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We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old mind.


I await Donald offering proof the father of Ted Cruz was the one who really shot Lincoln.

Wonderful shot of Ted Cruz landing a punch on the chin of his wife just before landing  right hook to the face. He sure is one tough Texas dude.

Another typical day in Chicago, but in all honesty, only 10 shot today.

Each day I increasingly miss the witty remarks of Rand Paul. The  only Republican with a sense of irony.

If Hillary had a brain she would offer Bernie the Vice president nomination.

At least from now on John Kasich can cry in Ohio and Americans will not know anything about it. Anyway, crying seems to make him hungry.

I am convinced that Carly Fiorina had a face uplift. Too bad she never got a mind uplift.



What Went Wrong?

Just about every political pundit in the United States of America is wondering how the hell they were completely wrong as to who would become the Republican candidate for the presidency. So, here is our explanation:

1. The American people are pissed off! They believe the system is rigged for those who have against those seeking to have.

2. The American people have no understanding as to  how  technology is completely altering the manner in which people work and how it is destroying many important industries. Sorry folks, you really don’t want brought back from China those great jobs making clothing and shoes.

3. Barack Obama has failed to ever explain the nature of what is transpiring in the Middle East and how  America might play a role in altering the drift toward Islamic extremism. At this moment not a single member of Congress has the faintest idea as to what is America’s foreign policy in the Middle East. So, how can the American people know what the hell is going on?  Oh, Donald Trump has a policy– “I will get rid to ISIS!” I  trust that clears things up.

4. The President has failed to engage Americans in a dialogue as to what is happening in our economy nor what is the nature of the world a-borning. It is up to Hillary Clinton to focus on this issue during her campaign.


Watch What You Wear–On Head

I grew up among East European Jewish  immigrants who  were either Orthodox or Conservative Jews. So, it was quite normal when we wen to the synagogue for the women to sit  behind some curtains and pray apart from men. They always covered their heads with a shawl just as the men covered their heads with a yarmulke. So, it is always bewildering to me these days for people to become hysterical if a woman is wearing something on her head. A few weeks ago some Muslim women went to a restaurant in Laguna Beach, California. It was simply a noon time gathering of some friends.

After forty five minutes they were informed they had breached the time code of the Urth Café which  only allows  guests to remain eating for  45 minutes and then they must leave. The women noted that most tables were empty of customers. As Sarah Farsakh commented: “I am completely appalled by the racist an Islamophobic treatment.”

Trump Plays ISIS Card

There are moments these days when I wonder if the entire ISIS creation was a Republican plan to help its party win an election. After the debacle of Iraq and the failures in Afghanistan, Republicans simply had to find some way to come across as having any idea how to deal with the Middle East. So, what else could they do but hire a few thousand extras to play Islamic bad guys? Now, they can blame    Islamic terrorism on something that happened during the Obama watch.

Donald Trump continues insisting that  he has a PLAN to wipe our ISIS. We do know that he has a PLAN. What we didn’t know is the plan is simply to cease paying those extras who are playing being Muslim terrorists to pack up and go home. Oh, I forgot. First Donald is going to place the  biggest carpet  all  over the Middle East and call it “Carpet  Bombing” and emerge as  great, great military commander. Folks, there is NO ISIS, it is simply a group of Arab actors playing at pretend chopping off heads.

Famous Last Words

Well, the Donald man won the big surprise, and a lot  of folks are wondering what to say. Here are some comments from the guys who wanted to win the big surprise:

John Kasich: I got experience, I balanced the budget, I can cry better than anyone else. So, what went wrong?

Ted Cruz: I love the Constitution, I love my daughters, I love Heidi, I love guns, I love, really love my brilliant brain, so how come the red headed jerk won. Oh, I went to Princeton!

Jeb Bush: I am a Bush, my dad was president, my brother was president, and I am  the most presidential  person around. God, they even voted for the black guy instead of me!

Carly Fiorina: I love Ted’s daughters, I love Heidi, I love making  speeches, I love any people who do not work for me, I, above all, LOVE MYSELF!

Ben Carson: I am a quiet man,  a real quiet man, and I am confused why people did not vote the most quiet man running for president.

Rand Paul: God, how did I get stuck with these fools?

Marco Rubio: I hated Hillary, I was quiet about Hispanics, I AM Hispanic, I really hated Hillary. So, what went wrong?

Rick Perry: I guess wearing eye glasses didn’t make me look presidential enough.


We offer observations on the human condition from a 25 year old mind trapped in an 85 year old body.


