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Information garnered from periodicals, both in America and from every corner of the globe.

Lead Them Wrongly

Several months ago, young people in Turkey demonstrated in order to protest the demolition of a park in order to build new malls. A few died in the protests, and hundreds were wounded or wound up in jail. Many school principals supported efforts of students to fight in defense of human rights. These principals are now being punished by the Turkish government for doing their job of educating youth to defend human rights. Several already have been demoted by the job of “teacher” while others were reassigned to other administrative positions. Their crime was encouraging young people to believe in the right of young people to stand for human rights.

Many school leaders have been compelled to testify they supported “meetings and Demonstrations” which apparently is against the law in Turkey. Of course, that means one was involved in a meeting that was not approved by the government. All government approved meetings are OK.

Thank God, Not USA, Number One!

Another report about bugging countries and, thank God, this one does not involve the United States government. Indonesia’s Foreign Minister summoned the Ambassador from Australia for an explanation about its bugging the government of Indonesia. It turns out the Embassy facility was the site of listening in to what went on in the government of Indonesia. Just as this request was made, Australiam immigration minister Scott Morrison was in Jakarta seeking help from Indoesian authorities to help crack down on smugglers. For some reason these Indonesians insulted those Aussie friends and neighbors. “The actions that were carried out, as they were reported, do not reflect the spirit of friendship that has been well maintained between neighbouring and friendly countries, and are a serious breach of security that is unacceptable to the Indonesian government.”

Let me explain something to these ignorant people in Asia. These days if you are NOT bugged, consider that some nation is attempting to insult you. If your neighbor truly loves and respects your government it MUST bug you!!


We offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Press: “Food For Love”

What a wonderful feast.

Sweden, Local: “Anti-Tobacco Law”

I’ll puff on this one.

Russia, Moscow Times: “You’ve Been In Russia Too Long”

And, you never checked with Putin!

Netherlands, Dutch News: “Spy In Ladies Room”

Gaze in wonder.

UK, Guardian: “Women MPs Stage Sexual Protest”

They are undressing their emotions.

USA, aol: Ban Mobiles While Crossing Road”

Look, don’t listen!

France, Connexion: “Man Gets Artificial Larynx”

There are times to be silent.

Obama Foreign Policy

President Obama announced that his initial foreign policy trip will be to Burma, not Israel. It is clear the president wants to build a southeast Asia coalition which would thwart the Chinese move into southeast Asia. Most southeastern Asian nations fear the Chinese attempt to claim ownership of vast ocean areas so they will welcome American support.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a state of shock. He backed the Romney candidacy, he violated American tradition by meeting with the opposition party during a  trip to America, and he urged wealthy Jews to give money to Romney. Bibi will not be getting phone calls from the  American president which reach out to him with friendship. To further complicate the Israel leader’s life, former prime minister Olmert has announced his candidacy and has pledged to reach out to Palestinians in order to end the conflict.

Rumors are circulating that Iran has secretly offered to meet with Americans and discuss the nuclear issue as well as seek to end sanctions. Iran is economically hurting, it is not welcomed by many Arab nations and long term needs require some resolution of the current crisis and an end to sanctions.

Obama will probably offer to back off from missile shields in eastern Europe in order to resolve that conflict with Russia. There simply is no reason to have American missiles in eastern Europe.

Obama might decide to work closely with Turkey on the Syrian issue. He would allow Turkey to take the lead even if it meant  some limited form of “no-fly” over Syria. But, he will not commit land forces.

Rain, Rain Please Don’t Go Away

Repubicans  mock stories  concerning global warming by noting  there are  more reports about more snow. Perhaps, the  mistake was using the word, “warming,” rather than “change.” New Zealand is working with the US to assist the island of Tokelau in the Pacific which is running out of water. A larger than normal change in water temperature has resulted in less rain for islands in the South Pacific. Rain has gone further westward leaving Tokelau with not enough water.

Desalination facilities are being provided along with  more  water, but it remains unclear how the future will  work out. Will wind shifts prevent normal rain, and, if so, must people be moved from the island.

Please do not bring this story to the attention of the Republican party.


Ready To Go To New Planet?

Astronomers have discovered a  second planet out there in the stars which just might be habitable for we Earth creatures. It lies in what astronomers term, the “Goldilocks zone” which refers to planets that are not too hot or cold  for human habitation. According to those who examined the planet, “it’s going to be real muggy” or much akin to  spending time in a sauna.

The real question is not whether we humans  can live on another planet, but should we be allowed to go to another planet with our ideas of hate and violence!

