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Chairwoman Hillary Speaks

It was merely a matter of time before Hillary Clinton came out with her views on what should have been American foreign policy during her tenure in the job of Secretary of State. Her new book, “Hard Choices” is, most probably, an attempt to establish that she was under the orders of the president during her tenure in that position, and she wants one and all to know that she always did not agree with Obama on issues of foreign policy. Hillary argues in her book that the Obama views on Egypt was wrong. She wanted former strong man, Hosni Mubarak to hand over power to a successor and allow a free election while Obama and his advisors wanted to allow the Arab Spring to follow its course–which, of course, led to the election of Morsi as president. We are now into, “you should of rather than do what you did.”

Hillary also believes America should have insisted that East Jerusalem be included in areas in which new settlements were not allowed. She believes failure to include East Jerusalem resulted in failure of the Palestinian government under President Abbas to support continued negotiations. Frankly, the history of the past decades is a study in refusal of American presidents to use the power of money to force Israel to cease and desist in its construction of West Bank settlements.

The Election When No One Showed Up

During the past few days we have been reporting on an election which undoubtedly will change the lives of those living on this planet. It is the election in Egypt in which General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is running against himself. Now, let’s be honest, it is very difficult for anyone to run against himself. After all, how can you express lies and anger against your own self? If you rig the election to prevent General Sisi from winning then it simply means General Sisi will win. The election was originally to last two days, but when those supervising polls did not have anyone show up to actually vote, what else could the government do but add on another day, give a holiday to all government employees, provide transportation and make clear, no vote, no pay.

Latest figures indicate about 46% voted. Of course, that is the figure issued by the government. In fairness, at least General Sisi was more honest than Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin because when they held an election, the vote always was 99.9% for them. A few guys were allowed to vote the other way in order to prove to the world, there was an opposition person. Oh, those who originally wanted to run for president decided to boycott the farce.

People Do Not Speak In Egypt

The Egyptian government is proud to report there was an election. It is proud to report that someone won the election for president of the nation. In announcing his candidacy, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi promised that over 80% of the people in his nation would turn out in a free election and vote for him. The figures are in. About 47% of Egyptians voted. Many polling places never had anyone show up to vote even though people could be fined for not voting. The good news is that 96.1% voted for you know who–the general in charge of the army. I understand there are those who do not believe this was a free election and that General Sisi is no sissy and he will get angry.

On the bright side, there is no need for a run off because no one failed to get 50% of the vote.
On the bright side is the fact those in the Muslim Brotherhood will not receive a get-out-of-jail card.
On the bright side, General Sisi will not have to share any of the loot with any other than his fellow officers.
On the bright side Egypt will not change and poverty will continue. At least those in poverty know what tomorrow will bring– continued poverty!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Army Rounds Up Critics”

Ah, once again in Egypt.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Al Ale Of A Good Time”

Burp went Rob Ford.

Sweden, Local: “Rent Rabbits This Summer”

Now, hop to it!

USA. NY Daily News: “Idiots Guide To Politics”

Simple, just vote for Republicans.

UK, Guardian: “Man Plays Chicken With Train”

I guess he is clucking up in heaven.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Bike Legend Assaults Girls”

Now, exactly what was he a legend about??

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “I’m A Touchy Feely Sort Of Person”

Just feel for my lips!

An Election That Never Was

An election just concluded in the nation of Egypt. OK, so you never heard about this electoral event, then again, never did most people in Egypt. Yes, there were two candidates, after all, this is an election and in a democracy there must be at least two running for public office. One of the men in this electoral farce is named General Abdel Fattah Sisi, and he heads the armed forces of Egypt. This apparently was the reason all media only reported about his candidacy and simply ignored the other guy. OH, his name is Hamdeen Sabahi. It is doubtful if all Egyptians can tell you anything about this guy. As you entered a polling place to vote armed guards from the Army were presence to make certain you knew how to vote and who to vote for. Every report from outside observers is a low turnout. In some voting centers there were more soldiers than voters. Oh, all government employees were given the day off and pointed in the direction of a voting center.

One unidentified voter told the media that he voted for the other guy because of his disgust with this farce of an election. “I am not for the (Muslim( Brotherhood, I did not support what they did in governing, but the army now is just killing people, right in front of us in the street.”

You can expect the High Elections Commission will report a massive vote in favor of –guess who??

Egyptian Justice Ain’t Justice

The nation of Egypt does enjoy the presence of a system of justice and courts and trials. This is true. The nation of Egypt is currently controlled by the military which seeks to make known that when a military leader makes a statement, then any contradiction of that comment constitutes a blatant example of terrorism. Last month, on the second day of trial, 529 men were sentenced to death on grounds they were terrorists who had rebelled against the government by engaging in demonstrations that disturbed the public order. Yesterday, 13 additional members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had supported the regime of former President Morsi were sentenced to jail from anything to five years to 88 years. Their crimes –as described in the TWO DAY TRIAL were: “rioting, sabotage and public order offenses.”

