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Believe It Or Not But Rick Does Have Point

I never thought the day would arrive when Rick Santorum actually could offer an interesting idea. After listening to him and observing those sweaters, it was doubtful if I would ever encountered an idea that does raise questions. Rick raised the issue was to whether or not a gay printer has the right to refuse printing posters for the nut case Westboro Baptist Church if they desired posters that said: “God Hates Fags.” There is a constitutional issue when a business person is compelled to make a product that is desired by someone who hates them or their religion. According to Rick, “tolerance is a two way street. If you own a print shop and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print, “God Hates Fags.” Fair enough question.

1. It is one thing for me to refuse to cut your hair because you are gay or lesbian, and another if I refuses to print something that goes against my political,social or religious views. I struggle with this dilemma. IS there a difference between refusing to bake a cake and refusing to print something? My argument would be that the cake is for an individual while the poster could be read by thousands. Seems to me that does raise the issue as to whether or not there are limits about what I must do as a businessman and to whom I must do business.

I Don’t Understand?

I DO understand the hesitation of the Obama administration to send arms into the Middle East which might result in arming the wrong people. I do understand the decision to arm the government of Iraq in order to halt the spread of ISIS. I DO understand the hesitation in sending weapons into Syria. But, I simply do NOT understand the hesitation to arm the people of Ukraine who are fighting against forces that are supplied by the Soviet Union, oops apology, I meant Russia. There is no doubt that thousands of Russian soldiers are fighting alongside separatists and they posses modern weapons. So, why the hesitation to send guns and ammunition to the forces that defend Ukraine?

President Obama is now reconsidering his opposition to send such weapons. There is a chance weapons will be heading to Ukraine. The only questions is why the delay? These are the moments when one wonders about the leadership abilities of Barack Obama?

Ted Cruz, Our Modern McCarthy

The other day I watched a clip of Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas making one of his now famous rants and raves about the evils of Obama and the need to close our border in order to prevent illegals from destroying our nation. I was particularly struck how this Harvard educated man employed expressions such as “gosh darn” and pretended to be one of the boys who wander around in jeans and high boots pretending to be homespun cowboys back from the range. It is doubtful if the Ivy League graduate ever got on a horse and rod the range rounding up cattle. He does work hard at seeking to project an image of an ordinary American who got a degree from Harvard. Of course, it is rathe ironic that someone born to an American mother in the great state of Canada insists that he a “real” American unlike the black dude who was born in Africa.

In many ways he reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy from the 1950s who rode the horse of anti-communism in order to frighten Americans and wreck the lives of thousands of Americans. Most historians believe that Joe got into the anti-communist business in order to get re-elected and then discovered it was a path to power. Ted Cruz really does not give a damn about illegal immigrants. His words of false anger simply disguise his desire for power, regardless of how many suffer. Ted, Joe McCarthy wound up the laughing stock of America. You already have won this distinction.

Once Again, Israel-Palestine Issues Remain Issues

It took fifty years to finally resolve the conflict between Cuba and the US, but it is now over sixty years without a resolution of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. There is no doubt for most of that time Palestinians lacked leadership willing to resolve the conflict, but there are now Palestinians seeking to achieve peace with Israel. Palestine leaders are asking the United Nations to help resolve their problems with Israel. Here are some suggestions:

1. Israel settlements on the West Bank should be consolidated into an area of about five percent of the land.

2. Israel and Palestine would enter into an economic Union to simulate both economies.

3. A Water Authority would be created to handle this important issue. Jordan could join in handling this issue.

4. A new technology University would be created to bring together Palestinians and Israelis.

5. A joint Israel and Palestinian Armed force would be charged with assuring peace on the West Bank.

6. Israel would pay a billion dollars a year to provide homes for refugees returning to the West Bank.

Some concrete steps for peace.

Say, Whatever Happened To Ebola?

As you recall last month we were informed by Fox News that the greatest threat to the further existence of the United States of America was the disease that was spreading across west Africa and is known as Ebola. I was told by blond haired young women on Fox News that while, they were no scientists, they did have extensive knowledge of the field of medicine. I was warned that the black dude in the White House was responsible for the pestilence of Ebola that would soon sweep over the nation and lead to the death of millions. Republican candidates for office warned that Ebola was hovering around the corner due to the incompetence of President Obama so elect the right people in order to end this scourge that would soon end the place we know as the United States of America. So, we voted for Republicans and guess what happened? Ebola disappeared!