Camping Has Yet To ASCEND

A few weeks ago, Harold Camping, a preacher of the truth, informed the world the world was no more since Jesus Christ had returned to take home with him a few million of those with good souls and the rest of us could burn in Hell. I did gaze on the day of Ascension but failed to see the five million humans who were ascending to Heaven because they were the good guys. Funny, I could have sworn that among those heading north there was someone who looked a lot like Saddam Hussein, but I was probably confused and angry at failure to include me in the trip to the cabin in the sky. Anyway, Camping had a stroke and is now recovering in a hospital–one on planet Earth, not one in Heaven.

Flash! Camping has clarified failure on May 21 for the good guys to head skywards. It turns out calculations were a bit off, the date was NOT May 21, but October 21. I guess he should not have used the Christian calendar but stuck to a Jewish one. I am uncertain whether this means, Christians are stuck on planet Earth and the rest of us who are Jews can head up–I think Jesus said go up or maybe–did he say, “down?” I get confused because I was in Rapture.


Please join us in a voyage through the mind of Sarah Palin.

1. I bet liberals would love making what I get for a speech.

2. Jews in America speak English, how come they don’t in Israel?

3. I bet getting pregnant would raise poll numbers and what I get paid for a speech.

4. I can TOO see Russia from my window

5. It is simple math, less money for the government means we can speed up reducing the national debt. Mrs. Klinkerfuss taught me that 1 plus 1 equals 3.

6. I bet Michelle Obama’s daughters can’t dance as well as Bristol

7. That bitch, Mrs. Robinson gave me a C in Communication, now let’s see how those smarty teachers get paid back from yours truly.

8. I need a new slogan: Hmm How about, “A gun in hand is a dead rapist.” The NRA would love it!

9. People are tired of that Kenya stuff. Maybe I should say he was born in Mexico, and is an illegal immigrant.

10. One day I will have to get around to reading that Constitution.

11. Gee, if I was president, I can travel for free.

12. Gee, if president, I get free clothes

13. How can I ever repay that old fart, McCain, for what he did fore me? At least I don’t have to listen anymore to those boring speeches about being in prison.

14. Some day I will have to find out where that Vietnam place is.

15. Some day I will have to figure out what GNP really means.

16. Gee, it would be great being president. Don’t pay attention to me and goodbye to you.

17. Let’s face it, I AM beautiful!

18. At least I am still married to the same old boring fart. More than most Republicans can say.

19. I know the Federal Reserve System is Socialism. But, frankly, I don’t have a clue what it actually does.

20. I’ll match my head of hair against Donald Trump, any day!

On Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday. To those under the age of sixty, her death is of no importance since by the time they arrived in the world, she was at the beginning of her fame in the movies. But, to those of us who were teenagers or those in their twenties and a male with dreams of romance and even the terrible word, sex, she was the ultimate beauty. She was the “girl next door” with whom you shared a glance, the girl whose smile and radiance made your day a slightly better one. She existed in the minds of young men every night as they sighed in dreams of a date that would never occur.

Elizabeth Taylor had many marriages and each one appeared more complicated and confusing than the previous adventure into matrimony. But, who cared, she was ELIZABETH TAYLOR, and her beauty gave permission to do whatever her heart desired. How could any male become upset because she married this guy or that guy, we all wanted to be the next man in her life.

Alas, she is no more. Tonight, I shall dream of this beautiful woman of my youth, as she was, not as she is today. Dreams die hard, even at the age of 80.

Let’s Speak Arabic And End Deadlock!

The nation which is known as “Belgium” is divided into a Dutch speaking Flanders and a French speaking Wallonia. Historically, those from Wallonia were the most economically advanced portion of Belgium, but in the 1960s, the Dutch speaking area economically zoomed ahead and now enjoys a much higher standard of living. In June, 2010, a Flemish nationalist party, N-VA, led by Bart de Wever, gained the most seats in Parliament and Bart decided the time had come for the nation of ‘Belgium” to “evaporate.” Since that month, there has not been a meeting of Parliament and there is no new government. The Belgians just go on and on without a government for 270 days.

It is a poker game in which no one will blink. The people of Belgium have tried demonstrations, they have tried public strip tease activities but members of Parliament refuse to budge from doing anything to resolve the crisis.

In one respect, this situation exemplifies the modern world. Humans are part of global societies while many humans feel a sense of local identity. Are Belgians part of the European Union or are they members of Flanders or Wallonia? A modern dilemma.