I was reflecting on demonstrators during the anti-Vietnam war period of the sixties. Thousands of Americans rioted, sabotaged and committed public order offenses. I guess if we had the Egyptian court system they just about would be ready to get out of jail in 2014.

Image Of Christ Appears

Catalan archeologists were digging in Egypt when they encountered in a cave some paintings. The images appeared to derive from the early days of Coptic Christians who once were an important segment of the Egyptian religion. Few Muslims realize that many Egyptians became followers of Jesus Christ and today those who term themselves to be Coptic Christians predate the Muslims by several hundred years. Dr.Josep Prado of the University of Barcelona, believes the image discovered might be among the earliest visual presentations of Jesus Christ. He notes the image if that of a “young man with curly hair dressed in a short tunic with his hand raised as if giving a blessing.” We decided to check with some important Americans as to their reaction to this image.

1. Sarah Palin notes the hand raised most probably provides proof that Jesus was carrying his gun aloft in case he met an enemy.

2. John Boehner, House Majority leader, made clear before he issued any statement to the media, he would have to discuss this issue with fellow Republicans and the Koch Brothers.

3. Senator Ted Cruz wants to know if this figure wanted to seek to enter America as an illegal immigrant.

4. President Obama said the CIA, at this time, lacks information regarding the alleged visual image.

5. Pope Francis intends to call the image as soon as possible.

6. President Vladimir Putin is concerned the image has on a short tunic, does this suggest the image is a gay man?

Turkey Joins In Denouncing Egyptian Courts

The courts of Egypt have now attained an important goal in the Middle East. Just about each and every nation in this region agrees that those who pose as “judges” in Egypt are somewhat out of kilter in the land of justice. Scarcely a day goes by without another trial in which a few hundred people are gathered in some spot, told that some place a trial is taking place and the judges will rule that each and everyone accused of a crime is now heading for death row. The government of Turkey blasted the latest travesty of justice when 682 people, along with former President Morsi, were sentenced to death. Trial? Oh, the trial consisted of a prosecutor, a few judges, no witnesses, no defense attorney and to save money the entire procedure concluded within 48 hours.

Oh, the good news. Yes, Egyptian judges DO have a heart of gold. Last week they sentenced 529 people to death, but yesterday they changed their minds. Now, 492 will spend their lives in prison and only 37 will die.

Advice, stay clear of Egypt.

Time Out For Humanity

I frequently get the feeling that humanity needs a time out from the madness of the past few years. Republicans in America have lost any semblance of common sense with their ongoing tirades against “the government.” On one hand, they want “the government” to assume control over the bodies of women, on the other hand, they are armed to the teeth because “the government” wants to charge $1.35 per cow to graze on GOVERNMENT LAND! In Africa, Oscar is howling and crying at his trial, Boko Haram is daily going bonkers murdering Muslims in order to save Muslims from “the West.” In eastern Ukraine, masked men who wear Russian uniforms and speak Russian are working hard to create violence so President Putin can step in to end violence.

No one has been able to make sense of South Korean captain and crew fleeing a sinking boat after telling passengers not to leave. In Yemen, drones are droning along blasting away at people it terms to be “terrorists.” Pakistan is a poor excuse for what we term to be a “nation.” And, over in India it is rape day every day of the week on grounds, “boys will be boys.” It is now a hundred years since the Chicago Cubs won a world series and forty years since the New York Knicks won a title, any title. Americans get heavier and eventually the Earth will not be able to handle the weight.

How about a one month truce from any and all forms of violence to self, to others, to the planet!

Hamas And Fatah Sign Agreement

There is no question that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is very upset. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas which controls Gaza have signed an agreement providing for the end of their dispute and holding of a peaceful election between Fatah and Hamas within a few months. So, why is Netanyahu angry? One might think he would be pleased that Palestinians are united which would ensure that any agreement signed by President Abbas and himself would be carried out by all Palestinians. Prime Minister Netanyahu simply does NOT want peace. His supporters on the West Bank and among Orthodox Jews thrive as long as their is conflict and discord. Each passing day witnesses the extension of Jewish settlements on the West Bank even though that area was part of the original United Nations accord for two states in the old mandate of Palestine.

Israel has a powerful armed forces. It is in possession of atomic weapons. It can use its military force to take land away from Palestinians. But, each passing day means that it simply is a matter of time before miniature weapons of mass destruction will be developed. The growing population of Palestinians means it is simply a matter of time before Israel confronts the reality there are more Palestinians than Jews. Oh, Israel can create a unified apartheid state and become the most hated nation in the world.

PEACE is the ONLY hope for Israel. NOW is the time!