I have a hunch this is the first time a man running for President never stated one specific idea as to what he will do.

Then again, Bernie speaks about his goals, but how to reach them is another issue.

So, will Donald go for the female vote and select Carly? She certainly leads women in getting fired and falling off stages.

I wonder what Jeb is thinking today?

A nation of 320 million and we did find THE man.

I gather ISIS leaders are now planning to head for the hills.

Poor John Kasich, all alone.


Ah Ted, We knew Thee Well

Ted had some words to say to the American people after his wonderful loving feast with the people of Indiana.

“I was the best debater at Princeton and now I will venture out into the new world of post primaries. I do love everyone in Indiana, I love my wife Heidi, I love my two darling daughters who have been part of the great adventure for the past seven months. I want everyone to remember Ronald Reagan, the man who ended the Soviet Union, I want everyone to remember Ronald Reagan who made us once again a Great Nation. I love the Constitution, and have worked so hard the past seven months protecting the Constitution from the illegal immigrant from Kenya who wants to destroy it.

I know more about the Constitution than anyone who has been running for president, I went to Princeton, and Donald went to some second rate college. Frankly, I am a bit disappointed that Republicans selected a sexual philanderer and bully and loud mouth jerk over a  Princeton intellectual who knows more than anyone about the Constitution. So, what now for the most intelligent person in the Republican Party? I do know that Donald has insulted my wife, he has insulted my  father, but I am a Princeton man and am ready to forget the past and stand side by side with Donald as his running mate come November! And, Donald, remember that I am an immigrant, I love Israel, and I am an Hispanic!”

Donald Is The King!

There is no question that Donald Trump is now king of the hill. Imagine being loud mouth bully who has been yelling for the past seven months without uttering a single specific plan how to do anything, and winding up beating what goes for the cream of the Republican party? So, let the Donald man speak his mind.

“I beat the whole pack of losers, I am now the BOSS and when Donald Trump says he is the BOSS that means BOSS of the whole damn country. I love you  Hoosiers for giving me this victory. Heck, I even know that it is called a “hoop” not a “ring” like the immigrant from Canada says. I love everyone, and when I get through making America Great Again, we will be the Greatest Country in the whole fucking world.

Now, how do I make America Great Again? Easy, I just send our Navy over to China, fire a few shots, and they will shit in their pants. Then, we’ll get our jobs back again. Just imagine, great jobs making clothes, making things and everyone in America who wants a job making clothes will have one! And, that ISIS, once they know Donald Trump is in charge, they will shit in their pants and come begging me not to blast them to heaven or wherever they go.

And, the WALL, the biggest Wall since they built one in China.And, then we’ll load up the whole eleven million and send them back to Mexico. Think about it, eleven new Great Jobs for we Americans! Talk about being a job creator, in one moment, I just created eleven million new Great Jobs working as a nanny, picking fruit, or handling meat in meat packing places.

Don’t thank God, thank ME!

Bernie Burns Hillary In Indiana

The Bernie wagon is rolling along and it captured a majority in the state of Indiana.The most fascinating aspect of the Bernie parade and that of Donald Trump is that both men have captured the anger and frustration of many Americans who believe their lives are being destroyed by Big Business, wealthy men, the Establishment and  only those with nice sounding words can make America Great Again.

Bernie wants to create “millions of jobs” by rebuilding our  infrastructure. I assume these jobs require those seeking physical labor work. I have  a funny feeling that most college graduates who cheer for Bernie do not want to engage in building bridges or highways.

Bernie wants to create a single payer health care system. This sort of requires disbanding the Affordable Care Act and its 18,000,000 members and establishing a new system. Details on how to do this will shortly be provided.

I love Bernie. I really agree with his long term goals. But, there is not exactly a clear explanation as to how to reach those goals. ‘Details later’ is not an answer, more in the nature of a hope.

So, Who Killed John Kennedy?

Critics of Donald Trump may claim that he sometimes goes too far in his comments, but the Donald man really scored a hit when, after decades of conflict and turmoil as to who killed John F. Kennedy, we now–finally– know the answer. Donald demonstrated his brilliance by spotting a man in a picture who is with Lee Harvey Oswald and that man is none other than— THE FATHER OF TED CRUZ! As Donald notes: “his father was spotted with Lew Oswald. I mean what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the shooting?”

OK, we now know the REAL killer was none other than Rafael Cruz. However, let me bring to the attention of Americans there was an Hispanic flying with Japanese aviators on December 7, 1941 and you just take ONE guess as to who that illegal Hispanic immigrant was!!