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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I eagerly await Dick Cheney’s comments on the Middle East,who else but him is an expert?

Fear reigns in America and Europe, thank God it is less scary than Adolf Hitler.

When it comes to inane comments about the world nobody can trump Trump.

Hats off to Colorado Spring cops who thought before firing.

A leaf blew in the window and Ben Carson signed it.

Ben was told he was going to see Jordan, he got out his pen to get the autograph of Michael Jordan.

Between the immigrant stories about the parents of Cruz and Rubio and their attitudes toward immigrants, now we know the reason for their anger toward immigrants–once we got here –fuck you all!


No Sixteen Shots!

A middle aged man walked into a Planned Parenthood building in Colorado Springs, and proceeded to shoot several people which resulted in three deaths including members of the police force. In other words, this man had a weapon, he fired his weapon, and police finally talked him down to surrender.

Fast backward to an incident in Chicago in which a 17 year old boy was wandering down the street armed with a FOUR INCH KNIFE. A  police officer arrived at the scene, stepped out of his patrol car, did not converse with other policemen, he simply took out his gun and blasted away with SIXTEEN SHOTS until the boy was dead. No talking him down, no discussions about how best to persuade this boy to surrender. Just SIXTEEN SHOTS!


Oh, for the record the knife person was black and the  gun toting person in Colorado was white.

Volunteers For Stupidity

These days the competition for who is the dumbest Republican on this planet gets new contestants by the day. The Arizona Border Recon is watching closely the border with Mexico in order to halt the flood of terrorists who are crossing the border.  Tim Foleg  wants America to know that  “we have pictures from digital  cameras that show Somalis  and Middle Eastern  guys with beards  and everything else , but nobody is listening. We’re going to have something like Paris. Its not a matter of  if, but when.”

I wonder how Tim knows the difference between a terrorist from Somalia and one from Nigeria or, one from Somalia and one from Egypt. Examine the evidence:

1. There are men with beards.

2. There are men who speak a  foreign language.

3. There are men who are sort of swarthy in color.

Who else–but Somalis terrorists!

P.S. Tim, do you even know where the hell Somalia is??

Death In Venezuela

In theory the nation of  Venezuela is a democratic society in which there are supposedly the semblance of free elections. Since this nation came under the control of Hugo Chavez the government  has existed for the right of his followers to continue in office. After his death, former bus driver  Nicolas Maduro became the president. An election is coming up next week and during the campaign, opposition leaders have wound up in  jail or beaten up.

Yesterday,  Luis Diaz, head of the Democratic Action Party was gunned down. Ten bullets hit his body. Just another casualty in the quest for power of Maduro. Oh, there will be an investigation.

Rahm Emanuel Blues

The people of Chicago as well as America and as well as the world are shocked and dismayed at the video which FINALLY has been released that shows clearly how police officer Jason Van Dyke pumped SIXTEEN bullets into the body of Laquan McDonald as he lie on the ground gasping for life. However, in Chicago there is increasing anger why this video was not released for a year and during that time the family of the dead youth was paid five million dollars as compensation for his death.

It is now clear that Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not want the video to be released until AFTER his bid for re-election as mayor. There is no doubt had it been, tough guy Rahm would have lost the election. Not only the black community, but anyone concerned about human justice wants to know why the mayor refused to release the video until AFTER THE ELECTION!

Rahm is a natural born bully, but we now know that he is also a natural born politician who will do whatever it takes to win.

Trump Reveals He Is Trump

Each passing day makes clearer and clearer that Donald Trump will NOT cease being Donald Trump. He has been given evidence that the more outrageous the more insulting he becomes the more a certain section of America goes wild with enjoyment. One day he rants about Hispanic immigrants coming to America to rape, pillage and take away jobs, the next day there are “thousands of Muslims cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center, he simply cannot cease the insult game.

New York Times reporter, Serge Kovalerk made the incredible mistake of writing some accurate comments about Trump. The Times reporter is afflicted with arthrogryposis which makes him lack control of his arms. So, here comes Donald: He went after him by noting this crazy man “jerks his arms in front of this body.”

Unfortunately, there are millions who will cheer this comment. Such is America in the year 2015.

I realize there are those who believe the West Bank belongs to Jewish Israelis since God, him or her self, gave it to the Jews for eternity. For some reason, God did not give land to other groups, but then again, God only regards Jews as his favorite people. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is offering Palestinians a deal. He is willing to allow Palestinians to build homes on their land as long as Jews get the right to construct homes on Palestinian land. “Palestinians must recognize our right to build settlements.

This is one fantastic offer, you can build on your land and we can build on your land. How could any group turn down a fantastic opportunity like the one offered by Bibi Netanyahu. He is truly a Christian gentleman. I assume Bibi will be offering we Americans a deal, Israel can build in Manhattan Island and Americans can build on Manhattan island. Wow!

Chris Christie On Bravery

As Chris Christie wanders the roads of New Hampshire in quest of votes he is now selling the line that it was he, not Rudy Giuliani who saved New York City in the dark days of 9/11. His story goes something like this:

“I was there on 9/11. I saw the towers coming down and I was furious. I was determined to wipe out those terrorists with my own hands. My best friend, Mike, or maybe it was Phil or whoever, was murdered by those Muslim terrorists and I swore vengeance. I talked with his widow and little children and promised that if I ever became president, those killers would all be killed. My mother died of cancer about this time, she was killed by this terrorist cancer and I promised revenge, and I will get revenge on those murderers.
So, if you want someone who knows all about terrorists, someone who is ready and willing and able to destroy terrorists, just cast your vote for Chris Christie.
Remember I may be slightly overweight but this weight gives me strength to single-handedly wipe out terrorism just as I wiped out terror on the George Washington Bridge!”

The Shocking Chicago Video

Even as I write these words a video is being released in Chicago which depicts the action of police officer Jason Van Dyke. On October 20, 2014, Dyke along with several other officers encountered 17 year old Laquan McDonald wandering the streets with a 4 inch knife that he used to slash at car tires. Although there were several policemen at the scene, although Laquan had never made any effort to attack the cops, police officer Van Dyke decided to take action. He pumped, not one, not two, not ten, but SIXTEEN bullets into the body of a teenager who was on the ground in pain and near death.

Jason Van Dyke is being indicted for murder. Naturally, he will claim that his “life was in danger” from a 4 inch knife that never was pointed at him. There will be demonstrations,there may be riots. It is time for police to behave as GUARDIANS OF PEACE.

Such is life in Chicago where gangsters murder 11 year old boys and cops murder 17 year old boys.

Oh, not a Muslim terrorist in sight.

Don’t Mess With Vladimir

Vladimir Putin is very angry. A Russian plane flying over Syria somehow drifted off course and wound up on the border of Turkey and Syria. At this point the story becomes a bit confused. Turkish pilots insisted they had attempted to warn the Russians they were now in Turkey but the Russians kept on flying. Turkish fighter planes then shot down the Russian plane.

According to Putin, “our military is doing heroic work against terrorism. But the loss today is a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorism. We will never tolerate such crimes like the one committed today.”

As I recall, Republicans are insisting that US planes blast away and pay no attention to Russian planes that are blasting away. How about a war with Russia? After all, General Trump has a PLAN to wipe out the Russians and take over that country!