In their view, only males can wear jeans or only males can walk around with a head not covered by something and certainly only males can walk where they damn well please. She was manhandled and pushed around by these male “students,” and I mean by males who have no idea as to the meaning of being in a college.

The actions of this woman infuriated Dr. Nasser Gaeber, president of Cairo University. He was shocked by the very idea of a woman at HIS university who wore–COLORFUL CLOTHES! Shocking, absolutely shocking behavior! She apparently had no idea that being in a university meant obeying the ideas of elderly men who sit around determining how women should or should not dress. Dr. Gaeber threatened to expel the women. However, he did admit “the girl’s mistake doesn’t justify what happened to her at the hands of the students.”

Of course, if women did not make mistakes, neither would males!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Defend Women Only Ad”

The issue is “only for what?”

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “A Golden Opportunity”

This coming fall, just vote Democratic for a golden opportunity for America.

China, China Daily: “I Was Supposed To Be On That Plane”

On the other hand, you might be having a wonderful time on some deserted island.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Register Lost Breast”

A touching story of love.

Canada, Toronto Star: “New Way To Make Decisions”

For Republicans, that would be using one’s mind rather than anger.

Japan, Japan Times: “Kim Jong-un Gets Every Vote”

That’s all? I thought he was a 105% in any election.

Sweden, Local: “Don’t Read This”

It offers opposing views to what you think!


We offer observations on the human condition from a 23 year old mind trapped in an 83 year old body.


I have never worn white clothes.

My pop never went to school, good or bad news?

Some talk, take bite, place hands on crouch.

My childhood apartment was tiny, but warm with love.

I miss the sound of the “I Cash Clothes Man” who wandered our streets.

The silence of pop taught me the beauty of silence.

I so long to see the plains of the Ukraine from whence pop came.

We can only go home again in spirit.

Many women wait for food order with hands classed together.

A woman has to shake her head when rising.

Food is food for me, I am Depression born.

The moment DOES come, but we do not know it is THE MOMENT!

Either children getting taller or I am getting shorter.

I dislike tight clothes.

I do not whisper in life, there are no secrets I know.


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

Sweden, Local: “Boycott Sexist Films”

Sounds sexist to me!

Canada, Toronto Star: “Bust Pickpocket Gang”

I guess someone placed their hand in the wrong pocket.

China, China Daily: “China Pledges Strong Stance On Smog”

I assume this means any smog found in China will be sent for re-education!

France, Connexion: “Pilots Call For Flight Boycott”

From now on passengers are responsible for all flying.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Missing Man Found In Cambodia”

I guess he is now, not a missing, but a found man!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “A Golden Opportunity”

Christie will allow all cars to drive across the George Washington Bridge

Singapore, Straits Times: “I Was Supposed To Be On That Plane”

Plain lucky if you ask me!

Bibi Takes A Stand

Among there ongoing myths surrounding the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his American supporters is that standing tough has resulted in greater security for the Jewish people. By the way, about 15% of the people of Israel are Muslim or Christian so what happens to Israel also will happen to them. Prime Minister Netanyahu is on his way to America to talk with President Obama. He informed the world: “we will discuss the Iranian issue and t he diplomatic process. In recent years the state of Israel has been under various pressures. We have rejected them, that is what has been and will.” This is the talk of a man who rejects compromise, not a man who really intends to engage in compromise.

Reality, it is rare in the human world for one to attain a 100% of what one desires in life. Compromise is the essence of human interaction. Secretary of State John Kerry has been struggling to engage Israel and the Palestinian Authority in a process of peace. He wants both sides to agree on some Guidelines that would establish parameters for behavior. Unless both sides agree on a process, how can there be peace?

Tough talk is what Vladimir Putin is able to pull off. Sorry, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel is not in the same ball park of power as is Russia. And, when Bibi gets to Washington he will discover that President Obama, at this point in time, is focused on Russia and Ukraine, not on the Middle East.

Guns For Egypt

It would be interesting if the president of the United States or the Secretary of State could clearly explain the nation’s foreign policy toward Egypt. We temporarily suspended sending arms to the Egyptian armed forces, but eventually these guns and planes and tanks and so forth were on their way to Egypt. It is clear that US policy wants a strong Egyptian army in place to handle the militants the Egyptian army has created. General Sisi insists the people of Egypt want him to be their president. And, to make clear what he would do if elected the current government led by Sisi just negotiated a $2 billion contract to purchase arms from Russia–all paid for by the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Over half the population of Egypt lacks any jobs that enable the individual to live a decent life. Production is stagnant, bright young Egyptians head for other nations once they have acquired technological skills since there is no place for such people in modern Egypt which spends on the military while the economy goes down and down. Yes, there are Islamic militants, they are killing in the Sinai region and soon will accelerate murder and mayhem in Cairo. Oh, that would definitely be evidence of the need for more arms and dear old Saudi Arabia would pay for them.

Egyptian Surprise!

An amazing event occurred in the nation of Egypt that simply has no prior precedent in half a century. General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi announced that he would stand for the position of president of the nation of Egypt. This was a difficult decision on the part of an Egyptian general, to actually become involved in the political life of his country. “Yes, it has been decided. I have no choice but to meet the demands of the Egyptian people. I will not refuse this request.” He promised “to work to heal our country from its illness.” Yes, an Egyptian army leader will stand for the office of president. Hmm, let me see:

1953. Colonel Gamal Nasser becomes president.

1968. Colonel Anwar Sadat becomes president.

1980. General Mubarak becomes president.

Oh, in between Mohammed Morsi got elected president when about 31% of the people voted.

So wonderful that finally another Egyptian army officer will run for president.

Lock Them Up In Egypt

There was a moment during the Arab Spring, just a fleeting moment when the concept of democracy was being practiced in nations long accustomed to rule by this or that petty dictator. Ordinarily, the dictator formerly wore a uniform in an army that never actually fought anyone unless they were their own people. Al-Jazeera is a competent and professional organization which approaches news in the Middle East with seriousness and a sense of professional conduct. It is rare among Middle Eastern news media since it regards its duty to report various viewpoints pertaining to an event rather than simply following the government party line. This attitude is not that which is desired by the Egyptian government, which, in reality, is simply an arm of the Egyptian military. Twenty correspondents who work for al-JaZeera in Egypt have been arrested and charged with crimes against the state.

The group was charged with disseminating stories that were examples of “fabricating news that tarnished the reputation of Egypt.” They were accused of being “biased.” Huh! Egypt currently is a nation in search of its soul and that includes its desire for democracy.