It is now clear that Ebola feared the presence of God fearing Republicans and made a hasty retreat back to Africa. Thank God we voted for Republicans and thus the worst threat ever to face the nation of America finally ended. We can now sleep peacefully knowing that Ebola would never come to America once Republicans were in power!

Smoke Pot And Be Happy

The figures are in. Last year was the best opium period in history. Oh, that crop was from Afghanistan. You know, the land that Americans have been fighting in for over a decade. Of course, the Taliban are all for abundant poppy fields, since they collect a tax on each farmers crop. Unlike Americans, the Taliban has enough common sense to allow farmers to grow poppy since that makes farmers happy, and prosperous, and the Taliban rather wealthy. Instead of a program that enriches the Taliban and makes farmers like the Taliban, how about?

1. Have the US government purchase the entire poppy crop.

2. Have the US government sell this crop to hospitals.

3. Or, sell some poppy in states that allow drugs.

4. Burn the entire crop.

Just have a policy that helps Afghan farmers and hurts the Taliban!!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Sweden, Local: “Older Swedes Sex Lives”

An old tale of sorrow?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Come And Bang With Miley Cyrus”

Talk about a wasted day of my life!

USA, NY Post: “Courage, Common Sense And Cannabis”

Comfort, care and a creative opportunity for this dude.

UK, Guardian: “Nursery Bars 3 Year Old Over Behavior”

You are now THREE, for God’s sake, use the toilet!

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Transgender Couple Will Compete”

In sex contest?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “What Will We Ever Know?”

Well, we DO know that in America, money runs our government!

China, China Daily: “Grandma Froze To Death In Morgue”

Is there something wrong about this? Better than burning to death in Hell!

Headlines From World Press

We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Russia, Moscow Times: “Court Reaches Riot Sentence”

In Putin Land, that means– off to Siberia!

USA, aol: “Collect Dead Students’ Debts”

Can they pay monthly?

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Lion Makes It Home”

Would you like to be around those gun nuts in Texas?

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald: “Cyclist Hits Truck”

Truck is doing well at last reports.

South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Oscar Pistorious To Take Stand”

On his knees, I assume.

UK, Guardian: “Stuck In Traffic”

Some stuck in traffic, some stuck in poverty, take your choice.

France, Connexion: “President’s Love Nest”

Which one are you referring to?

Eat Or Drive Car?

The United States of America now confronts an economic and moral dilemma in its pursuit of oil and gas sources. During the past three years nearly 40,000 gas and oil wells have been opened due to the fracking process. The essential component of tracking is the use of thousands of gallons of water in order to extract oil and gas. It is estimated that three fourths of these tracking sites are found in areas of America that are experiencing drought. For example, half of tracking sites are in Texas which is a central player in fracking and which is experiencing drought conditions. The latest estimate is that in pursuit of fracking about 97 billion gallons of water have been used and over half the areas engaged in the process confront drought conditions.

Mindy Lubber of Ceres investor group points out: “hydraulic fracturing is increasing competitive pressures for water in some of the country’s most water stressed and drought ridden areas.” The time has come to choose–water for people and farming or water to drive our cars?

Just Don’t Worry About The Future

I dwell in the state of Missouri which is in the United States of America. At least thirty percentof my fellow Missourians believe the world was created about ten thousand years ago and we soon will witness the return of Jesus Christ and the end of the world. Why the return of a man of peace would result in a world calamity, has never been made clear to me. The World Meterological Organization(WMO) for some reason has a different version of human destiny that does not include Jesus. It reported that the amount of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atomosphere hit a new record in 2012, and it is driving climate change. This group has a strange idea about the world’s temperature which allegedly will rise about two degrees.

Oh, they ramble on about how heat-trapping gases from human ac tivities have upset the natural balance of our atomosphere and are leading to climate changes. I checked with my Missouri neighbors and they assure me that unless God wants to change the climate, it simply can not occur. Stop worrying, purchase a nice gas guzzling car and go on with your Christian life.

I refuse to be frightened about greenhouse or red house warnings. Just go to church and pray away your fears. It is in the Bible.